Best Adult VOD Sites: We Rank 12 Porn Streaming Services (Best to Worst)

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You can stream a lot of content on Netflix, but one thing you won’t find… is porn.

Thankfully, I have an alternative: adult VOD sites. These are video-on-demand platforms where you can stream porn movies from the world’s top adult studios. They might look like Netflix, but I can assure you, their X-rated content would melt your mama’s eyeballs.

The most popular porn streaming service is Adult Time, voted 2023 XBiz Studio of the Year, as well as AVN Pay Site of the Year in 2020 and 2021.

Adult Time offers the closest thing to a Netflix or HBO Max-style viewing experience — but for adult movies. With a user-friendly interface boasting over 60,000 full-length porn movies, many have called it the “future of the Porn On Demand industry.”

But, as I’ll show you below, this future is far from set in stone — Adult Time faces stiff competition from platforms like Bang!, Adult Empire and the female-targeted Bellesa Plus.

What Are The Best Porn Streaming Sites?

Best Adult VOD Sites

There are hundreds of sites where you can watch full-length porn movies, but the user experience normally sucks. I’m talking ads, low-quality videos, crappy interface. Who needs that in 2024?

What I really wanted to find was the true heir to that sexy title: “The Netflix of Porn.

On this list, you’ll find my selection of adult movie sites that are delivering a superior porn streaming service built for the modern consumer. Thanks to services like Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime, I have high expectations for monthly streaming subscriptions. Just because it’s porn, I’m not prepared to lower what I deem acceptable for my hard-earned moolah. And neither should you.

So, let’s get down to business. Here are my picks of the top adult streaming platforms in the world today, starting with the current benchmark and industry leader.

1. Adult Time

Adult Time VOD service

Adult Time has swept through the adult VOD space to become arguably the world’s most famous porn streaming service.

When we break things down, Adult Time is the closest thing you’ll find to a ‘Netflix of Porn’ — from the sleek user experience and its vast catalog of smut to the introduction of ‘Adult Time Originals’ in an episodic format. The site even looks distinctly like Netflix.

Since its launch in 2018, Adult Time has stacked up over 300 channels and 60,000 videos – not to mention an entire cabinet’s worth of industry awards, including a recent sweep of gongs at the 40th AVN Awards (Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Featurette, Best Niche Series, Most Outrageous Sex Scene).

One of my major bugbears with Adult VOD sites (as we’ll see below) is that many still look like DVD rental stores. But that’s not the case with Adult Time. It’s much more Netflix than Blockbuster, with satisfaction-driving algorithms helping you dip in (and out) of the hottest adult scenes.

When I signed up, it was suggested that I’d receive 8 new scenes daily. But on closer inspection, the platform is over-delivering: a quick look at the last seven days shows 93 videos have been added – around 13 per day. Some days have 12; others have 16 – all I know is that you’re getting far more new scenes here than promised.

Adult Time doesn’t just focus on quantity. It’s a heavyweight for quality, too.

Almost all uploads at AdultTime are available in at least 1080p – with 8,500+ also offered in 4K. As I made clear in my hands-on Adult Time review, I was really impressed with the streaming quality and overall download speeds. I put a 5 Gigabyte file to the test – pretty hefty – and it took just 1 minute and 12 seconds to download from start to finish. That’s insanely fast.

However, Adult Time’s success is mostly attributed to the fantastic content library. Since the company licenses a lot of content here, it shouldn’t surprise that they tend to cater to vanilla interests first and foremost. Most porn is either straight, hardcore or lesbian.

Two notable categories where Adult Time excels are parody porn and the trans-genre (check out Transfixed).

Get started with some of the hottest AdultTime content below:

You can sample the action with a 3-day trial, then switch between a monthly or annual subscription. For $19.95 per month, this is about as good as porn streaming gets.

2. Adult Empire (via Unlimited)

Adult Empire Unlimited

Adult Empire has over 165,000 high-quality porn movies on demand and 700,000+ scenes, making it one of the biggest adult VOD services in the world.

It’s also a bit of a Frankenstein mess, combining multiple different payment models in to a system that tries to appeal to both old-school porn consumers and modern porn streamers.

These days, I’d best describe Adult Empire as a hybrid porn streaming service.

It offers pay-per-minute pricing, as well as adult rentals and single download purchases. More importantly for us, theres the Unlimited subscription package, which gives bundled access to a crap top of porn with a single subscription. Now this is a very good deal.

Quite frankly, none of the rest is worth bothering with — unless you are some kind of financial masochist.

After all, how many people are actually paying for porn by the minute? I honestly think this site could do with dismantling its remnant pay-per-view model completely. It makes the rest of the service look like a dinosaur (AEBN is guilty, too).

What about the content though?

Adult Empire is currently sitting on a massive 1.25 million videos. To say this is a lot of porn is an understatement – rivals such as Adult Time only come in with around 60,000 videos, which is still a lot, but Adult Empire has 20 times the smut. It’s enough to defeat the most insatiable of sexual appetites.

Nearly all of the content comes from third party studios, and it’s mostly just exported from DVD releases and batched in to a massive online library. This has pros and cons. If you like searching out porn the old-school way, with a movie name, you can find it neatly ordered with its cover as the thumbnail.

If you prefer to rely on smart matching algorithms to point you towards more of the content you’ll like, Adult Empire is lacking the sizzle of an Adult Time or Bang. Big time.

Still, as winner of 12 AVN awards for Best Retail Website and the five-time consecutive winner for VOD Site of the Year (XBiz Awards), Adult Empire is one of the major players in this space. It might be creaking under the strain of divergent business models, but the library of content is unmatched.

Current pricing for Adult Empire Unlimited is $24.99 per month or $2.99 for a 2-day trial.

Read more in our full Adult Empire review.


Streaming porn on is another established porn network leaning heavily toward adult streaming model. With a slick interface and a raft of hardcore porn clips, there’s a lot to like about this service: especially the presence of A-list stars like Riley Reid, Alexis Crystal, Adriana Chechik, and Alexis Texas.

It’s moved five places up my list since our last update, thanks to an Originals section that is going from strength to strength.

Out of the big Netflix-style porn streaming services, Bang has the best quality and quantity: by quite a decent margin too. There are 1,470 original scenes in total under their exclusive category: most of them in 4K.

At my last check, the platform had a total of 139,301 scenes across the board. If we multiply that by the average running time (39 minutes and 5 seconds), you’re looking at a solid ten whole years of porn streaming — if you fap 24/7, every single day.

Even then, you’re not getting close to the full content library as Bang rolls out a really respectable 4-8 uploads every single day.

The quality is good, too. You can expect a regular supply of Ultra HD 4K porn movies, although there is nowhere near the variety of genres you’ll find on rivals like Adult Time. I toggled the 4K option and found a total of 6,200 videos available in 4K, which is around 5% of the total library.

While that’s a small percentage for 4K porn buffs, the starting library is so massive that I can’t be too critical. lets you download and keep the scenes you like. It’s lightning fast, too. I was able to download a 5.89 GB file in 93 seconds, with fluctuating speeds of between 60 MB/s and 80 MB/s. Admittedly, the AdultVisor internet connection is custom-built to test this kind of stuff at industrial capacity, but it’s still pretty impressive!

A monthly subscription on costs $19.95. You can pay $2 to trial the service for 2 days, but as I made clear in my full review (see below), the trial is a waste of time due to usage limits.

Read more in our full Bang review.

4. FapHouse

Faphouse porn streaming

FapHouse is a giant aggregator of the hottest premium porn sites. It features 733,433 porn videos from 9847 contributing studios, all bundled conveniently into one adult streaming subscription.

That’s not all, though. The platform is also home to FanClubs, a tacked-on creator community where you can pay for exclusive content from your favorite models.

It’s a weird concept, really…

Imagine if your Netflix subscription gave you access to a catalog of Hollywood stars, and then upsold subscriptions to their private content. The goal is obviously some kind of One Stop Shop for porn, but it leads to a somewhat chaotic interface.

While other adult VOD services are happy to brag about 5-10 new releases per day, FapHouse lays down one hell of a marker for content output. It has up to 600 unique videos per day!

This abundance of content is mainly down to the type of clips.

To be clear, these aren’t porn ‘movies’ as such. It’s a bit like browsing PornHub — a premium clip store. Clips typically range from 15 to 40 minutes, and you’ll choose them based on the thumbnail rather than any DVD artwork, just like you would on a porn site.

While the service is promoted as an affordable way to access content from some of the biggest porn studios, one thing to remember is that the videos from each studio are only a curated selection. Not the entire catalog.

For example, Private Society has 490 clips available. Kink has 138. Mylf has 472. By signing up through FapHouse, you can get up to 50% discounts on some of the biggest pay porn sites. But you can’t access their content through FapHouse’s $9.99 monthly deal — which is a shame. The marketing is kinda misleading.

Overall, FapHouse does a good job of combining premium VOD with its amateur clip store, but the company will need to come off the fence soon. Does it want to compete with AdultTime or OnlyFans?

Read more in our full FapHouse review.

5. Bellesa Plus

Bellesa Films subscription

Bellesa is a Montreal-based porn company that serves up the most famous example of a porn streaming service targeted squarely at women.

While Adult TIme also has plenty of porn made for women, Bellesa has really doubled down on this messaging with a clear focus on ‘ethical porn’, meaning:

  • Real tension
  • Chemistry and connection
  • No fake orgasms

I could tell they were serious as soon as I spotted the lack of ‘fisting’ and ‘milf’ categories. 😱

To be clear, these movies are beautifully shot. What you can expect inside is hinted at in the studio’s mission statement: “What would adult entertainment look like if it were created in the vision of a woman since day 1?

It’s not just movies, either. Some of their hottest content comes from the meta Bellesa House series, which interviews pornstars… before they get it on. It comes across more as more of a behind-the-scenes docu-series than actual porn, but it’s damn hot to watch. Other personal highlights are Bellesa House Party (a very adult take on Come Dine With Me) and Zero To Hero (an aspiring porn star banging his way to the top).

Bellesa is obviously proud to offer porn for women — but the gender focus is just a marketing gimmick, from what I can see. You don’t have to be female to appreciate the content. I say this as a guy, with a confirmed ballsack, who enjoyed what he saw.

As you’d expect with such a glossy artistic platform, the quality is good. Most scenes are filmed in Full HD (some are 4K). I began with a look at the latest Belle-produced scene: the stream defaulted to 720p, but I could manually switch to 1080p, 1440p and 4K. The inclusion of 1440p is relatively uncommon, but it’s a nice touch.

Regardless of where you stand on ethical porn (“But Simon, I prefer mine unethical with a VPN!“), Bellesa Plus does a lot of things right. It focuses on quality over quantity, successfully.

A monthly subscription on Bellesa Plus costs $19.99.

Read more in our full Bellesa Plus review.

6. AEBN (via X-Pass)


AEBN (Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network) touts its credentials as ‘The Leader in Video on Demand Since 1999’. The problem: it feels like its stuck there.

Don’t get me wrong, with a library of over 125,000 titles and reaching an audience of more than 150 million users each month, AEBN is an absolute powerhouse in the adult video-on-demand space.

XBIZ was voting AEBN as VOD Company of the Year as far back as 2006. They’ve won it a huge number of times since then, but as I alluded to at the very start of this guide: the adult VOD space is changing rapidly.

The issue I take with AEBN is that the site is conflicted by its previous business model — charging access per minute / per view — compared to the successful formula of tomorrow: a single subscription for full access.

Sites like Bang, Adult Time and Bellesa are seeing lightning growth from a basic understanding of the modern consumer expectations for a streaming service.

AEBN still wants you to pay per minute. Sure, this means you only pay for what you watch – no more, no less. But if I’m going to ‘buy minutes’ to spend on porn, it’s not very long until I’ve spent more money on a single clip than I could pay for access to tens of thousands of movies elsewhere.

The economics just won’t make sense in 2024.

To their credit, AEBN is trying to rectify the issue with X-Pass, their equivalent to Adult Empire’s Unlimited package.

X-Pass is a subscription-based service that operates closer to my personal preferences: the open-buffet model. Thirty days of bottomless porn binging for a single fixed price. Now we talking…

I was pleased to see 5,084 videos included in total at the time of my review. This breaks down into 24,445 scenes – so each DVD averages around five scenes. The site as a whole offers 125,000+ DVDs with 578,635 scenes: this means that X-Pass only gives you around 4.3% of their total catalog of media.

It’s a start, but it lags behind main competitor Adult Empire, which is why I’ve placed Adult Empire four places above AEBN in this list.

There’s potential for a monster porn streaming service at AEBN — but only if they make the bold decisions.

That means: bin off the pay-per-minute model, double down on a modern platform with a single monthly price point. If they focus on getting the other 95.7% of their content library synced to an open buffet, I’ll be right back at the dinner party.

Read more in our full AEBN review.

7. Adult Prime

Adult Prime studios

Adult Prime looks remarkably similar in branding and design to Adult Time, albeit slightly less polished. It offers a similar adult streaming experience from a smaller pool of European-based porn sites.

The site currently boasts 29.516 porn videos and an additional 28,892 photo sets. After digging around, it seems Adult Prime is another conglomerate-style platform that consolidates the movies and pics from a back library of porn sites under the same ownership.

A whole bunch of studios provide the content, with most clips coming from Club Sweethearts, Digital Desire or Jim Slip.

Several major third-party studios also contribute clips, including 21Sextury, Analized and Mr. Skin. For some reason, these additions are promoted as ‘Bonus Content,’ and it isn’t always easy to distinguish between the flagship content and the curated mixes from other more prominent brands.

While Adult Prime does a great job of importing its extensive back-library into a modern streaming platform, the quality of the clips varies massively from video to video. Some are 4K, others are 720p. You’d expect all of the newer releases to trend towards higher definition, but this isn’t always the case, making for a bit of a hit-and-miss experience.

Still, the $9.99 monthly subscription is the big sell here. It’s a cheap deal to access many popular European-based porn sites with a single pass.

8. Sugar Instant

Sugar Instant

Sugar Instant, previously known as SugarDVD, is an adult VOD platform that has been in the game since 2002. In those heady DVD-by-mail days, it was the biggest online adult DVD rental store.

When I checked out the homepage (see above), I couldn’t help but laugh. It sums up the predicament these legacy porn companies are facing.

Literally 50% of the homepage is shilling unlimited porn with a monthly membership, and the other 50% is offering pay as you go, like the good old days.

Times have changed, and Sugar Instant has joined the long list of porn DVD services that now focuses predominantly on porn streaming over the web. It does a pretty good job of it, too, but I think they’d do an even better job if they went all-in.

I digged a little deeper and found that it’s possible to physically rent porno through Sugar Instant – yep, you can get it sent to your house! The company offers a sizeable range of adult DVDs with same-day shipping. The real question is, why would you bother?

No, the big sell here is the monthly subscription, which packs in hot releases from studios like #LetsDoeIt, Penthouse, Prviact Society and more.

For a flat rate subscription of $9.99, Sugar Instant unlocks thousands of erotic titles featuring some of the biggest names in adult entertainment. There are 100,000+ movies in total.

Sugar Instant does a better job of showcasing its content archives than two of the other big legacy porn VODs (Adult Empire and AEBN). While we’re stuck with DVD cover art instead of live video thumbnails, you can at least hover over the covers to sample some of the action in a pop-up video player. The categories filtering works better, too.

9. Hot Movies

Best adult video on demand services hot movies

Hot Movies is another big player in the adult video on demand market, but it’s basically a reskinned version of Adult Empire with some tweaked titles here and there.

The site has operated since 2003 and works primarily on a Pay Per Minute model, although just like Adult Empire Unlimited, you can sign up for Hot Movies Select Unlimited to get a monthly bundle deal. Same price, same content, same everything really.

One thing I like about Hot Movies is it boasts one of the largest collections of adult movies from the golden age of porn. So, if you’re into the classics, you’re in for a treat. It’s like stepping into a time machine, only this one is filled with risqué nostalgia and hot-totty from yesteryear.

Notably, there is also a good selection of foreign language films, including Czech, Japanese, French, Swedish, and even some Hebrew pornos.

I’d recommend a search through their AVN Top 500 to find some of their best content. All of the films are well-tagged, but the content matching algorithms are nowhere near as sophisticated as on Adult Time or Bang. You kinda have to know what you’re searching for, or be willing to click endlessly through reels of DVD covers that show very little about the content inside.

Imagine stepping inside Blockbuster and trying to find a specific movie scene based on a sea of cover art and movie titles. It’s not exactly intuitive.

Prices vary by film, but minutes come in packages that start from $9.95 for 69 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for the Select Unlimited monthly membership for $24.95, which gives you 270 minutes per month (310 in the first month) plus reward points, free clips and additional bonuses. New users currently get 20 minutes free.

10. Game Link

Best adult video on demand services game link

Game Link is a three-time winner of the XBiz award for VOD Site of the Year. Don’t get too excited though, this is one of many VOD sites that taps in to the huge Adult Empire database.

The site has over 165,000 movies, ranging from vintage titles to the latest HD, interactive, UHD and VR movies.

While this collection might seem expansive, it’s not quite as polished as the options on Adult Time. However, the content is sourced from various top studios (under the Adult Empire banner), so you can still access some high-quality movies.

One familiar downside of Game Link is the website interface. The design feels somewhat dated, lacking the sleekness you’ll find on Adult Time. Searching for specific titles or categories can sometimes be a hassle due to its less intuitive categorization and search system.

Oh, and did I mention that I hate the pay-per-minute model?

It’s back in force here:

  • 10 minutes – $2.95
  • 30 minutes – $5.95
  • 60 Minutes – $8.95
  • 120 Minutes – $14.95
  • 200 minutes – $19.95
  • 300 minutes – $29.95
  • 500 minutes – $49.95
  • 1000 minutes – $89.95
  • 3000 minutes – $249.95

Like many other pay-per-minute porn services, Game Link is moving towards a subscription-based model. It’s basically just rebranding the Adult Empire Unlimited offering.

Here’s the thing, though: the persistence on keeping minute based pricing makes for a less-than-perfect browsing experience. When you’re a paid subscriber, it’s not always obvious which movies are included (or not included) as part of your package.

Not to beat a dead horse here, but randomly being told you can’t watch a certain scene without “buying more minutes” is a great way to p— off your customers. It’s jarring.

11. Video Box

Best adult video on demand services videobox

Video Box positions itself as an affordable adult streaming service, offering a slightly different business model to its peers. Adult movies on Video Box are available to watch for a flat-rate monthly membership fee of $15.

It has less of the modern gloss and finesse that you’ll find on Adult Time, Bellesa, and Bang but also less of the faff and bloat that you’ll have to wade through on Adult Empire or AEBN.

As of December 2023, they have 15,537 movies to stream online, covering 90 categories. That breaks down to:

  • 80,452 scenes
  • 238,843 clips
  • 12,998 porn stars
  • 552 studios

My issue with this site is the poor presentation, and the dwindling supply of fresh content. I’ve seen multiple reports of the company deleting content only to add it back as ‘new’ updates. While I can’t prove or disprove those claims, you only need to take a look at the homepage to appreciate that this site is stuck in the past.

The thumbnails are tiny and don’t do much to lure you in. So unless you have a specific title in mind, it’s not the sort of platform where the auto-play thumbnail teaser of a filthy new release will draw you in.

The interface feels old and dated, a far cry from the modern glitzy platforms we’re seeing at the top-end of the market.

$15 might sound cheap, but if you’re going to drop $15 on a porn site, you might as well spend five more dollars to access Adult Time — a platform that is significantly better on every conceivable metric.

12. Hustler VOD

Best adult video on demand services hustler VOD

Finally, we have Hustler VOD, a porn streaming service from FlyntDigital.

Larry Flynt launched the Hustler magazine back in the 1970s. Since then, the brand has branched out to multiple other ventures. From strip clubs and casinos to retail stores and other porn publications, Hustler is a trusted brand name for quality adult entertainment.

Unfortunately, the VOD service is a mixed bag. And I’m being generous.

I’ve had to drop it several places for neglecting a HTTPS security certificate, a mind-boggling omission for any self-respecting VOD service. It appears the site has fixed it since my last update, but it shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.

If we look beyond basic site functionality, Hustler VOD has a big problem: it lacks any kind of monthly subscription. I get it. These old VOD platforms don’t want to move with the times. They want to stay stuck in a past where consumers would happily hand over money for that blue movie fix every Saturday night.

It’s just not a competitive offering as we steam into 2024. Consumers expect value for money. And ‘renting a porn stream for 48 hours‘ for $10+ is awful value, period.

A far bigger slap in the face is the BS ‘pay-per-minute’ system where some minutes are charged double. If you want to watch one of the more recent releases, for example, you’ll need to pay 2x minutes for the luxury. So if you’ve purchased 30 minutes, you can only watch 15.

Sorry… but no. Minutes should mean minutes. Any attempt to gouge more cash by changing the meaning of a minute is just lame.

As for the content library, I can’t complain about the selection of movies on offer. From retro porn in the 1960s and 1970s to brand-new releases in 4K, HD and VR, there are over 92,000 films to choose from in total.

Hustler VOD is not short on content. The issue is value. Your money goes further elsewhere.

That wraps up our guide to the hottest Porn On Demand. Do you have a favorite adult movie streaming site that we haven’t included on our list?

Let us know your favorites.


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