11 Best Adult Chat Sites: I Spent A Weekend Talking Sex With Strangers

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Long before Skype, Telegram and Discord, we had adult chat rooms. And we still do, they’re just not as popular as they once were.

There are hundreds of dedicated chat rooms where you can have anonymous cyber sex, or share your deepest fantasies. From the likes of Free Chat Now, which has been around since 1998, to SDC, a place for swingers to mingle between real-life hookups.

While adult chat sites may no longer be ‘trendy’ (if they ever were!), their activity shows no sign of drying up anytime soon. I spent a weekend reacquainting myself with some of the horniest porn chat rooms on the web, and it was quite the experience. Nostalgia mixed with dirtiness and the occasional boner.

How did these adult chat sites stack up? Well, let’s take a peek.

What Are The Best Adult Chat Sites?

Best adult chat sites

At around 7pm on a Friday evening, I sat down with a mug of coffee, a notepad and an open mind. I’ll admit, I came in to this experiment with pretty low expectations.

Chatting to strangers on the web feels fucking tedious in 2023. The amount of trolls on X alone is enough to make entering a public chat room feel like an act of masochism.

But alas, I started with a list of over thirty xxx chat sites and slowly worked through each until arriving at this shortlist of 11 viable options for getting dirty kicks online.

  1. Free Chat Now
  2. CooMeet
  3. Chaturbate
  4. SlutRoulette
  5. AdultFriendFinder
  6. Flingster
  7. Meet In Chat
  8. Chatropolis
  9. LewdChat
  10. 321 Sex Chat
  11. SDC

It goes without saying, your mileage will vary considerably. A couple of these options could have been complete failures were it not for a random out-of-the-blue conversation salvaging my sunken trousers.

Let’s go through them:

1. Free Chat Now


FreeChatNow adult chat site

Free Chat Now, otherwise known as FCN, is a text-based chat site with adult rooms, founded in 1998, cementing itself as one of the original pioneers in the space.

Since then, it’s kept the same aim — providing a free, safe chat service requiring no registration. All you need to do is input your username, gender (options include male, female, other/couple), and date of birth. 

I’ll admit, it took me three attempts to actually enter the room due to an annoying overlay popup that kept sending me off to a junk site. Once I entered, I found 698 users online with a pretty decent split of men and women.

It’s mostly text-based chat, but there is an option for image sharing, and it gets used often. The main feed is a mix of guys scouring for cyber (“Dark twisted girls pm me 😉 the sicker your fantasy or kinks the better“), regulars posting amateur candid photos, and random strangers asking if there’s anybody from [insert random off-beat town here].

I replied to a couple of women who were brave enough to use the main chat to solicit for dirty PMs. They took a while to actually reply (probably because lurkers like me were blasting them simultaneously). The majority of the women I spoke to were only really responsive to what I’d call brute force verbal role-play. No small talk, just tell me what you wanna do to me! Cool, I guess, but not particularly deep. There’s a thrill to the chase, you know?

My overall impression was that most of them were probably men.

At the time of writing, FCN doesn’t have an app. Although, you can access it on-the-go thanks to the mobile version. It’s nicely streamlined, with a recently updated chat interface for better connecting.

2. CooMeet


CooMeet random video chats

CooMeet is a random video chat site/mobile app that lets you talk to pretty ladies all over the world, thanks to ‘chat-roulette technology’. This is a far cry from Free Chat Now, which is much more of a traditional chat site.

The site boasts 9,000,000 members (most of whom are between 25 and 34 years old) and more than 400,000 verified girls, but there’s no way of confirming this and I’m highly skeptical that those verified girls are actually active.

If you’re looking for an easy-breezy way to tent your trousers for free, well, you won’t find it here. CooMeet is a random video chat service where the girls are paid to keep you using the service. The good part of that is you can watch some legitimate dirty shows one-to-one, but I’d argue you might as well just use a cam room instead. I mnea, there’s no shortage of platforms offering free cam streams.

I took out a One Day Access pass and spoke to a mix of what looked (and sounded) like Eastern European women in their bedrooms. Each were clearly incentivised to keep me chatting and spend as many minutes in the room as possible. These women were unnaturally interested in my shambolic presence at the work desk, which I guess is understandable when I had my credit card in view.

Fair enough: the site layout is clean, eliminating any annoying adverts, and you won’t have to trawl through a bunch of guys waving their dicks in your face. But if you use this site expecting to strike up a natural

Perhaps one of the most impressive things is the lack of terrible connection. Whether your ‘video date’ is lounging on a sofa in Latvia, relaxing on a beach in Miami, or drinking wine on a balcony in Paris, it’s a pretty smooth experience. No disconnecting or freezing from what I experienced, but a VERY transactional service that will cost a pretty penny if you use it regularly.

3. Chaturbate


What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate, named by combining “chat” with “masturbate,” is what it alludes on the tin — a cam-based adult chat site. And it’s super-popular, taking the titles of 5th Most Popular Adult Site and 57th Most Popular Site In The World according to SimilarWeb (November 2023).

While it’s true that you can use Chaturbate as a free adult chat room, there’s no mistaking what draws in the punters here. It’s somewhere you go to watch a bit of live porn and chat with the performer.

I will admit that I am very familiar with Chaturbate and have used it hundreds of times over the years. It’s one of the most famous free cam sites in the world, but it’s not exactly known for random chat between non-performing users.

Nearly every message is addressed at the performer, while other notifications come from idle viewers setting off the model’s Lovense while she writhes on the bed in ecstasy. Cracking viewing, no doubt, but it is what it is: a public show. A sexy viewing party.

The reason we include Chaturbate is for its private chat options with the performer.

Entering a private show is the easiest way to get one-to-one attention. You won’t have to compete with the tipping viewers in the public chatrooms (which can become messy and hard to keep up with). Instead, the model just wants to talk to you, making it much more intimate. 

Remember though, there’s a reason why these models are so much more explicit and game than random women on a free chat site: they earn very good money by treating you like a king.

Cam site interactions are financially-driven, so the chat will be driven towards whatever actions are most likely to have you dipping in your wallet. Fine for some, but that’s about as far as the hookups will extend.

See more in our feature guides:

4. SlutRoulette


Slut Roulette porn chat

SlutRoulette dubs itself “the adult ChatRoulette,” which I think is a little dishonest. When you look under the hood, it has nothing in common with the original ChatRoulette.

This is actually a white label cam site with random matchmaking built in. A pretty cool feature, but a radical departure from the genuine one-to-one connections that made ChatRoulette such a fucking crazy platform to spend a Friday evening on (that’s a different article altogether)

Still, there are some obvious upsides to this arrangement if you’re willing to drop some cash. You’re only going to bump in to attractive women for a start.

Like CooMeet, you don’t have to worry about wading into a sausage fest. Clicking the “Next” button will guarantee you’re paired with a new girl, rather than landing on a dude with his dick out. There’s some useful filtering options so you can ‘randomly pair’ with women that meet your criteria. I’ve used a ton of these video chat sites and I’d have to say that Slut Roulette ranks near the top for out-and-out stream quality.

My biggest complaint, as I addressed in our full SlutRoulette review, is that you have to pre-pay for the action and the exchange rates suck if you’re not paying in USD. And also… the gimmick. It’s billed as a roulette site, but it’s really not.

5. AdultFriendFinder


Adultfriendfinder chat rooms

AdultFriendFinder has more than 80 million members (one of the largest casual hookup chat sites on the internet) and is a great place for all types of arrangements — monogamy, friends with benefits, polygamy, couple sharing, and more.

AFF has built-in chat rooms with a much bigger upside for taking your dirty online chat from fantasy to IRL, because each profile is linked to the wider AdultFriendFinder ecosystem.

In short: if you find somebody you like, you can friend them, check out their profile pics, and go much deeper than you can on a classic anon text chat site.

As you’d expect, there’s a large proportion of men on the site. Various review sites suggest men outnumber women by only 2:1 or 3:1, but personally I think that’s bullshit. A member leak suggested that the ratio of men could be as high as 16:1, and while the true number will depend on location, one thing is clear: the sausage is dominant.

AdultFriendFinder also seems to attract more fake profiles and bots than other platforms. This comes with the territory of being arguably the most famous hookup site in the world, but still, my spammed inbox would appreciate if they could sort their shit out.

Criticism aside, the good news is that AFF is about as legit as an adult hookup site gets. Plenty of real people (swingers, kinks, and LGBTQIA+ individuals included) use it to connect. There are community chat rooms available, but you’re more likely to use them on a one-to-one basis, or as an alternative to direct messaging.

6. Flingster


Flingster adult chat site

Flingster is another X-rated chat roulette site connecting you by video to random strangers.

The pitch is that regardless of where you are in the world, you can speak to individuals from far-off lands with ease — and keep your anonymity. 

But how can you keep your anonymity in a cam-to-cam, microphone-on situation? 

Well, the site lets you chat wearing one of its 12+ identity-blurring masks to hide your face until you meet someone you can trust. Or at the very least trust enough to unveil your true “package”.

When you first visit Flingster, you’ll find a bunch of rooms with some pretty obvious overtones: Sex Chat, Dirty Chat, Cuckold Chat, Mature Chat, and so on…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the rooms entitled ‘Sex Chat’ and ‘Cam to Cam’ are suitable for finding ladies to interact with for free: that’s not the case. I found that the platform spat out a huge number of guys that would quickly ‘next’ me, since I wasn’t the sexy babe they were looking for.

This is all part of a shady masterplan that will eventually prompt you to try gender filters: which requires you to sign up to the VIP membership. Alright, so what’s the action like when you finally get to look at ONLY women on Flingster?

Well, the first thing I saw was a dude (posing as a woman) who wanted me to watch him fist his own ass.

These bizarre interactions were common, despite the VIP upgrade, and while I managed to speak to a handful of women (a couple were pretty cute), it was an experience sandwiched by cock and hairy arsehole.

7. Meet in Chat


Meet In Chat XXX room

Meet in Chat is a more conventional 18+ chat service that lets you send text, photo or share voice messages — although, many of the rooms ban photo-bombers, and the specific criteria that makes you a photo bomber depends on the moderator. 

Despite that, you get a lot of freedom with this site, which allows any user to create their own public room. However, after scrolling through the selection on offer, it appears that most of the rooms have ten or fewer members, making it one of the least-active active sites I reviewed.

I’m not a fan of the homepage. It’s littered with third party navigational links promising ‘Live Sex’ but redirecting to unrelated sites. Even the PornDude has managed to get his site wedged in with the links to other chat rooms, making for a messy and distracting interface.

Upon entering the SexChat room (by far the most popular), I received an auto notification saying what will or won’t be tolerated: “No dick pics in main please, send in pvt if asked to do so. All site rules apply. No social media links

After chatting away for 20 minutes, this seemed largely followed. No dick pics in sight, just the occasional candid amateur shot. I saw a juicy teen posting close-ups of her ass in the main lobby (allegedly). It was probably either a Catfish or her Step-Dad, but whatever the case – RIP her DMs.

Some of the girls on here are pretty game. I noticed several users chatting away in reference to photos that were shared the previous day, which suggests that a decent chunk of members are repeat visitors.

Once you’re actually in to a room, the chat is clean, smooth and relatively uncluttered. There’s the occasional 300×250 banner, but all in all — a decent option for free dirty chat.

8. Chatropolis


Text based cyber sex

Chatropolis has been around since 2004; revisiting it brought a salty little tear to my eye.

Who else remembers stumbling across this site in their teens and refreshing like a maniac to get past those annoying 25 member limits on the best sex chat rooms?!

Fuck yeah.

It would take about twenty refreshes before somebody finally left. Time it right and you could sneak in to join the action. By the end of the night, staring at the the garish black interface so intently would have me seeing white lines against my ceiling.

I’m not sure why Chatropolis was so addictive back then, but it’s probably something to do with the kink factor. Little has changed over the years. You can join a number of fetish-themed rooms (from Throat Fuck to Panty Drawer), general cybersex rooms, or take your pick from a handful of specialist image-sharing rooms.

I’ve gotta be honest, as a functional chat room, this site is bad. Really bad. The messages have a cut-off point so if you’re in the middle of a dirty chat, and the rest of the chat room continues to bicker, your previous messages will rapidly disappear in to the abyss.

And then there’s the actual process of sending a private message. You have to manually set the target for every message, either chatting to the entire room, or privately whispering to a single user. In my nostalgic visit, I made the same mistake I did all those years ago: sending private messages to the entire room.

You can write a message and then ‘Say to’ hot_jane_doe, but it will broadcast in public unless you remember to change your action from ‘Say to‘ to ‘Private Whispers to‘.

It’s just too damn easy to get this wrong and make a right tit out of yourself.

The 25-member limit is also a pain in the ass. Chatropolis has a premium option available that you can use to jump the queues, but it feels weird to spend money on a site this primitive.

9. LewdChat



LewdChat is a free text-based adult chat site using old-school IRC.

If you’re looking for a chill sex chat environment, LewdChat leaves a fair bit to be desired. All the rooms are incredibly busy, and you’ll quickly lose sight of the conversation if your head isn’t in the game. 

I joined the #lewd channel, which was bustling with around 150 users — many of them chatting about the most inane uninteresting drivel. It was immediately obvious that the site has a lot of return visitors, since a lot of members obviously knew each other. Just following the chat in the main lobby, there were various ‘in’ jokes and references to chatters who were not even present in the list of online users.

Sure, but what about the sex?

Well, you can message other members privately. And yes, your words will remain between the two of you. Getting to that point, though, is tricky. Some members will come out with their requests in the open (“I need a hot hung stud for my wife“, “Anyone else into nudism? Boys and girls dm me to chat, sext or trade“).

I tried bluntly asking the room if anybody wanted to chat about BDSM kinks. Hey, it’s an icebreaker. Sadly the only response was my own nervous fart as I realised I’d struck out.

I swiftly closed the tab.

10. 321 Sex Chat


321 Sex Chat

I remember using 321 Sex Chat many years ago and it looks completely different now. Either this is an example of an adult chat site actually keeping up with the times, or it’s under new ownership.

I’m not sure, but I took a look inside — and found a thriving little community.

Don’t mistake 321 Sex Chat for a solitary chat room, it’s actually home to around 14 different rooms, each targeting a different kink or preference, from outright porn chat to furry yiff.

I stepped inside the Roleplay room and it was immediately noticeable how modern 321 looks compared to Chatropolis or LewdChat. Users have profile pics, and names have all kinds of colours and formatting.

Images get posted to the main chat area but they appear as tiny thumbnails, which is a welcome addition instead of having to confront endless dick pics at full scale.

Roleplay rooms are a little different to your typical cybersex fare. They normally start with a user posting the introduction of a fantasy, like this:

“(Women 18+ rp only) you’re a hardcore porn star. To make a name for yourself you got ass implants/injections. To make your ass 65″ around. Giving you the biggest ass ever in porn. You specialize in anything ass/anal related. I’m a rich famous heiress. I’m also a lesbian domme with an ass fetish. I message you online and make you an offer you can’t refuse! Message me now if you’re up for a challenge!”

It’s up to the baying crowd to decide if the fantasy is worth dropping a private message to pursue.

I messaged a couple of ladies to continue their stories: all in all, decent fun. Rumour has it an accidental load was blown in the making of this post, but I’ll say no more about it.

11. SDC


SDC glory holes

SDC (Swingers Date Club) is one of the oldest worldwide communities for swingers, a premium networking service that has been around since 1999.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like an adult chat site. And that’s because swinger targeted communities generally try to avoid the free-for-all chat that dominates the other sites on this list. They are more discerning.

SDC is no exception. You don’t even see the option to join a chat room until you’ve registered an account. Once you join, you can choose between public chat rooms, group messaging or solo messaging.

There’s no shortage of active members to chat with on the other side. I found around 30,000 members online at any given time, and a lucky dip of over 20 profiles showed that nearly all of them are interested in the Lifestyle.

The obvious caveat is that you’re not going to get any mileage out of this site unless you are in to swinging.

If you are? The location-based chat rooms on SDC are one of the best ways of turning adult chat in to IRL fun. It’s like a private members club for kinks and wife-swappers.

The The History of Adult Chat Rooms

So, we’ve seen some of the best places to go scouring for cyber sex.

Ever wondered how adult chat rooms became such a big deal in the first place?

Chat rooms predated any kind of social media on the internet and have been around since before the World Wide Web. The first service of its kind, Talkomatic, was launched in 1973 and was a primitive precursor to what became a huge phenomenon of the 1990s.

As the web started to grow in popularity Compuserve launched the CB Simulator which was followed up by the Internet giants of the day, MSN, AOL and Yahoo. All three of these companies provided the simple ability to connect with other users in an anonymous setting to share text based messages. The chat room was born. A primitive system, the technology didn’t need to be anything more than basic.

However, the impact it had was far more than basic.

If you can try to imagine (or even cast your mind back and remember) the world before instant connectivity through the vast assortment of channels we now have available to us.

Take away Facebook, Instagram, Kik, SnapChat, Twitter and even SMS and place yourself at your desktop (yes, desktop) with a modem that connects to the internet at the dizzying speeds (if you are lucky) of 9.6 kbps.

Images on websites could take minutes to upload and the only thing that was guaranteed to be transferred quickly was text or simple data. The chat room was an ideal way to instantly communicate with a large number of random strangers  in a simple form that even the slowest of connections could manage.

And though the idea wasn’t revolutionary (think penpals, CB radios, personal ads, talk lines and even emails), the combination of the immediacy, anonymity and reach was an instant hit… particularly for adults with more than just chat on their minds.

And that immediacy offered by chat rooms became the forerunner for instant messaging services like AOL’s IM and Yahoo Messenger.

yahoo sex chat room

Chat rooms were soon populated by an undercurrent of users who (usually late at night) would trawl the rooms hoping to find someone to flirt with and maybe talk dirty to.

As technology has been found to do since the dawn of time, the demand for adult content forged new developments. Specific porn chat rooms dedicated for the over 18s were introduced and over time became more and more niche to cater for specific interests.

By the mid 1990s, a large proportion of adults in the US and UK had used some form of chat room, albeit a late night foray into this new world. As a result, acronyms derived from chat rooms to speed up interaction slowly started creeping into everyday language and remain in modern use even with the next generation of internet users.

Terms like ROFL, LOL, BRB and OMG were all started in the shorthand language of the chat rooms.

text speak chat rooms

However, chat rooms have slowly been dying out with the original market leaders AOL closing their service in 2010, Yahoo doing the same in 2012 and MSN finally closing the doors on their chat room offering in 2014.

The reason? With social media, IM services and smartphone apps offering more advanced ways to communicate and video chat services like those offered by cam sites, perhaps chat rooms have had their day… or have they?

Seemingly not. Though Facebook launched its own version of chat rooms in 2016, the pick up has not been that great. What this lacks and what people still crave is that anonymous and simple log in; a kind of universal sexting tool.

As a result, you can still find plenty of sexual chat sites online that are dedicated to the traditionalists view of communication; a group space where complete strangers can flirt with, talk dirty to and perhaps make contact with other people without any distractions and in utter anonymity.

We’re also seeing a new wave of encrypted chat tools that are much more popular with the younger generation, including two big-hitters that are great for adult content: Telegram and Discord.

Both have become somewhat infamous for their NSFW content and adult chat rooms.

What Is The Oldest Porn Chat Site?

Hey, old timers. Remember this homepage?

FreeChatNow in 1999

While chat sites existed before this time, Free Chat Now, created in late 1998, was the first service with xxx chatrooms dedicated to adult and sexual content. It was quickly followed by AdultFriendFinder, which came to be in 1999. Both have proved to be pioneers in the industry that has skyrocketed ever since. 

That wraps up my weekend of dirty chat and filthy encounters.

Got a favorite adult chat site? Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites!


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