VR Bangers Review: Is It Really the G.O.A.T. Virtual Reality Porn Site?

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Since its launch at the end of 2015, VR Bangers has grown considerably over the last eight years — and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

The brains behind the virtual reality porn site have added a wealth of innovative features, including a dedicated app, interactive game scenes, and videos with up to 8K resolution for crystal-clear armchair viewing (and pleasuring, naturally). 

And even with the host of rival VR porn sites like SexLikeReal, VirtualRealPorn, and BaDoinkVR, VR Bangers is managing to retain its ultra-high ranking in our list of the top VR porn sites. It sits firmly at #1.

How is it doing this? Aggressive pricing and quality content, mainly. But you can bet your bottom dollar that it has the minerals to stand out from the crowd.

In fact, it’s cheaper than a few of its rivals. Although, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting better value for money. So, let’s take a look at whether VR Bangers is really worth making a dent in your wallet.

VRB: A True Pioneer in VR Porn

vr bangers review

Excited by the new advances being made in virtual reality, VR Bangers was launched as one of the very first producers of VR porn. It wasn’t to be plain sailing all the way.

In something of a media shitstorm, the site was accused of promoting the use of headsets to spice up married life.

VR Bangers famously suggested that men “try wearing a device whilst having sex with their partner“.

Yes, the benefits of getting off with your wife whilst watching a porn star are obvious, but the backlash of how she might feel about it are just as apparent. It’s fair to say, the media picked up on it fast!

As the jokes have died down, VR Bangers has gone from strength to strength. With sleek marketing, a core of A-list porn stars, and an instantly recognisable brand, VR Bangers has become one of the flagship names in the VR porn space. And that’s no mean feat with the technology evolving at such a rapid rate.

The VR Bangers Content Library: Is It Bigger Than The Rest?

VR Bangers knows it needs to keep up with the competition — and it’s a fast-paced porn world out there, so they’re doing all they can to craft an ever-growing catalog of hundreds of virtual reality porn videos. 

However, their library certainly isn’t bigger than the rest, even though it’s updated weekly. And yes, size does matter here, lads. VR Bangers has a catalog of just over 650 videos (admittedly, very high-quality videos, but more on that later). It simply can’t compete with the likes of SexLikeReal (reviewed here), which boasts more than 6,000 movies for you to drool over. 

Despite not having the most extensive selection, the filtering options make it easy to find precisely what you’re looking for. You can filter by category, search for a specific performer, or hop from video to video using the tags. Regardless, it’s straightforward. Although, the site doesn’t come with the “best viewing angle” indicator that some of its rivals contain. 

The scenes typically range from 22 to 40+ minutes, with the average movie hitting the high twenties. Plus, the catalog appears to receive regular updates (often themed) and boasts an interactive VR porn game for subscribers (but you’ll need an HTC Vive or Oculus headset to take advantage of that).

One thing VR Bangers is very good at is mixing up the scene types. We love the mix of one-on-one action and movies with multiple gorgeous girls, and we know you’ll adore it too. Not to mention the studio switches between 360-degree and 180-degree clips when most of their rivals seem to be stuck on 180-degree.

Another big plus point is the abundance of sexy (and hilarious) parody porn.

Pokemon Blow on VR Bangers

Pokemon Blow, anyone?

VR Bangers Sets the Standard for Video Quality

Video quality is where VR Bangers truly shines, boasting a max resolution of a whopping 8K. But if you don’t have a headset to back it up, never fear — all their videos are available at lower resolutions to fit your needs (right down to 2K). 

That said, the streams are only in 4K. However, this is probably done deliberately to reduce latency. You can download the 8K version of the stream anyway, so it’s not a problem. 

If you’re looking for the highest quality virtual reality porn, you don’t need to look any further; VR Bangers is your perfect match. Just keep in mind that they currently don’t support any teledildonics. So, you’ll have to leave your Kiiroo Pearl/Onyx or Fleshlight Launch alone for this one.

Let’s Talk Headset Compatibility

Unlike SexLikeReal, which is compatible with a massive range of headsets, VR Bangers only works with the major makes and models.

You can use a PlayStation VR, Gear VR, Oculus, Vive, or a smartphone-based headset to watch the 4K streams and videos. And the site explicitly mentions compatibility with Windows Mixed Reality headsets — something most of its rivals certainly don’t do. 

VR Bangers: Who Will You Find in Their Smoking Hot Content?

The VRBangers homepage

VR Bangers has an impressive list of ultra-recognizable faces (and bodies, naturally) featured in their virtual reality porn videos. You’re bound to know a few, even if you’re only just getting started on your adult entertainment journey.

Compared to SexLikeReal and a few other competitors, VR Bangers has the most impressive range of famous (and oh-so-sexy) adult performers, including:

  • Riley Reid
  • Avery Black
  • Laney Grey
  • Lena Paul
  • Nancy Ace
  • Brandi Love
  • Charlotte Sins
  • Naomi Swann

You can see a list of all 450+ performers in the VR Bangers model directory.

Of course, many movies on the site also feature lesser-known (but just as hot) pornstars too.

The VR Bangers App Is One of the Best

Despite not being even close to the largest catalog, its app is one of its outstanding differentiators, separating it from its rivals.

It works a little like BaDoinkVR’s virtual theater mode, making the whole process of finding and watching full-length, high-res VR porn videos a lot easier. You don’t have to download all the ones you want to enjoy or faff around with third-party content players. And yes, Android users can get it too!

That said, we do think it’s missing one feature that SexLikeReal’s app really doubles down on — being available on every headset platform. VR Bangers isn’t quite there yet.

The VR Bangers Experience

VR Bangers’ video quality makes for a superior viewing experience. All virtual reality porn is supposed to make you feel like you’re involved in the raunchy action, but 8K resolution takes things to another level entirely. It’s enough to make you believe it isn’t your hand doing all the work. 

The quality and world-class performers on VR Bangers haven’t gone unnoticed in the media either. The site has received awards and recognitions from AVN, CBS, Geek, Maxim, and XBiz. So, you can count on seeing the best of the best entertainers doing outrageously sexy scenes. You’ll thank your lucky stars for the insanely high quality. 

If you haven’t yet experienced virtual reality porn… we can’t think of many better options to take your cherry than the premium offerings on VR Bangers.

You Get What You Pay For

Like anything in life, you’ll have to pay for this outstanding quality and innovative features. From 360-degree videos to download options to streaming to 180-degree movies, the subscription is aggressively priced.

But don’t get us wrong — it isn’t what we’d call “cheap.” You’ll pay $24.95 monthly, $49.95 for three months, or $100 yearly. Alternatively, you can pay an upfront $250 for a lifetime membership. 

Ultimately, committing to VR Bangers for the long haul saves you a decent amount of money. And it’s worth noting that you can experience the sizzling content for free for one day before deciding whether it’s the perfect VR porn site. 

VR Bangers pricing

Bonus Content

Once you sign up to VR Bangers you will also get access to a free VR game, The Dragon MILF. A full interactive adult game which works with either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

dragon milf VR porn game
Nobody says no to bonus content and this free VR game looks pretty good.

Should You Choose VR Bangers for Your Virtual Reality Pleasure?

If you’re looking for a virtual reality site with a massive catalog, VR Bangers might not be the best one for you — we recommend trying SexLikeReal instead. However, if quality over quantity is more your deal, you will rapidly reach your climax with VRB. 

Nobody does it better.

Other sites can’t compete with the 8K max resolution and the level of stars they feature on their videos. Its rivals can only hope to boast the likes of Riley Reid, Brandi Love, and Lena Paul. You get your money’s worth (and then some) with VR Bangers.

One thing the site does lack is niche content.

You won’t find any BDSM material (try Kink VR, or XVirtual). Sure, the clips are all exclusive, but most of them follow a similar style. There is a great selection of parody porn though. Desperate Housewives and Cyberpunk 2077 are two of our favorites…

There’s a reason why we’ve had VR Bangers ranked #1 as our top recommended VR porn site since 2019. It delivers a premium viewing experience — one that showcases the very best of VR porn.

Try it and see for yourself.


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