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AdultVisor is looking for new talent to join our growing team.

If you are passionate about the adult industry and care about where the future of the sex business is heading — we want to hear from you.

We have a variety of paid positions to fill, both part-time and full-time. All positions are fully remote.

Work With AdultVisor

Here are our current vacancies:

Freelance Writer

We never stop hiring writers.

With multiple sites requiring fresh content — including — we need talented writers with a skill and passion for covering the adult industry.

We ask a lot of our writers.

The research that goes in to our articles is painstaking. It’s not enough to parrot what every other adult blog is posting. We want our writers to offer exclusive and thoughtful analysis of the latest adult trends. That includes news, product reviews and opinion pieces.

What it most certainly does not include is regurgitated ChatGPT blabber. We do not publish AI content.

Please read the material published across our site to get a feel for the articles we like and the content we post.

If you feel you can do a good job, or a better job, we want to hear from you. At AdultVisor, we offer competitive rates, complete location independence, a friendly editorial team and an almost unlimited supply of work if you can meet our standards.

Here’s the skill breakdown of our dream writer:

  • In-depth knowledge of adult entertainment, with a passion for any of the following:
    • Adult Games
    • Cam Sites
    • Porn Industry Trends
    • Artificial Intelligence in the Adult Space
  • Exceptional research skills
  • Clean and precise writing style
  • A finger on the pulse of trending stories
  • Experienced using WordPress: can add posts, edit posts, add imagery, etc.

Sound like you?

Please… don’t be shy.

Email us:

If applying for a freelance writing position, please send samples of any previously published work, or pitch us with an article idea that you think would work well on the site.

Important: We do not accept one-off guest posts where the intention is to insert a link to your product/service. Please do not ask. You won’t get a reply!

YouTube Video Producer

Position available soon. Email us for details.

Graphic Designer

Position available soon. Email us for details.

Outreach / PR Expert

Position available soon. Email us for details.

To Apply

Interested in any of the positions listed above?

Please send us an overview of your skills and prior experience.


All work is remote and paid.