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Looking for some of the hottest hentai games to play?

Needing very little introduction if you are already a massive gaming fan, EroGames is an adult entertainment platform offering free and premium desktop and mobile hentai games as well as visual novels and adult comics.

Launched in 2019, the site is a direct competitor to platforms like Nutaku and if you haven’t already created yourself a free account then we’re about to give you all the reasons why you should.

In this EroGames review, we take a look at some of the most popular games on this platform, along with what else you can find on the site.

What is EroGames?

Formerly known as Eroges, EroGames is an adult games platform specializing in hentai titles and visual novels.

erogames review

It was launched a couple of years ago predominantly for the French adult gaming market (hence the name, ‘Eroges’) but has since been developed for other countries.

Most of the content on the site originates from Japan and has been adapted for other languages (mostly French or English) but with some inclusions from Western indie studios.

The site is owned by WGCZ Holding, the European country behind major adult sites like XVideos, BangBros and the DDF Network.

How Popular is EroGames?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of 2020, plenty of adult entertainment platforms have seen an increase in traffic and EroGames is no different.

The site is currently ranked in the top 650 adult websites worldwide reaching a monthly audience in excess of 9.3 million visitors. This is more than a 50% increase since pre-COVID times.

The majority of visitors to EroGames come from the United States but EroGames is also popular in Japan, France, Germany and Russia.

All of these countries have seen massive growth in the popularity of adult titles in the last five years.

Getting Started on EroGames

In order to start playing games on this platform you will need to register yourself with a free account.

All you need to submit is a Username and email address and you’ll get an instant credit of 100 Erogold for free.

Next up, you just need to decide which game to start playing.

Free Games on EroGames

You’ve got a choice of about a dozen titles to play for free on EroGames; some work on all platforms including mobile but some are desktop only.

Horny Arcana

horny arcana on erogames

Released in November 2020 by Super H, this uncensored XXX hentai game gives around 50 hours of play time.

Its an addictive combat game based around a familiar story…realm falls into the hands of evil forces, your job to save it etc.

Along the way you will meet plenty of scantily clad female characters who will assist you on the battlefield.

As you win battles, you’ll level up and be rewarded with erotic and explicit hentai content (videos and images) which are stored in your gallery.

Gameplay can be made more challenging by toggling the battle mode from Normal to Hard but essentially this is a strategy game where you need to assemble the right squad to be victorious.

Boobs in the City

boobs in the city erogames

Another game by Super H, this third-person shooter title was originally released in Summer 2019.

However, this is not combat as you know nor war as you’d expect it. Instead, the battles are between bikini-clad hentai beauties as they take each down in waterpistol shootouts.

It’s your job as the team coach to make sure your elite squad of aqua ninjas are up to the task!

There are 9 girls included in Boobs in the City, each with their own backstory and accompanying story and galleries. There’s more than 50 different outfits to collect and plenty of daily rewards to earn.

The game is plenty challenging enough and offers 50+ hours of entertainment.

It’s a multiplayer game so when you get started you will become part of a much larger community as you try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Oh, and be warned, we did play Boobs in the City for a lot longer than we needed to for this piece which is just testament to how addictive it is.

Craving Quest

craving quest on erogames

Played by more than 2.2 million players worldwide on the EroGames platform since it was released in June 2019, Craving Quest is another Super H Game.

It’s a popular multiplayer game in which you can join forces with a clan of fellow gamers to complete events and earn bigger and better rewards.

An action RPG title, there are seven chapters to discover with combat and clicker style play incorporated into the game.

Of course, you’ll get rewarded for all of the tasks you complete with some super-sexy and pretty explicit H-scenes.

It’s earned its popularity because the narrative is actually pretty good and you can quickly become immersed in the plot and complex gameplay.

In all, you can expect up to 200 hours of play within the realm of Skyland. With over 100 playable characters and new content being added all the time, it’s one of those games you can get really get tied up in. Which is why joining a clan can help you stay sane!

Need For Sin

need for sin erogames

Available in both Russian and English language, this title is relatively new and was only released in April 2020.

Produced by Gethins, it’s a turn based strategy game based around gang wars. It’s got a lot in common with Sin City and you’ll be familiar with much of the landscape here; a big metropolis populated by deadbeats and criminals, all of whom you’ll need to interact with to get your missions.

The rewards for completing your tasks here though doesn’t come as XP but as hardcore 3D sex scenes that are incredibly realistic.

We liked this game because it offers something a little different to the hentai range that EroGames mainly offers. But, for us, the best part is the complexity to the gameplay.

There’s plenty of battle action and if you’re into guns and weapons with loads of bloodshed thrown in then this title will be right up your alley!

With 60 missions, 10 maps and 50 heroes there is hours of entertainment to have here and a lot of XXX content to keep you from flagging.

Hentai Heroes

hentai heroes on erogames

It’s got a huge fan following and if you join up to play Hentai Heroes then you are going to want to get involved with the community (see below).

Developed by the French indie studio, Kinkoid, you play the role of a guy who is magically transported to a realm populated only by sex-starved and cock-hungry women.

Endowed with special super powers which boost your prowess, your mission is to build a harem of girls who combat each other in fuck battles!

It’s a title that has plenty of regular events in which you and your clan can join forces to head the leaderboards and win more rewards.

What we love about this title is the variety of gameplay that it entails. As well as being based on elements of a visual novel you also get to combat in sex battle mode as well complete mini-games and activities and develop your harem of characters.

Visually, the game is oftentimes pretty basic when you compare it to the more realistic 3D style but this doesn’t detract at all from just how fappable the H-scenes are. With over 10.7 million players, we’re not the only ones who think so.

And if you prefer to inhabit a realm populated only by men then Gay Harem is a virtually identical game but with sexy bears and cubs instead of females.

Puzzles & Panties

puzzles and panties erogames

A pretty simple match-3 game with elements of visual novel and RPG battle-mode, this mash up of hentai styles is a perfect little crowd-pleaser.

With over 250 cards to collect featuring ever more sexy characters, you get plenty of hot content to reward you for what is pretty mindless gameplay.

Not nearly as complex as Hentai Heroes, but just as addictive, Puzzles & Panties is a perfect game to play if you don’t want to get too involved but still want a regular dose of XXX H-scenes.

Princess Pixel

princess pixel on erogames

Released in February 2020 and already played by 1.6 million people on EroGames, this multiplayer RPG is a mix of pixel art and hentai.

A classic set-up, you play the role of a mercenary who picks up a mission to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped from her kingdom. With all the promises of fortune and glory to play for, the style of gameplay isn’t dissimilar to that age-old classic, Legend of Zelda.

Like all good adventure games you need to explore the world, build up an inventory and complete tasks to level up and gain XP. However, the main reward for all your effort is (of course) uncensored H-scenes.

It’s an old-school game which does have limited gameplay but is certainly worth some time thrown at it.

Sex Gladiators

sex gladiators erogames

Another relatively new game to the platform and released in July 2020, Sex Gladiators is a strategy and combat game based around the training grounds of Ancient Rome.

You need to work your way up the ranks by preparing your team of gladiators well so that they annihilate the competition in the Colosseum.

To do this, you will need to explore this gaming world and earn weapons, acquire new characters and upgrade your skills.

Along the way (OBVIOUSLY) you will unlock a lot of sexy hentai illustrations and clips by meeting women who you can add to your ‘bordello’ (or harem). With orgies, DP and plenty of lesbian gameplay, there is plenty to keep you battling onwards.

It’s a pretty engaging game with plenty of hours of entertainment to be had along the way.

Wild School

wild school on erogames

A quick and simple little fruit machine style game, Wild School is sort of a dating sim and not one you can play for hours at a time but definitely one to get a quick buzz from.

Part visual novel in style you basically win free spins and XXX surprises as you try to level up and win the heart of the one of the three rebellious college students.

Gods of Hentai

gods of hentai erogames

And finally, for the free games anyway, we have this little MMORPG title.

A classic hentai game where you build up a team to take on battles with witches, demons and supernatural fiends, Gods of Hentai isn’t a hugely challenging title but it is pretty rewarding.

The game has elements of visual novel and battle is set to auto-attack so for the most part you just have to click to continue but that’s not to say that it isn’t worth looking at. If you don’t fancy gaming one evening and you just want to be mindlessly drawn in to a fantasy world and be rewarded with scene after scene of high quality hentai animation then give it a go.

Premium Games on EroGames

With all those great free games we’ll bet you’re wondering what’s the point in paying for anything but once you take a look at some of the premium titles you’ll see why people fork out good cash at EroGames.

Games are available for both desktop and mobile and we’ve taken a look at every single one of them for you.

Desktop Games

So, now we get to the premium XXX hentai games on offer at EroGames and there are some absolute gems here. From original Japanese titles adapted for English audiences with traditional hentai artwork to some brand new indie games featuring 3D adult art.

Most of these premium titles are compatible with PC and Mac as well as Linux but full details can be found on EroGames for technical system requirements.

holodexxx on erogames vr game

Priced at 499 Erogold, ($4.99), this brand new VR games released in December 2019 promises to be a big hit with porn fans.

More of an experience than an actual game, Holodexxx transports the player into a virtual strip club where sexy dancers perform strip tease and lap dances just for you.

But the best part is that  these sexy ladies aren’t just nameless face. No, the studio has created virtual models of some of the hottest porn stars on the planet!

This crazy VR title lets you experience a private dance with the likes of Tori Black, Lexi Bell, Skin Diamon, Mia Malkova, Dani Jensen, Riley Reid and Jynx Maze!

And not only can you watch in full 360 vision but you can also customize them in your own gallery and create a library of hot videos.

This is a really interesting addition for anyone who owns VR gear but you can also enjoy it in 2D on your desktop.

fallen on erogames

An uncensored RPG from Kagura Games Fallen is a pixel-art game but which includes beautifully animated hentai artwork as rewards for advancing.

The game is priced at 1,500 Erogold ($15).

Part visual novel in style with some  combat thrown in, this is a beautiful little game full of mystery, adventure and sex.

You play the role of Makina, a swordswoman with a sexy body and an appetite for lewd and dangerous quests.

Direct your character round the maps and interact with multiple characters to progress through the game. Along the way you can pick up more than 70 hentai scenes.

With open-gameplay and multiple endings to this complex storyline you can play Fallen dozens of times without experiencing the same journey.

What we liked about this game was the amount of exploration and discovery you can do with plenty of NPCs to interact with. Of course, the uncensored H-scenes were well worth the time spent too. Fallen is highly playable with a long lifespan.

ChuChu Succubus Rem
chuchu succubus rem on erogames

Released in 2018 and priced at 1,200 Erogold ($12.00) Chuchu Succubus Rem is a popular little hentai RPG from the Triangle! studio.

It’s another pixel-art favorite based on the Kawaii style and delivers a fantasy adventure with plenty of action.

You start the game as a succubus who has just been born into a magical kingdom and you must fight to stay alive and slake your appetite for semen!

Basically, that’s your mission; collect semen, kill the monsters and unlock as much XXX hentai content as you can.

Like Fallen you direct your character around a map, interact with other creatures and use tactics to advance through the game. There’s also some combat mechanisms and a bit of strategy involved which does make this game more complex. But, overall, what you are getting is an old-school classic updated for a modern platform.

Auntie Sara
auntie sara on erogames

Priced at 1,000 Erogold ($10) and released in February 2020 by NLT studios, Auntie Sara is a 3D art RPG set in a modern world.

A first-person game with elements of visual novel and adventure your mission is to seduce your aunt.

A mature and curvy cougar, this is a sexy taboo of a game with a lot of side action to what is, ostensibly, a pretty basic quest.

Explore the house and look for opportunities to seduce Sara or just take a sneak peak at her whilst she is showering or undressing to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

And she will fall for your charms eventually!

When she does you will be treated to some high quality and most excellent 3D artwork with a very decent range of sexual positions.

Overall, this isn’t a complex game nor will it take hours and hours to complete but if you like family fantasy then it’s a must have addition to your adult gaming collection.

unbreaker on erogames

Priced at 1,699 Erogold ($16.99) and released in November 2019 by Ankoku Marimokan this retro action game is a little reminiscent (in parts) of Street Fighter.

You play the title role of Unbreaker, a horny superhero who has to defend the Bureau for Crime Prevention HQ against the evil Dr. Incentive.

You have to head deep into enemy territory and fight everything that gets in your way to reach the doctor and save the day. Fighting is pretty intense and if you fall into enemy hands then they will have sex with you.

These scenes are hardcore and pretty kinky but definitely very satisfying.

It’s not a hugely complex or challenging game but is certainly rewarding and entertaining.

Broke Girl
broke girl on erogames

Priced at 1,000 Erogold ($10.00) and created by Banana King Broke Girl is a dating sim game presented in a traditional visual novel style.

You play the role of the daughter of a rich businessman who loses all his money leaving the family with huge debts to pay.

It’s up to you to come to rescue and scrape the money together whichever way you can by taking on any number of saucy and erotic ‘side jobs’.

Each ‘job’ you complete reduces the family debts and these include some pretty kinky and taboo shit. At times the game can feel a little ‘grindy’ but you do get more than enough XXX content to keep you going.

There are six different endings to work towards and multiple dialogue choices along the way to keep this game pretty fresh whenever you play it.

Overall, the storyline and plot is pretty good and the H-scene rewards are hot as hell.

Ideology in Friction
ideology in friction on erogames

Last, but by no means least, we have this little title from Kagura Games released in March 2020.

A traditional hentai visual novel style game with all the usual suspects of knights, elves and magical creatures.

You follow two such elves who are training to become knights and must complete missions to hone your skills in battle.

It’s a really uncomplicated game and doesn’t take much effort to plough through but is one of those intriguing stories that you just want to follow to the end. Of course, this is an adult game and you get plenty of detailed and uncensored hentai scenes to reward your investment.

Ideology in Friction is priced at 2,499 Erogold ($24.99).

Mobile Games

Whilst Google and Apple are both pretty prudish about the kind of apps they allow to be sold in their stores, you can play most of the titles on EroGames on iOS and Android devices.

But if you are an Android user then you can download a direct APK file for EroGames from the official platform.

And if you do, you get a free game for your troubles; Orgasmic Combat.

Even if you don’t have the official app, there are plenty of titles which are compatible with mobile play and some that are only available for Android and iPhone users.

android on erogames

Popular games already mentioned which can be played on mobile devices include:

  • Horny Arcana
  • Hentai Heroes
  • Boobs in the City
  • Craving Quest
  • Gay Harem
  • Need for Sin

But if you want to play some games made exclusively for Android the check these out:

  • Cunt Hunter – A 3D based hentai sex sim with plenty of mini-games this title offers plenty of XXX H-scenes (images and videos) as reward for your efforts. More than 30+ hours of gaming with new weekly quests and new girls to date.
  • A.S.S: Aether Shades & Shadows – An adventure RPG game by Super-H studios, A.S.S. is a strategy and battle game with plenty of grinding involved in order to level up and get those rewards. There are thousands of character variations to collect, three story mode chapters and hundreds of H-scenes to enjoy. This epic hentai game has a lot of playability.
  • Monster Cunt – An action RPG game by the popular developer Ecchi, you can battle against the game or hit up the arena area to fight with other players. Part visual novel and part combat with daily missions and events, this is a classic hentai game.
  • Slutty Journey – A brand new release for February 2021 from Super-H studios, this is a turn-based battle game. A pretty typical hentai storyline with evil maidens and sultry goddesses galore. The graphics look amazing and there’s a good choice of variations in difficulty to make  this a challenging game with a long lifespan.
android games on erogames

Adult Comics

Another popular form of adult entertainment, you can find digital XXX manga comics on EroGames in their Reader’s Corner section.

Typically 20-40 pages long and costing around 400-800 Erogold (average) each, there are a few dozen hentai-style books to choose from.

Titles are available to read on all platforms including PC, Mac, Android and iOS and cover everything from harems and android sex to roleplay and fantasy/adventure.

To be honest, there isn’t a huge library here to enjoy so you wouldn’t hit up EroGames specifically for the manga comics but if you have a spare few hundred Erogold you want to burn then they’re actually pretty good.

erotic comics on erogames

We chose The Super Horny Workplace, a 25-page visual novel by Hitsuji Shibire and released January 2020. All English-language, the story centered around an office which is super successful because the staff are motivated with sex. The cartoons were typically explicit and included lines of female workers on their knees to show their boss some devotion!

If you are a fan of 2D sex comics then you’ll definitely enjoy these but unless you want to game too then you’re probably best of heading to PalComix or Erofus for much bigger libraries and free content thrown in.

Visual Novels

Now, don’t get confused. Visual novels and comics are two separate things and the former refers to a genre of game in which the predominant style is a textual narrative where you get options of how the story progresses.

It’s a pretty popular way to play hentai games and you get rewarded with plenty of visual content; you just don’t need to be moving any characters around a screen or endlessly clicking/grinding/farming/battling for rewards.

visual novels on erogames

There are ten titles to choose from on EroGames, all of which are compatible with desktop and mobile devices:

  • Cross x Love – Yaoi
  • Analistica Academy
  • OppaiCafe
  • Lust of the Apartment Wives
  • Detective Masochist
  • The Last Day of My Virgin Life
  • Forest Guardian
  • Nakadashi Banzai
  • Kunoichi
  • Railway Sex

All individually priced, some of these titles have multiple chapters to play, with each episode costing you extra Erogold.

And although ten games doesn’t seem a lot to choose from, there is a nice range of styles here including 3D and traditional hentai artwork. There is also some interpretative European and America styles of art here including from the well-known TopHatStudio.

The Community on EroGames

One of the really great features of EroGames is the Clans system.

Just another name for a community, or group, of members, players can join up to a (or create their own) clan.

clans on erogames

Clans can be pretty useful in some of the games and joining forces with players who share your enthusiasm for a title can be mutually beneficial, particularly when it comes to completing missions and quests.

The stronger and more active your clan then the more rewards your members can earn.

Beyond their use within the games themselves, they are also a nice way to network with other players and the Clans platform is similar to a social network. This means you can chat with other players privately, as a group and make announcements (or a call to arms!).

Outside of the game, you can also follow EroGames on Twitter to stay up to date with any newly released games, system updates and promotions.

events and community erogames

Events on EroGames

A lot of the titles on EroGames run regular events which set timed challenges for players with the promise of big in-game rewards.

Craving Quest, Harem Heroes and Gay Harem are regular inclusions with the Events on EroGames and you can hit up this section of the site to find out what the current trials are.

How Much Does EroGames Cost?

You can sign up to play games on EroGames without spending a dime or even having to register your credit card details.

A lot of the titles available are freemium models which means you can play them for free but if you want to advance further and faster then you can buy stuff in-game.

However, some games are premium and these are all priced individually and range from a few hundred tokens to several thousand; or under $5 to over $25.

The games all use the same currency so you basically buy a bundle of tokens (known as Erogold) up front and then any purchase you make are deducted from your balance.

You can buy bundles in anything from 500 ($5) to 30,000 ($300) but there are no benefits in buying more as the token exchange is exactly the same; 1 Erogold = $0.01.

Payment is discreet with transactions being recorded as SKY NETWORK and can be made using all major credit or debit cards, cryptocurrency and a range of online payment processing.

erogames adult hentai games platform
Image from Monster Cunt.

EroGames: The Best Hentai Gaming Platform?

We are not going to lie to you, sites which offer free adult games are often pretty poor in quality and there’s always seems to be some catch to it.

EroGames is definitely not a poor-quality platform and the titles you can play for free here include some of the most popular hentai games around.

Okay, so they’re not exclusive to EroGames and, sure, you can play titles like Hentai Heroes for free on other platforms (like Itch or Newgrounds) or via the studio’s own website. But what we like about EroGames is the fact that  they have selected only the very best adult games to host on their site.

This means that once you’ve finished playing with one game then you know that you can pick up any other title and it will be just as good. Far too many “free adult game” sites try to stuff their platforms with as much content as possible without exercising any quality control.

EroGames isn’t like this and the same goes for their selection of premium games. Every single one of the titles we’ve reviewed above are highly playable with plenty enough XXX entertainment to reward you for playing.

is erogames the best adult gaming platform
Image of ChuChu Succubus Rem.

As for costs, the games are all competitively priced and you won’t be shelling out more than you would here than you would on any other premium games platform.

As a host server, the games are fast, look great and you can save your progress under your profile as you go.

What more can you want from an adult gaming site?

What’s that you say? Community?

Which brings us to the final things we really like about EroGames, the addition of the Clans feature. Though other platforms also let you join forces with your own teams, here you can bring this to the real world with a neat little social media platform.

For us, EroGames is the whole package and comes from a trusted stable so you know in advance that you aren’t surfing a site with dodgy embedded malware or with a reputation for scamming.

So, if you love hentai, adult games and getting things for free then EroGames should definitely be your next bookmark.

Sign up here to get started!

All feature images via EroGames.


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