Our Pick of Adult Sex Games: The Best of the Porn Gaming Industry

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Our Adult Sex Games guide covers the hottest releases in the world of NSFW gaming.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours playing the smuttiest porn games, and as you’ll see below, we’re not picky when it comes to genres. Kinky MMORPGs, futanari dick girls, wholesome visual novels, creepy waifus, furries… you name it. Been there, done that, got the cum-stained t-shirt.

Here’s how you can use our adult gaming guide to find what you need:

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Let’s start by acknowledging the obvious. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably either using a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Your chosen device has a huge impact on what porn games you can play.

Some games will only work on certain devices (or operating systems). So it makes sense that we narrow down our options based on the pool of available games:

Find Adult Games For Your Device

Android Games

Play adult games on the go with your Android tablet or phone. We explore the hottest Android titles.

iOS Games

Struggling to find iOS porn games? Apple doesn’t want you to find these! Smutty titles for iPhones and iPads.

PC Games

PC users are spoiled for choice. It’s time to get some bang for your buck with that high-end graphics card.

Mac Games

Mac users don’t have the same choice as PC gamers, but you can still enjoy plenty of adult titles

VR Games

Lock the door, whip on a VR headset and sample the world’s most immersive X-rated gaming kicks.

Sex Simulators

We spent an entire week curating a huge list of the best sex simulators for your dirty little 3D fantasies.

Our Adult Gaming Guides By Genre

It’s hard work spending hundreds of hours “working” through the latest porn games armed with nothing but a notepad, a pencil and a stiff cock. (Editor note: Is it really, Mike?)

Don’t worry, though. We’ve compiled the hottest sex games for just about every genre, kink and fetish you can shake your stick at. Ready for some deep-diving?

Best adult visual novels

Adult Visual Novels

Visual Novels are one of the most popular genres in adult gaming. These interactive titles combine narrative choice-based storytelling with explicit content. Steam is jam-packed with AVNs, including some of the best-looking smut games on the planet.

Popular Adult Visual Novels:

  1. Being a DIK (Dr PinkCake)
  2. Acting Lessons (Dr PinkCake)
  3. City of Broken Dreamers (PhillyGames)
Best Hentai Games

Hentai Games

The hentai porn genre comes from Japan. It’s a catch-all term given to games that contain animated sex and Anime-style graphics: which trust us, is lots of them. Nutaku is the most famous hentai platform. It leans hard on the ‘Gacha‘ game mechanic.

Popular Hentai Games:

  1. King of Kinks (DPH Studio)
  2. Project QT (xDNA)
  3. Hentai Heroes (Kinkoid)
Futa porn games


Futanari is the sophisticated way of saying chicks with dicks. If you thought there’d be only limited demand for dick-girls in the porn gaming world, well… you’d be wrong. We’ve sampled dozens of futa porn games, from basic sex simulators to full blown VNs.

Popular Futanari Games:

  1. Detective Masochist 2 (U+Me Plus)
  2. Trans Pornstar Harem (Kinkoid)
  3. Sensual Adventures (Puppetmaster)
Best RPG Porn Games

Adult RPG

We’ve got a soft spot for adult RPGs and find them much more engaging than the visual novel genre. Our list has some crackers to explore: from stunning open-world RPGs like Wild Life, to combat turn-based browser games like Kamihime Project.

Popular Adult RPGs:

  1. Wild Life (Candy Valley)
  2. Kamihime Project R (Digital Entertainment)
  3. Treasure of Nadia (NLT Media)
Best BDSM Porn Games

BDSM Games

Video games are the perfect sandbox for living out your kinkiest fantasies — and you don’t have to look far to find some truly messed up titles. Most bondage games focus on roleplaying as a Dom/Top, but we’ve found a few hidden gems for subs, too.

Popular BDSM Games:

  1. Femdomination 2 (Citor3)
  2. Hornstown (Unlikely Games)
  3. Chick Wars (Hooligapps)
Best foot fetish porn games

Foot Fetish

Like toes, arches and perfectly pedicured heels? There aren’t many ‘bestselling’ foot porn games, but there’s plenty of indie-developed titles covering foot worship, foot domination, toe sucking and our noble quest for the perfect 3D footjob.

Popular Foot Fetish Games:

  1. Girlvania Legs & Feet (Girlvanic Studios)
  2. My Toes Story (Osjey)
  3. Soles of Lakeview (Soniram)
Best porn puzzle games

Porn Puzzles

It’s over ten years since Candy Crush swept through Facebook and became one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. We’ve seen countless adult puzzle spin-offs designed to provide the same addictiveness…. but with extra tits and ass.

Popular Porn Puzzles:

  1. HuniePop2 (HuniePot)
  2. Booty Calls (3X Entertainment)
  3. Pussy Saga (Hooligapps)
Best porn clicker games

Porn Clickers

We have a love/hate relationship with clickers. These games are known for their relentless repetition (and abuse of the Gacha mechanic). You’re literally just grinding for clicks and rewards. The payoff is usually some tasty smutty artwork. YMMV.

Popular Porn Clickers:

  1. Fap CEO (BoomBox Games)
  2. Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored (SPS Games)
  3. Kink Inc (Tender Troupe)
Best furry porn games

Furry & Yiff

Furry porn games are the perfect way for yiff lovers to get a daily dose of sexual anthro fun. Similar to the futa genre, these games are low budget and big on fan service. You’re either gonna get your rocks off or wonder WTF you’ve stumbled into.

Popular Furry Games:

  1. Trials in Tainted Space (Fenoxo)
  2. Amorous (Team Amorous)
  3. Furry Beach Club (FBC)
Best waifu porn games

Waifu Games

Not every Waifu games is NSFW, in fact most of them are better-classified as Dating Simulators. But if you’re committed to gaming with your dream woman (the essence of a Waifu), maybe you’ll want to take her clothes off too? Thought so.

Popular Waifu Games:

  1. Waifu Academy (Irphaeus)
  2. Pocket Waifu (JNT)
  3. Koikatsu Party (ILLUSION)
Best Lewd Games

Lewd Games

It’s hard to describe a lewd game until you actually play one. It’s kinda like entering a parallel universe where 90% of the girls you meet are irrationally horny and willing to bang anything that moves. Forget realism: lewd games are pure escapism.

Popular Lewd Games:

  1. Summertime Saga (Kompas Production)
  2. Degrees of Lewdity (Vrelnir)
  3. Harem Hotel (Runey)

Strip Poker

Strip poker games have been around since the early 1980s when Artworx released Strip Poker on the Commodore 64. The pixellation was pretty boner-killing back then. These days, they can be played both virtually and for real. Yikes.

Popular Strip Poker Games:

  1. Strip Poker Night ATI
  2. Racy Poker
  3. Strip Poker xXX
Best gay porn games

Gay Games

The gay gaming space is just as fragmented as the wider industry, so you’ll find titles that draw from multiple genres — from wholesome gay visual novels to hardcore porn clickers. There’s no shortage of male-on-male action.

Popular Gay Games:

  1. Coming Out On Top (ObscuraSoft)
  2. Gay Harem (Kinkoid)
  3. Fap CEO: Men Stream (BoomBox Games)
Best lesbian porn games

Lesbian Games

Lesbian games are a bit harder to find than their male-on-male counterparts, and the most famous examples are primarily marketed at men. We managed to find some female-protagonist titles with a little more nuance (Itch.io is a good starting point!).

Popular Adult RPGs:

  1. Beauty and the Thug (zegamez)
  2. Yuri University (Chekkin Games)
  3. Repurpose (Eros)
Best multiplayer sex games

Multiplayer Games

Some of the most satisfying adult games we’ve played are those that rely on real-life interaction with other players. Especially when our avatar is balls-deep in theirs. There aren’t many adult MMOs, but the ones that exist are absolutely nuts.

Popular Multiplayer Games:

  1. 3DXChat
  2. Red Light Center
  3. YaReel

Platforms We Recommend for Adult Gaming


Steam unbanned adult content in 2018. Since then, the platform has been bum-rushed by NSFW developers and lewd titles. Some of them are very, very good.

Our Steam Game Picks


Itch.io fights the corner of the little man. It’s our favorite site for playing indie-developed smutty gems – many of them free to play! The ultimate in fan service.

Our Itch.io Game Picks


Nutaku is part hentai gaming platform, and part Gacha money printing machine. It has a staggering number of free titles (many with micro transactions).

Our Nutaku Review


Patreon connects fans with developers. You know it’s all aboard the hype train when a porn game draws five-figs in monthly donations.

Top Games on Patreon


EroGames is like a smaller version of Nutaku, with much of the same hentai focus (and even some of the same games). We like the tighter curation.

Our EroGames Review


Newgrounds isn’t typically associated with adult games, but trust us: they have plenty. You’ll need to register a free account to find them.

Best of Newgrounds NSFW

Sexy Fuck Games has hundreds of dirty games you can play in your browser for free. No sign-ups here; just pick your favorite, and away you go.

Visit Sexy Fuck Games

Adult Sex Games

Adult Sex Games is another good choice for free smut you can enjoy in your browser. Browse by category or rating. No sign-up needed.

Visit Adult Sex Games

Our Latest Adult Games Coverage

You never hear about porn games on Gamespot or IGN, but that hasn’t stopped us from bashing the bishop on your behalf. We’ve reviewed hundreds of sex games — through cum, sweat and beers.

(“I did it for the journalism, Mom!”)

As you can imagine… the results have been mixed. Some of these games are instantly forgettable, others are dirty cult classics. Check out our latest misadventures below:


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