POVR Review: Ultimate VR Porn Aggregator, Is It Better Than SLR?

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POVR is the second-largest VR porn aggregator in the world. Ever found yourself unable to choose which virtual reality porn site to sign up for? Well, with POVR, you won’t have to pick just one.

The genius behind POVR is its all-in-one offering. With just one subscription, you get to unlock the hottest VR videos from an impressive 82 different adult content studios. Sure, there might be a few big names that aren’t on POVR’s roster yet, but given its extensive library, you’d endure some severe headset goggle-rash if you made it through the existing content library.

POVR isn’t the only aggregator in town. SLR (Sex Like Real) is even bigger, and VRPorn.com is catching up fast. With three main competitors scrapping to become the true ‘Netflix of VR Porn’, we wanted to take a look at whether POVR is any closer to snatching the crown.

In our comprehensive POVR review, we delve into what this platform offers in 2023. How does the quality of their in-house ‘POVR Originals’ match up to the ‘SLR Originals’? What studios does POVR uniquely feature that its competitors can’t? And crucially, how does the overall user experience measure up to a standalone premium VR porn site?

Wipe down those steamy goggles — and let’s take a closer look! 

How Does POVR Rank as a VR Porn Site?

POVR Review

POVR is not your typical VR porn site. It’s an aggregator service that combines the forces of many different VR studios to offer an extensive library. You can pick and choose what you want to watch, then stream it directly to your VR headset of choice.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Well that’s exactly what you’re going to get on POVR. Variety. The variety comes from a massive selection of curated videos drawn from a network of 82 different VR porn sites.

POVR is the latest in a long line of porn streaming services designed for the modern consumer. Just as Netflix changed how we watch traditional movies and TV shows, sites like POVR (and rival SLR) are here to streamline how we watch premium porn. Basically, we’ve switched from À la carte to buffet consumption.

POVR serves up one hell of a porn buffet; a library of nearly 20,000 movies that goes beyond the scope of any traditional standalone VR porn site. The selection here is unparalleled, but we shouldn’t write off the smaller VR porn studios just yet. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, which have guzzled up entire libraries of the largest studios in Hollywood, the top VR porn studios only lease a small selection of their best hits to the porn aggregators.

Meaning you have to subscribe to the actual studio if you want their best content.

But that’s not always the case…

One area where POVR really beats out its competition is the fact that its parent company happens to be the owner of WankzVR and MilfVR, two of the best studios in the business. With a POVR subscription, you’re effectively scoring a two-for-one deal. You not only gain access to an aggregator service for smaller studios but also a golden ticket to some of the most sought-after, top-tier VR porn sites on the web.

What Makes POVR Different From a VR Porn Studio?

Launched in November 2020, POVR is one of the newest adult streaming platforms to hit the market and is focused exclusively on Virtual Reality scenes.

The company aims to be the ultimate VR porn network and as well as producing some of its own content, the team is offering all creators the chance to help shape the platform. This means that as well as high-end and popular studio scenes, you can also enjoy independently-produced VR videos.

Head of POVR, Darrell Rosebush, is excited about the prospects of the service:

“We’ve gathered talented content creators, video editors and accomplished designers together to give VR audiences a new way to get all virtual sex they love and engaging original content, too.”

The company behind this platform, Foshan, also owns some of the other brands showcased on the site including WankzVR, TranzVR and MilfVR. Still, it is through leveraging their relationships with other studios that they can gather together such a diverse and huge collection of VR content.

As a VR porn aggregator, POVR competes directly with SLR (Sex Like Real) and VRPorn.com. All three of these platforms have strengths and weaknesses, but POVR is a no-brainer if you are a fan of the content on WankzVR and MilfVR, since you can find all of their content on POVR.

How Big Is The POVR Content Library?

As we mentioned right off the bat, POVR boasts an extensive virtual reality content library with thousands of triple-X-rated scenes from a plethora of genres and niches.

Oh, and when we say thousands, we mean thousands. They have 19,282 VR videos available (as of July 2023). And there are new scenes added daily. The size of the POVR content library is truly impressive. It’s roughly on par with VRPorn.com (19,000 videos), and only slightly smaller than SLR (25,240 videos).

POVR continuously updates its collection with all-new releases, guaranteeing fresh VR scenes for its fans. Choosing POVR means choosing hundreds of brand-new scenes every single month.

How does it do that we hear you ask? Well, it collaborates with multiple adult performers and studios, ensuring not only a high production standard but also constant content.

Currently, POVR features scenes from 82 different XXX virtual reality websites. Admittedly, many of these studios are small-time producers, who you probably wouldn’t subscribe to on an individual basis, but there are some notable exceptions: both Reality Lovers and Virtual Real Porn (two of our top ranked VR porn sites) have made their videos available on POVR.

If you’re choosing a VR porn aggregator based on content library size alone, the obvious candidate is Sex Like Real, which is about 25% bigger than POVR. But the rate of new content across all of these aggregators makes the total library size irrelevant. So it’s better we focus on quality instead…

What Is The Standout Content on POVR?

POVR Originals

The criticism of VR porn aggregators has always been that it’s better to have a smaller selection of high-quality videos than a sprawling library of videos that feel kinda mid.

We can’t argue with that.

POVR, like Sex Like Real, is battling this criticism by releasing its own in-house produced series of ‘POVR Originals’. These are professionally-shot VR porn movies that you can find exclusively on POVR.

There’s a lot riding on the quality of these flagship videos and POVR doesn’t disappoint. You could argue that the subscription is worth it just for these 7K VR video releases (there’s a new one added every week).

Both POVR and SLR do a cracking job of delivering top-of-the-line VR exclusives. SLR has the beating for choice with 385 SLR Originals compared to 139 POVR Originals.

Many users simply alternate their subscriptions, riding the content on POVR for a few months, then cancelling and switching to POVR, and vice versa. It’s a smart strategy, although it wastes the savings that you can get by taking out an annual sub.

If we look beyond the original content, POVR’s biggest selling point is access to the complete libraries of VR porn giants WankzVR and MilfVR. These studios are owned by the same company, so it’s all made available through POVR. The rest of their library is padded by content from smaller studios, although there are some sizeable contributions from Reality Lovers (435 videos) and Virtual Real Porn (844 videos).

How Is The Viewing Experience On POVR?

By now, you might be thinking that the quality must be diminished with a library size so large. But you’d be mistaken. POVR offers raunchy videos up to 8K, which is on par with the leading studios in the space.

That said, it’s worth noting that most of their older scenes are made for 4K, 5K, and 7K. However, they’re likely working on building their selection of 8K scenes to match the wealth of lower-resolution videos available. 

You can view these sizzling hot clips on all major headsets. So, whether you have the Oculus Quest 2, the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or the PlayStation VR, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the hottest new VR porn. And no, that isn’t an exhaustive list. Similar to SexLikeReal’s compatibility, POVR offers videos in both 360-degree and 180-degree view ports running at between 60 to 90fps.

As long as your broadband connection is stable and fast enough, you won’t have any issues streaming the videos. Just sit back and enjoy the delights of minimal latency and zero buffer.

Just a warning though: if you are planning to download any of the 8K videos, the long average running-time makes for some seriously chunky file sizes. Up to 19GB in some cases! 😮

Who Are The Top Rated Performers on POVR?

Top POVR pornstars

If you want to get up close and personal with some award-winning, ultra-famous pornstars, POVR is the place to do it. Unlike SexLikeReal, the site boasts some of the most well-known names in the industry, including Ella Reese, Brandi Love, Gia Derza, and Lena Anderson.

The top rated pornstars on POVR by user-ratings are:

  • Alex Coal (30 videos)
  • Lacy Lennon (12 videos)
  • Melody Marks (11 videos)
  • Brandi Love (27 videos)
  • Veronica Leal (88 videos)
  • Leana Lovings (19 videos)
  • Valeria Ray (3 videos)

We’d say the featured stars are akin to VR Bangers, which tend to favor famous faces over newer additions to the industry. However, it has its fair share of lesser-known adult entertainers too.

How We Rate The Overall POVR Experience

User-friendliness is a crucial factor when choosing a VR porn site, and POVR scores well on this front. The website’s layout is clean and intuitive, and you won’t have any trouble navigating through the vast library of videos.

They’ve got a handy sidebar that breaks down their content into categories and studios, so you can quickly find what you’re in the mood for. You can also sort videos by popularity, release date, length, and more. Plus, if you want to try something new but you’re not sure where to start, POVR offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history.

Another neat feature is their ‘watch later’ option. You can save videos to your personal playlist and access them anytime you like. You can also ‘follow’ your favorite pornstars to get notifications about their new releases.

Categories and Tags on POVR

Because POVR aggregates all of the best VR content together in one place, there is a lot more diversity to the scenes on offer than if you simply subscribed to a single studio.

Popular genres include Teen, Voyeur, Amateur and Big Cocks, but there’s plenty of kinky content covered here too, such as:

  • Bondage
  • Anal (Creampie, Gape, Toys)
  • Squirting
  • Cosplay

In addition, you can also find plenty of TG fun and even some cartoon VR porn.

Content can be filtered by ethnicity and clips are tagged with Russian, Brazilian, Asian, Japanese, Ebony and Latina stars.

Fan of a particular studio? You can use the sidebar to browse through aggregated videos from each of POVR’s 82 partner studios:

POVR Premium studios

One neat feature of POVR is the Member Playlists, where you can view compilations of popular clips as curated by other users. These are typically divided in to themed playlists, e.g. best cumshots, hottest 40+ MILFs, best group sex, and so on.

As well as regular VR, the site also offers some interactive content which works with the FeelConnect app from FeelMe and allows you to experience the action firsthand with the aid of teledildonics.

Access Fresh Content With the ‘VR Porn Room’

One feature POVR lacks is an app. Many of its major competitors, including SexLikeReal, do have apps, and it’s a shame that there isn’t a simplified way of accessing content through POVR.

However, it makes up for it with the VR Porn Room. It’s our favorite feature, and it makes enjoying the sheer variety of virtual reality scenes a breeze. The VR Porn Room is essentially a VR porn browser that allows you to navigate from one award-winning title to the next without ever leaving the virtual reality world (a bit like the Virtual Theater found on similar websites). 

From this so-called porn browser, you can peruse the complete collection of over 19,000 videos (and counting) while sorting by the most popular or newest.

Once you have found the video you want to enjoy, you can use a range of intuitive quality options to optimize the stream to suit your preferences. Simply use your headset’s motion control capabilities to make your selection and feel like you’re truly part of the action. 

POVR Vr Porn Room

Can I Use POVR with the PLAY’A App?

Yes, you can use the PLAY’A app to view VR content from POVR.

The PLAY’A app is a virtual reality video player that’s compatible with a variety of VR headsets and platforms, including Oculus, Vive, and others. It works well with the videos on POVR, although some users have reported issues accessing a small percentage of the content library.

POVR vs SLR vs VRPorn.com

When comparing POVR to SLR (Sex Like Real) and VRPorn.com, note that all three are VR porn aggregators, meaning they bring together VR porn from a variety of sources. This is their main appeal — you get to access porn from multiple different studios under a single site.

In terms of sheer volume, as of July 2023, POVR has a collection of 19,282 VR videos, VRPorn.com has around 19,000, and SLR leads the pack with 25,240 videos.

POVR and SLR are both known for their respective ‘Originals’, which is a value-adding service that Netflix pioneered as a way to build a moat around the core aggregating service. SLR has a larger Originals section (385 compared to POVR’s 139). VRPorn.com doesn’t promote an Originals series, but the platform has a limited number of exclusive videos.

If we compare the services on price, POVR ($19.95) and VrPorn.com ($19.99) are cheaper than SLR ($29.99). POVR is the only service to offer a limited time 2 day trial ($1.99), making it the easiest VR porn aggregator to sample without paying a full month subscription.

What Does POVR Cost?

Like most of its competitors, POVR offers a few membership options to suit various preferences and budgets. They range from a two-day trial to a full-on three-year subscription.

As you can imagine, the latter provides the most value for money. However, you’ll have to be willing (and able) to drop a larger sum of money upfront for the privilege. 

The site is constantly running discounts and promotions. So, we can only give you the pricing at the time of writing, which is as follows:

  • Trial access (two days) — $1.99 (This includes unlimited streaming throughout the two days, which is a nice touch since most sites don’t offer that.)
  • One month — $19.95
  • One year — $179.95
  • Three years — $359.95

All subscriptions include access to thousands of non-VR porn scenes as well from the 31 sites involved in the Wankz network. And you can pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. 

Does POVR Offer Free VR Porn?

Yep. You read that right — free VR porn! You can access this content without signing up but it’s limited to short clips from the longer scenes.

However, these free videos have a few limitations. As mentioned, they are typically much shorter than the full-length videos, so you’re not getting the complete scene. Plus, the resolution of these free previews is often capped at a lower quality than the premium videos. In other words, you won’t be able to experience the full glory of the ultra-clear 7K or 8K videos without a subscription.

If you really want to sample the delights of VR porn on a budget, you’ll get a much better taste of the action using POVR’s 2 day $1.99 trial. The free trailers don’t really represent the true experience.

POVR Review: Is It Worth The Money?

POVR rated

Porn aggregation sites aren’t new, and there are a handful of services trying to become the ‘Netflix of VR Porn’. POVR is definitely one of the more exciting options.

Firstly, their partnerships with some of the best and most well-known studios means that their base library is massive. A single subscription to POVR gets you access to hundreds of videos from top VR porn sites, including WankzVR, Virtual Real Porn and Reality Lovers.

And it’s not just the size which is impressive, but also the quality.

We know of at least a dozen on-demand streaming services that offer a ton of VR content but most of their scenes are (at best) only available in 4K/5K. On POVR, the latest content is typically 7K or 8K. You might think “But how many Ks do I need? Surely HD is HD?” Trust us, in VR porn, it makes a world of difference to the overall immersion.

With POVR, you have access to videos filmed using the latest technology, and this includes some great content which is compatible with teledildonics.

The fact that POVR is investing in its own content production tells you all you need to know about how future-proof this site should be. Bringing in the likes of Anna Claire Clouds, Jada Kai and Emma to star in their own scenes means that POVR Originals should be some of the hottest VR videos around.

Choosing between SLR and POVR is a matter of personal taste.

Both companies work with some of the top porn studios in the world. We give the slightest of edges to POVR based on lower pricing, but the best thing you can do is to try both and stick with the service that works for you.

You can take advantage of a 2-day $1.99 trial on the POVR website. So why not take a closer look and see if it lives up to your expectations?


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