Best Vivid Sex Tapes: Celebs Gone Wild

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“Leaked” celebrity sex tapes are two a penny these days with pretty much every Z-lister making a XXX home movie to “accidentally” go public.

So which ones are worth watching?

Well, Vivid Entertainment has a solid track record of paying top dollar for some of the finest celebrity sex tapes to hit the press.

From Kim Kardashian to Pamela Anderson and plenty of TV and film stars in between, some have caused huge scandals so we thought we’d check them out and find out which ones live up to the hype.

In this feature we take a look at only the best celebrity Vivid sex tapes, and we give you the juicy details behind each release.

What is Vivid Entertainment?

Founded in 1984, Vivid are one of the oldest adult film production companies in America and dominated the industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

During this period there were few men who didn’t own a Vivid Entertainment VHS or DVD but unlike a lot of their competitors of the day they remained a big player as the age of internet porn advanced.

Owned by Gamma Entertainment, the Canadian powerhouse behind more than 200 premium adult websites, Vivid produces a huge variety of porn in a whole range of genres.

However, it is for their celebrity exposés that they have carved a new niche for themselves over the last few decades.

best vivid celebrity sex tapes

The genre was brand new way back in the mid-1990s when private tapes made by Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton came to the public domain and sparked huge controversy over privacy laws and the right to publish such footage.

The legal wranglings around Anderson’s sex tapes rumbled on for years with many criticizing the stars themselves as being fully aware of the media attention they were courting for their own benefit.

Vivid were also behind the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape which is now widely acknowledged to have been the most successful PR stunt in history and the reason behind her meteoric rise to fame.

Since the Kim K tapes, celebrities of all kinds have virtually been queuing up to replicate even a tiny amount of her success and Vivid openly market themselves as THE place to sell celebrity sex tapes.

Offering well-known names from film, TV, music and sport the chance to make money off the back of their own private porno flicks, Vivid has cornered this market in style.

Best Vivid Celebrity Sex Tapes

From the most infamous and controversial releases we bring you our top choices of celebrity sex tapes to watch on Vivid Entertainment.

Jimi Hendrix

best vivid sex tapes celebrities jimi hendrix porn
Taking ‘free love’ to the extreme, Hendrix was allegedly fond of making home pornos. Image via Pixabay.


We kick off with one of the finds of the century and with a celebrity who needs NO introduction……but we’re gonna give him one anyway!

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most celebrated musicians of all time and is certainly one of the most influential guitarists ever. Period.

This despite the fact that his untimely death at the age of 27 meant he only enjoyed mainstream success for a few years.

A total rock legend and wild child of music it came as no great surprise when, in 2008, an 8mm porno film was unearthed in London featuring none other than the great Hendrix himself.

Found inside an antique trunk purchased at an auction house, the film was simply labelled ‘Black Man’. Imagine the new owner’s surprise when the contents of the home-shot movie revealed that the star was none other than Jimi Hendrix.

Okay, so there are some people who don’t believe the film actually is of Hendrix but there are plenty of people who do including Cynthia Albritton. A woman who rose to fame in the sixties as Cynthia Plaster Caster, she has leading claims to be able to authenticate the video having cast Hendrix’s genitals in 1968.


Released in 2008, the Jimi Hendrix sex tapes are thought to have been recorded around 1969/1970.


Apparently, Jimi Hendrix liked to be filmed having sex and this 11-minute sequence shot without sound shows the star cavorting with two women on a hotel bed.

best vivid sex tapes celebrities jimi
Image via Vivid Entertainment.

There are various sex acts capture on this home movie including oral sex and reverse cowgirl with some lesbian content.

Money Earned

Though there is some doubt cast on the authenticity of this film, Hendrix’s estate has reportedly not received any royalties for its release by Vivid.

Kim Kardashian

best vivid sex tapes celebrities kim kardashian
Image via Wikimedia.


Another name that needs no introduction, the American socialite and social media celebrity is one of the most famous people on earth. Thanks, in no small part, to the meteoric success that she and her family have enjoyed from their realty TV documentary series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Though as enjoyable as this MTV program was likely to be on its own merits, the family’s fame has got a lot to do with the suspiciously well-timed release of a ‘secret’ sex tape starring Kim K and her then partner Ray J.

The leak was the only thing that most media channels could talk about at the time and there was a whole shit storm that followed the release. Kim initially tried to sue Vivid Entertainment for invasion of privacy but eventually dropped the charges and settled out of court.

Some say that the perfect timing of the leak was down to her mother, Kris Jenner who allegedly engineered the whole scandal.

Whatever happened and whoever sold that tape couldn’t have predicted just how much it would boost the family’s fortunes. Understandably, many celebrities since Kim K have tried to emulate the same success by making sex tapes but none have gotten close to the Kardashians.

It remains one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes in the world and has done enough to keep Kim Kardashian trending in the top three most popular searches across porn tube sites worldwide ever since.


Kim Kardashian, Superstar was released by Vivid Entertainment in 2007 but was filmed in 2002 whilst Ray J and Kim K were staying at a luxury resort in Cabo, Mexico.


The footage, though a little grainy, mostly shows scenes shot on a handheld camcorder of a couple on vacation with Kim sunbathing, getting ready in a hotel room and ‘goofing around’.

It’s an intimate behind-the-scenes video of a rich girl before she became a megastar.

And then there’s the sex scenes…..

Kardashian claims that she took the drug MDMA before the scenes were shot and there is definitely a sense of lowered inhibitions as she indulges in hardcore and explicit sex with Ray J.

You’ve probably already seen the best bits before on sites like Pornhub or XVideos but the entire footage runs to around 90 minutes.

Money Earned

It’s reported that the Kardashians negotiated a fee of $5 million for the rights to the Kim Kardashian, Superstar video.

Farrah Abraham

best vivid sex tapes celebrities farrah abraham
Images via Wikimedia/Wikimedia.


Farrah Abraham is a former Iowa cheerleader and star of the MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant (2009) and Teen Mom (2009-2012).

She has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother (2015), Teen Mom OG (2015-2018) and Ex on the Beach (2018-2019).


Abraham has actually starred in two celebrity sex tapes with Vivid, the first being released in 2013 Farrah Superstore Backdoor Teen Mom and the follow up, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More being released in 2014.

Both were filmed with the help of adult film mega star, James Deen with the first (reportedly) being recorded as a private sex tape.

Apparently Deen refused to play along with the charade that he and Abraham were dating and that the video was ‘leaked’. Whether you believe her or him, she decided to have the footage released anyway.


Filmed in what looks to be a hotel room with some shower scenes early on, the first tape runs to around 105 minutes. Content wise, the sex is as explicit as you’d expect with the professional help of James Deen!

Scenes include squirting, rough sex, anal action and cum in face.

There are three parts to her second sex tape and various scenes include sex on a circular swing, in a car, deepthroat and handjob action. In total, the three parts run to around 47 minutes,  

Money Earned

According to some reports, the first sex tape was reportedly sold to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million with the second netting her a further $1 million.

However, subsequent interviews with the star revealed that what she actually took home from the deal was closer to $10,000.

Tammy Lynn Sytch

best vivid sex tapes celebrities tammy lyn sytch sunny wwf wrestler
Image via Wikimedia Commons.


The first diva of WWE and known by her professional wrestling name as ‘Sunny’, Tammy Lynn Sytch was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1990s.

According to AOL, she was the most downloaded star on the internet in 1996 and was approached by Playboy in 1997 to pose nude for the magazine. Though she was offered a six-figure sum at the time it was a few years before Sytch finally succumbed to her fan’s demands to see more than just her wrestling talents.


Between 2001 and 2003, she was modelling nude for the Wrestling Vixxxens adult site but it wasn’t until 2015 when she finally agreed to release a porno tape with Vivid.


The resulting title Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor runs to around 75 minutes and shows Sytch pleasuring herself on a hotel bed with a dildo and taking a good pounding from her tattooed and well-muscled co-star.

Popular in the wrestling ring, she shows off some great talent in the sack with both holes getting some action as well as performing some excellent deep throat.

Aged 43 at the time, Sytch hasn’t followed up her successful debut with any further sex tapes and a career in porn seems unlikely given that she is currently in a correctional institution in Monmouth. The ex-pro-wrestler has had a string of stays in prison following arrests for third degree burglary, DUI, disorderly conduct, driving while under suspension and violation of restraining orders.

Money Earned

There is no official confirmation of the exact figure Sytch was paid to take part in her porn debut but six-figure sums are widely reported. However, it seems unlikely that the deal paid her more than a low five-figure sum.

Courtney Stodden

best vivid sex tapes celebrities courtney stodden
Images via Wikipedia/Wikimedia.


Courtney Stodden is a former pageant queen who came to national attention in 2011 when, aged 16, she married the 51 year old actor Doug Hutchison.

The ensuing media attention enabled Stodden to launch her own media career and she went on to star in several reality TV series including Couples Therapy (2012), Celebrity Big Brother (2013), The Mother/Daughter Experiment (2016), Celebs Go Dating (2017), and Courtney (2020).

She has also had a reasonably prolific singing career with the release of more than a dozen singles between 2010 and 2020 to her name.


These private sex tapes were released on the Vivid label in 2015 when the 21-year old Stodden was still married to Doug Hutchison.


The video consists of five separate scenes, each filmed as private masturbation tapes for her husband.

Audiences are treated to uncensored solo action over the five-part sequence running to a total of around 110 minutes but there is no hardcore content.

best vivid sex tapes celebrities courtney stodden porn movie
Image via Vivid Entertainment.

Money Earned

Reports at the time claimed that Stodden was paid a million dollars for her sex tapes but rumors abound that she was in fact only paid around $10,000. Stodden stated that she would donate whatever she was paid to charity.

Phil Varone

best vivid sex tapes celebrities phil varone
Image via Vivid Entertainment.


Proving that age-old myth that rock stars get plenty of pussy, our next celebrity sex tape stars drummer and musician Phil Varone. He is a founding member of the glam metal band Saigon Kicks but has also worked with Skid Row, Prunella Scales and Red Dragon Cartel.

Though his music career has earned him a modicum of success it was the release of his Secret Sex Stash tape which put Varone on another trajectory.

He went on to release a further 26 titles with Vivid as an ‘amateur’ porn star even earning himself an AVN award nomination in 2017 for his part in the Most Outrageous Sex Scene with Nursing Home Orgy (2015).

All popular with porn audiences, these sex tapes include series such as :

  • 100% Real Groupies
  • 100% Real Swingers
  • 100% Real Senior Swingers
  • 100% Real Teen Swingers


Varone’s original sex tape was released in 2011.


All of Varone’s sex tapes are hardcore with plenty of group sex action. Mostly taking the form of a behind-the-scenes mockumentary of what it’s like to live a rock and roll lifestyle, you can find scenes filmed in an outdoor pool, motel rooms, backstage and swingers’ clubs.

Money Earned

There are no reports about what Varone earned from his spell at Vivid as an amateur contract star.

Mimi Faust

best vivid sex tapes celebrities mimi faust
Images via Twitter/Wikipedia.


Mimi Faust was dating the music producer Stevie J Aaron Jordan (of Puff Daddy, Mariah Carey and Jay-Z fame) when she became the star of the VH1 reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012.

Raised in the Scientology church she has also appeared on the 2017 Leah Remini documentary Scientology and the Aftermath.


In 2014, a sex tape featuring Faust and her then partner Nikko London was released by Vivid. At the time of its release Faust claimed the private tape had been stolen from the couples luggage and leaked anonymously.

It was later revealed that the scenes had been staged.


The video, called Scandal in Atlanta, was nominated for an AVN award and remains a popular watch on the Vivid label.

And for good reason!

The tape is a hardcore romp between two stunning and sexy people with plenty of memorable fap-worthy scenes.

Released in three parts, the first showcases London’s massive cock drilling Faust on a pristine white bed in a rough sex session.

The second, filmed in a motel room, features Faust giving London head in front of the window before being royally ploughed on the bed.

The final scene is shot in the bathroom and might account for why shower rods became a trending topic in 2014!

All in all the film runs to around 64 minutes of some nasty but fulfilling XXX action!

Money Earned

It’s alleged that Faust received a figure of around $100,000 for selling her private tapes to Vivid.


best vivid sex tapes celebrities chyna
Images via Wikimedia/Wikimedia.


Another pro-wrestler and known as the “Ninth Wonder of the World”, Chyna (real name Joan Marie Laurer) was a massive deal at the end of the 1990s.

She was the only female performer to hold the coveted title of the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice and regularly beat male competitors in the ring.

Though she retired in 2011, she left a lasting legacy on the world of wrestling as the most successful female wrestler of all time.

With this kind of notoriety in a sport that is so popular with male fans it was no surprise to find that Chyna was also a huge sex symbol of the day. She appeared in Playboy magazine twice and starred in plenty of celebrity reality TV shows including VH1’s The Surreal Life (2005) and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008).

However, it was her relationship with fellow wrestler Sean Waltman which garnered her a whole new set of fans when the celebrity pair made their own sex tape.

Sadly, Chyna died of an accidental drug overdose in 2016 aged just 46.


Chyna and Sean Waltman’s original sex tape (titled 1 Night in Chyna) was actually first released by Red Light District in 2004.

It earned the pair an AVN Award in 2006 as the bestselling title. She went on to star in a further five porno films including another AVN award winning title, Backdoor to Chyna which was released by Vivid.


Backdoor to Chyna also stars Diana Prince and Dylan Ryder in a three way lesbian scene which is about as hot as they come.

Available in five parts you also get to watch as Chyna takes some rough fucking from a bevy of men and indulge audiences with some rough sex, anal pounding and spit roasting.

It’s professionally shot stuff and showcases this former wrestler as a real force to be reckoned with.

In all, this follow-up to that original sex tape runs to over 2 hours of sizzling celebrity action.

Money Earned

The initial sex tape was a huge success, selling over 100,000 copies and allegedly earning the pair a tidy six-figure sum. However, the star denied making any money at all from 1 Night in Chyna but is reported to have landed a lucrative deal with Vivid for the follow up films.

Tom Sizemore

best vivid sex tapes celebrities tom sizemore
Images via Wikipedia/Wikipedia.


Mainly known for his supporting roles, the actor Tom Sizemore has plenty of film credits to his name including Black Hawk Down (2001), Pearl Harbor (2001) and Saving Private Ryan (1998). Most recently he has played a part in the 2017 television revival of Twin Peaks.

He has also taken part in a couple of reality TV series including Shooting Sizemore (2007) with VH1.

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1961, he is a well established part of the Hollywood ‘set’ but has also enjoyed a brief career in the adult film industry. So much so that he even earned himself a nomination for an XRCO award in 2006 for Best New Stud.


Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal was released in 2005 by Vivid Entertainment.


Filmed at home the sex tape is one big gangbang in which Sizemore enjoys the company of three women all intent on giving this actor a leading role.

best vivid sex tapes celebrities tom sizemore porn movie
Image via Vivid Entertainment.

From the lounge to the bedroom, there are plenty of accessories being employed here with a Sybian sex machine, dildos and squirty cream.

It’s a fuck-fest over four parts which lasts just shy of a full hour.

Money Earned

Whilst some sources state that Sizemore could have earned millions from the sale of his homemade sex tapes, it is more likely that the actor negotiated a sum in the high five-figures.

Karrine Stefans

best vivid sex tapes celebrities karrine stefans porn movie
Images via Vivid Entertainment.


Karrine Stevens was a regular hip-hop video vixen in the late noughties and was often seen on the arm of many a prominent rapper of the day.

She has appeared in plenty of high-profile music videos including some for Jay-Z, R-Kelly and LL Cool J as well as in a mainstream movie alongside Vin Diesel.


Karrine Stefans achieved notoriety in 2010 with the release of the Superhead sex tapes.


The Superhead tapes were filmed with the help of prolific porn star Mr. Marcus. A multiple AVN, XBiz and XRCO award winner and star of more than 1800 adult films, the content is understandably hardcore.

Filmed in two parts, the first scene shows Stefans giving Mr. Marcus a blow job in a garden and runs to 26 minutes. The second part is 28 minutes long and shows her deepthroat skills before she gets fucked in multiple ways indoors.

Money Earned

There is no official confirmation of how much money Stefans earned for the release of these tapes.

Montana Fishburne


Daughter of the iconic and legendary Hollywood A-list actor, Laurence Fishburne, Montana is the archetypal celebrity wild child.

Aged just 18 when her first sex tape was released, it is thought that Montana was trying to emulate her hero Kim K and gain enough notoriety to launch a similar career. Sadly for Fishburne, the tapes did little for her and although they remain a great watch she has never really been able to use the exposure to her advantage.

The tapes remain an important lesson that there is more than just making porn to leverage a career like the Kardashians.

Ten years on from their release and (apparently) she and her dad have not managed to heal their relationship.


Montana’s first sex tape was released in 2010. She sold a second collection to Vivid called Lost Tapes which was released in 2018.


This two-part porno features Montana giving a white guy some head in an open-top car and then taking his load doggy-style over a motel room coffee table.

The second porno is even more fappable and shows yet another side to Montana as she begs to be taken anally.

The first video runs to around 67 minutes in length with the second Lost Tapes adding another 66 minutes to the collection.

Money Earned

There are no officially reported figures over what money Fishburne earned for selling her sex tapes but it is believed she took home a high-end five figure sum.

Tila Tequila


Born in Singapore to a family of Vietnamese boat people, Tila Tequila (real name Nguyễn Thị Thiên Thanh) was raised in Texas.

Known initially as one of the first social media personalities, Tequila was the most popular person on MySpace back in the day. Her huge fan following was capitalized upon when she signed up to become a reality TV star on MTV’s dating show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila (2007).

Already dabbling as a model with featured shoots in Playboy, Stuff and Maxim she also launched herself as a singer and writer as well as starring in further reality TV shows.

Her most notorious appearance came on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 when she was ejected from the house after just one day due to complaints around tweets she had made several years previously. The social media star had apparently expressed support for Adolf Hitler and aired her own white nationalist and antisemitic views.


Tequila has had two sets of sex video tapes released on Vivid; the first in 2011 and the second in 2013.


The first sex tape is a two-parter lasting over two hours.

In the first part Tequila is shown enjoying a lesbian fuck fest with one of her good friends, Kristina Rose whilst the second part welcomes a third hot woman into the mix, Charlie Laine.

The second sex tape is filmed in a Las Vegas motel room and comes in three parts totalling 80+ minutes. The scenes show Tequila sucking a huge white cock and getting banged anally.

Though she missed out on any awards with her first effort, the second tape Backdoored & Squirting won her a ‘porn Oscar’ at the 2013 AVNs

Money Earned

There are no official reports of what Tila Tequila earned from the release of her sex tapes.

Chuy Bravo

best vivid sex tapes celebrities chuy bravo
Image via Wikipedia.


Best known as the comic foil for Chelsea Handler on her late-night talk show Chelsea Lately, Chuy Bravo was a Mexican-American actor.

Just four foot tall, he has appeared in plenty of mainstream films as well as taking part in the celebrity reality TV competition Splash (2013).

Bravo sadly died of a heart attack aged 63 in December 2019.


Chuy Bravo released a series of scenes with Vivid Entertainment in 2014 under the title Chuy Bravo Porn Star.


Chuy Bravo Porn Star contains several scenes including an orgy with some busty babes, interracial sex and some extreme BBW action in a wrestling ring.

Running to a length of around 50 minutes, you get three main scenes with a treat as a finale with a hot Latin lady riding the excitable dwarf to an explosive climax.

Money Earned

There are no confirmed reports of what Bravo earned from his released films with Vivid.

Karissa Shannon

best vivid sex tapes celebrities karissa shannon
Images via Vivid Entertainment/IMDb.


One half of the Kristina and Karissa Shannon Playboy Playmate double act, the pair are most widely known for being part of the E! Network’s reality TV show The Girls Next Door (2010); a behind-the-scenes documentary on being one of Hugh Hefner’s ‘girlfriends’.

The pair have done quite a few appearances on the reality TV circuit including Celebrity Big Brother and Botched.

In 2019, the pair signed up with Brazzers to make a scene and have since starred in other titles for the studio.


In 2010, Karissa appeared in another celebrity sex tape made by the dating duo Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt but it was her own release Karissa Shannon Superstar the same year which was made by Vivid.


Available in four parts, the Shannon sex tapes are wild and steamy showing Karissa sucking off her boyfriend’s big black cock before getting fucked hard.

best vivid sex tapes celebrities karissa shannon porn movie
Image via Vivid Entertainment.

There are some really nice BDSM elements to this sex tape and Shannon is both paddled with a leather spanking crop and chained at the neck to go down on her BBC stud (actor, Sam Jones III).

Run time for all parts is over 110 minutes.

Money Earned

There are no official reports over what Jones and Shannon received from Vivid for the release of their sex tape.

Pam Anderson

best vivid sex tapes celebrities pamela anderson
Images via Wikimedia/Wikimedia.


Last up in our full list of the best Vivid celebrity sex tapes is someone whose leaked private home movies started this whole genre.

Though overshadowed by the whole Kim K scandal, the footage of ex-Baywatch star Pamela Anderson getting jiggy with her hubby Tommy Lee still remain the most infamous.


Leaked to the Internet Entertainment Group in 1995 after a tape was stolen from their home, Vivid has since released the video in 2010.

The story goes that an electrician working on the Lee/Anderson home was pretty pissed off at not being paid and was humiliated by Tommy Lee.

In an act of revenge, he decided to steal the couple’s home safe which included jewelry and guns as well as, wait for it, a private home movie.


The tapes are very grainy compared to the HD quality of more recent celebrity sex tapes and are far from professional in standard. That’s because these are authentic clips shot on home camera for personal use.

The behind-the-scenes footage of their pre-wedding and honeymoon adventures includes Pam giving Tommy a blowjob on board a yacht as well as full close-up shots of penetration.

In all the tapes run to around 54 minutes with just 8 minutes of sex.

Money Earned

The electrician who sold the tape could never have dreamed at how viral this video would become and in the course of just 12 months it is estimated that the footage netted $77 million!

Lee and Anderson have both denied that they have received any money from the tapes but were awarded a figure of $740,000 each by a court as settlement of infringement of privacy.

Vivid Sex Tapes: Honorable Mentions

And finally, a nod to a couple of ‘celebrity’ sex tapes which have caused a stir over the years.

The first of which was released by Brittney Jones; not a name you’ve got any reason to remember but she was the hot babe who reportedly had an affair with Ashton Kutcher whilst he was still married to Demi Moore.

The tape itself doesn’t feature Ashton and Jones simply cashed in on the cache which came with her claims at the time.

In a similar (but perhaps more high profile) story, Myla Sinanja has also released her own sex tape with Vivid.

Again, she’s not a name you’re likely to remember in her own right but she achieved quite a level of fame in her own right when she started dating Kris Humphries straight after he broke up with Kim Kardashian.

In 2013, Sinanja released a sex tape titled The Anti-Kim XXX. It didn’t feature Humphries but showed audiences why he became he enamored with the former hotel-employee.

And finally, a ‘celebrity’ who signed up with Vivid to bare all is Taylor Lianne Chandler, another name you won’t recognize as a star in her own right.

Back in 2014 she claimed to have be the former girlfriend of Olympic swimming champion, Michael Phelps.

Not such a big deal until you realize she was born intersex.

She claimed to have met him through Tinder and enjoyed several months romping with the athlete. A transgender activist, public speaker, author and model she made an exclusive adult movie with Vivid showing off her gender-bending talents with a Phelps look-alike.

Want to indulge in the sex tapes above?

Head on over to Vivid and sign up for full no-holds-barred access.


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