8 Best Sites Like Chaturbate: Similar Chaturbate Alternatives, Pros & Cons

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Chaturbate is the largest cam site in the world. It has the most models, the most active shows, and the largest selection of free adult cams. But what are the best sites like Chaturbate?

Whether you are bored with the Chaturbating experience or want to sample different models you haven’t seen before, there are five excellent alternatives that we think you’ll enjoy.

Looking at the competition, our current favorite is StripChat, a sleek platform boasting VR rooms, interactive sex toys, and rapidly growing traffic that has recently overtaken Chaturbate — becoming the first platform to challenge the OG’s dominance in over a decade.

Meanwhile, Bonga Cams is more popular in Europe than Chaturbate in several key markets, to the point where it has been dubbed “The European Chaturbate.”

In this guide, we explore the best alternatives to Chaturbate, reviewing the sites that use a similar freemium cam site model. We’ll compare the latest statistics of these platforms, their pricing info, and relative strengths or weaknesses vs. what you can already get on Chaturbate.

Let’s get started…

What Are The Best Sites Like Chaturbate?

Best sites like Chaturbate

The five most similar sites to Chaturbate in 2023 are listed below:

  1. StripChat
  2. MyFreeCams
  3. CamSoda
  4. Bonga Cams
  5. Cam4

All of these sites use a freemium model, meaning you can watch live uncensored sex shows for free, where the models rely on crowdfunded tips from generous viewers.

Note: You can learn more about Chaturbate’s freemium model in our detailed breakdown.

We’ve chosen these sites based on the similarity of their payment system to Chaturbate, the variety of models, the total available cams, and the worldwide reach of the platforms. Our latest data has been sourced from SimilarWeb (September 2023).

Many freemium cam sites operate just like Chaturbate but don’t have anywhere near the same amount of traffic, so we haven’t included them.

Similarly, some premium cam sites compete with Chaturbate but don’t offer the same freemium cam show content. We’ve included those separately (see Premium Chaturbate Alternatives), but they are more the distant cousins of Chaturbate rather than direct replacements.

The five sites below are different. They are direct, real competition to Chaturbate.

Let’s take a closer look at why each site is a viable contender to the throne:

1. StripChat


StripChat Site Like Chaturbate

StripChat is a serous threat to Chaturbate’s status as the largest cam site in the world. In fact, as of September 2023, the site has surpassed Chaturbate’s global traffic levels.

Driving StripChat’s growth is a super-sleek platform that taps into all the latest cam site trends. You’ve got recordable private shows, thousands of freemium shows, full nudity, and even VR cams. StripChat is the only major cam site to offer sex cams in virtual reality, a hallmark of the aggressive growth strategy that led to StripChat scooping Most Innovative Cam Site (2023) at the Live Cam Awards.

How worried should Chaturbate executives be about StripChat’s growth?

Very worried if the latest stats are anything to go by…

Chaturbate vs Strip Chat

On every conceivable metric, StripChat is closing in fast.

Where Chaturbate once stood proudly as the most visited adult cam site in the world, StripChat has recently overtaken the mantle (6th vs. 8th). StripChat is seeing remarkable growth in all markets, but Chaturbate still clings to its status as the most visited site overall in America (39th vs. 65th).

What can we attribute to StripChat’s sudden emergence at the head of the table?

You only need to compare the two homepages to understand the rapid rise. StripChat is a modern cam site in every sense. It has sleek modern thumbnails, live previews and high-quality shows. The model selection is large, and growing fast. This is undoubtedly amplified by word spreading in the cam community that the top StripChat models earn considerably more than the top Chaturbate models.

If we look at the data, the top model on StripChat earned $141,011 in August 2023, almost three times as much as the top-rated Chaturbate model with $49,032. StripChat had seven performers who made over $50K, more than Chaturbate’s highest-paid model (source: Statbate). This news travels fast in the camming community, creating a flywheel effect — more models, more users, more money.

Of course, none of this would be possible without an excellent user experience for us paying users, and StripChat delivers in spades.

When you land on the StripChat homepage, it showcases the performers from your country to boost engagement. It’s not afraid to make bold decisions with its choice of trending cams, either. The homepage has showcased Ukrainian models ever since the Russian invasion started in 2022. Whether this is due to increased demand, or a political statement, StripChat feels much more ‘current‘ than Chaturbate.

And the growth figures don’t lie. StripChat stands above the competition if you want a site like Chaturbate that takes the core business model and puts a modern sheen on a winning formula.

Read our full review of StripChat.

2. MyFreeCams



For many years, MyFreeCams (MFC) was considered the closest direct rival to Chaturbate. MFC was founded seven years earlier than Chaturbate in 2004. It used this headstart to build a formidable roster of live performers, reaching 100,000 models and five million active users before Chaturbate went live.

MyFreeCams was the top choice for free live adult webcams in a world before Chaturbate. The problem was that it never changed with the times.

Look at the MyFreeCams homepage today, and it’s as if time stood still in the early 2000s. You’ll see the same swathe of tiny thumbnails linking to private chat rooms where you can watch freemium sex shows. But the interface is ugly… really ugly.

While StripChat has been surging up the traffic charts, MyFreeCams has seen the opposite: a slow and steady decline. MFC generates 46.98 million monthly visitors, a decent chunk but only around 10% of the visitors seen on Chaturbate. It is the 87th most visited adult website globally, a long way below StripChat (6th) and Chaturbate (8th).

Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams

Of course, global dominance is not everything.

MyFreeCams still provides one of the closest viable alternatives to Chaturbate in terms of the breadth of free shows and the expectations of the cam girls. They are nearly all amateur performers. Private shows are prohibitively expensive, but that’s only because the models are used to performing for large audiences who are happy to tip in numbers.

MFC is the natural alternative if you are nostalgic for a site that looks like Chaturbate, feels like Chaturbate, and is packed full of free cams like Chaturbate. Unfortunately, we can’t see how the site will buck its traffic trend when other freemium cam sites offer better platforms in 2023.

Read our full review of MyFreeCams.

3. CamSoda


CamSoda Mature Live Cams

CamSoda has exploded onto the scene in recent years and is snapping at the heels of Chaturbate with a business model that essentially copies everything that made Chaturbate great – and puts a shiny new spin on it.

It operates a similar free-to-view business model where users are encouraged to tip to get models to perform various shows – public, private, or small groups.

CamSoda has made headlines with various cheeky PR campaigns – such as offering the quarantined passengers of Covid-stricken cruise ships free access to their platform. It has also recruited several high-profile porn stars to attract new users with special VIP shows.

Despite CamSoda’s canny marketing prowess, the site remains a long way adrift of the traffic levels on Chaturbate. It draws 28.5 million monthly visitors, only around 7% of the total visitors to Chaturbate.

Chaturbate vs CamSoda direct rivals

One thing working in CamSoda’s favor for the future is its influence with cam models in the space. Offering good revenue splits and excellent support, we’ve seen a noticeable uptick in performers choosing CamSoda as their platform of choice.

Last month (August 2023) saw $2,559,481 in tips on the CamSoda platform, compared to $18,701,933 on Chaturbate (Source: StatBate). However, all of the top ten models on Chaturbate earned over $30,000 in that period. The top-performing model on CamSoda earned $16,287 by comparison. Good money, for sure, but it emphasizes why Chaturbate or StripChat are still the more attractive platforms.

From a user perspective, CamSoda boasts one of the most flash interfaces of the main Chaturbate rivals. The thumbnails are fully live, meaning you can spy dozens of shows just by sitting on the homepage and waiting for a performer to catch your eye. There are plenty of exclusive shows with interactive features, including fully synced-up sex toys. You’ll find primarily trendy younger models on this platform, just like Chaturbate, but with less diversity and more white American girls.

While you can watch a ton of explicit action for free on CamSoda, the private shows are priced higher than other freemium cam sites. A typical private chat will cost around $3 per minute. Not that this will bother you if you’re only tuning in for the free sex shows — of which there are many!

We love many things about CamSoda, but it’s hard to deny that Chaturbate is still #1 in this particular shootout. CamSoda has a better website, but Chaturbate is the clear winner for the number and diversity of models.

Read our full review of CamSoda.

4. Bonga Cams


BongaCams viable Chaturbate alternative

Bonga Cams has long been known as the ‘European Chaturbate.’ It is one of the few cam sites to lay a glove on Chaturbate’s market dominance, although it does this mainly in Europe (where its models and core audience are based).

In 2018, The Malta Independent newspaper famously reported that Bonga Cams was more popular than Wikipedia among the Maltese. The journalist did not refer to Chaturbate usage, but we can safely say that Bonga enjoys a “hometown advantage” in several major European nations.

Bonga Cam vs Chaturbate alternative

Chaturbate has a clear traffic advantage over Bonga Cams, which translates to more models and active users, fuelling its freemium business model. Still, Bonga Cams is no slouch — it’s the 35th most visited adult website in the world, with 151 million visitors monthly.

What’s interesting is if we dig into the usage on a country-by-country basis:

CountryTotal Traffic ShareChaturbate
Traffic Share
Bonga Cams
Traffic Share
United States34.48%88.8%11.2%
United Kingdom6.86%79.5%20.5%

Chaturbate is dominant over Bonga Cams in the prized US and UK markets, but the picture across mainland Europe is finely balanced. Russians and Ukrainians can’t agree on much in 2023, but a preference for Bonga Cams over Chaturbate is unanimous, likely due to Bonga Cams acquiring Runetki.com in 2017.

Other countries that didn’t make the list where Europeans prefer Bonga Cams over Chaturbate include Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia and Belarus.

Why does it matter, you ask? These preferences are baked into the user experience on Bonga Cams. The platform is full of Eastern European models and conspicuously lacking in American girls.

If you’re looking for a Chaturbate alternative full of stunning Eastern beauties ready to get naked on a webcam, there is no better choice than Bonga Cams.

Bonga is popular in the camming community for its penchant for a good contest. Each week, the top 100 models on the site receive a prize based on member satisfaction and tokens collected. The top performer takes a $1000 bounty, with further cash prizes available for the runners-up. This gives each model an excellent reason to go above and beyond in giving you a show to remember.

Bonga Cams will feel familiar to anybody who is used to watching Chaturbate. It has a simple interface, excellent free shows, and decent private rates if you want to go cam2cam. Remember, not all these girls speak perfect English, so you might want to look elsewhere for the ‘girl next door’ type.

Unless you are one of the millions of European users who love seeing models closer to home…

Read our full review of Bonga Cams.

5. Cam4


Cam4 Chaturbate rival

Cam4 is one of the oldest Chaturbate alternatives and has been online since 2007. The site has collected several awards, including the coveted XBIZ Live Cam Site of the Year in 2015.

First impressions count for everything on cam sites, and your first impression of Cam4 will likely be something like: “Wow, that’s a lot of nudity.” This platform focuses specifically on amateur performers, just like Chaturbate, but it’s notably raunchier, and no scene is considered too extreme for the homepage.

While the trending cams on Chaturbate are often the most beautiful model-like performers (typically young and athletic), Cam4 is pretty indiscriminate about looks. It goes All In on the explicit action. As a result, the kinkiest or wildest sex shows rise to the top. It’s full of amateur couples fucking, or close-up shots of fetish models masturbating.

The top shows on Cam4 typically draw hundreds rather than thousands of viewers, but the site ranks highly as the world’s 85th most visited adult website. Most of its audience (and models) comes from Europe or Latin America.

Cam4 Chaturbate alternative

Cam4 is one of the rare freemium cam sites where the male models routinely outnumber the women. There are a lot of couples active, too, but the site has a reputation for its explicit male cams, so it’s worth considering if you are looking for a Manly version of Chaturbate.

Private shows are expensive on Cam4, typically from $2.50 to $7.50 per minute. This is partly because most performers give away so much content for free; the private shows are mostly reserved for exclusive requests and private cam2cam.

Cam4 is a long way behind Chaturbate in the numbers department, but the ratio of explicit sex shows is through the roof. You don’t have to wait long to find some kinky material broadcasted for free, although the video quality is pretty shoddy, and the HD cams are few and far between. We mainly recommend Cam4 as a raw, amateur, no-frills alternative to Chaturbate.

Read our full review of Cam4.

Premium Chaturbate Alternatives

Not every adult cam site tries to beat Chaturbate at its own game.

The five sites listed above are the closest alternatives to Chaturbate but with the obvious caveat: they are all freemium cam sites. The sites below have less in common with Chaturbate. You must typically pay for a private show to see full nudity or sexual content.

We recommend these premium sites as suitable alternatives to Chaturbate if you are looking for a more intimate, one-on-one camming experience:

6. Live Jasmin


LiveJasmin vs Chaturbate

Live Jasmin is to premium what Chaturbate is to freemium. It is the world’s most successful premium cam site, with a clear focus on chatting with models privately — away from the crowd.

The famous red spread of Live Jasmin will be familiar to anybody who has ventured onto RedTube, PornHub or YouPorn. This site is aggressively promoted across all of the major porn tubes. If you are used to shutting the window and carrying on with your videos, now’s a good time to give Live Jasmin a second chance.

LiveJasmin is ranked the 18th most visited adult website in the world (compared to Chaturbate in 8th). We don’t have exact numbers for how much the site generates, but with 200,000 registered models and that much traffic, it is probably one of the most profitable cam sites in the world.

Unlike Chaturbate, this site operates on a fixed-paid credit system for private shows and special requests. Credit packages start at around $45.

Some users are not fond of paying upfront for exclusivity, but others enjoy the intimacy of private one-to-one shows. Not to mention, Live Jasmin has some of the best streaming tech on the market, so you will feel like you’ve been teleported straight into your performer’s bedroom. It uses high-quality HD streams.

Another radical departure from Chaturbate is the model vetting process. Live Jasmin is notorious in the camming community for enforcing one of the strictest application processes for new performers. All models are vetted before they are allowed to broadcast on the platform, which adds to the impression of a premium cam site that doesn’t want to be categorized with Chaturbate.

It is highly successful at the ‘luxury’ end of the camming market.

Read our full review of LiveJasmin.

7. JerkMate


JerkMate premium Chaturbate alternative

Most of us have seen those “Stop Jerking Off Alone” ads on PornHub. Whatever money JerkMate makes from its cam business, a decent chunk is reinvested in stalking us around the web.

You’ve probably seen the ads and thought: “How does JerkMate compare to sites like Chaturbate?

The most significant difference is that you can’t get anything for free on JerkMate. You need to add your credit card just to verify your age and access the teaser shows. The models on JerkMate make their money from private shows, an entirely different business model from the tipping-based free-for-all on Chaturbate.

The premium cam site model hasn’t hurt Jerkmate too severely as the site still pulls in 56 million users monthly. That’s an impressive feat for a platform that paywalls the good shit, although we wonder how many of those visits are from the blitz of ads on our favorite Porn tubes.

We have to give JerkMate credit, though.

The site uses innovative engagement tools to keep users returning for more.

Go to the homepage, and you’ll be randomly matched to a performer. You can stick around for the chat or play a game of adult “Chatroulette” and match it to a new model. This is designed to create an intimate one-on-one connection where you’ll be tempted into a private show. The site boasts excellent filtering and tagging to assist you in your quest for the ultimate private fapathon.

If you’ve only ever used Chaturbate, it will initially seem bewildering. But if you’re sick of the crowded chat rooms and lack of attention on Chaturbate, JerkMate has a much more intimate and exclusive feel.

Read our full review of JerkMate.

8. Flirt4Free


Flirt4Free live mature webcams

Flirt4Free is a famous rival to Chaturbate that hit the news a couple of years ago when one user spent an incredible $57,000 in one weekend on private shows and extravagant tips.

The identity of the mystery viewer has never been revealed, but no doubt the ladies on Flirt4Free live in the hope that he’ll one day return to the site!

Flirt4Free functions much like Chaturbate, with free shows available for general viewing, backed by a raft of premium features that cost credits to access. You’ll have to go private to access the shows with nudity and X-rated content.

Flirt4Free pulls in an impressive 30.17 million monthly visitors, with a massive contingent of Colombian models and a solid presence across most of Central America. The site is part of the Video Secrets Network and was launched in 1996, making it the oldest cam site on our list.

Some of the popular features on Flirt4Free include:

  • One-on-one live video chat.
  • Voyeur mode for watching other private shows (without interaction or audio).
  • Multi-user group shows where several other paying viewers split the cost.
  • Party chat — free to watch, but ‘tipping’ the model will encourage her to live up to the ‘no holds barred’ billing. This is the closest Flirt4Free gets to mimicking the Chaturbate business model.

Flirt4Free isn’t as simple to use as Chaturbate, or as large; it only has around 300 performers live at any given time. But it has some excellent fetish performers who will pull out all the stops to satisfy you.

Read our full review of Flirt4Free.

Are There Any Cam Sites As Big As Chaturbate?

No, Chaturbate is the biggest cam site in the world as of September 2023. Chaturbate has the most registered models and the most models online of any cam site.

The latest estimates in our adult cams guide put Chaturbate’s model count at 350,000+, with over 5000 shows live during peak hours.

The next biggest cam site (by registered models) is LiveJasmin with around 200,000 models, including 191,809 female performers.

If we use different criteria to define ‘big’, such as the most visitors overall, StripChat overtakes Chaturbate with 769 million visitors vs. 445 million visitors (August 2023, SimilarWeb).

Which Cam Sites Are Cheaper Than Chaturbate?

Chaturbate offers the cheapest private shows of any major cam site, with the lowest rates starting at just $0.50 per minute.

We previously published a comparison of the cheapest cam sites shows which highlights the starting prices:

Cheaper than Chaturbate cam sites?

Please keep in mind that the cheapest price is not necessarily what you will be paying for a private show. When we account for the average show cost, there’s little to choose between sites like Chaturbate, StripChat and CamSoda. However, BongaCams and MyFreeCams are noticeably more expensive.

Do Any Cam Sites Have 100% Free Shows Like Chaturbate?

Yes, Chaturbate’s freemium cam site model has been copied many times. In fact, Chaturbate actually copied the concept from other successful free cam sites!

All five of our top recommend Chaturbate alternatives offer 100% free live shows.

  1. StripChat
  2. MyFreeCams
  3. CamSoda
  4. Bonga Cams
  5. Cam4

In these shows, you can will full nudity and full sex without spending a penny. However, some models do still reserve their explicit content for private customers. If you see a ‘TIcket Show’, it means you need to pay for access.

Chaturbate Clones and White Label Sites

Chaturbate Alternatives and White Labels

Depending on how many cam sites you’ve visited, you may have encountered sites that look and feel very similar to Chaturbate — so similar; they are practically identical.

Chaturbate has what is known as a white-label service, where webmasters can sign up to run their own branded versions of the Chaturbate database.

Here is a classic example from Naughty Church:

Chaturbate white label example

You might ask, then, why haven’t we included the white-label sites in our list? It would make sense given that they are closest possible thing to a Chaturbate alternative, right?

Well, yes, but it would be missing the point.

If you are looking for a Chaturbate replacement, it’s probably because you want to sample a different cam platform. Not just Chaturbate with a different logo.

Once you understand how Chaturbate works, using any of these sites is straightforward. They are exactly the same, with some minor cosmetic tweaks. There are dozens of Chaturbate white-labels out there in the wild. Just keep in mind that none of them offer an experience that you can’t already get by signing up on the main Chaturbate site.

Unless you really like different logos…

That wraps up our guide to the best websites like Chaturbate in 2023. Are there any worthy freemium cam site contenders that we’ve missed?

Let us know your favorite Chaturbate alternatives!


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