MyDirtyHobby Review: Germany’s Got Camgirls, But Are They Worth Your Cash?

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While some girls decide to go pro in their adult careers – others prefer to keep things homely and amateur.

MyDirtyHobby (MDH) is a hub targeting amateur types: it’s a European service with adult cam feeds, purchasable content and more. Almost all of the talent here is from Germany.

With over 570,000 videos and 4.6 million pictures, it’s evident that traditional content is also a big part of MyDirtyHobby’s pitch to prospective users. Cam numbers aren’t the highest, but if you’re happy to straddle the live experience with other types of media, it could very well be the best amateur hub for you.

It’s not quite a cam site, but it’s not quite a porn tube either.

MyDirtyHobby is excellent as a hybrid marketplace, but there are better options if you’re looking for pure webcams and nothing else. Especially since all camming sessions on MyDirtyHobby are pay-to-play – there are no free streams here in any capacity.

Let’s take a closer look…

MyDirtyHobby Review: Mixed Bag of German Sex Cams

MyDirtyHobby Review

MyDirtyHobby first launched in 2006, meaning it’s closing in on almost two decades of experience in the adult space. This platform tends to recruit European models, so expect a lot of sexy white chicks with hot accents.

While other adult cam sites have a secondary focus on video content that you can purchase, MyDirtyHobby makes it a far more significant part of their identity. Whether it’s the live cams driving traffic to the videos or the other way around, we know that they’re both central to the experience on MyDirtyHobby.

Our review will mainly focus on the camming experience (as laid out in our ranking criteria), but we’ll also touch on the videos and photos since those add quite a lot of value to the platform.

Because MyDirtyHobby has a highly concentrated number of European camgirls, you can expect a lot of variability with the number of online cams. Other platforms won’t fluctuate as much as MDH: the number of live cams is at its highest from around 6pm to 11pm (Central European Time).

Types of MyDirtyHobby Models

We’re pleased to report that women, men, couples and transsexuals can all perform on MyDirtyHobby. There’s a clear preference for females, but if you absolutely must see European men in action, there are a few here for you to chow down on.

MyDirtyHobby has extensive categorization to make finding the perfect cam performer a walk in the park. Do note that the total number of performers here is quite a bit lower than elsewhere – just 100 online at the time of our review.

MDH can have as many as 200 live cams during peak hours online.

MyDirtyHobby homepage view

Female Models

The ladies make up the lion’s share of the platform: almost all performers here are females.

Of the 84 girls we saw, 55 were from Germany. The rest are from other European countries, including destinations such as the UK, Spain, France and Italy. Many of the ladies here can speak multiple languages – German and English being the two most common. It’s a similar breakdown to what you will find on Visit-X, another cam site with high usage in Germany.

Since MDH is predominantly European, ethnic variety is far more limited than it is elsewhere. On most major camming platforms, Latinas are the most common. Here at MDH – it’s Caucasians. The site does have an Ethnic breakdown filter: we were able to find zero Latinas, one Asian (Thai girl in Germany) and one ebony. If you’re not so keen on white chicks, this certainly isn’t the place for you.

Although MDH markets itself as being amateur – it tends to attract quasi-professional ladies. They aren’t working with major studios or anything like that, but they do make a decent income from what they’re doing online.

The lines between professional and amateur have become increasingly blurred over the years: it’s clear that many of the women on MDH are above-average attractiveness and put effort into their live cam performances.

Male Models

Three German men were online at the time of us writing this review. If we look at offline talent, there are also guys from similar countries as the ladies, although Spain and Portugal seem to contribute more men than we’d have thought.

The site has a category section for sexual orientation, including bisexual, gay and heterosexual. Sadly, regardless of our chosen option, it still displayed the same three men. We decided to look at their profiles, and it was very clear that two were gay, with the other guy likely being straight.

You will find some professional cam guys on MDH, but it certainly feels from the three we saw that they were genuine ‘amateurs.’ Not particularly attractive, no real effort was put into the production value of their streams: just guys jerking off, basically.


A total of 5 couples were online when we tuned in; 4 of them were from Spain. One of the couples comprised of two ladies, whereas the others were boy/girl combinations.

We’d argue that the couples seemed to put a little more effort in than the solo guys – shows here felt more organized and a bit more serious. Having said that, it still retained that element of being homemade and authentic.

We could tell that these were genuine couples having sex on cam: not two people working together for the sake of it.

Transgender Models

To our surprise, a total of 12 trans girls were online when we reviewed MDH: that’s a ratio of around 7 females per 1 trans performer – quite a bit higher than we’re used to seeing on other platforms.

The number one trans camgirl on MDH was from Germany, whereas the rest were from Colombia. It was at this point that we realized there were serious issues with filtering on MyDirtyHobby: we clicked ‘Latin America’ and none of the Colombian girls appeared; it was just blank. We don’t know what’s going on, but MDH needs to fix this as soon as possible.

Broken filtering option on MyDirtyHobby

Types of Live Shows on MyDirtyHobby

You’re not exactly spoiled for choice at MyDirtyHobby: while other platforms have a variety of show types, this hub is remarkably basic. We’re disappointed with the lack of flexibility afforded to models here – mainly because we’ve seen the benefits of choice.

All action on MyDirtyHobby requires you to pay. There are no free lunches here, so if you were hoping to see some hot German camgirl action without paying a penny – not happening.

Webcam Chat

The setup of MyDirtyHobby is relatively unique: to watch performers – even if they’re in public chat – costs DC. This has three price points: 99, 149 and 199 DC per minute. It doesn’t appear there is any way for performers to disable this. You are forced to charge for the basic webcam chat feature if you’re a camgirl on MDH.

There doesn’t appear to be too much guidance about what a model will do in standard webcam chat, but from the shows we tested; they were more than willing to go above and beyond your typical public chat experience. This is a paid session, though, so it stands to reason that we’d see nudity and, in some instances, masturbation.

Note that multiple people can watch a generic webcam chat. Total traffic on MDH appears to be low, however. We watched a few girls and were the only ones in the room.

You’ll be billed every 15 seconds for webcam chat.

Private Chat

When you’re in the webcam chat interface, you’ll find that there’s a private chat option. This functions the same as on other platforms: you’ll pay a per-minute rate that is generally higher than the webcam chat option, but you’ll have exclusivity.

Entering a private chat on MDH

No additional features appear when you’re in a private session. In some instances, performers will limit what they do in webcam chat and only perform certain activities in private chat. It is up to the camgirls to decide, but without clear indications and no free way to find out, we find this approach questionable.

Note that private chat isn’t truly private: voyeurs can watch.


If a performer is in a private session, you can watch them as a voyeur. You’ll pay a fixed rate for this, and it seems to be the same as the webcam chat rate. You can also elect to wait for the private show to finish. Here’s what the prompt looks like:

Voyeur mode MyDirtyHobby

Voyeurs cannot read chat messages sent between the model and the customer. They can watch the webcam feed and hear the audio, but have no way of interacting with the show.

Cam to Cam

Cam to cam is provided by MyDirtyHobby, but in order to enable it, you have to be verified on the platform.

This requires you to upload your ID and have someone check it. You’re able to select your input/output devices and also select the quality of your output. If you have a poor upload speed, it might be an idea to lower it when streaming on MDH.

Can I Record Live Shows on MyDirtyHobby?

We found no interface features that suggested automatic show recording and archiving, nor could we see any policy permitting live show recording. As a result, we think it’s fair to say that you cannot record while watching cams on MDH.

Live Stream Quality

Unfortunately, MyDirtyHobby operates under a one-size-fits-all format system: streamers here don’t have variable options, so whatever they’re outputting is essentially what you’ll receive. The platform also made it difficult for us to find the exact resolution they supported at its maximal level. We tested five streams in total and 4 of them were in 720p, with the 5th being in 480p.

Bitrates on MyDirtyHobby are acceptable, but nothing to write home about. You’re looking at between 1.2 and 1.7 Mb/s on average. Our team is incredibly critical regarding low-quality platforms, and while 720p might be okay for now, we’d love to see webcam hubs switch to 1080p. We also think it’s reasonable, considering all streams here are paid for.

We understand it might be economically problematic to distribute bandwidth to freemium users who never pay in 1080p. Still, if everyone you’re serving content to has paid for it – we expect full HD.

Interactive Toys on MyDirtyHobby

When testing five streams, we only found one model that had a Lovense. From what we can determine, it’s not possible to activate the device on MyDirtyHobby. After asking her about this, she explained that the toy was for use on another platform.

MyDirtyHobby does have a tipping interface, but it’s reserved for various items and flat DC amounts. There are no toy activation features offered in this area.

Lack of interactive toy tipping on MyDirtyHobby

We think it would be trivially easy to introduce a toy activation section here. Having said that, the minimum tip amount of 500 DC is pretty egregious. This is multiple dollars: compared to some other platforms where even 10 cents can be tipped, it seems oddly priced and aggressively structured.

It’s also likely that owing to all shows being paid for, customers are less likely to activate toys. Lovense devices tend to go off the most in free public shows.

Buying Content on MyDirtyHobby

Live cams are just half of the platform here: MDH is very big on selling content that models have produced outside of their streams.

What separates the structure of MyDirtyHobby from mainstream webcam platforms is that many amateurs sell their videos here without ever going on cams. Strictly speaking, we are here to look at the live sex side of things, but such is the size of the video collection – we just have to cover it.

A total of 570,000 videos are available on MyDirtyHobby: these are all uploaded by platform users. Here’s what the video archive looks like when you sort by the latest uploads:

Buying content on MyDirtyHobby, video browsing

As you can see from the upload times, videos come through thick and fast. Average lengths are between 2 and 8 minutes. We couldn’t find any instances of videos on MyDirtyHobby being free of charge – you’ll have to pay for them.

Organizing based on popularity, we saw prices between 140 and 1300 tokens. It would appear that around 800 DC is the going rate – that’s about $8 for a scene. Generally, the scene price scales with its length. Uploads that are 1 minute long can cost as little as a dollar.

Samples aren’t provided before you purchase a scene, and once you’ve bought it, you cannot ask for a refund. Videos on MyDirtyHobby cannot be downloaded – they’re streamed only. Various resolutions are available. We purchased a few scenes and found they were all 720p at most. 1080p might be an option here, but we didn’t see any full HD scenes.

We think MyDirtyHobby should show you a random 10-second segment of the video that you’re interested in buying. The thumbnails help, but short samples are always preferred.

The Social Network Side of MyDirtyHobby

Instant messaging on the platform is a big deal, but it does cost you money. There are a lot of social elements going on here, including comments on videos and various competitions. Some girls even recruit performers for their videos through MDH – it’s a little more interconnected than other places we’ve seen.

You’re really encouraged to message the girls.

Model of the Year for MDH

Users can also set up a profile, where they share content, have a guest book and a blog area to post whatever they want. If you’re in Germany and you want to be a part of an amateur sex community, it certainly feels as if MyDirtyHobby is the best spot around to do precisely that.

MyDirtyHobby VIP Feature

MyDirtyHobby puts on events and parties that you can attend – although this is only if you’re a VIP.

The membership costs anywhere from $14-22 per month (the lower end if you pay a year in advance). The yearly package also comes with 20,000 bonus DC – that’s quite an insane amount.

MyDirtyHobby VIP features

VIPs also get extra bonus purchase offers, priority support from the team and early access to some videos. There’s nothing specific here to the camming platform (except the bonus DC and discount offers), but as a larger part of the amateur sex scene in Europe, it’s something to keep in mind.

Getting Around MyDirtyHobby

Despite being more of an adult social network, the camgirls are shown immediately when you hit the homepage. Our biggest complaint is that you do not get a live webcam preview – only a look at some of the images that they’ve uploaded.

This is disappointing because you cannot see any previews without spending at least a few tokens. The platform forces models to stream with at least some payment per minute if you want to tune in – not ideal.

We encountered some issues with tagging that made it impossible to look for specific meta-category desires – such as Asians or Latinas. We tried again after 24 hours, and the problem was still there. MyDirtyHobby also lacks the ability to sort camgirls based on private show fees and the number of viewers.

MyDirtyHobby’s Interface, Design and Layout

Here’s what the platform looks like when you jump into a live cam show:

The standard chat room layout on MDH

Fairly typical. The major things missing are toy activation tipping features and variable stream quality. What you see is what you get – no ability to increase or decrease the resolution.

Chatting was clean and functional: perhaps a little too wide, but nothing to cry about. You can enable your webcam without much fuss, and it’s nice to be able to take the show full screen. Note that the sidebar showing various online amateurs can be closed.

The Mobile Experience

Unfortunately, the mobile cam viewing experience on MDH leaves much to be desired. We’ve reviewed over a dozen high-end camming platforms, and they all have pretty decent mobile experiences: MyDirtyHobby ranks stone-cold last for handheld adult webcam viewing.

Terrible mobile experience on MyDirtyHobby

We’ve left the vast chat display area at the bottom in this screenshot for a reason: if you want to type a message, you cannot do it while the stream is still visible. It’ll scroll down so far that the feed is hidden. This is such a simple design oversight: if I’m trying to send a message, I still want to be able to see what’s going on.

Additionally, there are no full-screen options. Turning your phone sideways doesn’t result in a better mobile viewing experience.

Horizontal mobile view. MyDirtyHobby

There’s no way to resize the video in any capacity. Even trying to zoom in on the page doesn’t work. The chat also suffers the same issue as with holding your mobile vertically.

There’s more to complain about here, but to cut a long story short, MyDirtyHobby’s mobile camming experience is bad.

MyDirtyHobby’s DC System & Pricing

Instead of spending fiat currency, you’ll use something called Dirty Coins. You purchase these ahead of time, and they’re utilized for almost everything, including live cam fees, purchasing videos, tipping performers and so on. The only thing you cannot use them for is upgrading to VIP.

Here are the prices for Dirty Coins in USD when buying with cryptocurrency:

  • 2,000 DC: $30
  • 4,000 DC: $55
  • 6,000 DC: $85
  • 8,000 DC: $110
  • 12,000 DC: $165

You can buy with a credit/debit card, but only 2,000 and 4,000 DC packages are available.

We paid for our DC using BNB and were impressed with how quick and straightforward it was. Only a confirmation of 1 block was required for finality, meaning that processing took less than a minute from start to finish.

What our billing looked like MDH

Note that you can purchase a smaller amount of tokens on your first recharge, but 2,000 is the minimum after that.

What are MyDirtyHobby Dirty Coins Worth?

Assuming you purchase the 12,000 coin package, a Dirty Coin (DC) is worth 1.375 cents. Alternatively, $1 USD is equal to about 73 DC.

What Does The Average MyDirtyHobby Private Show Cost?

The line between standard streams and private shows on MyDirtyHobby is quite blurred. For a complete 1-on-1 session, you’re looking at around $2 to $3 per minute. Some girls in webcam chat mode might be willing to do a whole lot more for you at just $1 per minute.

Almost all performers charge 99, 149 or 199 DC for webcam chat. Private show rates are typically around twice that.

Payment Methods

Currently, MyDirtyHobby accepts payments via credit/debit card and cryptocurrency. We could pay with BNB, but since Centrobill processes the payments on behalf of MDH, you can use BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, XMR and a few other tokens.

MyDirtyHobby forces country-based payment restrictions, but we did notice that some European countries had access to SEPA, bank transfers and CashtoCode. Sofort is also supported for some customers.

We dislike region-based payment restrictions: it wasn’t even possible for us to change our billing country.

How Will MyDirtyHobby Purchases Appear on My Statement?

MyDirtyHobby uses discreet third-party billing to process payments.

Our card simply said CENTROBILL.COM when we did a test transaction.

A quick Google of CENTROBILL.COM didn’t immediately give the game away, but a few Reddit threads mentioned that it might be associated with adult purchases (PornHub Premium, for example).

Is There a Refund Policy?

We found no refund policy information in their terms of service or anywhere else on the website. Unless there’s a platform error, you’ll generally not receive a refund – especially if you’ve used a partial amount of your credits. It’s also doubtful that you’ll get a refund unless you used a credit or debit card to make the purchase.

Contact support if you have an issue, but don’t hold your breath: it’s unlikely you’ll be issued a refund.

What Could Be Improved on MyDirtyHobby?

MyDirtyHobby isn’t a pure cam site, so we will cut it some slack in that respect. We’re reviewing one segment of their platform, and while it’s a reasonable chunk of what they’re offering here, there’s a lot more going on.

While it’s possible to create an account for free, we noticed that after confirming our email, the site couldn’t be accessed unless we purchased credits. We tried multiple URLs, logging out and back in – no dice. It was forcing us to a billing page and, as a result, prompting a credit purchase. We really dislike this approach.

A few hours later, we were randomly redirected to the billing page again when we clicked on a random site URL. We were able to back out of the billing page, but it’s clearly designed to be as obstructive as possible.

Perhaps the most annoying thing about MyDirtyHobby is the spam PMs you’ll receive from other users on the platform – almost always girls who charge for you to respond to their automated messages. We left the website open for 6 hours and came back to over 30 messages – absolutely insane!

It’s even possible for girls to send you blurred images that you’ll click on and be charged for. You’re not exactly tricked into clicking them, but the PM spam was annoying.

Annoying spam on MyDirtyHobby

Our Verdict on MyDirtyHobby

MyDirtyHobby is just about enough of a cam website for us to review. Still, since it’s an adult social network based in Europe (and Germany specifically), we’re not going to be as harsh as we otherwise would be. We respect that they’re not selling themselves purely as a live-streaming service.

However, if you’re not interested in the social aspect here and you’re strictly looking for live cams, MyDirtyHobby isn’t a great place. The only exception would be if you’re super interested in German camgirls. Despite having several flaws, lovers of German babes won’t find a better hub to satisfy their desires.

Being forced to pay for even a show preview is pretty egregious, and while private performance rates here aren’t too expensive, it’s an incredibly outdated model that needs to be changed.

MDH should at least allow girls to choose whether or not they want to perform for free. Until that happens – alongside a few other big-ticket changes – we think you ought to go elsewhere for your camgirl cravings.

Visit MyDirtyHobby for yourself and let us know what you think.


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