What Is The Cheapest Cam Site? Ranked By The Cost of a 20-Minute Private Show

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One of the things that’s really annoying about cam sites is their insistence on using virtual currencies to pay for live shows.

We all know the value of a dollar. But what is a Chaturbate token worth? How much bang for your buck can you get with 1 JerkMate GOLD?

I hate to give you a non-answer… but it depends.

Every site has its own currency system, which makes it fiendishly difficult to decipher how expensive a show is and, therefore, how much you’re paying per minute to get your rocks off.

Add to that, some sites charge different prices based on how many credits you’re buying. If you lose your mind and commit half a pay cheque to StripChat, you’ll get a pretty sweet discount. I mean, sure, you’d be crazy… but we do need to consider bulk buys.

Below, we have a breakdown of the USD worth of tokens and credits across all major cam sites.

I’ve also done my homework and compiled a list of the average show cost for each site.

What is the Cheapest Cam Site for a 20-Minute Private Show?

What do cam sites really cost?

Here’s a snapshot of current pricing on the major cam platforms, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

Cam Site20 Min Private Show (Average)Token Value
Strip Chat$14.401 StripChat token is worth $0.09
XCams$261 XCams credit is worth $0.26
IMLive$461 IMLive credit is worth $1.15
Chaturbate$481 Chaturbate token is worth $0.08
CamSoda$541 CamSoda token is worth $0.09
Cam4$57.601 Cam4 token is worth $0.16
Bonga Cams$62.401 Bonga Cams token is worth $0.052
Flirt4Free$751 Flirt4Free credit is worth $0.11
MyFreeCams$99.601 MyFreeCams token is worth $0.083
LiveJasmin$1201 LiveJasmin credit is worth $1.17
Streamate$1401 Streamate GOLD is worth $1
JerkMate$1401 JerkMate GOLD is worth $1
Slut Roulette$1401 Slut Roulette GOLD is worth $1

What Your Tokens Are Worth On Each Cam Site


A 20-minute private show on StripChat will cost around $14.40.

If you purchase the most popular package at $49.99 for 540 tokens, a StripChat token is worth $0.09.

If you want to know what this translates into for a private show – models set their levels, but the most popular (and introductory) rate is 8 tokens per minute, which works out to just $0.72 per minute. As you’ll see below, this is an absolute bargain.

Some private shows are in the 32 to 90 token range though, so prices can get pretty steep if you want to chat with one of the platform’s more popular camgirls.

Private show cost breakdown on StripChat reveals that it is the cheapest major cam site

Group shows are typically offered at 8 tokens per minute, but a few were also listed at 16. This translates to anywhere from $0.70 through to $1.40 per minute.


A 20-minute private show on CamSoda will cost around $54.

If you purchase a standard package at $49.99 for 550 tokens, a CamSoda token is worth roughly 9 cents.

CamSoda models can set their token prices at various price points. The lowest is 6 tokens per minute, the highest is 120 tokens per minute.

Over 80% of camgirls have their prices set at 30 tokens per minute and below. The most common price point was exactly 30 tokens – this equates to $2.70 per minute for a standard private show.

  • Spy shows (voyeur shows) are priced the same with no discount. Very strange.
  • Golden ticket shows are priced at 99 tokens, which is $8.91. This is the value deal.


A 20-minute private show on JerkMate will cost around $140.

1 Gold on JerkMate is worth $1, but we could not find any way to purchase bulk gold ahead of time – you’ll be charged when you buy. This is unusual for a cam site.

JerkMate is far more expensive than other cam websites. Performers here generally charge anywhere from $5 to $10 per minute. We tested a number of shows and found that most models charge $7 per minute, but the truly ‘elite‘ models were asking for more.

Gold shows are a little more competitive; for us, this is where you get the best bang for your buck. Shows can be entered for as little as 5 gold, which is just $5 – for a complete performance, this is an excellent deal.


A 20-minute private show on Chaturbate will cost around $48.

If you purchase the $80 package, a Chaturbate token is worth 8 cents.

Camgirls are free to set their own rates for shows, and there’s quite a lot of variety when it comes to this. You can see different rates in categories, with price points at 6, 12, 18, 30, 60 and 90 tokens. We saw camgirls who charged 6 tokens as well as others in the 120 token range. Yikes.

That said, you’ll find that most performers are between 18 and 50 tokens per minute. That’s roughly $1.50 to $4 per minute. Based on the shows we sampled, we’ll put the average at 30 tokens ($2.40) per minute.


A 20-minute private show on LiveJasmin will cost around $120.

If you purchase the $79.99 credits package, a LiveJasmin credit is worth $1.17.

Models on LiveJasmin set their own performance rates and there are brackets available as a filtering tool if you want to enter at a specific price point. Newer models and less popular performers can be found in the 0.01 – 0.98 category. You’ll typically find the cream of the talent here in a range of 3 to 5 tokens per minute.

  • If you choose to broadcast yourself (cam2cam), you can expect to pay an extra $1-$5 per minute.
  • From the 10 VIP group shows we sampled, the average price was $1.35 per minute. Very competitive.

LiveJasmin is one of the more expensive cam sites on our list, but the quality is top-notch. These girls know how to work it.


A 20-minute private show on Streamate will cost around $140.

1 Gold on Streamate is worth $1, although there doesn’t appear to be any way to buy it in bulk ahead of time. This is the same structure as JerkMate, which is no surprise given how JerkMate is a white-label spin-off from the same Streamate database.

Since camgirls pick their own rates, some might charge more, some might charge less. You might also have to pay a slightly righter rate if you want the show to be exclusive.

  • Group shows (Gold Shows) normally cost a fixed rate of $5 to $10.
  • We looked at 15 Gold Shows as a sample, and almost all of them were between 5 and 10 gold.

Bonga Cams

A 20-minute private show on Bonga Cams will cost around $62.40.

If you purchase the $74.99 credits package, a Bonga Cams token is worth $0.052.

Most of the camgirls that we saw offered their shows at a price point of 60 tokens per minute, which works out to an average price of $3.12 per minute.

  • True private (with nobody else watching in Spy Mode) can often cost anywhere from 90 to 120 tokens, so you’re looking at $4.5 to $6 per minute if you go fully exclusive.
  • For Spy Shows, we’d estimate that around 80% of performers had their cost set between 10 and 35 tokens per minute, so expect to pay $0.50 to $1.55 per minute.


A 20-minute private show on Cam4 will cost around $57.60.

Assuming you buy the most cost-efficient pack (1,000 tokens for $159.99), 1 Cam4 token is worth 16 cents.

Performers on Cam4 can set their own per-minute rate for a private performance. We found that rates start at around 6 tokens per minute and can go up to 30 tokens per minute. There are shows outside this range, but 95% were within this band.

This means you can expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $5 per minute for a Cam4 performance. It’s quite a lot lower than rival platforms.

  • Entry to group shows generally costs between 6 to 20 tokens ($1 to $3.20).
  • We looked at 10 shows with cam-to-cam enabled and found they charged 5 to 12 tokens per minute extra for cam-to-cam.


A 20-minute private show on IMLive will cost around $46.

Based on the most popular package of $114.95 for 100 tokens, 1 IMLive credit is worth $1.15.

Camgirls on IMLive have a few different price points available. The most popular is 1.98 credits, which equals around $2.3 per minute for a private show.

Note that you can purchase 30-minute and 60-minute blocks for a 20% and 30% discount respectively, so for many performers, you can pay under $2 per minute.

Some streams on IMLive cost more for private sessions: the highest rate is 5.8 credits per minute ($6.67), but only 3 performers on the platform commanded such a high price. Notably, turning your cam on and recording streams doesn’t cost extra.

Candy shows (group performances) typically run for 10 to 15 minutes and cost 3 to 10 credits to join. These are really cost-effective and represent excellent value for money.


A 20-minute private show on Flirt4Free will cost around $75.

1 credit on Flirt4Free is worth $0.11. For $1, you get 9 credits.

Performers on Flirt4Free set their own minute-by-minute rates, with some providing a small discount if you buy a block session.

In our experience, you can expect Flirt4Free private shows to cost you anywhere from 15 to 60 credits per minute. This translates into a rate of roughly $1.5 to $6 per minute. We’ve based our 20-minute average on the median, but in reality, you could be paying more or less.

  • Group shows will often cost around 50 credits to enter, so expect to pay around $5.
  • Annoyingly, there is no way to filter models by price, so you’ll have to enter each room to check.

Slut Roulette

A 20-minute private show on Slut Roulette will cost around $140.

1 Gold on Slut Roulette is worth $1. This site uses the same database and payment structure as JerkMate and Streamate, so you can expect the same pricing throughout.

Gold shows can be a highly cost-effective way to see your favorite girls in action. We found that the floor price for a performance was anywhere from 5 to 10 gold. Generally, gold shows last 5 to 15 minutes, so a group stream costs around $1 per minute.


A 20-minute private show on XCams will cost around $26.

1 credit on XCams is worth $0.26, assuming you buy the standard $99.99 package.

Private tariff rates are dictated by the models on the platform and they have three options: 5, 7 and 10 credits. 90% of the girls here are at the 5 credit rate, 7% at 7 credits and 3% at 10 credits (per minute).

While XCams is the second cheapest cam site on our list, you can get even more bang for your buck if you pay in Euros instead of Dollars.

Comparing both top-end packages (Euro vs USD), you’ll get 3.85 credits per USD when paying in USD and 5.33 credits per Euro when paying in Euros. At today’s current exchange rate, 1 USD in around 0.94 Euros.

Keeping it simple here: you get around 25% more credits if you pay in Euros as opposed to USD.


A 20-minute private show on MyFreeCams will cost around $99.60.

Tokens are between 10 cents and 8 cents, depending on how many you purchase. If you buy the most popular package for $74.99, 1 MyFreeCams token is worth $0.083.

Somewhat uniquely, all of MyFreeCams’ private shows are 60 tokens per minute. This means that you can expect to pay between $4.8 and $6 per minute, depending on whether you bought in bulk.

  • True private is 80 tokens per minute ($6.4 to $8)
  • Group Shows cost 10 tokens per minute ($0.80 to $1)

MyFreeCams processes all payments in USD. We’ve seen other platforms charge more to foreign customers paying in different currencies, such as LiveJasmin – that doesn’t happen on MFC.

Takeaways on Cam Show Pricing

As you can see, different cam sites charge massively different rates for the same 20 minutes of private action. The use of virtual currency systems makes it hard for consumers to compare on a like-for-like basis.

I’ll leave you with some summary observations:

  • The Streamate-powered cam sites (Streamate, JerkMate, Slut Roulette) are by far the most expensive, with the median of private shows priced at $140 for 20 minutes of action. We rate those private shows highly, but that highly? I’m not so sure.
  • StripChat is by far the best-value cam site, a factor that we believe has driven its rapid rise as the most visited cam site in the world. StripChat is ranked #1 on our cam site list, as of November 2023.
  • XCams is the second cheapest of the major cam sites we’ve reviewed, however it has some hidden fees and heavily favours payments made in Euros.
  • Across the board, you will pay considerably less by opting for Group Shows instead of Private Shows. No surprise here, but the price disparity is dramatic, especially on sites like Streamate where the group deals are actually pretty good.
  • If you give models the ability to set custom private rates, some will take the p$&$. We found one model on StripChat charging 200 tokens per minute — that’s close to $1,000 per hour(!).

Hope you find the list helpful!


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