Chaturbate Gaming: A Guide to Adult Game Streams

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Love live game streaming but fancy something a little more XXX to accompany?

Then the recent announcement by Chaturbate that models can now live stream a selection of games on their platform will be welcome news. Yes, Chaturbate gaming has arrived!

Announced on September 28th 2021, the popular live camming site, the decision by Chaturbate officially puts them head to head with Twitch.

In this feature we take a closer look at the recent launch of adult game streaming on Chaturbate and find out more about the pros and cons of this announcement.

The Adult Alternative to Twitch?

Launched in 2011, Twitch is the world’s most popular live streaming service for gamers and has an active user base of more than 15 million people per day.

The platform holds a share of the market so why is Chaturbate getting involved with live NSFW game streaming?

Well, despite Twitch’s popularity they do not allow gamers to stream any content rated as ‘Adults Only (AO) by the ESRB.

And this is universal even if a game has been given a more liberal rating by another board in a country outside of the United States.

This also extends to any game which includes overtly sexual material or gratuitous violence.

On the other hand, Chaturbate (as you’d expect) is embracing mature content and is hoping its decision to do so will give it the edge over Twitch.

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Chaturbate Gaming is Here!

Officially announced on September 28th 2011, Chaturbate issued the following statement via their Twitter Updates account:

Broadcasters can now officially play video games on Chaturbate! Head to the broadcast page and add any approved game to your broadcast to begin playing. If you are a game developer, add your game to the approved list here:

chaturbate gaming
Image via Twitter.

Plexstorm vs Chaturbate?

Ah, but what about Plexstorm?

The adult game streaming service already offers live cammers the opportunity to play NSFW titles on its platform so why would you bother with Chaturbate?

Well, first and foremostly, Plexstorm is continuing to have issues with its servers.

Since the site was launched in 2018, it has continually suffered from technical issues and (at the time of writing) is returning a 500 error.

chaturbate gaming vs
Image via Plexstorm.

There is plenty of talk going around the industry that Plexstorm is a goner.

With the announcement of gaming on their platform, Chaturbate is hoping to capitalize on this and capture some new adult live streamers.

Of course, Chaturbate already has its own pros for joining up and models who stream games on their platform can benefit from:

  • Huge Audiences
  • Multiple Ways to Monetize Shows
  • Quick Payouts
  • Competitive Commission

The site also has its own library of Apps and Bots, all designed to help performers keep their audiences entertained and offer some

The Pros and Cons of Adult Gaming on Chaturbate

The decision to allow broadcasters to stream their gaming on their platform has been welcomed by many models as it gives them several advantages and benefits.

It turns out that plenty of cam stars already play games whilst broadcasting anyway. Most did so during those ‘lull’ periods when not much was happening.

But, before the development of Chaturbate Gaming, they had to switch off their cams to avoid any copyright breaches.

With the news that game developers can now add their titles to the official list of Chaturbate games, models can now stream their sessions with no potential issues.

So, what does this mean for viewers?

Well, as we always say when it comes to camming, happy models make happy customers and if a cam star can fill in her downtime with some gaming then they’re more likely to stay online.

The potential downside is that models could become distracted by their game and forget their audiences.

However, there is some more good news.

Racy streamers on Twitch who are currently banned from playing adult content could now see the benefits of switching to Chaturbate.

This means there could be an influx of new models to the site as well as new audiences looking for XXX gaming models.

That’s good news for cammers and for regular visitors to the site.

Current Games

At the time of writing there is a limited selection of adult games available to play live on Chaturbate.

They currently include indie titles as well as a couple of more mainstream games:

  • Princess Never Lose
  • Night Party
  • Demons Rise Up!
  • House Party
  • Hunie Pop
  • Log Jammers

A nice mix of hentai games and dating sims, there’s definitely a way to go before Chaturbate can truly say that it’s a live game streaming platform.

However, Chaturbate is actively seeking new games to be added to their list and developers can visit Multimedia Games to have their titles included.

Interestingly, it’s not just NSFW adult games which Chaturbate will be adding to its library but also includes games like Log Jammers.

chaturbate gaming guide log jammers
Image via Kickstarter.

Other developers who have pledged their support to the platform include spunkStock and their action title Future Fragments

Getting Started with Chaturbate Game Streaming

To start streaming on Chaturbate, models just need to head to their broadcast page and select any of the approved games on the list.

That’s it.

Simply start playing and the game will stream on your channel.

Alternatives to Chaturbate Gaming

At the moment there is a limited amount of titles available to play on Chaturbate Gaming but we feel certain that adult game developers will see the potential for marketing  their titles.

So, until such time as the library gets a bit bigger there is an alternative to streaming your favorite NSFW title on Chaturbate or Plexstorm.

Models have found that streaming via Discord whilst simultaneously broadcasting on Chaturbate gets around any issues of copyright AND can keep gaming fans happy.

It does require a bit of focus and isn’t seamless but is a good alternative for the interim.

chaturbate adult gaming discord
Image via Wikimedia.

Chaturbate Gaming Verdict: It’s Still Early Days

It’s early days for Chaturbate Gaming still so we are reserving judgement on this development at this stage but the initial concept does seem a positive announcement.

For any live cam models who enjoy gaming, this could be a great way to combine there activities online and further monetize their streaming.

It’s also a great opportunity to capture some new audiences as, without Plexstorm, Chaturbate could effectively be cornering the adult live game streaming market.

As ever, getting involved with these new developments at ground level can help early adopters become more established and is definitely worth checking out.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments in this area so watch this space…

Featured image via Chaturbate/Kagura Games.


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