10 Best Patreon Adult Games: Hottest Crowdfunded Porn Games, NSFW Game Devs

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Looking for the hottest Patreon porn games?

Patreon gives supporters access to exciting new NSFW games, and may even let them help determine the way they are designed. It leverages the “pride of fuelling work that matters” with the benefits of receiving exclusive content. Fans can pledge to support the lewd games they love.

The adult game industry is big business – as demonstrated by the huge number of sex games popping up around the web. The idea behind Patreon is to help fund development costs via crowdfunding membership. And it’s a model that is proving particularly successful in the adult gaming space.

As a result, the platform is responsible for a number of exciting new adult games that have seen rocket-ship growth over the last few years.

In this Patreon Adult Games guide, we learn more about the Patreon website and how it is helping to fund new adult games. We also take a look at the best NSFW games to get your freak on.

With over 4,642 adult game developers on Patreon (as of 2023), there are plenty of 18+ titles to choose from. But we’re only focused on the best of the best here — the GTA‘s and Cyberpunk 2077‘s of the NSFW world, if you will. 

Below we dive into the ten best Patreon porn games, from the uber-successful Summertime Saga to the much anticipated Wild Life. We explain how the platform works for creators and gamers, and assess which alternative crowdfunded sites are worth exploring for sex gamers.

What Are The Best Patreon Porn Games?

The ten best Patreon adult games are listed below:

  1. Summertime Saga by DarkCookie
  2. Virt-A-Mate by MeshedVR
  3. The Genesis Order by NLT
  4. Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll by Project Helius
  5. Being a DIK by DrPinkCake
  6. The Sims 4: WickedWhims Mod by TurboDriver
  7. Wild Life by Adeptus Steve
  8. HoleHouse by DotArt
  9. Anthro Heat by Edef
  10. Virtual Succubus by SuccuDev

We’ve picked these Patreon games based on several factors, including the developer’s monthly earningsreputationnumber of active patrons, and user ratings. And, of course… the quality of each game.

Let’s take a closer look at why these NSFW titles have risen to the top of the adult gaming charts.

1. Summertime Saga

Developed by: DarkCookie Patron count: 25,540

Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga, developed by the incredible DarkCookie, stands as perhaps the most successful game Patreon has ever seen – even outperforming most safe-for-work games!

The gameplay is a mashup of visual novel meets dating simulator; it’s a highly addictive (and fap-worthy) title for the horny over-18 crowd.

Set in a stereotypical rural town, a young student is selecting their school after their dad suddenly passed away — a work accident that turns out to be a stunt pulled by a merciless group attempting to collect debt. Taken in by their dad’s friend, they start their first year school adventure with a heavy heart.

Naturally, education is the least of their worries. They’re focused on acquiring information about their father’s demise and securing a date to the all-important prom. 

Throughout Summertime Saga, you control the hero. As such, you’ll be at the center of their thoughts, school friendships, and wooing efforts, which leads to some ultra-sexy experiences. Powered by Renpy Engine, there are mini games and cutscenes to really immerse you in the story.

Put simply, you have a world of decisions at your fingertips. Making the right ones are essential to progression and unlocking the explicit scenes that pepper Summertime Saga. 

From the get-go, you’ll love the high-quality, detailed graphics, interactive storyline, and big-boobed ladies who keep the story moving forwards at a breakneck pace. It may be a visual novel/dating sim, but the open world map gives it a distinct RPG feel that we can’t get enough of.

Technically, Summertime Saga isn’t finished yet, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing. The developer and his team are in it for the long haul, with planned features like over 50 locations, universe expansions once the town is completed, and even stats, energy, and monetary systems. The current roadmap is certainly promising, but there’s plenty to enjoy in the here and now.

The game is available on Android and PC for free. However, subscribing to DarkCookie’s Patreon unearths some unmissable content like the latest playable versions of Summertime Saga, the dev’s behind-the-scenes video streams, and exclusive progression updates. 

2. Virt-A-Mate

Developed by: MeshedVR Patron count: 16,124

Virt-A-Mate vr porn game

Virt-A-Mate or VaM, is a sandbox virtual reality sex simulator containing realistic characters that will do anything to please you. Whether it’s getting on their knees or bouncing away on top, consider it your one-stop sexual fantasy shop. 

Developed by an indie dev named MeshedVR, VaM is his first project and focuses on advancing character simulation in the adult gaming world. Keyword here is “first,” he plans to produce more games in this category as time goes on, so subscribing to his Patreon has some real advantages. 

The storyline is non-existent. You’re there to enjoy the thrill of sex and all its toe-curling glory. VaM does a great job if too, thanks to advanced rendering techniques, joint physics, and lifelike skin collisions. You won’t find that in any other VR porn game.

But what does “lifelike skin collisions” actually mean? Basically, when the character’s skin comes into contact with you, detailed graphics and animations ensure her (or his!) reactions are as realistic as possible. You need to see it to believe it.

Naturally, MeshedVR has thought long and hard about customizations. From the size of her breasts to the height of her cheekbones, you can control every single aspect of your lover’s aesthetics. If you’ve ever wanted to build a sex partner, this is your chance.

Whether you have a virtual reality headset or not, you can enjoy all the X-rated pleasures this game has to offer — but you’d be missing out on the best content if you only played it in 2D. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t run on macOS or natively on Oculus Quest. With a PC or other headset, you’re well on your way to orgasm city. You’ll need to subscribe to the developer’s Patreon (for at least $7) to get access!

3. The Genesis Order by NLT

Developed by: NLT Patron count: 14,049

The Genesis Order on Patreon

The Genesis Order is the latest nut-busting project from NLT, a renowned game developer and 3D artist. NLT is primarily known for the brilliance of X-rated games such as Treasure of Nadia and Lust Epidemic.

If you’ve played and adored NLT’s premier titles, you’re going to drool over this one.

The developer said they wanted to try something a bit different with this adult-only visual novel, but in truth, the game is still pretty formulaic. The story follows a detective trying to further his career while getting up to all kinds of hip-bucking activities in the bedroom. Our slight issue? It contains many of the tropes involved with the previous games. Thus, you might find the plot lacks extra “oomph” in some areas.

Despite that, the graphics are simply stunning, representing the iconic NLT 3D style. Characters appear on the screen in almost movie-like fashion, with exceptionally crafted character renders. The animations? Also gorgeous. There’s no denying that these ladies will make your jaw drop to the floor (especially Melissa, in our opinion). 

Gameplay-wise, it’s the same as Lust Epidemic and Treasure of Nadia; you walk around a relatively large map, chatting to characters, attempting to solve cases, and “grinding” after (sometimes during) a long day of work. 

Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac, you can enjoy the latest releases of The Genesis Order and past games by subscribing to NLT’s Grand Master tier for $19.50 per month. 

4. Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll

Developed by: Project Helius Patron count: 13,053

Fallen Doll Patreon build NSFW

Putting Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll at number four on our list was no coincidence — it’s the fourth most-popular adult game on the entire Patreon platform. Project Helius’ 3D hentai third-person sandbox sex simulator has garnered a lot of attention, disrupting a market that was otherwise littered with 2D, pre-rendered, or static characters. 

If you’ve always fancied a bit of wild species-bending sex in outer space, Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll will quickly become your favorite NSFW Patreon game this year.

Your job is to support Dr. Anya, a neuroscientist who’s as clever as she is sexy, with her research on extraterrestrial contacts on the moon Yuggoth within the Kuiper Belt.

Throughout the otherworldly research, Dr. Anya puts a strainer into your prefrontal cortex, ensuring stability throughout the quest. However, the filter twists your sensations, leaving you conjuring images of gorgeous naked creations, who you’d quite like to get to know — certainly not in a scientific way. Although, there’s probably a bit (read: a lot) of chemistry involved. 

Gameplay allows you to have complete control over the camera angle, mobility, and other elements at all times, letting you choose how to enjoy over 300 3D scenarios. Plus, you can dress your heroes in whatever tight-fitting outfit you desire, alongside tinkering with their facial features and hair, of course.

The developer also added a harem style section for “Experimentations.” This allows up to ten (real-life) users to collaborate on the naughtiness. Granted, this might be a bit much for some players. So, you’re more than welcome to turn on “independent research” mode to ensure no IRL people can spoil your out-of-this-world fantasies. 

Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll was originally destined for release in 2022, but the Windows-compatible, VR-supported NSFW game remains in closed beta status on Steam as of July 12, 2023. However, Patreon subscribers can link their account to gain access to the current in-development version. Just keep in mind that you need to subscribe for at least $36 to get full game.

5. Being a DIK

Developed by: DrPinkCake Patron count: 12,134

Being a DIK Mac game

Being a DIK is DrPinkCake’s second game (the first being Acting Lessons). It’s still in development as he releases one episode at a time, but fans can binge the first nine episodes as of July 2023. And trust us, it will be hard (in more ways than one) to not let this Patreon smash hit eat up your entire day. 

DrPinkCake developed this choice-driven NSFW visual novel to focus around the fun parts of attending college. With humor, drama, a rich plot line, and a lot of sex, it lets you relieve your wildest year in a highly addictive, episodic manner.

The story is the ideal fodder for fun times: a young man moves away from his widowed father and his seasonal lover to go to Burgmeister & Royce college. After being catapulted into freshman life, he’s persuaded to join the soon-to-be-hottest fraternity, Delta Iota Kappa. From there, he embarks on a journey filled with drugs, sex, and alcohol.

Unlike other games on this list (like VaM), sexual content isn’t the main focus. That said, there is a lot of it. However, it’s made for those who value storytelling, comedy, college drama, and choices that actually effect the direction of the story. 

Everything from the graphics to the oh-so-sexy animations to the plot line to the dialogue is incredibly well-thought-out — and all it’s all made by one person. That’s right; DrPinkCake is one man doing it all!

Because of that, the episodes do take a while to be released. But they’re always worth the wait. You can get access to the game (compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS) by subscribing to the “Huge DIK” tier for $21.50 per month. 

6. The Sims 4: WickedWhims Mod by TurboDriver

Developed by: TurboDriver Patron count: 12,226

Wicked Whims The Sims 4 Sex Mod

So far, we’ve only mentioned standalone NSFW games. But this one makes Sims 4, the highly popular mainstream game, much sexier — TurboDriver’s WickedWhims mod. Obviously, you’ll need the base game before downloading the mod, so if you aren’t already a Sims 4 fanatic, this isn’t the one for you. 

Have you ever looked at Sims 4 and thought: what if woohoo was less… PG? What if I could change their breast size? What if there were STDs, realistic periods, pregnancy scares, and strip clubs? Well, TurboDriver certainly has. Thus, he created this game-changing (literally) masterpiece, which provides nudity and sexual interactivity, extended personalities, attractiveness, playable adult careers, and so much more. 

Released in 2016, the mod quickly gained unprecedented popularity as adult Sims 4 players rushed to download it, and it hasn’t really stopped since. TurboDriver enhances its features every day, ensuring any bugs are patched immediately to keep the newly sex-filled game running smoothly. 

If you were getting bored of the bog-standard Sims 4 gameplay, WickedWhims is bound to put the spring back in your clicks. You can download it for free from the official website, but subscribing to the developer’s Patreon guarantees frequent updates and brand-new features for the long-haul. 

7. Wild Life

Developed by: Adeptus Steve Patron count: 9,880

Wild Life sex game

Wild Life is a breathtaking erotic RPG currently under development by the Berlin-based studio, Candy Valley Network, also known as Adeptus Steve on Patreon. Even though they’ve only released the test version, it stands out as one of the most visually captivating NSFW games we’ve had the pleasure of playing.

You’ll explore the expansive jungle-esque open-world map as Max or Maya, uncovering mysteries, being captivated by drop-dead-gorgeous furry-inspired creatures, and battling through dangers. With a bunch of intimate scenes that make it hard to keep both hands on your keyboard, you’ll be spellbound by Kerpal and all its filthy lewd offerings. 

Frankly, even the scenery is drool-worthy. Ever fancied having sex with bear-type creature hung like a horse against the backdrop of a cascading waterfall and cloudless skies? Of course you have. And now you can. 

Detail like this is rarely seen in the adult gaming world. Candy Valley Network are doing such a great job (even including sandbox and story game modes) that it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly there is to be improved before the final release. The only true downside is the full version isn’t expected until 2024 or 2025.

However, the developers have a clear roadmap, ensuring their Patreon supporters are kept informed every step of the way. The game is coming (just like you will be), and becoming a patron is the only way to access the latest features ahead of time and play uncensored builds.

8. HoleHouse

Developed by: DotArt Patron count: 8,157

HoleHouse Patreon Porn Game

HoleHouse is an aptly named brothel management simulator by DotArt wherein you hire girls to build your establishment. Naturally, some take a bit of *wink* convincing *wink*. Essentially, anything goes at the Hole House. 

To be in with a chance with these beautifully asseted females, you’ll have to work hard to increase their loyalty. Making the right moves will unlock some of the sauciest animated scenes your dirty little mind could conceive if it tried.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the kink world, this might be a good game to virtually try stuff out. For instance, there’s a scene involving paddles, nipple play, sybians. There’s another for fans of suspenders and hog ties. Furries even have a place in this game, as do girls with a love of the shower’s water pressure. Whatever you’re into, HoleHouse has you covered. 

The graphics are nicely done, featuring a cartoon/anime style that some might consider too basic. But we encourage you to give it a chance — you might be surprised by how raunchy these big-boobed illustrated ladies can be once you get used to the quirky artwork style.

There’s already plenty to do on the game, but the developer has released a 2023 road map detailing exciting new additions, including:

  • a rooftop bar with fun scenes to unlock. 
  • unique character outfits. 
  • more body types.
  • the ability to take girls on dates. 
  • feet-specific scenes. 
  • the ability to upgrade every room.
  • more intricate management systems. 

As a non-Patreon subscriber, you can download an old version of HoleHouse for free. To enjoy the latest and greatest, you need to subscribe to DotArt. All tiers provide complete access to the game, so you can enjoy for as little as $3 per month.

9. Anthro Heat

Developed by: Edef Patron count: 8,606

Anthro Heat on Patreon (18+)

Love the yiffing life? Anthro Heat will have you wiggling with excitement — it’s an immersive NSFW virtual reality sandbox game allowing you to interact with all sorts of anthro characters in all kinds of ways.

Whether you fancy licking, sucking, grabbing, spanking, kissing, penetrating, using toys, exploring kinks, or all the above, you can do it here. Consider it a judgement-free sexual escape (of the furry variety).

Unlike the majority of the games on this list, there isn’t really a storyline here, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive (or climax-inducing). The graphics will leave you weak in the knees; strap on a headset and you’ll feel like you’re truly in the same room as these beasts and beauties.

Speaking of the characters, you’ll have a job picking your favorite. They’ve all got something to offer. Whether its the might stallion Atlas (and yes, he’s appropriately hung) or the synthetic Vertex, the head developer Edef and his team have illustrated and animated these characters with divine detail for your pleasure.

The locations for your X-rated playtime are almost as varied as the characters. From graffiti-lined bathrooms to seemingly endless hotel beds to bench presses in the gym, this virtual world has plenty of ‘settings’ for getting your freak on.

Compatible with all VR headsets and desktop PCs, the latest version of Anthro Heat and access to monthly milestone builds is available from $8.50 per month. The development team are constantly working on new updates, including more characters, interactions, and locations. 

10. Virtual Succubus

Developed by: SuccuDev Patron count: 7,547

Virtual Succubus

Virtual Succubus is an AI-led JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) game devoted to the BDSM-loving adult gaming community, first released in May 2020. Like Anthro Heat, it doesn’t have a storyline. Instead, it’s focused purely on customization and sexual interactions so you can have as many orgasms as you can muster. 

The main goal? — give up control to your highly personalized AI dominatrix. But SuccuDev, the developer, has taken players’ feedback into account and added countless BDSM-inspired interactions for you and your Succubus to do. It may not have been the first JOI game on the market, but it’s certainly become one of the most inclusive, intricate projects in the 18+ space. 

With over one billion (yes, we were shocked too!) task variants, all sorts of pronouns, various genital configurations, and procedural generation in place, the replayability of Virtual Succubus is unparalleled. Even if you play every day, you won’t see the same reactions very often.

You can even connect your smart toys through XToys.app to truly feel everything your Succubus does.

Of all crowdfunded Patreon games, Virtual Succubus is one of the few gems that has managed to stay on schedule with updates and additions over the three years since its release! Mega props.

To access the latest Virtual Succubus build, subscribe to SuccuDev for $8.50 per month or play the demo for free to try before you buy. It’s compatible with Windows and Android devices. 

Why Choose Patreon Adult Games?

There are plenty of finished NSFW games available to play on adult gaming platforms like Nutaku and Steam, so why would you choose a platform that showcases titles that are still “in development“?

As with most crowdfunding style programs, donating money via Patreon offers two major benefits over traditional commercial purchases, both of which are appealing to adult gamers.

Firstly, you get access to something before anyone else and often you get to be part of the way the project develops.

Secondly, there is some altruism involved and being able to help out smaller developers bring their dreams to life is pretty rewarding on its own.

Lastly, it can be a lot cheaper and patrons are often pledging a lot less than they would be spending on monthly subscription fees for games that are already on the market.

Just remember that many of these games are still in development and they may be more prone to bugs and glitches than completed and ready-for-market equivalents.

How Does Patreon Work for Adult Gamers?

NSFW Patreon Adult Games

Patreon is a great source for adult games, but it’s not without criticism.

From concerns over whether games will be finished, to confusing membership tiers, you might be conflicted about heading to Patreon for your NSFW gaming needs.

We hear you. But there’s a reason why Patreon is the best-known site for crowdfunded adult games.

So, let’s take a closer look at why Patreon has become such a cornerstone in the adult game development space, and what risks you need to be aware of when paying for unfinished games.

Are Any NSFW Patreon Games Free-to-Play?

Surprisingly, yes!

Even though Patreon is a paid subscription platform that allows people to support their favorite saucy devs, free game access isn’t that uncommon. Just expect limitations. 

From our list, Wild Life and Virtual Succubus allow you to access the demo for free. You’ll be able to get a feel for the gameplay and its mechanics, but you won’t be allowed to progress very far in the game. Certain features may also be disabled until you purchase the full version (or when it’s released). 

Other games, like Hole House, let you download an old version of the game for free. To take advantage of the latest and greatest features, you must subscribe. Seems fair if you ask us!

Occasionally, developers will make their games free (DarkCookie is a great example) but offer early access releases to individuals who subscribe to a Patreon tier. And very rarely, they’ll be free entirely (e.g., the WickedWhims mod).

If you’re looking for an even larger pool of free-to-play indie adult games, Itch.io is a great place to start.

Membership Levels on Patreon

Membership levels, referred to as tiers on Patreon, let creators structure their costs as they see fit. Thus, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy developers use; they’ll price their tiers and offer the benefits they deem acceptable. 

It isn’t just the cost and benefits that differ. It’s also the number of tiers. For instance, SuccuDev settled on just two tiers, while DrPinkCake has a whopping ten tiers. Of course, each creator comes up with unique tier names, too.

Despite tiers being a very developer-by-developer affair, they all have a few things in common:

  • they start cheap and gradually grow more expensive. 
  • you pay monthly. 
  • some of the benefits are similar.
Membership tiers on Patreon

Speaking of benefits, let’s take a look at the types of things you can expect at every tier. Just keep in mind that these are generalizations — every developer offers different rewards at various price points!

Entry-Level Tier (average range: $1 to $3.50)

All the games (bar Virtual Succubus) we talked about fit this price range for the first tier. You’ll get benefits like:

  • Poll votes
  • Access to private Discord servers
  • Access to Patreon-only news
  • A unique Discord server status
  • Gratitude from the dev

Mid-Level Tiers (average range: $3.50 to $85)

The price range is vast due to the majority of developers having four or five tiers and a few having over seven. As you can imagine, the rewards are also wide-reaching, including:

  • All previous tier benefits
  • Game access
  • Improved Discord server status
  • Early access to new builds and features
  • More poll votes
  • Name in credits
  • Expansion passes
  • Insight into upcoming features/additions
  • Walkthroughs
  • In-game currency/items/rewards
  • Preview images
  • Uncensored builds (Wild Life specifically)
  • Access to private Discord channels

High-Level Tier (average range: $7 to $250)

A massive price range again for the same reason. Developers with a high tier count have the scope to skyrocket their costs for boosted subscriber benefits like:

  • All previous tier benefits
  • Super early access (one to two weeks in advance)
  • Custom animations
  • More poll votes
  • Name at the top of the credits
  • Unique dialogue and scenes
  • Bonus Discord server role
  • Access to all game builds

What Type of Exclusive Updates Will Patrons Receive?

If you are yet to venture into the world of Patreon supporting, you’re probably interested in understanding the type of exclusive updates you’ll get before splashing your hard-earned dollars. Frankly, it’s just like the tiers — it depends on the developer. 

That said, NSFW game creators all tend to offer the same update kind at various stages of development.

Early in the development journey, you might receive gameplay teaser trailers, promotional posters and images, beta builds, plot synopses, character sneak peeks, and similar rewards.

At this stage, a few creators like to share their working methods, posting behind-the-scenes videos on their Patreon feeds. 

Once the game is released, updates remain, they just change slightly. Instead of teasers about the game itself, you’ll receive exclusive in-game content, equipment/character upgrades, and plans for future additions (e.g., new locations, NPCs, etc.). 

As for when you’ll get these updates, they’re usually a monthly occurrence. However, some developers (typically those working on their raunchy games full time) choose to release weekly news for their supporters.

How Do You Know the Game Will Be Finished?

This is a common complaint in the crowdfunded games sphere — many games never get finished. Developers reach the point of no return and have to pull the plug on the project, disappointing potentially thousands of patrons.

Breeding Season is a perfect example of this. In 2016, the game had almost 11,000 supporters and earned more than $42,000 per month (one of Patreon’s highest earners at the time). However, it was cancelled as the developers split up, leading to outcry and frustration (see below).

Cancelled Patreon game outcry

Granted, Vladimir Sandler managed to claw it back with the creation of Cloud Meadow. But you get our point.

Shit happens in the space, and there is no guarantee that a game you back will actually deliver on its roadmap. 

Despite that, most of the sex games with a decent to high number of patrons will be (and are) finished. They even bring out regular updates to keep you hooked on the game. Worry more about the devs who’ve been on the platform for a while yet have few supporters — they’re unlikely to have the funds to continue their projects. 

Why Do Indie Game Developers Use Patreon?

Aside from the possibility the game won’t reach completion, Patreon from the NSFW player’s perspective is pretty peachy. But can the same be said for the developers?

Yes and no. Just like anything, there are ups and downs

One of the great aspects is devs can build a community while they craft their game. By taking a “marketing first approach,” they can share progress updates to validate and generate interest in the game. In other words, they’re essentially guaranteed an audience once the game makes it onto the market. 

On top of that, they don’t need to worry so much about money (once they’ve established their supporter base). The steady monthly income allows devs to distribute their resources for gradual expansion.

Since there isn’t a one-time payment option, creators aren’t likely to run out of money before the project is complete. 

However, a few adult game developers note the downsides of the platform. And one of the biggest seems to be the frequent updates and mental strain of being on time. 

The update quality expected by patrons is incredible, consuming precious time from creators who could be working on their game. For some, it becomes a burden they can’t keep up with. Likewise, subscribers often want continuous game improvements, even when devs are ready to start a new project, limiting their creative power. 

What Makes a Successful Adult Game on Patreon?

While every adult game is different, the most successful options on the platform do have a few things in common. Namely,

  • they have well-priced tiers (i.e., not too cheap, not too expensive).
  • the developers have realistic roadmaps.
  • they offer regular updates. 
  • extensive features, character customizations, and kink inclusivity. 
  • well-rendered graphics for more immersive, realistic gameplay. 
  • they’re constantly being expanded. 

Ultimately, it’s the developer’s ability to market that brings the audience in. Without marketing, these games wouldn’t have the incredible reach. Essentially, Patreon is a marketing-first platform, so success rests on such skills.

What Do The Top Porn Game Developers Earn on Patreon?

No matter who you are, you’ve probably curious about how much people make. We know it’s “taboo” to ask, but it sure is interesting! 

The top five not-safe-for-work game developers make the following on Patreon:

  1. Adeptus Steve — $96,857 per month
  2. Heat (Edef) — $73,697 per month
  3. DarkCookie — $58,783 per month
  4. SuccuDev — $35,988 per month
  5. Fenoxo Fenfen — $31,937 per month

Keep in mind that top adult game developers are exceptions to the rule. In other words, they don’t represent the average earnings of all NSFW developers on the platform.

The average Patreon creator has 45 to 225 patrons who pay, on average, $5 per month, meaning porn game developers will make between $225 and $1,125 per month.

Obviously, this will fluctuate massively if the majority of the dev’s supporters subscribe to a higher tier. But you get the idea $31k+ certainly isn’t the norm.

You also need to account for the 9,705 creators who do not have at least one patron and therefore make no money. Granted, this number is pretty small compared to the 222,938+ creators on the platform, but it isn’t insignificant. 

Source: All figures correct as of July 2023 and sourced from Graphtreon.

What Percentage Does Patreon Take from Creators?

It depends on the plan creators choose!

Patreon takes 5% from those on the Founders plan. Those who opt for the Pro plan will give 8% to the platform, and people on the Premium plan will be charged 12%.

Creators also shell out for payment processing, currency conversion, taxes, and payout fees. 

Sites Like Patreon: Alternatives for Crowdfunded Adult Games

Although Patreon might be the best-known site for crowdfunded NSFW games, there are others available.

BackerKit, SubscribeStar, and Kickstarter are the most popular, with some devs choosing them over Patreon. Let’s explore why.  



BackerKit porn games like Patreon

BackerKit, a software company offering tools to help creators raise funds and expand audiences, was made by individuals who previously worked with Indiegogo and Kickstarter creators. Using the lessons learned, the founders made BackerKit Launch, Marketing, and Pledge Manager.

The platform sets out to fix the problems that others have ignored for years. With an easy-to-reach team and the straightforward software, NSFW game devs don’t need to work hard to learn the ropes. 

That said, there’s an application process which can be long-winded for developers. However, this means gamers can rest easy knowing the campaigns (and, thus, products) are high quality.

It’s a great fit for creators looking to be a part of developing a better crowdfunding platform. 



Subscribestar adult games

Clearly, SubscribeStar isn’t as well-known as Patreon, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less viable for adult games.

In fact, the site’s fee structure is less confusing, and it even has a calculator for creators to use to determine how much they could earn. To receive the funds, developers must submit a payout request to their bank account. Some might find this restrictive, especially since the platform doesn’t support PayPal. 

It’s cheaper for a reason though — SubscribeStar doesn’t offer as many creator features or support. Plus, it doesn’t have a huge, pre-existing audience like Patreon, making it harder for developers to gain the exposure they need to craft their decidedly not-safe-for-work games. 



Kickstarter sex games

Kickstarter is perhaps Patreon’s biggest competitor. However, its funding model is decidedly different — instead of recurring payments, the platform takes the all or nothing approach with a one-time charge. And developers only receive the funding when the campaign has run its course. 

While devs on Patreon may consider this to be far too scary, it gives gamers a much safer way to support the development. Plus, it opens up an otherwise untapped audience. 

Some popular sex games on Kickstarter include:

  • Stop The Earth, I’m Getting Off
  • Hardcore Cruising
  • Monster Layer
  • Hidden Love Letters

The campaigns are time-limited, perfect for developers who have one NSFW project to bring to life. Some people have even begun their life on Kickstarter before moving their fans over to Patreon for month-by-month support. This has worked wonders for many creators — there seems to be more than enough room for both platforms in the crowdfunding space.

If you are an avid adult gamer looking for the hottest new releases, it makes sense to explore all of these sites. Different platforms have different games available, and there’s no reason to stick to just Patreon if you see an erotic game that you like elsewhere.

That wraps up our coverage of the top-rated Patreon sex games in 2023. We have chosen to focus on the best-supported games that have satisfied thousands of horny users — but there’s a ton of worthy games that we’ve missed.

Let us know your favorites and we’ll consider them for the next edition. Happy gaming. 😉


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