20 Top Chaturbate Models To Watch Today [Hottest Chaturbate Girls & Guys]

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Despite plenty of competition, Chaturbate remains one of the most popular live cam sites in the world and attracts tons of great new models every year. But with so many channels to watch, we wanted to know which models are most popular with audiences.

So, in this feature, we’ve taken a look at the top 20 channels on Chaturbate including female, male and Trans models as well as couples.

Looking for the top Chaturbate models in the world? You’ve come to the right place!

The lists have been compiled based on data obtained from CB Explorer which awards points to performers using average viewership figures, followers and active hours online. The result is a points-based system and have been calculated using the latest data.

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Top 10 Female Models on Chaturbate

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We kick off with a list of the hottest ladies to follow and a dozen female performers

1. effyloweell


The most popular and highest performing cam model on Chaturbate is effyloweell, a Colombian born performer.

A tattooed brunette with lip and nose piercings, she is curvaceous and buxom with the softest looking skin. What fans seem to love about her most is her versatility as a performer and she is just as popular when exploiting her fetish and kink appeal as she is being a cutesy (but sexy) bunny girl.

Her shows often include a lot of roleplay and dress up and effyloweell is definitely keeping some South American costumes stores in business!

This luscious Latina lady was also up for a Fan Favorite AVN Award for Top Cam Girl 2022 and is riding high at the top of the CB Explorer lists with 1,785 points.

With more than 600,000 followers on Chaturbate, she’s a hard-working model who is online around 45 hours per fortnight. Her shows reach audiences of more than 15,000 people and she 

As well as checking out her live cams on Chaturbate, you can follow effylowell on social media using the following links:

The best time to catch effyloweell on Chaturbate is on Wednesdays where she typically spends 6 hours online.

2. ehotlovea


Just in second place with 1,706 points awarded by CB Explorer is a Russian model, confusingly known as Erik and Alice.

With more than a million followers on Chaturbate, the horny Euro cam star can sometimes be seen performing as part of a couple, but the channel is most often broadcast with just ehotlovea alone.

A 25-year-old model, she is a petite and natural brunette who is eager to please her fans and masturbates using her interactive toys (ohmibod). She’s also a model who performs for piss-play fans and (with the right ‘motivation’) she will pee her panties on cam.

A bit of a squirter and a moaner too, her profile has a 90% satisfaction rating which is impressive given the sheer size of her following.

In the first few weeks of January 2022, she was broadcasting an average of 78 hours per week making her a super hard-working model.

One of the top 50 most followed performers on Chaturbate, a million fans can’t be wrong and although she has her detractors, we’d definitely recommend checking her out for yourself.

You can pick up a lifetime subscription to ehotlovea’s Instagram feed on Chaturbate at a cost of just 1 token.

Premium fans who want to follow this hot star will have to hand over more than $250 a month for that privilege but this does give them access to exclusive content and the ability to PM this top Chaturbate model.

The best time to catch ehotlovea is on Fridays when she can spend more than 15 hours online.

3. mashayang


With a total of 1,577 points, our next top model on Chaturbate is technically speaking a team of models.

A collective bunch of European girls who take turns to perform solo, in pairings or as a group on this popular channel.

The mashayang team consists of the main model, Masha, a stunning 25-year-old, blue-eyed blond with an arm tattoo and perky, all natural tits.

She is regularly joined by a whole host of sexy girls, including

  • Alice – big boobs
  • Lina – brunette
  • Lia – tattoo girl
  • KsuColt – a blond with a leg tattoo

And then there’s Stella, Viky and Roxy…The list goes on of sexy young women willing to share their exploits in FULL HD with Masha herself at the helm.

Mashayang has more than 1.1 million followers, all watching lesbian sex scenes unfold with hardcore action guaranteed. Yes, these girls perform fisting, multiple penetration with toys, anal play and squirting.

As a channel, they are an exciting one to watch and have been one of the first of Chaturbate’s broadcasters to trial their VR cam offering (mashaVR). An immersive experience still in Beta mode, it’s still a service in its infancy but promises to give fans a more real-life kind of access to their favorite stars.

Mashayang performs on Chaturbate for around 20 hours each week but are far from idle during their offline time, producing tons of content for their various content sales platforms.

On Chaturbate alone you can pick up more than 100 videos, some for free whilst others are for paid up fan club members only.

For just $9.99 a month, you can get exclusive access to this lesbian sex fest which includes private messaging as well as priority listing on their chat.

You can catch the latest exploits of mashayang on Chaturbate live with their busiest day of the week being Wednesdays. Typically, they broadcast for around 4.6 hours on this day but their schedule is pretty varied.

Alternatively, why not check the girls out across their other social media feeds and fan platforms:

You can even find them on Pornhub where their channel has over 40.4 million video views and you can watch over 230 clips of their gone wild Sapphic antics.

4. chloewildd


Next up we have a French-Canadian cam model who sits in 4th position with 1,403 points.

Aged 23, Chloe is a petite and skinny performer at just 5’ 3” but rocks some fantastic 32D silicone titties to goggle at.

Audiences love her milky white skin and the delicious contrast of her soft side with a hint of darkness. With a couple of tasteful black tattoos across her stomach and arms, she is an enigmatic woman to watch.

She’s mainly a solo performer but in early 2022 she posted her first B/G video to her OnlyFans pages which shows she can transfer her dildo sucking skills to the real thing.

Chloewildd is an active broadcaster on Chaturbate notching up an average of 16 hours a week. Thursday is her preferred time to perform and she can spend up to four hours online.

One of the site’s top 50 fastest growing performers, she has already amassed a following of more than 200,000 fans and regularly draws in an audience in excess of 15,000 per show.

She’s an open-minded and sensual performer who loves dirty talk and has an knack for the erotic.

You can follow chloewild on Chaturbate or find more of her content through her social media feeds:

5. girl_of_yourdreams


Next up on the list of Chaturbate’s top performers is girl_of_yourdreams with a current score of 1,361 points.

Real name Daisy, this juicy brunette with deep emerald eyes is from the Czech Republic but speaks English and Russian.

At 21 years old, she has a fizzy and infectious personality, bursting with energy and with a coy smile hinting at a really filthy side to her.

And fans seem to be falling in love with this character in their thousands and Daisy has more than 474,000 followers.

She’s certainly putting in the effort on Chaturbate and over the last two weeks she has been broadcasting for over 62 hours making her a full-time performer. Her busiest time on her current schedule is on Tuesdays when she is usually online for over seven hours.

Her shows are pretty varied but usually center around her use of an interactive Lovense toy. And her on-screen antics can bring in around 10,000 viewers per session so she is obviously doing something very right.

She’s just keen to please and will do plenty for those tips including a vast menu of pre-set options such as:

  • Flash (Perfect) Tits
  • Play With Nipples
  • Ride A Pillow
  • Jerk A Dildo

She doesn’t have a social media presence so if you want to get closer to this top performing cam model then you’ll need to join her fan club. For a price of $15.99 per month you can get exclusive content and are able to send Daisy private messages.

Overall, this is one VERY busy performer who is more often than not in a private session with fans so be patient if you want some one-on-one time with this girl_of_yourdreams.

6. dentalassistantgirl


Our next entry on the top ten list of cam models on Chaturbate is a pierced 23 year old brunette from Washington, USA.

With a total of 1,331 points on CB Explorer she might rank 6th on the charts but she is a full time performer putting in over 43 hours a week online.

A fast-growing model on the Chaturbate platform, she already has more than 97,000 followers and climbing the ranks quickly.

Slim but curvy in all the right places, dentalassistantgirl’s shows are tagged with BBC, Latina, Goddess and BigPussyLips. And this pretty much sums up her style and tastes.

An aspiring ‘size queen’, this mixed-race Colombian loves big cock. Period. Oh, and is also a fan of sloppy, messy deepthroating.

She’s also an ACTUAL dental assistant too so is she can give her fans a medical once over!

Real name Jade, she doesn’t have a Twitter profile but you can catch up with her over other social media platforms and sites including:

And Jade is one of those rare online performers who also makes herself available for real-life tete-a-tetes! Yes, if you want to get a real life meet with the woman herself then you can find application details on her Chaturbate pages.

7. _meghan_gomez1_


Another Latina in the top ten Chaturbate model’s list, _meghan_gomez1 hails from Antioquia, Colombia.

As a result, she can speak both Spanish and English and, naturally, has tight and exotic body; a big ass and tiny tits.

She’s a fiery dark brunette with intense eyes and a full, hypnotic mouth that draws audiences in.

In fact, she draws in more than 285,000 followers and her shows reach an audience of 10,000 people.

Why is she so popular?

A natural temptress who oozes an insatiable appetite that is guaranteed to keep viewers horny. In short, she’s a bit of a goddess and knows how to work a large room so that everyone feels fulfilled.

Gomez broadcasts more than 38 hours each week and puts in some full-time shifts across the week. Wednesdays seem to be her busiest day when she can be online for up to 8 hours.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any social media feeds to follow so if you want to get a little closer to this fiery Colombian then you’ll need to join her fan club. She charges $50.99 per month for some exclusive content and private messaging access.

Alternatively, you could buy some of her private pics and clips to get a taste for what she’s all about before committing to more.

8. artoftease


A ‘boudoir model and contemporary artist’, artoftease is an absolute legend of stripping, an artform that only the best models know how to master on cam.

She is elegant performer who lingers sexily on screen, teasing her audience with naughty lingerie and cosplay. And she doesn’t tolerate any nasty or dirty talk, instead encouraging her fans to treat her shows like an actual performance.

The result is a provocative and sensuous experience that will be alien to many cam viewers who just turn up expecting to see naked girls.

Instead, artoftease makes you work for your thrills and she commands a respect from her followers which makes it well worth investing in. Definitely one to follow if you love a femdom.

And with more than 650,000 followers, she is popular with a lot of people.

She only broadcasts for around 15 hours each week and this can be pretty sporadic so check the schedule. Thursdays look busy and she can command audiences of up to 10,000 at a time so you’ll need to be patient if you want to book in some one-on-one time.

Known across other social media channels by a number of different handles, you can keep up with all of artoftease’s latest content via:

Her fan club is pretty low cost at just $5.99 per month and you do get some exclusive content and access to private messaging.

9. _blackbee_


With 1,221 points on the CB Explore Top 20 Chaturbate Models rankings, _blackbee_ is a 26-year-old, all-natural brunette.

She is an open-minded and positive performer who exudes eroticism and sensuality. She’s definitely not an out-and-out porn star type but a languorous cammer who prefers to tease and build anticipation.

With more than 400,000 followers, she is holding the attentions of a fair number of fans

Broadcasting more than 24 hours every week she is an active performer, typically online for about 4 hours a day.

For a price of $25.99 per month you can join _blackbee_’s fanclub or follow her on OnlyFans for exclusive conytent.

10. nina_mon


Our final entry on the top female models on Chaturbate is nina_mon , a 23 year old Colombian who picks up 1,210 points.

A classic beauty with the lithe athletic body of a model, this curvaceous Latina has a bubble butt and plump but firm tits.

With five tattoos, this natural brunette rocks plenty of different styles during her shows and changes her look often with wigs, accessories and clothing.

One day you could log in and she’s a femdom redhead, the next she could just as stylishly be pulling off a demure blond.

And it’s probably this versatility which has helped earn her more than 373,000 followers.

She’s active part-time on Chaturbate but nina_mon has plenty of ways to follow her on socials including:

Or, for $20.99 per month, you can join her Chaturbate fan club for exclusive access to pics and clips plus private messaging.

Top Chaturbate models

Honourable Mentions

The category for top female models on Chaturbate is a big one and although our top ten is diverse enough we just couldn’t not mention some more female performers who are worth checking out.

The following ten models just missed out on the top list but are all performing in the top 20 models on Chaturbate (female only):

Top 4 Trans Models on Chaturbate

Our next category of top Chaturbate cam models are all performers in the Trans category.

1. franshesca_and_rashell_


Sitting at the top of the rankings for the top trans models on Chaturbate with 2,421 points are a duo from Bogota in Colombia, franshesca_and_rashell_ One is a trans woman and the other is a CIS woman.

Their shows see them both roleplay as naughty secretaries and they basically misbehave behind  their bosses back in an office setup.

As the tips roll in, you can watch them perform any number of NSFW acts including squirting, jerking, spanking and more. The ultimate goal of course is to fuck the boss!

The pair perform for more than 60 hours each week making them one of the most hardworking performers on the cam site.

In fact, they pretty regularly put in 10-12 hours a day with their busiest times attracting an audience of more than 11,000 viewers.

With their popularity rising fast, they are an engaging pair to watch who combine bubbly personalities with interactive toys and intriguing roleplay.

You can catch them across other socials or join their fan club on Chaturbate:

2. mistressnorma


A trans (non- binary) femdom with a skill for JOI, chastity play and foot, mistressnorma is second in the rankings for top trans model on Chaturbate.

She has more than 125,000 followers but her broadcasts are watched by a select audience of around 1,000 viewers.

Her shows are mainly watched by slaves who need an education and who want to worship a woman who can promise them pain and pleasure.

And she’s not always solo in these shows but often entertains guests (male and female) who she teases and torments for the entertainment of her fans.

You can catch mistressnorma on Fridays when she broadcasts for around six hours but definitely check her schedule as this can be a bit sporadic at times.

3. bittersweet_queen


Also known as Sunny, this tattooed 24-year-old Trans model with an ‘extra-sized clit’ has more than 125,000 followers on Chaturbate.

She’s a passionate character who broadcasts solo so you can expect a lot of jerking off and cumshots. She also has an interactive Lovense toy and will fuck a dildo for the right amount of tips.

A stunning beauty, this American has a Latina look to her and enjoys teasing herself and audiences with edge play techniques.

Broadcasting 10-20 hours a week, she’s a part-time performer who’s most often online for a few hours Mon-Sat.

You can follow this popular Chaturbate model on all of the main socials with lifetime access available through CB:

4. tsmistress23


Our next TS performer is a transfeme mistress cum princess.

tsmistress23 is a British cam model with a 9” dick that remains front and center for most performances. But, ultimately, the shows are all a build-up to a cumshot using toys, tips and teasing to reach that climax.

She’s a rising star in the Trans category and has more than 125,000, most of whom are tuning in for her bondage and sissy play.

Particularly popular are her hands-free cumshows which make great use of an interactive sex toy.

Also known as Princess Laura, this 26 year old is definitely one to watch.

Top 3 Male Models on Chaturbate

And let’s not forget the guys who cam on Chaturbate!

1. bisexlife_hot


Topping the charts for the men with 1,934 points bisexlife_hot is the channel of a group of bisexual Colombians who regularly broadcast their XXX exploits.

Made up of four regular guys, Dylan, Max, Robby and Jacob, they are a muscular and athletic group of young men who broadcast a LOT.

Each week they put in around 50 hours, showcasing everything from masturbation and jerk circles to ass breaking and double wet blowjobs.

With a cute babyface, Dylan is the main protagonist of this bunch and gets a lot of action from his buddies.

You can follow them on Chaturbate or via Twitter and WhatsApp.

2. hottestguys21


Next up we have a gay couple, John and Flo, a young pairing in their early 20s who have amassed a following of more than 40,000 followers.

With a total of 1,918 points on CB Explorer, this puts them in the top ten male performers on the site.

Their shows are energetic and they are both lively characters who are eager to please their audience. And to help things along they’ve created a great tips menu which includes access to their interactive Lovense sex toy.

You can also encourage them to perform plenty of acts from rimming, blowing and spanking to hard fucking or simply twerking.

Full time performers, the pair broadcast for around 36 hours a week with their busiest day being Wednesdays when they are often online for over 8 hours.

You can join their fan club for exclusive access to digital content which includes hardcore pics and clips for just $5.99 per month or you can catch more action via their socials:

3. co1dsmi1e


Co1dsmi1e, also known as Eric, is a 23-year-old bisexual guy who performs solo and with partners, entertaining his audiences with cumshots, blowjobs, dildo riding and muscle show.

He uses a Lovense toy to jack those tips up and has attracted a following of more than 100,000 fans.

A muscled guy with a youthful face it’s probably his rock hard, big cock which keeps audiences tuned in.

Performing part-time at around 15 hours a week, the best time to catch this top male Chaturbate performer is on a Friday.

You can also get access to his XXX pics and clips on OnlyFans or follow him on Twitter for news of his schedule.

Top 3 Couples Cam Performers on Chaturbate

Our last few performers in the list of the top 20 models on Chaturbate are all couples who cam together.

More of a rarity than solo cammers, couples are always popular on Chaturbate because they can offer something that single models can’t….full sex.

1. cheeseburgerjesus


Topping the couples’ list with 2,127 points, cheeseburgerjesus is a pretty unassuming, bearded fella who wouldn’t even register without the help of a harem of Colombian beauties.

An ‘Everyman’ kind of character, he’s a divorced 50 year old living in Medellin who invites these various young Latina girls to cam with him. And they come in droves to let his audiences watch as they suck his cock, let him finger their pussies or fondle their titties….all for those tips.

It’s an intriguing channel that is being broadcast more than 49 hours each week so you can catch the action most days.

With more than 307,000 followers on Chaturbate you can also find the antics of this bearded wonder on his social media channels, including:

You can even find cheeseburgerjesus over on Pornhub where he has uploaded some videos for free.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the premium fan club at a cost of $50.99 where you can access all exclusive content for free.

2. nolimitscoupl3


Next up we have a young couple in their mid 20s who are happy to let audiences watch them fuck.

Nicolle is the female half of this double act and she is a petite tattooed blonde with full lips and a dirty demeanour that makes you think some seriously nasty thoughts.

Also joining in on occasion are Elena and Jessy  but it doesn’t really matter which girl turns up as you’re always guaranteed to see some sucking and fucking.

They are most active on Thursdays when they can be broadcasting for up to 6 hours at a time but they do tend to cam most days.

You can pick up some exclusive content through Chaturbate by joining the fan club or find some more clips and pics via OnlyFans or Twitter.

3. blondefoxsilverfox


Our final entry on the top Chaturbate couples cammers is a mature pairing who currently live in the mountains of Oregon, USA.

An outdoorsy kind of couple who clearly love naturism and fucking (not necessarily in that order) they are happy to share their sex life, live on cam.

It’s hard to say exactly how old they both are but we’d fathom a guess that Mr Fox is in his 50s and Mrs Fox is in her 40s.

What we love about their channel is that they sometimes invite others along for a threesome and Cora is a popular addition to their shows.

They’re really open-minded and use a lot of accessories and toys and, man oh man, are they fit! Showing more stamina than guys half his age, Mr Fox has definitely had some experience in his life.

With more than 352,000 followers, they broadcast part-time at around 15-17 hours a week with Fridays being the best day to catch them live.

They have a few vids and pics available for subscribing fans but also check out their digital content and social media on OnlyFans and Twitter.

Top 5 Up and Coming Models to Watch on Chaturbate

And finally, all of the above performers have already amassed a good following on Chaturbate and start the year with sizable audiences.

However, there are some newcomers to the site who are rising through the ranks pretty quickly who are worth watching out for in the year ahead.

 Who knows, when we review Chaturbate for 2024, some of these may be in the top 20?


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