22 Best Itch.io Adult Games

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Looking for the best indie adult games on the market?

Then look no further than itch.io; a gaming distribution platform with a huge community of developers just ‘itching’ to find a new audience!  

Launched in 2013 and ranked in the top 2,000 websites in the world, itch.io is a treasure trove of innovative and creative new gaming projects. From immersive and atmospheric psychological horror titles to retro 8-bit games, this site offers both the casual and epic gamers something to keep them busy… including those looking for adult content.

If you’ve already found some adult games you like on Itch, you should definitely check out the adult gaming ‘super-sites‘ – Nutaku and EroGames. These platforms are home to some of the most popular adult games in the world.

In this guide to the best Itch.io adult games, we take a closer look at the best NSFW titles available to play on the site – from sexy shenanigans with supernatural deviants to casual clickers with XXX artwork.

What is itch.io?

itch.io is an open marketplace platform for independent digital content creators to sell their products.

Whilst the site offers visitors the chance to buy physical games, pixel art, books and comics, it is their range of indie games which has helped make them one of the top 50 gaming sites in the world.

Best itch.io Adult Games in 2021
Image via SimilarWeb.

With more than 355,000 titles available to download, itch.io receives more than 20 million hits to its site each month.

Visitors are a combination of gamers looking to buy and developers who are sharing their content.

And itch.io has some pretty diverse content!

From puzzle games and first person shooters to story rich visual novels and interactive fiction, there are projects here for every taste…..including NSFW ones.

Best itch.io Adult Games

itch.io has almost 3,000 games tagged as having mature or sexual content and these cover a massive range of genres and game types.

From sex sims and harem builders to visual novels and clickers, the styles of NSFW games here are also pretty diverse. Some are designed to be casual entertainment whilst others are epic RPGs with hours of narrative to unlock.

With so much choice, we’ve handpicked our favorite NSFW games on itch.io from a variety of different categories so that there’s something for everyone on our list.

Deviant Anomalies


GenreDetective harem builder set in a mysterious city.
PlatformsPC, Mac and Linux
PriceName Your Own Price
Best adult games on itch io deviant anomalies

At its heart, Deviant Anomalies is a harem building game where you must collect as many beautiful and strange women to help you complete your quest. Yet, there is so much more on offer with this complex and intriguing little detective game by Moolah Milk.

The game is set in a city which is engulfed by a mysterious snowstorm which seems to be transforming many residents into supernatural beings. You play the role of a rookie detective with a degree in Criminal Psychology.

Your job is to get to solve crimes and get to the bottom of the mysteries of what is happening before the arrival of The Watchmaker.

  • Build up, and train, your harem of girls to increase their depravity and advance the game.
  • Part police procedural, you must also find clues and interrogate suspects to help you unravel each case.
  • Complete side quests and missions to progress through the story and acquire new skills and items.

The narrative is compelling and the story is fully immersive with artwork which more than competes with some of the top adult games on the market.

Of course, what makes it an adult title is the extensive amount of nudity, sex and lewd behavior….of which there is plenty!

The game is plenty worth supporting and if you head over to Patreon you can pick up a regular subscription which will give you early and exclusive access to new releases, content updates and Discord benefits.

Sisterly Lust


GenreVisual novel based on taboo family love
PlatformsPC, Mac, Linux and Android
PriceName Your Own Price
Best adult games on itch io sisterly love

Largely based around the genre of taboo incest, Sisterly Love is a strategy choice-based visual novel adventure all about corrupting your sisters whilst maintaining their trust!

You play the role of a son who was raised by the family’s estranged father. After his death, you are approached by a woman who turns out to be your mother and who invites you to rejoin the family.

When you arrive in your new home, you find that (as well as a newly found mother) you have three sisters!

The narrative unfolds with plenty of choices for you  to make along the way but in order to remain a trusted member of the family you need to balance your desires with those of the characters you encounter.

Sisterly Lust is a name your own price title on itch.io but you can opt for the $15 bonus edition which features 23 more sex scenes plus additional characters to interact with.

As well as more than just overtones of incest and family love, there are other fetishes here which are pretty good fun to play with including:

  • Group Sex
  • BDSM
  • Pregnancy
  • Voyeurism

All character’s names can be edited and personalized.

This game is very popular on itch.io and we can see why. The 3D artwork is stunning and the story is pretty immersive with plenty of XXX action. So, if you enjoy the taboos of this kind of genre then it certainly won’t let you down on that front.

Third Crisis


GenreTactical RPG
PlatformsWindows and Android
Best adult games on itch io third crisis

A game still in development but which has quite a following already on itch.io, Third Crisis is strategy adventure game.

You play the role of Vibe, an adventurer whose mission has left her stranded in the town of Carceburg. A place where lust is the main currency, you have to carefully navigate your way around the town’s strange inhabitants.

As you do, there are plenty of mysteries and secrets to uncover and your goal is to rescue humanity by destroying the sinister organization, Pietho.

Though quite basic in its design with pixel-art navigation, there is quite a complex little story to enjoy here and plenty of 3D artwork to reward your efforts.

With some fetish themes and quite dark in places, Third Crisis is an enjoyable romp of an adventure that might bend your brain at times.

There are two spin-off mini-games (Deep Throat and Roast and Spit) which you can play that are based on Third Crisis and these can also be played in browser on itch.io

Lustful Desires


GenreText-based fantasy adventure RPG with simple battle system
PlatformsPC, Mac, Linux and Android
Best adult games on itch io lustful fantasies

A retro title next with this game created by Hyao and inspired by classics like Trials in Tainted Space and Flexible Survival.

With a typical fantasy adventure setting, the landscape here is a mix of wilderness, swamps and forests inhabited by dangerous creatures and beasts or small townships.

You play the role of an adventurer who has to complete quests by battling foes, crafting potions and resources and locating treasures and people.

Of course, many of the animals and people you meet along the way won’t just want to fight you or give you tasks, you also get to have ‘naughty times’ with some. And, as a fantasy title, you can expect a lot of interspecies and cross-gender XXX action.

As a text-based game, the appeal here is all in the written content with artwork added as a bonus rather than as the primary motivation. That being said, the multi-layered narrative is richly imagined and very addictive to play.

We thought the game has a lot of mileage in it and the developer is constantly adding new content all the time to boost the playability. Available for free, regular supporters on Patreon can get early access to new updates.

The Villain Simulator 


GenreVR Sex Sim
PlatformsWindows and Mac
Best adult games on itch io the villain simulator

If you’ve wondered why the bad guys have more fun then wonder no more as this lewd little VR title will show you exactly why villains are way sexier than superheroes.

A VR game for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive users, The Villain Simulator lets you enjoy being the bad guy in an immersive and fully interactive way.

Welcome to your high-tech lair where you can subject your captive femme fatale to any number of evil actions including whipping, spanking, squeezing and shocking.

The game is equipped with many devious little tools and you can use anything from vibrating wands and dildos or just your own hands to deliver the pleasure and the pain.

Plus, you can even engage the robotic arm to do the hard work for you so you can sit back in your nefarious little studio to just watch the action.

The real draw here is what your own imagination can run to with a captive woman of your own to play with.

A big hit with BDSM and fetish fans on itch.io The Villain Simulator is also available as a bundle with 7 other AR and VR NSFW games.

Juicy Futa

GenreVisual Novel Futa Dating Sim
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
Best adult games on itch io juicy futa

This stylish and jazzy little black and white futa game might seem basic enough but actually offers a pretty good bit of entertainment which is well worth the $1 price tag.

You play the role of the hero, Eliot, a futanari time traveler who winds up on this a little pixel art island.

In order to find your way home you will need to please the residents you meet along the way and manage their stats (Love, Mood, Trust, Lust) to develop relationships.

You get your own house to customize and a village map will show you which parts of the island you can explore.

There are a dozen or so characters to interact with, some of whom you can seduce, and successfully completing chapters will unlock some nice sex animations and XXX scenes.

The game is being developed with the help of crowdfunding support on Patreon and there are plans to add in a money/job system and more complex relationship stories.

However, Juicy Futa is pretty playable on its own and we liked the stylized and funky black and white pixel art.

Poke Abby


GenreSex sim
PlatformsWindows, Mac and Linux and VR for Windows
Best adult games on itch io poke abby

Sex sims are pretty popular casual games as you can play around with them without having to get involved in any questing or complex strategies.

This little sex sim is cut from the same cloth as ones you might have played before but instead of being 3D, the graphics here are more cartoonish.

Set in a magical school, Abby is a student whose appearance you can customize. You catch her sneaking into the potions classroom and once you follow her in, you can pretty much play with her as much as you like.

Actions include poking, stroking and rubbing but you can also undress her and use toys on her.

As with any sex sim, you get to control the viewpoint and this includes zooming and panning in and out.

It’s a lot of fun to dick around with for a bit and will easily kill some time but don’t expect anything more complex.

Zombie’s Retreat


GenreAction RPG
PlatformsWindows, Mac and Android
Best adult games on itch io zombies retreat

This fun little RPG is one of the bestselling titles on itch.io at the moment and once you download it you’ll see why.

An 8-bit game in most parts but with lush XXX artwork to reward your gameplay, you find yourself on retreat at camp in the middle of the Zomi woods.


Yeah, no real surprises with a name like that when an outbreak within the camp starts turning guests into deadly nightstalkers.

You must save as many of your campmates as you can whilst surviving this evil plague and attempt to escape.

The camp is pretty extensive and you can explore all of the cabins to find items to help you along the way plus interact with all other survivors.

The game is priced at a minimum of $6.00 on itch.io but supporters on Patreon can get additional content and bonuses. A follow up game is in development and Zombie Retreat II looks just as good (if not better) that this highly playable and original title.



Best adult games on itch io captivity

A pretty basic looking game that is very addictive and rewarding to play Captivity is an erotic shoot-em-up with a lot of bonus content.

With five levels offering a total of 20 enemies you have 20+ weapons to choose from and more than 75 challenges to complete along the way.

Unlock different clothing, experiment with drugs to boost your life but keep an eye on your Libido, Strength and Pleasure meters.

Yes, along the way your enemies will try to drain your strength by fucking with you so you’ll need to keep those horny foes at bay.

Free to play but with plenty of mileage to keep you entertained, Captivity is sexy little combat game.

Princess & Conquest


GenreFantasy RPG with elements of Visual Novel and Strategy
PlatformsWindows only
Best adult games on itch io princess and conquest

This retro style game might look pretty basic but don’t be fooled by what is a complex and epic title with hours of gaming to enjoy.

Enter this fantasy kingdom and you will find more than 400 different maps each giving you the location of necessary tools and characters to complete your quests.

Your adventure will take you through tons of cities, dungeons, forests and townships where you will meet up to 100,000 different characters across 17 different races.

Your job is to respond to a never-ending list of quests and battles to unearth treasure, resurrect the undead, find and breed companions or just have some sexy time with one of the princesses.

It’s actually pretty exhausting and this world isn’t a static one as the landscape changes all the time depending on what events are running and which princess is reigning at any time.

With so much going on, you have to be pretty committed to the gameplay as allegiances formed with one Reign vs another can really change the outcome of your adventures.

2D pixel art isn’t for everyone and, yes, the NSFW scenes aren’t 3D rendered either but Princess & Conquest is a lot more satisfying that you’d give it credit for. At times it may feel like you have a full-time job playing it but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Knightly Passions


GenreMagical fantasy visual novel adventure
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
PriceName Your Own Price
Best adult games on itch io knightly passions

This game developed by FEYADA has all the ingredients for a classic fantasy RPG with dungeons, treasures, princesses, witches, mercenaries and monsters.

The main style of play is visual novel but also combines the mechanics of mini games and battle mode.

Your role is of avid adventurer with a yearning ambition to become a knight of this magical realm. To do this you will need to complete quests, battle enemies and resist temptation.

And there’s plenty to tempt you off your chosen path along the way with lustful sorceresses, teasing princesses and sex-starved witches.

At times quite dark and atmospheric, the artwork is hentai in style and dips into some nice fetish territory at times including BDSM and other kinks.

Gameplay is rewarded with some nicely rendered CG animation and the characters are well rounded with some decent storylines to unlock.

With complex inventories and maps, the game has a good shelf life and it will certainly keep you busy for many hours. Available to buy on itch.io at a name your own price, you can help support development at Patreon which gives you exclusive access to new content and other bonuses.

69 Days After


GenrePixel art resource management survival game
PlatformsWindows and Android
Best adult games on itch io 69 days after

Next up we have a fun little pixel art game based in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has turned the world into flesh-eating zombies.

Your job is to manage the resources of a small group of women who have found refuge in a cottage in a small riverside gorge.

In order to survive you must make regular missions to the outside world to find food and water but, beware, you will have to fend off the attacks of other characters. They might be the risen dead seeking  their next meal of human flesh but they might also be someone looking to sate other natural desires!

It gets pretty lonely in that cottage so a part or your strategy is to keep the inhabitants sexually fulfilled and there’s plenty of XXX artwork (‘Polaroids’) to help you meet their fantasies.

69 Days After isn’t a complex or sophisticated game but is something fun to spend up to an hour at a time just playing around with. We certainly didn’t lose any sleep worrying about how to level up but we definitely had some retro fun.

Tales of Androgyny


GenreFantasy stance-based RPG, futa story
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
Price Free
Best adult games on itch io tales of androgyny

Still very much in development but with a large following on itch.io for the playable content already released, Tales of Androgyny is a ‘femboy’ title.

Created by The Majalis Duo, all of the characters in this game are gender-mashed with feminine boys, girls with dicks or creatures with no discernible genitals.

You can either play in story mode or free-form play to explore this richly imagined fantasy world and complete your challenges to unlock animations, CG and lewd scenes.

With rogue-lite elements and stance-based combat, the game is surprisingly playable and rewards gamers with some decent graphics.

You can pick up a free download of this title on itch.io but supporters on Patreon will get early access to new and exclusive content as well as Discord benefits.

After Class


GenreGay furry Visual Novel Dating Sim
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
PriceName Your Own Price
Best adult games on itch io after class

A visual novel game, After Class is based around homoerotic furry content and presents players with a mystery to solve.

You play the role of Walter, a wolfman furry and it’s your first day at college.

This start of your adult independence is kicked off with your new college friends beginning to spark deep and hidden memories in your psyche.

The game develops as you buddy up with the six main characters, unlocking new episodes as you go.

There is some rich storytelling at play here and After Class has some great stories with plenty of adult dating action along the way.

The game is still in development but is already pretty playable; however the developer has taken a hiatus at the end of 2020. New content and updates are promised on May 5th 2021 but this will likely hit Patreon supporters before it’s available on itch.io

Smutty Scrolls


GenreDrag n Drop Arcade Puzzle Game
PlatformsIn browser
Best adult games on itch io smutty scrolls

Developed by Dezue, Smutty Scrolls is an arcade game which rewards you with some neat little adult cartoons.

Your job is to control an adventurous little ball of slime as he bids to free his friend Nuite from the frozen laser temple.

In order to do this you have to complete a series of pretty cryptic puzzles.

But don’t be fooled by what looks like a simple game, these puzzles aren’t easy and you’ll have to think way outside the box to advanced through all the chapters.

Definitely a good little game to test the old gray matter with.

Demons Rise Up


GenreFutanari Visual Novel
PlatformsPC and Mac
PriceDemo Only (Free)
Best adult games on itch io demons rise up

Another popular addition to the futa genre, Demons Rise Up is a demo of a game which has been in development since December 2020 and has been gaining a lot of interest on itch.io

It’s not an epic story by any means nor does it include much complexity but it is a fun little title with some classic ingredients for an adult game.

The main character, Suzy, is a futa pro-gamer who accidentally (?) summons a succubus through a cursed video game (we’ve all been there!). After a night spent satisfying the demon with some crazy lovemaking, the succubus invites some friends along for a repeat performance.

Their job is to distract Suzy away from her console so they can all enjoy some more XXX action.

The animation is 2D cartoon but there is plenty of lewd animations and sexy scenes planned to make the gameplay more rewarding. This will include some kinks like creampies, bondage and defloration as well as orgies, body worship and more.

The demo is worth checking out and this is certainly one to bookmark for future development.

Santa Lucia


GenreFurry Visual Novel
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
Best adult games on itch io santa lucia

With plenty of homoerotic content this gay furry visual novel game explores the college life of Ben, a young cat who is troubled by recurring night terrors.

Our freshman hero is soon brought under the security of a team of older mentors and he and his fellow classmates embark on an adventure of discovery.

At the game’s heart is a story of young love and romance with plenty of dating action and some NSFW graphic artwork.

Yet, there’s more to Ben’s story than just sex and relationships and Santa Lucia has some very dark overtones of trauma and violence.

The game has a decent following on itch.io but views on the content are polarized so do exercise a bit of caution if you are likely to be offended by those darker elements.

You can help support the project on Patreon which gives you early access and additional bonuses as well as letting you shape the next builds of this popular game.

Holodexxx AR


Best adult games on itch io holodexxx ar

Not a game so much as a fun little AR tool, Holodexxx lets you transpose sexy adult stars into your environment.

Using the same tech as Pokemon Go, the title is available to download for all Android devices.

Just launch the app on your mobile and watch as sexy naked women seem to cavort around your living room, bedroom or on top of your cat!?

If you enjoy this little title then check out the developer’s page on itch.io where you can find a full NSFW gallery as well as versions which include Riley Reid.

Trouble In Paradise


GenreKinetic Visual Novel
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
PriceName Your Own Price
Best adult games on itch io trouble in paradise

Trouble In Paradise is an eroge visual novel game based on two characters who have just moved to a new town to start university together.

They embark on an adventurous journey of self discovery and sexual awakening and you’ll meet plenty of characters along the way who will launch new romances, relationships and mysteries.

The kinetic part of this game means that the choices you make will determine which ending you reach and what kind of journey this involves for your hero. Be warned that the developer has incorporated some darker chapters so you need to make the right decisions.

Uncensored XXX hentai animations and CG scenes can be unlocked at various points and the whole game is full of decent rewards that will keep you playing for hours.

It’s an intriguing and fun little story with a few surprises and fetishes thrown in which makes for pretty immersive and entertaining gameplay.

Small on Top


GenreFurry RPG
Best adult games on itch io small on top

Another furry themed title with some homosexual content, Small On Top is a story drive role-playing game and will appeal to men who love muscle guys getting to play bottom.

With most of the game played in ‘8-bit’ with maps and scenes in pixel art, it is the CG animations and bonus content that you are playing for here.

It’s not a complex title but is certainly one which will entertain you for an hour or so.

New builds to the project are added monthly with Patreon supporters getting these first.

Don’t Not Fail The Test


GenrePuzzle Game
Best adult games on itch io dont not fail the test

Another simple little arcade game by Dezue who also created Smutty Scrolls (see above) the aim of this title is to melt your brain?!

All you have to do is to follow the instructions of the sexy little psychologist who wants you not to fail the test….or does she?

Using reverse psyschology and some pretty confusing instructions you’ll be rewarded only if you do badly enough.

Got that?

Yes, here failure is progress! It will annoy you but when you get it right, the XXX artwork is your reward and you will definitely be glad you persevered.

Mutant Alley: Do The Dinosaur


GenreFuturistic gay dinosaur-based sex sim!
PlatformsWindows and Mac
Best adult games on itch io mutant alley do the dinosaur

And finally, we finish off our round-up of the best NSFW games on itch.io with some ‘classic’ gay dinosaur porn!

Mutant Alley, aptly developed by Tyranno, is a simple enough sex sim but instead of orchestrating XXX action with 3D women, here you get to play porn director with an anthropomorphic T-Rex.

Set in a futuristic back alley, the game is based around a future where dinosaurs have been created to fight an intergalactic war.

When the war is over, these genetically modified super-soldiers are left to roam the earth and it turns out that they have needs much like our own!

Your job is simply to satisfy the XXX needs of a horny dinosaur and you get a pretty decent arsenal to do this with including Handjobs, Footjobs, Rimming, Blowjobs and Dildo Rides.

For a simple game, there’s actually a lot of fetishes at play here including dirty talk, tickling, watersports and spanking plus the obvious Daddy-play, muscle worship and inter-species interest.

It’s a cracking little game which is well worth a look even if just for the curiosity factor but you may find yourself surprised by just how hot it actually is.

Featured image via itch.io.


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