XLoveCam Review: A Surprisingly Competitive European Cam Hub

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing about XLoveCam: despite being on the scene since 2006, it’s probably not the first site that comes to mind when you think of live cams.

But there’s plenty to get excited about here, especially if you’re looking for European camgirls. It’s evident that XLoveCam is focused extensively on hiring girls from Europe and advertising their service to viewers in the EU. It’s technically a global site, but a clear bias towards European performers is evident.

XLoveCam uses the word ‘free’ extensively in its advertising material, and while there are some girls performing in their public chats, it’s not quite as freemium focused as rival projects – Chaturbate and MFC come to mind immediately as better hubs for free shows.

We spent some time and money on the platform. Here’s our hot take!

XLoveCam Review: An Underrated Source of European Camgirls

XLoveCam homepage view (models hidden for privacy)

XLoveCam.com isn’t a household name in the camming space yet, but since it’s been on the scene for close to 2 decades now without breaking through – chances are, that’s not going to change any time soon.

What is it about this particular project that’s holding it back from being an A-grade destination for camming? It’s a good question – one that we’ll answer throughout this review.

Despite being a smaller operation, XLoveCam has picked up some awards over the years. The last one it received was in 2021 – the Live Cam Awards selected them for their Best Live Cam Affiliate Tools award. It also received YNOT’s 2020 award for Best Live Cam Revenue Program and AW’s Best European Live Cam Site in 2019. It’s yet to receive a big ticket award, but it did pick up a few nominations in 2018 at an XBIZ Europa.

While many sites have tried to push through VR cams and abandoned the project, XLoveCam is one of the few that remains where you can still find live virtual reality action. It’s not a large part of the project here, but if you are on the prowl for a VR-friendly adult camming platform, this is one of the handful left to check out.

Types of XLoveCam Models

There are clear biases here when it comes to the variety of XLoveCam models. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning right off the bat that very few men stream on this platform, relative to the total number of performers. During our review, we found a total of 550 live performers: only 11 were men. Most readers won’t be so interested in male streamers, but if you are – XLoveCam isn’t the place for you.

There were 11 couple streams here and 44 transsexual performers. Somewhat limited if you like multi-performer action in the couples space, but a respectable number of trans girls ought to keep most viewers happy.

Female Models

At peak times, XLoveCam can have anywhere from 500 to 800 live girls – it’s not the biggest hub for ladies, but it’s pretty respectable, all things considered. XLoveCam also has a clear bias toward European ladies that other services don’t have and in particular, French camgirls.

A breakdown of the models available on XCams by language spoken

Around 65% of the online camgirls at XLoveCam were able to speak French – although some may not be from France, we checked a handful and most were. Suffice to say, if your weakness is camgirls from France – this is heaven on Earth for you.

German and Spanish camgirls were next in terms of raw numbers. Remember that many European women can speak more than one language, so there are probably a few overlapping performers here, but yeah – very much a site with the majority of its performers from Europe.

Ethnic breakdowns when we visited were as follows: 3 Arabs, 24 Asians, 24 ebonies, 302 Caucasians and 149 Latinas. XLoveCam doesn’t have country of origin (unfortunately), but we’d wager that most of the Latinas here are from Colombia. Camgirls from Colombia really are quite something – definitely a positive.

Male Models

It’s slim pickings if you’re hunting for camboys – there are many places with hundreds of live guys, and given that XLoveCam was serving up just a dozen fellas to us – yeah, less than ideal.

Most of the guys were skinny Twinks from South America, though a few European dudes were also present. One black guy from France was online who had insane muscles. We stayed for a few minutes to see how big his member was – stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

XLoveCam has a slightly complicated sidebar filtering system that works well if you’re looking for girls, but kinda sucks if you’re interested in men. It’s not unusable, but we’d like to see a header navigation pane for men/women/trans/couples to make it easier to sub-filter.


A total of 11 couples online at XLoveCam: clearly not a major part of their platform. The couples were all straight boy/girl combinations, with no group sex. Having said that, a look at the offline talent displayed that quite a few threesomes get going here – more than you’d expect to find on other platforms.

XLoveCam might have a small advantage when it comes to shows with three or more performers, but that’s really all we can say about this particular section.

Transgender Models

With a total of 44 online trans performers, XLoveCam just about slips into the realm of being viable if this is your one and only interest. If you’re semi-interested in trans girls and can get by with cis women – having a few dozen babes in the transsexual category ought to be more than enough for you.

15 of the 44 trans girls were Latina: we were actually quite surprised at how low this number is, given the prevalence of South Americans on other platforms that dominate this category. An equal number of Asians were present: we assume from Thailand and the Philippines, but again – no country of origin data to utilize. Oh, and check this out:

Unique trans on trans shows

We weren’t expecting to find any trans couples on XLoveCam – but it turns out that the three most popular streams when we visited were all duo trans girls. It’s a highly niche cam preference, and we’re not sure if we just got extremely lucky – but if you’re obsessed with the idea of trans on trans webcams, this might be one of the few places to see it.

Types of Live Shows on XLoveCam

It’s always difficult to gauge just how freebie-friendly a cam platform is, since a lot of readers want to know if a particular website has a good quantity of completely free performances.

We decided to look at the top 25 online streams to determine what state they were in – 2 shows had girls being penetrated by fucking machines and 2 shows of fully naked women, one playing with a dildo, one dancing.

XLoveCam is less of a public free-for-all than spots such as MFC and Chaturbate, but it’s hardly paywalled pleasure that spots like Streamate are known for. We’d describe it as being a healthy middle ground, so if you’re more a cheap thrills, tip-a-girl-randomly guy that enjoys public shows, but might jump into the odd private session – this spot is ideal.

Free Public Chat

This is where most girls will hang out, whether they’re soliciting attention for private performances or giving completely public shows, almost all of the action starts here. We like the fact that users are not required to create an account before watching shows, nor are they constantly spammed with annoying popups trying to get them to join (looking at you, BongaCams!).

Somewhat surprisingly, you’re able to type messages in chat – even without an account. You’ll be given a generic name such as ‘Guest 120Q’, and the performers are unlikely to respond to you, but we think it’s cool nonetheless.

We sampled quite a few streams and it would appear that there are no tip goal features on XLoveCam. If this were implemented, we suspect that more full, free public shows would occur.

Private Show

Want to have the model’s complete and undivided attention? Then the private show option is for you. You’ll pay a flat, per-minute rate and the performer will be taken out of the free public chat area. The setup is fairly typical as with other platforms: you’ll have more control over what happens and in most instances, camgirls are willing to do most of what you’ll request.

What we saw when entering a private chat

Before you jump into private, you’ll be shown the exact rate that you’ll have to pay. Camgirls on XLoveCam can decide what rate they’ll accept and naturally, some are more expensive than others.

Note that if you don’t select the ‘Xclusive show’ option below, others can join your private session. This isn’t as a spy mode either: they can communicate in chat with the performer, just as you can.

Xclusive Show

This is similar to true private on other platforms, except it has a dumber name. Xclusive shows are more expensive, but they come with the benefit of not one else being able to see the cam feed or audio of the camgirl you’re watching. Here’s what the option looks like:

XClusive Show welcome screen on XLoveCam

It would appear as if models on XLoveCam and decide what they want their private show rate to be set at. That is, it’s not a fixed percentage increase. For instance, the above screenshot shows that you’ll have to pay an extra 35% for true private, but another performer had levels of $2.20 and $2.7 – a 23% price premium.


XLoveCam has a setting called SneakPeek – it seems to be completely unused, but we might as well cover it.

You’ll pay a flat amount for 20 seconds of peeking: this is similar to voyeur modes on other platforms, where you cannot interact with the model. We noticed that most models have their peek rates set at high levels compared to just joining the private session – who knows why.

It’s a feature, but it’s not a good one.

VR Shows

A small number of camgirls stream with VR enabled – it’s a relatively niche feature, but one we can get behind. Our resident VR expert played around with the webcams and he was happy with the quality. There was slim pickings with regard to available camgirls though, and he ended up testing most of the tech with a granny – not his preferred pick, that’s for sure.

We like that it’s available, but the availability of VR camgirls here really isn’t anything to write home about. Even if you don’t have a VR headset, it would appear that XLoveCam streams the VR girls at a much higher resolution and bitrate, so you can get some stunning looking shows – literally the best we’ve seen.

Can I Record Live Shows on XLoveCam?

We found no information regarding automatic recording and storage of private shows you’ve engaged in. We also found explicit permission to record shows. Because of this, we’d say that currently, it’s not permittable to record on XLoveCam.

Live Stream Quality

We’re suckers when it comes to quality – decent streams really depend on the objective metrics as much as the subjective experience. We’ve seen plenty of hubs out there with 1080p as a format – so how does XLoveCam stack up against the rest?

Our team is typically pretty decent at getting live feed data to determine objective show quality metrics – in the case of XLoveCam, they made it a royal pain in the ass. It’s clear that this website doesn’t have 1080p as a standard, but what’s worse is that it generally supports 480p as a top-end format.

Live stream quality rating for XLoveCam

Owing to the way that XLoveCam serves its feeds, we’re unable to determine what the bitrate is. We’d estimate that it’s roughly 1 Mb/s though, based on data transfer speeds we tracked when visiting the website.

We’re incredibly disappointed with XLoveCam’s quality. It’s the biggest thing holding it back. After testing 15 streams, we finally found one that was 720p – so it is available. We spoke to an agent, and this is what he had to say:

Our discussion with support on XLoveCam

An adult webcam platform recommending 480p as a format to its performers was not on our 2023 bingo card. We’re stunned – they really ought to be pushing their girls toward 720p and of course, 1080p.

Interactive Toys on XLoveCam

Performers with interactive sex toys enabled will have an icon on their preview pane – it looks like a vibrator. There are multiple devices supported and in some instances, girls have advanced toys that you can control.

Full control is provided when you enter Xclusive sessions, but you can also send a buzz if you want with cash money. It’s somewhat confusingly placed in the ‘bonus’ area of the tip interface. Here’s what you’ll see:

Interactive sex toy support

Pretty simple – nothing to complain about, but we’d like to see more options and ideally, better price points. Public shows are a lot better when you can tip a few cents and get a reaction. A floor price of a dollar seems a little excessive, but most girls had their rates at around this level, likely because there are only three settings available.

Videos & Photos

XLoveCam has a media section, where you’ll find videos and photos that you can access. There are two sections for the videos: free and VIP. As the name suggests, free clips are exactly that – you can watch them and not pay a penny. The VIP content is accessed with tokens: you’ll need to spend a token to watch a video.

You’ll get a free token when you validate your email address, you’ll also get one with specific recharge amounts and for logging in every day. Seems needlessly complicated, all things considered.

Interestingly enough, the video we decided to grab was available in 1080p. It’s streamed via the website – no download is available. You can come back and watch it later, but we couldn’t find a specific area where all of your purchases are stored – pretty annoying.

Over on the photograph side of things, XLoveCam will prompt you to sign up to VIP for a particular model if you want to see her images. These are typically low cost – just $3 or so per month. You’ll also get the girl’s videos attached if you’ve got a particular performer you like watching. It’s not possible to spend VIP tokens on images, but you’d be insane to use them for that even if you could.

Getting Around XLoveCam

Homepages really do matter, and XLoveCam has a pretty decent one. We love the sidebar – it allows you to instantly see what’s available and the numbers associated with every category. It could be better designed from the perspective of the watching trans, men and couples, but if you’re just here for the ladies, it’ll do its job just fine.

We appreciate the ability to select multiple categorized niches (such as Latinas with blonde hair), but we have one small request: please update the numbers in real time. If I select Latinas, I want to see the hair colors available within the Latina category – not broadly. It’s a really small complaint, but still.

Note that it’s possible to change preview pane size, but you’ll have to scroll down the page for this – it’s at the very bottom of the sidebar. This could be placed at the top of the site with ease, and it ought to be.

XLoveCam’s Interface, Design & Layout

Here’s what XLoveCam looks like when you load up a cam stream:

XLoveCam public chat room view

We’re not massive fans of chat putting the responses from the camgirl on one side and everyone else’s messages on the other. The design of the chat isn’t the best, but everything else is in order. It’s clear where you donate, how to go full-screen, mute the stream and so on.

Our biggest issue is the fact that you cannot resize the chat box and stream. This really needs to be an option – as does lowering the resolution. Though since lots of girls here stream in 480p, Multi-resolution options don’t serve too much of a purpose.

The Mobile Experience

The mobile website is surprisingly snappy and responsive. The biggest issue is the inability to go into full-screen mode completely. If you hold your phone horizontally, it will cut off the top of the stream with the address bar and whatever else. We’ve seen mobile websites handle this well and give true full-screen, so it’s certainly possible.

Horizontal stream viewing is fine. We’d like a resize option to make the chat smaller, as well as changing the center point if you go full-screen. It’s actually less of an issue on XLoveCam than it is elsewhere, simply because 480p translates into a thinner viewing experience because of the aspect ratio. That’s one advantage of having such a lousy recommended format for camgirls.

XLoveCam’s Money System & Pricing

There’s no gamification here with regard to tokens, coins, gold or anything else – you’ll pay for services using good old fashioned fiat currency. Note that without an account, prices will be denominated in Euros, but for some regions, logging in will convert your currency into USD. Our Australian reviewer had this happen to him – we’re confident the same will occur in New Zealand, Canada and other places.

Since it’s all fiat denominated, there are no price points to discuss – except for payment method differences, which we’ll discuss further down.

What Are XLoveCam Dollars Worth?

This may surprise you given the tendency for cam sites to complicate their pricing, but 1 XLoveCam Dollar is equal to 1 USD.

What Does The Average XLoveCam Private Show Cost?

The rates are incredibly competitive, all things considered. We were surprised at the relatively low cost that camgirls go for here on XLoveCam – plenty of babes between $1 and $2.5 per minute. It’s not just that the rates are low – it’s that the girl quality is pretty decent for what you’re paying. If you’re budget conscious but still want a fantastic private show with a gorgeous girl, XLoveCam can provide. You can also filter by price:

Distribution of rates on XLoveCam - very competitive

Payment Methods

You’ll have different methods of paying depending on the country that you’re in. Here are some of the methods we came across:

  • Bank transfer (POLi)
  • Credit/Debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Electron)
  • PayPal
  • paysafecard
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC & XMR only)
  • SEPA bank transfer

When attempting to pay via a bank transfer in AUD, we were quoted $25 AUD for $14.47 USD. The current exchange rate suggests that 25 AUD is equal to around $16.11 USD – that’s quite a haircut. We don’t like when companies charge an excessive premium for non-native fiat transactions.

Our credit card payment was processed in USD at the platform level, which meant the ratio was set by our bank. We like this, since services such as TransferWise allow customers in non-US countries to pay with USD at a competitive exchange rate.

When attempting to pay via cryptocurrency (ETH), we were quoted 0.11175 ETH for 190 USD. This amount of Ethereum was equal to 200 USD at the time, so a 5% fee for cryptocurrency purchases. Hmm…

How Will XLoveCam Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made a purchase, this is what our bank reported to us:

What our XLoveCam purchase looked like in our bank account

It’s clear that the billing name is vague, but if you Google it alongside keywords such as “bill”, “credit card” or variants, it’s relatively trivial to find that the payment is associated with adult entertainment. We’d describe XLoveCam’s billing as semi-discreet.

Is There a Refund Policy?

We searched all over the website for a section on the refund policy of XLoveCam – we couldn’t find anything. This would lead us to believe that they don’t have a current method in place to get refunds.

If you make a purchase of credits and want to get your money back, reach out to support, but don’t hold your breath – especially if you’ve already spent some of the tokens.

Our Verdict on XLoveCam

XLoveCam Review

We’re surprised that this platform isn’t a little more popular. It obviously attracts a large number of camgirls, and if you have a taste for European girls – well, it’s hard to beat in that respect.

XLoveCam feels a bit like an underdog, but they’re going to have to upgrade their systems to support 1080p or at the very least, get camgirls to switch over to 720p as quickly as possible. We were stunned that 480p was a recommended format for camgirls – it’s 2023! We want to see sites going above and beyond, not taking a step backwards.

There are other parts of the site that need work (VIP system, mobile functionality, interactive toys, billing fees and so on), but XLoveCam is better than its traffic would have you believe. A couple of changes here and there could see this hub turn into a real powerhouse, and we’re cautiously optimistic about its future.

There are plenty of better adult webcam services, but the average user would struggle to be disappointed with their experience here on XLoveCam. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Head on over to XLoveCam.com to try it for yourself, and let us know what you think.


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