XVirtual Review: Not Enough Fresh Content To Justify A Monthly Subscription

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The headline for XVirtual describes it as a ‘Cool XXX 3D Porn Universe‘ – I must admit, I laughed a little at the use of the word ‘cool’ to describe what they’ve got going on here.

See, XVirtual produces highly-niche, cinematic VR pieces that could be considered parody, bizarre, avant garde and a myriad of other terms – but cool? You’ll see what I mean about this being a pretty strange choice of language.

XVirtual brings a unique style of content to the virtual reality porn space – quite different from the other places we’ve looked at recently. Production value, plot, color palettes and so on. Scenes here utilize a lot of props and work hard to build a cinematic environment for the sex to occur in. They claim to support all major VR headsets and today, it’s my job to head inside and see what’s going on.

I’ll be taking a comprehensive look with my Meta Quest 2, so here’s my full XVirtual review!

XVirtual Review: First Impressions

XVirtual Review

The tour of XVirtual is a pretty standout experience. There are some trailers that run about 1 minute in length to give you a taste of what you get inside: there’s plenty of parody material here, with a small bias toward horror and extreme themes. Tour trailers go up to 1920p, which is just shy of 4K.

The tour promises that you’ll get higher resolution material inside, running at 5K.

I went looking for award recognition in the adult space – it doesn’t seem that X Virtual has been noticed by the likes of AVN or XBIZ (yet).

It’s clear that this is a smaller platform than other spots I’ve reviewed recently: their Twitter account started back in 2018, but has only picked up 900 followers since its inception. Note that this doesn’t matter to me too much – if their product is good, I’m more than happy to describe it as a diamond in the rough.

When it’s time to sign up to XVirtual, here are the membership options that you’re presented with:

XVirtual billing options

All of the other VR platforms I’ve reviewed this year have had options for 1 year and a lifetime account choice too – XVirtual is doing things a little different in this regard. Prices are slightly higher too, but I’m always willing to pay for quality. Note that the 1 month membership rebills at the same price every month – the $34.90 doesn’t increase after your first 30 days.

XVirtual also deviates from the competition with regard to discounts: from what I understand, they no longer offer any reductions in price, even during events such as Black Friday.

I punched in my card details and my bank decided to freeze it temporarily, prompting me to confirm that I did make this purchase. This is the first time I’ve had this happen – might be random, who knows?

The XVirtual Member’s Area

The design inside XVirtual is pretty barebones: it does the minimum required to make the site functional, but in terms of features and so on, it’s pretty limited. There are no pornstar profiles, tags don’t have sorting functions and so on. There’s a big problem with what was promised in the tour and what I found inside too: XVirtual is dishonest about its update frequency.

See, if we look at the latest videos list, here’s what’s displayed:

Virtual update frequency

Scenes don’t have dates on them (always a bad sign) and a quick Google shows that Game of Throats first appeared online back in 2021.

This means that it has been 3 years since XVirtual last produced and published a fresh scene. The sidebar of the signup form has a very specific claim: ‘regular updates’ – that’s simply not true. They’re not doing anything underhanded, such as reposting old content, but the lack of dates on the uploads – as well as the incorrect tour claims – do disappoint me.

XVirtual does have the ability for you to cancel your membership with a few clicks, but the way this is done is a little egregious. Take a look at the prompt area:

Cancelling an account on X Virtual

I actually got tricked the first time: the blue button on the left, which you’d instinctually click, is to end the cancellation, not cancel your membership.

This is what’s known as a dark pattern, and they exist on a gradient of relatively inoffensive to pretty awful. This is one of the worst I’ve seen in the adult space, and I’ve cancelled a lot of porn memberships over the years!

Elsewhere in the settings area, you can change your default download and streaming quality, edit your preferred tags, change your password, subscribe to the newsletter and check out the other sites managed by the same studio.

There are no discounts by the looks of things, but the team behind X Virtual also has projects such as Extreme Streets, Horror Porn, Perverse Family and Power Fetish. These other websites are non-VR.

Video Analysis


XVirtual seems to favor quality over quantity: there are just 69 scenes in the member’s area here. All of the scenes are exclusive, but some seem to come from their other projects – I went looking through the archive and found a few releases from Czech Casting. These are quite different from their normal releases – more on that later.

Considering that rival platforms such as Wankz VR and VR Bangers have around 800 scenes each, XVirtual is pretty below average when it comes to total productions. Generally speaking, archive size can be overcome with quality, but that applies more to spots that are still updating. Since there are less than 70 scenes here and a very limited likelihood of future drops, this is less than ideal.

Scene length was also questionable. VR productions are typically quite long, since there are quite a lot of capital expenditures, every extra minute doesn’t actually cost that much.

XVirtual’s videos are between 10 to 15 minutes on average, and some of their niche parody releases are even shorter than that. This was really surprising: I would have thought from the tour that XVirtual’s scenes would have been pushing an hour, but they’re really short.


Every single upload at XVirtual comes in the same array of quality options – from the very first scene added to the library to the most recent release. I went ahead and grabbed a 5K and 4K option, here are their technical specifications:

Video quality analysis if X Virtual (observed bitrates)

As you can see, the 5K is of a far higher quality than the 4K – that bitrate really makes a difference. The file sizes reflect this: 11.2 GB for the 5K, 2.3 GB for the 4K. If you’re someone that cares a lot about scenes looking as stellar as possible, go with the 5K here.

I’d describe the 4K scene as relatively run of the mill, but the near 100 Mb/s for the 5K is unheard of in this space – most rivals have half of that as their bitrate, so this is extreme. Is it possible to even tell the difference, though? I appreciate that they’re erring on the side of caution, but maybe 8K with a slightly lower bitrate would have been a better choice.

Download Speed

You can use a download manager to grab files from XVirtual, but you can only queue one file at a time: parallel downloading is not supported. What’s more, I noticed some pretty strange behaviors with regard to the speeds I got. Here’s what I got when I grabbed a 5K file:

XVirtual Download Speed

Not the best that I’ve seen, but tended to average anywhere from 60 to 80 MB/s – more than reasonable, and for most readers, they won’t have a connection that’s capable of hitting these numbers. That said, some smaller files downloaded at a much slower pace.

When I grabbed the same scene but in 4K, I only reached 8 MB/s. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I repeated it a few times and found non-consistent behavior across the board.

I found no information regarding download limits, and I’d hope with just 69 scenes, there are none.

Content Analysis

I noticed that XVirtual tends to utilize its models and sets from its other production studios in these VR scenes – that’s likely why they’re significantly shorter than I’m used to seeing. For instance, ‘Hell Hoes in 180’ has a sister scene from Horror Porn (ran by the same company) that was shot at the same time.

Virtual horror scene in VR

If you think that this type of content might interest you, I highly recommend looking at the tour samples. It’s difficult for me to express in words how the scenes feel to watch – it’s not too dissimilar to from other VR productions, but since it’s rarely model mounted and you’re more of a random spectator – it can feel weird. The production value, messiness and locations are clearly good, but it isn’t completely optimized for virtual reality.

Despite the extreme and unique environments, XVirtual is surprisingly vanilla with specific regard to erotic activities. I sampled around a dozen scenes and didn’t find extreme insertions, hardcore anal, particularly rough sex or anything else of that nature. The visuals might make you think that the action is going to be very BDSM in nature, but it was far tamer than I thought it was going to be.

XVirtual lacks diversity: I found one scene with an Asian girl – everything else here featured white women. I couldn’t find a single Latina or ebony performer. Parody themes are common, as are other cinematic tropes.

Design & Navigation


Incredibly simple design – I’m appreciative of pagination, but there is no central tags page and instead, you have to search manually. The search feature was okay, but scenes tend to only have around 5 tags anyway, so if you want to find something very specific – manual search is likely going to be the way forward.

Streaming here is good: I had no issues with buffering and scrubbing forward took around a second before the scene started to play from the point I selected. Model names are provided and you can click on them, but most performers only have a scene or two, so they don’t serve too much of a purpose. There are descriptions for scenes, but they’re short and sweet.

There’s no area to leave comments or discuss the content in any capacity with others.

VR Headset

The website in VR is a carbon copy of the desktop version. It’s quite clear that the streaming bitrate here is lower than the downloaded version: so much so that I’d actually recommend grabbing the files if you can.

xvirtual.com website viewed in my VR headset

Most people won’t mind about a lack of immersive mode, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Additionally, there’s no supported third-party app, so you have to come to the website and run it like you would any stock standard streaming service. I’m not completely opposed to this, but I can see the merits of having an immersive website design.

Buffering in VR was just as good as on desktop. My Meta Quest 2 had zero issues with the content and I was prompted to allow immersiveness for the videos immediately. XVirtual should work fine for all modern headsets, including Vive, Gear VR, PSVR and Apple Vision Pro.


XVirtual does have Google Cardboard support, so if you’re still dipping your toe into the water, this is a good option. The mobile version of the website has free trailers for each upload that you can check out too – they’re short, but you don’t need to pay to sample the wares.

Inside, the design is a responsive carbon copy of the desktop version.

Billing Information

XVirtual isn’t cheap: most of the rival projects I’ve looked at this year get you in the door for 20 bucks, and the 90-day price is typically what you’d pay for a full year of access on VR Porn, Sex Like Real and VR Bangers.

You save a little when you pay in advance, but the rates are less competitive than pretty much any other virtual reality platform.

You only have one option for payment: credit or debit card. Mastercard and Visa are both supported and you’ll be billed in USD regardless of your native currency. Simply Digital is the third-party billing company that I was provided, but their footer suggests CCBill and Vendo may also be utilized.

PayPal as an option could be nice, but I want to see cryptocurrency here too. People like the anonymity that comes with paying with magic Internet money – especially since they know they won’t be rebilled out of the blue.

How Will XVirtual Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s what my bank reported when I subscribed:

X Virtual online payment as it appeared on my bank statement

I did a little bit of Googling to try and find out if there was any information regarding this billing company. Nothing immediately presented itself as being a red flag – seems like this company processes payments for a wide variety of clients, not just those in the adult space. I’d describe X Virtual’s billing as fully discreet.

Downsides of XVirtual

Quite a few issues here – ranging from the large to the small.

My biggest complaint is the fact that it no longer updates with new content. This could be offset slightly if the archive was bigger, but I’d need to see hundreds of scenes – not the case here. The other alternative is a lower cost: XVirtual is by far the most expensive VR website I’ve reviewed and it has the smallest archive. This is a holy trinity of bad news, and combined, they create a platform that’s quite difficult to endorse.

The site’s other issues are relatively immaterial because of the above points. I’d complain more about the preview pane design, search feature and so on if there were enough scenes to warrant it. Sadly, improvements here outside of a lower price, bigger archive or a resumption in production would be all for naught.

Update: I decided to reach out to XVirtual about their ‘regular updates’, here’s what they said:

X Virtual Support

This is beyond dumb. Everyone knows what you mean when you say ‘regular updates’ in regard to a porn website. They come across as sneaky tricksters utilizing the language that they do, and when pressed, making up some lame excuse to justify the fact they no longer produce new scenes.

My Verdict on XVirtual

Shilling for XVirtual is difficult: the content is sufficiently unique in its art style, but the videos are short and devoid of extreme activities, which I think most people who find this aesthetic appealing probably want. The price is incredibly high and with no recent uploads – yeah, not much to sell about this hub.

Here would be my advice: visit the tour and if you really (and I mean really) like the aesthetic, grab a month-long membership, download everything in a day and cancel your account. I think there are far better options out there (Sex Like Real, VR Porn and POVR) for virtual reality enthusiasts that want great sex videos.

Given the quality of the competition, XVirtual needs to get busy with new updates to justify the price tag.


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