DezyRed Review: A Choose Your Own Porn Adventure, In Virtual Reality

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I’m not entirely sure where this site’s name comes from: Urban Dictionary suggests that ‘Dezy’ is a sexy and strong girl who is adorable to hang around, but it seems relatively obscure and even though I’m an extremely online guy, it’s my first time coming across it to describe a woman.

Anyhow, what is DezyRed? They claim to offer VR porn games – but I don’t think this is quite the right way to categorize their content.

See, DezyRed has porn videos where you have a few decisions to make. You’ll watch the scene for a few minutes, decide on how you want to approach the situation and then be shown the results. This place doesn’t have what I’d describe as games – it’s more chose-your-own-adventure.

It’s interactive and fun, but if you’re hoping for a fully fledged sex simulator title with epic quests, gear upgrades, a passive skill tree and so on – this ain’t it.

With this in mind: let’s see how this project stacks up against the VR porn competition. Here’s our full hands-on DezyRed review.

DezyRed Review: First Impressions

DezyRed review

DezyRed is owned and operated by the same team behind VR Bangers.

I recently reviewed VR Bangers, so if you want to know who’s behind this particular project, definitely give it a read. Their first ‘game’ released right at the tail end of 2020, so DezyRed is still a relatively fresh idea – it’s been around for a touch over 3 years at the time of writing this review.

I suspect that DezyRed has approached this particular project trying to stress that these are games: I’m going to refer to them as scenes, as I think that better fits how most users are going to interact with their content.

There are likely good marketing reasons for them to label these productions as VR porn games – but I prefer to keep things honest and call a spade a spade. What you’re getting here are VR sex videos with some branching storylines. I really hate to describe myself as a gamer, but I am one, and this project’s content is very much not gaming.

The tour has many trailers that you can check out, but you have to create a free account in order to sample the goods. This is a bit of a pain, and yeah – they’re going to send you advertising emails to try and get you to become a paying member. Note that the setup here for content access is different to standard monthly subscriptions – instead, you load credits onto your account and access the media that way.

DezyRed subscription options

Different scenes have different prices: some as little as 69, whereas others are up to 300. It really depends on the pornstars involved, how many scenes the game has and so on. You can start all of the scenes for free: you’ll get a taste of what’s going to happen before deciding if it’s the right story for you.

One thing’s for sure: these scenes are certainly not cheap!

The DezyRed Member’s Area

It’s clear to me that a lot of time, effort and energy has been put into making the member’s area as attractive as possible.

It’s an incredibly modern aesthetic and everything feels really fluid and nice – a level of polish that I’m not used to seeing in the adult space.

I do have one complaint: if you go to the pornstars section here, you’re going to be shown quite a few girls, but when you click on their profiles, it doesn’t show you the scenes that they’re in. I really do not understand this – especially since so much effort has gone into these really attractive bios. Check out this one for Jewelz Blu:

Jewelz Blu profile

In terms of update frequency – it’s not exactly clear to me what the schedule is here, but since the uploads have a lot of production value, I wouldn’t expect new ones to drop multiple times per week.

I went to their X account and a new scene actually dropped just a few days ago, but the last one before that was back in July of 2023 – around 6 months ago. This would usually be something that I’d complain about, but since you’re not paying per month, it’s far less of an issue.

There are a few adverts in the member’s area, but they’re incredibly small and fit in with the overall aesthetic that the website has.

You might want to look at the deals page: if you don’t have The Handy, it’s a good idea to get one. I’ll talk about this later, but it’s a device you attach to your dong and it simulates what’s happening in the scene, really enhancing the sensation of virtual reality. It also works with a bunch of other websites, including VR Bangers – the main sister site to DezyRed.

Video Analysis


Very small collection here: Dezyred is all about quality instead of quantity, and I want to stress that you pay per ‘game’, not per month. There are 13 options available right now, and based on the last year or so, you can expect 3 to be added through until 2025. Note that each of the scenes here actually have multiple scenes contained within them. Here’s an example:

Double Trouble Vr Porn Game

With 9 sex scenes included, it’s quite obvious that you can spend a lot of time within each release. So although there are 13 releases, each one has several hours of fun associated with it – far more than your average skin flick from a VR destination. Another example I came across had 7 sex scenes, each with 1 different pornstar, then a huge orgy at the end. I’d estimate that there’s 50+ hours of action here.


Owing to the nature of Dezyred and how the site operates, you don’t actually download scenes in a typical fashion. Instead, you run everything through the PLAY’A app. You have three options: 4K, 6K and 8K. Here’s what the menu looks like when you buy a scene:

My view of the DezyRed game

I recently reviewed VR Bangers and since it’s made by the same production house, there’s a really good chance that they’re running the same technical specifications.

In the case of 4K, this is 10.6 Mb/s at 3840 x 1920 pixels. For 8K, that goes up to 55.5 Mb/s and 8192 x 4096 pixels. The 4K is about standard, whereas the 8K is above standard. If you have a high end headset, Dezyred’s scenes are really going to take advantage of it – make sure you grab the 8K version! Oh, and there’s no price difference between the qualities either.

Subjectively, the scenes at Dezyred are among the best I’ve seen in the VR space.

Because of the production value that goes into these particular releases – they’ve gotten the visuals down to a science. I’d honestly love to be able to try these out on a Vision Pro, simply because I don’t think my Meta Quest 2 is making the most of the stunning visuals that this website is able to support. I’m not one to overpromote, but honestly – Dezyred is among the best in the business when it comes to VR porn scene quality.

Download Speed

You have to download the games to your headset, but the speeds are really incredible. You’ll be completely limited by the wireless connection between your router and the VR device you have. Testing VR Bangers with a gigabit connection yielded 113 MB/s – full saturation.

Content Analysis

Let’s first look at the scene themes – you can check these out on the tour, but a look at the latest 9 ought to give you a good idea of what scenarios you’re going to have access to:

Selection of DezyRed games you can play in VR

Having some fun with your busty assistant, fucking your hot girlfriend in the ass, sorority girls pleasuring you and dishing out a hot creampie to your stepsister: these are the types of scenes you’ll find at Dezyred.

I like the variety, as well as the fact that some scenes are solo, whereas others are with a group of girls. Note that the difficulty display here (easy, medium and hard) is typically an indicator of how many sub-scenes there are and achievements for you to unlock. I suppose it’s an idea to talk about the structure of these scenes, so let’s do that.

Most of the adventures will begin with a small introduction – typically 30 to 60 seconds in length. You’ll then have your first interactive dialog experience with a pornstar, and you’ve got multiple options with regard to how you want to proceed.

My playthrough of a DezyRed scene

Your dialog choices matter quite a lot, and what you pick will influence how you’re reacted to and what happens next.

In some instances, you’ll actually have ‘game over’ type mechanics. In this playthrough, I could ditch my girl and go hang out with the guys at the bar – pretty cool.

It’s not as mentally taxing as dating simulators, but sometimes, you’re going to want to make silly decisions. The good news is that you can play back scenes as much as you want, so don’t worry. In fact, there are some achievements you can unlock that require you to make the ‘wrong’ choice. I must admit, the level of interactivity that these adventures had was far beyond what I initially suspected it was going to be.

In certain situations, you’ll have to interact with your environment in non-erotic ways to progress the story. For instance, your character will say ‘damn, I’m hungry, could get a bite to eat’ and then you’ll go into the kitchen and make some food while your girlfriend puts on a sexy outfit.

Pretty cool, and definitely gives me similar sensations to modern 3D dating simulators, like MILFY City and Being a DIK.

A side task in DezyRed

You don’t need to walk and instead, you’ll just use your controller to point to a specific area in order to navigate there. For me, it’s just the right level of interactivity to get that gaming sensation without it being a gimmick, nor it being too much of a hassle. That’s quite hard to do, but honestly – Dezyred managed it far better than I thought they would have when I saw the website’s tour.

Sex scenes have a number of options associated with them and when you’re mid session, you can switch over to another position. There’s a small transition too – this makes it non-jarring and avoids motion sickness that might otherwise be induced.

Choose your sex positions

Design & Navigation

I’d recommend visiting the website on a PC first, since this gives you the best look at the scenes, the pornstars and the overall setup of the platform.

However, once you’ve done that – feel free to grab the app and get straight into the swing of things. I don’t know how Dezyred performs with devices that link up to your PC, but I’m sure that it’s just fine.

The overall level of access and design here is also fantastic: it feels like you’re in a modern hub and it’s clear to me that they wanted this place to look as stunning as possible. It feels like a gaming website too – I don’t know quite how to describe it, but it definitely has that sensation to it.

VR Headset

The screenshots provided above in the content analysis area will give you a good idea of how accessing these games goes. It’s not that difficult to move around, the controls are intuitive and yeah – it’s all smooth sailing.

If I had to complain about anything, it’s the inability to skip ahead in a particular scene using a buffer bar. I understand what it’s designed this way, but I think for some people, just having a ‘all scenes together’ section where they have timeline indicators would make a lot of sense. The current setup is fine though, and I’m pretty sure most people will be more than happy with grabbing the PLAY’A and doing things as intended.


There is a mobile friendly version of this website that will allow you to use Google Cardboard, but it’s a pain to use and honestly – just grab yourself a decent headset instead. You can attach a controller to your mobile phone if you really want to go through selections, but it’s janky at best. Trust me: a Meta Quest 2 for a few hundred bucks is the right play to make.

The Handy

You can connect The Handy to DezyRed – they’ve added scripts to every single scene so that what you see on screen actually happens to your dick.

I’m in an office with lots of other people, so it’s not really practical for me to buy one of these and put it to the test, but I did some reading online and people say that it’s the real deal and works great, specifically with DezyRed.

Scripts are also available on other platforms with VR scenes: I think that Sex Like Real is the best for this, as they also have a special AI tool that can write scripts for scenes that don’t have manually produced ones. I have a full review on Sex Like Real if you want to know more about it!

Billing Information

Instead of paying for a monthly membership, you buy the VR porn games individually. These vary wildly in price: the lowest was 69 credits, with the most expensive at 560. Credits are available for purchase at the following price points:

  • $12 – 100
  • $30 – 255
  • $60 – 525
  • $100 – 895
  • $250 – 2,315

Even with the ‘mega pack’ of 2,315 tokens for $250, you’re only saving around 13% over buying the same amount with the smaller package. My advice would be to start off with a small purchase, try a few scenes and get a small discount with a bigger order if you want to save a few bucks. The more expensive the scene, the more models that are involved, playable hours and action to explore.

You can allegedly purchase credits with a variety of different payment options, but once I used my card, I wasn’t able to see a way to switch to something else.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diner’s, JCB and Maestro are all accepted – Dezyred allegedly takes paysafecard, PayPal and Neosurf as well. Sadly, no cryptocurrency payments are available.

How Will DezyRed Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s what my bank reported to me when I purchased credits on DezyRed:

How a Dezyred transaction appeared on my credit card statement

I did my best to look all over Google for that specific phrase: nothing came up that brought it back to adult entertainment.

Note that Epoch is the biller of choice for XXX websites, so if someone is in the know – yeah, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to figure it out. Still, I think it’s fair to say that DezyRed’s billing is fully discreet.

Downsides of DezyRed

Some ‘games’ here are pretty cheap – just $5 to $10, but others can go up to $50, which is a pretty steep price to pay for this type of media.

The interactivity is good, but I mean, there are free actual games (Path of Exile, League of Legends, etc.) that you can spend thousands of hours on without spending a penny – it’s quite a lot to ask for someone to spend 50 bucks on a 10-hour porn game.

Note that this isn’t a downside per se, and I understand that there are a lot of costs involved in making this type of production – it’s just that if you don’t value the interactivity, it’s probably best for you to join a standard VR porn site where there’s no interactivity.

Although this is niche material, I think they could create a lot more games. One a month seems possible – I mean, you only need a day or two for the shooting, and the rest of the stuff you can outsource. I guess they’re just testing the waters with viability and profitability before really committing, and the fact that you pay per scene does take pressure off of them to forego quality in order to reach quantity targets and promises.

Our Verdict on DezyRed

It’s an interesting idea and I was really quite surprised at the quality of the productions on DezyRed. I don’t think it’s quite accurate to call these games, but they’re the closest non-game VR experience I’ve seen that has interactive gaming elements (if that makes any sense whatsoever).

Could the high-end scenes be better priced? Probably. Could they add more scenes? Yes. That said, the competition in this space is incredibly limited, and while there are 2D versions of this – finding a better choice in VR is easier said than done.

The lack of monthly fee, as well as budget-friendly starter scenes, makes this a great choice for someone who wants to try something different in the VR porn space.

I’m excited to see the future of VR porn games: DezyRed is the best that we have right now.

Sign up here to try it for yourself.


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