The Best Virtual Strip Poker Games

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Looking for a way to play your favorite party game online?

Wherever you are in the world, poker is one of the most popular card games to play and most people do so to win money. But there are plenty of guys and gals who prefer to play for different stakes!

Strip poker is a satisfying and erotic way to enjoy the art of seduction. Combining the thrills of nudity and the suspense of gambling, we think its one of the best ways to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

But not all of us have access to a group of sexy friends who want to get naked playing cards. Which is why we’ve found the next best thing… virtual strip poker!

In this Best Virtual Strip Poker Guide, we take a look at some of the best ways you can play strip poker online. From apps with virtual players to options using live cams – we’ve covered them all!

Be warned though – these games are strictly virtual. If you want to watch, get naked and interact with real girls live, you will have more luck using a specialist cam site. We’d recommend Strip Chat or Cam Soda, both of which have 1000s of amateur models online at any given time.

Let’s get started…

The Evolution of Virtual Strip Poker

Nothing beats playing strip poker live but for as long as the video game has been around, there have been digital ways to get similar action.

Yes, as far back as the early 1980s when Apple Inc. was first competing with IBM for market share of personal computers, strip poker video games have been a thing.

Considered the ‘granddaddy of computer strip poker games’ Artworx released Strip Poker in 1982 for the Apple II and Commodore 64.

A ‘sizzling game of chance’, players could take part in a simple game of five-card draw and be rewarded with some heavily pixelated images of topless models.

The game was so popular that the format was copied for other home computers including the Amstrad CPC and Amiga, one of the earliest examples of a successful “retro” adult game.

By the mid 1980s, graphics had become more refined and users could now get 16-bit images,

In 1988, Teenage Queen was released by ERE Informatique on multiple platforms including the Atari ST and DOS.

best virtual strip poker games teenage queen strip game
Screenshot from Teenage Queen. Image via Moby Games.

Its unique visual style earned it a lot of fans and proved that hand drawn images could be just as sexy as photos. And because the graphics were ‘artwork’ the developers could get away with a lot more risqué content.

The following year, Capcom took another big step forward publishing a strip poker game for video arcades. Poker Ladies had a very limited release and is likely one of the only titles to ever be created for this market.

Even the home consoles market showed an interest in ‘adult’ gaming and, in 1991, Nintendo would release a trio of titles for the NES including Peek-A-Boo Poker.

A basic five-card draw game and with zero nudity, it was decent enough and had some erotic imagery.

However, few retailers would stock the title for fear of upsetting their core audiences and its limited release in both North America and Australasia have made it one of the most expensive games in Nintendo’s history!

By the early 1990s, interest in strip poker video games was beginning to wane as the world wide web allowed people to access more pornographic material online.

best virtual strip poker games strip poker
Strip Poker de Luxe (1994) game for DOS. Image via YouTube.

The first half of this decade saw a massive increase in the number of people owning their own personal computers. So, it wasn’t hard to predict that game developers would look to Windows and Macintosh for their next markets.

Released for distribution on CD-ROM, graphics could be rendered in much better resolutions and advances in software development meant that games could become more complex.

Throughout the noughties, several popular games would be released including:

  • WinSP (1993) – a German game which players had to build themselves, it was the only strip poker title released for Windows 3.1.
  • Poker Party (1994) – featuring video clips of your opponent undressing, the game of poker itself was more challenging.
  • Strip Poker Pro (1995) – a remake of the Artworx Strip Poker 3, this version had excellent graphics and showed an avatar of the semi-nude/nude players.
  • Mick’s Strip Poker (1998) – a freeware game released for DOS, this title wasn’t a stunning development but it did something that no other games did. Players could take screenshots of the nudity.
  • Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino (1999) – the balding, leisure-suit wearing man in his 40s who became an unlikely hero was the protagonist (again) in this homage to the XXX thrills of Vegas.

As the millennium rolled in, the demand for strip poker games has really fallen away.

The continued rise of high-resolution adult content on the internet as well as live cam sites offering instant interactivity just seems to have usurped the novelty of strip poker.

But there have been a couple of releases over the last few decades.

In 2006 the Polish studio, Torquemada games, developed Video Strip Poker Supreme.

best virtual strip poker games video poker supreme
Video Poker Supreme (2006) by Torquemada Gamea. Image via Moby Games.

Widely acknowledged to be one of the best titles ever created, the game was created for PCs and featured interactive opponents in 720p video.

And in 2009, Nintendo made a brief return to the genre with a release for its Wii called Sexy Poker. The title featured a Texas Hold ‘em style game and opponents would strip down to their lingerie.

Due to the strict ESRB ratings to which console game developers are now bound, there haven’t been any other titles of note. However, Xbox 360 and PS3 users could play a secret game of strip poker in the 2010 release of Dead Rising 2. A No-Limit Hold ‘em game, you could play against fellow apocalypse survivors and compete to see the undress. Unusually, the game also featured guys stripping too.

Speaking of which, very few games have been developed over the years that feature anything but women stripping. Which is why the Finnish game Strip-Tease Vennti is so unique. Created for the Commodore 64 in the 1980s and featuring nothing more tantalising than 8-bit graphics, it was technically strip blackjack but nevertheless showed an early celebration for gender equality.

best virtual strip poker games Strip Tease Vennti
Thankfully, virtual poker game graphics evolved after Strip-Tease Vennti!

Fortunately, Torquemada Games stepped into the breach and released a much more visually appealing alternative in 2008 with Video Strip Poker Boys.

All of the above games are still available to play online through retro gaming sites like My Abandonware, Play Retro Games and Retro Games CC.

Although they don’t compare to the virtual strip poker games of the 21st Century, for some they will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. And for those of you Millennials, DEFINITELY look back at the generation that came before you and WEEP for them!

Fortunately, the world of virtual strip poker has moved on a lot since these titles were developed and there is a resurgence of interest in the game.

Now you can enjoy some great ways to play strip poker which include HD graphics, full sound and interactivity and even live action gaming.

So, where do you find and play these sexy card games?

Best Virtual Strip Poker Sites

Our first selection of sites offers up a variety of ways to play with real life opponents.

Most will let you play some version of the game for free but the majority of these options are premium priced platforms.

Strip Hi-Lo

Kicking off we have a site where you can play strip games live with hot and sexy cam girls through CamContacts.

Using a portal designed for gaming to interact with each other, players can compete in a series of hi-lo card games.

Okay, so it’s not EXACTLY strip poker but the basics are all there; plenty of nudity and teasing plus some carding thrown in.

You can register here for free but you will need to register a credit card to verify your age.

Once you are signed in you can access some rooms for free but most chat hosts will be charging you by the minute for your games. These do vary but can cost around $1-3/minute.

There are usually 100-300 women online at any given time and these include a nice range of Ebony, Latina and European beauties – all just waiting around for you.

You’d think that some of them would be better at this  game given the amount of practice they get but surprisingly most girls end up losing plenty of clothes during their sessions.

What we like about Strip Hi-Lo is that you can get as interactive as you like, text-chat or open a cam-to-cam session.

There’s also an interesting contest you can get involved in to win free credits. Called the Stripmeister Competition, the top 3 visitors who strip the most girls each month can be in with a chance to win 500 free credits.

Strip Poker XXX

An online multiplayer video strip-poker game, this site will let you play a free game of Texas Hold ‘em. But if you want access to multiple rooms and see videos of your opponents stripping off then you’ll need to become a premium member.

It’s a European site so the subscription charges are in Euros with monthly costs starting at €9.00 ($10).

This will give you 30 ‘Heart’ tokens a month which will be enough to let you create your own private room to play in.

The aim of the game is to rid your opponent of all their tokens so that they need to buy-in. When this happens, she has to do a sexy show or striptease to be able to recharge her account.

The site has some complex table rules so its worth checking these out but the poker itself is pretty challenging and you need to work hard for your rewards.

Driven by AI, these are virtual ladies you are enjoying here but this a poker site that offers a lot of entertainment.

My Strip Poker

best virtual strip poker games my strip poker

A site where you can play solo or as a multiplayer, My Strip Poker lets you pit your skills against a variety of AI partners.

You’ll need to register a free account to access more opponents but you can play against both men and women.

Free to sign up for and ostensibly a portal to entice players to a live cam site, the AI strip poker part isn’t bad but it aint great.

A Texas Hold ‘em style game, you can compete on a Champions board and upload your own pics to personalize your game.

BUT if you want to play with real life opponents and share your webcam then you need to purchase coins. Depending how many coins you buy at once a live game will cost you between $0.02 and $0.20 each.

Just be aware that as soon you register, you’ll be inundated with pop-ups of other players who are eager to share their cams and play strip poker with you.

Strip Poker Online

best virtual strip poker games strip poker online

A virtual poker playground where you can play against real players, Strip Poker Online is used by thousands of people all across the world.

You can choose which kind of table you play at and these include public snapshot strip games as well as VIP members’ only live cam tables.

The game is Texas Hold ‘em and because you’re playing with real people, it’s a real challenge.

Of course, there are far more men playing here but girls do get free VIP membership so if you are patient then you will find some ladies here.

Many tables are free to play at but to get the best experience you do need to pay for a subscription.

Priced at €4.90 per month, a membership to Strip Poker Online will give you more opponents to play against.

What we like about this site is that if you do join up as a member then you can create private a table and invitations to any opponents, even if  they aren’t members. This means you can enjoy a game of strip poker with anyone you hookup online with through other chat sites, forums or dating platforms.

Best Virtual Strip Poker Games

Our next selection of strip poker games can be played on your desktop or laptop and range from live action photos and videos to animated toons.

Some are free whilst others are premium poker games.

Racy Poker

best virtual strip poker games racy poker

Racy Poker is a quick start and free to play site offering up some sexy virtual partners to play with.

What we like about this site is that you get a choice of six different kinds of game:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha Poker
  • Draw Poker
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Video Poker

The site also offers Strip Blackjack and Strip Hi-Lo.

You can also choose the gender of your opponent plus you can switch players mid-game.

With a collection of stunning models all taken from the iStripper app, this is a fun way to get some nudes. Plus, the poker is actually pretty challenging so you don’t get an easy ride.

Video Strip Poker HD+

best virtual strip poker games strip poker hd

Created by Torquemada games, the same developer who released the universally popular Video Strip Poker Supreme back in 2006 Strip Poker HD is another great game.

The graphics, as you’d expect from the name, are all in HD and the game itself is pretty challenging.

We like this game because you actually get a decent game of poker but if you want to skip straight to the good stuff then you CAN cheat. Torquemada will email you a code you can use which allows you to see your opponents cards of even swap your own.

Available to download and play for free you can buy new girls to enjoy on your PC for around $5.99 each.

With new European talent added a couple of times each month there is always a fresh face (and more) to enjoy.

Virtual Strip Poker Ultra

best virtual strip poker games virtual strip poker ultra

Our next option is a standalone PC game which includes a harem full of women who want to play cards and get naked.

This video strip poker game is the latest update of what has been a pretty popular download for PC users and includes fast play game play PLUS you can cheat!

The game is yours to own for $39.95 but you can also try a free-demo using the VSP Poker link. Perfect for players who don’t want to be connected to the internet and want a flexible but challenging game of poker.

Strip Poker Night at the Inventory

best virtual strip poker games Strip Poker Night at the Inventory

This neat little animated cartoon-style game lets you choose your own opponents from a large selection of characters.

Start off by selecting your own gender and size of your dick (or breasts) and then choose the clothing you’ll start off with (0-8 items).

With a choice of pre-set tables, backgrounds and characters you can get started quickly or spend some time customizing your own set-up.

What we like about this version of the game is that each of the characters ‘talks’ as the cards are played. In this way, it’s kind of like an interactive visual novel and you can really invest in the ‘characters’ of the other players.

A free open-source game, if you like animated nudity then we think this is a really fun way to enjoy a classic game of strip poker online.

Strip Selector

best virtual strip poker games strip selector

Our next selection includes a whole range of strip poker games you can play on your PC.

Strip Selector curates a ton of adult games and there are more than 80 poker games.

Ranging from easy and basic little games to hybrids of other games including darts, racing and pool there are some really playable titles here.

We particularly like Strip Poker Classic

An HTML5 game for mobile, this is a neat little video poker game which rewards players with some saucy striptease.

Stake your bet, deal the cards and discard those you don’t want to win coins.

Each time you level up, the saucy blonde will take off more clothes until she is fully naked.

All totally free to play, if you enjoy retro content then you’ll want to bookmark Strip Selector.

E Adult Games

best virtual strip poker games eadultgames

Hosting dozens of Flash and Shockwave titles, E Adult Games offers a collection of highly addictive games to play on your desktop.

They specialise in strip poker and you can find plenty of options here to keep your idle hands from getting you into mischief!

Other games on the site include erotic jigsaw puzzles, memory match and sex trivia.

In all there are more than 800 games to play on this site with many offering free demos. However, you will need to be a member to enjoy full access to all games on the platform.

You can pick up a trial weeks’ membership for $9.95 or pay monthly for $19.95.

Note: you will need to use a flash plugin to access some titles.

Games of Desire

best virtual strip poker games games of desire

Since Flash is no longer supported, this next option does require you to install a compatible browser or add-on like X-Opera.

But if you’re prepared to do this then you can enjoy a spot of strip poker with some of the most popular names in the adult industry of the last decade.

Yes, Games of Desire has a neat collection of HD footage where your opponents include:

  • Natalia Starr
  • Mia Malkova
  • Pammie Lee
  • Valentina Nappi
  • Lucy Li
  • Alexis Adams

Filmed for HoldemStripem, the games themselves are pretty formulaic but you don’t get the chance every day to play Strip Poker with a porn star.


best virtual strip poker games gamcore strip poker

The home of free games, Gamcore has plenty of basic video poker games including Strip Poker. A simple enough title to play we include it here as it’s not that easy.

So, if you want a game that will make you work for your rewards then this is a pretty decent little title.

Gamcore also has some other quick play games including

All titles can be played in-browser without registering for any accounts and are 100% free.

Best Virtual Strip Poker Games for Mobile

Our final selection of strip poker games can all be played on Android mobile devices.

All available as APL downloads, these mobile strip poker games are a great way to keep yourself entertained on the go.

best virtual strip poker games for mobile
Horny Hand Hot Sexy Poker. Image via APK Pure.

Alternative Ways to Play Virtual Strip Poker

We always try to find a wild card where we can and we can add a couple of extra ways to enjoy a game of strip poker to our selections.

Cam Sites

Live cam girls are ready and waiting to fulfil your every need and there are plenty on the mainstream sites who’d be prepared to play a little five-card stud with a stud like you.

You might have to ‘shop around’ a little but if you are already a regular customer on sites like Strip Chat, Chaturbate or CamSoda then just ask. Check with your favorite model, pay for a one-to-one cam session and enjoy an exclusive, live strip poker game.

If she doesn’t have cards then you could always join up as a member on Strip Poker Online (see above) and send her an invite….

PH Casino

best virtual strip poker games phcasino

Another option you have if you want to mix a little card game with some nudity is to sign up with one of the specialist casino sites.

There are a handful of these ultra adult gambling platforms available and they are a wet dream come true if you want a helping of tits and ass with your carding.

The best part of playing strip poker this way is that you can also be in with a chance to win a shit load of money….if you don’t get too distracted!

The ‘world’s best adult casino site’, PH Casino has a ton of live games available to play including some with bikini clad dealers.

As well as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and dragon tiger they also operate a Texas Hold ‘em table complete with sexy ladies in their lingerie.

best virtual strip poker games - ph casino

You can also play Webcam Poker through PH Casino in which you can share your own cam plus watch other players.

Free to sign up with, this live casino also includes all the usual ways to gamble online including slots and esports plus a reasonably comprehensive sportsbook.

Check the website for details of current sign up offers but they are usually running some kind of deposit bonus of up to $100.

Disclaimer. Bet Responsibly. You must be at least 18 years old, or of legal age to register an account in the country in which you reside.


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