Naughty America VR Review: A Trusted Name But A Frustrating Experience

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If you’ve spent any amount of time online and look at porn, there’s a real good chance you’ve come across media produced by Naughty America VR.

This company is USA through and through – a proud bunch of sex fans who create world-class adult material featuring the greatest names the US porn industry has ever seen.

We’ve written extensively about Naughty America on AdultVisor – today, I’m going to look at what they’ve cooked up for virtual reality porn fans who want some XXX fun in VR. I’m cautiously optimistic going into their member’s area – if their track record in the non-VR space is anything to go by, what they’ll have available here will be second to none.

There’s some stiff competition out there, but armed with my Meta Quest 2, I plan to tell you all about what NAVR offers, how it stacks up against other options and ultimately, whether or not I recommend it as a go-to spot for your masturbatory pursuits in virtual reality.

Let’s take a look with our full hands-on Naughty America VR review!

Naughty America VR Review: First Impressions

As a general porn studio, Naughty America is one of the biggest brands out there.

They kicked off way back in 2001 – meaning over two decades of content creation in the adult space. They’ve won a bunch of awards from XBIZ and AVN over the years, including Best MILF Series at AVN 2014, Studio Site Of The Year at XBIZ 2012 and Best Ongoing Series multiple times from NMAE with ‘Tonight’s Girlfriend’.

At last year’s XBIZ ceremony, they also took home the overall Best VR Sex Scene award – I’ll be watching that particular release later!

NAVR came to the market right at the start of 2016 after unveiling a few releases at CES Las Vegas. From the press release I read, they were pretty optimistic about the growth potential for VR and since they’ve continued to create scenes for 8+ years – it looks as if they’ve stuck to their guns and confident in the present demand – and future potential – of VR pornography.

I don’t like to start reviews off with a negative, but the homepage for Naughty America VR feels a little dated – I didn’t even realize I could scroll down because the page was completely taken up by a Valentine’s Day offer they were promoting.

There are zero trailers that you can watch for free – this makes little sense, especially when rivals have them. For VR stuff, I think it’s important for users to be able to try before they buy. I trust Naughty America, but if I was completely new to this stuff, signing up would be quite the gamble.

Naughty America sign-up screen

You’ve got a few different options for signing up here. Firstly, a limited 3-day trial: I went looking for information on exactly what the limits of this trial are, but found zero information. Generally speaking, trials don’t allow downloads and may restrict access to the highest tier of scene quality.

You can sign up for a month at $19.95 (rebills at $32.18), a year for $89.40 or grab the megapack with bonus websites at a price of $386.14. Are you really getting $300 worth of value with that megapack over the standard yearly plan? Here’s a quick look at the offer:

Naughty America VR bonus sites

It’s a massive amount of porn, and it might be worth considering if you’ve got cash to burn, but for the purposes of this review, I’m just going to look at Naughty America VR and grab myself a monthly membership. There’s a cross-sale for Tonight’s Girlfriend, but it’s not pre-checked.

The Naughty America VR Member’s Area

As soon as you log in, you’re presented with a bunch of adverts that you’ll have to click ‘continue’ to skip: I’m not a fan of this practice – especially when I’ve just given you money!

Somewhat uniquely, Naughty America has integrated their VR scenes within its 2D platform – that is, you get full access to all of Naughty America’s content archive, not just the virtual reality scenes they’ve done. I’ll focus on the VR side of things for now, but will talk more about the network later, since I do think it matters.

I initially struggled to find just the VR scenes here, but there’s a toggle available in the top right-hand corner that you’ll want to activate.

Naughty America VR Video selection - not obvious to spot!

You’ll then be presented with the latest uploads in relatively stock standard preview panes. There are embedded ads here, which I’m really not a fan of. Naughty America can go a little overboard with trying to get more money from you – that’s for sure.

Classic thumbnail view on NA VR

You’ve got the name of the models, the channel that it’s from and the length of the scene: all good stuff. The only thing I’d add here would be a title – even if it’s short – just to give me some context as to what the underlying niche or theme is in the upload I’m about to watch.

Still, the thumbnails are great and loading times are more than acceptable.

There are no promises made by Naughty America VR before you sign up with regard to frequency: I’m happy to report that you get two new uploads on a weekly basis and they’re 100% original and exclusive to Naughty America.

I do want to express the exclusivity here too – other platforms we’ve reviewed (like POVR, or Sex Like Real) collect VR scenes from all over, but what’s presented here is created in-house by Naughty America.

Naughty America does have support for The Handy – a sex toy you attach to your member and that stimulates you in sync with the video you’re watching – but it costs extra. More on that later.

Video Analysis


A big issue with accessibility at Naughty America VR is the lack of pagination – instead of having archived pages of every scene, you have to press “show more” after scrolling down a little and continue to do this over and over again to get to the bottom of the index. I was frustrated at the idea of having to count, but it turns out that the search feature tell you how many results matched your query.

When I looked for VR, I was presented with 966 videos – I cannot guarantee that this is the full archive, but given they’ve been uploading for 8 years and have 2 videos per week – that seems about right.

Videos here can vary wildly in terms of length, running from 30 minutes up to an hour and beyond. On average, you’re looking at 40 to 45 minutes.


Videos from many years ago aren’t able to match the modern releases that Naughty America has. I grabbed a random scene from 2018 and it clocked in at 2880 x 1440 pixels with a bitrate of 12.3 Mb/s. That’s a good bitrate, but it isn’t a 4K scene – just slightly more than standard 1440p.

Let’s take a look at the latest scene on Naughty America and two popular download formats: 4K and 8K.

Our analysis of video quality bitrates on Naughty America VR

The 4K came in at a 34.2 Mb/s bitrate – 8K ran with 55.4 Mb/s. The files were pretty chunky, with their respective sizes being 10 GB and 16.2 GB. What’s somewhat confusing is that not every recent upload from Naughty America is provided in 8K: some of the scenes cap out at 6K instead (though only around 10%).

For most people, the difference isn’t going to be discernable – especially since Naughty America pushes real high bitrates. I cannot think of another studio running more than 34 Mb/s on 4K.

You can type 8K, 6K and 4K into the search box and it seems to show you scenes that have that format available. There are no categories or tags for quality though – something that would be nice for them to provide, instead of having to manually search.

Download Speed

Downloads at Naughty America are pretty decent, but they’re not world-class. I tested their servers with a gigabit connection and averaged around 75 MB/s of data. Rival platforms like POVR can go up to 110+ MB/s. For most readers, the limitation will be on your end, not NAVR’s.

Download speed test on Naughty America VR

As you can see, download managers do work – you can also run downloads in parallel, instead of having to queue them up. I looked for any information on a download limit – couldn’t find anything. Allegedly, NA used to limit you to 10 GB per day, but since I’ve just downloaded over 50 GB of files… not the case any more.

Content Analysis

Naughty America has a number of channels they run – each with their own theme and style. Instead of having a channel for VR content, they embed their virtual reality releases across the entire platform. To give you an idea of the genres you’ll find here, studios include: Naughty Office, My First Sex Teacher, Neighbor Affair, Gym and Perfect Fucking Strangers.

Plot has always been something that NA likes to provide – scenes typically dwell on the setup more so than other studios, but it’s not overdone or in any way a problem.

Sex here is about as vanilla as it gets – they’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible and that means keeping the fun as standard as possible. You’ll find all of your favorite niches though – Asian, threesomes, anal, ebony, MILF, teen and beyond.

Typical VR porn scene on Naughty America

Owing to the nature of NA’s America First policy, stars here are typically hot white chicks. There are some Latinas and ebonies, although I’d say that it runs secondary to that classic look that you’ll find in US porn. Coed blondes, big tit MILFs, fun-loving bimbos, nubile teens – you get the idea.

So many fantastic pornstars have featured in Naughty America VR releases. Names worth mentioning include Cory Chase, Bridgette B, Mia Malkova, Elsa Jean and Jynx Maze. Appearing on Naughty America is something that a pornstar puts on their resume, as opposed to studios putting pornstars on their resumes (if that makes sense).

I watched the award winning VR scene ‘Party Girls’ as a priority: great stuff. Three chicks treat you to a Halloween adventure and it’s 71 minutes of hot fucking fun. Plenty of eye contact and the audio is on point. It features Jewelz Blu as well: she’s not exactly new to the adult world, but she’s made a name for herself in the last 12 months, that’s for sure.

Design & Navigation on Naughty America VR


From time to time, the desktop version of Naughty America can take far longer than it ought to in order to load. I found the biggest issues when using the search – speaking of which, there’s no automatic way to look at specific niches within the VR video category.

You can search keywords and ‘VR’ after, but this is cumbersome, scenes may be missed and yeah: they need to go ahead and completely redesign how you grab the clips that are available on NAVR. Filtering and organization here are lackluster at best: I especially dislike the fact that there’s no pagination.

Pornstars do have index pages, but there’s no archive page that displays them all or gives you sorting functionality. If you want to look at a specific pornstar, you’ll have to manually type their name in. Naughty America VR does provide you with a number of download options, with 4K, 6K and 8K being the main supported formats.

Each scene also has a decent description and a bunch of categories. All of the categories are clickable to see more of the same, examples include: petite, squirting, tattoos, brunette, natural tits, facial and so on.

Rival paysites – even in the VR space – have adverts, but with Naughty America, it’s a bit egregious. They’re far more aggressive with how frequently they display other products and many of the promotions aren’t focused on VR. It doesn’t ruin the experience, but the member’s area is tangibly worse owing to these ads.

VR Headset

Naughty America VR doesn’t have any app per se, but the website does allow you to stream and download via the headset in a similar fashion to how you’d access the media on a desktop device. Sadly, NAVR doesn’t have an immersive version of their website, but they do switch over to VR ads when you visit with a headset.

Finding videos could be a lot better, but you can filter out all non-VR uploads. The biggest issue by far is the constant buffering of content – even the 1440p uploads paused every 5-10 seconds for me and took a second or two to get going again.

Having to pause and wait for your scene to load really sucks – I’m not sure what’s going on, but NAVR needs to make fixing this an absolute priority. You can go up in quality, but the problem is that it’s difficult to see what the other formats are because of the poorly designed selection cog. Take a look:

My viewing experience on Naughty America VR

It should just put 1440p, 4K, 6K and 8K as options – most consumers know the limits of their headsets and don’t need to have their hands held like this – especially when it’s not possible to see what the three Quest 2 options are. You’ll probably work it out and be able to select it on each scene after that, but to me, it just come across as lazy. This is all secondary to the issue of buffering, though: easily the worst I’ve come across.


Sadly, no samples available if you access the site on your mobile – you’ll have to pay before you see any skin. There’s no immersive tour either, so it’s quite literally sign up, download a video and then watch it. The mobile version of Naughty America VR suffers from the same issues the desktop and headset have. Unless you use a VR device mainly through your mobile, I’d skip this part of the experience.

The Handy

The Handy is a sex device that simulates a vagina – if you want to upgrade your account at Naughty America, you can get access for $24.95 per month. Compared to the $10 extra that Sex Like Real charges, this is a pretty steep cost. You’ll have to pay anywhere from $150 to $200 USD, depending on available sales, to grab The Handy. Since I’m in an office with other people, I’m not going to be able to verify the functionality of the scripts here – but given it’s Naughty America, they do get the benefit of the doubt.

In order to use The Handy with NAVR, you need to grab specific VR apps. There’s a full guide available, and I’m sure once it gets going it’ll be fine, but expect extra setup time and some potential troubleshooting. There are around 50 videos on Naughty America that have script support but are non-VR.

The Naughty America Network

Since Naughty America VR comes attached to the broader NA network, you’re getting quite a lot of non-VR content. In most instances, I wouldn’t pay attention to extras – but Naughty America’s work is decent and they have thousands upon thousands of scenes.

We’ve got a separate feature reviewing the best of Naughty America, so check that out if you want the full scoop. It’s difficult to get an exact number of scenes, but it’s at least 10,000 – since there are that many uploads tagged with ‘blowjob’.

The tour of Naughty America promises multiple daily updates – the problem with this claim is that many of these updates are recycled content. There’s no reason to repost old scenes except to deceive the user with regard to the frequency of fresh releases. It was pretty easy to spot too – genuine recent scenes are 4K, whereas lots of the reposts are only offered in 1080p HD formats.

Naughty America should immediately stop recycling old content to pad their numbers out. You do get one new scene every day – that’s more than enough!

Billing Information

Access to the entirety of Naughty America’s network generally costs around $19.95 – this is when sales are on and often, they are. You might also get lucky with regard to yearly access for $89.40: this seems less common, but it’s a pretty awesome deal. You can buy the megapack, but I don’t recommend this – strays way too far from VR and the cost is excessive.

You can pay for your subscription with all major credit and debit cards (Discover, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa), PayPal and cryptocurrency. If you pay with card, you can pick with currency your card will be charged with – I really like this as an option.

Annoyingly, paying with cryptocurrency removes the discounts and deals: you’re looking at $31.95 for 1 month, $119.40 for 1 year and $499.00 for 5 years. The payment is processed by a third party called Rocketfuel: they’ve got support for 160+ cryptocurrencies, so expect anything you’d want to pay with to be covered (BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, etc.)

How Will NAVR Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s what my bank reported to me when I made a purchase on NAVR:

How a Naughty America VR transaction appeared on my bank statement

No immediate red flags here, but given the size of Naughty America – Googling that phrase comes up with sufficient information about what the origin of the purchase is.

Anyone glancing at your statement won’t work out what you’re doing, but a curious partner with a search engine would work it out pretty quickly. I’d describe Naughty America VR’s billing as semi-discreet.

Downsides of NAVR

There are no absolute deal breakers here, but a combination of issues collude to really dampen my impression of Naughty America VR.

Adverts are egregious in terms of their frequency and annoyance: especially since some of them are just plain spammy and don’t offer good products. The constant buffering I experienced when streaming on my headset was also a massive issue – it requires you to pause your scene for a few minutes or to download the video instead. Since a lot of VR headsets have limited storage space, that second option can really suck.

In terms of navigation and accessibility, Naughty America really needs to work on their layout and approach to displaying media. No pagination sucks – plus it’s not possible to only search for specific tags within the VR category. Embedding their VR content with the standard stuff can be done, but minimal effort has been made to ensure that members who are only here for VR content get the tools they need.

There are around 10 other things I could mention, but they’re pretty minor. The thing is: they’re minor issues that could be fixed and make the site quite a bit better for next to no work. I hope that they’re working on a whole new website – start from scratch and do what their closest rivals are doing.

Our Verdict on Naughty America VR

Naughty America VR Review

There are 1,000 good VR sex videos here, and they’re all from a studio that has a track record of creating great content and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The problem here is that there are far better alternatives for VR fans and we’ve reviewed plenty of spots with an order of magnitude more scenes.

If NAVR had zero adverts, non-existent buffering for headset streaming, better navigation and filtering tools, fair prices for crypto and a few other things – it would be a place I’d be happy to recommend. It does bear repeating that you get full access to 10,000+ non-VR skin flicks from Naughty America’s archives. These are exclusive productions and if you’re okay with 2D material, it’s a good value add.

However, strictly from the perspective of a potential member who only cares about VR: there are better options than this, and they’re a ways away from being truly competitive.

With some changes, Naughty America VR could become a fantastic hub. For now? It’s okay, but VRPorn, Sex Like Real and VR Bangers are all way, way better.

Want to see for yourself? Sign up here to try Naughty America VR, and let us know what you think.


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