POVR Review: Budget-Friendly VR Porn Aggregator, Is It Better Than SLR?

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POVR is the second-largest VR porn aggregator in the world. Ever found yourself unable to choose which virtual reality porn site to sign up for? Well, with POVR, you won’t have to pick just one.

Some porn sites are a little reserved when it comes to their tour claims – not the case with POVR. From the get go, you’re promised every VR porn video ever made (with seriously in brackets) from dozens of high quality studios alongside 100 weekly updates.

Allegedly managed by a community of ‘visionaries’ who want to redefine the limits of VR, it’s going to be interesting to see just how this hub stacks up against the competition. There’s no shortage of large virtual reality porn repositories: I’ve written detailed reviews on both Sex Like Real and VR Porn, which are POVR’s major rivals in the all-you-can-eat VR sex video library space.

I’ll be writing this review utilizing the Meta Quest 2, which I recommend as a headset. If you have a bigger budget, the Quest 3 is a solid choice.

Let’s take a closer look at how the platform stacks up with my hands-on POVR review.

POVR Review: First Impressions

POVR Review

I went looking through POVR’s social media and uncovered a founding member’s Twitter account: he hasn’t posted since November of 2022.

What’s more, the official POVR Premium Twitter feed stopped making posts in June of 2023 – even though before then, they were quite regular with their post frequency. They had a pretty active blog up until August of 2023, but complete silence since then – what about the rest of the project?

Thankfully, these non-essential content feeds aren’t matched by the site itself, which updates every day with new material. What’s even more confusing is that POVR still creates original content – it’s far from shutting down or reducing the size of its business from what I can tell.

On the awards side of things, I found two nominations from AVN for Clever Title of the Year – it’s hardly VR Site of the Decade, but I’m sure the dude who came up with ‘Kung Fu Fucking’ and ‘Insane Clown Pussy’ is chuffed that he got some recognition.

The tour of POVR is actually great: you’ve got trailers for every scene they’ve got archived and better yet, these typically range from 3 to 5 minutes in length. If you’re interested in trying before you buy – POVR has one of the most generous and user-friendly tours I’ve ever come across. The trailers come in 4K with a good bitrate too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few users come here and get free VR material to beat their meat over.

If you do want to grab a premium membership, here are the options you’ve got available to you:

POVR membership options

The lifetime access here is notably less expensive than on rival services SLR and VRPorn.com: it’s $300 here, whereas $450 on the other two platforms. Monthly access comes in at the same cost, though – $19.95. For some weird reason, I was billed less than I was supposed to be billed, so my membership came in at $9.95 for the first month. You probably won’t be as lucky: sorry.

No pre-checked cross sales. Once you pay, you’ll be logged in with temporary details – you can actually keep these, or create your own username and password.

The POVR Member’s Area

I spent a few minutes getting familiar with the lay of the land once inside: no immediate red flags. You’ll be prompted to provide your preferred device in user settings: this will change the default download display area, which is a nice accessibility feature. You can also change the default landing page you’re shown when logging in, turn on 2FA (I mean, it’s nice, but why?) and fiddle with your viewing history/watch later list/favorites.

POVR Members Area view

There’s support for all major headsets, including Vive, Meta Quest, PSVR and more. I did find some passthrough videos – you’ll want to have the best headset to take full advantage of this.

The Quest 2, which I’m using, is okay with monochrome passthrough, but full color and high resolution would be best. The new Apple headset is going to make passthrough VR porn a real doozy! I’ll try to convince HQ that I absolutely need one to test VR sites to the max. 😉

I checked the claim of 100 videos per week – accurate. It’s always nice when you have a constant stream of material coming in. I do want to stress that most of the material here isn’t original, but instead licensed from other studios. POVR does produce some of its own stuff, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 100+ third-parties providing their VR porn for folks to watch here.

POVR has a full website devoted to technical support: if you have a problem, there’s a good chance that your answer will be here. They do mention a download limit which resets after 24 hours, but I scoured the Terms of Service and help area to find out how many scenes you can grab before it kicks in: no dice. POVR should make it clear what their fair use policy is with regard to downloads.

The member’s area has good accessibility with multiple useful areas. The most important for me are places to find the studios, pornstars and categories. These make accessing the exact type of media you want trivial. One complaint: the tour said there were 5,700+ pornstars who have featured here, but the pornstars area only shows 2,800 ladies.

Video Analysis


POVR has been updating daily for multiple years now – with 100 new scenes in a week, it hasn’t taken long for the archive to grow to quite an impressive size. There are 18,492 videos here as of Feb 2020 – the search box instead displays 19,663 for some reason, though. I couldn’t tell you why these two numbers don’t line up, but SLR and VR Porn both have exactly the same issue.

POVR video counter

VRPorn.com has slightly more scenes at 21,600, though Sex Like Real leaves them both for dust with 27,283 uploads. These extra scenes from SLR are JAV – if you’re here because you want to look at Japanese POV VR content, SLR is the better option.

A quick look at the last 20 scenes shows an average length between 35 to 45 minutes. Solo uploads where you’re just a spectator are shorter, but some movies can be up to an hour in length – and beyond. A recent threesome from Real Jam VR was 64 minutes, for example. You can actually filter by length: close to 1,000 scenes were over an hour long.


Owing to the fact that POVR licenses a lot of smut from third parties, you’re not always going to have the same resolutions and bitrates available – especially if you go deep into the archives. I went to the very first uploads at POVR – at least on paper – but they were incorrectly labeled. I know for a fact that these uploads weren’t here in 2004! Scenes from 2018 appear to be 4K at a maximum. Not bad.

Modern uploads are often provided in a variety of formats, up to and including 8K. From experience, users either grab the 4K or 8K options: let’s compare the two from a VR Allure release.

Our analysis of POVR bitrates and video quality

60 FPS, same audio output and 4K running at 24.2 Mb/s, with 8K at 37.6 Mb/s. These are really good numbers – I think the 4K is even a little overkill: I wouldn’t be surprised if it was impossible to tell the difference between this and, say, a 20 Mb/s option. Since Internet connections are getting better and storage space isn’t that expensive any more, I appreciate having this as an option. The 4K file was 3.86 GB and the 8K was 6.01 GB.

There are category filters for quality, but it’s organized poorly. If you hit 4K, it only shows you scenes for which 4K is the maximum quality – not all 4K quality scenes and above. It does allow us to see how many scenes are 8K, though: 2,092.

Download Speed

There are two download servers provided by POVR: this is just as well, as the first one only allowed me to grab files at 5 MB/s. After switching to the mirror, I got a far better speed – averaging around 90 MB/s, with bursts of up to 120 MB at times.

Download speeds on POVR

I prompted a 10 GB file download from POVR and it finished in 1 minute, 54 seconds. This is with a gigabit Internet connection – most readers won’t be able to get faster speeds than this, so the limit is most likely going to be on your end, not POVR’s.

One small complaint about downloads: files have the same name, regardless of the format that you download them at. POVR should include the resolution in the name, or differentiate them in some other fashion.

Content Analysis

Let’s start by looking at the studios who provide POVR with the content, since this will give you the best look at what’s on offer. Virtual Real Porn is #1 – they create pretty vanilla content that appeals to everyone, but no niche outside of guys and girls fucking. The biggest niche studios providing content are MILF VR, VR Latina, Amateur Couples VR and Asian Sex Diary VR.

POVR available studios

If you have a particular ethnic preference, you’ll find 347 ebony, 782 Asian and 985 Latina VR sex videos. There are some kinky videos here in the bondage section, but it’s pretty tame – don’t expect anything like what you’ll find on Kink.com.

Remember that with the sheer quantity of what’s available here, and the fact that so many studios upload scenes, you’ve got a real mixed bag of entertainment and there’s bound to be something that you’ll enjoy. If you can’t find scenes at POVR that satisfy your erotic desires – it’s likely that no destination out there is going to hook you up with what you want.

A view of a scene from POVR.com

Plenty of girls here have dozens of videos, including the likes of Kyler Quinn, Kay Lovely, Misha Cross, Miley Sin and Alexia Anders – real decent variety when it comes to the chicks and what they bring to the table with their own flavor and approach to VR. Some scenes are intimate, others are hardcore fuckathons.

It depends on the originating studio and what style they tend to favor. Just know this: you’re going to be covered when it comes to content.

Lately, POVR has published passthrough videos. These are essentially green screen VR releases: if you have a good headset, you can take out the background from the video and it’ll feel like the pornstar is right there with you. I tried it out on my monochrome Meta Quest 2 – a little disappointed I don’t have a better device, but it’s fantastic with even basic headsets capable of passthrough.

Design & Navigation


One of the better porn sites in terms of accessibility, that’s for sure. POVR’s desktop version loads quickly and didn’t lack any features.

The filtering options are more comprehensive than on other platforms too: you can opt to only see 8K scenes, change the minimum length, select age ranges and whether or not the performers have tattoos. It’s also possible to fiddle with displayed studios, so if you want to remove certain providers – easily done.

Filters on the POVR website

POVR does have a few adverts, mainly for other VR websites and live cams. What’s somewhat confusing is the fact that the live cams aren’t VR: they’re just white labeled from Streamate.

Given that Strip Chat has actual VR cams, I think that would be a far better product to push.

Videos have a comments section and just like other VR platforms, people love to write. I saw one guy complaining that a scene didn’t have enough intimacy and was just a mishmash of positions that he couldn’t jerk off to. The comment directly under that was another guy saying he’d eat corn out of the pornstar’s ass.

Duality of man.

VR Headset

I initially had issues getting the website to work: I wasn’t prompted from the start to allow for immersion mode, or maybe I just missed the dialog box. Closing and opening my browser fixed the issue.

POVR doesn’t have a standalone app, but the website works pretty well – very similar to the desktop version. There’s a fully immersive environment for browsing that you’ll find accessible on the sidebar under ‘VR Porn Room’ – it’s 180 degrees, which feels a bit too much when you’re trying to navigate. I can’t think of a reason why it cannot just render like a standard immersive content area would.

View in my headset when using POVR

The immersive version of the website only had 13,000 or so videos archived under the ‘newest’ tab. Quite a lot of scenes are missing, but I checked the latest uploads and they’re synchronized just fine. My guess is that it’s the really early stuff they don’t have available.


Whether you’re using Google Cardboard or just synchronize to your headset with your mobile, you’re welcome to use your phone to get the goodies from POVR. There is one downside, though: it appears that you cannot download, or even watch, the free trailers on a mobile.

You can get around this by requesting the desktop version, but it’s pretty hacky and yeah – I’d prefer if they just allowed you to utilize the site as you would on your PC.

Billing Information

POVR tends to go through periods of offering really good deals and then defaulting back to industry standard prices. You can expect to pay $19.95 for a month of access, but I was lucky enough to get in for $9.95 instead. A year will typically cost $79.95 – quite a stellar deal – but you can also sign up for $300 if you want lifetime access to their portal.

I don’t think VR is going anywhere any time soon, and since they’re still producing originals, POVR will probably stay the course for a decent length of time.

Pretty standard options exist for payment. Credit and debit cards, alongside PayPal, are your primary options and ought to cover 99% of people out there. Sadly, the third-party processor does handle currency conversion for you – I dislike this, but it’s only a few cents you lose out on.

POVR also allows you to pay your way with cryptocurrency: there’s support for major tokens and you’re not going to have to pay extra over using a card or PayPal.

How Will POVR Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s what my bank reported to me when I made a purchase on POVR:

How the POVR transaction appeared on my bank statement

If you Google the phrase, there’s another review that someone’s written where they’ve put the billing information in text – I try to avoid doing that to keep things discreet! There’s only one result, and you have to scroll down to find it, but a particularly curious person wouldn’t struggle for long to work out what this purchase was for. I’d describe POVR’s billing as semi-discreet.

Downsides of POVR

To help balance the review, I’ll consider some of the areas where improvements could be made on POVR.

Firstly: it’s not a great sign that they don’t update social media or their blog any more.

Rival VR porn services are very much in the space, and some even have Discord servers where you can go to talk about the platform, get help, make suggestions and so on. POVR doesn’t have this, and I think in 2024 – as well as being in the VR porn market – you’ve got to make yourself accessible. Times have changed, and if other places are giving customers better features and tools, reviewers like me will take notice.

There are a few smaller issues worth noting too: namely, the adverts in the member’s area (for non-VR cams), no pornstar sorting based on video count, missing videos when going into immersive mode and the lack of trailer support for mobile users checking out the tour.

Tags are also all over the place, with a lot of bloat and no ability to select multiple at the same time. Example of bloat: there are tags for red hair, red head, redhaired and redhead. I appreciate they’re provided by the third-party studios, but surely it’s not impossible to consolidate them.

Our Verdict on POVR

POVR rated

POVR is a quality destination, but it’s beaten out by the rivals in a few different ways. Slightly fewer scenes, a few organizational issues, no immediate contact options (via Discord, Twitter, etc.) and poor tag management are my main issues.

What does it do better? Well, the price is very competitive if you want a lifetime account: almost half the cost of VR Porn and Sex Like Real. It also has passthrough scenes, which VR Porn lacks (but SLR is better at). I scored a great deal for a month of access – not sure how, but if you can get this hidden deal too, it’s stellar value for money.

The competition is slightly better, but POVR might be the value for money option, especially if you want an account for life.

It’s my top choice for budget-conscious VR enthusiasts who’ll use the site for years to come.


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