8 Best Sex Chat Roulette Sites: Totally Random Video Chat With Strangers

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Want to play a game of dirty chat roulette?

Two strangers, two webcams and random matchmaking — what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, if you’re Omegle, your service could be misused for over a decade, leading to a maelstrom of negative press, user abuse and eventual shutdown.

Omegle (like Chatroulette) was never intended to be used for sex chat, which is one of the reasons for its spectacular fall from grace.

Don’t fret, though; there are plenty of dirty ChatRoulette sites designed specifically for NSFW purposes, and we’ll be taking a closer look at them in this guide — from Flingster to Shagle to LuckyCrush. These services do a much better job of ensuring their adult content remains just that: strictly for adults.

My issue is… are they actually any good? Or is it just a sea of sausage?

What Are The Best Sex Chat Roulette Sites?

Best sex chat roulette sites

Below, I’m going to be sampling eight of the most infamous sex chat roulette sites on the web.

Each site has a slightly different setup; some are much closer to the original Chatroulette format than others.

I went into this experiment highly skeptical that beautiful women would be waiting on the other side of that random video chat window. I mean, from prior experience, only one person has ever been itching to start a video chat with my precious ugly mug. And that’s my mother… on my birthday.

Alas, I had every right to be skeptical:

It’s a fucking Meatfeast out there.

We’ll get to that in a second. Here are the sites I tested:

  1. Flingster
  2. CooMeet
  3. LuckyCrush
  4. Shagle
  5. SlutRoulette
  6. JizzRoulette
  7. DirtyRoulette
  8. ChatRandom

Let’s start how we mean to go on, ducking dick pics in the land of sausage:

1. Flingster


Flingster adult chat site

Flingster initially sells itself as a genuine adult version of Chat Roulette. When you load up the platform for the first time, you’ll be prompted to choose a chat room.

There are a bunch to choose from, with two of them being premium and all others being free:

Flingster rooms

It just so happens that if you want to enter the chat with girls area, you’ll have to create an account.

Once you’ve secured VIP access, you’ll then have the ability to filter by genders.

If you don’t do this, you’re going to go through a non-stop collection of guys that are jerking off and quickly hitting ‘next’ when they realize you’re not a delicious babe. It’s up to you if that’s what you’d like to do but for us? I think being able to filter out that stuff makes the most sense.

So, I took the plunge and signed up for a VIP membership.

Below, you can see my first connection as I set about testing these VIP gender-filtering perks:

Flingster random matchmaking

Yep, it’s a dude posing as a woman, asking me to capture the moment as he fists his own arsehole.

I’m not gonna lie: we’re off to a dodgy start here.

Around 10 cams in, I came across a curvy babe from Portugal. She was playing with herself and teasing, but I got no response via microphone or text when I tried to engage with her. She did wave, but it could have been a prerecorded video.

The nude chat had a similar problem that cam-to-cam had: lots of waiting and when action did arrive, it disappeared uncharacteristically quickly. There was only one thing for it – venturing into the gay section of Flingster to see what was going on.

Here I came across another guy who’d recently shaved his ass and wanted to show it off – he told me that he wasn’t gay: I tend to suspect otherwise. Much more action here, though.

If I was actually gay, I’d be all over this like a bad rash. Sadly I’m not.

Back to the straight cams and I was eventually able to track down a couple of horny Eastern European girls on video together. I’m not sure if I’d stumbled into a drunken game of Spin The Bottle, or if this was their idea of hanging out on a Friday night, but after whipping off my top, I struck gold: a dual titty-flash.

Sex chat roulette? Completed it, mate.

2. CooMeet


CooMeet random video chats

CooMeet is a another chat roulette pretender with over nine million users worldwide and more than 700,000 verified girls.

I’m not sure how many of those girls are active at any given time, but I’m wagering on less than 0.1%.

It markets itself as the “number one live video chat with random girls” service, noting its premium quality and pretty women. And in a space littered with sites featuring dicks upon dicks upon dicks, it does live up to the random girls aspect. I bumped into a distinct lack of cock on this service.

As a free user, you can watch video stories (think Instagram Reels) and like them, create a profile, video chat for five minutes, and copy user profiles’ links. But to do anything else (like use the cam-to-cam random chat feature), you have to pay. 

And this is where things get murky if you’re a guy looking for action. The women on CooMeet are a mixed bag. I spoke to some genuinely attractive girls, but there’s a catch. They are all incentivized to keep you chatting since it’s a paid service, and the women earn money for keeping you engaged.

An economic model where the women earn and the men spend means that you’re basically gonna be chatting to part-time cam models and escorts. This isn’t immediately apparent from the homepage, which portrays the service as a matchmaking platform. Look under the hood, and it’s much closer to an adult chat site.

On the plus side, we have women who are all super keen to keep you chatting. On the downside, that is a massive departure from the random free-for-all nature that makes services like Chatroulette so unpredictable (and fun).

3. LuckyCrush


Lucky Crush experience

I spent a lot of time (and a decent chunk of change) sampling Lucky Crush as part of our full hands-on review of the service, and my opinion is the same now as it was then: it’s expensive and takes a LONG time to find a match worth chatting with.

Most of the camgirls on LuckyCrush are European: of the 20 I spoke to, 17 came from one of the following locations: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Romania or Bulgaria. 

The only non-European camgirls here were from Latin America – Colombia, to be specific. I’m used to seeing platforms with quite a lot of Colombian streamers, but the presence of Eastern European camgirls on LuckyCrush cannot be overstated.

Similar to CooMeet, the girls are incentivized to keep you tuned in (as you’ll be paying per minute). This includes while you are cycling through new matches. I’m not sure if it’s the timezone I visited from, but I bumped into the same girl multiple times in a single sitting.

The site claims to have 1 million members from 100 countries, but I can’t imagine there are many girls online at the same time if I’m getting repeats in a single session.

As for the nature of the chat, it’s your basic private cam-to-cam fare. Many of their girls speak limited English, or no English whatsoever. The site has a useful translation tool that does a pretty good job of bridging the language barrier, but I’m not sure that I’d choose this fixed payment model over simply going on a premium cam site and picking the model I wanna talk to.

4. Shagle


Shagle live sex roulette

The brand messaging with Shagle is loud and clear: “We’re an adult version of Omegle.

Might as well just hit me over the head with a sledgehammer here.

Unlike Omegle, the random encounters are replaced with staged encounters where you’ll be matched with cam girls — but only if you take out the premium subscription. Viewing this site in the default free mode is like stepping on the bullet train to Cock City. The ratio of men to women was well over 90% in my initial tests.

Things get a little better once you have access to the Gender Filter (VIP only), but it’s far from perfect and similar to Flingster — plenty of men masquerading as women with their cocks out for reasons unknown.

Like Flingster, you can make use of virtual masks to conceal your identity. However, Shagle goes a step further by offering an optional privacy blur. When turned on, the site’s AI will blur your face if it can’t detect the other person’s face.

I guess there’ll be a demand for this feature, but it strikes me as a bit weird. Who are these people that are bold and extroverted enough to seek out adult chat roulette, but also shy enough that they’d want to blur their faces?

Despite its Insta-worthy site design and relative recency in the space, it’s surprisingly backward regarding payment methods. You can only pay by credit card — no crypto or PayPal allowed. 

5. Slut Roulette


Random sex cams on SlutRoulette

SlutRoulette isn’t a standard chat roulette site but a platform that uses random matchmaking algorithms to connect you with a live cam show.

There is a cam-to-cam feature. However, it’s optional and you’re probably not going to use it unless you pay for the privilege.

To be clear, you can watch the women you’re matched with, but it’s a one-to-many camming arrangement where she could have a dozen other guys on the go. I’m guessing this is not the case with many models, since a large number of the girls I saw looked kinda bored. Waiting for their next catch, perhaps.

One thing that I ought to note is that in terms of numbers, few come close to this platform. That’s because Slut Roulette is powered by Streamate, which has one of the largest databases of cam models in the world. There’s no shortage of hot live totty on this platform.

I spoke extensively about the dubious ‘roulette’ gimmick in my full Slut Roulette review, but to give you the low-down: it’s a decent cam site. Totally fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

My issue is that the only thing it has in common with Chatroulette is the branding. And that’s clearly just a gimmick to draw you into what is essentially a traditional cam site experience.

6. Jizz Roulette


Jizz Roulette gay chat cams

JizzRoulette is identical to the site we’ve just talked about, SlutRoulette. The only difference? It’s designed for gay users. Everything else (from the chat features to the interface design) is the same. 

Instead of leveraging Streamate’s female database, this one taps in to the male performer roster. And it’s a mighty fine roster, to be sure, but it’s designed for premium private shows.

Just like SlutRoulette, you’ll be greeted with a chat roulette-style interface, but that’s only a tease; it’s just a live cam site at the end of the day. 

With a bit of digging, I saw claims of a 7,500 model database, in which you’ll find straight, bisexual, and gay guys, alongside couples showing you everything they’ve got. In true cam show style, you can access advanced search features, different chat types, tipping, and categories.

There’s no doubt that the per-minute prices are expensive. But JizzRoulette somewhat gets away with it since they don’t have any paid or VIP subscriptions. You can register or use the services as a guest for free (albeit limited versions). 

Admittedly, I’m not the target market for a site like JizzRoulette. But I question the wisdom, from a male user perspective, of paying to watch male sex cams, when I can use a service like Flingster or Shagle and get absolutely blasted by cock shots for free. Why not simply use one the free roulette sites and tune in to guys fisting their arseholes in proper amateur fashion?!

7. DirtyRoulette


DirtyRoulette adult video chat

DirtyRoulette is powered by Flingster, which is obvious from the get-go. You’ll know what I mean when you head to the site — it has the same feel and color scheme. Just like Flingster, the free version of this site is almost entirely male-dominated to the point where it has to be part of the design.

It’s set up to push you towards a VIP package as a means of unlocking the gender filter.

I can ensure you that women do exist on here, but even the VIP package has some serious limitations. There’s just not enough interested women to justify the time sifting through sausage meat.

8. ChatRandom


ChatRandom mobile sex chat app

ChatRandom is a cam-to-cam chat roulette site that pairs you with a random stranger. From what I can tell, it’s another slightly watered-down version of Flingster and Shagle.

It’s probably tapping into a large part of the same database, but with less sexual overtones from the get-go. Don’t get me wrong: that’s a good thing if you’re looking to attract women to your service. ChatRandom has more chance of capturing female users than the male-centric ‘Shagle’ brand.

The cynic might suggest that it’s how they get women to sign up for Shagle or Flingster in the first place — through a cleaner white-label!

Ultimately, from a user perspective, it’s the same dick gauntlet in different clothing. You’ll occasionally luck out by connecting to women, but it’s slim pickings without a premium subscription.

I’m not saying you can’t find women who are up for fun, just that you better be prepared to surf through a lot of male exhibionists along the way.

This brings me to my overall takeaway from trying these sites: there are generally two type of adult chat roulette models. The first is the Flingster approach. Totally random cams with totally random matchmaking where you pay a premium to access a gender filter that is patchy at best.

The second model is the traditional cam site strapped to a ‘roulette’ gimmick, where instead of browsing a homepage full of cam show thumbnails, you’re plunged balls-deep into an ongoing show then asked if you want to go private.

That might be worth the price of admission for some. Personally, I’d rather just use an ordinary streaming platform.

What Is The Appeal of Random Live Video Chat?

Chat Roulette Style Interaction

Having followed my journey to Cock City and back, you’re probably wondering: why do people bother with these dirty chat roulette clones?

Two words — surprise and anticipation.

People choose random live video chat for the thrill of meeting exhibitionists and maybe (just maybe) watching some spontaneous action on a one-to-one basis.

I can’t say that it’s an efficient arrangement, since so many of these services promise the world and deliver a sea of horny men, or a database of professional cam models.

Still, the anticipation of the unknown is inherently sexy. These tools are also designed to tap into the Tinder culture of “Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Keep on swiping!

In my case, I secured a couple of titty flashes, some dirty talk with Colombians and a whole lotta meat. Maybe you’ll do better? If you wanna find out, I’ve got two words for ya: good luck.

That wraps up our list of dirty chat roulette sites. Are there any adult versions of Omegle or ChatRoulette that we’ve missed?

Let us know your favorites.


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