LuckyCrush Review: Random Cam-to-Cam Chat, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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LuckyCrush is a live chat platform designed to connect men with women from all over the world. It’s similar to Chat Roulette, only the focus is on adult interactions and erotic encounters.

We’ll make it clear from the get go: if you’re looking for same-sex pairings, you’ll be disappointed. The LuckyCrush service only works for men and women matching with one another. It’s also structured in such a way where women use the site for free, but men will have to pay a fixed rate for their sessions. Sorry guys – girls are in demand!

Although LuckyCrush’s aesthetic makes it feel like Tinder, don’t go in thinking that this isn’t primed toward instant adult encounters.

Dating isn’t the name of the game here: it’s full-on nudity, masturbation and everything else in between. The site is fun, but it’s fun with a price tag – one that many users might not be willing to pay.

LuckyCrush Review: Cam to Cam Encounters (YMMV!)

The LuckyCrush approach to the live sex genre is quite a bit different to your typical cam website.

What you’ll notice when you land on the homepage is that no camgirls are displayed: instead, you’ll just be prompted to jump in and get amongst the action. The site loads just fine, but we think it’s a bit of a dark pattern to have ‘start chatting’ as the button when it’s just a signup form. We also dislike the fact that before you see any girls whatsoever, you’re prompted to add funds to your account.

LuckyCrush Homepage

There’s zero information provided about how the platform actually operates before you add funds – you have to go in blind. It’s just as well that we’re willing to cough up some cash to see what LuckyCrush is all about and tell you.

We’d really prefer it if more details were provided by LuckyCrush before getting to the stage of asking for a payment, though.

LuckyCrush Prompt

Types of LuckyCrush Models

Extensive analysis of LuckyCrush’s talent pool is impossible: the website’s approach to matchmaking is unlike anything we’ve come across before.

Thankfully, we were able to speed through a few different accounts and ask them where they’re from to gather at least a little bit of data. Note that you won’t find couples streaming here – if you’re a girl, you’ll only find guys and if you’re a guy, you’ll only find girls.

There’s no clear system in place to find trans girls, but they might be on the platform.

Female Models

Most of the camgirls on LuckyCrush are European: of the 20 we spoke to, 17 came from one of the following locations: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Romania or Bulgaria.

The only non-European camgirls here were from Latin America – Colombia, to be specific. We’re used to seeing platforms with quite a lot of Colombian streamers, but the presence of Eastern European camgirls on LuckyCrush cannot be overstated.

We’re also glad that there’s an auto translate feature: very few were able to speak English natively.

In terms of attractiveness, LuckyCrush isn’t exactly dishing out the finest ladies we’ve seen.

It’s just as well that the site has a ‘next’ feature: you’ll probably use it.

Our team has high standards, and while this might sound harsh, the reality is that without explicit filtering, it’s difficult for you to find what floats your boat. This will always be the problem with services such as this one: if you’re picky, expect to spend quite a bit of time finding the right girl for you.

It’s difficult for us to work out the number of ladies at LuckyCrush, but we cycled through 20 girls and found two repeats. What’s interesting is that LuckyCrush will present repeats before new girls that you haven’t spoken to before. This seems like bad design. We wouldn’t be confident with a guess, but assuming it was a gun-to-our-head scenario – we’d estimate around 50 to 100 girls online at any given time.

Girls are rarely in any state of undress and seem to be incredibly amateur. It’s rare to bump in to the type of hotties showcased on the LuckyCrush blog. One cutie put a little bit of effort in – she wore a thong and wiggled her butt a little when we connected.

We thought about the structure of the platform and realized that this is actually the most common outcome. Girls who put effort in are likely to keep male viewers for a long time, so you’re less likely to come across them.

In fact, the person you’re most likely to be connected with is the person who’s least likely to keep men interested.

Male Models

One of our reviewers managed to convince his girlfriend to jump onto LuckyCrush – she wasn’t too happy with the job, but she was promised a movie date, so she begrudgingly agreed.

Quick, simple analysis: men are too goddamn horny. While the ladies were modest and tame, guys on LuckyCrush are there for a good time – expect to come across lots of uncensored dicks and dudes stroking themselves until they come across a girl they like the look of.

As you might expect, no guys here are putting a lot of effort into their appearance or setup: after all, they’re the ones who have to pay!

We doubt that many women will be reading this in the hopes of finding a hot guy to masturbate with – if you are, there still might be better places than LuckyCrush. The major advantage of this place is the ability to earn an income if you can keep the dudes entertained for long enough. Don’t expect too much, though. There’s a reason why most of the female performers here are from low income countries.


There are no couples who stream on LuckyCrush.

Transgender Models

We highly doubt you’ll find even one trans camgirl on LuckyCrush. If you do, it’s going to take far too long – and there’s no guarantee they’ll be your type.

Types of Live Shows on LuckyCrush

There’s only one way to watch cams on LuckyCrush. Here’s what the interface looks like when you enter the platform:

What we saw on LuckyCrush

As you can see, incredibly basic. LuckyCrush charges you by the minute, so time will tick down that you’ve purchased in advance. If you’re not happy with who you’ve been matched up with, feel free to head on through to the next stream. There doesn’t appear to be any minimum amount of time charged, so don’t think that just because you matched with a girl for a few seconds, you’ll have to pay for 1 or 2 minutes.

There is no way to see ahead of time who you’ll be matched with. There’s no archive page with preview panes, teaser thumbnails or anything else. What you see is what you get.

Can I Record Live Shows on LuckyCrush?

The website has zero information regarding their recording policy. It doesn’t automatically download any session and store it like some platforms do. As a result, we think it’s reasonable to assume that recording isn’t allowed on LuckyCrush.

Live Stream Quality

Most of the streams that we came across were serviced by mobile users – many of the girls just go on LuckyCrush using their mobiles. There’s no way to turn down the quality, although what you’re given is pretty acceptable.

Remember that the exact quality of the stream is going to depend on the mobile device used, the quality of the Internet connection and the lighting.

Vertical 720p seems to be the maximum resolution that LuckyCrush runs at.

Interactive Toys on LuckyCrush

Since there isn’t a way to tip, LuckyCrush doesn’t have interactive toy functionality.

Getting Around LuckyCrush

There’s really not a whole lot going on at LuckyCrush – the interface is incredibly basic and there are very few interface options to Interact with. We dislike the fact that it’s not possible to look at potential cam to cam candidates ahead of time – being randomly paired seems like a bad system, and we doubt that LuckyCrush is maximizing their income with the way things are currently structured.

LuckyCrush’s Interface, Design and Layout

One feature that’s appreciated is the automatic transaction. Most of the girls cannot speak English – they also seem to prefer to type over talking. The backend actually did a really good job of taking text and switching it over to English for you.

We also appreciate that the original message, as it was written, is sent alongside the translated text. This allows you to use other tools if the automatic option isn’t conveying a specific word of phrase accurately.

Since you’ll likely be cycling through a lot of girls, it’s convenient that just pressing ‘next’ will bring up a new girl fairly quickly (around 2 seconds of loading). You can also favorite a girl if you like: she’ll appear on your homepage when you log in, which will give you the ability to instantly connect with her.

Adding a favorite on LuckyCrush

The Mobile Experience

Here’s what LuckyCrush looks like when used on a mobile device:

Lucky Crush user experience

Works fine – very similar to the desktop website.

Chat integration is how we’d like it to be, plus the quality and responsiveness of the website was great. Sadly, there’s no app for iOS or Android – you have to access via a browser. Both Chrome and Safari worked fine on iOS, but we had a few issues with Opera.

Some cam platforms cannot access your camera or microphone unless you’re using Safari on iPhones or Chrome on Androids: not an issue at LuckyCrush.

LuckyCrush’s Payment System & Pricing

There’s not a whole lot to say about LuckyCrush’s system: you buy fixed minutes and use them when using the app. LuckyCrush will charge you in USD, even if you’re in another country. There are three purchasable minute packages:

  • 15 minutes: $16.99
  • 45 minutes: $49.99
  • 90 minutes: $99.99

From time to time, LuckyCrush will offer certain incentives and deals. These seem to be automatic and somewhat random. Similar to how Tinder does things – it’s there to get you to spend, but the deals are legitimate. Here’s an example:

Hot deal example on LuckyCrush

What are LuckyCrush Minutes Worth?

A minute on LuckyCrush costs around $1.12 USD.

Payment Methods

LuckyCrush doesn’t offer much for payments: only credit/debit cards and PayPal are available.

How Will LuckyCrush Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Here’s how our purchase appeared:

Discreet billing on LuckyCrush

Truth be told: this is arguably the most discreet billing we’ve seen for a cam-themed platform. Billing only as “Hello World Sas” is incredibly vague and unlikely to make anyone think it’s adult related. Even if you Google the phrase, nothing suggestive comes up.

In short: LuckyCrush uses discreet billing.

Is There a Refund Policy?

We requested a refund via email, citing a lack of English speakers and repeat feeds that we weren’t interested in. We’re pleased to report that LuckyCrush responded in less than five minutes! We’re not pleased to report that they rejected our refund request.


Wa are very sorry to hear that you didn’t like the experience. However, we have verified that you started using your minutes and the system doesn’t allow partial refunds.

You had previously reviewed our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) to understand how the app operates and willingly agreed to them. We regret that you are not entirely satisfied with our service. Nonetheless, you received the services you paid for and almost fully utilized them.

Kind regards,

Lucky Crush lacks any demo functionality – you’re forced to go in blind.

No 60-second tester, no example video – just straight into it after you pay them. You’re not shown how the platform operates in any capacity. We think our refund request is more than reasonable. Our complaint isn’t that a camgirl didn’t do butt stuff, nor is it for hundreds of dollars after using the service for hours on end.

We think that businesses ought to honor good faith refund requests. LuckyCrush doesn’t.

What Could Be Improved on LuckyCrush?

It’s difficult knowing how to approach this type of question. We think it’s reasonable to criticize the setup of the platform – but the extent to which we can do that is difficult to know. Should we criticize McDonald’s for not being a fine dining experience?

We do think that LuckyCrush would be a lot better if you could actually see potential girls ahead of time. You’re losing a lot of minutes here skipping through candidates that don’t fit your desires. If you’re picky, that’s going to be quite costly. For some guys, that might not be an issue. In our experience, men are unlikely to settle for the very first camgirl they come across and call it a day.

One thing that absolutely should be added is a ‘dislike’ feature, or something that makes it impossible for you to be matched with the same person again. You might run out of online candidates – but that’s okay, and the alternative is only being presented with girls that you have no interest in.

A Tinder-like system makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it’s even okay to add girls back into your available cam to cam matching pool after 24 hours.

Our Verdict on LuckyCrush

LuckyCrush Review

LuckyCrush is enough of a camming platform for us to review, but not good enough for us to recommend. We try to look at websites with at least some favorability and point out positives, but if LuckyCrush was on trial for being an average website, we’d hate to be their lawyers.

There might be a small subset of live webcam fans that love the idea of being immediately able to show themselves on webcam to random girls. If you’re an exhibitionist and you want to maximize the chances of a stranger being interested in you sexually, LuckyCrush is probably the best option. It’s a rather niche taste, and we’re not convinced that many folks reading our reviews are in this position.

Traditional cam websites are quite similar to one another in structure, layout and financial interactions. That’s not an accident – it’s platforms refining themselves to be as good as they possibly can be. LuckyCrush isn’t one of those platforms.

There are plenty of better camming websites. Skip LuckyCrush.


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