12 Best Porn Games For Mac: Our Favorite Adult Games For MacOS

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Looking for the sexiest games to play on your Mac? Tired of hearing the words ‘PC Only’?

I hear you! Windows has thousands of porn games, covering just about every genre or fetish you could possibly want to simulate. There’s not as much choice for us Mac users.

Due to a combination of Apple’s strict adult content policies, and the much higher costs of developing games for MacOS, some of the best NSFW games require a virtual machine to get your fap on.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Mac gamers can still play any of the top browser-based adult titles, and some of the most successful developers are starting to roll out Mac versions. Not as many as we’d like, but enough to get the party started. Let’s take a look at some of the top porn games for Mac users.

What Are The Best Porn Games For Mac?

Best Mac porn games

I’ve put together a list of 12 top-rated porn games for Mac users.

It would be easy to spit out the highest-rated visual novels, but I’ve tried to include a diverse selection of titles. In other words: there’s smut for everyone.

  1. VR Fuck Dolls
  2. JerkDolls
  3. Summertime Saga
  4. Eternum
  5. Projekt: Passion
  6. Project QT
  7. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)
  8. Booty Calls
  9. HunieCam Studio
  10. Halfway House
  11. YaReel
  12. Being a DIK

Our adult games guide includes a much wider mix of titles, but let’s take a closer look at what each of these titles offers for dirty kicks:

1. VR Fuck Dolls

VR Fuck Dolls

VR Fuck Dolls is a browser-based sex simulator that allows you to design and seduce your very own ‘fuck doll’.

As you might guess from the name, the big selling point of VR Fuck Dolls is that you can interact with your creations in virtual reality. However the VR component is only a small part of this sex simulator. The majority of the game can be enjoyed without a headset on your MacOS computer.

In keeping with the sex sim genre, there isn’t a whole lot of story or narrative. This is more of a wham bam thank you ma’am experience.

The dolls look beautifully life-like and it can be surprisingly addictive adjusting the sliders to create the babe of your dreams.

Of course, the big appeal isn’t just creating the doll. It’s what happens next. VR Fuck Dolls lets you simulate sex in a variety of different positions and settings. The physics and animations are some of the best we’ve seen from a browser-based simulator.

The game has a campaign mode (become the ultimate pornstar in VR Fuck Doll City), as well as daily challenges. I’ll be honest, the action is pretty formulaic. Most of the scenes involve you (the player) controlling all the action and dominating these virtual fuck dolls. If you were hoping for a chance to be seduced or chased, you may be disappointed.

2. JerkDolls

characters in jerk dolls

JerkDolls is another popular sex simulator that delivers some basic thrills. It is known for its extensive modding community, with new characters, settings and animations adding constant variety to what you can do with your virtual girls.

The graphics aren’t quite as polished as VR Fuck Dolls, but the developers have clearly gone for a more cartoony visual aesthetic. There are two ways you can play JerkDolls — in your browser, or by downloading a separate app. The main benefit of downloading the game is you can unlock higher-quality graphics (up to 4K), whereas the browser game is limited to 1080p.

As you’d expect with any sex simulator game, there’s a large toolkit to play around with. You can design your character from head to toe, controlling everything from her height, weight and body shape, to specific tattoos, skin shades and hair styles. If you don’t want to get bogged down in the minor details, you can grab one of the pre-designed JerkDolls straight off the shelf.

Once you’ve settled on your play-mate, it’s time to get to know her in graphically-explicit 3D sex scenes. You’ll control the intensity of the fucking, the camera angles, the location, and that all-important cumshot camera.

JerkDolls is not going to challenge you intellectually, or lure you in with a gripping story (there isn’t one!). But if you’re just looking for a mindless sex sim to play on Mac, well, crack on…

3. Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

The simulators above are for basic 3D virtual sex, but let’s be honest: the replay value is pretty dull. How about a porn game with some meat on the bones?

Summertime Saga is an immensely popular adult dating sim, developed by Kompas Productions and crowd-funded through Patreon. It does a roaring trade with close to $100,000 in monthly subscriptions – so we’re not talking a small time release here.

This game has a visual novel story built on the Ren’Py engine; but it’s not just a mindless clicker. You take on the role of the new guy in town, a university student trying to solve the murder of his father while banging anything with a skirt and a pulse.

Summerville is a town chock-full of interesting characters to meet, beautiful women to seduce, and some seriously sexual encounters that unfold when you least expect them. We’re talking classmates, teachers, neighbors – you name it.

I like that Summertime Saga goes far beyond the typical visual novel formula. It has a job system, education mechanics, and active stat management as you progress through the game. Don’t be deterred by the cute quirky artwork, either… there’s a whole lot of X-rated action to enjoy.

Note: If you like Summertime Saga, check out Taffy Tales. It’s similar in style (and artwork), but the story is much darker.

4. Eternum

Eternum adult game for Mac

Eternum is a highly acclaimed RPG game developed by Caribdis. It’s still in development, but from what I’ve seen in the early version, it’s already aeons ahead of Once In A Lifetime (the developer’s previous release).

The plot is certainly ‘meta’. Eternum is a game within a game about a game.

You and your best friend are heading to Kredon, a city known for its excellent schools… and a dark secret. The city is obsessed with ETERNUM, a virtual reality MMORPG that has changed the tech world. The virtual game uses a neural implant to simulate all five senses, making it feel completely indistinguishable from reality.

Inside that reality… it’s anything goes. The game’s characters explore a digital underworld full of crime, rape, black markets, and a whole lot of virtual fucking.

Like Summertime Saga, Eternum straddles the middle-ground between RPG and visual novel. The choices you make along the way will directly affect the direction of the story. This provides plenty of replay value, which you could argue it already has from the deeply erotic CGI sex scenes. But unlike Summertime Saga, the story in Eternum is driven by sex-fuelled dystopia. This is a dark game with some twisted concepts.

Eternum is available to play on Mac, as well as PC, Linux and Android. You can download it on a ‘name your price’ basis. If you like it, don’t forget to show your support for the developer on Patreon.

5. Projekt: Passion

Projekt Passion for MacOS

Projekt: Passion, developed by Classy_Lemon, is a futuristic adult visual novel that combines space adventure with some deeply-charged sex scenes. I was blown away by the sublime graphics and full moving cutscenes, artwork that I’d rate as some of the best I’ve seen in the adult VN genre.

Earth has been abandoned and humanity is now scattered amongst the galaxies. Having just survived an assassination attempt, your companion has gone missing.

You take on the role of gun-for-hire and join a crew of fellow mercenaries, searching for answers in a wild romp through space. The choice-based narrative is surprisingly complex. You get to choose your own personality through a choice of interactions (Witty, Aggressive or Friendly), and what you choose will steer the resulting scenes.

The game moves fast and hits you quick with the 18+ content. The writing is hilarious throughout with some excellent creativity in the death sequences (if you makes the wrong choices). While the erotic content is a big appeal, the game is a banger in its own right — something not many adult visual novels can say.

Unfortunately, Mac users are semi-shafted. While Windows-based smut gamers can name their own price, you’ve gotta drop $10 to play the Mac version. Still… Worth it.

6. Project QT

project qt game

Project QT is a lewd RPG developed by xDNA for the Nutaku platform. Just like most Nutaku games, it can be played in the browser.

The story is, uhh… fairly wild.

A black hole experiment in the Arctic has gone horribly wrong, and a whole new dimension has been opened up on Earth. A mysterious space virus has crept through the void and the world is filling up with hot monster girls who need taming. Who is going to fuck them in to oblivion? Well, it’s going to have to be you, of course.

That’s the synopsis, anyway. Does it have any impact on the actual gameplay experience? Absolutely not. Project QT is another example of a Nutaku title where the story is a complete afterthought to the gacha mechanics. You’ll mostly be kept busy by battles, puzzles and levelling up.

I’m including it as our top Nutaku pick for the simple reason that Project QT was the most-played mobile game on their entire adult gaming network in 2022. No small feat given Nutaku’s massive reach.

The progression system on Project QT is seriously addictive, but like most gacha titles, you’ll be faced with the inevitable decision: grind increasingly long hours for lewd rewards, or drop actual cash and pay to win.

7. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)

hentai heroes

Harem Heroes (also known as Hentai Heroes) is a casual sex game that is playable in both mobile and web browsers.

Developed by Kinkoid, this game is all about harem building — your job is to amass the largest and most powerful squad of manga girls.

With 669 girls to meet and seduce in the Haremverse, plus a variety of sex quests and missions, there’s no shortage of tasks to keep you busy in a game that — for better or worse — is all about the grind.

That’s not to say you’ll have to work particularly hard to encounter full nudity, or uncensored H-scenes. The game serves up XXX scenes from the very start. My issue is that, just like Project QT, the reward system is designed to push you closer and closer to paid upgrades.

The artwork is colourful, exaggerated and playful. In keeping with what you’d expect from a smash hit Kinkoid title. Think strictly hentai: gigantic tits and luscious curves. I can’t say the gameplay is particularly challenging (they call these titles ‘casual‘ for a reason), but it’s addictive enough to hook you in.

8. Booty Calls

Booty Calls

Booty Calls is a dirty adult-themed dating simulator that combines casual gameplay with basic puzzle-solving mechanics.

Hardcore gamers will draw obvious comparisons to HuniePop, which I’d argue is a better all-round game (if you’re willing to drop some cash). It also gives off some major Dirty Bejewelled vibes that I can get behind.

Developed by 3x Entertainment, Booty is a free alternative that sees you embark on a voyage of seduction and conquest, guided by the mermaid princess Andriella. She is on a quest to collect ingredients for a very special kind of potion — one that requires collecting all the pussy juice in town.

Your role is to help her out by solving a bunch of puzzles and removing the clothes of various beach babes. The puzzles are pretty engaging, but the game borrows heavily from the dating simulator format.

You have to learn about each girl before you’ll get anywhere close to her panties. This means sitting through a lot of dialogue (at times repetitive) and choosing the right answer. If you haven’t been paying attention and dare to answer with the wrong bullshit, you’ll lose progress and have to start over again. It’s not quite the ‘mindless fun’ I was expecting, but hey – kudos for actually providing a challenge.

9. HunieCam Studio

huniecam porn game

I mentioned HuniePop above. I’m not including it in this list because I actually prefer it’s successor: HunieCam Studio.

HunieCam Studio is a sleazy cam girl management simulator where your primary objective is to make as much filthy Internet money as you can. We run a capitalist adult blog here at AdultVisor, so this was my kind of gaming filth.

With sex very much on the agenda, this Tycoon-style title qualifies as one of the more NSFW simulators you can download to your Mac. And I’ve gotta admit: I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s got a ton of replay value and I rarely say that about porn games.

At its heart, HunieCam Studio is a role-playing game. You take control of an anime-style sex cam business and try to grow it as large as possible by completing Bejeweled-style puzzles. It’s similar to Booty Calls in that sense, but with a lot more polish. HunieCam is also played in cycles. Each game is graded and judged after 90 minutes, so you can play it multiple times and get very different results.

Along the way you’ll be challenged by the mood swings of your girls, as well as the practicalities of building a sex empire (Wasn’t long until I found my harem riddled with STDS – nice). Highly addictive and great fun if you’ve got 90 minutes to burn.

10. Halfway House

Halfway House for Mac

Halfway House is a stunning visual novel divided in to a series of episodes. The earliest episodes are the best for erotic content, but plenty of fans have stuck around for the future updates.

Halfway House is multi-layered and full of characters that are designed to offer more than just dirty CGI thrills. You’re gonna want to check out those graphics though: sublime.

The story puts you in the shoes of a nineteen year old delinquent, fresh out of a juvenile detention center and ready to rejoin society. You still have six months probation to serve and you’ll be spending it in the Halfway House, which isn’t such a bad deal when you see the types of characters you’ll be meeting. Wank Sock at the ready, boys.

The women in Halfway House are beautifully animated and you’ll form a variety of bonds with them — emotional, sexual and maybe even love. It’s a porn game but with a big heart and a fantastically immersive storyline. The biggest criticism levied at this series is one I experienced first-hand when I started my review by playing one of the latter episodes — it took an absolute age to get even a whiff of NSFW action.

That said, this is one of the best looking VNs I’ve ever seen. A slow burner, for sure.

11. YaReel

yareel for Mac

YaReel is a multiplayer sex simulator built on the Unity cross-platform game engine. Unlike the other games in our list, YaReel lets you interact directly with other real-life players in a virtual sandbox where all roads lead to cyber sex.

You can check out my hands-on YaReel review to see how this works, but the basic gist of the action is you build a character, enter a virtual bar, and then start spamming real-life users with invites to jump in to your virtual sack.

Eventually somebody will bite – game on.

Sexual encounters on YaReel involve a combination of messaging and controlling your avatar in a variety of sexual positions. Admittedly, it’s not the most graphically impressive of titles, but the fact that you’re interacting with other players adds some nice spice to the experience.

YaReel is similar to PC-only virtual sex worlds like 3D Sex Villa 2, Chathouse and Red Light Center (which sadly no longer supports Mac-based players). For the best experience, you need to join the game when there’s plenty of users online. That typically means during the evening hours in North America.

12. Being a DIK

Being a DIK Mac game

Some would say that I’ve saved the best until last — and they’re probably right. Being a DIK is one of the most highly-regarded smutfests in the entire adult gaming space.

A massive hit from DrPinkCake, the story is divided in to a number of episodes, each containing NSFW choice-driven adult adventures.

You take on the role of a young man from a poor family as he heads to college at Burgmeister & Royce. Forced to get to grips with Freshman culture, he’s swiftly plunged in to a fraternity where alcohol, drugs and sex are at the heart of just about every decision you’ll make.

Being a DIK has some cracking sex scenes, but I’d be doing the game an enormous injustice if I said it was all about the smut. This visual novel hits much harder than your average title. The characters are well fleshed out and the storytelling is genius at times. There’s comedy, drama, thrills, spills and yes — plenty of sex.

For context, Being A DIK boasts a mighty impressive 13,907 paying subscribers as of November 2023 — and an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.

Note: I couldn’t find the game available to download for Mac on Steam (apparently due to Apple having another shit fit) — good news though: you can grab it from Patreon instead.

That wraps up our coverage of the best Mac sex games. What are your favorites? Are there any hot titles we’ve missed? Let us know and we’ll check them out before our next review. Thanks for reading!


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