StripChat Review: Analysis of The Fastest Growing Cam Site In The World

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StripChat was only launched in 2016 but now ranks as the most visited live cam site on the Internet.

It’s our favorite pick and offers visitors access to thousands of hot, delicious babes showing off their assets on webcam all day, every day.

The StripChat platform is innovative, great at marketing and above all else – ready to provide punters with the girls they want to see. Plenty of live shows await – many of which are completely free to watch. That’s right: StripChat’s primary performance style is tip-based, which means you can slip in and see all of the action without paying a penny!

In this review, we’ll look at StripChat’s history, how to use the platform and our reasoning behind giving it the number one spot on our list of the best cam sites online.

StripChat Review: Fastest Growing Cam Site In The World

StripChat Review

Chaturbate used to hold the title of the most monthly visitors for a live sex cam site – that’s now held by StripChat. 

Data collected by AdultVisor from SimilarWeb shows that Chaturbate is still #1 in the US, but globally, StripChat comes out ahead with a staggering 769 million monthly visits.

This begs the question: how did StripChat manage to get so big, so quickly?

The platform began primarily as a slightly more softcore, teasing platform – the name itself is a nod to this style of cam platform. It didn’t take long for StripChat to switch to a more standard content approach though – especially through the pandemic, where it managed to really push its monthly user count to unrivalled levels.

stripchat logo

Innovation is the key behind StripChat’s rampant growth: it’s little wonder why it took the crown of Most Innovative Cam Site at the Live Cam Awards last year. Interactivity has become a big part of the StripChat experience, and there are plenty of tools available for you to get involved. We’re talking cam to cam, tip-based sex toy activation, built-in token goals, tip menus, games and more.

Cam shows on StripChat can also be switched to a special ‘ultra-low latency’ mode, where lag is essentially non-existent: it’s perfect for cam to cam sessions and sex toy activation. They also facilitate direct content purchases as well as fan club, OnlyFans-style subscriptions to live streamers.

Rival cam sites tend to have some of these features – StripChat has all of them.

Not only that, but they’ve nailed the implementation and demonstrated the best practices associated with their adoption. Like most services, the way you attract customers – and keep them – is to provide the best experience: that’s precisely what StripChat has done. 

Types of Performers on StripChat

StripChat Model Types

Quantity and quality are both important: StripChat really wins out with the former. Exact numbers vary hour-to-hour, but expect anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 streams when you visit. There’s a mixture of material too: from solo girls and couples to guys and transsexuals.

The Girls

Most readers want solo girls, so let’s start there. In terms of ethnic breakdown, you can reasonably expect 1,600 white ladies, an equal number of Latinas, 100 or so Indians, 800 ebony babes and 500 Asians at any one time. StripChat’s pushing Ukrainian performers quite heavily right now too, with anywhere from 200 to 600 online.

Along the left-hand side of StripChat’s interface, you’ve got filtering options for all sorts of different requirements. Want to only look at teens? Over 1,000 barely legal 18 and 19 year-old nubile temptresses are online now. You’ll also see 600+ MILFs though, so regardless of what age you like them at, StripChat’s there to provide.

The Guys

Around 500 men were online and streaming when we took to StripChat: more than most competing cam platforms out there. 80% of them identify as being bisexual, with the other 20% being equally split between ‘straight’ and ‘gay’. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, cam shows are available for you at StripChat.

Most of the performances by men on StripChat come from Colombia – as much as 70% depending on what time of day you visit. The next biggest countries were America, Germany, India and Venezuela. All in all, StripChat’s a great place to go if you like South American men.

Couples On Cam

Couples also have a place on StripChat, and it’s not just a small section of the platform. Of the top 50 recommended cam shows, 10 of them involved more than one person. 2 of those were all-girl performances, with the other 8 being an equal mixture of stock standard couples and group sex enthusiasts.

We were surprised at just how frequent group sex was on StripChat: far more performances with 3 or more involved are offered here than anywhere else. Couples do show up on platforms like Chaturbate, but it seems as if StripChat attracts the highest number of orgy enjoyers.

Similar to the guys, most of the shows here are from Colombia and Venezuela. However, there was actually a sizable portion of African couples too – mainly from Kenya.

Transsexual Models

Lastly, the transgender performers. There was a definite skew here toward younger performers – barely any mature transsexuals were online, but there were plenty between the ages of 18 and 23.

The skew toward South America is even more extreme when it comes to StripChat’s transgender camgirls: almost 80% of the performances available involved Colombians or Venezuelans.

Fetish and Specialist Models

Since StripChat’s streamer base is so large, you can expect to come across a litany of themes and niches.

Got a thing for fisting? There’s a section for that. Anal action more your cup of tea? No issue whatsoever. You’ll likely find over a dozen ladies in the ‘pregnant’ category who are knocked up and horny as fuck. Hormones do crazy things to women’s minds and for our money, pregnant camgirls can be some of the hottest to watch.

There are plenty of specific traits you can pick and choose from on the main tag pages. Small tits, big nipples, redheads only, interested in anal, oil show availability and languages spoken to name but a few. There are even specific areas for outdoor shows, ASMR streams and age gap (old and young) performances.

Types of Live Shows on StripChat

Types of StripChat live shows

Not all performers at StripChat do things the same way – there’s a little variety when it comes to how the content is structured and their approach to streaming.

Let’s take a look at the options offered on StripChat, but do note that performers are free to enable or disable any of these – you’re not guaranteed a show of your choice with the performer of your choice.

Completely Free Public Shows

These are the most popular – both in terms of viewer numbers and performer frequency. Basically, there are no restrictions on who can spectate and you don’t have to pay for the pleasure of tuning in. You don’t even need an account – just rock up and watch the action as it unfolds.

Do consider tipping though: it supports the streamers and incentivizes them to keep doing what they do best.

StripChat Mature Women Cams

Private Shows

If you want the complete and undivided attention of a particular streamer – or a couple – you can hop into a private performance. These are charged per minute and typically cost the most out of all the options available.

The exact setup of a private show depends on the cammer in question, but in most instances, you can expect a lot of influence over what happens. Note that most private shows are recordable, but not all performers allow for it.

To find out if a private show is recordable, click on ‘start private’ and you’ll see that it says ‘You can save this show‘ if it’s indeed savable. At the end of the private performance, you’ll be prompted to save the recording to your collection (it’s stored on your behalf and accessible whenever you want it). This is all managed on your behalf by StripChat: no need to run any recording software yourself.

Group Shows

This is a middle ground between the two options above: two or more people contribute a flat amount and are then allowed into a group show, typically once a specific target is met. You often get a great deal with this type of performance, and a small amount of influence over the direction of the action. Group shows seem to be quite popular with Asian performers – specifically, Japanese and Chinese solo girls.

Spy Shows

This is an interesting option that lets you watch a model’s private show with another user. Models disappear from the ‘public show’ section and are instead moved to the ‘spy on’ section.

Only visitors with tokens can get a free initial look (15 seconds), but once that’s over – they’ll have to pay on a minute-by-minute basis to continue watching. These shows are supposed to have a voyeuristic element to them, but are obviously entirely opt-in by the models in question. Note that you cannot communicate with models that have spy-on enabled. After all, you’re being a voyeur!

Cam to Cam

Got a webcam? Want to turn it on and share your side of the erotic cam experience?

Some girls and couples have made cam to cam (C2C) available. C2C is a great way to get down and dirty with a performer: they’ll see what you’re doing and in many instances, it’ll enhance their performance.

It also lets them know what you’re enjoying and provides watchers with a more intimate and personal live sex experience.

Virtual Reality Cams

This is the innovative side of StripChat: there are over 100 VR sex cams available, so if you’ve got a headset and you want to indulge in the ultimate virtual reality erotic webcam adventure, this is the best option for you.

It’s fantastic to see that StripChat doesn’t just have a dozen or so cams in this section either: there’s a sizable amount of solo performers and couples with VR cams ready and waiting for you to watch them in action.

Mobile Shows

Instead of having a full-blown PC setup, StripChat has provided a simple system for its performers to go live via their mobile phones. Many girls utilize this feature to offer tease streams at the library, masturbation in their cars and other lewd outdoor adventures.

This stream option provides many unique approaches to adult webcam action and opens up the platform to more potential performers – sweet!

What Is The Live Stream Quality on StripChat?

StripChat HD Cams

StripChat currently offers streams in qualities up to and including 1080p. It doesn’t appear as if 2K or 4K is available quite yet, but it wouldn’t surprise us for this to eventually be provided by the platform.

As things stand, StripChat is already objectively better than its rivals for outright stream quality.

You can use the HD tag to find StripChat models streaming with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) in HD.

Alongside 1080p, viewers can decide to lower the quality of a stream if they’re having issues. Alternative resolutions include 720p, 480p, 240p and 160p. Variable bitrate technology is utilized to optimize bandwidth, with Windows reporting anywhere from 2.5 Mb/s through to 4 Mb/s per stream at a 1080p quality.

Note that not all cam shows are available in 1080p – since not every cam performer is using the same hardware, you may find that some shows are capped at 720p or in extreme cases, 480p. This can be a regional thing, both for hardware and bandwidth availability. You ought to expect slightly better objective quality from American and European performers than those in Africa or Cuba.

Mobile performances are slightly different: they run at 960p, but are pillarboxed (letterboxed, but vertically), so it’s not quite true 960p quality. Subjectively, the mobile streams were far better in terms of quality than we would have initially thought. Network coverage is more of an issue when it comes to these shows, so you might find random dropouts and other glitches happen from time to time.

Sex Toy Integration

As with many live cam websites, StripChat has a built-in sex toy activation system where users can tip tokens and send a pulse, or other sensation, through to a device that’s attached to the streamer.

Lovense Toys

Lovense is the most common and there are a bunch of different options that you can play with. Vibration intensity, time, pulse type and so on. Check out the tip menu for each performer with a sex toy enabled for a look at what options they have available.

The Leading Provider of VR Sex Cams

Virtual reality isn’t a gimmick at StripChat: it’s a sizable portion of their platform and if you’ve got a VR headset, this is something that you need to experience. No other cam site comes close to offering the same number of VR sex cams as StripChat. The closest alternative is SexLikeReal, which is a specialist VR porn platform.

You’ll find support for most major devices, including:

  • Meta headsets: Quest (1, 2 & Pro), Rift & Rift S
  • Valve Index
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC Vive (Pro & Pro 2)
  • Google Cardboard

Other devices that are relatively modern and able to interface with a browser also ought to handle StripChat’s VR cam shows without issue.

StripChat also has a unique landing page for those using a VR headset: it’s stylish and functional, plus makes skipping around to all of the various live girls with virtual reality support a breeze. Most of the VR performers are solo women, but a few couples have also thrown themselves into the mix.

Additionally, private VR cam shows at StripChat have voice chat enabled. This is optional, but highly recommended to utilize. Objective stream quality is stellar when it comes to the VR broadcasts: Up to 4K and 60 FPS. We tested six different shows over a 90-minute period and encountered essentially zero hiccups or problems.

The static nature of the VR cams also negates a lot of potential motion sickness issues that some users might experience with games.

Getting Around StripChat

Since most navigation occurs from the homepage, it’s important for platforms to have decent layouts and filtering choices from the get go. StripChat doesn’t falter at all: the left-hand sidebar is where most of your options are going to be made. Here’s a list of the meta categories and some of the options you’ll be able to sort and sift through:

  • Age: teen, young, MILF, granny
  • Ethnicity: Asian, ebony, Latina, white
  • Body type: BBW, skinny, athletic
  • Show type: private, cam to cam, spy (voyeur)
  • Niche: fuck machine, outdoor, group sex

You can also click the ‘all categories’ button for more customization and choice.

StripChat doesn’t have sorting options when you select a particular tag.

This is actually the biggest issue we have with the platform: it would be nice to see who’s recently come online, the newest users to the platform, who has the most viewers right now and who has the best track record (say, average viewers over the last 30 days). It looks as if default sorting is a mixture of the last two points, but details aren’t clear.

The Mobile Experience on StripChat

Mobile StripChat experience

We’ve looked at many mobile cam websites and StripChat has the most intuitive and functional layout. Loading times are fantastic and really stood out: when you click on a stream, it takes about a second for the feed to begin playing. It also has a convenient search button, so instead of having to scroll through tags, type in what you’re looking for.

Since some cam shows on StripChat are recorded with mobiles, these generally offer the best viewing experiences for those on their phones.

The pillarboxing disappears and instead, you get a full-screen view of what’s going on. You can opt to have chat messages – and a chat input box – displayed if you so desire. It’s really easy to switch between zero distraction mode and the chat feed too – you literally just have to tap your screen.

If you’re watching a stock standard stream from a webcam that’s designed for desktop devices, we recommend turning your phone sideways. This gives you more real estate to play with – since the performers are so attractive, you’re going to want to see every inch of them, right?

Mobile users can also use their handheld devices for cam to cam, but this is more restrictive in support than just watching a performance. Currently, Chrome via Android phones and Safari via iOS are the only two officially supported Cam2Cam modes provided.

StripChat’s Pricing and Tokens Explained

Tokens are the currency of StripChat and are used instead of direct fiat payments for shows. Since most users can relate to US dollars, we’ll use that as an example:

  • 90 tokens: $9.99
  • 200 tokens: $20.99
  • 540 tokens: $49.99
  • 2,350 tokens: $199.99
  • 12,570 tokens: $999.99

To save you time, we’ve done the math: you receive 23% more tokens when you buy the $199.99 package than if you purchased 20 of the $9.99 packages.

The incentive is to buy in bulk and honestly – the deal is pretty good.

What Does The Average StripChat Private Show Cost?

If you want to know what this translates into for a private show – models set their levels, but the most popular (and introductory) rate is 8 tokens per minute. This translates to about 70 cents per minute, or $41 for an entire hour’s performance – if you’re buying the 2,340 token package, that is.

StripChat private show breakdown

Some private shows are in the 32 to 90 token range though, so prices can get pretty steep if you want a true one on one experience. The highest rate we saw was 200 tokens per minute: that’s close to $1,000 per hour(!).

If we had to guess, this is just set by certain models in public shows that are basically saying “Look: I’m a public show girl, so if you want me alone, you’re really going to have to pay!“. 

Lovense devices can be activated on most models for as little as 1 token, but we checked 5 different streams and found that 10 seconds at ‘medium’ intensity would set you back around $4.

Group shows are typically offered at 8 tokens per minute, but a few were also listed at 16. This translates to anywhere from $0.70 through to $1.40 per minute.

Keep an eye on the StripChat blog for occasional free token giveaways (which we’ve covered in detail elsewhere).

Payment Options

There are plenty of payment options at StripChat, including:

  • Credit and debit cards (prepaid available)
  • PayPal
  • paysafecard
  • Sofort
  • Mobile Billing
  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and more)

If you’re paying with a credit or debit card, StripChat will bill you using various non-specific processor statement names, meaning that ‘’ won’t appear on your statement: instead, something like ‘’ or ‘’ will instead.

In our experience, payment processing for all forms of deposit is virtually instant. The exception is cryptocurrency – you’ll have to wait for blockchain finality, depending on what token you used. As an example, Bitcoin can take a few hours, depending on how unlucky you get.

Refund Policy

Naturally, any tokens that you’ve spent cannot be refunded. That said, if you make a purchase of tokens and you haven’t used them yet, contact support and so long as you’ve made the purchase within 30 days, they can issue a refund. One big caveat: only PayPal and credit/debit card refunds are offered at this time.

Our Final Verdict on StripChat

StripChat has a bunch of innovative features that really set it apart from the competition.

Stand-out functionality here includes great mobile accessibility, high average bitrate streams, a huge quantity of online performers, global coverage and an industry leading VR section. They’ve grown real quick and it’s clear to us why that’s the case.

We’d like to see an improvement to their country tagging and region-specific organization – currently, some models aren’t correctly tagged, and this makes it harder for you to find what you want. Additionally, sorting based on various metrics like current viewers and time online would also be handy.

That said, StripChat is number one on our list of the pinnacle webcam platforms for a reason: it’s what we think other platforms should strive to be like. They’re always coming up with new ideas, understand what users want and seem to aim for perfection wherever possible. It’s not perfect yet – but give it time and it just might be worthy of such a title.

Anyone who’s keen on a decent variety of cam shows – most of which are in 1080p HD streaming formats – will feel right at home on StripChat. Visit to check it out for yourself.


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