32 Best PC Porn Games: Adult Gamers On Windows Are Truly Spoiled

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PC is my go-to platform for playing porn games… and probably always will be.

Sure, you can tap-and-fap on a mobile phone — but for the best graphics and a ‘hands-free’ experience, there’s no contest. Windows is number one, home to the most innovative and immersive porn titles.

Below I’ve listed over thirty high-quality PC sex games you can play today. What’s immediately striking is just how diverse and varied the genres are. We’ll find the usual sex simulators and beefy visual novels, but we’ve also got text-based titles, hentai, RPGs and even some online multiplayer worlds.

Most adult game developers prioritise the PC market, since it’s the easiest way to ship titles on a low budget. As a hardcore PC gamer, I say… long may it continue. 😉

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What Are The Best Porn Games For PC?

Best PC porn games

I’ll start with the obvious: it’s not easy to hand out awards in such a crowded market.

For your convenience, I’ve broken my suggestions in to different categories, genres and target audiences. This was easy in my guides for Mac, iOS and Androidbut the PC market is absolutely ma-hoosive.

I had to sift through thousands of adult games, whittling down a sensible shortlist and then making sure I had a virtual machine with the right specs to test them. You might think it’s illogical to find testing sex games to be tedious work, but test a hundred of them in a row and get back to me. 😉

Here is a quick summary of the genres I’ll be covering:

Game FormatExamples For PCWhat To Expect
3D Sex SimulatorsVR Fuck Dolls or Sex World 3DDesign and fuck your own dream girls. High-end graphics, but not much story to follow.
Parody Porn GamesGrand Bang Auto or Game of Lust 2Spoof sex simulators that riff on popular mainstream movies and video games.
3D Virtual Sex Worlds (MMOs)3DX Chat or Red Light CenterInteract with real-life users behind virtual avatars. Explore a shared virtual sex world.
Adult RPGsKing of Kinks or Wild LifeLevel-up characters, embark on lewd quests, and reap rewards through animated sex scenes
Hentai GamesHarem Heroes or Hentai 3DExplicit anime/manga style artwork, casual sex games (clickers and idle games).
Text-Based Porn GamesHornstown or Succubus StoriesText-based erotica where your choices affect the story. Dynamic dirty stories.
Adult Visual NovelsBeing a DIK or Summertime SagaAnother form of text-based erotica, but accompanied by high-end graphics and animation.
Interactive Porn GamesLife Selector or DezyRedTake virtual control of real-life porn scenes featuring actual porn stars. Your choices affect the next clip.
VR Porn GamesVirt-A-Mate or Sin VRFully-immersive sex simulators that can be viewed and played in virtual reality.

3D Sex Simulators

3D sex simulators are one of the most popular types of PC porn games. There’s nothing sophisticated about these games. You won’t find a hard-hitting story — there might not even be one! What you will find is a commitment to recreating the most life-like and realistic sex in a videogame.

Sex simulator games are best enjoyed on a PC where high-quality graphics cards and processing power allow for enhanced performance and visual fidelity. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to customise your next fuck buddy with a mouse and a larger screen.

Here’s our pick of the best sex simulators for PC:

1. VR Fuck Dolls


VR Fuck Dolls, sex game for PC

VR Fuck Dolls is a 3D sex simulator that can be played on PC (or any device). It is one of the rare few sex simulators to come with support for virtual reality headsets.

The game follows the tried and tested formula for sex simulators. You start by designing your own ‘fuck doll’, from head to toe. You can customise everything from her hair color, eye color and mouth shape to her physique, characteristics and favorite sex positions.

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, it’s time to… satisfy your creation. With hyper-realistic animations and life-like physics, you can virtually seduce the woman of your dreams. Explore every inch of her body and control the camera as you guide the game through a series of thrusts, pumps and cumshots.

The 4K animations are crisp and lifelike, while the physics are truly next-generation as far as sex sims are concerned. The developers have put some extra effort in to prolonging the ‘story’ of VR Fuck Dolls. There is a campaign mode where you attempt to become the greatest porn star in all of VR Fuck Doll City. There’s also weekly challenges to keep you hooked, with new features added on a regular basis.

Don’t be confused by the name. You don’t have to own a VR headset to enjoy VR Fuck Dolls. The game plays beautifully on any good old-fashioned desktop PC. You can also access the title on your mobile device thanks to browser-play compatibility.

The game is free to play, but you’ll need to upgrade to a monthly subscription to unlock the best content and daily challenges.

2. Sex World 3D


Sex World 3D, sex game PC

Sex World 3D is a real-life sex simulator with ultra-realistic graphics. The XXX action really pops from your desktop screen in this game. Every last bead of sweat and spunk…

The gameplay is simple but effective. You get to create your own movies using interactive story-telling with customizable text titling, audio and special effects, as well as controlling your own camera shots. Sex World 3D features some truly outrageous positions, sexy models and eye-watering sex toys.

The result is… your own 3D porno movies, all created from scratch, featuring a cast that you’ve designed from head to toe.

There’s a lot going on with the game’s controls and it takes a few hours to learn the ropes but the effort you put in is well worth it to improve the end-result. Control sliders let you create avatars based on everything from age and gender to detailed physical features such as:

  • Hair, eye and skin color
  • Size and shape of genitals
  • Piercings and tattoos
  • Shape of nipples, breasts and ass
  • Make-up
  • Outfits

The toys, props and accessories are equally as extensive and include everything from your basic BDSM tools (whips, chains and cuffs) to vegetables, dildos and vibrators.

Sex World 3D is available to download for PC. It requires a monthly membership to unlock the best content, and receive weekly updates. The current subscription fees are $19.95 per month, $49.95 for three months or $119.95 for a full year.

3. Virtual Lust 3D


Virtual Lust 3D adult game review

Virtual Lust 3D is a state-of-the-art 4K HD sex sim that takes animated porn to the next level on your PC.

Featuring some hyper-realistic sex scenes, the graphics on this game are some of the best in the sex sim genre. You start by creating your own custom character with the usual avatar building features, including physical attributes and adds-on (outfits, hair and piercings etc). There’s plenty to customize. You can even use voice controls to manipulate the sound of your perfect woman.

After you’ve designed your partner, you can start exploring the vast collection of scenes and locations as your character interacts with the rest of the cast. As ever, this 3D world includes plenty of locations, featuring everything from private homes and gardens, to clubs and bars, and even some outdoor areas for sex ‘al fresco’.

Virtual Lust 3D is designed for Windows PC. The full release requires a subscription to get access to regular content updates, fixes and patches. Premium access costs $19.95 per month, $49.95 for three months or $119.95 for a full year.

4. 3D Sex Villa 2


customize your character 3d sex villa 2 review

3D Sex Villa 2 is a popular 3D sex simulation game developed by Thrixxx. The game was released way back in 2007, so the graphics are by no means cutting-edge, but the game still has a cult following and an active community.

3D Sex Villa 2 lets you create and record your own fantasy scenes featuring a cast of characters that you have customized to your own tastes. And, with the addition of custom sex packs and user-generated content, there is enough here to really suit anyone.

The scale of the gameplay in 3D Sex Villa 2 is impressive, boasting over 52,000 poses, around 4,400 toys, and close to 50,000 models. If you are seeking an immersive sexual experience, the game also supports the Fleshlight vStroker for an added touch of realism.

3D Sex Villa 2 is available to play on Windows for free using the Thrixxx desktop game launcher, additional features can be purchased to boost and extend your gameplay.

See more: our full 3D Sex Villa 2 playthrough.

5. 3D Gay Villa 2


3D Gay Villa 2, popular porn games PC

3D Gay Villa 2 is a male-on-male version of the popular sex sim, 3D Sex Villa. Developed by ThriXXX and released specifically for gay gamers, this virtual world contains all of the customisation and design options that you’d expect from a ThriXXX title. But the focus is strictly on the male anatomy.

3D Gay Villa 2 offers much the same appeal as other smash hit ThriXXX titles, including fully customizable virtual sex where you get to call the shots. You can cruise through a ton of different locations, meet new partners and live out your wildest gay sex. There’s accessories to play with, from ball gags to fancy BDSM kit.

As you’d expect, there’s an all-star cast of horny gay men to play with. Expect to meet hairy lumberjacks, bear truckers and cowboys studs as well as fresh-faced college grads, athletes and men in uniform. Whatever you can dream up with the design tools, you can meet and fuck.

3D Gay Villa 2 is designed for PC/Windows users. There are expansion packs which can be purchased in-game using credits that are accepted across the entire ThriXXX network.

6. 3D Kink


3D kink character designer, famous sex game for PC

3D Kink is a fetish-inspired PC sex game developed by ThriXXX. It is a sandbox sex simulator that will appeal to all kinds of kinks — and anybody who wants to bring their BDSM fantasies to life.

A fully customisable sex-sim, 3D Kink lets you play the role of director so you can put together your own 3D porn scenes. From casting and directing to controlling the cameras and positions, there is plenty of props, outfits and sex positions to try out.

In all, you get access to more than 7,900 sex toys, 18,800 outfits, 76,000 poses and 62,000 models!

From fetish clubs and dungeons with cages, to sex machines and sex toys… you get to experience what it’s like to be part of kinky community of adult entertainers. 3D Kink is compatible with the interactive male masturbator, Fleshlight vStroker so you can totally immerse yourself in the action and get really involved in your scenes.

The game is launched using a desktop Game Launcher, which is free to download for Windows. However, there are lots of premium features and expansions packs available to buy if you want to fully explore your kinky side.

7. Girlvania Summer Lust


best lesbian adult games girlvania summer lust

Girlvania Summer Lust is a female-only sex simulator focused on the naughty antics in a sun-drenched beachside city. A standalone PC download, this is one of the most popular lesbian sex simulators in the adult gaming sphere.

Your role is to create porn scenes using a cast of beautifully animated female characters. You can indulge in as much solo or lesbian action as these hot babes can handle.

As a director, you can choose everything from the casting and lighting to camera angles and props. There are 1,000 authentic garments, hair and pube styles, plus makeup options. You can play wardrobe Master/Mistress and dress your girls up and tailor everything about their appearance.

The popularity of Girlvania Summer Lust has exploded with the release of the fetish expansion pack, Legs and Feet. This has turned the Summer Lust girls in to an instant target for the foot worship community. With the addition of pantyhose, stockings and additional lingerie, you too can indulge yourself in some fantasy foot sex… if that’s your kinda thing.

Girlvania Summer Lust is designed to be played offline on Windows computers. You can download the game for a one-off cost of $19.99; the expansion pack is $14.99.

Parody Porn Games

Ever thought about what it would be like if your favorite fictional characters from games, movies, or television shows had a wild, dirty side? Parody porn games give you that guilty pleasure, adding a NSFW twist to familiar stories, even if the characters aren’t the same. On a PC, you’ll enjoy enhanced graphics and a wider range of game choices, making the experience all the more smutty.

Some popular PC parody sex games include:

8. Grand Bang Auto


Grand Bang Auto porn game PC

Grand Bang Auto is a popular GTA parody porn game for PC. It claims to be the ‘best real time open world sex game’, but if you’re expecting a game like the actual GTA, you’d do well to play down those expectations!

While Grand Bang Auto has some missions and some basic set-pieces, the bulk of the game consists of a sex simulator sandbox. It’s here that you get to control the camera and fuck the various female characters that you encounter in your various ‘missions’.

How many times did you wish you could bang the strippers in GTA5? Well, let’s just say Rockstar would be getting cancelled if it dared to include the type of explicit animations that are available in this spoof 18+ title. Grand Bang Auto contains rollicking hardcore sex scenes. You can fuck and chuck to your heart’s content.

There’s not much in the way of story. This is just a skinned-up sex simulator that mimics the humor of the GTA series. A dirty little adventure for anybody who needs a break from the real Los Santos.

Grand Bang Auto is available to play on PC/Windows only.

9. Game of Lust 2


Game of Lust 2 PC sex game

Game of Lust 2 is a parody PC sex game that takes inspiration from the smash-hit Game of Thrones TV series. This is a sex simulator with a twisted edge. If you were hoping for some vanilla missionary, look away now.

You won’t find many bedrooms in Game of Lust. The game switches between dungeons, castles and other creepy settings where you can ‘direct’ real-time sex scenes that are strictly hardcore in nature. It has all the classic elements of a PC sex simulator, except you’ll be dealing with sweet damsels, monster cocks and princess pussies.

The game mechanics are similar to other sex sims on our list. You choose from a variety of cameras and control the positions that your damsel will be contorting in to. Drawing inspiration from sci-fi and monster horror porn, Game of Lust 2 hits hard with brutal sex scenes and some rather painful looking foreplay.

Game of Lust 2 is available to play on PC/Windows only.

10. Bonecraft


review bonecraft sex game

Bonecraft is a NSFW third-person shoot-em up set in space. First released in 2011, this spoof adult shooter has attained something close to Cult status for its wacky content.

Set in space on board the USS Longstreet, you steer the adventures of Captain Fort Worth and his band of Space Wranglers. The action ensues as they crash land on an alien planet, combat the local Orc tribe and conquer the Elven brothel outpost run by Fort Worth’s nemesis, the Elf Queen.

Your crew must stay fully fuelled by alcohol and your missions range from annihilating enemies and having sex with Elf whores to shooting up ‘Dick Monsters’ and exploring the fetishes offered by the ‘Golden Shower’ brothel. Once you’ve conquered your enemies, you get to bang them all. Obviously.

Bonecraft is full of juvenile humor that will make or break your experience. It’s a real romp of a game with an enduring fanbase, one that also includes many amateur developers who have created plenty of mods to further extend the game. You’re either gonna love it or hate it.

Bonecraft is available to download for PC for $29.99. This is the same developer behind Bonetown (D-Dub), which can be bundled in for a total cost of $49.99.

3D Virtual Sex Worlds (Online & Multiplayer)

Sick of single player porn games? Want to virtually screw some real-life players?

That’s what 3D Virtual Sex Worlds offer. In these multiplayer sex games, you can interact, flirt, and have cyber sex with other players from around the globe. Many of these games are PC-exclusive, since you need a mouse to make use of the extensive controls. And a keyboard to type your dirty messages to other users…

Popular online sex games for PC include:

11. 3DX Chat


3dx chat, a virtual sex world for PC users

3DX Chat is one of the most popular multiplayer sex sims for Windows. Released in 2012, the game has amassed a huge active user base of adult gaming fans. At the heart of its appeal is real-life interaction. This is a virtual world where you can meet and fuck the avatars of other real-life players.

The graphics are exceptional. Leveraging cutting-edge motion capture technology performed by real-life actors, every last thrust and wince in 3DX Chat is absolutely stunning.

The game has collected a number of awards over the years, including Most Innovative Game, Best Virtual Sex, and Best Adult MMO Graphics. With VR compatibility, and the ability to sync up the action to your Fleshlight vStroker, it’s possible to create a truly immersive virtual sex experience.

3DX Chat is the ultimate playground for anybody who enjoys a sex simulator but wishes that it was a real-life player on the receiving end of their ‘directions’. With regular updates and custom mods, you’re never short on fresh new scenes and settings.

3DX Chat is available to download on PC. It requires a monthly subscription ($19.99) which grants you access to the full suite of NSFW games by SexGameDevil, including Juliet Sex Session, Venus Hostage, Nemo’s Whores and Night Party.

See more: our full 3DX Chat playthrough.

12. Red Light Center


Red Light Center promo, PC-only sex game

Red Light Center is a virtual sex world that you can explore on your PC. Here you can interact with real-life users in a vast X-rated ecosystem that has its own social hierarchy and digital economy. With over 8 million registered users, RLC is one of the largest MMO games of its kind.

Red Light Center is a virtual 3D environment modelled on Amsterdam’s red light district, where you can explore hotels, bars, clubs and stores. But you’re not alone in this world. The vast RLC world is populated with other avatars, each representing other real-life users.

As you might guess by the name, much of the activities in this world revolve around the red light district. Users transact sexual services with each other… leading to animated cyber sex, and some pretty wild interactions.

There aren’t many PC games that let you cruise for cyber sex in digital brothels, fucking and chucking your way through an entire popularity of sexy avatars. This is the most famous of the lot. It’s like a Second Life, but with a very transparent sexual agenda.

See more: our full Red Light Center playthrough.

13. YaReel


yareel sex game, compatible on both Mac and PC

YaReel is a virtual sex world where you can pursue sex with other real-life ‘players’. Unlike similar 3D sex games, this PC porn game is also compatible on Mac devices.

From our experience playing the game, YaReel is like a dirty version of The Sims, and from the gameplay footage, you can probably see why.

Every part of the YaReel environment is customisable, from your avatar to the room you choose to live out your fantasies. It has over 50 different sex positions available, a raft of sexy (if robotic) animations, and a lively community of other horny users.

Our biggest complaint is that you really need to ‘time’ your visit to make the most out of YaReel’s chat rooms. The community isn’t as active as RLC. Playing during certain hours of the day will result in a long wait for a random match.

Just like Red Light Center, YaReel straddles the divide of being a PC sex game and a modern social network. If you’re looking for a sex simulator that lets you control everything, it’s probably not the best choice. How much you get out of the game will depend on your ability to interact and ‘play’ with other users.

See more: our full YaReel playthrough.

Adult RPGs

Adult RPGs are perfect if you’re a fan of role-playing games (RPGs) with lewd sex scenes and dirty objectives. These are often some of the most advanced and sophisticated sex games in the space, although the amount of sexual content varies from title to title.

The best adult RPGs let you build characters, embark on quests, and reap rewards through animated sex scenes and other lewd content. A PC’s superior processing power and controls can enhance the gameplay mechanics and overall immersion in these rich, narrative-driven worlds.

Here are some of our favorite porn RPGs for PC:

14. Wild Life


Footage from Wild Life PC sex game

Wild Life is one of the most eagerly-awaited RPGs in the entire adult gaming space. It is developed by Candy Valley Network and is famous for having the largest following of any adult game on Patreon.

The full game isn’t due for release until 2024/25, but it has 9,386 patrons and $93,372 per month in revenue from players looking to test the early builds (as of August 2023). This may yet become one of the biggest adult games of all time. And you only need to check out the live demos to see why…

Wild Life is an open-world fantasy RPG with sex simulation and an adventure-filled storyline. You enter a vast fantasy realm which can be explored in free-roaming mode. The world is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it’s absolutely breathtaking to discover; a step above nearly all the adult games that we’ve played to this date. Your job is to fend for survival while fighting and fucking your way around an extremely diverse landscape.

The characters can interact with one another sexually and it’s fair to say: there has been a lot of development on the erotic side of the game. There’s a ton of sexual positions and transitions, including both heterosexual and homosexual content.

You can download a free demo of Wild Life via Nutaku. The game runs on Windows PC. Watch this space for the full release!

15. Cloud Meadow


characters in cloud meadow game review

Cloud Meadow is a farming sim / monster breeding RPG which combines elements of battle and adventure. It also has the mechanics of a visual novel thrown in for good measure!

If you didn’t think farming could be sexy, you obviously never dipped your toes in the wacky lewd world of Cloud Meadow. The best compliment we can give to the gameplay is that we actually forgot we were playing a porn game for a while. The art is fantastic, it’s just a shame that the game has been stuck in Early Access for so long. Years have passed and we’re still waiting for a full release.

Developed by Team Nimbus, Cloud Meadow isn’t your typical adult sex game. It’s your job to Farm, Flirt and Fight your way to victory by cultivating your crops, romancing NPCs and battling your enemies. There are plenty of sexy-goings-on in the township where you have your homestead, including some inter-species XXX action.

Cloud Meadow has a demo that is free-to-play, or you can buy the game through Steam for $19.99. If you want to support the project, you can subscribe on Patreon (from $2.40 per month) and get access to additional content.

16. Project QT


Project QT on Nutaku, playable on Windows

Project QT is a free-to-play hentai game that combines elements of puzzle-solving, RPG combat, and dating sim. It was ranked the #1 most played mobile game on Nutaku in 2022, which is no small feat on one of the world’s largest hentai gaming platforms.

Don’t worry though, PC users, it’s not just for mobile devices. You can get your hands on it too. The game is playable directly from your Internet browser on PC.

In Project QT, you take control over a harem of hot and battle-ready girls from a different dimension. When a black hole experiment goes wrong, the world is invaded by a bunch of well-endowed seductive warriors, and it’s up to you to harness their powers. Naturally, you’ll reap the rewards of this by banging their brains out.

It’s classic hentai fare. Each girl you encounter is divided in to one of several races, and she’ll have strengths and weaknesses that you have to plan for accordingly as you head in to battle. The game uses turn-based combat and your main task is to level-up stats and choose the right girls to fight with. As you upgrade the skills and loyalty levels of each heroine, you’ll unlock her X-rated H scenes. Simple, but addictive.

17. King of Kinks


King of Kinks, voted Most Popular Browser Game at the Nutaku 2022 awards

King of Kinks is a fast-paced RPG that combines relaxing gameplay and strategic squad building. It’s available to play on PC (in your browser), or you can download it to Android devices.

The game sets you on a mission to reclaim your throne in the so-called Kingdom of Clouds. As you navigate through this expansive fantasy realm, you’ll need to recruit from a harem of beauties that cross your path. Each of the hentai babes you encounter has her own unique allure and skills. There are cat girls, ninjas, idols, elves and more; each beautifully illustrated with larger-than-life features (ahem)…

Your task is to build a formidable army, choose the right team, then win the spoils through a rapid 5v5 battle system. As you defeat more rivals, you’ll add to your harem and unlock explicit animated sex scenes with each ‘Glamazon’ on your warpath. Receive their messages, learn about their back-stories, watch the animated porn scenes. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a predictable formula, but surprisingly addictive.

King of Kinks was one of the fastest growing titles on the Nutaku network in 2022. You can play it for free. Be warned though: there’s plenty of ‘grind’ if you want to advance to the latter stages and unlock all of the hottest H scenes.

18. Subverse


Subverse adult sex game

Subverse is a sexy sci-fi shoot-em-up where you take control of a starship and fuck your way around the galaxies, one battle at a time. With stunning graphics, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, this is one of the sharpest looking RPGs on our list. It’s got some kickass music, too.

Set in the Prodigium Galaxy, you’ll blast around star systems and planets, encountering all sorts of anomalies and interesting characters, including sexy bounty hunter squidgirls who will relentlessly pursue you (and your hot crew of waifus).

Subverse features some badass babes, each with formidable combat potential and stunning looks. Your job is to earn their loyalty, train them, and reap the benefits – both in combat and in the bedroom. The gameplay itself is broken in to two modes — a shoot-em-up, where you tear through space (dodging asteroids along the way), and a turn-based strategy game. The mechanics are pretty simple for both, but fun nonetheless.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock explicit sex scenes with one of the three female love-interests. The animations are nice and fluid, but they can get a little samey. There’s not much connection between the lewd content and the story, meaning the sexy stuff can feel a little… tacked on.

Still, the writing is sharp and the XCOM style turn-based combat is leaps and bounds beyond some of the more ‘casual’ games in this space. Subverse costs $29.99 on Steam and is exclusive to PC.

Hentai Games

For lovers of anime and manga, Hentai games offer adult content in a playful and exaggerated art style that you already appreciate.

Hentai porn games can range from simple visual novels to complex RPGs, all featuring explicit, anime-style artwork. Playing on PC often means higher quality graphics, smoother gameplay, and a better selection of titles to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite hentai games for Windows:

19. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)


Harem Heroes, comic-style PC porn game that can be played on any device

Harem Heroes (also known as Hentai Heroes) is a light-hearted anime RPG that you can play for free in the browser on your PC. It is arguably the most-loved title from Kinkoid, a developer known for quirky sex games with razor sharp humor and heaps of uncensored action.

The gameplay is simple and hilariously over-the-top. At its core, Harem Heroes is a raunchy adventure where you have to level up by completing sexual showdowns. The girls are wholly driven by sex and are a lusty bunch who don’t ever seem to be fully satisfied. Your job is to teach them the basics of satisfaction and advance them to the next level. Your reward for success? Explicit H-scenes.

To the winner goes the spoils…

There’s no shortage of lewd content in Harem Heroes. The animations are brash, colourful and full of spunk. Seriously… so much spunk. This is very much a casual sex game, so don’t expect a particularly advanced story or narrative. It’s designed to be played mindlessly while you binge through the hentai illustrations.

There are 669 girls in the Haremverse — and if you want to bang them all, you’ll be investing some serious hours to the grind.

Harem Heroes is free to play and works on PC as well as mobile devices. It’s so popular that it’s been translated in to five other languages, including German, Japanese, Italian, French and Spanish.

20. Gay Harem


gay harem teaser

Gay Harem is the male-on-male equivalent of Harem Heroes, made by the same developer (Kinkoid) and sharing much of the same gameplay mechanics. It’s another browser-based title, meaning you can play-for-free via Safari or Chrome on your PC.

You start the game by stepping in to the shoes of a horny guy surrounded by a group of handsome, eager and jacked-up hunks. Your objective is to build the greatest harem of men in the entire Haremverse, and spoiler alert: there’s a lot of banging required.

There isn’t a single female character in Gay Harem. The game is jam-packed to the cummy rafters with jocks, twinks and comic-style villains at every turn. To progress, you’ll need to build a larger harem by completing challenges and daily objectives. At the same time you’ll be working on levelling up your guys by improving their experience points and affection. Success means more sex scenes.

While the game is free, it is designed to encourage micro-transactions. For example, after a tough battle, your energy and combat readiness will slowly regenerate for free. But if you chuck in some real-life money, you’ll be raring to go straight away. Grind slow, or pay to win — the choice is yours.

You can play Gay Harem for free via the Nutaku site.

21. Custom Order Maid 3D2


Custom Order Maid 2, exclusive PC porn game

Custom Order Maid 3D2 from KISS is a kinky maid-training simulator. It has a separate 18+ DLC, which is full of explicit H-scenes. Available on Steam, this game offers more than just hentai action; it marries strategy, club management, and explicit content in to one smutty package.

The game places you in the role of the new owner of a luxury bar/nightclub, Empire Club. But there’s an immediate problem – the club is riddled with massive debt and an underwhelming reputation. It’s your mission to manage and guide a crew of alluring big-breasted maids to pay off the debt and restore the club to its former glory.

Striking a balance between training games to increase your maid’s skills and sex sessions with each of the girls, the game builds on both strategy and lewd pay-offs. The maids are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they have unique personalities and traits, which you’ll discover as you interact more intimately with them.

As you advance through the game, you’ll be rewarded with some nicely rendered xxx scenes, sure to get your pulse racing if you’ve ever harboured a maid fetish…

Custom Order Maid 3D2 is a PC-exclusive title. There are various bundle deals available, so it’s best to check Steam for the latest pricing.

22. Hentai 3D


Hentai 3D, interactive anime porn maker for PC

Hentai 3D is a hentai porn simulator for PC by ThriXXX. It’s made by the same studio responsible for three other dirty little gems on our list: Chathouse 3D, 3D Gay Villa and 3D Sex Villa 2.

Hentai 3D follows the tried and tested ThriXXX formula. 15 years on, the edgy graphics have been surpassed by newer titles, but the nostalgic thrills of 3D animated sex are just the same!

The main difference in Hentai 3D is that instead of realistic porn, Hentai 3D lets you create your own interactive anime movies — featuring busty babes and animated cartoon-style characters.

If you like the exaggerated lewd nature of Japanese cartoon porn, you’ll love customising the ‘hentai sluts’ of Hentai 3D. This game is packed full of fantasy scenarios. There’s sex robots, schoolgirls, fantasy cosplay and a whole lot of extreme sex.

Hentai 3D also features some nice bonus XXX manga pics created exclusively for the game. If you’re looking for a wild hentai porn simulator, Hentai 3D should be high on your list.

You can download Hentai 3D to your PC using the free Thrixxx Game Launcher. Full membership allows you access the active game community, as well as additional user-generated content.

Text Based Porn Games

Some adult gamers prefer to rely on their imagination instead of a developer’s animation skills. That’s where text-based porn games can really deliver.

These 18+ games weave intricate narratives filled with explicit content, where your choices can lead to the type of dirty scenes you might ordinarily read through on Literotica. PCs are the perfect platform for these types of games, with easy input via keyboard and a big screen for ‘comfortable’ reading.

Some popular text-based porn games for PC include:

23. Hornstown


Hornstown characters from the text-based game

Hornstown (previously Hardtime in Hornstown) is a sandbox time-management game where you play the role of a boring everyman as he sets about creating a new life in a fetish themed underworld. It is the largest text-based fetish porn game on the web with over 5.5 million words of content.

You start from scratch on Day 1 with a dynamic user avatar. Earn money and experience with each new day and increase your personal skills, intelligence, charm and fitness to advance. As you work your way through Hornstown, you’ll meet over 500 unique NPCs, offering a huge variety of sexual encounters.

Hornstown is mostly text-based, but it has some stunning graphics to boot. Yes, the narrative can bounce around a little crazily at times, but that’s probably due to the ungodly amount of content. This dirty little sandbox is the perfect playground for kinks.

Story-wise, there are some great narratives to explore including witchcraft, foot fetish and sugar daddies as well as prostitution, sissification and cuckolding. There are some interesting characters to meet, and many have a kinky side with the focus on this title being very much an exploration of alt-sex.

Hornstown is free to play on Windows PC. You can get some exclusive content by supporting the developer through Patreon. Patrons get free updates earlier than the public, and can vote on how the game evolves.

24. Succubus Stories


Succubus Stories PC Porn Game

Succubus Stories is an erotic text-based adventure that can be downloaded on Windows, or played via your browser. If you prefer your porn games to go big on ‘story’ — and you want to play from the perspective of a cock-hungry hentai slut — you’ll enjoy the lewd tales of Succubus Stories.

You start the game as a peasant girl turned succubus (a demon girl who seduces men in their sleep). The basic gist of the story is that you are plotting revenge against the assholes who ruined your life and stole your family’s land. There’s just one small issue. You need a constant supply of semen to survive.

Succubus Stories charts your uber active sex-life as you seduce and fuck both female and male characters in your quest for more spunk. It’s text-based sandbox style gameplay, meaning you are free to walk around and interact with the virtual game world. Proposition NPCs for sex, take your clothes off, get a part-time prostitution gig on the side… just a normal weekend, really.

Succubus Stories has 490,000 words of content, 75 activities and 30 side quests. Four out of the five planned chapters are currently completed, and we’re eagerly awaiting the fifth. You can play the game on your PC for free via Itch.io.

Adult Visual Novels

Similar to text-based porn games, adult visual novels blend intricate stories with explicit content. As you read and make choices, you’ll shape the narrative, often leading to explicit sexual encounters with the characters you’ve grown to love (or hate).

PC platforms offer a large selection of these games, and the top-rated adult visual novels tend to be PC-exclusive since they utilise cutting-edge graphics. It’s one of the dominant genres on platforms like Steam and Itch.

Here are our favorite adult visual novels for PC:

25. Being a DIK


Being a DIK Mac game

Being a DIK is ranked by many AVN fans as the best adult visual novel of all time. Developed by DrPinkCake, it was released in February 2020 to ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews on Steam, and to broad acclaim from the AVN community as a whole.

We simply can’t talk about the best adult visual novels for PC without mentioning the obvious: Being a DIK is on another level. It is one of the few XXX games that truly gets the power of story and character development. It makes the pay-off so much more rewarding.

You play the role of a college freshman, from a low-income background but hoping to strike it lucky. His new life in an upmarket fraternity is full of adult choices. From sex, drugs and alcohol to conflicts at every turn, you must help him navigate his way through higher education.

Being a DIK is an epic story-driven delight. There’s hours of entertainment here with free-roaming and mini-games, alongside the main narrative, where you work towards a happy ending. How things turn out will be down to whether you decide to play it safe, and be a nice guy, or whether you embrace temptation…

Season 1 contains 4 episodes with 361 animated scenes and over 8000 images. You can expect around 8-12 hours of game-time. If you like playing porn novels on your PC, you need to play this game. Period.

Being a DIK is available to play on both PC or Mac. However, the Mac version is only available through DrPinkCake’s Patreon page. Season 1 costs $13.99 on Steam.

26. Summertime Saga


Summertime Saga, playable on all devices

Summertime Saga is a free adult dating sim that has 65 characters, 30 unique locations and 20+ mini games to enjoy. It is one of the most successful crowd-funded NSFW games of all time, amassing 25,884 paying subscribers as of August 2023, contributing a total of $58,836 per month to developer, DarkCookie.

So… what’s all the fuss about?

Summertime Saga is set in a quiet suburban town. You play the role of the protagonist, a college student new to the area whose father has recently died in mysterious circumstances. Pursued by some shady criminals who seem interested in Dad’s debts, there’s more going on in this little game than you’d first give it credit for.

Each character has been given the sufficient TLC to make this a truly immersive world, one where your choice-driven actions matter.

The adult content comes thick and fast. You’ll dive in to fetishes such as BDSM, voyeurism, spanking, group and public sex, plus milking, latex and exhibitionism. If you’re looking for story-driven escapism, Summertime Saga might just be the definitive PC sex game. It’s certainly one of the kinkiest.

Summertime Saga is free to play on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android. If you enjoy the game, you can join the growing army of paid subscribers on Patreon for exclusive content and early access to new releases.

27. Harem Hotel


Harem Hotel, popular PC porn games list

Harem Hotel is an adult visual novel dating sim based around harem building. This free PC porn game was developed by RuneyGames and first released in 2018, part-funded by crowd support on Patreon.

The story puts you in the shoes of an average Joe who inherits his grandfather’s run-down hotel. It’s your job to transform the hotel and bring it back to its glory years. You start with just 8 female characters occupying the hotel, each with her own unique personalities and traits. From college student Ashley who was kicked out of home by her strict parents, to cheerleaders (and bitchy clones), Felicty and Emma.

Your job is to look after the guests, and the hotel, while exploring the individual narratives and managing your interactions with each girl. Needless to say, there’ll be some dirty temptations along the way.

Harem Hotel offers a solid mix of both engaging storylines and satisfying adult content. The game’s narrative is surprisingly in-depth, with fleshed-out characters who each have their own unique story arcs.

In total, Harem Hotel boasts over 980 unique events and more than 30,000 HD images. The art style is cartoony at times, in keeping with other harem-themed games. There’s plenty of fetish-themed content to explore, including:

  • BDSM
  • Pet Play
  • Watersports
  • Exhibitionism
  • Defloration
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Religious Corruption

(The developers obviously know their Japanese kinks and you can also find Tsundere, Yandere and Ahegao.)

Harem Hotel is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis via Itch (name your price). If you enjoy it, you can help support further development by subscribing to Runey on Patreon.

28. Man Of The House


Man of the House visual novel

Man Of The House is a popular sandbox adult visual novel by Faerin Games. Since its release in 2019, the game has received widespread acclaim for its erotic sex scenes and hard-hitting story, racking up over 2400 ‘very positive’ ratings on Steam.

You play the role of the central character, a man living in a house with three women. Each girl has their own personality and requires different tactics to be seduced, but how you do this (and with who) is up to you.

Desktop gamers can enjoy over 3,500 images, each rendered beautifully, plus over 100 animated scenes in total. The game also has collectable cosplay images to uncover as you work your way through the choice-driven story.

In total, Man Of The House offers around 30-40 hours of gameplay. Trust us: it’s a rewarding grind. The girls are beautifully animated and fun to seduce. Yes, there’s a bit of repetition, but the stories are well constructed and worth the pay-off.

You can follow the romance/dating narratives or indulge in one of two optional jobs, each with stat management and reward scenes to keep you hooked. This visual novel has plenty of erotic mini-games and extra rewards, but it’s the story and plot twists that kept our attention.

Man Of The House is available to purchase on Steam for $19.99. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

Interactive Porn Games

Interactive porn games aren’t really ‘games’ as such. They are simply an interactive means of watching porn, where your choice-driven actions dictate the type of content you get to see.

While you can play interactive porn games on any device, not every interactive porn scene is optimised for mobile devices. They are best enjoyed with a full-screen experience on the comfort of your desktop computer.

Our favorite interactive porn games include:

29. Life Selector


interactive porn sites like life selector

Life Selector is the most famous example of an interactive porn game. Although it’s not really a ‘game’, it’s closer in mechanics to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel… but brought to life by professional porn stars.

Life Selector offers POV-based interactive adult content, placing you in the shoes of the lucky male pornstar who gets to decide what happens next at various key points in the story. You can live through each porn scene on your PC, using the mouse to click story-branches and send the action off in some very different directions.

The game boasts a diverse cast of AAA porn stars, including Riley Reid, Mia Malkova and Abella Danger. You might recognise their faces, but you’re probably not used to directing them around the bedroom. And therein lies the thrill of Life Selector. You get to call the shots with some of the hottest names in porn.

Whether it’s the innocent, doe-eyed girl or the sultry, seasoned seductress, you’ll have your pick and the power to dictate how the story unfolds. Each choice you make affects the content of the next scene, so you’ll find yourself wanting to go back multiple times and explore different story branches.

Life Selector operates on a pay-per-scene basis using a system of credits. Rather than paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited access, you buy credits which you then spend to view individual scenes.

30. DezyRed

DezyRed interactive porn game, best experienced on a desktop computer

DezyRed is similar to Life Selector. They are both interactive porn games, but while Life Selector is like watching an interactive movie, DezyRed is designed to be enjoyed in virtual reality. While you can watch the content on your ordinary desktop computer screen, the optimal experience is delivered through a VR headset.

The best way to understand DezyRed is to take a look at our image above. When you start the game, you’ll be transported in to a virtual apartment (or similar) and introduced to your model of choice. As the life-like 8K scene unfolds, you’ll be given up to four different choices that dictate what happens next.

Blackmail her for a strip show? Offer breakfast? Close your eyes? Complement her?

Your decision-making affects the trajectory of the storyline. Let’s be honest, though. Titles like Life Selector and DezyRed are called interactive porn games for a reason. All roads eventually lead to some XXX action. You don’t recruit some of the world’s hottest porn stars if you don’t intend to show off their skills in the sack, right?

DezyRed is a fun way to sample VR porn, even if the ‘gameplay’ is severely limited. Obviously, it’s best suited to PC users who already have a VR headset for the full immersive experience. Just like Life Selector, this site uses a pay-per-scene model where you purchase credits in bulk and spend them on each story.

See our full DezyRed experience reviewed.

VR Porn Games

Virtual Reality takes immersion to another level, and VR porn games are the perfect way to indulge in a little escapism. The bad news is there aren’t many truly great VR porn games. The good news is that the best ones are truly mind-blowing. Obviously… you will need a VR headset to enjoy these titles fully.

Adult VR games place you directly into the game world, where you can interact with the environment and characters in a way that feels real. With a VR-ready PC and a VR headset, you can experience these games in high definition, bringing a whole new dose of realism to your adult gaming experience.

Our pick of the top-rated VR porn games include:

31. Virt-A-Mate


Virt-A-Mate vr porn game

Virt-A-Mate is a sandbox VR sex simulator that is best experienced on a high-end VR headset, or hooked up to a high-spec PC. It is one of the most graphically impressive virtual reality sex games we’ve ever seen.

Developed by Meshed VR and funded exclusively through Patreon (with 15,648 active patrons as of August 2023), VAM is a work-in-progress, but boy does it get us excited about the future of VR tech in adult videogames.

VR interaction is on another level compared to most VR sex games. The virtual sex scenes are as realistic as you are likely to find outside of actual porn. The textures and physics are sublime, including realistic joint physics, realistic skin-touch, and so much more.

The gameplay works like your ordinary sex simulator. You design and create your own characters, then put them through their paces in virtual reality. What separates Virt-A-Mate from the pack is the sheer breadth of customisation options available to you — and the hyper-realistic animations.

32. Sin VR


sinvr, available on Windows only

Sin VR is a sex sim PC game for use with Virtual Reality headsets and controllers. However, you can also play with your PC and mouse if you prefer.

The gameplay in Sin VR is based around BDSM and depravity. It’s packed full of sadomasochistic scenarios – think dungeons, torture chambers and hardcore sex. Released in 2016, the graphics and animations are pretty good, while not spectacular. You get plenty of control with the camera views and sexual positions. The game has decent replay value with more than 200 scene combinations, and a whole library of bondage girls to put through their paces.

Sin VR’s base game is free to download and play but it only features one playable scene. The rest of the content must be purchased as add-ons or via a subscription.

Members get access to unlimited content at a cost of $9.99 per month with the price of individual scenes/characters for non-members starting at $9.99 each.

Bonus Recommendations: The developers behind Sin VR have recently released details of a new game they have been working on called Space SEX. A visual novel style game with immersive graphics, this title will also be available with full VR support. You can check out an early version of the game through Steam.

That wraps up my top PC porn game picks. As you can see, the market for Windows is pretty wild. There’s a good chance I’ve missed some of your favorites. In fact, I’d say it’s inevitable.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to drop us your favorites for consideration in the next update.


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