10 Hottest TikTok Pornstars: Top Adult Stars To Follow (Before They Get Banned!)

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If you’ve ever seen those foreign breastfeeding videos on TikTok with thousands of likes, you might understand that TikTok is a bit more lenient when it comes to posting risqué content. 

Plenty of A-list pornstars looking to boost their fanbase and drive traffic to their other profiles (ahem, OF) are taking over TikTok with sexy, short videos. Although adult entertainment stars are obligated to keep their TikTok pages semi-SFW, they’ll often allude to certain… situations.

As a fellow horndog who spends way too much time browsing TikTok, I created a list of the ten hottest pornstars on the platform. You might notice how eerily familiar they seem, and that’s no accident! If you’re of legal drinking age, you’ve definitely seen all these pornstars on dirtier sites.

Who Are The Top TikTok Pornstars?

Top TikTok Pornstars

Let me preface this with a statement of the obvious: TikTok doesn’t allow porn on their platform.

I mean, this is a given: the service is basically owned by China, where pornography is illegal. You’re not going to find nudity or fully uncensored clips on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the stars of your favorite porn movies.

It just so happens they’ll be wearing clothes to fit in with the community guidelines.

Below, I’ve shortlisted ten of the top adult stars on TikTok.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, I’ll describe how each pornstar shot to mainstream popularity before explaining the kind of content they post on TikTok. I ordered this list based on my favorite entertainers, so I’m not afraid to admit I have at least a little bias. 

First up, we have the voluptuous and voracious Angela White! 

1. Angela White


Angela White on TikTok

Angela White has over two decades of experience getting our collective rocks off. As a fresh-faced 18-year-old, Angela began her career in 2003 with a multi-tiered video shoot for Score and Voluptuous magazines. 

If you can get your hands on “A Day With Angela White,” you’ll see her evolution into a seasoned adult film star. She’s always been shapely & buxom, but she’s one of the few women who got even hotter with age. 

She’s also got quite the reputation behind her: XBiz has called her “Australia’s most well-known adult performer,” and The Daily Beast coined Angela White as “The Meryl Streep of Porn.” She skyrocketed to mainstream success with an eager willingness to engage in 13-on-1 gangbangs, absorb monstrous appendages, and shoot step-sis videos that appeal to mainstream viewers.

Angela does it all, and looking into her baby-blue eyes gives you a better idea of why her body count is through the roof. She goes both ways, and you might want to consider using the Angela White Move on your GF. Finally, Angela’s busty frame and physical attributes tie it all together. 

She launched a TikTok in 2022 and was banned from using the platform soon after for obvious reasons. You can’t be as mouth-watering as Angela White and dress in skin-tight clothes without attracting some attention from TikTok moderators. 

Thankfully, her account was unbanned – as of right now, she boasts 14+ million likes and 2.1M+ followers on the platform!

Her comment sections are filled with everything from compliments to quips that boil down to “I usually skip this part.” She usually records herself traveling to vacation spots like Tokyo and Greece, but she’ll occasionally hop on the latest TikTok sound and go viral with a simple flash of her bikini.

If you want to see her in her birthday suit, check out her OnlyFans. 😉

2. Abella Danger


Abella Danger TikTok

Abella Danger brings the “bad girl” attitude and body we’d expect from a chick who grew up in sunny Miami, Florida. She isn’t afraid to take charge (even if you’re sleeping), and she’s filmed loads of girl-on-girl action for your naughty entertainment. 

There’s a reason she won the 2016 AVN and XBiz Awards for “Best New Starlet” just two years after making her debut with Bangbros. Her eagerness to try new things and her voracious appetite for all things phallic made her a smash-hit (pun intended) the moment she stepped onto the scene. Abella is 5’4”, 130 lb., and a trained ballet dancer who can do the splits on command. 

For my money, she’s easily one of the most famous porn stars in the world today. A true A-lister gal.

Still, she retired from shooting porn flicks during the pandemic. At just 28 years old, she still has quite a few years left to reverse course and rejoin the adult entertainment industry. Although we wish her the best in all her personal endeavors, she’s not afraid to tease her viewers on TikTok. 

At least Adin Ross was smart enough to face the wall


Who remembers this😂 @adin I love you😂 #adinross #abelladanger #fyp

♬ Suga Suga – Baby Bash

Her TikTok page has accrued 556.9k likes and 62.3k+ followers to date. Instead of posting risky content, she keeps her TikTok videos mostly SFW with a little bit of skin showing here and there. Aside from showing off her make-up and prettiest outfits, she occasionally posts training videos that demonstrate her grace, strength, and flexibility while giving viewers something to drool over. 

Talk about a win-win! 

Sex sells, and it makes sense that Abella’s most risqué TikTok videos are usually the ones that go viral. She got down to business and showed off what her mama gave her in the club, earning 19k+ likes (and 2,534 saves) in the process. Unsurprisingly, at least a handful of her TikTok videos belong in the spank bank. 

Rumor has it that Abella’s nastiest desires aren’t fully quenched…but you’ll have to pay for the privilege because she’s only posting the content you’re actually looking for on her OnlyFans

Send her a DM and get to know her in hopes that she’ll send you mouth-watering sex tapes. 

3. Adriana Chechik


Adriana Chechik TikTok Pornstar

In another life, Adriana Chechik was a dancer at Scarlett’s Cabaret in Hallandale Beach, Florida. She practiced her uniquely tantalizing ability to finesse horny guys out of their hard-earned cash for years before taking her seat on the casting couch. 

She exploded from the gate with an insatiable desire to vacuum up multiple loads at the same time. She’s admitted to blowing 50 or 60 men in a single night at a festival, and she thinks that she’s probably been with more than 5,000 dudes.

Her willingness to do anything and everything with anybody and everybody skyrocketed her to mainstream popularity, and she capitalized on her newfound fame by launching her own site

Being a pornstar sounds like nothing short of her dream job

In May 2013, she signed a non-exclusive contract with Erotique Entertainment before taking a deep dive into hardcore porno shoots with her first gangbang and double-penetration video. 

Hosted by Digital Sins, it was aptly titled: “This Is My First…A Gangbang Movie”. Not one to rest on her laurels, Adriana shot her first triple anal scene in the 2014 porno film, “Gangbang Me.” In August 2014, she appeared on the Howard Stern Show and proudly revealed that she screwed one of her foster dads. 

By the time she got down his pants, he was divorced from Adriana’s then-foster mom. They had dinner, went back to his place, and got freaky with some very Freudian action – according to her, he touched her hair the same way he used to when she was nine years old. He also referred to himself as ‘Daddy’ more than once before he slipped his anaconda through the back entrance. 

Adriana had this to say about her experience: “What girl wouldn’t want to f*ck their father-figure?” 

She’s since matured in her tastes, moving largely away from being the queen of anal sex into becoming a Twitch content creator. Unfortunately, she broke her back in 2022 after diving into a deceptively shallow foam pit at TwitchCon.

Warning: the linked YouTube video is hard to watch.

Getting back on track, her TikTok is as popular as you might expect from an AVN Award winner. She’s earned 2.2+ million likes and accrued 338.1k+ followers with more people getting added to the list every day. Currently, her TikTok page features outtakes from her Twitch streams.

Her page is surprisingly SFW, and she prefers to post personal life updates rather than risqué videos. She’s documented her journey to recovering from a broken back, and she’s willing to discuss the struggles that made her the woman she is today. 

4. Lauren Phillips


Lauren Phillips TikTok

Lauren Phillips’ buxom features and butterface hearken back to the kind of porn magazines JFK and his brothers must have enjoyed back in the 1960s. With doe eyes and a bosom that doesn’t match her skinny frame, she’s plump in all the right places. 

Still, she keeps an open mind and spread-eagle legs – she became an award-winning pornstar just three years after she broke into the industry in 2013. She won the title of Miss Congeniality at the NightMoves Awards in 2016 and was crowned Adult Performer of the Year in 2017.

In 2018, she racked up yet another win as the “Social Media Queen” during the Inked Awards. Fast-forwarding to 2019, she was given the title “Social Media Star of the Year” by editors at the NightMoves Awards. 

At the pinnacle of her muff-eating career in 2022, Lauren earned a spot in the Hall of Fame and won the title of Best All-Girl Performer at the NightMoves Awards. 

Finally, Lauren made it big at the XBiz awards. We think MILF Performer of the Year is a very appropriate title for this fresh piece of meat-turned cougar! She’s still going strong at 36 years old, and we don’t expect her golden esophagus to enter retirement anytime soon. 

Best of all, her TikTok page might whet your appetite for the real thing. She’s America’s Favorite Ginger for good reason: she’s not afraid to strut her stuff up and down the ADULTTIME catwalk, practically begging fans to remove her skimpy outfit with their naughty eyes and imaginations. 

She also likes to give her equally promiscuous friends a platform on her TikTok. Thirst traps are her specialty, and we’re here for it! 84k+ followers think the same thing, and she’s earned 370k likes.

Once you’re primed and ready to see what else the lovely Lauren Phillips has to offer, visit her OnlyFans page. She’s just a girl from Atlantic City who gets off on being filmed while she does what she’s best at: satisfying the whims of her fans and male counterparts with every stroke. 

5. Lena Paul


Lena Paul

Lena Paul is thicc to the bone, and she’s a professional when it comes to showing off her most valuable assets. Her Instagram page alone boasts 2+ million followers, and it’s the closest thing you’ll find to a free teaser with lingerie, bikini & panty pictures front-and-center.

Unsurprisingly, it feels like she was designed to satisfy the male gaze – she was born in October 1993, and she’s turning 30 into the new 20 one deepthroat video at a time. Standing at 5’4” and 114 pounds, her blue eyes and blonde chestnut hair give way to a voluptuous bosom and thighs that could choke a horse. When she does a 360-degree turn on cam, it’s the first thing you see. 

It’s no wonder she made a killing as a cam model for sites like CamSoda before diving headfirst into the porn industry circa 2016. She also pursued a degree in Latin American studies, and her original goal was to develop sustainable agricultural practices for countries in Central America.

A mix of brains and beauty is always a smash-hit, and Lena was snatched up by some of the biggest names in the industry straightaway. She’s done porno shoots with Evil Angel, MOFOs, Bangbros, Blacked, Naughty America, Wicked Pictures, and Tushy (she fits the description)! 

The only thing she loves more than getting on her knees for men is getting on her knees for the fairer sex. Lena has starred in 650 films as an actress and was nominated for Best Lesbian Group Sex Scene at the AVN Awards. Her Women Seeking Women film got her foot in the door. 

Pivoting my focus to her TikTok page, I expected her to have more traction! She’s earned 12.9k followers and 16k+ likes on the platform. She doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of hashtags, and she usually posts still shots with music playing over it: call it a backup Instagram, if you will. 

At the same time, she’s revealing everything you might expect from an award-winning pornstar on her OnlyFans page. See her exclusive, homemade videos that have never reached Pornhub.

6. Morgpie



Morgpie is like that girl-next-door who also happens to be a freak between the sheets. Hailing from New Mexico, she did her first porno shoot before having her first legal drink. Entering the industry at 20 years old, she shot her first sex videos with her now ex-boyfriend Mr. Morgpie. 

She’s turning 23 in June, and she’s one of the youngest pornstars to dominate the industry. If you’re a sucker for dominant college cuties with curves in all the right places, check her out on Pornhub

While she’s only just begun her undoubtedly lucrative career in the adult entertainment industry, she’s quickly gaining popularity on Instagram & Twitch. Fully embracing the gamer girl cosplay aesthetic has earned her a massive fanbase with 413k+ IG followers and 304k+ subscribers on Twitch. 

Whether she’s taking charge in the bedroom or taking orders like a five-star waitress, Morgpie gives off amateur vibes that step away from the overbearing aura of professional porn studios. She’s fully independent, but it’s only a matter of time before she signs with someone! 

Her flirty TikTok page is meant to bring viewers down the pipeline and watch her more…naughty content. According to Morgpie’s bio, she’s here to flex and post fit checks for 454.5k followers.


What i wore to a seggsy cow rave (#fitcheck #cosplay #fit #fitnessprogress #fakebody tw fake body)

♬ MOOO! – Doja Cat

You’ll catch her dressing in full cosplay outfits, wearing elf ears, making adorable faces with her mouth-watering cleavage in full view, and recording her workouts (how else would she stay in such great shape?) for subscribers to drool over. Is it any wonder she’s earned 7.2 million likes?

Even though Morgpie’s saucy TikTok page leaves little to the imagination, she has all the videos you really want on her discounted OnlyFans. If you can figure out why she got banned from Twitch on eight separate occasions (gee, I wonder why), you could get another 50% discount.

7. Dani Daniels


Dani Daniels

From the moment you lay eyes on Dani Daniels, you’ll wish you were the pool boy screwing her husband behind her back. This MILF is hot as lava, so be warned – if you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. She’s 34 years old and still tenting khakis on her saucy Instagram account.

She got her start in the adult entertainment industry when she was 21 years old – back in 2011, Dani shot her first X-rated scene for Brazzers. Before she ever took a seat on the casting couch, she dipped her toes in the waters of exhibitionism with her (brief) career as a nude art model.

It wasn’t long before Dani’s talents were recognized by industry bigwigs, and she was the Pet of the Month in January 2012’s issue of Penthouse. She also made CNBC’s Dirty Dozen list twice, which is more than most adult film stars can brag about. It’s no surprise that she’s so well-liked. 

Having found her calling on her knees, Dani has earned more than 20 awards for her incredible bedroom skills, mouth-watering looks, pretty face, and confident demeanor. In addition to being a well-known name throughout the adult entertainment industry, she’s an accomplished painter. 

When she’s not busy getting DPed or guzzling down loads like her life depends on it, you can find Dani with a paintbrush and a canvas. Her artwork, which is featured under her real name Kira Lee, is showcased in galleries across Los Angeles, NYC, London, Connecticut & Miami. 

She’s also so popular on TikTok that scammers try to impersonate her account and sweet-talk horny guys into giving up their hard-earned cash. Unfortunately for any hopefuls, she’s married to Victor Cipolla. Nonetheless, she’s not afraid to share her husband’s dirty POV on OnlyFans.  

Getting back on track, Dani’s TikTok page is filled to the brim with thirst traps and fit checks that could force a Tibetan monk back into civilization. She’s a huge fan of wearing all-black, and we have to admit that it’s her color. Her teasing clips have paid dividends with 2.8+ million followers.

She also brews and sells coffee, if that’s something you’re into!

8. AJ Applegate


AJ Applegate TIkTok

AJ Applegate has been working the poles & getting singles stuffed into her bra since the tender age of 19, but she quickly realized that stripping wasn’t her life calling. 

In between her naughty adventures at the club (and her even naughtier adventures recorded on the casting couch), AJ worked as a nude model before making her well-received transition into the adult entertainment industry. 

We don’t know if she was giving out extras in the VIP room from 2008 – 2012, but she either has God-given talents or she got some serious practice under her belt before filming her first scene. She’s appeared in mega-popular videos from Evil Angel, Digital Sin, MOFOs, and Reality Kings. 

Standing at just 5’2” and 122 pounds, she’s the kind of petite girl you just want to throw around the bedroom. One look at her IG page might tell you why she’s won two NightMoves Awards for “Best Female Performer” and “Best Butt.” She flaunts her stellar physique in workout clothing.

Her spicy TikTok page contains more of the same barely-SFW content we’ve come to know and love. She’s accrued 92.6k followers and earned 218.9k likes with a series of naughty fit checks, renditions of the latest TikTok dances, and dirty attempts to squeeze into a pair of short-shorts.

She markets herself as a hotwife on OnlyFans, and you’ll be the first to watch all her exclusive content. If you’re ready to chat & sext with the woman behind the smoke and mirrors, check out her various social handles.

9. Kindly Myers


Kindly Myers TikTok Social

Country folks, this one’s for you – professional smokeshow Kindly Myers represents a real-life Barbie doll. She leans into all the blonde stereotypes with funny quips that just happen to show her cleavage, but she’s much smarter than she looks – her relentless marketing on socials has earned her a staggering 509.5k likes and 112.6k followers on TikTok. 

In all seriousness, Kindly is a U.S. Army Veteran and self-proclaimed horse girlie. While her TT is mostly filled with thirst traps and fit checks with barely-there bikinis, her Instagram reveals a more SFW side of her personality. She has 3.5+ million IG followers watching her every move! 

She first gained notoriety back when Vine used to be a thing. Although you won’t find this former professional soldier on Pornhub, she left her mark on the adult entertainment industry by baring it all for popular adult magazines like Playboy and Maxim. 

Kindly channeled her inner Pamela Anderson with her rendition of the Baywatch look, and she makes for quite the (topless) cowgirl on horseback. If you’re looking for more than slightly risky photos that could be featured on Sports Illustrated, her $5 OnlyFans has all the spicy content.

She drew a line in the sand with “no more sexy stuff” on Snapchat or Instagram, so you’ll have to pay a few bucks to see this Nashville-based bombshell in nothing besides her birthday suit. 

10. Amouranth


TikTok porn ban

Amouranth was among the league of Twitch streamers and gamer girls to make their segway into the adult entertainment industry. With her signature ahegao face and the skimpy cleavage to match, her doe-eyed, innocent demeanor gives way to a much kinkier side of her personality. 

She earned an honorable mention because her TikTok page (@kaitgonewild) is currently down. Still, it’d be nothing short of a crime to leave her name off the list: with a community that simps over her every move, she’s earned 6.3M+ Twitch subscribers and 98.9k+ Instagram followers. 

She sold out 1,000 fart jars and hot tub jars priced at $1,000 and $300 a piece, respectively. If that doesn’t show you how devoted her fans are, nothing will. A handful of YouTubers reviewed her fart jars, and they were surprised (to say the least) at the pungent odor wafting in the air. 

If you want all her spicy content in one place, check out her Snipfeed. She’s linked her Jerkmate account, which is how she switched from risqué Twitch streamer to full-on film star in the first place. Aside from all the standard socials, Amouranth has an AI replica, Kick, and Discord. 

Oh, yeah. How could I forget to mention her OnlyFans account? She loves to chat with fans, and for the right price she’ll do just about anything you ask of her — probably why she’s one of the top-earning OF models on the entire platform. 😉

Porn on TikTok? Nope, It’s All About The Publicity

If you don’t like Twitch streamers turned pornstars, professional Barbie dolls, the girl-next-door, gamer girls, MILFs, or college cuties with a dominant streak, I don’t know what to tell you. In all seriousness, hundreds of pornstars have built a strong presence on TikTok and other socials. 

You might not think of TikTok as the best place to post porno flicks, but it’s the perfect breeding ground for thirst traps and spicy content that whets your appetite for the real thing.

It’s the same deal with pornstars on YouTube. The audience is there, so these girls are gonna use it.

Besides, you know the old saying…any publicity is good publicity! Pornstars posting on TikTok are generating more views, more potential subscribers, and more followers on their OnlyFans. 

Give these 10 pornstars-turned-TikTokers a whirl, and leave a comment down below if I missed any of your favorites.


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