Adult Time Review: The Award-Winning Site Dubbed “Netflix of Porn”

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Looking for a premium porn streaming service that combines high-end adult productions with the convenience of a platform like Netflix?

Adult Time could be exactly what you were looking for.

The way we watch mainstream entertainment has been rapidly changing over the last decade. Audiences are now used to streaming the content they want, on-demand.

Even Hollywood no longer expects to release movies in outdated cinema formats, with A-listers now regularly working with streaming platforms like Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime. The adult industry has to evolve to avoid getting left in the dust, and that’s exactly what has been happening.

The porn industry is following suit and glossy platforms like Adult Time are at the forefront of a new wave of Netflix-style streaming. The premise is simple: premium XXX content from a wide range or studios all available to stream under a single subscription. But it’s the execution that sets Adult Time apart…

In this Adult Time review, we take a closer look at one of the top adult content streaming platforms. We find out what kind of premium porn flicks you can watch, and how much it costs.

Let’s get started!

Why Is Adult Time Growing So Fast?

Adult Time review

In a world saturated with adult content, finding a platform that stands out from the crowd can be a real challenge. Enter AdultTime, the adult streaming platform that’s growing at an unprecedented rate and rapidly becoming a household name.

Adult Time is an adult subscription streaming service offering a similar kind of format to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max.

The difference here is that instead of mainstream and blockbuster movies… you get porno films.

Not just any porno films, either. Adult Time is becoming something of a well-oiled award winning machine. The company regular sweeps the annual accolades of Xbiz and AVN. The company has mirrored the Netflix business model of onboarding high-quality porn producers, and interspersing the content with original series that are designed for binge-viewing.

The platform is a glossy showcase of HD porn movies, often characterised by story-driven narratives that break the mould of what we expect in an adult movie.

A Seriously Impressive Content Library

Adult Time is considered one of the more comprehensive adult video-on-demand sites, offering 300 channels with more than 55,000 episodes available to watch and promising more than 8 new releases daily.

Not only do they offer top titles from some of the biggest premium porn studios but they are also filming and producing their own original content.

With more of us trapped in our own homes with little else to do but watch porn, the 2020s have been the perfect launchpad for Adult Time’s innovative business model. The site has won over 30 industry awards for its fledgling platform, notably including AVN Movie of the Year for their own production of Teenage Lesbian. The coveted trophy was also the first to be awarded to an LGBTQ film with the title also picking up several other AVNs including:

  • Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene
  • Best Non-Sex Performance
  • Best All-Girl Narrative Production

But it wasn’t just their lesbian content which got them industry attention. The studio team has also been busy bringing home the goodies with awards for Best Leading Actor (Seth Gamble, Perspective), Best Leading Actress (Angela White, Perspective) and Best Dramatic Screenplay (Bree Mills, Perspective).

porn on adult time site

Of course, the wider porn-on-demand market is hotly contested and Adult Time is not the only site vying to claim the crown of porn streaming king.

Platforms like AEBN and Adult Empire offer significantly larger content libraries, built around their licensing agreements from having skin in the game since the 1990s.

But where Adult Time excels is in quality over quantity.

Each Adult Time production is ultra high-quality, 4K HD, and treated with the same care that Netflix pays to its Originals. The shows are often episodic and designed to get you hooked. Sure, the platform might not be able to boast the 700,000 clips that are present on sites like Adult Empire — but you’re never going to watch that much porn in the first place.

Adult Time is highly selective in the studios that it chooses to work with. This results in a sleeker and more immersive viewing experience. You won’t find many duds on the platform. And once the platform works out what you like, it does a mighty fine job of putting more of it in front of you.

That’s the way the rest of consumed media is heading, and we feel Adult Time is finely placed to take full advantage in 2023 and beyond. So much so that we’ve placed it at #1 on our list of the best paid porn sites.

Porn Done Differently: Style Meets Substance

Launched in 2018 and reaching audiences in excess of two million users per month, Adult Time was created by the award-winning filmmaker (and Chief Creative Officer) Bree Mills.

Known for her female-friendly, alt-sex and LGBTQ titles, Mills has won several major awards including XBiz Director of the Year 2018, XRCO Best Director 2018 and XBiz Studio of the Year 2019.

Bree Mills from Adult Time

She is also highly regarded for her championing of ethical porn production and Adult Time (as a studio) is committed to creating all-inclusive content that is produced with high sustainable standards.

Her entrepreneurial brainchild, Adult Films, has been dubbed the Netflix of Porn and was created specifically for a mature audience who want:

  • Premium Porn Content
  • Creative and original series
  • Safe and secure adult movie streaming
  • Ethically produced adult videos

What Can You Watch on Adult Time?

The company is actually a part of the Canadian Gamma Entertainment stable which operates its own production studios. Some of these you will instantly recognise:

  • Devil’s Film
  • Burning Angel
  • 21Sextury
  • Fantasy Massage
  • PureTaboo
  • Rocco Siffredi
  • Evil Angel

For more: Check out our full pick of the 10 top Adult Time channels and 10 hottest Adult Time scenes.

studios at adulttime netflix of porn

The company also owns and operates many popular brands of premium porn sites such as TS Playground, All Girl Massage and Le Wood.

In total, there are more than 150 branded porn sites with links to Gamma Entertainment, many of which cover some niche and fetish content whilst others are among the ‘big guns’ of the porn industry.

In addition to their own studios and labels, Adult Time also works with plenty of other adult content studios to offer a comprehensive choice of adult movies. Some of these are independent and small-scale producers.

In total, and across the whole range of 300+ channels, you get access to more than 55,000 high-quality and full-length premium porn scenes covering genres as mainstream as mature, lesbian and teen through to fetish interest, like: BDSM, gaping, enemas and taboo step-family porn.

There’s also a great range of parody porn films included with your subscription and these are as up to date as you would expect with recent releases including Cougar Queen (a parody of the Netflix Tiger King title), Teen Witch (a parody of Sabrina) and Sweet Sally Mae (an homage to the exploitation movies of the 1970s).

content on adult time

Softcore and sensuous material can be found alongside erotic fetish movies, as well as no-holds-barred hardcore rough sex. It helps that most titles feature some of the hottest names in the industry.

Featured porn stars range from legends like Peter North, Nacho Vidal, Sunny Leone and Joey Silvera through to up and coming starlets and popular go-to porn favorites.

More recently, Tommy Pistol was a big winner at the 2023 AVN Awards for his role in The Bargain.

As you’d expect from Bree Mills and those folks at Gamma Entertainment, there is a good deal of LGBTQ, gender-fluid and alt-sex content. If you have any queer and all-inclusive porn desires, rest assured, those will be sated! Transfixed is a particular highlight.

On top of all this, you will also find some hentai-based content with the Hentai Sex School collection.

More recently, the company has also begun adding interactive porn videos to their library – with 250 titles at launch, and an extra 20-40 titles added each month.

We’ll keep an eye on this space!

Exclusive Adult Time Series

Just like Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Netflix, Adult Time creates its own original branded content.

adult time original series review

These series are great quality productions which have already been winning plenty of industry awards and are not ‘fillers’ simply there to bulk up their library.

Released regularly, the Adult Time Presents series cover a wide range of genres but are often more focused on LGBTQ, fetish and alt-sex themes.

Popular Originals include:

  • Girls Under Arrest
  • Shape of Beauty
  • Transfixed
  • Hentai Sex School
  • Perspective
  • Sister Trick
  • Mommy’s Boy
  • Lady Gonzo
  • Naked Yoga Life
  • Age and Beauty
  • Caught Fapping
  • Poly Family Life

The company is really doubling down on their original programming. The great news is that you can access it all through a single monthly subscription.

Adult Time on Roku & Chromecast

All of the movies available on Adult Time can be streamed using mobiles, tablet and desktop devices, but what if you fancy streaming your adult content on a big TV using a Roku device or Chromecast?

Well, now you can.

Whilst you can’t actually download the direct content collection of Adult Time on Roku, you can add it to your device using your computer or phone, and even use Chromecast.

With the exceptional production quality, Adult Time’s library is a great fit for watching on TV. Just remember to close the door behind you!

Watch What’s Coming

Adult Time handily produces a monthly video detailing all of the new releases to hit their site via their YouTube channel.

Running to around two minutes, you get to see a trailer of some of the best titles to watch each month. This is a great way to check out what’s hot so you never miss the best new porn movies..

How Much is an Adult Time Subscription?

There are three types of subscription on Adult Time:

  • 30 Day Streaming Only – $19.95
  • 60 Day Streaming and Downloads – $49.90
  • Annual Streaming and Downloads – $95.40

You can also pick up a free seven day trial for Adult Time by registering an account and setting up a pre-pay agreement for a monthly membership. If you want to cancel this at any time during the first week, then you can do so easily and you won’t get charged.

One common concern we see is how the billing will look on your credit card statement.

Most of us are fine with ‘NETFLIX’ appearing in our monthly outgoings, but a premium porn subscription? Okay, that’s going to raise some eyebrows.

Worry not! Neither the site name, nor anything at all to do with the content of the site is mentioned on your credit-card bills. (Source: Billing FAQs)

Adult Time Review: Adult VOD That Outshines The Rest

When Netflix first burst onto the scene, it took some time for viewers to grasp the allure of the service, starting with a modest content library. Fast forward to today, and AdultTime has emerged as the adult entertainment equivalent, hitting the ground running without any initial hiccups.

Thanks to its parent company, Gamma Entertainment, a titan in the adult industry, AdultTime launched with an enormous and captivating collection of adult films. This top-tier platform guarantees access to the finest titles, featuring well-known actors and high-quality content that’s a cut above the rest.

AdultTime offers an exceptional viewing experience, with most content filmed in HD and showcasing the latest releases from their vast array of studios. As a premium subscription service, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with mainstream giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, even allowing members to download movies for offline viewing.

AdultTime adult VOD service

The platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced algorithm curate personalized playlists based on your viewing history.

This standout feature ensures you make the most of your subscription and enjoy an endless array of handpicked content that caters to your tastes.

When it comes to pricing, AdultTime offers unbeatable value compared to other premium adult site memberships, providing access to an extensive library without breaking the bank. The platform’s ease of use and intuitive navigation make it a pleasure to explore, with features such as ‘Add to Favorites,’ interactive comments, and ratings to enhance your experience.

In a rare instance for us at RLN, we couldn’t find any flaws in AdultTime. It’s simply the best adult streaming site for your money, catering to a wide array of interests and kinks — but always in style.

So, why not ditch the Netflix and chill for a more tantalizing experience? It’s time to indulge in some quality AdultTime!

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All featured images in our Adult Time review come via their website.


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