Visit-X Review: A Flawed Experience, But Good For Amateur German Cams

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Visit-X is a popular cam site choice for European girls and, in particular, camgirls from Germany. The European flavor shouldn’t be surprising since Visit-X was founded in Amsterdam and is still headquartered there.

Rival hubs that have a lot of European talent include the likes of BongaCams and XLoveCam. However, if we’re specifically looking at platforms where Germans rule the roost – MyDirtyHobby would be the obvious direct competitor. There are a bunch of similarities between Visit-X and MyDirtyHobby, given that both have large content portals alongside their German-dominated amateur stream availability.

We spent some cash on the platform. Here’s our hands-on review of how Visit-X stacks up to the competition.

Visit-X Review: A Hub For German Amateur Cams

Visit-X homepage

Visit-X ( does things differently from the traditional cam site formula.

Although most cam platforms have an area for videos and photos, it’s usually a bit of an afterthought. The structure of Visit-X is unique: it’s a hybrid service that has plenty of live cams, but it also offers a vast number of high-quality videos starring German babes.

These aren’t just limited to live cam recordings: the production quality is far higher than you’ll see elsewhere.

It shares this similarity with MyDirtyHobby, and they both service pretty much identical niches. The website is available in English and to date, the 24,000 verified amateur models on the platform have uploaded close to 800,000 videos. Although this is a cam review first and foremost, it’s significant enough for us to cover in more detail further on in the review.

As for the live cam action on Visit-X, you’ve got a decent quantity of babes to look at, although this isn’t a paradise for free users. In fact, you won’t even be able to look at the webcams before you create an account. A little bit of effort is required here before the fun starts. It’s not our favorite structure, but we understand why platforms opt for this approach.

We looked up major award records to see if Visit-X has ever received recognition from them: no dice. The platform does have 14k Twitter followers and 43k Instagram followers though, so it’s pretty legitimate on the European scene.

Types of Visit-X Models

The bulk of the action of Visit-X is from the ladies – there were a total of 170 amateurs online when we visited, and of these, 155 were in the ‘woman’ category. Visit-X doesn’t have too much of a focus outside of its geographic location. If you were hoping to see a bunch of Asian girls here – well, it’s not going to happen.

We appreciate just how convenient it is to filter the models and find exactly what you desire. A dropdown system is provided – we generally prefer a sidebar, but the fact you can pick and choose what you want to see is more than enough for us to be pleased.

Navigational analysis of Visit-X camming platform

Female Models

With over 90% of online streams coming from girls – it’s a pretty good place to visit if you like ladies. The language filtering gives us a decent insight into the types of women you’ll find here: it’s pretty much German and Spanish girls online, and even the Spanish ones are a small portion of the overall pool. A small test found that of the 155 online girls, 122 spoke German. This leaves just 33 non-German women here (most of whom are from Spain).

Other countries represented here included Italy and Czechia, but honestly – there’s not much point going into the alternatives, since if you want non-German camgirls, just pick any other reputable platform.

Ages here were balanced in their respective brackets. 57 girls were in the 19-29 category, 51 in the 30-39 category, and 50 were over 40. Regardless of how old you like your German camgirls, it’s clear that you’ll have plenty of options.

Interesting but relatively useless fact: 100 of the 155 girls had completely shaved pussies, with 18 in the ‘hairy’ category.

Male Models

When we initially visited this platform, we noticed that selecting ‘woman’ reduced the number of available online performers – we took this to mean that the rest would have been men.

There are men who stream here, but unfortunately, none were online when we visited the platform.

We’re not quite sure why around a dozen performers aren’t tagged under ‘woman’, but it should be fixed if they’re not in the ‘man’ category.

We can take a look at the offline talent pool without an issue, but it’s fair to say that the guys here aren’t anywhere near the quality of the girls, or the guys that you’ll find on other platforms, for that matter. A lot of them were over the age of 40 and had generic profile pictures – stuff you’d see on Facebook. It’s quite clear that they’re not here to make money from streaming. If you want to watch men on cam, there are many better places to do it. Don’t bother with Visit-X.


There are no filtering options or areas of the site devoted to couple cams. We did our best to scour through the online performer’s profile pictures to see any that suggested they were a couple – no luck. We did the same for men in the offline category, but found nothing to suggest that couples perform here.

You might find one or two every so often, but it’s clear that couple cams aren’t a thing Visit-X bothers to promote or offer in any serious capacity. As with the male models, if you want to see couples, go elsewhere.

Transgender Models

We eventually found out why performers were missing from the women and men categories: they’re transgender, and Visit-X decided that they shouldn’t be tagged under ‘woman’.

We’re not going to go into the politics of that, but we will argue that there should be a clear, definable section of trans girls on the main dropdown interface. There’s an area for it, and it’d have zero impact on the functionality of the interface.

A total of 9 trans girls were online: we found them through another part of the platform that has more detailed live cam categories. This is a pretty small number, but truth be told – the average quality was pretty good. If you’re only interested in trans girls then it’s not going to be the best spot for you, but if you appreciate them as a little bonus, it’s alright.

Seven of the girls were from the Philippines, and 2 were from Colombia. People think that Thailand is the trans capital of Asia – we’re pretty sure that Pinay babes are rivaling them – at least when it comes to online cams.

Types of Live Shows on Visit-X

One of the biggest problems with small platforms such as this is that they seldom have many free viewing options available. We’re somewhat okay with hybrid services such as LiveJasmin and Streamate where the girls tease in a public chat, but that’s not something that Visit-X makes available.

The absolute best you can get without spending money is a live chat preview, but this lasts for 5 seconds before you’re booted. If you want to watch a performer for any serious amount of time, you have to pay. You must at least charge your account once if you want to try out the live chat preview feature.

VIP membership prompt on Visit-X

We find this practice to be pretty anti-consumer, which makes it inherently worse for the performers, too. We’re required to give money to Visit-X before we learn anything about the platform. That includes bitrates, resolutions, chat features, tipping options – the list goes on. We’re confident that many people will be turned off by this if they’re first-time visitors.

Thankfully, we’re here to give you a full review so you know what you’re getting. For others, it’s a pretty risky gamble.

Live Chat

Stylized as ‘livechat’, this feature resembles public chats on other platforms. The only difference is that you’ll have to pay a per-minute rate to interact with the model instead of being free. Others can join anytime – provided they also pay for the experience. We asked three performing camgirls to do various things for us in the live chat feature – all were willing.

The site does have a private chat feature, but it doesn’t seem too prioritized for the girls. They’re getting paid in live chat, so that’s typically good enough for them to try and keep you around.

Private Chat

Pretty simple: you’ll pay an increased rate and then get exclusive access to the camgirl that you want to interact with. It’s not a requirement, but if you want no one else to bother you and have complete control over the action, this is the path to go down.

Note that owing to the fact that it does cost to enter live chat, more often than not, you’ll be the only person watching. It’s very different from other platforms, so it’s absolutely not a requirement to go into a private chat session.

Voyeur Chat

If you want, you can watch camgirls on Visit-X completely anonymously – although you won’t be able to type to them. This can have a pretty low yield return since it’s not always the case that a performer is doing anything. The rates for voyeur cam are also the same as live chat, so it doesn’t make too much sense as a feature.

Cam to Cam

We’re pleased to report that cam-to-cam is available by default: you won’t have to pay additional amounts per minute to enable your webcam or microphone.

Our chat transcript with a Visit-X model

Some girls are more keen than others. This particular camgirl really liked the show that I was putting on. When she slid her panties to the side, she had visible grool. If you find the right camgirl to C2C with, it can be a magical experience.

Funny story: this camgirl accidentally disconnected from her stream when she tried to pull her webcam closer (I asked her to show me her pussy up close). It was a massive boner killer, but these things happen. What can you do?

Visit-X accident, kinda funny

Cam Shows

You can purchase tickets for pre-planned shows. We tried one out, and it was fantastic value for money. You’re also given a countdown, so you know exactly how long it takes until the action gets underway. Shows are between 15 and 30 minutes long and can cost anywhere from 10 to 20 Euros. The girls typically put a lot of effort into these performances. Good production value, lighting and energy.

Can I Record Live Shows on Visit-X?

We couldn’t find any documentation regarding recording at Visit-X. It doesn’t appear to have any system in place to do this automatically on your behalf. As a result, we’d conclude that it’s not permissible to record live shows on Visit-X.

Live Stream Quality

From what we can tell, Visit-X operates with a maximum resolution of 720p. We tested five different streams, and this was the top-end format. We’re not too thrilled about this and would like to see 1080p offered as a resolution. You’re also unable to control the resolution, so if you want to check out the babes in 480p or 360p (on a slower Internet connection) – no option is offered to lower the quality.

Bitrates also leave quite a bit to be desired. Around 1.1 Mb/s through to 1.4 Mb/s is what you can expect to find. That’s alright, but you can see that it’s visibly worse than rival services. It’s incredibly annoying because all customers are paying; we’re not talking about free streams here. We can visit rival cam platforms and get free 1080p shows, but we’re paying a few Euros a minute here and getting 720p action? Far from ideal.

Small note: we sampled a ticketed live show that appeared to be 1080p. It might be exclusive to that format.

For some reason, streams seem to be delayed for the first few seconds when you watch them. This can cause a long-term lag issue that results in the models being about 5 seconds behind the chat. We’re pretty disappointed with the lack of stability afforded by Visit-X.

Interactive Toys on Visit-X

We love that Visit-X supports interactive toys; we’re not so thrilled with the current setup. Here’s what the menu looks like for toy control:

Toy control on VisitX

There are only four options, and these are set in stone. Camgirls cannot decide to lower the number of seconds, the cost or the intensity. Given that the floor price is so high – we’re less than impressed. Interactive toys can be a fantastic way to spice up streams, but we imagine they’re not used so often here at Visit-X.

When you’re already paying for a stream, it seems reasonable for toys to be competitively priced for activation. At the very least, Visit-X should allow camgirls to decide the numbers associated with their interactive toys. There is plenty of deadweight loss as a result of this rigid structure.

Videos on Visit-X

Visit-X has more to its platform than just live streams: plenty of girls here share videos of themselves performing that you can purchase. The video station section of the website has over 750,000 scenes – all uploaded by performers on the platform.

We want to make it clear that these aren’t cam recordings: they’re standalone scenes that include masturbation, stripteases, hardcore sex and group experiences. The content has an amateur feel, but the production value is respectable. In most instances, they use relatively decent cameras and okay lighting for the action.

There are free videos here, but they’re typically relatively short (just a minute or so in length). You can find much longer free uploads, though, and there’s a section on the site for them. There are also VIP exclusives.

Surprisingly, it’s possible to download scenes from Visit-X to your PC. The speed leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, though.

Poor download speed from our analysis

A quick speed test via Google demonstrated we had 750 Mb/s of bandwidth. This is just under 100 MB/s, so to have 0.2% of that being utilized for downloading – not acceptable. You can run parallel downloads from Visit-X and have no change in the speeds. Individual downloads seemed to be capped at around 200 KB/s.

Downloads appear to go up to 1080p with support for 5 Mb/s at the very least. Good quality.

Getting Around Visit-X

From the perspective of accessibility, Visit-X is pretty good. It’s a comprehensive platform and has a lot of different features and tools – all of which makes intuitive sense to access and utilize. Given that it’s more than just a cam platform, we spent a lot of time looking through everything provided here as a service. Nothing stood out except one thing that ties into our issues with the videos.

Visit-X seems to have a problem when it comes to loading speeds. It’s particularly noticeable if you’ve not visited the website before and have nothing cached – it can take up to 10 seconds on your first visit to the site. The download speeds and the camming stutters also add to this: there’s just something sluggish about the experience.

Running tests demonstrated speeds were far better in Frankfurt than in Sydney. We’re not sure what the issue is, but it makes using Visit-X as a paying customer worse than it needs to be.

Visit-X’s Interface, Design & Layout

Here’s what Visit-X looks like when you load up a cam stream:

What the chat room looks like on Visit-X

It’s relatively basic, but since the platform isn’t operating on a freemium setup, it’s alright for what you get. Full-screen is an option, and it has a built-in chat display thing that comes up – pretty cool. It’s easy to turn on cam-to-cam, plus the chat is really neat and tidy. You can use emojis, but it’s not spammed with nonsense since there aren’t too many people viewing streams.

The biggest problem we can identify with Visit-X is the lack of balance display. We think it would be ethical and prudent to display how many Euros you have left on your account so you can accurately determine how long you have left. It feels like it has been intentionally left out of the display. It’s a bit underhanded.

The Mobile Experience

The homepage leaves much to be desired on the mobile front: you’re shown basically zero preview cams without scrolling down or removing the advert. Once you do go to the cam page, it’s pretty smooth sailing. The only issue we encountered was an annoying promotional drag-out bar that interfered with our ability to filter. This goes away if you’re logged in, but it still sucks.

Mobile experience during our review of Visit-X

Stream functionality matched the desktop experience. There were a few seconds of lag at the very beginning, but otherwise, it was fine. Full screen is an option; you can also turn on cam to cam using your phone. We’d recommend horizontal view over vertical view: a far better interface setup.

Visit-X’s Currency System & Pricing

All of your purchases and payments on Visit-X are made using Euros. If you purchase tokens internationally, the exchange rate is managed by your card – not Visit-X. We prefer this payment setup method.

You can purchase credit in the following denominations: 30, 60, 100 and 150 Euros.

Camgirl streams are typically priced between €2 and €3 per minute. Almost all of the shows had their live chat rates right around €2.79. You will have to pay more for private shows, but as we covered in the show types section, you don’t really need to bother.

What is Visit-X’s Currency Worth?

This might surprise you, but €1 on Visit-X is worth €1.

What Does The Average Visit-X Private Show Cost?

Given you’ll watch a girl for around 10 minutes, expect to pay roughly €25 for a show. Note that there are ticketed live events multiple times per day. These cost anywhere from €10 to €20 and last 15 to 30 minutes.

Based on AdultVisor’s assessment of the cheapest cam sites, Visit-X is slightly better than average for cost.

Payment Methods

Here are the current payment methods available:

  • Credit/debit card (Mastercard and Visa)
  • SEPA bank transfer
  • Phone bill

We weren’t able to check how the phone bill system works. It appears to be a legacy landline service. You’re better off using the other methods.

How Will Visit-X Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made a purchase, this is what our bank reported to us:

What out transaction billing looked like when we paid 30 euros on Visit-X

The domain name leaves a bit to be desired: it’s hardly the most ambiguous of names. However, when we tried to Google for the company associated with the billing, it was difficult to find anything related to Visit-X. We’d describe Visit-X’s billing as semi-discreet.

Is There a Refund Policy?

We were unable to find any information across Visit-X’s platform about refunds. We suspect that unless there’s a platform issue, you likely won’t be refunded for any purchases you make. You can always try support but don’t hold your breath.

What Could Be Improved on Visit-X?

The loading speeds here are particularly egregious, as is the delay for some streams. Fixing up the website so it’s snappy and responsive would go a long way toward making the user experience a lot better. We’d also like to see better filtering options on the webcam page – currently, it’s not possible to quickly find trans camgirls, and quite a few do stream here.

Visit-X also has quite a hefty first deposit requirement; you’ve got to cough up at least 30 Euros if you want to play, which is more than almost every other webcam platform out there. Given that there’s no free mode here, it would make sense to allow users to try out the service at least before they load more funds.

Visit-X sends out automatic messages that are supposed to be from the girls on the platform – it’s all a way for you to part with your cash. It’s also possible for the girls to send you payment prompts for videos that you didn’t request. We encountered the same thing on MyDirtyHobby, but it’s less common on this site. Sending messages is also free, unlike MDH.

Our Verdict on Visit-X

Visit-X Review

MyDirtyHobby is the closest thing to Visit-X, and they’re both good camming platforms if you only care about German girls. If this isn’t your favorite niche, then why on Earth did you read this far into the review? Sure, you might want to come here for the Pinay trans camgirls, but there are plenty of better places for you to get that.

There’s a fair amount we dislike about Visit-X, but since it’s such a niche product – it’s only fair to compare it against what it’s trying to compete against. It goes head to head with MyDirtyHobby pretty well, and they’re both top options for Germans who want to cam with locals and have access to amateur videos on the side.

If you just want a general camming hub, this ain’t the place for you. If you’re willing to pay for live sex with German camgirls and that’s your specific niche interest?

Head to, and you’ll get exactly what you seek.


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