FapHouse Review: Premium Porn Aggregator… and Amateur Porn Marketplace?

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FapHouse is trying to disrupt the porn space. Launched in 2021, this fast-growing porn aggregator has amassed over 733,433 videos from 9,847 porn studios – many of them available in a single subscription.

Most adult platforms offer a familiar package: sign up, get a bunch of videos from a single studio, and that’s that. FapHouse aims for bigger and better. They’ve built up an impressive network with original content, licensed material and OnlyFans-style creator features so that those publishing their own smut can broadcast it to the masses.

If you appreciate a buffet-style approach to adult content consumption, this is the spot for you. FapHouse also has a decent creator outlet area, perfect for spying candid pics and videos from some of the hottest amateur models.

In our FapHouse review below, we take a deep dive into one of the web’s fastest-growing porn collections. How does it stack up in 2023? 

FapHouse Review

Faphouse Review

What Type of Porn Can I Watch on FapHouse?

Lots of sites have decently sized archives – FapHouse isn’t just decent, it’s monolithic.

By our count, you can access over 700,000 videos – that’s right, over half a million uploads. Not only that but hundreds of new scenes are being added on a daily basis. We did the math for the last 24 hours, and it turns out that even if you watched every scene back to back 24/7 – you wouldn’t have enough time in the day to keep up.

Looking at the genres here – there’s something for everyone, and we really do mean that. Since FapHouse combines works from professional studios that it has licensed alongside originals and home-creator media, you’ve got a mixed bag of smut to cater to all tastes and desires.

If we look at the last 24 hours of uploads alone, here’s what we saw: a skinny blonde in bondage being massaged, a busty ebony getting ass fucked, two Asian girls worshipping a white guy in a hotel room and a barely legal tattooed brat squirting on her step daddy’s dick.

Even if your tastes are highly unique, FapHouse is renowned for its fetish content. Example: we searched for the keyword ‘midget’ and were presented with over 600 videos. These are genuine midget videos, too – not just videos that somehow had the keyword in the title or description.

We did the same with ‘balloon’ and came across 700 clips: suffice to say, you’re going to get whatever you want here, even if your tastes are off the beaten path.

FapHouse does have an original content arm, but it’s not the main selling point of their platform. There aren’t many videos here at all, and most of the value comes from third-party studios and homebrew goodness cooked up by creators worldwide.

There’s a certain appeal that comes with this style of media, and there are hundreds of solo performers – and couples – who have made FapHouse their primary outlet for their homemade porn.

Top Models, Creators and Porn Categories

Faphouse models and creators

Of the top 50 creators on the platform, notable creators include Forest Whore, Rachel Steele, Goddess Lena, Squirt Stepsisters and Brandi Braids. 

There’s also a couple named Hansel & Grettel who are incredibly popular – they have over 80 videos on FapHouse, a mix of fast and furious homemade porn in 4K HD that’ll get your blood pumping: we wanted to hit the gym and train immediately. 

The homemade material at FapHouse is rich in its variety, from solo photo sets to couples fucking. Vanilla or kinky, there’s something for everyone.

Over on the licensed material side, many studios provide good, high-quality action to FapHouse. The bigger names that you might be familiar with include Team Skeet, Nubile Films, New Sensations and Pure Taboo.

Studios only provide a portion of their library to FapHouse – although it’s nothing to scoff at. For a sense of scale here, Team Skeet has 1,200 scenes, Fit 18 has 52 and JAV Amateur has 244. There are 1,000+ studios archived on the platform.

When browsing the studios, FapHouse has a sidebar for convenient niche navigation. Got a thing for Thai girls and Japanese cuties? Then hit up the ‘Asian’ category. Perhaps you’re more into group sex? Well – ‘gangbang’ is for you. Other categories include teen, BBW, lesbian, pregnant, massage and more.

Overall User Experience on FapHouse

Faphouse Originals

Navigation is important: especially since you might only have one hand available for getting around FapHouse. 

Thankfully, since FapHouse is relatively new to the game – they’ve got a modern layout that does a good job of surfacing new videos you might like, or keeping you hooked with more scenes from your favorites.

We appreciate the sorting options provided on the main video archive pages: you can organize scenes based on their upload date or popularity, plus each individual studio has a tag collection, so if you only want to see Team Skeet’s POV uploads or outdoor scenes, you can. Professional studios have their content tagged well – even down to keywords such as ‘daddy’, ‘pantyhose’, ‘tan girls’ and ‘redhead’.

You can also use the search feature at the top of the website navigation pane and specify exactly what you’re looking for. These include the quality of the scene (three options: SD, HD and 4K), whether it’s a studio or creator release, the scene length and the access model. 

They also provide some suggested studios for your chosen keywords, using clever algorithms to serve up more of the porn you love. 

How Does FapHouse Work On Mobile Devices?

Faphouse on Mobile

FapHouse’s mobile experience is more than sufficient for those who like to watch adult content on their handhelds. 

The mobile site loads fast on both Android and iOS phones. Thumbnails are presented in large glossy blocks with minimal clutter. If you hover over the thumbnail, it triggers a live preview of the clip, making it easy to sift through multiple previews and find something you like. 

Click through to a video and there are, thankfully, no annoying popups or screen-hogging display ads to battle through, which helps to keep accidental clicks to a minimum. Some videos have an overlay promo banner encouraging you to join for the full video, but it’s not instrusive and easily closed. 

There is no standalone app for Faphouse, and don’t expect to find one anytime soon. Neither Apple or Google’s app stores permit adult content, and let’s face it: if you’re not here for the porn…

One neat touch is the mobile site synchronizes your favorites and browsing suggestions between devices, so you can easily pick up where you left off if you switch between desktop and mobile.

Streaming and Download Quality

FapHouse’s relies on studio partners for much of its content, which means it is never going to boast the same consistency of high-definition movies as a single major studio like Brazzers or Vixen.

The archives include content produced from way back in the day, so for some scenes, all you’ll be able to access are 480p and 720p uploads.

Thankfully, these are few and far between, and almost all adult scenes from the last decade are available in 1080p – at a minimum. FapHouse does offer some 4K scenes, and we were impressed at the consistency of newer releases. If we take the last 24 hour period, around 50% of the latest videos are in 4K, which is an impressive ratio given how much porn FapHouse is publishing.

The streaming experience is sufficient, and we encountered no issues: the videos load up seamlessly, and you can scrub through the time bar with minimal disruption or buffering. It’s on par with YouTube in terms of skipping ahead – which, when you’re trying to beat your meat, is a great thing indeed.

Videos can be downloaded and you’ll be offered a variety of formats – even as low as 240p if you’re really struggling with bandwidth or have a data cap.

FapHouse’s bitrate is decent across the board. There’s a big difference between a 1080p video at 4 Mb/s and 10 Mb/s, particularly if you want to capture every last bead of sweat. FapHouse bitrates are on par with what we’d expect from a modern porn site, but the quality can vary dramatically given the mix of amateur creators and studios with differing standards.

Live Cams by FapHouse Live

Faphouse Live

You’ll notice that FapHouse has a ‘Live‘ link at the top of their site. This takes you to FapHouse Live, a separate platform with over 7000 models streaming live on webcam.

In case you were wondering whether FapHouse had its own highly-successful webcam business… it doesn’t.

FapHouse Live is a white-label that syndicates cam shows from Strip Chat, one of the world’s premier camming platforms. It might look like it is part of FapHouse, but you’re basically just visiting a freshly-skinned version of StripChat — a carbon copy of the relationship between XHamster and XHamsterLive, for example.

How Does Pricing Work on FapHouse?

This is where things get a little complicated!

Most adult websites run on a standard premium model: you pay a subscription fee, and you get full access to their archive of content. FapHouse does have this as an option – cough up a few bucks a month, and you’ll find a vast quantity of smut waiting for you on the other side.

The current pricing on Faphouse is listed below:

  • One month: $11.99 per month
  • Three months: $9.99 per month (billed as $29.97)
  • 12 months: $7.99 per month (billed as $95.88)

However, there are upsells in two distinct forms: pay-per-clip and creator subscriptions.

Buying Amateur Porn on FapHouse

Pay per clip requires you to buy a batch of tokens that you then use to purchase individual uploads that creators have put onto the platform.

Creator subscriptions are just like OnlyFans: you’ll get full access to their material, but you must pay monthly. Price points are set by the creators but range from $5 to $15 per month in most instances.

When you buy tokens, you get a discount that scales with the number you purchase. In other words, the more you buy, the cheaper the videos.

Models set the price of videos, and most are around 100 to 200 tokens per scene (expect to pay around $10 per video). Once you buy a video, it’s yours for life – you’re able to download it, too.

Models are directly compensated for the scenes they sell, so whatever you buy goes directly in to the pockets of the creators you love.

Buying a Porn Subscription on Faphouse

Most of the licensed studio content on FapHouse is available with the standard ‘Gold’ membership.

If you want to pay a singular monthly subscription fee and nothing else – you’ll get access to around 380,000 of the 700,000 uploads on the site.

In addition, there are around 100,000 professional scenes that are pay-per-download. These are quite a bit cheaper than the creator uploads: you’re looking at about $5 per scene for pro-shot porn.

How Do Fanclubs Work on FapHouse?

Faphouse Fan Clubs

FanClubs are monthly subscriptions for users who want to show some love to their favorite models. For extra cash, you get access to private videos and photo sets that aren’t included with a standard subscription.

Creators can setup a fan club on FapHouse, which functions similarly to OnlyFans. These are typically provided by couples and performers regularly uploading and sharing material. Your monthly subscription fee incentivizes them to continue to create content, acting as a form of predictable income (and motivation!).

Note that most of the amateur content on FapHouse is video-focused, but models also sometimes share photo sets alongside their scenes.

You can message the various creators on FapHouse – and most are pretty responsive. For models, it’s a great way to keep their fans engaged, waiting for that next video drop. For fans, it’s a chance to strike up a connection with the primary contributor to your Wank Bank.

Will you be able to secure a hot girlfriend via this feature? Probably not, but we’re sure that won’t stop some of you from trying.

Some creators actually have a portion of their content available on the standard FapHouse platform too. Hansel & Grettel seem to go half and half: you’ll get 50% of what they have with just a standard membership but can get the rest for $10 per month.

Creators set their own prices with a cap set at $34.99/month (or $209.99/year) – most charge considerably less. Some offer steep discounts if you buy a year in advance. Word of warning: there’s no guarantee that an amateur model will still be churning out content in twelve months time. Buyer beware!

FapHouse Payment Options

FapHouse has a decent selection of payment options available, including:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • PaySafe Card
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Altcoin)

If you decide to pay with a card, FapHouse charges it simply as ‘Epoch‘, so if anyone else looks at your monthly statement – well, there’s a level of obfuscation there.

FapHouse Alternatives, Rivals and Competitors

How does FapHouse stack up against its rivals? 

Well, firstly, they’re killing it when it comes to the volume of movies. There are other platforms that operate a similar model to FapHouse: licensed material from third-party studios distributed as adult video-on-demand. But not many can match the 700,000+ videos on FapHouse.

AdultTime is considered one of the best subscriptions for accessing multiple studios in one place. It has 300 porn channels and 55,000 videos from some of the top studios in the world — that’s considerably less content than FapHouse, but the quality is top-notch. It’s known as the Netflix of Porn for good reason.

Adult Time VOD service

Of course, if you enjoy the studio content on FapHouse, there’s no reason why you won’t also love the mega pay porn sites with huge archives and multiple affiliated studios – BangBros, Brazzers and Reality Kings. They’re not quite the same in their distribution model, but similar enough that if your mentality is “I want as much HD porn as possible,” you’ll be coming away satisfied. 

As for the creator arm of FapHouse: OnlyFans is its most obvious rival. The London-based subscription service is the 7th most visited adult website in the world. It has enormous brand equity with amateur models, meaning most creators will choose OnlyFans long before they consider FapHouse. 

While FapHouse has far fewer content creators, it generally fares better when it comes to pricing. OnlyFans is also a little more softcore as a platform. FapHouse pulls no punches. This is a fully-fledged porn site and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. There is more hardcore content per capita here on FapHouse. 

It still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with OnlyFans.

Faphouse Review: Our Verdict

FapHouse is fighting to stand out in a crowded market, on two fronts — as a destination for amateur creator videos, and as a conventional porn streaming service. The platform has made some impressive moves and built out a solid content library in a short space of time. 

Their regular update schedule is sublime and they seem to constantly expand and find new producers to work with. A library topping 700,000+ videos in just two years is seriously impressive.

Not everybody is a fan of the pay-per-view model, though, and it feels a little ’tacked on’ to FapHouse. Many users expect the full works when they pay a monthly subscription, and that’s simply not the case here.

We’re left wondering — is FapHouse trying to compete with AdultTime or OnlyFans? It might be able to compete with one or the other, but it won’t be easy to compete with both.

Still, this all-inclusive porn platform offers a mixture of amateur and professional flicks across every erotic genre under the sun. If you want a hybrid service offering both quantity and quality – FapHouse is the clip-store that has it all. Check it out at Faphouse.com.


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