Review: Great Domain, Average Cam Site?

Published on: managed to snag a pretty awesome domain name – sadly, the platform doesn’t quite fit the allure of the URL. We’re not saying that is bad – it just struggles to keep up with what the competition brings to the table for a variety of reasons.

If you’re someone who only wants free streams – isn’t the spot for you. There are far better freemium services and has strict rules regarding what girls can do when it free chat mode. This includes not engaging in full nudity. In fact, for many years, camgirls here weren’t even able to show their boobs without a customer paying for it. doesn’t have any particular standout features, but the camgirls are genuine and there are some fresh faces to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look in our full review. Review: Just Another Mediocre Cam Site?

What we saw on the homepage

Little is known about the origins of – we were unable to find an about page or many references outside of the platform. Obscure is an understatement.

We did manage to find out that a pornstar by the name of Shawna Lenee had an exclusive streaming contract here in 2017 – she also won XBIZ’s ‘Best Movie Cam Star’ award in the same year.

It looks like the contract came to an end as a result of Shawna’s activities off-stream and soon after, she switched to Chaturbate. We were unable to find any other awards that had picked up, either directly or through its talent. The site is several steps behind the top-rated cam platforms if we judge solely by industry recognition.

The owners of also manage Adult Friend Finder: streams inside the member’s area of the popular dating platform come from this hub. FireCams and Alt also use the feeds from If we dig a little deeper, we can see that it appears to be a modified white label of

Types of Performers on doesn’t specialize in any particular niche. Men, women and trans girls can all perform here. Couples are permitted, but there doesn’t appear to be a specific section to find them.

We found that very few men performed here compared to other services – if you are looking for guys on stream, this isn’t the best place to see them in action.

Female Models

There’s a clear push to recruit ladies here: we found a total of 400 chicks who were online and available for cam fun at the time of our review. We appreciate that makes it easy to filter by age and ethnicity – these are the two big ticket things that guys care about the most when it comes to the girls they want to see in action.

During our visit, the site had 31 Asians, 24 ebonies, 160 Latinas and the rest Caucasian or ‘other’. That’s actually a pretty diverse pool of women and a lot better ratios than we’ve seen on other services. Despite having small overall numbers, does well when it comes to providing ethnic camgirl entertainment.

Most of the camgirls here are in the 18 to 29 age bracket. There are other brackets for 30 to 39, 40 to 49 and 50+.

13 of the live performers here were above the age of 50. If you’re hunting for a horny granny, this might be the place for you.

Male Models

There were only 7 male cams offered at the time of us writing this review.

Most were Twinks from South America, but there was one muscly dude from the United States who performed here. The site is definitely focused on gay stream content rather than straight dudes. Either way, there are far too few men on for us to recommend it as a viable place to visit if you’re only looking for studs.

Couple Cams

Couples can perform on, but it seems to be a rather rare thing to encounter. We spotted one straight couple and one lesbian couple. Part of the problem stems from the fact that there is no distinct area on the platform that shows you all of the couples performing. If you come here looking for multi-person action, you have to manually seek it. As a result, couples here will get less attention – meaning they go elsewhere.

Right now, we wouldn’t rate as a place to go for couple streams.

Transsexual Cams

There were a total of 41 trans cams online when we visited. We like that they have their own section on the platform, so it’s possible to further refine based on ethnicity and age.

The transsexual camgirls on this platform are mostly Asian, but a few Latinas are also present on the service. Ages are almost exclusively between 18 and 29. Just 4 of the 41 streamers were age 30 or above.

Types of Live Shows on has a full suite of show types. We do want to stress that nudity rules on the platform mean that if you’re coming here as a truly free user – you’re likely not going to have a good time. No nudity below the belt is permitted, so don’t expect to see any holes unless you’re actually willing to cough up some cash.

Free Chat

This is a public mode on that you don’t need an account to access. The platform is quite clear with this mode’s purpose: it’s to tease customers into paid sessions. Models are told that genitals cannot be displayed here.

It would appear that also has a version of free chat called ‘tipping chat’. It’s the same, but punters can work toward a tipping goal.

The rules read as if they’re able to be nude once the goal has been reached, but we never confirmed this independently, since no tipping show goals were reached when we explored the platform.

Private Chat

Private chat is’s primary content access model. This is heavily promoted and functions similarly to how it does elsewhere.

You’ll pay a per-minute rate and get the model’s full attention. There are no limits when it comes to private chat, so expect full nudity, masturbation and beyond. Models are able to set their per-minute rates and some will cost more than others. Note that others can watch private chats as a voyeur. Choose a show type

Exclusive Chat

This is like private chat, but without the possibility for people to watch as a voyeur. You’ll pay slightly more for this to offset the potential lost income from voyeurs.

Voyeur Chat

The other side of the private chat coin. Voyeurs pay less than the person who instigated the private chat, but they cannot see the chat or hear anything. Only the model’s cam is visible, plus there are no ways for you to interact. Audio being disabled is somewhat unique to – most other platforms do not do this.

Party Chat

Multiple members can pay for a group session. This is on a per-minute basis and not a one-off fee. Generally speaking, at least two people are required for party chats on to get started.

Cam to Cam

Cam to Cam is provided: it does come with a fee attached, but you do not need to be in private to turn your feed on. Whether or not the camgirl you’re watching will be entertained or interested is another question entirely, but the option is there for you if you’re interested.

Can I Record Live Shows on automatically records private streaming sessions and makes them available to the performer, who can then sell the videos if they so desire. You won’t get them for free automatically, but those with a premiere membership will. In fact, premiere members get access to every recorded show from any model.

Live Stream Quality

We care a lot about objective quality – it’s one of the most important things that a cam site can focus on.

Unfortunately, falls short of expectations – and not just a little bit. Right now, has the worst objective quality of all the platforms we’ve reviewed, and it’s not even close.

We checked data from 5 different streams that had a HD icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the feed. None of these feeds were full HD. Here are two examples:

Our analysis of the stream quality on - not very good

We get critical when a website only streams in 720p at most – the fact that some stream resolutions on are 640 x 360 pixels is absolutely insane.

We noticed some icon flickering between SD and HD – it might just be a site issue for the time and being, but with no clear interface allowing us to select the quality – it’s difficult to know for sure what’s going on. If the output is 720p at times, the bitrate isn’t high enough to be competitive.

We’d like to see make it clear and evident what its quality options are – as well as what’s being outputted to the user. There’s no reason why it cannot function just the same as YouTube.

Update: It does appear as if offers 720p, based on the output guidelines they have for models. But there’s no way to manually enable/force it and sometimes, you’ll be stuck with lower quality resolutions. Refreshing the page seemed to help with getting the 720p output.

Interactive Toys at has a ‘toy buzz’ feature, which works with OhMiBod and Lovense devices. There are two options enabled for toy activation: standard buzz and super buzz.

Models are able to set the prices that they want for each. We found some charging 5 and 15, others 10 and 30. These aren’t supposed to be super expensive and provide instant interactivity with the performer you’re watching.

Interactive toy options on

We like the fact that has dedicated interface features for this: some sites don’t provide any information with regard to tipping and toy activation. We would like to see more than just the binary option, though.

Lovense has many settings and options – other sites have 5 to 10 different tip amounts and outcomes, it ought to be trivial for to add extra functionality.

Premiere Membership

For $19.99 a month (or $13.99 if you buy 3 months in advance) you can upgrade your membership to premiere. This recurring feature entitles you to 10% off of all live show fees, free recorded stream playback, premium videos uploaded by camgirls and greater prominence in chat.

Premiere memberships automatically rebill, but you can turn it off in your billing preferences. Turning off the auto rebilling won’t restrict your current status – it just won’t roll over when your month is over.

Fan Clubs

If you’re obsessed with a particular performer, you can subscribe to their fan club. This is similar to OnlyFans – models upload custom videos and photos that you won’t find anywhere else. Memberships are charged monthly and can come with other benefits, such as discounted live performances with your favorite girl.

Fan Clubs on

Models generally charge around $15 for a month, but a discount is applied if you sign up for 3 months in advance.

Getting Around

We’re pretty happy with the homepage here: there are plenty of preview panes and they feature models as they currently appear on stream. We’re not big fans of the glamor shots that some rival sites use.

The sidebar also has a convenient categorization and organization structure.

Being able to quickly find the age bracket and ethnicity you’re interested in is great. We’re also pleased to report that you can click on multiple niches. For instance, if you only want to see Latina girls between 18 and 29 with blonde hair, that’s an option!

Search filtering options on

Sadly, quite a few of the girls here weren’t actually blonde when we checked the accuracy of the filtering. The age and ethnicity tags seem accurate, but the hair colors aren’t quite as good.

We’d like to include sorting options. The default seems to be based on popularity, but we’d also like to be able to sort by number of current viewers, time online, account creation date and so on.

It would also be better if the age brackets were slightly tighter. There’s a big difference between watching a girl who’s 18 and one who’s 29. Other cam sites have used a slider – that tends to work quite well.’s Interface, Design and Layout

Since a lot of your time is spent in a cam room and watching a feed, it’s important for that to look good. Thankfully, has a neat and tidy interface for viewing purposes:

Chat room full view on

Everything makes intuitive sense, plus the scale of everything aligns with our preferences. It’s obvious what interactive elements there are, as well as a few extra bells and whistles for good measure. Chat is very neat and tidy: no spam emojis, simple meta information panes and so on.

We’d like to see the addition of optional cam qualities: if you’re not able to watch in 720p, a 480p option could be useful. also lacks a comprehensive toy activation system: just two options for a small buzz and a large buzz.

Loading speeds were fine across the board. All in all, we were actually quite surprised with how functionally decent was.

The Mobile Experience also surprised us when it came to their mobile platform: it’s functional and responds well. There were no browser issues with Opera, Safari or Chrome that we could identify with an iPhone. Here’s what a cam stream looks like when accessed via mobile: mobile experience

You can choose to either zoom in on a specific stream segment or have it scaled down to size if you’re watching vertically. Turning your phone horizontally provides a great viewing experience too.

Our major gripe is that there’s no way to disable the chat feed. It also doesn’t fade away a second or two after a message has been sent. We also found that if you move the cam centering away from the middle, it will periodically snap back. Sometimes it would only be once every 5 minutes – other times it was just a few seconds before resetting.

All in all though, has a more than acceptable mobile website. Token System & Pricing

You won’t spend fiat currency directly on Instead, you’ll purchase tokens that you can then use to tip the model, enter private shows and so on. We found that supports many different fiat currencies, including USD, AUD and EUR. You’ll pay in your native currency in these instances.

Here are the prices for tokens in USD:

  • 100 tokens: $12
  • 250 tokens: $26
  • 500 tokens: $50
  • 1,600 tokens: $158
  • 10,100 tokens: $1040

Generally speaking, sites charge a small premium when you’re not using USD. In the case of charging our account with AUD, actually gave us the mid-market rate. This means you won’t pay additional exchange rate fees if you’re not in the US.

What Are Tokens Worth?

Any token package above 100 works out to around 10 cents per token. You do get a small discount for buying in bulk, but it’s not as incentivized as it is on other camming platforms.

What Does The Average Private Show Cost?

We looked at the first 20 camgirls presented to us on the platform to gauge the average rate of their shows.

We were pretty amazed at how tight the banding was here: every show was between 25 and 35 credits. This equals out to $2.5 to $3.5 per minute. About average, but if you’re looking for lower end cost performances – there really don’t appear to be any. We hunted for anything below $2.5 and it simply didn’t exist.

Payment Methods

Disappointingly, you can only pay for using a credit or debit card. No PayPal, no crypto, no paysafecard – nothing else. More billing options are desperately needed.

How Will Purchases Appear on My Statement?

Your statement will have one of the following:


Although the text itself is somewhat vague, anyone with access to Google can enter the keyword ‘Streamray’ and immediately see that it’s for a cam website. As a result, we think it’s fair to say that billing is mostly discreet, but we’d prefer a third-party to manage things, such as CCBill or Epoch.

Is There a Refund Policy?

No refund policy for is outlined anywhere.

We searched’s help center for information regarding refunds and found absolutely no information whatsoever. You might be able to get your money back if you reach out to support, but don’t count on it.

What Could Be Improved on

There’s no real major problem at that makes it mediocre. Instead, it’s a mixture of issues and small concerns that could be fixed quite easily. Even from the homepage, it was clear that corners had been cut.

The preview thumbnails for private shows here are 300×200 pixels, but the area in which they’re rendered is 452×255 pixels when accessed on a 1440p monitor. Girls in public chat have a 640×360 preview image instead, but still… also has very strict rules with regard to what you can and cannot do on stream.

Historically, they even disallowed the display of any brand names – plus, you couldn’t listen to music. Things are slightly more relaxed now, but serious camgirls decided to steer clear of and go elsewhere.

Performers prefer sites that treat them well and from what we can tell, isn’t that great at retaining premium quality camgirls.

Stream bitrate and quality are also behind the times. We want to see more sites offering 1080p, and if you are only going to provide 720p – it needs to be a higher bitrate than is currently providing. Streams are noticeably poor quality when compared to the likes of Streamate. We’d go so far as to say it’s the worst out there right now.

Our Verdict on Review

It’s not a terrible website that ought to be avoided at all costs, but has a lot of flaws that need to be fixed. They do have a reasonable number of live performers, but girls at the top end here aren’t the best in the business.

Historic issues with rules, as well as average payout rates for camgirls, has turned a lot of the elite ladies to other platforms. hasn’t won awards and we can see why – it’s just not that good.

The best pitch we can give for visiting is that it might have fresh camgirls you’ve not interacted with before. But there’s no defining feature or fantastic user experience waiting here that warrants a promotion over a dozen other hubs that we’d point you toward instead. is an average camgirl hub. It’s not awful, but it’s not stellar either.


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