CamSoda Review: Pornstar Cam Girls and Legendary PR Stunts

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CamSoda has always been a platform that does things differently: from voyeur cams and celebrity streams through to weird PR stunts and fun experiments.

Make no mistake, though: CamSoda still offers those high quality, live sex streams that we’ve all come to know and love. Shows have plenty of variety, sex toys can be activated with tips and there’s even a store if you want to grab some merch.

CamSoda was one of the first platforms to offer VR sex cams. It famously debuted the OhRoma, a VR headset which incorporated the smell of panties and private parts. While the VR section of CamSoda has (sadly) stagnated, there’s still a lot to enjoy on this site.

CamSoda Review: Pornstar & Voyeur Shows Galore

CamSoda review

What stands out at CamSoda is their relatively unique show types and performers, in addition to their ‘labs’ section, where they play with various advertising campaigns and cover interesting concepts and ideas related to live sex.

CamSoda tends to lag behind the bigger players in terms of overall market share, but they’re still up there with the world’s major adult cam sites, according to our latest ratings.

To put things into perspective, StripChat receives roughly 770 million monthly visits according to SimilarWeb (October 2023): CamSoda sits at around 29 million. CamSoda’s main market is the United States: just under half of its active userbase hails from the US.

If you’re interested in free public shows, CamSoda has plenty of them. Performers here have zero issues stripping completely naked, playing with their toys and even cumming live on cam – all without you having to pay a penny. Private streams are available, but a quick look at the homepage shows a lot of women getting incredibly naughty in public.

Featured shows are also a stable of the CamSoda platform: you’ll find plenty of pornstars and adult celebrities who put on performances here. We’re talking about the likes of Brandi Love, Sabrina Nichole and Tori Black to name but a few. If any cam site has secured your favorite pornstar’s live streaming services, it’s probably CamSoda.

Speaking of the talent – let’s take a closer look at what you can find on CamSoda.

The homepage on CamSoda

Types of CamSoda Models

Alongside many show types, CamSoda hosts streams starring performers of all different shapes and sizes. There are few restrictions here – though naturally, some shows do a lot better than others. Owing to the site’s sorting algorithm, what rises to the top is what your typical American male desires.

Female Models

It shouldn’t surprise many to find that Females is the dominant category on CamSoda. By default, the website actually shows just the women and couples – you can filter out couples on the left-hand side of the site if you’re looking for solo women and nothing else.

We found that out of the top 50 performers who were online at the time of writing this review, around 50% of them were from Latin America and in particular, Colombia. Other countries with more than one live camgirl included the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

CamSoda has an ethnicity filter, which allows you to pick from white, ebony, Latina and Asian. Around 30 Asian camgirls were online, coming from countries such as the Philippines, India and South Korea. No particular country seemed to dominate the talent pool of Asian camgirls at CamSoda.

Not a native English speaker? No problem. There are languages filters here, with plenty of options to choose from.

Available languages on CamSoda

Male Models

During our review, a total of 35 live streams on CamSoda were tagged as ‘male’. Two of these were couple shows with a guy performing alongside a girl and somewhat strangely, five of the streams were transsexuals or cis women. This isn’t a case of CamSoda being transphobic: they do have a ‘trans’ gender tag. It just seems to be the users incorrectly labelling themselves.

Most of the men streaming on CamSoda are gay, although a few have themselves tagged as ‘bisexual’. The talent pool in this section was something of a Star Wars cantina scene: muscly black daddies from America, skinny grandpas from Spain, tattooed Colombian twinks and a hairy Turkish man with a truly massive piece of meat. The numbers are quite low and no real thread of consistency ran through what was on offer.


Couples are permitted to perform at CamSoda and plenty of them do. Around 50 shows in total were live with at least two participants. Group sex seems rare, but there was one live gangbang and another party-style mansion stream with half a dozen women twerking and teasing by the pool.

South Americans tend to dominate the couple category: Colombians in particular. We’d estimate that roughly 60% of the couple shows here feature Latin Americans.

There are quite a few lesbian couples who put on shows at CamSoda – slightly more than we’ve observed from other platforms. It’s not a major part of this hub’s branding or anything they try to specialize in, but if you want all-girl cam action, there’s plenty of it.

Transgender Models

Trans camgirls really like streaming on CamSoda and they make up a bigger percentage of the site’s live feeds than we’ve observed on other platforms.

Again, an overwhelming majority of the trans camgirls on CamSoda hail from Colombia: the top 20 online, in fact, were all from there. There were over 130 performers in the trans category: 6 were ebony, 1 was Asian and around 30 were tagged with ‘white’. Looking at those 30 camgirls: it’s clear that most of them were actually Latinas.

You can expect around 80% of the transgender camgirls on CamSoda to be from Latin America.

Types of Live Shows on CamSoda

We’ve found that most models on CamSoda tend to stick in free public shows that anyone can watch and contribute tips toward. That being said, there are other show types that you might be interested in.

As with most adult webcam platforms, performers at CamSoda can choose what types of shows they want to enable and disable. Just because a show type exists doesn’t mean that your favorite CamSoda camgirl will have it as an available option.

Free Public Chat

Most shows on CamSoda are of the free public variety. Performers have their stream available for anyone to watch – you don’t even need an account. They’ll typically put on a complete performance: stripping down naked, playing with toys, masturbating and whatever else.

Free shows are supported by users of the platform tipping the performer. Some will pitch in a dollar or two, others will elect to gift $10-$20 or even more. You’re not required to contribute, but remember: if you do, you incentivize the camgirl to come back and perform again.

Sometimes, camgirls at CamSoda will use the free public chat as a way to tease viewers to entice them into a private session.

Private Chat

Private chats on CamSoda function similarly to other platforms in the space. You pay a flat per-minute fee and have the camgirl all to yourself – well, mostly to yourself.

If you don’t elect to go into exclusive private chat, others are able to be voyeurs. This means that they can see what the camgirl is doing, but they cannot interact with her. You’ll have all of the control, but others can hear and see what the camgirl is doing for you.

Camgirls can manually choose to allow recordings, cam to cam and voice calls in their private shows. Your cam feed and voice won’t be shared with anyone spying.

Exclusive Private Chat

You’ll have to pay extra to go into exclusive private chat mode, but if you do, the spy show mode will be disabled: no one can tune in to see what’s going on in your private session.

Spy Mode

If another user is in a private cam session with a performer and they’re not in exclusive mode, you have the opportunity to ‘spy’ on the performance. You cannot interact with the performer, but you can see and hear them just as you would any other type of performance.

Golden Ticket Shows

Users contribute a flat fee for a ticket that allows them to watch a private performance with others. This is somewhat similar to group shows on other platforms, but instead of being per-minute, it’s a one-off cost.

Golden ticket shows vary in length and content type. Below the purchase prompt, you’ll be given some information about the show.

Golden Ticket Show on CamSoda

Chat messages are visible, even if you’re not in the show. This includes tips given and toy activations.

VR Shows

CamSoda teamed up with “the best teledildonics company” back in 2016 to put on VR cam shows from their own studio – making them one of the first true examples of virtual reality live streaming. It would appear as if these shows are no longer available and as such, VR cams are not available on CamSoda at this time.

Voyeur Shows

Note that these are distinct and different from spy mode performances. Voyeur shows are a popular content format on CamSoda and there are a couple of houses that have a number of cameras inside that stream 24/7 and, at times, feature nudity and sex.

Voyeur cams are always free to watch.

Can I Record Live Shows on CamSoda?

Each model can decide whether or not to allow recording. If it’s enabled, the platform will automatically grab the video for you and store it on your behalf. You can access the recording any time, free of charge.

You can see whether or not recording is allowed before going into a private show.

Private recordings on CamSoda

Live Stream Quality

Somewhat disappointingly, CamSoda seems to only provide visitors with streams that are, at a maximum, 720p. What’s confusing is that on the CamSoda Wiki, they specify that models cam stream an output of 1080p – they even go so far as to suggest a bitrate for full HD shows!

Plenty of models seem to follow the Wiki’s advice, and this creates a rather unique scenario where lots of the camgirl streams at CamSoda are 720p, but they’re high bitrate, downscaled from 1080p. This doesn’t quite make them full HD, but if anyone can claim to have the best 720p streams, it’s going to be CamSoda.

We’d like to see CamSoda introduce a full 1080p option, since almost all of the major sites out there do offer it. Camgirls look better in true high definition.

We found that 720p streams here vary in bitrate from 3 Mb/s to 5 Mb/s – well above rival 720p shows on other platforms for the reasons stated above. In fact, these bitrates are competitive with many 1080p cam shows offered by other websites.

Interactive Toys on CamSoda

Hundreds of live performers on CamSoda have interactive sex toys, with Lovense being the dominant brand (Ohmibod makes up the rest of the market). If you’re not familiar with these: viewers are able to donate a small number of tokens to active a sex toy for a short period of time.

Often, CamSoda streamers will have their toys activate for just 1 token – giving two seconds of vibrations. As you can imagine, users like donating singular tokens over and over. Bigger donations can also yield more intense vibrations, or longer periods of activation.

Control her sex toy on CamSoda

A separate section of the stream interface includes more advanced options for toy activation. In our experience, users tend to just stick to donating tokens instead of utilizing these other options.

Pornstars & Adult Celebrities

CamSoda is somewhat unique in that they regularly negotiate deals with celebrities in the adult space who stream on the platform exclusively. Some of the biggest pornstars have accounts at CamSoda and put on live shows here.

The roster rotates on a semi-regular basis, and they’re always trying to bring in new talent, but you’ll find that plenty of world-famous stars have put on live streams here before and will likely do so again in the future.

You might find the likes of Gianna Michaels, Brandi Love, Gabbie Carter or even Riley Reid streaming again if you visit CamSoda. Keep an eye on the CamSoda blog for a schedule of upcoming appearances.

Getting Around CamSoda

We care a lot about initial navigation tools and filtering options. CamSoda gets a lot of things right, but there’s still some room for improvement.

The homepage has a great sidebar that gives you a lot of control over what you see. Filter based on gender, private show price, ethnicity, languages spoken and more. There’s a great section for show niche tags too: whether it’s teens, MILFs, squirters or BBWs that you desire, there’s a button here to help you find them.

After you’ve filtered, CamSoda seems to sort the live performances based on popularity. This isn’t just current view numbers, but historical performance. You’re unable to manually sort by any other metric, such as view count or time online. Adding these would improve the user experience.

CamSoda’s Interface, Design & Layout

We’re fans of CamSoda’s interface display for shows. Interactive elements are clear, the proportions of various sections are user friendly and you can even manually adjust the width of the cam stream.

Users are able to pick the stream resolution – lower can be better if you have limited bandwidth or patchy Internet. The platform also has complete full screen and a theatre mode, where the cam takes up the majority of the browser, but the chat box is still visible. Not all live cam sex sites have a theatre mode – CamSoda’s is one of the best.

The chat area of CamSoda tends to have more emojis and GIFs utilized than other platforms. This can be a matter of taste, but we tend to prefer cleaner chats with less spam and distracting elements.

The Mobile Experience

Here’s a look at CamSoda’s homepage from a mobile:

CamSoda mobile experience

Filtering is good, preview cam size is what we’d expect – all things are acceptable on the mobile end of CamSoda’s homepage. Sure, there’s an advertisement for tokens in the middle and it is a little large – but we’re not that bothered by it.

When watching streams, we recommend turning your phone sideways to really make the most of your screen real estate. You can watch landscape streams in portrait mode, but it’s not ideal.

CamSoda horizontal viewing

Note that you can have chat enabled and it’ll superimpose itself on the stream, but given CamSoda’s non-message spam for donations, automatic tip menu prompts and toy activations – we’d recommend turning it off and just watching your favorite girl in action without the distractions.

Cam to cam is available for mobile devices, but only on Safari for iOS users and Chrome for Android users.

Verses Mode

The platform features a ‘verses mode’ viewing option that models manually enable when they want to go head to head. The idea is to make the performers compete against one another to see who can put on the best show. Chats are merged and you’re encouraged to donate over a 3-minute period so that your favorite girl wins.

After 3 minutes, the donation tallies are reset and the competition begins again. Total verses wins are displayed next to the model’s name whenever she’s in a battle.

Verses mode on CamSoda

Verses mode doesn’t appear to be particularly popular: only a few camgirls were using it at the time of our review.

CamSoda Token System & Pricing

Instead of paying models directly with fiat currency, CamSoda utilizes a token-based system. You purchase tokens in your local currency and then use those to tip models, go into private and so on.

Here’s a look at the cost of tokens, in USD, when paying with a credit or debit card:

  • 50 tokens: $5.99
  • 100 tokens: $10.99
  • 300 tokens: $31.98
  • 400 tokens: $39.99
  • 550 tokens: $49.99

Interestingly enough, CamSoda doesn’t really seem to penalize its users for paying via other methods. This is something we really appreciate – especially since you can get a lot more tokens via other payment methods.

Wire transfers are available if you’re looking to load more than $400. You’ll be given 125 tokens for every $10 via this method.

Cryptocurrency users can load $49.99 for 550 tokens – just like card – but they also have larger options. 12,500 tokens for $999.99 and even 312,500 tokens for $24,999.99.

CamSoda also accepts CashToCode, PayPal and gift cards.

What Are CamSoda’s Tokens Worth?

Based on an average user spending $49.99 for 550 tokens, a CamSoda token is worth roughly 9 cents.

What Does The Average CamSoda Private Show Cost?

CamSoda models can set their token prices at various price points. The lowest is 6 tokens per minute, the highest is 120 tokens per minute.

Over 80% of camgirls have their prices set at 30 tokens per minute and below. The most common price point was exactly 30 tokens – this equates to $2.70 per minute for a standard private show. Spy rates on CamSoda appear to be the same price as private rates – no discount is offered for being a voyeur.

Golden ticket shows are often priced at 99 tokens – this equates to $8.91.

Payment Methods

CamSoda currently accepts payment via the following methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, etc.)
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards (Walmart, Best Buy, etc.)
  • CashToCode
  • Wire Transfers
Camsoda Crypto payments

How Will CamSoda Purchases Appear on my Statement?

CamSoda users a number of different third-party payment processors and each one has its own billing reference. All of the options we saw were discreet. Here are a few examples:


Is There a Refund Policy?


CamSoda states quite explicitly in their terms and conditions that all purchases are final and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

What Could Be Improved on CamSoda?

CamSoda currently doesn’t have mobile streaming as an option. Other platforms do, and they likely attract quite a few viewers, as well as streamers, as a result. Vertical cam streams are far more popular with mobile users, but there are none on CamSoda.

A complete overhaul of sex toy activation would be appreciated. Generic tipping sometimes activates toys, but this seems to be relatively hacky and often, models don’t have any indications that it’s available. What’s more, camgirls do have access to a tip menu, but there’s no specific sex toy area. A clear and dedicated interface, just for various levels and so on, would go a long way toward making the user experience better.

The voyeur cam section is also in need of a complete redesign.

Currently, a streaming house with a dozen or so cams has a chat room for each individual webcam (and no easy way to switch between them). This is poor design. Each location should have one chat room and the ability to switch between cameras using a dedicated interface.

Our Verdict on CamSoda

From their pornstar shows through to voyeur house streams and more – CamSoda is a decent cam platform that has a lot going for it. We’re disappointed that it doesn’t have 1080p shows and we think they should bring back VR as an option, but for a cam platform where people just want what they know and love – hot live sex – it does the job quite nicely.

We really liked the payment options available, as well as their fair price differences for various payment methods.

Sample a few of their free cams and if you like what you see, consider signing up for hot private shows, celebrity sex streams and much more. Visit to sample the action.


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