Reality Lovers Review: Immersive Scenes – But The User Experience Lags Behind

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Reality Lovers is a porn studio based out of Slovakia that produces its own virtual reality sex videos. Their tour showcases a wide variety of content types, featuring gorgeous girls, red hot action, hardcore encounters and plenty of promises about how great the member’s area is.

They’ve been in the game for quite a few years now, and their exclusive scenes certainly look appetizing.

You can try out 2-minute trailers at their tour before committing to a membership and from what I’ve tried so far, this place could very well be a top hub for accessing quality VR porn.

The question is: how does the member’s area of Reality Lovers stack up? It’s my job to find out and today, I’ll be venturing inside with a Meta Quest 2 to find out.

Here’s my full hands-on Reality Lovers review.

Reality Lovers Review: First Impressions

I went hunting for any awards that Reality Lovers might have picked up – it seems as if XBIZ and AVN hasn’t recognized their work just yet, but that might change in the future.

They do have an Instagram and Twitter account, but neither are support focused – they just show sample scenes and images. The Instagram updates rarely, but their X feed is pretty active.

Here are the premium account options you can pick from:

Membership options on Reality Lovers

Quite a few things that I notice right off the bat here. Firstly, the 1 month account only has streaming access – I’m really not a fan of this at all. I prefer memberships that have the exact same amount of accessibility regardless of how long you subscribe for.

At the very least, you should be able to pay a little extra in order to get downloads if you just want to subscribe for a month.

The fact that the 12-month says ‘unlimited downloads’ but the 3-month says ‘downloads’ suggests to me that the 3-month is limited in some capacity. Absolutely nowhere on the signup page does it say what the limitation is, or provide you a link to another location that might reveal that information.

If you navigate back to the homepage and then check out their T&Cs, it reveals that you get 50 scenes per day that you can download. This is actually an incredibly fair number – far better than the others in the industry that have a limit. Still, it should be made clear when you’re signing up what the limits and restrictions are.

Since I want to check out the downloads available here, I went ahead and grabbed the 3 month option. There’s an optional cross sale which gives you a $1 trial to TS Virtual Lovers, but I skipped on this.

If you want to know more about the project before signing up, there’s a full FAQ section that covers a lot of common questions. They also have a support email address they recommend you reach out to if you’ve got any other comments or queries.

Truth be told, as good as email is – it’d be nice for them to have a Discord server or a Twitter support account. Sex Like Real has a great Discord that makes it easy to get answers to your questions and to find out additional things about the platform that you never knew.

The Reality Lovers Member’s Area

Once inside, I ventured over to the account information area – practically nothing that you can change here, which is a bit disappointing. There’s also no way to cancel your membership automatically, which is something that I dislike.

Adding additional hurdles to make it a pain to unsubscribe is a real pain. If we head to the videos section, we’ll be shown the newest updates added to the Reality Lovers archive:

Members area of Reality Lovers

As you can see, new releases aren’t that frequent – especially if we remove the mature and BBW compilations. These might be nice to have, but they’re just clustered renders of content from previous uploads. You’re looking at around 3 scenes per month – rival exclusive studious such as VR Bangers and Naughty America VR do far better than this.

Virtual Taboo even brings in 3 new scenes weekly – that’s four times the rate you’ll get here at Reality Lovers.

The preview panes are acceptable, but I’d prefer it if they included links to the pornstars, an indication of scene length and maybe an icon that shows the top-end resolution it’s currently available in. I do appreciate a little bit of organization and sorting, though. The ability to sort by upload date as well as view count is decent, but they should consider adding popularity as a metric too.

There are adverts in the member’s area, but they’re in the footer and relatively inoffensive. It seems they run three banners right now: one for TS Virtual Lovers, one for another VR website and a 4K 2D destination. Oh, there are also a few header links – one of which is VR Cams provided by Strip Chat.

We’ve written a review on Strip Chat and we consider them to be #1 in the world for live sex.

VR porn star profiles

As much as I appreciate an index area for pornstars, I’d really like for them to have sorting available by number of scenes and popularity. Right now, it’s just alphabetical, and there’s no way to filter by niche (breast size, tattoos, ethnicity, hair color and so on).

Video Analysis


So if you look at the first screenshot in the Member’s Area review section, you’ll notice that it says 472 videos, but when we visited the tour, they claimed to have 657 videos. Here’s a screenshot of that claim:

Number of videos on Reality Lovers - 657

By my count, that’s 185 scenes that we’re being short changed on – so what’s the deal? It’s not clear to me where these have gone and in my experience, tours tend to under promise the number of releases that they have, not advertise more.

Reality Lovers should either fix their tour up to say 472 scenes or provide all of the 657 videos we’re promised.

When comparing these numbers to the rivals, it’s quite a bit short of being competitive. For instance, Virtual Taboo has 1048 scenes, Wankz VR 825 and VR Bangers 780. If they had the 650~ scenes promised, it would probably be fine – but it’s clear that they’re lagging behind the other spots and with 3 new scenes per month, that gap is only going to get wider.

Scenes average around 40 minutes in length. From time to time, a special release will drop that clocks in at around 1 hour. This is about the industry standard, but unlike other spots, they have no solo scenes that are significantly shorter. Virtual Taboo does do this, so there’s a bit of an advantage to Reality Lovers.


The first upload in the Reality Lovers archive was added here in March of 2016 and can be downloaded in 4K. Note that outside of a PSVR version, Reality Lovers only offers one format on its earlier releases. The 2016 4K scene was 60 FPS and clocked in at a 14 Mb/s bitrate. More than reasonable for the time, since many rival services were only offering 3K footage and far lower bitrates.

Scenes uploaded in the last few years have four options: PSVR, 4K, 5K and 8K. Here are the technical specifications of the 4K and 8K options side by side:

Our video quality test for Reality Lovers

4K runs at 18.4 Mb/s and 8K runs at 40 Mb/s – both in 60 FPS, both with 317 Kb/s audio. I’d say that these numbers are in line with the industry standard and represent the best bang for your buck with regard to file size and discernable quality. The scenes were 38 minutes in length and weighed in at 5.1 GB and 11.1 GB.

Download Speed

You’re able to use a download manager for Reality Lovers and they do support parallel downloads, so if you want to queue up multiple scenes at once, you can. The servers are okay at giving you a good speed, but rival services can be a bit better. Here’s a typical download experience:

Download speed test

I averaged anywhere from 60 MB/s to 80 MB/s – even when grabbing multiple files at the same time. Note that you’ll need a gigabit connection to reach these types of speeds, so if you’re only on 100 Mb/s (which most people are), the bottleneck will be your connection, not Reality Lovers.

The terms and conditions explicitly stated that you were limited to 50 downloads per day, but when I started grabbing scenes, that number was reduced to 15. I went ahead and downloaded 15 scenes and to make matter worse, the limit is weekly, not daily.

Weekly download limit reached on Reality Lovers - huh?

Disappointing. Reality Lovers need to do a lot better here.

Content Analysis

There’s no particular artistic direction with the content that’s here – it’s a good mixture of different genres, but nothing is too extreme or niche that people won’t be interested in the bulk of what’s on offer.

It’s totally fair to describe what they have here as vanilla – very little strays from basic themes, such as MILF, BBW, teen, threesome and creampie material.

Since Reality Lovers is based in Europe, quite a lot of their productions feature models from the EU.

I saw Czech, Italian, French and German models here – but they’ve also got some productions that feature pornstars based in the United States. It doesn’t make up much of the archive though: that’s why there is very little by way of ethnic diversity on Reality Lovers. Almost all of the scenes feature white women. There were only 8 scenes in the ‘ebony’ category and 16 under ‘Latina’.

A typical scene from RealityLovers

Most of the uploads are hardcore one on one, but there are a few dozen threesome scenes. Around 20 group sex videos are offered too – these were almost all with three ladies and a single dude.

I spent about 30 minutes watching 5 or so scenes, skipping through them and getting a sense for the action. Nothing stands out as particularly unique in Reality Lovers’ content – but that’s not a bad thing. The subjective VR experience was pretty good – the camera rig they’re using is great and it’s definitely up there with the best when it comes to immersive audio and render quality.

Design & Navigation


Barebones would sum it up in a single word, but I didn’t feel like it was sufficiently lacking in features to get too bothered by. Small improvements here and there would be good – especially with specific regard to filtering scenes by tags.

Currently, you pick a category – such as anal – and the videos are given to you in chronological order. There’s no way to sort based on popularity or length. The category archives do have pornstar links though – I think those should be added to the main index.

My biggest problem with desktop access to Reality Lovers is the fact that the top-end streaming option is 4K – even for newer productions, where 5K and 8K are available. I can maybe understand not making 8K a choice because of bandwidth concerns, but 5K would be a nice middle ground that I could probably endorse. Right now, the bitrate just isn’t high enough on the 4K streaming option for it to be the top end resolution.

Reality Lovers lacks a section for discussion or comments – based on my experience in other content hubs, this is a feature that would be really handy. People love giving feedback and chatting between themselves about virtual reality porn, so why not give them the option to do it here?

VR Headset

There’s no immersive mode for Reality Lovers, nor is there a third-party application that they’ve partnered with. I didn’t have any major issues with accessing the website in VR, but it’s pretty much just the same as the desktop website. You’ll get a prompt when watching a video to allow immersive mode – once inside, you’ll want to change the quality to 4K.

Reality Lovers defaults to a lower resolution and bitrate, and you have to change it every single time. Really not ideal.

My view of Reality Lovers when using my headset

The tour does allow you to sample 2-minute trailers for all scenes – pretty decent, and I highly recommend that you take full advantage of this.

Remember that you get higher quality downloads once inside, but these are limited to 15 per week. Support is provided for all major headsets, including Gear, Quest, Vision Pro and a special file for PSVR users. Some headset users have to use a direct link, but on the Meta Quest 2, the scene loaded straight away.


Nothing of note with the website. You can use Google Cardboard and try out the scenes – the free tour works just fine. Speed is decent and the site scales alright. I don’t suspect that many people will be using their phones to access Reality Lovers, but it’s nice that it works.

Billing Information

A 1 month membership here will cost you $19.99, but it’s stream only, with a cap at 4K. If you want to download scenes, you’re going to have to opt for 3 months, and that’s $39.99. Alternatively, you can grab the 12-month membership for $119.88 – works out at 10 bucks per month and you get unlimited downloads, so that’s pretty decent.

You can pay with a credit or debit card (Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Discover and Maestro are all supported) or PayPal. Sadly, no support for cryptocurrency. I’d really like to see them add support for BTC, LTC, XRP, BNB, ETH and so on – there are people out there that want to pay with these. It might also be good to add a lifetime account option, since many rival VR outlets have this.

How Will Reality Lovers Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s what my bank told me when I subscribed to Reality Lovers:

How my Reality Lovers payment appeared on my bank statement

I did a quick Google search to try and find what the billing code referred to – nothing linking it back to Reality Lovers. Segpay is somewhat known in the adult space, but not to the same degree that Epoch is. Someone might be able to guess, but it wouldn’t stand up in court.

I’d describe Reality Lovers’ billing as fully discreet.

Downsides of Reality Lovers

Without a doubt, my biggest complaint here is the fact that they aren’t clear about the download limits when you go to create an account and in the terms and conditions, you’re told the incorrect number and incorrect time period – both of which are worse for the user.

Instead of 50 scenes per day, which is reasonable, it’s 15 scenes per week. That’s off by a factor of 23. I dislike download restrictions at the best of times, but if you are going to have them, make it very clear what they are and stick to the numbers you promise. I’ve gone ahead and contacted Reality Lovers about this issue. Let’s hope they enact change.

It’s good that new scenes are published here, but the frequency is questionable. When you drop below a certain level, it suggests that you take production less seriously, and there’s a far greater likelihood that you’ll stop creating content altogether. Come to think of it, this also ties into the fact that the numbers for total scenes are way off: Reality Lovers gets a lot of its numbers wrong, and that’s a big deal.

The internal design could do with a little bit of fixing up, but it’s alright – does everything it needs to, and no huge errors. Perhaps my greatest concern outside of number misrepresentation is the fact that 4K is the highest quality streaming format.

This is particularly problematic when you consider that downloads are heavily restricted. It’s all well and good having 8K productions, but when they’re off-limits to most users, what’s the point?

My Verdict on Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers Review

If everything that was reported in the tour was accurate, Reality Lovers would still be a backup option in the virtual reality space. When they first started back in 2016, there’s no doubt that they had a competitive product – but there are dozens of websites now and many have more scenes, better update schedules, easier content sorting and so on.

A membership here isn’t cheap – perhaps if it was a budget alternative to VR Bangers, Virtual Taboo and so on, I could give you the go-ahead, but I’m unconvinced it’s the best hub out there. It’s certainly in the top 10 studios creating VR content, but we’re always trying to give you the cream of the crop, and this simply isn’t that.

Reality Lovers isn’t terrible, but I think your hard-earned money is better spent on VR content hubs that go the extra mile. Sign up here if you want to try it for yourself.


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