13 Best iOS Porn Games: Dirty Mobile Gaming For Your iPhone or iPad

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Apple doesn’t allow sexual content in the App Store, so you won’t find any downloadable iOS porn games.

Trust us, we’ve tried. πŸ˜‰

The easiest way to play porn games on an iPhone/iPad is to opt for browser-based titles instead.

This means: no download required. No messing with the App Store. You can enjoy red-hot gameplay using Safari or Chrome. Any progress is saved in the browser, so you can come back to the games later and keep on playing.

What Are The Best iOS Porn Games in 2024?

Best iOS Porn Games

Here’s our favorite adult games for iOS:

  1. Project QT
  2. King of Kinks
  3. Sex Emulator
  4. VR Fuck Dolls
  5. Booty Calls
  6. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)
  7. Get My Nudes
  8. Fake Lay
  9. Sweet State
  10. Pornstar Harem
  11. Gay Harem
  12. Bondage Simulator
  13. Furry Beach Club

While we’ve spent over 30 hours playing and testing these games, we’ll be honest upfront: the selection on iOS is much weaker than what we found using an Android phone. This is a consequence of most game developers choosing to prioritise Android (and PC) over Apple users.

It sucks — but it is what it is. We’re gonna get our rocks off, either way…

Let’s take a look in closer detail:

1. Project QT

project qt game

Project QT is a lewd puzzle-based RPG that just happens to be the most-played iOS title on Nutaku. We lost several hours to this smutty little gem, and we’re still not sure how.

It’s certainly not for the story, which was almost completely secondary to the match-3 porn incentives. This is a gacha-style title that falls back on its puzzle game mechanics and lewd RPG combat. And ultimately… the tits.

Project QT was voted Nutaku’s Top Mobile Game & Most Popular Mobile App in their annual 2022 awards. When you consider the stiff competition on the platform — from some of the world’s most popular porn games — that’s a pretty impressive feat.

It’s one of three games offered on Nutaku’s brand-new Cloud Streaming beta service, which we’re actually pretty excited about (anything that brings iOS users in from the cold is a positive for us).

2. King of Kinks

King of Kinks iOS porn game

King of Kinks is another popular hentai offering on Nutaku that will test your patience as a F2P, but one that ultimately does deliver some sexy artwork and dirty payoffs.

Our first impression of this NSFW RPG screams: Game of Thrones(!!!). The storyline borrows heavily from GoT (you’ve got to reclaim a throne as the rightful heir). But again, it’s just an afterthought for the gacha mechanics that underpin the battles and reward system.

Developed by DPH Studio, King of Kinks has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of Nutaku’s adult gaming charts. It was their most-played browser porn game across their entire platform by the end of 2022. Fans often can’t decide between this and ProjectQT, but from what we’ve seen, it’s the same pursuit of hentai titties in slightly different wrappers. If you enjoy one, you’ll probably enjoy the other.

Our major criticism is that you’ll have to grind hard to unlock the full smut. A cynic would say: just setup an auto-clicker to run through the night to unlock the best content without busting out your wallet. Not that we’d suggest going against the spirit of the game, but hey, it’s not the worst idea for hardcore F2P’ers

3. Sex Emulator

bdsm sex emulator review

Sex Emulator is a browser-based sandbox that pretty much exists solely for virtual fucking.

The main appeal is you get to build your dream girl from scratch. And by scratch, we mean right down to the texture of her lips. You get to choose her ethnicity, hair color, breast size and skills ‘preferences’ (sucking, spanking, anal, feet).

We decided to max out on ‘feet’ stats, just to work out what the hell it was, which led to a pretty fluid virtual enactment of a footjob. Nice, but… err, where’s the game?

It turns out the stats are a large part of the game. We eventually got to assign skill points and train our girl through a series of mini-games. As you acquire points, you’ll add to her skill-set, leading her progress from First Time Teeth Gnasher to Queen of the Blowjobs.

You can tinker with a few basic animations and sex scenes for free, but to unlock all of the characters, camera angles and interactions, you’ll need to upgrade to the full version.

4. VR Fuck Dolls


VR Fuck Dolls is another sex simulator that claims to be the ‘most realistic adult game’ on the Internet. Is there any truth to that? Well, it depends how you define realistic.

It’s certainly not realistic if you’re looking for the thrill of the chase, or if you want to work hard to get laid. VR Fuck Dolls skips the dating, the flowers, the candlelit dinners, and get right down to the dirty deeds. The game focuses on simple daily challenges that act merely as an introductory device to the main event: lots of virtual fucking.

Still, if you’re looking for hot XXX graphics, the game delivers some juicy sex scenes. And one big sell of this game is that it can be played in virtual reality, too. Don’t be fooled by the title, you can still play it in Safari or Chrome without a headset.

What VR Fuck Dolls lacks completely in storyline and depth, it makes up for with a selection of mouthwatering babes that you can play with on your phone.

Is it going to win Being a DIK-tier levels of acclaim and adult gaming love? Umm, no.

5. Booty Calls

Booty Calls

Look, Booty Calls has a lot of haters, but I’ll be honest: I fucking loved this game. At least I did until I reached the stage where it tried to pillage my wallet for further progress. The P2W is strong in this one.

Yes, you could argue it’s a cheap tacky rip-off of HuniePop, and yes, if Candy Crush had a lovechild with the father of Hentai, this is probably what would pop out.

What can I say, though? It’s mindlessly addictive, full of tits, and it worked on my iPhone.

The game plays like a sordid Bejeweled puzzle sim, where your objective is to bang as many girls as possible. Definitely not the sort of puzzle game you want to be caught playing on the bus. It draws you in with some fun challenges and sexy rewards. The main problem though… is those micro-transactions. After several hours of enjoyable lewd gaming, the incentives-to-pay became a little too unbearable for my liking.

Booty Calls has swept a number of awards from Nutaku (including Labor of Love, Most Arousing/Stimulating Game and Best Voice Over). It was also picked alongside Project QT and King of Kinks to front Nutaku’s beta iOS cloud streaming service.

6. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)

hentai heroes

Harem Heroes is a classic mash-up of Visual Novel and erotic RPG. If you’ve spent any time playing hentai clickers, you’ll no doubt have bumped in to this one. I’d say it’s the most famous of the lot.

The game is known as Harem Heroes on Nutaku and Hentai Heroes everywhere else. Kinda weird, but whatever.

HH takes you in to a sex-crazed new dimension known as the Haremverse. The social currency in this world is how many partners you have on tap, and so the basic premise of the game is building your harem to rise to the top.

That means trawling through the game world, levelling up your skills, competing in battles and unravelling artwork of naked hentai babes. All of this is enjoyable enough, except for the god awful soundtrack.

As with all of these hentai clickathons, expect to invest a lot of hours in to waiting for progress. Whether it’s your energy bar refilling, or generating money to add to your harem. Progress takes time or money.

7. Get My Nudes

Get My Nudes iOS porn game

Get My Nudes is a dating simulator, and one of the most meta adult titles I’ve ever come across. Why waste your time trying to extract nudes in the real world when you can do it virtually?

Well, there are a couple of reasons actually, as I’ll get to shortly.

Get My Nudes replicates the real-life sensation of sliding in to those DMs. It gives you the chance to sext and seduce 12 stunning ladies, without having to worry about the real-life implications of getting it all horribly wrong.

The spoils for your sexting efforts is a series of dirty OnlyFans-style selfies. Unfortunately, while the pics are great, the sexting exchanges leave a lot to be desired. Firstly, there’s not a lot of choice in what you can write. A better description would be to say that you can choose which block of text to send.

The biggest problem, though, albeit with the upside of being unintentionally funny, is the presence of B-Movie bad dialog. One girl’s attempt at cyber — “I stroke your testicles” — killed my boner in a sea of guffaws.

8. Fake Lay

Fake Lay iPhone clicker

Fake Lay is one of the more plot-driven sex games for iPhone. It’s a bit like the Fake Taxi porn concept, but with some extra resource management and PVP gameplay added to the mix.

This is a clicker-style Hentai dating sim where your primary goal is to level-up, add new skills, seduce new babes and fuck your way through the ranks. I really enjoyed the first few hours of gameplay, but take note: this title comes with the all-too-familiar gacha ‘wall’.

You know what I’m talking about! The point in the game where progress grinds to a halt. The reward for having your browser open for seven hours to recharge is a cheeky wink and a flutter of the eyelashes from the latest model you’re trying to disrobe. At that point, Fake Lay is basically saying: “Fuck you, pay me.

9. Sweet State

Best adult games for iphone sweet state

Sweet State is a lewd tycoon simulator game developed by Endless Fun. The goal is to build a sex empire from the comfort of your iPhone, one conquest at a time.

You earn money by completing various challenges around a SimCity-style map known as Pornwood. The money can be put towards new skills that will improve your chances of winning PvP challenges.

These challenges can be downright ridiculous, but I kinda enjoyed the twisted humor. Take the Cock Challenge, for example. This is where you compare the size of your package to another player, with the winner taking the spoils (more money).

Win the battle and the Sweet State news ticker will update to tell all: “AdultVisor turned out to be a bigger man than PimpDaddyUser123.” Preach it, sister. πŸ˜‰

10. Pornstar Harem

pornstar harem game for ios

Pornstar Harem is a resource-management browser porn game by Kinkoid. In this title, the ‘resources’ are… you guessed it, a library of stunning, horny porn stars.

It never ceases to amaze me how adult game developers come up with new and novel ways for a ‘Stamina’ bar to recharge.

The hook in Pornstar Harem is that you have to fuck your way through various porn scenes. Every single cut requires stamina from your steadily depleting bar. Run out of gas and you’ll have to wait for the bar to recharge. Or… buy some with your hard-earned cash.

Everything else — building your roster of porn stars, levelling them up, removing their clothes, beating other porn bosses — all comes back to your patience (F2P) vs your money (P2W).

I typically find myself enjoying the first 4-6 hours of these gacha games. How much I enjoy the action will dictate how willing I am to drop some cash when the grind gets slow. For this review, I’d spent a little too much on Project QT to justify the splurge. 😬

11. Gay Harem

gay harem review

Gay Harem takes the classic hentai harem format and gives it a male-on-male twist. It’s basically the gay version of Harem Heroes.

That’s not by coincidence, either. It’s developed by the same team (Kinkoid).

As one of the top-rated gay porn games for iOS, the main goal here is to level-up fast by collecting anime hunks, studs and cock-hungry dudes for your harem.

While we found most of the action involved playing as the ‘top’, there are a few set-pieces where you can be the ‘bottom’.

The game plays (and even look) like classic Pokemon, but with that obvious Kinkoid twist — as the game gets harder, you’ll be given more and more incentive to pay for upgrades instead of sweating out the Energy timer and waiting for your bar to refill. This isn’t such a problem in the early game, but the F2P route will eventually test your patience.

12. Bondage Simulator

Bondage Simulator adult game

We’ve already looked at a couple of sex simulators. It doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to guess what’s so different about Bondage Simulator.

Yep, I knew exactly what I was getting in to with this one…

Bondage Simulator is a BDSM-themed sex simulator that you can play in any mobile browser, including on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s similar to Jerk Dolls or Sex Emulator, but with a masochistic edge and a graphics overhaul to recreate the experience of playing as a virtual Dom or Domme. There’s zero story to talk about here. It’s just a simple sandbox sex simulator with some basic stats-management thrown on top.

13. Furry Beach Club

Furry Beach Club Review

I don’t normally go in for furry porn games, but The Furry Beach Club is one of the better examples I’ve seen. It boasts the kind of superior writing that is missing from a lot of the gacha titles on our list.

The first thing you’re going to notice — especially if you are new to furry games — is that all the characters are animals. Yep, it’s a foxy fapathon. Unleashed on a beach resort, your job is to chase after furry pussy and bang as many of the animal NPCs as you can lay your wolf/dog paws on. Achieving this is all about reading the subtle hints from the furries you meet.

It feels like a dating simulator. Each character has specific needs (physical and emotional) that need to be satisfied for the action to escalate in to full-blown yiffing. I’m not personally swayed by hardcore furry action, but I can appreciate how the artwork here will excite you if that’s your jam.

Where Can I Find Adult Games for iPhone or iPad?

We’ve looked at some of the top iOS adult games, but where can you find more?

I’ll warn you now. This is going to be a short list because your options are pretty dismal. There are, however, a couple of sites we can recommend that will get the job done.

List of Porn Games on Nutaku

iPhone games on Nutaku

Adult gaming giant Nutaku is home to one of the largest selections of high-quality porn games. Not surprising when you realise that it’s owned by Aylo/MindGeek, the world’s largest porn company.

While the majority of their titles are for PC or Android users, you can still find adult games for iOS boasting millions of combined plays.

I caveat this with the warning that Nutaku feels like Gacha Central. Many of the games, as we’ve seen above, inject heavy doses of pay-to-win (P2W).

At my last count (November 2023), there are 28 games compatible with iPhone (up from 17 in August 2023).

  • BustyBiz (Idle)
  • Booty Calls (Casual)
  • King of Kinks (Action Adventure)
  • Project QT (RPG)
  • Kink Inc (Casual)
  • King of Wasteland (Simulation)
  • Fake Lay (Casual)
  • Chick Empire (Casual)
  • Kamihime Project R (RPG)
  • Sex Idler (Casual)
  • Overlewd (Action Adventure)
  • Fap Titans (Casual)
  • Fap CEO (Casual)
  • Harem Heroes (Action Adventure)
  • Comix Harem (Action Adventure)
  • Billionaire (Strategy)
  • Vixen Wars (Action Adventure)
  • Hot Gym (Idle)
  • Casting Agent (Casual)
  • Gay Harem (Action Adventure)
  • Get My Nudes (Casual)
  • Sexy Exile (Dating Sim)
  • Clash of Hentai (Tower Defence)
  • Sweet State (Simulation)
  • Taimanin Asagi BattleArena (RPG)
  • Men Bang (Casual)
  • Pornstar Harem (Action Adventure)
  • Waifu Surprise (Action Adventure)

To filter suitable titles for iOS, look for the tag ‘Mobile Browser‘ under device compatibility.

While I like to stick the needle in Nutaku as a bit of a Gacha minefield, let’s give them some credit where it’s due. Their overall deal is still pretty sweet. Just by registering an account for free, you can get hundreds of hours of solid game time out of these titles without having to spend a penny.

And also… don’t sleep on their new iOS-Friendly platform!

In May 2023, Nutaku announced a beta cloud streaming service which will specifically benefit iOS gamers. The main advantage is that it removes the browser bar from your phone screen, so that you can effectively play in full-screen mode, as if you were using their native Android app.

Nutaku’s Cloud Streaming feature is currently limited to just three titles:

More countries and new iOS porn games are expected to be added throughout the rest of 2023.

Personally, I’m sick of owning a phone that is perceived as a vessel where adult games go to die, so this is some much welcome news!

List of Porn Games on EroGames

Erogames iPhone titles

Erogames is similar to Nutaku, but without the massive marketing credentials of a company owned by Aylo.

It has a bunch of XXX titles that can be played on iOS devices. No downloads required. Just browse and play. Some of these games are sleeper hits — although personally, I mostly use the site for its Windows collection.

As of November 2023, Erogames has 24 porn games for iPhone and iPad users:

  • Naughty Nyx (Match3, Visual Novel)
  • MAFIA Cartel of Vice (RPG)
  • Hentai Heroes (Kinkoid classic)
  • Wild School (Mini porn games)
  • Fake Lay World (RPG)
  • Gay Harem (Gay RPG, Visual Novel)
  • Railway Sex (Visual Novel)
  • Get My Nudes (Sex chat simulator)
  • Lost Island (Visual Novel)
  • Gym Lover (Visual Novel)
  • Chuchu Succubus Rem (RPG)
  • Detective Masochist (Visual Novel)
  • Playing With My Brother’s Wife (Visual Novel)
  • Fallen (RPG)
  • Nakadashi Banzai (Visual Novel)
  • Sex Gladiators (RPG)
  • Princess Pixel (RPG, Multiplayer)
  • Puzzles & Panties (Adult Puzzles)
  • Chess & Fuck (Visual Novel)
  • The Last Week of My Virgin Life (Visual Novel)
  • The Last Day of My Virgin Life (Visual Novel)
  • Lust of the Apartment Wives (Visual Novel)

To find these (and more) iPhone friendly porn games, just visit Erogames and select ‘iOS’ from the search page:

Select porn games iPhone

Are there any top porno games that we’ve missed? Got a personal favorite that deserves to make the cut? Let us know and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

Thanks for reading!


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