Cherry.TV Review: Competitive Disruption In The Camming Space?

Updated on: has described its mission as being to disrupt the adult camming industry with a modern platform and new approaches to gamification. They’re quite new to the webcam space – how are they holding up?

It’s always great when there’s a new kid on the block: Cherry TV has lofty goals and aspirations – it also has a decent cohort of live camgirls that you can check out. It’s easy to talk a big game – what really matters is how well you perform.

There’s a lot of potential here and we’re excited to see how Cherry TV will evolve. Let’s take a closer look in our full hands-on review.

Cherry.TV Review: A Promising New Camming Platform homepage

Back in 2021, Cherry TV picked up two awards: YNOT’s ‘Best Emerging Company’ and AW Summit’s ‘Best Emerging Platform’.

Given that the website only went into public beta back in July of 2021, this really is about as new as it gets for camming hubs. Most of the biggest players in the space have been around for decades – it’s not easy to give the likes of LiveJasmin and Streamate a run for their money!

Cherry ( is doing its best to add interesting and new features to the webcam space, alongside refining those that already exist. One thing we can tell you ahead of time is that the devil is always in the details.

Proper feature execution seems to be quite difficult for cam platforms to get right. Given that Cherry is smaller than rival adult cam hubs, there’s little room for error.

The good news is that they have active webcam performers, though girls who stream here don’t tend to do so exclusively. That’s not much of an issue – particularly because the gamification features are still enabled. We want to make it clear that isn’t a white label, but there’s a good chance you’ll see familiar faces from other camming platforms here.

Types of Cherry TV Models

When launched, they stated that they were going to be an inclusive platform that welcomed men, women, transsexuals and couples. While they did admit that the launch would just be for women and trans performers, it was expected that eventually, they’d open up their platform for guys and couple shows.

Cherry TV did enable couples after a few months, but they do not allow for solo men to perform. Somewhat confusingly, their footer text states that you can connect with solo men. We’d like to see the text changed or, ideally, for solo male performers to be allowed.

Female Models

The girls category on Cherry TV had a total of 103 streams available when we reviewed the site. Given that some rival platforms have over 2,000 live ladies at any one time, this is less than ideal. We wouldn’t call it a saving grace, but there is an argument that generally speaking, camgirls here are better than the average.

See, Cherry TV doesn’t appear to get very many performers who only stream here.

This means that the ladies you’ll see are multi-streamers – often, they’ve done their job for quite some time and are more committed. It’s not always guaranteed that this is the case, but looking at the bottom 20 girls here – it’s evident that they’re far better, on average, than the bottom 20 girls on most rival platforms. Again: the numbers are still small, but quantity is replaced with quality to some degree.

Cherry TV’s talent pool is relatively typical, although there are slightly fewer Latinas and slightly more Caucasian performers than rival hubs. Around half of the girls were Latinas, 6 were Asian and there was a single ebony. There were no girls online in the Indian or Arab categories.

Male Models

Cherry TV launched with the promise of men eventually being able to stream, but they’re currently unable to do so. No timeline has been provided for when solo males will be able to perform.


Only four couples were online when we tested the site. One was lesbian – the other three were standard boy on girl shows. There was a Thai couple, a Colombian couple and two European couples. Complete hardcore action is permitted and pretty common – we saw a few blowjobs and full intercourse over the course of 20 or so minutes. Couple cams tend to feature younger streamers: the oldest performer was 25.

Transgender Models

Cherry TV has a standalone trans category, but only four streams were online. Two were from Colombia, two were from the Philippines. The Pinay trans girls were particularly attractive, although as you might expect, production quality wasn’t perfect. Streamers from developing countries tend to not have the greatest backgrounds, lighting or Internet connections.

Types of Live Shows on Cherry TV

You’re not restricted to one way of enjoying Cherry TV performers – in fact, there are plenty of show choices that you’ll come across when you’re here. If you’re worried about having to always pay for action – have no fear! Plenty of Cherry TV shows are public and require no payment whatsoever to watch.

It’s not our top pick for freemium action, but you’ll find girls who get naked and masturbate in their public chat channels.

Free Public Chat

As the name implies: you’ll be able to watch streamers in free public chat without paying a penny. You won’t even need an account, but there is an annoying popup that rears its ugly head every few minutes if you’re not logged in.

Annoying popup

Signing up took a few seconds. You don’t need to provide any billing information and the popups stop once you’re logged in.

Many girls use public chat as a way to tease viewers into private sessions. Some girls go full-on at Cherry TV though: they’re not afraid to work exclusively for tips.

Private Chat

Quite a dominant method of camming: you’ll pay a fixed rate per minute and have one on one time with the camgirl you’re interested in. Private shows on Cherry TV aren’t truly exclusive: it’s possible for others to watch. What’s more, camgirls on Cherry TV are able to set minimum token balances and minimum private durations. Take a look at these two examples:

Private show purchase options on Cherry TV

We had enough tokens for the girl on the right, but the girl on the left didn’t want our hard earned tokens. Too bad. Some girls don’t do privates and it’s possible to disable the feature. It’s rare, but we did find some camgirls who only streamed in free public chat.

Group Chat

If you want a budget deal, consider the group chat feature. Models set a minimum number of contributors and you can ‘queue’ yourself up for the feature. If enough people want private group chat, you’ll then be taken through and pay the per-minute fee. Generally speaking, you’ll pay a lot less for group chat than you will for a private session. You’ll also have less attention, but for many, it’s worth it.

Spy Mode

When a camgirl is in private chat, you have the ability to go into spy mode. This is a standard voyeur feature that you’ll find across most websites – you’re unable to interact with the model, but you don’t pay the full fee for the private chat.

Tip Goals

While not strictly a type of stream, performers here are able to set various tip goals that, when reached, will give a specific outcome. Here’s an example: tip goals

These are entirely optional, but as you can see, they are utilized. They’re also pretty useful if you want to gauge how far away some free action is. If girls are a couple of hundred tokens from a full cum show – probably a good idea to stick around, because the party is about to get started!

Can I Record Live Shows on Cherry TV?

We found no information on the platform that permits the recording of your private or public sessions. Cherry TV doesn’t record private sessions on your behalf either. As a result, it’s safe to say that Cherry TV doesn’t allow for shows to be recorded.

Live Stream Quality

Cam quality matters a lot, and we’d expect a new service like Cherry TV to hit the ground running in this regard.

What pleased us was the fact that some streams go up to 1080p and the bitrates are great. We tested 5 1080p streams and found that they averaged around 3.5 Mb/s for their bitrate – definitely toward the upper end of objective quality in the adult streaming space.

We were disappointed that Cherry TV runs a one size fits all policy for webcam quality: there’s no way for you to turn it down. What you see is what you get. We think that at least one lower quality option serves many purposes and would like to see it added as an option.

Not every camgirl on Cherry TV streamed in 1080p. Around 75% did, and the top girls generally have it as their default quality. Mobile streaming is available on Cherry TV, but we couldn’t actually find any girls utilizing it to determine what the quality output is.

Interactive Toys on Cherry TV

Cherry TV does have interactive toy integration, but there isn’t a dedicated interface for it just yet. Models have to rely on interface overlays provided by Lovense if they want to show what tips provide what return. The problem with this is that since many models stream on multiple platforms and each platform has its own token price and structure, they might prioritize showing rates for other platforms.

What we do like is the fact that many girls will receive a buzz if you tip even a single token. Tokens aren’t expensive on Cherry TV, so you can have interactive experiences for pennies at a time. Compared to a platform such as Streamate – where you need at least $1 to activate a toy – we think this is a far superior system.

Hash Chat

There’s an offline mobile app called Hash Chat that’s offered by Cherry TV. The App is available for Android and iOS devices and the login details you use on the website will work for Hash Chat. You’ll have to pay to send messages and receive images and videos, but it gives you greater connectivity with the camgirl and allows for more of a girlfriend experience.

Current uptake of Hash Chat isn’t the highest, but given can grow as a platform, we believe this might give it an edge over the competition.

Leveling System

In order to gamify its platform, Cherry TV has introduced a leveling system for models and viewers. You’ll level up by spending tokens via gifts: models level up by receiving them. The higher your level, the more bonuses and benefits you’re provided with. You can also see what level camgirls are at, which you might use to determine how good they are at performing.

Remember that the reverse is also true: if you have a high level, camgirls will be more likely to pay attention to you, since you have a track record of being generous.

VIP users receive a 10% EXP boost and 1,600 instant EXP (equal to 160 tokens of gifting). You can track your progress in the account settings area.

Our user account during review

Camgirls with higher levels receive higher percentage payouts. The top girls on can take home as much as 80% of their earnings – really competitive.

Getting Around Cherry TV

Despite being new to the camming space, Cherry TV has decided against following tradition in terms of homepage accessibility – to the detriment of the platform. On the plus side, you do have preview thumbnails of performers and they’re well sized – it’s also live cam previews instead of glamor shots, which we like.

Sadly, it’s not possible to sort the camgirls in any capacity. For instance, you might want to look at the newest girls to the platform, or those who have logged in recently. Cherry TV instead displays performers somewhat randomly, though better performers are generally near the top. Preview panes also don’t include age or nationality – we think these are useful to include.

These aren’t massive issues, but categorization here is absolutely terrible. Every major cam platform has a sidebar of some description that you can click for various niches – Cherry TV does have this, but it’s an individual page that you have to visit and then select your preferred niche from. It looks like this:

Categories on CherryTV

There’s so much to complain about here, but in short: it sorts based on number of viewers instead of alphabetically, the category name is imposed over the image leading to some contrast issues and some niches are pretty useless, ‘Perfect Ass’ being an example of this. We’d also like to see clustered meta-niches, such as a section for ethnicities, body types and so on.

For such a modern platform, the categorization element of this platform was incredibly disappointing. We’re really not sure why or how, but this is an absolute priority for the team to change.

Cherry TV’s Interface, Design & Layout

When you do tune into a stream, the experience is pretty decent and the overall design and layout are in line with what we’d expect.

What the chat room looks like on

Along the bottom of the interface, you’ve got a number of different gifts that you can send to the streamer.

Generally speaking, we find that these are afterthoughts for rival platforms, but it’s a central part of Cherry TV’s approach to webcam shows. It’s really responsive and you can spam the gift button to send a flurry of them. Pretty damn awesome.

Chat is clean and tidy. We like the font size, the lack of emoji/GIF spam and what information is displayed here. It’s also clear to see where you jump into private, turn on your webcam and so on. The only thing that’s really missing here is a dedicated interface for interactive sex toys. Aside from that, we’re more than happy with Cherry TV’s stream interface.

The Mobile Experience

Here’s what Cherry TV’s homepage looks like when you visit from a mobile device:

Mobile experience on Cherry

Fantastic cam display density and minimal advertising/header sizing. Cherry TV is doing more than enough on the mobile side of things to keep us happy.

Watching the streams is great: since most cams are horizontal, they don’t work so well with vertically held mobile devices. Cherry TV solves this by giving you the option of resizing it to fit or alternatively, zooming in on a slice and making it full-screen. You can also turn your mobile sideways – it all works just fine.

The only change we’d suggest is allowing viewers to disable chat. Right now, it’s force displayed, and although it’s transparently rendered, it can still be an eyesore.

Cherry TV’s Token System & Pricing

You don’t spend fiat currency on – at least, not directly. Instead, you’ll purchase tokens that you can then use to send tips, enter private sessions, show your cam and so on.

Assuming you pay with a credit or debit card, here are the prices you’ll pay:

  • 100 tokens: $9.99
  • 550 tokens: $49.99
  • 1,150 tokens: $99.99

Cherry TV also has gamified package deals. Here’s a simple image that explains it all:

Types of packages for cam site

Models set their own rates for private shows, but not all models have private sessions available. Generally speaking, you’re looking at anywhere from 10 to 50 tokens per minute for a performance. There’s no way to sort by price though, so you’ll have to manually check each girl’s rates.

What Are Cherry TV Tokens Worth?

The best deal you can get on Cherry TV gets you 1,150 tokens for 100 bucks. This means that each token is worth around 9 cents.

What Does The Average Cherry TV Private Show Cost?

Assuming that you buy the best token package and find a streamer for 20 tokens per minute, you can expect to pay $1.8 per minute. Given a 15-minute private session, that’s $27. Cherry TV private streams are pretty competitively priced.

Payment Methods

There are a few available payment methods, including:

  • Credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc.)

We added funds to our account with cryptocurrency. We sent a total of $8.46 of BNB and received 100 tokens in exchange. Since 100 tokens cost $9.99, this was actually a 15% saving. To ensure it wasn’t a fluke, we prompted an ETH transaction when ETH was priced at $1,571:

Crypto cam payments on Cherry.TV

It seems as if cryptocurrency purchases of any description on Cherry TV come at a rate that’s better than the best debit/credit card deals. We’re really quite surprised at this – not because we think cryptocurrency should cost more, but because companies generally charge more even when it’s not justified for non-standard payment methods.

If you’re looking for a crypto-friendly camming platform, Cherry TV is one of the best.

How Will Cherry TV Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Cherry TV uses third-party payment processors, which means that your billing will be discreet. Here’s what will likely appear:


Is There a Refund Policy?

Refunds are mentioned on Cherry TV’s terms of service. Here’s what it says:

Cherry.TV refund policy

Relatively standard, although we think having a refund policy available for unspent tokens would be reasonable. Especially if a particular purchase hasn’t been partially used.

What Could be Improved on Cherry TV?

We’ve made some pretty reasonable criticisms throughout this review – nothing that we’re going to rehash here.

Ultimately, Cherry TV’s biggest issue right now is a lack of performers. 100 live girls is acceptable, but the more on the perform, the better. We understand that it’s a feedback loop issue: for more performers, you need more viewers, and for more viewers, you need more performers. Still, if growth comes to Cherry, everyone wins.

One feature that we dislike and ought to be removed is the automatic personal messages that are sent to you when you visit a new camgirl’s room.

They’re presented as being from the model, but they’re not. This is a ploy to get you to sign up to VIP and pay for private messages. Everything else seems honest and legitimate about Cherry TV – we understand they want to nudge people to spend more money, but this is dishonest and we think they’re better than that.

A standard group show feature – with a countdown timer and a goal – would also be pretty awesome. Although without a lot of users, it might not see too much action.

Our Verdict on Cherry TV

Cherry TV review

Sometimes you want to root for the underdog, and that feels like what the deal is here with Cherry TV. This website isn’t anywhere near being the best in its niche, but there are a few cool features here that really shine. Hash Chat in particular looks quite promising, as does the tipping system and responsiveness of the platform.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but if it can be done – there’s no reason Cherry TV cannot become a household name in the camming space. We’re cautiously optimistic for its future while recognizing that its present is far from perfect.

It’s functional, supports crypto, has 1080p streams and offers rewards for loyal users. We like Cherry TV, but we don’t love it – at least, not yet. Head over to to check it out.


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