Newgrounds Adult Games: Inside the 18+ Section

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You may have heard of the popular indie gaming hosting site, Newgrounds, but did you know it also had a hidden NSFW section?

Yes, tucked away from general view you can find hundreds of X-rated games on this mainstream site. From visual novels and XXX dating sims to interactive hentai and sex simulation games, we decided to take one for the team and check out the best titles you can find on this platform.

In this Newgrounds Adult Games Guide, we take a closer look at what this NSFW platform is all about and we take a sneak peek at the adult games they host. Let’s get started!

What is Newgrounds?

Founded in 1995, long before social media was even a thing, Newgrounds was launched as a community for entertainments artists and creators to share their content.

Hosting user-generated content (UGC) including games, artwork, music and animation, Newgrounds played (and continues to play) an important role in the development of independent media production.

The site is widely recognised as being an influential stomping ground for new and upcoming artists and developers.

So much so that Time ranked it in their top 50 best websites in 2010 and Newgrounds has helped the careers of numerous animators and game creators.

Newgrounds Adult Games

Work in progress and completed content is uploaded to the site for other users to ‘judge’ and review.

And the community here is an important aspect of the site.

If the regular players and members of Newgrounds don’t like something then they’ll let you know about it.

This peer-to-peer review system is great for players because only the best games and content gets to rank highly.

It’s a great platform for finding new games and is often where you see the next new developments get legs before they hit the mainstream.

With over 22 million visits each month, Newgrounds still ranks in the top 20 gaming websites in the world and continues to offer its community of users a distinctive and creative kind of experience.

And the best part of all this?

It’s 100% free!

Yes, every game and piece of animation, artwork of music is available to play, watch and stream without having to pay a single dime.

Sure, there are a shit ton of ads on the site so if you would rather experience the platform as an ad-free zone then you can sign up as a supporter from just $2.99 a month to eliminate those ad-skins, banners and pre-rolls.

The benefit for game developers is that they get to test their in-development titles with a ready audience and share links to crowdfunding pages like Patreon.

So, who do we have to thank for all this?

Newgrounds is the brainchild of Tim Fulp who received the 2021 at Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award for his service to the industry.

But it’s the users themselves who continue to share their creative work gratis who are the real heroes of this platform’s continued success.

Adult Features on Newgrounds NSFW

So, Newgrounds is a mecca for free games but what kind of adult content can you expect on this site and where (and why) is it hidden?

We’re glad you asked.

Since Newgrounds is used by a wide range of users including minors, the service has made its adult content a little harder to find for its visitors.

When you hit the main landing page for games on Newgrounds, guests on the site will notice that they can’t see any adult categories in the main menus.

However, you can filter the games to browse using the Ratings icons in the top right hand corner of the page.

find adult content on newgrounds

There are four classifications for the Ratings:

  • E – Suitable for All
  • T – Suitable for Teens
  • M – Mature Content
  • A – Adult Content

But unless you have registered an account with Newgrounds you wont be able to access the Adult Content.

You can register an account for free and once you are logged in you can use the Ratings icons to filter to just show Adult Games.

Another way into the Adult Section of Newgrounds is via this link which takes you direct to the Adult Features section of the site.

In addition to the adult gaming (see below), in this section you can also find additional XXX content categorized into the following collections:

  • Adult Toons
  • Hentai

Adult Toons

With more than 250 videos available to check out, the Adult Toons category is a popular one.

This section features clips from games that are created using Japanese artwork styles from anime and manga to sub-genres like yaoi, echhi and futanari.

You can also find videos using 3D and 8-bit animation as well as more traditional Western-style graphics plus parody/homage clips.

What they all have in common is that these are NSFW cartoons designed for adults only! Enjoy.

Newgrounds Adult Games adult toons
FandelTales by Derpixon. Image via Newgrounds.


This collection of hentai artwork is a great taster for the kind of rewards that players can receive when they complete challenges in some of the adult games.

Often used as a way to entice new players to check out the full titles or just as a way for artists to showcase their XXX talents, some of the content here is standalone whilst others link to playable games.

Adult Games on Newgrounds

So, what kind of adult games can you find on Newgrounds?

In the above Adult Features section, you’ll also find the following categories of NSFW games:

  • Adult Games
  • Dress Up Hentai
  • Dating Sims
  • Gay Adult

Adult Games

In the heart of the NSFW section of Newgrounds you’ll find more than 300 games to play, each in various stages of development.

From fully realized and addictively playable titles from visual novels like Maid and Dungeon Tail to adventure games like Kill La Kill you can find a variety of genres and styles.

From graphical and text based open-world games to sex sims and porn titles there’s a ton of fresh new content on here as well as classic games.

One of the runaway successes on Newgrounds is Con-Quest a neat little adventure game set in an abandoned cosplay convention center.

Newgrounds Adult Games NSFW games con quest
Con-Quest by CuddlePitGames. Image via Newgrounds.

The place has been invaded by a gang of evil cosplayers and it’s your job to fight these magical creatures and save the day.

Obviously there are lots of puzzles and challenges to solve along the way, for which you will be rewarded with XXX content?

Or what about a quick fucking simulator or after-party sim? There are plenty of these including the most excellent but slightly puzzling Udderworld, a goat vs pie sex similator?!

There are demos and trailers, fully playable games and what we like about Newgrounds is that you can access older versions of a title to trace a game’s development.

We particularly like Space Paws a point n click game with elements of a visual novel and dating sim with some furry fun thrown in. Simple enough to play but with some satisfying puzzles to solve along the way, it’s earned itself a decent following.

Newgrounds Adult Games - NSFW games space paws
Space Paws by Taifun Riders. Image via Newsgrounds.

Other titles of note that are worth checking out here include:

  • Legend of Krystal
  • Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle
  • Skullgirls Hentai Game
  • Love Sucks
  • Crimson Keep

Dress Up Hentai

Dress-up games are an unusually popular genre of adult games and basically allow players to customize their character’s clothing, hair and make-up.

You can even tweak their facial and physical features too.

The end result is a character you’ve created from scratch which looks and dresses exactly as you want. It’s called power and some of the results can be pretty impressive.

Sounds pretty tame for some but they have a big following, not just in the fetish community but also with mainstream adult gamers.

One of the appeals is that, along with dressing these characters up, you can also undress them.

In this section, you can find some decent examples of this style of game including one of the most popular. Dress My Babe.

Newgrounds Adult Games NSFW games dress my babe
Dress My Babe 6 by Geneticeye. Image via Newgrounds.

On the surface, this title is a pretty simple dress-up hentai game but there are plenty of layers of complexity here with hidden bonuses, areas and actions. You may have to seek some help to access the best parts of this game but your patience and effort will be rewarded.

Another interesting one is Sonic XX, a gender-swap parody of the classic Sonic & Tails game which includes some nice puzzle-solving elements.

In total, there are almost 50 Dress Up Hentai games to check out including:

  • Fuck Your Girl
  • Sim Girls
  • Tainted Love
  • Color Me
  • Dress Missy

Dating Sims

A popular style of adult game, dating sims let you brush up your chat-up lines and test your success with a selection of sexy fantasy characters.

There are almost 90 titles here which extend to some pretty popular games including the 3D sim, Milfy City and Meet N Fuck.

Both games already have huge followings across other platforms and feature links to fully playable games or additional artwork and content to enjoy.

Newgrounds Adult Games NSFW dating sims together again
Together Again by pinktea. Image via Newgrounds.

One of the most played titles though is Together Again 1.0, a bondage themed dating sim based around slave training. It contains elements of submission and domination plus multiple ways to enact your NSFW desires including kinky sex, anal training and foot worship.

With more than 600,000 hits and an NG score of 4.61/5.00, its storming the platform with good reason.

Other great dating sim titles worth checking out on Newgrounds include:

  • Orc Waifu
  • Love Sucks
  • Franks Adventure
  • Pico Sim Date
  • Simgirls

Gay Adult

Though a relatively small section of the site compare to the rest of Newgrounds’ adult gaming, their gay adult category includes a dozen titles with homoerotic or explicit gay action.

There are a couple of simple games with good NSFW rewards to play for here and some more complex developments too.

We think the visual novel Stranded is pretty decent and includes some nice bara content. However, to play this game you will need to download it from Patreon.

If you want to play a gay title on Newgrounds itself then check out YWAG, or YAG World. An adventure with a lot of dialog, there are a dozen characters built in to the humplex title and plenty of rewarding XXX content.

Of course, there is also the universally adored Gay Harem, an adaptation of Harem Heroes. The game lets you build your own horde of insatiably horny gay men whose sole purpose in life is to make your character cum.

Newgrounds Adult Games NSFW games gay harem

Playing Adult Games on Newgrounds

To play any of the titles on Newgrounds, you’ll first need to register a free account.

Once signed in, you just need to select your chosen title from the Adult Features page.

This will either launch one of  the site’s in-browser platforms including Unity WebGL and Flash so you can play the game in-browser or direct you to a download link.

Note: For some titles, you may need to install the Newgrounds Player.

Newgrounds Community

One of the things that sets Newgrounds aside from any competing platforms is its community.

The success of UGC sites depends entirely on its members and this concept was created long before social networking became popular.

And it’s Newgrounds’ community which really makes this platform a special one.

newgrounds community
Newgrounds’ forums are at the heart of the site’s community. Image via Newgrounds.

For developers and creative artists, it is a way to network with their intended audiences and peers to gauge a response to their work.

For gamers and general users, the forums are a space to share news of new releases and tips and tricks to help others enjoy existing tiles.

Brought together, developers and gamers connect on the Newgrounds Community, quite simply, to create better games.

From programming help and job ads for voice acting to politics and gaming clubs, the NG Community is definitely worth becoming a part of.

How Does Newgrounds Compare?

When Newgrounds was launched over 25 years ago, there was nothing like it on the web to compare it to but over the past few decades, there have been tons of new platforms coming to market, all offering similar services.

The biggest and most well known of these is, of course, Steam but the difference between the two is that content on Steam isn’t free. More of a digital distribution site and indie marketplace, Newgrounds definitely top trumps this Valve site in the economy department.

The other contender is, a site that also encourages the development of indie games and is driven by its community. also has a great NSFW section where new adult games are being shared for free in an effort to harness the power of mass market testing and get quick feedback on new content in development.

newgrounds vs itch io
Newgrounds has a lot of competition from platforms like

Other sites where adult games are being developed and shared for free include:

  • GamCore
  • Fap Nation
  • F95zone
  • Games of Desire
  • Wet Pussy Games
  • LewdNinja

All great sites for accessing free adult games but none really compare to either or Newgrounds when it comes to community.

For us, Newgrounds is just one of several great places to try out new adult games and is definitely worth a bookmark. And if you’re a developer yourself there are few other platforms out there which can give you such huge access to an audience who are prepared to judge your work truthfully.

It’s a great way for game creators to hone their own skills and to develop products before they release them to market.

Not the best way to earn money but consider it a steppingstone on the way to success. You’ll certainly learn a lot from the community along your journey.

For us, Newgrounds may well now be looking a little dated and it might not have the fresh-out-of-the-box appeal of some of the newer platforms but it’s still a very decent place to find free adult games.

adult games newsgrounds

If you want to play fully-formed and shiny new NSFW games then you might want to head over to Steam and pay for them but if you want to discover new titles in their raw form then Newgrounds is still one of the best places to do it.

All images via Newgrounds/adultfeatues.


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