Adult Time Review: The Award-Winning Site Dubbed “Netflix of Porn”

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Adult Time describes itself as ‘porn done differently‘: their pitch is that alongside licensed material from third-party studios, they also have exclusive original material mixed in for good measure.

Numbers are the selling point for this porn streaming platform: they have over 400 channels and 60,000 scenes for you to watch.

Although the old-school paysite model is alive and well, some entrepreneurs have decided that there’s a market for premium quality content presented in a modern Netflix-style environment. Adult Time is one such spot that brings this idea to porn fans: as much premium porn as you can handle, for a single monthly subscription.

With support for interactive sex toys and virtual reality, we think AdultTime is a breath of fresh air in an industry that hasn’t had much innovation in the last decade. We took out a premium subscription, so let’s see how the site stacks up in our full Adult Time review.

Adult Time Review: An Adult Netflix For Porn Streaming

Adult Time Review

Adult Time ( is an adult streaming service offering a similar format to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max. 

The difference here is that instead of mainstream and blockbuster movies… you get porno films.

Even Hollywood no longer expects to release movies in outdated cinema formats, with A-listers now regularly working with streaming platforms like Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The adult industry has to evolve to avoid getting left in the dust, and that’s exactly what has been happening across many of the top paid porn sites.

Platforms like Adult Time are at the forefront of this new wave of Netflix-style streaming. The premise is simple: premium XXX content from a wide range of studios, all available to stream under a single subscription. 

First Impressions

Signing up took a little longer than we would have liked – after entering our card details, it took around a minute for the transaction to go through. As soon as you’re a member, you’ll be prompted to play with a few sliders to tell the platform what it is that you’re interested in.

Adult Time viewing preferences

This is a nice feature: you can easily change it once inside too. We also noticed that they have additional functionality to hide specific categories, channels and even actors. Is there a pornstar that you absolutely hate watching or even seeing? Well, AdultTime allows you to completely remove them!

Quite a niche feature, but it might have some utility.

The homepage of the member’s area displays recommended scenes, the latest uploads, upcoming videos and a few other segments – along with some pornstars that you might want to check out.

Note that AdultTime shows you the latest releases across all of the channels they manage – not just their exclusive projects. The tour suggested that you get 8 new scenes on a daily basis: a quick look at the last 7 days shows a total of 93 videos have been added – this is around 13 on a daily basis.

Some days have 12; others have 16 – all we know for sure is that you’re getting far more new scenes here than you’re actually promised. Under-promise, over-deliver. We like that.


AdultTime does have exclusive releases (scenes produced in-house), but it also licenses material from other studios. This means that, technically, you’re getting access to paysite content from other destinations. A lot of well-known outlets contribute to AdultTime’s total content pool. Names that you might be familiar with include the likes of Bratty Sis, Nubile Films, All Girl Massage, Pure Taboo and Tushy.

Channels have different quantities of contributed material: some provide you with a huge part of their catalog, whereas others only seem to offer a fraction of their library. For example, Burning Angel has 1,500 videos here – this is their full archive. Grooby has contributed 122 scenes, but the original website has over 6,000.

Adult Time studios

In total, Adult Time has 408 studios with full releases – including some originals that they’ve published. The biggest source of content here is Fame Digital, with over 16,000 scenes. That’s a lot of porn!

We have a separate guide to the hottest Adult Time channels, so start there if you’re feeling a little lost.



Conveniently, AdultTime displays the total number of videos they currently host: it’s 61,861 as of December 2023.

With these types of platforms, you can sometimes have studios that only offer part of the scenes they have: looking at the average lengths here, it doesn’t seem to be the case with AdultTime. We took a sample of the latest 24 videos and found an average length of 37 minutes and 21 seconds.

Some movies here can be upwards of an hour in length, but they typically sit between 30 and 40 minutes.

AdultTime also has additional filtering based on length, so if you’re someone who appreciates lengthy productions, you can choose to filter out anything below various length bands:

Adult Time scene length filtering - a nice touch


Since different studios have different resolutions, bitrates and camera equipment, it’s not easy to talk about AdultTime’s content pool without quite a few caveats. Thankfully, they’ve made our job slightly easier with raw numbers in terms of filtering. Almost all uploads at AdultTime are available in at least 1080p – with 8,500+ also offered in 4K.

A few scenes here are also offered in exotic formats, such as 2K, 1440p and 1920p. It’s pretty cool to see AdultTime embracing qualities beyond 4K, too: there are scenes here in 6K and even 8K, but only 200 in total.

Still, if you’re someone that has a monitor capable of taking advantage of ultra-high-end smut, it’s pretty awesome. Maybe those guys who run the Sphere in Las Vegas could take a look here? Just a thought.

You can stream in a quality up to 4K: if you want to go beyond that, you’ll have to download the scene.

Bitrates do vary across uploads, but a fairly recent video offered in 1080p came in at 2.5 Mb/s, with the 4K download clocking 15 Mb/s.

Download Speed

We were really impressed with the download speed offered by AdultTime.

Our team is lucky enough to have access to a corporate grade 1 Gb/s connection: you can see in the screenshot below that the server is capable of running up to 120 MB/s in some instances.

Adult Time speed test - impressive results

We tested quite a few files and found that we tended to sit between 60 MB/s and 80 MB/s: we just want to make it clear that this is bytes, not bits. We put a 5 Gigabyte file to the test – pretty hefty – and it took us 1 minute and 12 seconds from start to finish. That’s insanely fast.

Very few people have access to Gigabit connections, so chances are that AdultTime can completely saturate your connection.

As you can probably guess, streaming isn’t an issue: AdultTime allows you to scrub through footage and has near-zero latency – even if you’re watching footage in 4K. Excellent user experience.

Content Analysis

Since AdultTime licenses a lot of content here, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they tend to cater toward vanilla interests first and foremost. Most porn is either straight hardcore or lesbian. There are trans productions here and a few gay releases, but honestly, if you’re looking for 100% man-on-man action, there are better places for you to go to.

There are plenty of categories for you to look through. Just to give you an idea of numbers associated with big-ticket genres, there are 14,600 anal, 2,800 double penetration, 1,800 outdoor, 400 spanking and 7900 MILF uploads.

Ethnic variance is pretty decent, too: we found 9,000 scenes across Latina, Asian, Ebony and Indian categories.

There’s also a great range of parody porn films included with your subscription and these are as up to date as you would expect with recent releases including Cougar Queen (a parody of the Netflix Tiger King title), Teen Witch (a parody of Sabrina) and Sweet Sally Mae (an homage to the exploitation movies of the 1970s).

We’d argue that AdultTime is very much designed with a straight male as its primary user – no surprises there.

You do get bisexual and trans smut thrown in for good measure, so if you want to experiment with your content, definitely something you can do here. Most of the scenes are professional in nature, too: not a whole lot of amateur energy. We’d say that there are no scenes here where the people involved weren’t paid for their participation.

Original Content

There are some original releases from AdultTime, but they tend to dabble in slightly niche and interesting genres of content – it’s not your basic suck and fuck focus. They seem to spend quite a lot of time and effort on gay and lesbian films, in particular, with titles such as Women’s World, Teenage Lesbian, Boned-Again Virgin and It’s Different With Two Women coming from their studio.

Adult Time was created by the award-winning filmmaker (and Chief Creative Officer) Bree Mills.

Known for her female-friendly, alt-sex and LGBTQ titles, Mills has won several major awards including XBiz Director of the Year 2018, XRCO Best Director 2018 and XBiz Studio of the Year 2019.

As you’d expect from Bree Mills and the folks at Gamma Entertainment, there is a good deal of LGBTQ, gender-fluid and alt-sex content. Transfixed is a particular highlight.


More recently, Tommy Pistol was a big winner at the 2023 AVN Awards for his role in The Bargain.

The production value for these releases is okay. They haven’t invested too much into the writing and the sets, but it’s better than you’ll find from most adult outlets. One thing we’d actually like to see is a reduction in framerate for some releases: it doesn’t have that movie feel when it’s running at 60 FPS.

You can check our guide to the hottest Adult Time movies for some bucket list inspiration.

Virtual Reality & Sex Toys

If you own a VR headset and you’d like some porn that goes with it – AdultTime has a decent quantity of releases for you to try out.

All of the VR content here comes from third-party studios, with names such as VRHush, Lethal Hardcore VR and BaDoinkVR contributing to the pool of available scenes. There are 228 virtual reality releases in total: a reasonable sum but nothing extreme.

Virtual reality choice on Adult Time

Quality goes up to 8K, although most scenes tend to be offered at 5K as their maximum quality – of the 228 VR releases, 84 have an 8K option. These files are incredibly large at around 12 to 20 GB, so make sure you’ve got a stellar connection or time to kill. VR streaming is available at 4K – it’s more than sufficient for most users and most headsets, especially since it runs at 60 FPS.

Around half of the VR videos here also have support for interactive sex toys, although there are over 1,000 non-VR uploads on AdultTime that allow you to connect your dick to the Internet as well. We have a VR device for testing purposes, but for the time being, we don’t have any of the sex toys that you can hook up to AdultTime.

Supported devices include SVAKOM, Kiiroo Keon, Lovense and The Handy. You can read more about their interactive toy support on the official blog post here.

Design & Navigation

It’s hard to mess things up when it comes to design and navigation: these websites aren’t exactly all that complex, but we do appreciate some extra features that AdultTime brings to the table that rivals don’t provide.

A clear indication of scene quality just below the preview thumbnail is a fantastic inclusion – as is the general aesthetic of the preview panes. Navigation speeds are fine and most of the links you’d want on the sidebar are there, ready to be clicked.

Individual scene pages have recommended alternatives (generally from the same studio or starring the same girl), plus a convenient and straightforward way to select your download speed if you want a local copy. There’s a quick download button, too – pretty cool stuff!

Our biggest complaint in terms of design here is the inability to watch the scene you want immediately.

When you click on a video, it should function exactly like YouTube: it instantly begins to play. On AdultTime, you have to click “watch episode” after you get taken through to the video’s main page. We know it’s just an extra click, but when you’re doing so many other things well – why do you make it more complicated to watch a video?

The Mobile Experience

AdultTime has a functional mobile website: a carbon copy of the desktop version. Streams even play at a slightly lower quality, so it’ll save you some bandwidth.

The mobile version of AdultTime

Our biggest problem is the fact that preview panes are quite large, and there doesn’t appear to be a simple way to downsize them.

This means you have to do quite a lot of scrolling to go through the available videos. We’ve seen side-by-side approaches that work great on modern iPhones – albeit with a slight reduction in the metadata that’s displayed.

Billing Information

There are multiple signup propositions at AdultTime – something we’re not massive fans of. The good news is that they’re quite clear about the signup costs, lengths and what you’re entitled to.

You’ll be prompted to pick from one of three different signup choices when creating an account:

Adult Time payment plans

If you want our advice: consider hitting the “we’re online” button and talking to someone via live chat.

We were instantly connected to someone who managed to secure us a lower per-month fee and the ability to additionally download content. If you don’t care about downloads, you can save even more.

The agent also informed us that they have membership deals for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. You save big – but man, that’s a lot of commitment!

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover and some gift cards from major store brands, such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Best Buy and Target.

How Will AdultTime Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made a purchase, this is what our bank reported to us:

How our Adult Time purchase looked on our statement

If you Google the URL we were billed – it’s not too difficult to link it to the original website. The URL alone isn’t exactly that vague. We think it’s fair to say that AdultTime’s billing isn’t discreet.

Our Verdict: Style Meets Substance

At a certain point, numbers become a bit of a blur. How long would it actually take you to even look at 10% of the thumbnails that AdultTime offers? Let alone watching their catalog of releases.

There are some highly trusted studio names here at AdultTime, as well as pornstars that have a lot of great videos attached to their names. We’re talking Riley Reid, Remy Lacroix, Elsa Jean, Skin Diamond and London Keyes to name but a few.

The download speeds are stellar; they have a decent chunk of 4K releases, VR uploads and a decent layout and interface that makes navigation and accessibility a walk in the park.

As for downsides – the mobile layout could do with some optimization; we’d like to see a better categories page and a full list of their membership options without the need to talk to an agent.

Overall, though, we rate AdultTime very highly indeed. It’s hard to find faults with what they offer, especially when they overdeliver on their daily upload rate. We think it’s a good buy, and a high marker for what a porn streaming service should be delivering to stay relevant in 2024.

Check out and let us know what you think.


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