MyFreeCams Review: Good Cams, Bad Layout, Ugly Design

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MyFreeCams (MFC) was one of the very first adult camming platforms to promote the idea of truly free live webcams. You don’t need an account to use MFC and most of the shows are completely open for anyone to watch.

While private sessions are an option, girls tend to prefer large live audiences and small tips to keep the action going. If you’re penny pinching and don’t want to pay for camming in any capacity, MFC is one of the best options out there.

It’s certainly not without its flaws and in terms of adaptability, MyFreeCams really lags behind other services. The design might have been acceptable a few decades ago, but they’ve not changed their layout for a long time and the site’s popularity has suffered as a result.

MyFreeCams has more ‘mega stars’ than you’ll typically find on other platforms. There’s a bit of a skew in terms of popularity and some girls really bring in a huge number of viewers. Some of the biggest names in camming come from MFC, including the likes of MissAlice_94 (Now AliceNZ), Aspen Rae and Kati3kat.

Here’s our full review of MyFreeCams.

MyFreeCams Review: Ugly Design, Epic Cams

MyFreeCams homepage spread

It’s not often that we start our reviews off with instant criticism, but seriously: look at the homepage of MFC right now. Why are 33% of the top 15 streams broken/offline?

We promise that MyFreeCams is a functional, competitive camming platform, but this is about as bad as first impressions get.

As the name implies, MyFreeCams is easily utilized and interacted with by those without money to spend. You’ll find a good deal of reasons to spend your cash, but if you’re trying to behave with the bank – look no further.

You won’t even need an account to watch streams, plus the site isn’t pushy about getting you to sign up with various pop-ups and viewing limitations.

MyFreeCams does have a lot of sex, but we should also touch on the slight bias it has toward what we’d describe as the girlfriend experience (GFE).

There are some camgirls here who are pure teases – they only do non-nude streams and solicit donations by chatting, playing games and so on. We’d say that the most popular camgirls here spend more time and effort on the meta elements of a cam show than on other platforms. Some even play instruments and do artwork.

Think of Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ section, only the girls are hotter and they’re far more likely to get naked.

Types of MyFreeCams Models

MyFreeCams is somewhat unique among its peers: it’s the largest adult cam platform that doesn’t allow men to stream. That’s not just solo guys either – couples aren’t allowed on MFC (unless they’re both ladies). They were also quite selective about their talent a few years ago and may have had age restrictions, but that seems to have gone away, since we did come across MILFs on the platform.

We typically break this section of our reviews down into categories for females, males, couples and trans performers, but you’ll also find that MFC doesn’t accept trans performers either.

So instead, let’s talk exclusively about the female talent on MyFreeCams!

Female Models

In total, we found 800 camgirls streaming when we visited for our review. The geographic breakdown of performers on MyFreeCams is a little different to most cam platforms – Latinas are here, but the number of Colombian camgirls is lower than you’d find in other communities. English speaking countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand contribute more camgirls than they do elsewhere.

That said, European camgirls really do rule the roost here. They’re the biggest cohort by quite a margin – upwards of 70% at peak times. Most of them speak English, but you can also find camgirls on MFC who’ll chat in Italian, Spanish, French and German. MyFreeCams allows users to filter by regions, with a few different options offered for display:

Filter by regions on MFC

Disappointingly, there’s no convenient way to filter by ethnicity. Plenty of Asians from Europe and America stream on MyFreeCams, but there’s no simple approach to finding them. You can search by keywords – and that’s okay – but it’s not always guaranteed that a sexy ABG from California will have the ‘Asian’ tag on her profile.

That said: we can confidently state that Caucasians are most common, Latinas second and likely an equal split between ebonies and Asians after that. MyFreeCams has had a policy of prioritizing younger recruits over the years, but we couldn’t find any real bias toward models being below, say, 30 years of age.

MyFreeCams isn’t trying to hit the absolute top end of the market with its performers, but we’d argue that it has a fat-tailed distribution. Putting it simply: the average camgirl on LiveJasmin (a premium platform) puts on a better quality show than than the average camgirl on MFC, but MFC’s top-end girls are better than the top-end girls on LiveJasmin.

Male Models

There are no male cam streams on MFC.


Boy/girl streams on MFC are forbidden: men aren’t even allowed to appear on stream in any capacity. There are couple streams here in the form of girl on girl action, but it’s not hugely popular. Collaborations with other camgirls on MyFreeCams seems to be the most common show type – that is, two girls who already have accounts will network and decide to do a stream together.

Sadly, there’s no convenient or simple way to find couples on stream. You’ll just have to look at the preview pane thumbnails to find them. The couple streams we did find were typically European and North American, though two Latina lesbians did have a great show going on when we visited.

Transgender Models

There are no trans cam streams on MFC.

Types of Live Shows on MyFreeCams

So much of MyFreeCams’ action unfolds publicly, so if you want to save your money but still have a great time, this is the spot for you. That said, there are a few other show options available.

We’d argue that these have become slightly more popular over the years, mainly because traffic on MFC has trended downward year on year.

Free Public Chat

Almost all models you’ll find on MyFreeCams are in free public chat – they’ll also remain here for the bulk of their time online. This is particularly true for the girls who are incredibly popular: often, they won’t even have the option to go into a private session. Girls who are less popular will still be in free public chat, but they might be more inclined to save the goods for a private session.

You don’t need an account to watch free shows on MyFreeCams. Plenty of others are watching and donate. Tips on MFC come through thick and fast: especially when the girls have interactive sex toys that you can activate.

Camgirls on MFC will often have a tip menu and offer more goodies than you’ll find on other platforms. Examples of tip menu interactions you’ll find in free chat include changing outfits, taking a shot, adding to friends, muting other users, buying panties and twerking. Some no-nonsense camgirls can also be ban happy and offer you the ability to tip for an unban – though it can be quite costly.

Private Shows

Click ‘Go Private’ and the camgirl will be prompted to either accept or deny your invitation. Interestingly enough, camgirls cannot set their own rates for a private experience – instead, it’s locked at 60 tokens per minute. This is uncommon for a cam platform – in fact, no other cam site that we know of does this. It goes against a lot of economic principles, and naturally – we think camgirls ought to be able to decide their per-minute rate.

Others can watch as a voyeur if you don’t enable true private.

True Private Shows

If you don’t want anyone else to watch, turn on true private. This costs an additional 20 tokens per minute, so you’ll pay 80. It’s worth mentioning that while private and true private cannot be disabled outright, some models may only accept one request (private or true private).

Spy Shows

The other side of the private show coin. You can watch camgirls who are in private sessions for 20 tokens per minute. Her audio and video will be displayed, but nothing else. You’re a voyeur – no communication is available.

Group Shows

These cost 10 tokens per minute and are similar to private shows, only the performance isn’t limited to one viewer. Unlike spy shows, anyone who’s watching can interact with the camgirl. Group shows require at least three viewers to get started.

Club Shows

MyFreeCams has a clubs feature (somewhat similar to OnlyFans) that models can choose as an entry condition for a group show. These shows have no per-minute rate, but they’re limited to people who have signed up for the club in MFC Share. Some camgirls have different clubs and some might be specifically utilized for group shows. In some instances, this is used as a workaround for being unable to set a group show rate.

Can I record live shows on MyFreeCams?

MFC automatically records private and true private shows on your behalf. They’re stored in the archives section associated with your account and they’re completely free for you to access at any time. We like this feature a lot.

Live Stream Quality

MyFreeCams has a good interface for selecting stream quality and stream type:

Live stream quality on MyFreeCams

We appreciate objective metrics – such as 1080p and 720p – compared to ‘high’ and ‘medium’ that some rivals utilize.

On the left-hand side, you’ll also see different stream types. LL is ‘low latency’, which will reduce the broadcast latency between you and the camgirl. It’s relatively marginal: a quick test demonstrated that the stream went from 1400~ ms delay to 350~ ms delay. You will notice the difference, but if you start to have stuttering issues, switch back to HLS.

Having multiple resolutions to pick from is also great. 3 Mb/s is acceptable for a 1080p live cam feed, though we’d feel slightly more comfortable with 4-5 Mb/s. It won’t matter too much if the model is stationary, but moving parts are often what you’re paying attention to – pixilation around these regions isn’t ideal.

You can certainly see the difference between 1080p on MFC and 1080p on Streamate.

Interactive Toys on MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams does have interactive toy functionality. Sadly, there’s no dedicated interface for this, and models often have to use an overlay, or their whiteboard, to display the various settings they have available. Here’s an example of how one model has her device configured:

Tipping levels on MFC

We’re big fans of toys that can be activated for a low price, and since 1 token on MyFreeCams is around 10 cents, it’s real cheap thrills. MyFreeCams is quite infamous for models being spammed with low-cost tips that send them crazy for minutes on end.

The low floor price is great: we’d just like to see a clear interface where models can set rates and levels in a way that’s easy to see.

Show Effort and Production Value

We think it’s worth drawing attention to the fact that some models on MFC put extra effort into their streams.

Many camgirls have opted to purchase high-end DSLR cameras for their shows: these have an incredible aesthetic and make the streams noticeably better. The top camgirl streaming when we visited had a special Halloween-themed show going on:

Themed show on MFC

As you can tell: a lot of effort and thought has gone into this performance.

The camgirl used glow in the dark candles and let wax drip onto her body, the room had fantastic mood lighting, the camera was able to handle the difficult dynamic range and the music was fantastic. Streams on MyFreeCams that blend artistic elements with eroticism are not uncommon.

In fact, we’d argue that the production value and ‘full service’ streaming environment on MFC is its defining feature.

MFC Share

There’s a section of MFC devoted to buying videos and photos – only that’s not quite the full story.

MFC Share does have your typical features, where you can spend tokens for image albums and clips, but you can also subscribe to a camgirl’s club and get access to bonus goodies. Camgirls often have multiple clubs – you’ll get different benefits depending on which one you sign up for.

MFC Share also has goals available to be set – once they’re reached, the model will do something. Examples include Discord anime watch parties, raffles, special streams (baking, poolside, gaming, etc.) and so on. There are also other purchasable items, such as official merch, Snapchat access, panties and more.

MFC camgirls really do go above and beyond with their extras.

Getting Around MyFreeCams

Oh boy. Where do we begin?

MyFreeCams’ homepage, as evidenced in our image at the top of this review, can have issues with displaying live camgirl feeds. For some reason, it will randomly display a number of girls who aren’t currently online.

What’s worse: some of the girls with the ‘My webcam is not currently broadcasting’ thumbnail were actually live. We think that it’s just not acceptable in 2023 to have these types of issues with your platform.

It’s been an ongoing complaint against MFC for the longest time: their design and interface hasn’t changed much and their custom platform just doesn’t cut the mustard these days. There are some really good features and filtering options here, but overall navigation and accessibility can be an absolute nightmare.

Ethnicity filtering is a big one: there’s no simple way to only see ebonies, Latinas or Asians. Additionally, if you have a specific show niche you’re interested in, clicking on ‘tags’ will bring up a new browser window:

Cam room tags on MFC

So many of these tags are essentially useless.

Who’s genuinely clicking on tags such as friendly, funny, sweet, ass, pussy, horny and cute?

Since essentially all camgirls share a huge number of vague tags, it defeats the purpose of finding a particular stream type you’re interested in. Far better would be just having keywords such as Lovense, big boobs, dominatrix, smoking and so on.

Simple things, such as more preview pane metadata, would also be useful. Right now, all you see is the model’s name – why not also include their age and location?

MyFreeCams Interface, Design & Layout

When watching a stream, the experience is pretty decent.

We appreciate being able to scale the size of the cam feed, full-screen mode and adjustable stream quality. From time to time, camgirls on MFC will have pretty spammy users who love emojis and GIFs – chat can be pretty unattractive in those instances. It can also feel a little cluttered with lengthy room topics and tip spam.

Perhaps the biggest problem with MyFreeCams’ cam viewing interface is the tiny links and buttons you have to click to do various things. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they weren’t trying to optimize income, given how tiny the ‘tip’ link is. Oh, and it’s also a literal link too: like a mid-2000s URL that’s underlined and blue.

It’s been said so many times, by so many people, for so many years, but honestly: MyFreeCams needs a complete redesign.

The Mobile Experience

Here’s what MyFreeCams’ homepage looks like when you visit from a mobile device:

Mobile experience on MyFreeCams

Acceptable, but we’d like to see live cam previews instead of provided images. Sadly, the same issues that occur on desktop occur here: limited filtering makes finding your favorite type of camgirl quite difficult.

When you navigate into a show, the viewing experience leaves a lot to be desired.

You cannot resize the stream like you can on other platforms and for some reason, the chat inverts and goes from bottom to top. Full-screen is available, which is great – but everything else felt below average. The same problems that plague the desktop version of MFC also plague the mobile experience. We also found the stream quality to be lackluster, with no ability to adjust it.

We will give credit to MyFreeCams for their pinned stream feature. This works similarly to YouTube’s mini player. You can navigate around the rest of the mobile website while a stream is still running at the bottom of the page.

MyFreeCams’ Token System & Pricing

Tokens are purchased ahead of time from MFC in bulk: a similar system to most major platforms. We appreciate how straightforward and simple MFC’s pricing schedule is. Here are the available token packages:

  • 200 tokens: $19.99
  • 550 tokens: $49.99
  • 900 tokens: $74.99
  • 1,875 tokens: $149.99
  • 3,775 tokens: $299.99
  • 7,575 tokens: $599.99

The 200 token package works out at $0.10 per token. The 7,575 token package works out at just under $0.08 per token. There’s quite a decent discount if you purchase in bulk.

Most tokens are spent via tipping, but private shows cost a flat rate of 60 tokens per minute, true private is 80 tokens per minute and group shows are 10 tokens per minute.

MyFreeCams processes all payments in USD. We’ve seen other platforms charge more to foreign customers paying in different currencies, such as LiveJasmin – that doesn’t happen on MFC.

What Are MyFreeCams Credits Worth?

Tokens are between 10 cents and 8 cents, depending on how many you purchase.

What Does the Average MyFreeCams Private Show Cost?

Somewhat uniquely, all of MyFreeCams’ private shows are 60 tokens per minute. This means that you can expect to pay between $4.8 and $6 per minute. True private is 80 tokens per minute – $6.4 to $8, depending on the package you purchase.

Payment Methods

MFC only supports payments via credit/debit card and PayPal.

How will MyFreeCams Purchases Appear on My Statement?

All billing is handled via third parties and MFC claims that it’s discreet, but that’s not true. Currently, five billing companies might process your payment, here’s how they’ll appear:

  • SegPay*MFCXY

We’re happy to say the first three are discreet, but it’s quite clear that the last two aren’t.

If you Google ‘SegPay’, it’s not clear what your purchase was. If you Google ‘*Tokens’, it’s trivially easy to find what was purchased. MyFreeCams shouldn’t say it uses discreet billing when sometimes, your bill won’t be discreet.

Is There a Refund Policy?

New members are able to request a refund if they’ve spent less than 200 tokens.

MyFreeCams appears to refund relatively quickly and effortlessly after you contact support. They state that refunds are issued immediately, but you have to reply to their email first. Chances are, they’ll offer you a token refund if you have a valid complaint.

What Could Be Improved on MyFreeCams?

The design and website structure is a massive problem: for some reason, MFC doesn’t seem to be in a rush to fix things. There are so many tools and features that would make things so much better for customers and camgirls alike. A clear tip menu interface, toy activation details, proper niche tagging and more.

Out of all the major cam platforms, MyFreeCams is lagging the most when it comes to design and accessibility. It’s stuck with a shoddy layout and refuses to innovate. It lacks integration of features and feels very janky – likely as a result of many years of working with a poor CMS.

More billing options would also be appreciated: cryptocurrency as a matter of priority. It’s relatively simple to set up and lots of rival platforms already have it available.

Compare the 20 or so payment options that Flirt4Free has with MyFreeCams’ choice of a card or PayPal. It’s also particularly important since not all payments to MFC are billed discreetly. They should also be honest about this: when buying tokens, you’re told that billing is discreet, but that’s not always the case.

MFC also needs to allow camgirls to set their own rates for private streams, group shows and other features. There’s a huge amount of deadweight loss occurring: almost all camgirls would choose to either stream above or below the current 60 token per minute rate.

Camgirls here will either consider it a price floor or a price ceiling – in either case, it’s bad for business. Everyone loses.

Our Verdict on MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams review

MyFreeCams used to be an elite platform – it was an early pusher of completely free shows and for that, it deserves a lot of respect. We think that it’s still a good place to go for a specific type of camgirl, but the platform itself isn’t responsible for the recommendation.

MFC has around 100 incredibly serious, dedicated performers that put in a huge amount of effort and offer the closest thing to a camgirl GFE you’ll find on the Internet.

These ladies go above and beyond and work with what they’ve got to create stellar shows that their viewers come back for time and time again. If MyFreeCams had below-average performers, we’d probably not even bother reviewing it.

Begrudgingly, content is king, and MFC still has a decent number of world-class babes putting on incredible live streams. Given the free nature of the shows, it’s still a platform that’s worth visiting.

MFC is trading on reputation, but it could be so much more.

Want to take the plunge and see? Head over to and let us know what you think.


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