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Want to be one of the first people to try out the latest immersive and interactive content?

DezyRed is a brand-new VR adult game offering audiences the chance to experience choose your own adventure porn in mind-blowing 8K. Once you don your VR headset with this site you’ll be transported into the body of a big-cock wielding babe magnet and you get to choose what happens next.

In this DezyRed review, we take a look at this new interactive porn site and let you know what to expect and how to get involved.

The World’s First Ever 8K VR Porn Game

Created by VR Bangers and launched in late December 2020, DezyRed is an interactive porn site where you get to be the star of the show.

dezyred adult game review

Similar to other choose your own adventure porn sites but exclusively filmed in 8K virtual reality, DezyRed allows you to experience scenes from the POV of the hero and make choices along the way.

This means you can watch the same scene over and over again but enjoy many different variations and endings.

As a new site, there’s only one fully playable story to experience but there are a handful of videos coming soon.

Immersive Sex Games with the Hottest Pornstars

The first (and only) story you can play on DezyRed at the moment is Double Trouble featuring the talents of Whitney Wright and Lacey Lennon.

You take on the role of Lennon’s step-brother and you get to watch as these two hot stars have a wild weekend together…..with a little help from you along the way.

Filmed with dozens of breaks where you can make decisions about what happens next, the story includes nine different sex scenes including two varieties of anal action and one threesome. All in all, the different variations make up for more than 7+ hours of dirty 8K VR porn fun.

interactive porn dezyred review

Coming soon are two further releases:

  • Sorority Hookups: Featuring 9 hot teens and 3 sexy MILFs you can play and experience up to 12 different sex scenes including 3 gang bangs for more than 12 hours of fun.
  • Womanizer Chronicles: Starring Angela White, Cecilia Lion, Morgan Lee, Kyler Quinn and Katy Jayne this interactive story makes you the hottest woman magnet around. With 7 sex scenes including 3 anal and 2 threesomes you get to enjoy more than 9 hours of XXX entertainment.

New scenes are already in production and these will be added to DezyRed once complete. It is thought that this will be at a rate of one per month in the short term.

Experience Full 360 Interactions

Okay so interactive porn isn’t new but what makes DezyRed a real game changer is the fact that their scenes are all filmed in full 360deg VR. This means that the XXX world you find yourself transported to is far more realistic and indulgent than anything you’ll have experienced before.

Within each environment you can explore fully and even interact with other people and objects.

interactive porn game dezyred

Navigate Each Story With Full Mapping

There are so many different variations to how these scenes pan out that you need a map to help you understand how much gameplay you can unlock.

Handily, VR Bangers has produced just such a tool and before you play you can see exactly where the decisions need to be made and what kinds of outcomes these unlock.

We’d say that looking at this before you play for the first few times isn’t advisable but once you have tried out a few different scenarios it can really help how you plan to unlock the rest of the game.

Though there might only be ten different sex scenes in a game, the way you reach these can really change your experience.

Once you start playing a game you can keep an eye on your progress as you advance within your account dashboard. This will show you how many scenes you have unlocked and what percentage of the game you’ve completed.

interactive porn dezyred

Using DezyRed

Playing this interactive porn game requires the latest version of the PLAY’A app which you will need to download direct to your VR device.

Once installed, you can access and play the interactive stories from within your VR headset.

Content on DezyRed is currently compatible with:

  • Oculus Rift and RiftS
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft MR
  • Steam VR

It is envisaged that the site will eventually be able to work with other headsets including Gear VR, Oculus Go and Quest as well as Daydream, iOS and Android devices.

VR porn game dezyred

How Much Does DezyRed Cost?

At the moment, playing DezyRed is entirely free but you will need to pay to unlock new scenes and interactions. The price of these is between 150 and 500 credits so depending on how far you advance depends on what you pay.

Credits are purchased as bundles with the following packs currently being available:

  • 3,000 credits for $20
  • 12,500 credits for $50
  • 30,000 credits for $100

New customers to DezyRed will get 600 free credits but to unlock all variations of a story will cost you around $35.

Once you’ve paid for a new scene, it’s yours to keep so you can keep replaying the game.

Payments for credits can be made using credit card or PayPal.

DezyRed VR porn game

DezyRed Review: The Best Interactive Porn Game?

That’s a tough question and our answer is both yes and no.

Let’s start with the good news.

DezyRed looks to be one of those rare advances in adult entertainment technology that promises something really special indeed.

Whilst choose your own interactive porn isn’t new, VR Bangers has made a huge leap in the genre with advanced 360 deg. filming techniques offering superior immersion within the VR format.

Not only can you explore the world you find yourself in but you can also interact with it.

dezy red interactive porn game review

The 8K quality also makes this one of the finest real life experiences you can get within a VR porn game and the close up views you get of these porn stars is like being in the same room.

Not only is DezyRed technically a brilliant development but the content is also strong.

The team hasn’t skimped on the story just to bring high quality visuals and you really do get a complex narrative here. With plenty of choices to make along the way, each story offers multiple hours of enjoyment and you get a real sense of a different adventure each time you make a new decision.

8k VR porn game dezyred

So, what about the bad news?

It seems a little unfair to be saying this after the site is only a few months old but it is true to say that there is still only one game available to play.

And though Double Trouble is highly playable and lots of fun to enjoy, we really do want more.

Another downside is that not all headsets are supported so if you own a Oculus Go or usually use your iPhone to access VR then you just wont be able to play DezyRed at the moment.

As for the price, completing a 7-12 hours game for $30+ actually isn’t such a bad cost when you compare it to other adult games, particularly when you consider just how advanced DezyRed is.

Seriously, consider for a moment just how much tech went in to creating this format and how many hours it took to create?!

dezyred interactive porn game review

So, where does that leave us?

Our only negatives really are areas which VR Bangers are already aware of and are soon to be addressed.

In a few months’ time, there will more content available and all of this should be compatible with popular headsets.

As for early adopters, we don’t think there’s any reason why you shouldn’t get involved and get used to this new format with Double Trouble.

Just be warned that once you’ve experienced porn games like DezyRed you really will be spoiled for anything else that follows.

Sign up on DezyRed to check it out for yourself.

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