9 Best Foot Fetish Porn Games in 2023: Footjob Simulators, Types of Feet Sex Games

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Looking for the best foot fetish porn games? Are you all about toes, arches, and perfectly pedicured heels?

The foot fetish (podophilia) is one of the best-served genres in the adult gaming space. While there aren’t many ‘bestselling’ foot porn games, there’s a huge number of indie-developed titles that cover foot worship, foot domination, toe sucking and a whole lot more.

Wondering where to find these games? We’ve done the hard work for you! Below you will find our list of the 9 best foot fetish porn games in 2023.

From 3D footjob simulators to VR foot sex games, visual novels focusing on foot fetishism, and even hentai and furry footjob games, our comprehensive list is bound to have something to tickle your fancy. We also cover the different types of games that that are available to foot fetishists. Trust us: you’ll be surprised how many sub-genres and closely-entwined kinky interests there are!

Let’s get to the good stuff…

What Are The Best Feet Fetish Porn Games?

The 9 best feet fetish porn games for 2023 are listed below:

  1. The Foot Fetish Game
  2. Girlvania Legs & Feet
  3. 3D Kink
  4. Virt-A-Mate
  5. Stinky Validation
  6. Man Squishers
  7. Footographer
  8. Furry Feet
  9. Soles of Lakeview

We’ve chosen this broad mix of foot porn games based on their overall user ratings, the quality of their graphics/artwork, the originality of their gameplay, and how well they cater to feet-lovers.

Not all of these games are specifically about foot sex; some are included for specific content that we think foot-lovers are going to enjoy.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these games:

1. The Foot Fetish Game


Footjob simulator sex game

The Foot Fetish Game is a virtual 3D sex simulator with a number of mini-games designed around foot worship. The site has over 100 virtual sex games in total. Unlike most of the titles on our list, you can enjoy the Foot Fetish Game on mobile, tablet or your desktop computer.

How does it work?

Foot Fetish Game follows the classic sex simulator formula of allowing you to choose and customise various models, before putting them to work in the setting of your choice. You are given full control to fulfill those foot fetish fantasies with explicit 3D sex scenes. It’s a bit like directing a fetish porn shoot. You can caress, tickle, massage, or explore the foot-centered scenarios in the game’s interactive sessions. The gameplay is simple… there’s no story here. It’s basically an interactive porn scene where you get to decide what happens next.

It would be nice to see some new footjob scenarios added in future, but with a raft of fetish themed role-plays to explore, there’s plenty here to keep your dirty little fingers occupied in the meantime. 😉

2. Girlvania Legs & Feet


Girlvania legs & feet expansion pack game

Girlvania Summer Lust is a female-focused sex simulator for PCs. Developed by the Girlvanic studio, it has a reputation for high-quality graphics, a raft of customisation features, and an all-female cast that is sure to get your blood pumping.

You get to control all of the action in Girlvania, which includes some great girl-on-girl grinding, stroking, kissing, teasing and full on penetration with strap-ons and toys.

As for the feet… that’s where the expansion pack comes in. The Legs & Feet upgrade extends this popular simulator to include:

  • Toe sucking
  • Sole licking
  • Footjobs
  • Fishnets stockings
  • Silk hosiery

It transforms the game into one of the very best foot worship simulators, packed full of sensual and erotic scenarios. Unlock all new pantyhose, fishnets, lace, lingerie… you name it. As well as enhancing the available ‘positions’ and costumes, you can even add shoes to the long list of toys used for ‘insertion’.

foot worship games

Girlvania’s Legs & Feet DLC requires the full game to be installed before playing. It’s quite an old title now, first released in 2014, so it will work on the majority of PCs, even if you’re hobbled by older PC-specs. The game is available as a standalone download, so you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to play it.

Buying both Girlvania Summer Lust and the Legs & Feet expansion pack will cost $65.98. It’s certainly not cheap, but in a market sorely lacking viable foot sex games, it’s a price many are happy to pay.

3. 3D Kink


3D Kink Foot scenes

3D Kink is a popular bondage simulator from ThriXXX. It has some excellent gameplay for fetish lovers, particularly those who enjoy kinky dress-up. It’s not a dedicated footjob simulator, as such, but with 86,513 sexual poses and 20,596 types of attire, there’s certainly enough customisation here to get your rocks off.

Bondage, latex, punishment, fetish wear and sex toys are just some of the virtual play tools at your disposal. You can select and customize slaves, dommes and the environment itself, which is noticeably dark and grimy compared to ThriXXX’s other titles (3D Sex Villa 2, Chathouse 3D).

Whilst there are no specific foot-play actions, the scenes are controlled entirely by you and the choice of positions, foot accessories and actions are in your hands.

As a result, you can direct a scene that is almost entirely foot-centric if you like. Take screenshots of virtual foot worship and save them to build out your personal library. Many users share their dirtiest videos, with a library consisting of over 54,000 clips that you can watch for ‘inspiration’. Some of the sequences and movies are created specifically by foot fetishists.

You can download 3D Kink for free and try it out in demo-mode first. The graphics are still pretty decent, although the game has aged noticeably since its release in 2009.

3d kink foot fetish game

A subscription to 3D Kink unlocks the full raft of 3D feet porn customisation features, and gets you access to a thriving community of user-generated content by other kinky gamers.

Current pricing for 3D Kink is as follows:

  • 3 Day Trial: $9.95 (then $29.95 every 30 days)
  • 30 Days: $29.95
  • 60 Days: $49.95
  • 90 Days: $65.95

3D Kink is a PC-only title that requires Windows for installation.

4. Virt-A-Mate


Virt-A-Mate feet porn
A user-submitted Virt-A-Mate creation by fletcher

Virt-A-Mate is a sex simulator sandbox that is designed for virtual reality. While you can enjoy the title on your desktop (without a VR headset), you’re going to want to slap on some VR goggles to truly get the most out of it.

Virt-A-Mate is not designed with foot sex enthusiasts in mind. It’s much more than that. VAM is a sandbox game in every sense of the word. You design your characters from the ground-up, with painstaking detail given to every last hair, freckle, and yes… every last toe. You get to design your dream creation then explore her (or him) in whatever pose — and from whatever angle — you want. 😉

The games we’ve looked at so far are great for simulating footjobs or exploring role-play scenarios. What they lack, however, is modern graphics. Well that’s exactly what Virt-A-Mate is not lacking. Developer Meshed VR has produced a world that is absolutely stunning, and highly immersive when viewed in VR.

Virt-A-Mate lets you worship feet, exactly how you like them, in exquisite detail and in ultra high-definition. If you’ve got a VR headset, you don’t want to miss this title. Play it now over on VRPorn.com.

5. Stinky Validation


Stinky Validation

Stinky Validation is a bizarre point and click adventure about dominant girls with stinky feet. It’s made by TastySox, a small indie developer behind several feet-based porn games.

Yep, we’ve gone from a game like Virt-A-Mate that requires the latest hardware — costing hundreds of dollars — to a pixellated title that you can complete in your web browser by tapping your mouse!

Covering topics like femdom, foot worship and giantess porn, Stinky Validation takes you on a journey of giant ladies with stinky feet. Your job is to help Logan Skwinty earn the asteemed ZBZ Validation, but he’s going to have to impress the members of a sorority to get it… and he might just end up with a mouth-full of ponging toes for his efforts.

You can play this game in your browser for free, via Itch. Or you can donate $10 to unlock the full walkthrough and a trove of 355 foot-themed pictures from the game.

If you like this title from TastySox, check out some of their other casual foot porn games:

  • Socks, Seduction and Shrinking (foot worship simulator)
  • Smelly Adventure (another giantess / foot fetish porn game)
  • The Yellow Socks (foot worship simulator)

6. Man Squishers


Man Squishers

Man Squishers is an adult visual novel which combines feet and vore with some tasteful giantess artwork.

The setting for Man Squishers is a biker bar where owner Jessie and her employees enjoy a kinky side-business that you won’t have seen in too many sex games. Here the customers pay to be shrunken down and manhandled by giant ladies.

After a night of heavy drinking, you cause some problems in the venue, but somehow end up landing a job as the bar’s new photographer. You’ll meet a diverse crew of characters and enter the world of the giantess. This NSFW visual novel covers many popular topics from the size community, with erotic twists, fully fleshed characters and suggestive artwork that will satisfy anybody lusting for a tale of foot domination.

The author, ‘Jess’, is an active contributor on DeviantArt, Giantess City, Giantess World and the interactive story section of Writing.com. It shines through in a well-written tale that both feet and vore fans will enjoy.

Man Squishers is free to play. It’s available to download for Windows via Itch.

7. Footographer


Footographer foot play game

Footographer is a browser-based foot worship simulator. Developed by Richy17, this quirky game is the successor to OC Maker, where you role-play as a kinky foot-loving photographer.

As part of your job, you’ll ‘prepare’ various models for their photo shoot by customising their feet, and various parts of their appearance. You can change skin tones, nail types, and the types of clothes your starlets will be wearing. Once you get to the actual scene, you can tickle, torture and lick your way to more money, slowly unlocking new characters and levels along the way. With money and fame comes all new toys and accessories to play with those feet…

The main problem we encountered was the lack of a Save Game function. If you’re grinding through the levels (and yes, there’s a fair amount of grind), it can be frustrating to accidentally close the tab and then have to start from the beginning. The developer says a Save feature is coming soon, so fingers and toes crossed…

Footographer is free to play via Itch. It’s buggy on mobile, so use a desktop PC for the best experience.

8. Furry Feet


Furry Feet foot sex game

Furry Feet is a foot-focused fetish game that transports you to a unique world where anthropomorphic characters take center stage in a series of fun, addictive puzzles.

Foot porn games have a lot of crossover appeal with other fetishes, and here’s one of the more popular combinations we’ve found: sexy feet for the furry fandom.

In Furry Feet, you’re presented with a selection of furry characters, all possessing beautifully detailed and tantalizing toes ready for your indulgence. The game works like a drag and drop puzzle. Your job is to match the tiles to the correct spots, unlocking galleries of pretty girls with cute paws at the end of each level.

The game comes with a +18 Bare Feet Patch, which is free to add (and highly recommended). The game itself costs $1.99 and is available to buy through Steam. It’s for Windows-users only.

9. Soles of Lakeview


Soles of Lakeview

Soles of Lakeview is a lesbian foot fetish visual novel built on the popular Ren’Py engine. The game has a prologue available, but we’re still waiting for the full release. It looks like it could be a great little title.

The story follows Madeline as she sets off for Lakeview, a college prep course that she has to attend after failing some classes due to her insatiable fascination with the feet of her classmates. The problem is… she’s distracted again. Lakeview has three gorgeous new girls that Madeline is going to find very difficult to resist.

The short demo contains some beautiful artwork and some engaging visual novel style narrative.

Soles of Lakeview is available on PC, Mac and Android. The developer is aiming to roll out an updated story in the latter part of 2023. There is a Discord that you can use to keep updated with the game.

What Are The Different Types of Foot Fetish Games?

Best foot fetish porn games

Clearly, there are several different types of foot fetish games. From high-end graphically-rich experiences using virtual reality, to (literally!) pixellated hentai 2D art.

What are the different sub-genres in the foot porn gaming space?

Below, we take a closer look at some of the most popular formats.

3D Footjob Simulators

There aren’t many specialist 3D footjob simulators, but there’s a large number of sex simulators that contain scenes and outfits which will appeal to foot fetishists.

If you’ve ever played a sex simulator like JerkDolls or VR Fuck Dolls, you’ll be familiar with how these games work. A sex simulator lets you design your own character in 3D. You can customise appearance, clothing and sometimes even the personality of your virtual partner. Once you’re ready, you can simulate sex in a variety of interactive locations. Simulators let you control the action, switch camera shots, and even decide when to cum.

So what’s the difference between a sex simulator and a footjob simulator?

Well, ladies and gentlemen. Do we really need to explain this one?!

3D Footjob Simulators have animations (and positions) that cater specifically to foot worship, like toe sucking or feet licking. These games also place a much greater emphasis on the customisation settings for feet. You can edit things like nails, footwear, stockings, pantyhose, socks, boots, heels and so on.

The Foot Fetish Game, included on our list, is an example of a simulator that specialises in feet porn, even though it’s part of a wider network of fetish-themed porn games.

You might also consider general sex simulators like JerkDolls or VR Fuck Dolls. These games don’t focus as much on the feet, but they are still customisable with dozens of different models to choose from.

VR Foot Simulators

You can experience foot porn games in virtual reality, and thanks to titles like Virt-A-Mate, this might just be the sexiest way to enjoy foot porn content in 2023.

Don’t believe us? Check out this red-hot footjob scene from anonchunk in the Virt-A-Mate hub. The graphics are some of the very best we’ve seen from the entire adult gaming space.

Footjob porn from Virt-A-Mate

If you want to play a foot sex simulator in virtual reality, you will need to have a compatible VR headset, like the Meta Quest or HTC Vive. You might be able to skimp on a cheap Google Cardboard, but we don’t recommend it. While most VR porn games are playable on a desktop screen, it’s the VR technology that truly brings the games to life.

Without doubt, Virt-A-Mate is the best VR foot sex simulator (as of June 2023). Other titles like Honey Select and Custom Order Maid 3D2 have random footjob scenes, but they are more like ‘bonus content’ than integral parts of the games.

Foot Fetish Visual Novels

Foot fetish visual novels are narrative-driven stories where your choices influence the direction of the story.

It’s rare to find adult visual novels where the primary story is built around foot fetishism (unless you know where to look… see below ;)). Our list contains a couple of popular exceptions: Man Squishers and Soles of Lakeview.

Here are 2 more popular foot porn VNs you can try:

  • Damned Soles, by RedScript — A foot and tickling fetish visual novel made using Ren’py.
  • My Toes Story by Osjey — A visual novel about waifus with a central character who loves feet.

If you really want to explore the foot fetish visual novel genre, you can take a deep dive in to the rabbit hole known as VNDB. This site is a vast library of visual novels that can be searched by tag:

Foot Fetish visual novels

We found 384 results for visual novels that contain feet licking, and 1772 results for visual novels that contain footjobs.

Happy hunting…

Foot Worship, Foot Slave and Domination Sims

These games focus on BDSM dynamics, letting players explore foot worship scenarios as either a dominant or a submissive. You might find yourself as a foot slave, being commanded to worship your Mistress’s feet, or you could be the one commanding your own foot slave.

One of the recurring themes you will see is that many foot fetish porn games also explore the giantess fetish.

Ever wondered why?

What Is The Link Between Foot Fetish Games and Giantess Themes?

Giantess fetish or macrophilia involves sexual fascination with giants, particularly giant women. This can involve fantasies about being dominated, overpowered, or even swallowed by a giantess. In many of these scenarios, the emphasis is on the size difference and power dynamics.

So what has it got to do with a foot fetish? And why do we see a giantess in so many foot porn games?

The link between the two comes with the power dynamic and the emphasis on size difference. In the context of a giantess scenario, feet can become a significant focus due to their comparative size and the power they symbolize.

For example, a common theme in giantess-foot fetish crossover content might involve a tiny individual being ‘played with’ or ‘stepped on’ by a giantess. This is a recurring theme on giantess porn sites. The foot here becomes a tool of dominance and power, and the size difference between the giantess and the ‘tiny’ contributes to the overall eroticism of the situation for those who enjoy both fetishes.

Man Squishers giantess
Man Squishers is an example of a game that covers both the foot fetish and giantess fetish

Hentai Foot Games

Hentai foot porn games are the most common type of game in the foot fetish genre. Loosely defined, these are games that offer foot porn content mixed with anime-style artwork and lewd animations.

A few of the games on our list can be considered hentai foot porn games, including Soles of Lakeview, Footographer, and Man Squishers. There are many other highly-rated hentai porn games that touch on the subject of feet; either as a side-subject, or as part of mini-games.

A famous example of a hentai foot game specialising in hentai footjobs is Riko Foot Play.

Riko Foot Play

Note: You will need to use an onsite translator to get access to this game as the site is in Russian.

Developed by Netral GD, Rico Foot Play is a roleplaying game that uses battle mechanics for footjobs. Yep, the basic premise is that you are a high school student who is chasing after a female student (Riko). The storyline gets a little weird, but you and Riko you can gain points by performing ‘actions’ on each other.

For foot fans, this can be anything from foot massage to sniffing feet, and even rubbing them on your cock. There’s trampling, stomping and facesitting, too.

If an anime footjob sounds good to you, give Riko a call!

Futa Feet Games

Futanari, often abbreviated as “futa,” is a genre that originated from Japanese anime and manga.

The term translates to “hermaphroditism” or “dual form,” which is used to refer to characters who possess both male and female sexual characteristics. Typically, futanari porn game characters are depicted as female-bodied individuals. Or, in other words… chicks with dicks.

Bizarrely, futa feet games choose to overlook the presence of the dick on the chick. They focus on the feet instead. Umm, guys. Can we talk about the elephant in the room here?!

For futanari foot porn games, Affect3D is our platform of choice.

Affect3D is a gaming store that specialises in indie-developed titles, including many that would be considered ‘alternative’ by most tastes. The site currently has 12 futanari titles featuring footjobs and foot fetishism.

Futa foot porn

Furry Foot Games

Furry foot porn games fall within the huge adult gaming sub-culture that caters to the “furry” fandom. If you’re not familiar, furries are enthusiasts for anthropomorphic animal characters — in other words, animals who have human characteristics, like the ability to talk, walk on two legs, and display human-like intelligence and emotions.

Furry foot porn games are a subgenre of this type of content, focusing on foot related sex scenes with animal characters. This might involve footjobs, foot worship, trampling, or other forms of XXX foot-related kink involving the characters’ paw-like feet.

One popular example of a furry foot porn game (included in our list) is Furry Feet. This game isn’t fully explicit (it’s available on Steam), but it has a 18+ DLC ‘Bare Feet Patch’.

You can also try Yiffalicious, a popular VR sandbox game for furries. Its pose editor tool makes it a decent choice for sexual foot-themed content.

Non-Porn vs NSFW Foot Fetish Games

There’s a distinct difference between non-porn and NSFW foot fetish games.

Non-porn games might feature foot fetish friendly content that is erotic or provocative, without necessarily including fully-explicit sexual content. On the other hand, NSFW foot fetish games go all-in, offering explicit and uncensored foot porn scenes for players to enjoy.

We’ve seen some of the best examples of explicit foot porn games. But what about non-porn games with content that foot fetishists might enjoy?

Foot Fetishism In Mainstream Videogames

Lovers of the lower leg can find some great features in even the most famous of AAA titles.

Whilst feet aren’t the focus of mainstream videogames (unsurprisingly!), popular games such as Overwatch, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and BioShock all throw up some great feet-focused shots.

There is even a Reddit group, called VideoGameFeet, set up specifically to share screenshots of these moments.

It’s definitely a community to join if you are a collector of animated foot shots. Most of the content is published on Deviant Art, so you will need to register for an account to access the best shots.

tombraider foot fetish games
The infamous Lara Croft bares her sole in these pictures shared on Reddit.

That wraps up our coverage of the best foot fetish porn games in 2023. Are there any footjob simulators or other NSFW foot-based titles that we’ve missed? Let us know your favorites!


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