15 Best Android Sex Games: Our Favorite Mobile Porn Titles

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Looking for the the best porn games for Android?

It turns out that mobile porn games is one area where Apple users are left in the dirt. While the iPhone is severely lacking for adult games (due to draconian content policies), Android users are spoiled for choice.

This guide showcases 15 of the best Android-compatible sex games in 2023 — a selection of mobile porn games covering everything from adult dating sims to full blown MMOs and virtual sex simulators.

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What Are The Best Mobile Porn Games For Android?

Best Android Mobile Porn Games

The AdultVisor team decided on 15 hot Android titles that stood out for their fapping potential. You can also check our genre guides for some extra category-specific suggestions.

Let’s just say… this article was an adventure.

Personally, I’ve always preferred to play my favorite adult games on a desktop PC (and I’ve been using an iPhone for the last five years). I had to purchase a ‘porn burner’ just to test these titles, and it was an eye-opening experience.

One thing I can say for sure: Android delivers much better porn games than iOS.

1. Summertime Saga

Summertime saga phone porn game

Let’s start with one of the most widely-loved games in the space: Summertime Saga. It’s a free dating sim developed by DarkCookie with the help of crowdfunding on Patreon. I’ve lost track of the exact numbers, but it was pulling in over $100,000 per month when I last checked. Not bad for a first-time developer.

Unlike many of the games we’ll be looking at, Summertime Saga goes big on the story. It’s a visual novel fused with casual dating.

The main character, a college student, has just moved to Summerville following his father’s mysterious death. You spend most of the game juggling the life priorities of solving dad’s murder while banging hot girls left, right and center.

As an early backer of the project, I’ll admit I have a soft spot for the SS community. There’s been plenty of fan service over the years, with some of the most popular user suggestions getting worked in to the game (not always successfully). Supporting the project, alongside 29,000 fellow subscribers, gives you access to exclusive updates. Or you can just download and play it for free.

2. Project QT

project qt game

Project QT is an adult puzzle-based RPG that also happens to be one of the most-played Android porn games on Nutaku.

The developers talk a big game about the storyline (black hole experiment gone wrong), but from what I experienced: it’s almost completely irrelevant in the context of the gameplay.

This is classic Nutaku Gacha fare with match-3 puzzles and saucy combat. I barely even registered the half-hearted attempt at a ‘narrative’ for levelling up my hentai babes. It’s all action; the plot is secondary.

Credit where it’s due though… this game is bloody popular with the masses. Project QT bagged the coveted titles of Nutaku’s Top Mobile Game & Most Popular Mobile App in their annual 2022 awards.

My first experience with Project QT was playing it via Nutaku’s Cloud Streaming service on my iPhone. It was OK, then. The Android experience (via their app) is much smoother.

3. Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is a mobile-friendly porn sandbox where you build your own 3D dream babe, one skill at a time. Then you fuck her. Storyline? What storyline?!

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can have sex with her in various realistic positions. The idea is that by banging successfully, your babe will earn skill points that can be prescribed to one of four ‘skills’ (sucking, spanking, anal, feet).

I’m not sure how getting spanked qualifies as a skill, but let’s just say the acting was Oscar-worthy.

As your girl gets better in the sack, the cut-scenes get ever more outrageous and her skill points accumulate.

I enjoyed turning my creation in to a Footjob Queen, but that’s about as far as the action went before hitting the paywall. Don’t bother if you’re looking for storyline-driven gameplay or, you know… an actual challenge.

4. Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales is a stylish visual novel that plays like a darker version of Summertime Saga. While SS can be funny, uplifting and ironic, I needed a drink after completing Taffy Tales. A stiff one, at that.

One of the things that really stood out was the sheer onslaught of characters in need of therapy. Taffy comes with the promise that every character has a dark side, and it’s not just marketing jargon.

You can’t get far in this world without confronting some pretty unlikeable characters. There are times where I wanted to slap my boner out of principle. So why is it so damn engrossing to play?

I’m a big fan of the hand-drawn artwork from digital artist UberPie. The content has a distinctly PAWGY feel. There are some huge cleavages around town, and I enjoyed my sexual conquests – not gonna lie. Overall, Taffy Tales is a dirty pleasure, but not for the light-hearted.

5. King of Kinks

King of Kinks

King of Kinks is a classic hentai porn game with some tempting anime girls (busty elves, curvy witches, and mysterious succubi) that will capture your attention… and possibly your pants.

It was the most popular browser game on Nutaku in 2022, which makes it one of the most-played NSFW titles in the entire adult gaming space.

While there are some clear attempts at a fantastical Game of Thrones style story, I can’t see how this game is any different from the existing massive library of Nutaku Gacha hits. By that I mean… the storyline is minimal, the battles are endless, and the premium upgrades are always in sight. Waiting for a sign of wakness, argh…

The game starts fast and furious and, for a while, it feels perfectly balanced between grind and reward. It doesn’t stay that way, though. If you really want to dominate the later battles, you’ve got a straight choice between grinding for hours or pay-to-win. Shame, really, as it’s kinda addictive.

6. Harem Hotel

Harem Hotel

Harem Hotel is a critically-acclaimed adult visual novel offering high quality sex scenes and a story that goes far beyond your average AVN. One of the reasons for that is attention to detail.

This isn’t your typical choice-driven visual novel where the actions have zero repercussions. (Boohoo, you chose the blowjob instead of anal. Want to have sex again and see the other path?)

In Harem Hotel, you’ll miss entire sections of the game if you choose actions that don’t align with a certain set-piece. For example, if you neglect your Exhibitionism stats, you might not see the option to bang in a public bathroom… while a kinkier player with better stats can go right ahead.

I really enjoy the way stat management is intricately woven in to the storylines. Decisions have weight. It gives Harem Hotel a rare quality that is missing from most Android porn games: replay value.

There’s one caveat for Android users: the game is a pain in the ass to install. You’ll need to download Joiplay, then side load the executable file (.exe).

7. Eternum


Eternum is still in development. It’s the brain-child of Caribdis, a renowned visual novel creator who lit up the adult gaming space with Once In A Lifetime back in 2019.

This game is better on every level – it’s got some of the finest artwork I’ve seen for an Android-compatible title. The story pacing, relentless humour, model artwork and fitting soundtrack point towards a finished package that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

The storyline is about as meta as it gets. ETERNUM is a virtual hyper-reality MMORPG where its impossible for the characters to distinguish between game-world and real-world. Needless to say, the game-world is pretty damn kinky.

You can pay-what-you-want for the unfinished version of Eternum. There are two versions for Android: 1GB and 2GB. The larger file has higher-res imagery but it’s a pain to install. I ended up going with the 1GB version. Awesome game.

8. VR Fuck Dolls

VR Fuck Dolls porn game

VR Fuck Dolls is another entry in the market of wafer-thin sex simulators where the story is a complete afterthought — and the virtual shagging is the main event. Albeit a tasty one.

Don’t be fooled by the title. While VR Fuck Dolls can be played in virtual reality, the bulk of the game is accessible in ordinary 2D/3D through your mobile browser. It’s even got a multiplayer mode for good measure.

Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are rock solid, but these games are clearly targeted at a certain crowd. And it’s not your hardcore adult gamers.

My criticism of VR Fuck Dolls could be applied to Sex Emulator, JerkDolls or any of the other popular sex simulators. Once you’ve created (and screwed) a few of these dolls, there’s just not much left to do. In many ways, it’s the opposite of the Gacha grind.

A solid hour on this and you’ll come away feeling like the village bicycle. 😬

9. Hentai Heroes (or Harem Heroes)

hentai heroes review

Hentai Heroes, developed and published by Kinkoid, is a manga harem-building game with elements of a visual novel combined with a battle RPG. It’s also known as Harem Heroes.

Whatever you call it, this is probably the world’s most famous hentai mobile porn game.

The action starts as you’ve been magically transported to a Haremverse filled with sex-starved and cock-hungry women. Within minutes of arriving, you spark a turf war with the neighbor who challenges you to a sex battle between your harem and his.

Most of the game is played in a casual clicker style, so you need to complete tasks, battle your opponents and develop the skills of your harem. All the while, you’ll be collecting rewards and leveling up to advance through the story. I really enjoyed the early game, but take note: the further you get, the longer it takes for your energy bar to refill and the ‘grindier’ the gameplay becomes. Good fun while it lasts.

10. Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem is a resource-management browser game where the “resources” are… you guessed it, a library of stunning, horny porn stars. There are some big names you’ll recognize, too, including Adriana Check, Riley Reid and Lexi Belle.

The hook in Pornstar Harem is that you have to fuck your way through various porn scenes. Every single cut requires stamina from your steadily depleting bar. Run out of gas and you’ll have to wait for the bar to recharge.

I first played this game on my iPhone with pretty low expectations. I figured the star names would be covering up some pretty basic gameplay. To be fair, though, it’s a simple but addictive formula. The game oscillates between sexy and hilarious thanks to some deeply tongue-in-cheek writing and creative daily missions. The Android version works well and runs seamlessly in a mobile browser.

11. Booty Calls

nutaku browser games booty calls

Booty Calls is a visual novel clicker hybrid with a large cult following, so much so that the game has been translated into five different languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

The game challenges you to solve a bunch of lewd puzzles while wooing scantily clad beach babes. You’ll spend your time solving puzzles to remove whatever (little) clothes they have on. Yes, uhh, a couple of hours on this and I felt like a truly valued member of society.

Fans of the genre will draw obvious comparisons to HuniePop, which is admittedly the better game overall — but it’s not on Android, so what can you do? Booty provides a smutty mobile-friendly alternative.

The original Booty Calls was such a success that the developers skinned it up again and shopped it to the gay gaming crowd with a spin-off male version, Booty Calls: Men At Work.

12. Boobs In The City

third person shooter porn game

When I first heard about Boobs In The City, I thought our editor was having a laugh at my expense. You want me to review a third-person shooter… with water pistols… and tit-soaking as the primary objective? It’s not exactly the classic setup for an eroge title.

You know what? Boobs In The City is actually pretty fun. Being a porn game designed for phones, you don’t need a joystick. Just two thumbs will do. One for moving around the animated levels, and one for letting rip with your super-soaker. We’re not talking Call of Duty levels of depth here. I managed to resist any ragequitting.

After the water games are over (and you’ve *hopefully* boosted your stats), return to the girls’ dormitories and indulge in some visual novel style hentai sex scenes. The action gets wetter, and wetter, and wetter.

I’m not sure I’d include Boobs in a conventional Top 15 list, but it earns a place based on the highly-original combat mechanics. A lot of hentai games do combat well, but none as bizarrely as this.

13. Railway Sex

Railway Sex porn phone game

Railway Sex is an erotic visual novel set on a train full of beautiful women who have no qualms about fucking a stranger (i.e. you). Basically, it’s the commute I deserved but never had.

The entire game takes place in what looks like a Tokyo metro train carriage. Imagine the last train home scooping up the entire dancefloor of a cosplay night club – that’s roughly how it looks here. Young and mildly slutty.

One after one, you approach the girls and decide on the best course of seduction. Will it be pinching her nipples? Squeezing her tits? That’s the kind of choice-driven foreplay we’re talking about. Don’t expect much thrill in the chase.

I’d describe the graphics as a middle-ground between hentai and realistic. You can suspend your imagination and picture yourself onboard, but the artwork is skewed towards that Japanese Waifu appeal. The animations are decent, though: plenty of variation, not just static shots.

If you can’t get lucky on this train, you never will.

14. Brittany Home Alone

Brittany home alone

Brittany Home Alone is a next-generation 3DX game by Puppetmaster, available to download from the Affect3D store. It features a futanari dick-girl called Brittany.

As the title would suggest, this girl is all alone at home.

So, let’s ask: if you had both a dick and a pussy… how would you keep yourself entertained? Easy answer, right? And the natural conclusion that our protagonist comes to as well. Your job is to help Brittany reach climax in whatever way you desire. 

From self-sucking poses to plenty of toys for anal and pussy penetration, there are numerous ways to help this girl cum, and when she does…watch out!

The graphics and animation on this Android-compatible porn game are superb. There are a ton of features to make the most of every sex scene. We love the free camera adjustment to your favorite positions, customization tools for outfits, options for balls/no balls, and even sliders to adjust the veins on her dick. Pretty freaky.

15. MNF Club

mnf club game review

MNF Club is an MMO sex game with over 1.3 million registered players. It is part adult chat room, part porn game.

Heads up: I had to install the Puffin Web Browser to get it working on Android (as it runs off Flash).

Set on a fictional island, the Meet ‘n Fuck Club (MNF) is a 2D world where you can interact with real-life players, meet for sex and then control the action using fancy animations. 

While it might not be the most immersive or realistic sex sim game, that’s not the point. Gamers here are playing for the real-life interaction. Just like rival, YaReel, another Android-friendly MMO, the developer has grasped that you don’t need next-gen graphics to hook a horny community of adult gamers.

You just need to put them in a room and let them fuck each other. Oi, oi. ASL?

Sites We Recommend For Android Porn Gaming

Free Mobile Sex Games

We’ve covered a bunch of our favorite Android porn games, but there are hundreds of titles to explore. So, what are the best sites and platforms for playing them?

Here are some useful resources for uncovering the next smutty gem:


Nutaku gets a lot of criticism for its Gacha games (full of micro-transactions), but if you want instant access to Android hentai titles, it’s the obvious #1.

Our Nutaku Review


Itch.io had over 2100 adult games for Android phones when we last checked. These titles are put out by small developers in the name of fan service.

Our Itch.io Game Picks


EroGames is like a smaller version of Nutaku, with much of the same hentai focus (and even some of the same games). It has some great mobile VNs.

Our EroGames Review


Affect3D is a good option for futanari games, or monster & fantasy titles with a deep dose of BDSM. There’s some real cult classics on here.

Visit Affect3D


Gamcore attracts millions of horny gamers with its free smut. It also has a selection of APK games that you can download and sideload onto your phone.

Visit Gamcore


Mopoga specialises in games that you can play in your browser with no download or registration. Hit and miss, but we found the occasional gem.

Visit Mopoga

Android Apps For Adult Gaming

Android sex game apps

If you have an Android device, you can download specialist apps for playing adult games. The same can’t be said for iPhone users who are banned from downloading sex games by Apple’s third-party content policies.

Unsurprisingly, the top-rated xxx game apps come from the networks with the largest selection of games: Nutaku and Erogames.

Nutaku Mobile App

Nutaku’s porn game app is designed specifically for Android and provides access to its entire library of adult games, including gacha favorites: Project QT, Booty Calls, Chick Wars and more.

Erogames APK

The Erogame app gives you access to dozens of popular eroge titles. By downloading their APK, you’ll also review a free premium “Orgasmic Combat” game.

What Types of Adult Games Can I Play on Android?

Android mobile porn games

Historically, PC users have had the widest choice of adult games, with hundreds of popular PC porn games. That’s because it’s cost efficient to pump out Windows-based games.

There’s a smaller pool of Android game developers, but unlike iOS, we’ve still managed to find a decent selection of titles from wildly different genres. Here’s the categories you’ll see often:

Sex Simulators

Sex simulators are some of the most realistic sex games for Android. These games are short on storyline and narrative but have hyper-realistic graphics, animations and physics.

Popular Android Sex Simulators:

  1. Sex Emulator
  2. VR Fuck Dolls
  3. Slut Saga


Thanks to mega gaming platforms like Nutaku, there’s no shortage of hentai porn games for Android. We’d go as far as to say that hentai is the most popular category of adult games across any device.

Popular Android Hentai Games:

  1. Project QT (xDNA)
  2. King of Kinks (DPH Studio)
  3. Hentai Heroes (Kinkoid)

Visual Novels

Visual novels are more common in the desktop gaming space, but you’ll still find some mobile titles that make good use of choice-driven storytelling. The choices you make directly affect the story’s outcome.

Popular Android Visual Novels:

  1. Depraved Awakening (PhillyGames)
  2. Null Remastered (Strange Girl)
  3. Detective Masochist 2 (U+Me PLUS)

Adult RPGs

Adult RPGs are designed to trap you in a cycle of levelling up your character and unlocking new smut. There’s a massive selection of RPGs for Android phones. These games are notorious for the grind.

Popular Android Adult RPGs:

  1. Kamihime Project R (Digital Entertainment)
  2. Tales of Androgyny (Majalis)
  3. Big Bang Empire (3x Entertainment)

Virtual Reality

Android-powered VR games are not going to provide the same level of immersion as you’ll get from a specialist headset. But for a cheeky fap, who’s keeping track?

Popular Android VR Games:

  1. A Succubus’ Helping Hand 2 (RockHardVR)
  2. Dream Playroom (RockHardVR)
  3. The Aida Collection (RockHardVR)

Adult Puzzles

Ever wondered what an adult version of Tetris or Candy Crush would look like? Welcome to the world of adult puzzle games. Now whittle away the hours on your Android solving dirty match3s…

Popular Android Adult Puzzles:

  1. Pussy Saga (Hooligapps)
  2. Booty Calls (3x Entertainment)
  3. Sexy Exile (3x Entertainment)

Porn Clickers

Porn clickers, also known as idle or incremental games, require minimal thinking. You can fap away using the lowest number of braincells imaginable. For Android, you’ll be tapping instead of clicking.

Popular Android Porn Clickers:

  1. Hentai Clicker (Kinkoid)
  2. Attack on Moe H (Ignite)
  3. Fake Lay (Endless Fun)

Adult MMO

Slim pickings! Unfortunately, there aren’t many MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games for Android users. We’ve played a few, but the action is hit-and-miss. PC rules the roost in this genre.

Popular Android Adult MMOs:

  1. YaReel (Delecon Holdings)
  2. MNF Club (Team MNF)

Have we missed your favorite porn game for Android? Let us know your favorites and any fresh sex game Android recommendations. Thanks for reading – See you in 2024!


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