VR Bangers Review: A Highly Impressive Showcase of Virtual Reality Porn

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VR Bangers, as the name suggests, has devoted itself entirely to the production and publication of virtual reality sex videos. Their homepage tour promises hundreds of exclusive scenes, twice-weekly updates, 8K quality support and more. They’ve certainly pulled in world-class talent too – pornstars with scenes here include the likes of Angela White, Riley Reid, Lena Paul and Elsa Jean.

VR Bangers also has its own app called PLAY’A – suitable for those that want to keep themselves in their VR headsets for as long as possible. Our team is excited to take a look at their platform, content and extras – so let’s get into the swing of things for a full, thorough look at the site as it stands in early 2024.

The short: VR Bangers retains its ultra-high ranking in our list of the top VR porn sites. It sits firmly at #1.

How is it doing this? Aggressive pricing and quality content, mainly.

Here’s what we thought of our premium subscription:

VR Bangers Review: First Impressions

VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers first became available to virtual reality porn consumers way back in January of 2016 – they’re over 8 years deep into their niche and have shown no signs of slowing down. They have an entire network of sites with different themes – there’s even one that focuses on gaming.

Back in 2022, XBIZ bestowed upon them the title of the best ‘Virtual Reality Site of the Year‘ – quite an achievement, especially since XBIZ is known as one of the main award events in the adult space. They’re also keen to innovate as much as possible: if you’re in Las Vegas, it’s possible to get a VR headset, preloaded with porn from the site, delivered to your hotel for $49.99 per day.

I tried to convince HQ that a trip to Nevada was required to truly put VR Bangers through its paces – sadly, it was deemed ‘excessive’. ๐Ÿ˜‚

For recording purposes, VR Bangers has a special headset they’ve developed to create the ultimate environment for male stars to perform as optimally as possible – all while it’s recorded in stunning detail for consumers. Read more about the Head Rig 2.0 and how VR Bangers uses it here.

VR Bangers subscription offers

VR Bangers is a premium platform: this means that in order to access the media, you’re going to have to cough up some cash. You’ve got the choice of 1 month, 1 year or a lifetime account. I opted to sign up for 1 month at a price of $25 USD – or more accurately, $39.18 AUD given current exchange rates where I was reviewing it from in Australia.

The signup process was quick and painless: let’s log into the member’s area and see what’s going on inside.

What’s In The Member’s Area?

For compatibility reasons, we tend to review VR platforms such as this one on desktop devices. VR Bangers does have its own app for certain ecosystems – more on that later.

Once we were inside, the design and layout of the platform left little to be desired. Relatively stock standard, all things considered. You’ve got a homepage devoted to showing you the most popular videos of the last week and upcoming releases that you might be interested in.

The tour promised twice-weekly updates: we jumped back 24 scenes and found an upload date of September 1st. This review is being written on Jan 12th 2024, which is a gap of 133 days or 19 weeks (on the dot). 24 scenes in 19 weeks is far less than two releases per week – it’s far closer to one release per week. We’re disappointed that VR Bangers is apparently overstating the frequency of its releases on its tour.

Either change the text or release more scenes – really quite simple.

Scene selection in the Members Area of VRB

Scene previews display a content thumbnail, title, pornstars featured, length indicator and quality tag. You can also hit the love heart in the top right-hand corner to add it to your favorites. The dropdowns in the top left allow you to organize scenes by their popularity instead of upload date as well as niche-specific preferences.

Elsewhere in the VR Bangers member’s area, you’ve got sections devoted to categories, pornstars, VR cams, deals and their network.

If we had to complain about anything here, it would be the excessive amount of advertising that occurs once you’re inside VR Bangers. There are quite a lot of links to various third-party services that you have to pay extra for: we understand they’re trying to make money, but we’ve just paid for VR access here – cut back on the ads.

Video Analysis


VR Bangers doesn’t accurately represent its update frequency – the same applies to its total video number. Thankfully, the inaccuracy is in our favor: instead of just having ‘over 500’ scenes, the number is actually around 780 scenes: that’s 50% more than promised, so we’re not going to complain about this discrepancy.

One thing that’s worth pointing out is that VR Bangers does have some shorter videos here: it’s generally the case that VR scenes are anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes in length, but VR Bangers – particularly in its earlier years – does have uploads ranging from 5 to 15 minutes as well. They’re less common in their latest releases, but it’s still something that we think is worth mentioning.

Average scene length over the last 15 releases was 52 minutes.


VR Bangers has been gradually increasing the quality of its releases over the years: we’re confident that the latest iteration is likely going to stick around for quite some time, since they now cap out their productions at 8K. The important thing to realize is that beyond 8K, you have a limited discernable differentiation – but the file sizes continue to get larger.

Our video quality tests for VRBangers

Here are the 4K and 8K downloads of the same scene. Both run at 60 FPS, with the 4K running at 10 Mb/s and the 8K running at 55 Mb/s. We’re curious as to why the audio bitrates are different – if the 8K has discernable audio quality difference, the 4K should just run at 317 Kb/s as well.

The 4K video was 3.81 GB, 8K was 19.9 GB. Other formats offered include 2K, 3K, PSVR (3K), 5K and 6K. Different VR devices will have different maximum resolutions supported. Unless bandwidth is a huge concern, you should grab the file that matches your device’s highest supported format. Just over one third of VR Bangers’ collection is available in 8K (275 scenes).

On very rare occasions, VR Bangers releases 12K resolution scenes. The one we sampled was a whopping 40 GB in size: it had a resolution of 12288 x 6144 pixels and a 94 Mb/s bitrate.

It’s debatable whether the difference in quality will justify the extra file size unless you have one of the very best headsets on the market.

Download Speed

Since we’re dealing with quite large files, it’s important for VR content to be readily available and fast to download. We were extremely impressed at the stability of the connection we had with VR Bangers for download purposes: it also completely saturated our Gigabit connection.

VR Bangers download speed test

We reached 113 MB/s and sat there for the entirety of the download. As you can see, all it took was around 3 minutes for a 20 GB file to be downloaded. We’re not sure how much more juice the VR Bangers servers have available, but 99% of people reading this review won’t have a better connection than this – so the bottleneck will always be on your side.

VR Bangers also supports parallel downloads: if you don’t have a great connection, schedule a bunch of videos and they’ll download overnight.

The VR Bangers Library: Content Analysis

Most of the scenes at VR Bangers are exclusive – this means that they’re recorded, edited and published in house. The platform is clearly trying to appeal to as many users as possible with its themes: vanilla sex with the most popular pornstars. There are some lesbian releases here where you spectate, as well as group fun and whatnot – but don’t expect anything too crazy or niche.

The categories section allows you to pick from a few different genres. These include the likes of anal, Asian, MILF, ebony, stepdad and more. There’s a Japanese category here: there are a few non-exclusive releases that they’ve licensed from JAV creators in this area, but we’re confident that everywhere else – it’s their own stuff.

One small complaint: this category uses Lulu Chu in the thumbnail, but she’s ethnically Chinese, not Japanese.

Scenes typically come with a little bit of a backstory, but because all of the material is shot from the POV of a male pornstar, you don’t get much by way of scene development or plot. This is always going to be an issue when it comes to virtual reality porn – it’s quite difficult to dress up your media in the same way that paysites such as Pure Taboo do it.

Since the gimmick here is VR – I don’t think too many people will complain.

Scene example on VRBangers

We sampled 4 downloaded scenes and were happy with all of them.

In terms of complaints, a few of the scenes had models who, at times, weren’t always in shot. There was a particular moment in the scene from above where a girl started sucking on the male performer’s nipples, but she did so from a strange angle – making her difficult to see. Outdoor shots also have some issues with their dynamic ranges: pale pornstars can have features disappear because of this.

The PLAY’A App

Getting a dedicated porn application on any ecosystem is incredibly difficult, which is why VR Bangers has teamed up with a mainstream, third-party service so that you can easily access your videos directly from your headset. Some app stores have the PLAY’A under an experimental area (such as Meta), but it works just fine and we encountered no issues whatsoever.

Playa App through our headset

You have a reasonable level of accessibility – sorting functions, categorized sidebar, pagination to go deeper into the archives and so on. We also appreciate the pornstars page: if you want to learn more about a particular star, or you just feel like watching something from a lone performer, this is the place to visit.

Here’s a look at Angela White’s profile on the PLAY’A app:

Angela White profile on Playa

You can also download content directly from the PLAY’A app – via VR Bangers – to store locally.

This allows you to have offline access to your virtual reality nasties. There were very few features missing here, and although it’s not a dedicated app for this particular website – it functions just fine and does what it ought to do.

Note that you will have to log in again – be sensible with your password selection so this isn’t a huge pain in the ass.

Design & Navigation

The desktop version of VR Bangers is convenient to use and loads quick. Things we appreciate include quick reference trailers to get an idea of the scene, clear format resolutions with file sizes before you download them, a huge number of tags to cover everything that happens in the videos and even a few photos thrown in for good measure.

Pornstar profiles are detailed and include unique information about each star. There are also pornstar categories, so if you want to find Asians, redheads, tattooed chicks or MILFs – it’s possible to do all of this on the main archive page for starlets.

VR Bangers has a comments section and while in most instances, these are void of any action – it seems like members here really like leaving messages and feedback on the scenes they’ve got.

It’s not uncommon to find 100+ comments below a single video, and we appreciate the fact that the support team tend to get back to each and every reply that’s not positive. If you have issues, they seem to have a genuine desire to fix it. This includes quick tech support and links to articles to solve common issues.

VR Bangers clearly understands its status as one of the flagship sites in the genre, and invests extra care to satisfy users on the customer service end.

The Mobile Experience

Very little difference exists between the desktop version of VR Bangers and the mobile alternative. For some devices, it might even be preferable to use your mobile. We had a small issue with width sizing on a few pages, but a refresh seemed to fix the problem.

VR Bangers Mobile View

Again: a little too much by way of advertising for us to be giving the mobile experience here a 10/10.

We dislike random notification spam too. VR Bangers also has some token system that you can interact with. We didn’t buy any tokens, but that’s just as well – we found no places on the website where you could actually use them: this was across the VR app, mobile website and desktop version. If anyone knows what the deal is with these, please let us know.

All we can say for sure: they’re entirely optional!

Billing Information

There are three membership tiers: 1 month, 1 year and lifetime access. 1 month costs $24 per month, 1 year comes in at $99 per year and lifetime access is $250. Note that with lifetime access, you also get an additional bonus website called Blow VR thrown in for free. We don’t expect too many people to take this deal, so we didn’t include coverage of Blow VR.

There’s a toggle just below the signup section of VR Bangers that allows you to enable a VR Bundle. This includes VR Bangers, VRB Trans and Blow VR for the yearly membership. You’ll have to pay slightly more across all three membership tiers, but if you have a desire for some extra trans material, the juice may very well be worth the squeeze.

You can pay with all major credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrency. It’s also simple to cancel your recurring billing: no need to send an email or wait for confirmation, since it’s all done automatically with a few clicks in the account management area. Thumbs up for this.

How Will VR Bangers Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made our membership purchase, this is what our bank reported to us:

VR Bangers Billing

We spent a few minutes trying various iterations of the phrase we were billed as to try and work out where the payment went – no dice. We think it’s fair to say that VR Bangers’ billing is fully discreet.

Our Verdict: The Perfect Entry Point to VR Porn

VR Bangers has been in the game for long enough to know what a good VR porn video ought to look like. Their archive is huge and there are plenty of world-class exclusive releases here with some top talent. We’re talking hundreds of hours of hardcore entertainment with some of the best in the business taking cock and having a great time.

The major drawbacks are the somewhat aggressive advertisements for more purchases, currency conversions being handled by the third-party biller, truncated titles and archived material being quite short and of a lower quality.

However, when we look at the totality of what they bring to the table: VR Bangers is a premiere option and one of our top picks in the virtual reality space (it’s #1 on our list, as of 2024). You’re even able to sample a bunch of their trailers in VR without spending a penny or creating an account.

VR Bangers is a safe bet for anybody looking to sample VR porn for the first time. Sign up over at VRBangers.com and let us know what you think.


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