Review: Sleek Porn Streaming with Sexy Original Content

Published on: arrived on the adult content scene in 2017 with a simple business model: offer folks massive amounts of porn for a rock-bottom price. They primarily license their releases from third-party studios – many of which you’ll be familiar with – but also have their own line of X-rated productions filmed in-house.

The tour promises users access to thousands of scenes, 4K quality releases, the option to download videos and more. There are plenty of world-class pornstars teased from the get-go, too: we’re talking about the likes of Riley Reid, Alexis Crystal, Adriana Chechik, and Alexis Texas, to name but a few.

There’s plenty of competition in this content space – so how does Bang stack up against the likes of Adult Time, Bellesa Plus and Adult Empire? Take a look in our full review. Review: Modern Feature-Packed Adult VOD review

The last few years have seen a major shift in how we value porn site subscriptions. The traditional paysite model of signing up to access content from a single network or site feels dated.

What we’re seeing instead is a move towards Netflix-style adult streaming platforms, where you can access porn from a range of different producers through a single subscription.

The reason for that is simple: consumers are getting greedy. We expect ever-larger content libraries, instant streaming, 4K quality and an interface that doesn’t feel trapped in the early 2000s. is one of the early movers in this space, but it isn’t the only option.

We put the platform through its paces and are pleased to report that there’s a lot of potential here. does a lot of the basics well. While it doesn’t have the content chops of an AEBN or Adult Empire, it delivers one of the best user experiences of any adult VOD contenders.

Although, as we’ll see below, our experience started with a hiccup…

First Impressions offers a free 2-day trial, which we decided to snap up: generally speaking, trials to these types of platforms are limited, but there was no indication anywhere about what these limits were when we signed up.

Here’s the information that was presented to us: intro deal

There are plenty of locations for trial limits to be presented: doesn’t tell you until you’re inside that your trial membership only comes with 2 scenes that you can unlock – it additionally limits your downloads to 1080p instead of 4K. should be more forthcoming about this, especially since we were charged upfront. We’re not losing sleep over a few bucks, but rival platforms are more forthcoming with the limitations of their trials.

We upgraded to the 30-day plan for a full look at the service: once inside, it became clear that Bang has a lot more original content than we originally thought – more on that later! The homepage displays their originals first and foremost: scroll down to see popular releases, trending pornstars and various niches.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike AEBN and Adult Empire, Bang doesn’t have any additional distribution methods. Those places sell DVDs, allow you to buy minutes and temporarily rent scenes – the approach that Bang has taken makes a lot more sense to us. You pay one price and get access to their entire archive, downloads included.

Bang has received plenty of notable award nominations and secured a few high-status victories, too. In 2022, they picked up Paysite Network of the Year from XBIZ and a few affiliate-related titles in 2018 and 2019. Quite a few scenes also picked up nominations from AVN: 5 in total in 2022. We’ll be sure to take a look at those releases as a priority!


The lion’s share of porn videos here comes from other producers: Bang pays a licensing fee to these outlets to get access to their scenes.

Several familiar producer and network names appear here: there are some real high-quality sources of smut that Bang has tapped into. Note that not every studio provides every scene – in some instances, you’ll only get a small portion of their library.

Names you’ve likely encountered before include Max Hardcore, BAEB, Penthouse and Elegant Angel. We’d say that Bang doesn’t license as much fresh material as other outlets – especially from household names. We’re talking the likes of Bratty Sis, Pure Taboo and Tushy.

Adult Time is slightly better in this regard: they’ve managed to get deals with big-ticket producers that often top the charts on free porn tubes.

Bang channel choice

Bang does make up for this with 20 unique series – all with their own niche and flavor. Real Teens, YNGR, Pretty & Raw, My Stepdaughter’s Friend and many others are available here – all feature scenes that Bang is publishing exclusively.

We especially like the social media coverage of these exclusive scenes. The company runs an innovative TikTok (@BangBehindTheScenes) that does a great job of cross-promoting their original content.



We came across a total of 139,301 scenes in the archive of Bang: suffice to say, these numbers are pretty incredible and stack up competitively against the likes of Adult Time (61k) and Adult Empire Unlimited (60k).

Alongside a decently sized library, you’ll also get anywhere from 4 to 8 new uploads on a daily basis. In terms of length, we quickly added up the latest 20 scenes and averaged them out: you’re looking at 39 minutes and 5 seconds on average. Some platforms that license third-party media only get part of the scene: we’re confident that Bang gets the whole hog based on this data.

If we extrapolate from those numbers, 140k scenes at 39 minutes is just over ten years of footage, assuming you watch it on a 24/7/365 loop. We know that we have some dedicated adult content consumers who read our reviews: good luck getting through even a fraction of what Bang offers.


Conveniently, Bang allows you to filter out non-HD scenes with a quick sidebar selection. Around 52,000 scenes here are provided in HD: note that this does include 720p alongside 1080p.

It took us quite some time to find an instance of a 720p scene that didn’t come with a 1080p option too, so we’d be comfortable saying that most of these uploads are provided in full HD – especially if they’ve been uploaded within the last few years.

If we toggle the 4K quality option, you’re looking at 6,200 uploads. That represents just under 5% of the total content pool here. As a percentage, it’s not stellar, but that’s around 3,000 hours of action. Even if you only limited yourself to the 4K archive of Bang – it’s more than good.

Bang streaming quality based on our tests

Since most people will watch the originals here, we used those as a litmus test for bitrates.

A 1080p upload came in at 6.4 Mb/s – the same scene in 4K clocked 19.3 Mb/s.

The same files are served regardless of whether you stream or download – that is to say the bitrates won’t change with your method of content access. Some sites use lower bitrates for streams to save bandwidth costs: not the case at Bang. Their original bitrates are also higher than what the competition offers.

We tested a few non-original scenes and found bitrates between 3 Mb/s and 5 Mb/s, depending on the studio in question.

Download Speed

To put the Bang servers through their paces, we utilized a Gigabit Internet connection and started a 4K scene download that weighed in at 5.89 GB. It took 93 seconds for our download to finish, with fluctuating speeds of between 60 MB/s and 80 MB/s.

Download speed on Bang! Very impressive

Most consumers don’t have access to a connection this fast. We reached close to our theoretical maximum – so Bang likely has even more juice in the tank.

Your connection is almost always going to be the limiting factor here: the carryover to the stream environment is evident too. Scenes take very little time to buffer and you can jump ahead with close to no loading period.

Bang also supports parallel downloads, so you can load up a list and let it grab the files you want overnight.

Content Analysis

Non-original content from Bang is pretty even across the board concerning its covered niches and applicability to the average jerking Joe.

The sidebar gives us a nice look at the niches and quantities you’ll encounter: there are 30,000 teen, 10,000 Asian, 13,000 creampie, 2,500 gangbang and 13,500 lesbian videos here. Some less common themes also have sections: pee, squirting, hairy, fisting and foot fetish all have dedicated categories.

It would appear as if Bang has zero gay content – there are a few bisexual scenes here (200), but if you were hoping for a little bit of extra man on man media – forget it. There are over 1,000 transsexual scenes, though – select ‘shemale’ if you want to see them all.

Original Content

Out of the big Netflix-style porn streaming services, Bang has the best quality and quantity: by quite a decent margin too. There are 1,470 scenes in total under their exclusive category: most of them in 4K.

It’s mainly straight-shooting stuff that vanilla porn consumers will be more than happy to watch. Let’s quickly look at a few series and the themes they explore.

  • YNGR: Bang recruits fresh-faced teens and young nubiles to have hot sex. Most of the uploads here are one-on-one – they also like approaching these scenes with quite a bit of risky public fun. Upskirt walks outside, hardcore fucking by the pool, balcony blowjobs: that type of thing.
  • Rammed: These scenes are typically rougher than your average porn flick, but without leaning too much into the BDSM genre. A few threesome scenes are present here, alongside a bunch of anal. The action is less scripted and gives the male performers a lot of, shall we say, artistic freedom with regard to the activities they indulge in.
  • Trickery: Various stories and plots are used in such a way that tricks the girls into fucking their male co-stars. Babysitters, securing sales, shady mechanics – that type of thing. Sometimes they use locations that also fit into the plots, which is a nice touch.
  • Pillowtalk: This is a fun, behind-the-scenes approach to adult content. The performers act themselves, talk about sex and have a great time. Some people really enjoy this approach to content – it makes the sex, and the people involved more real.

We decided to try two originals from Bang that were nominated for AVN awards: one with Adriana Chechik, the other starring Rebel Rhyder — two of the hottest porn stars in the business.

Adriana’s anal upload was an absolute joy to watch: if you need to know anything about this woman, it’s that she’s a total slut who genuinely loves to be fucked. The best part about this scene was just how easily her ass took to the cock: zero resistance. If any woman was built for anal, it’s Adriana.

Rebel Rhyder also did a great job of servicing two cocks at the same time in her scene, but Miss Chechik is hard to beat.

Virtual Reality

Unfortunately, no content on Bang is suitable for VR devices.

This is where it falls slightly behind the likes of Adult Time and Adult Empire: both of which have virtual reality porn for you to access. We know that the team here has the resources and capability to make VR porn a reality too: perhaps it’s something they’ll bring to the table over the coming years – we’ll be sure to update this review as and when it happens.

They need to start sooner rather than later though: getting the ball rolling so you can build up a competitively-sized library is pretty important.

Design & Navigation

Bang left very little to be desired when it came to their overall website setup and navigation. We did complain about the lack of trial information before handing over our card details, but to the credit of Bang: it’s incredibly simple to cancel your renewal.

With many websites out there, you have to contact their support or send an email – just a few clicks get the job done inside your member’s profile at Bang. Definitely something we can get behind.

Download format on

Selecting your download format is also convenient – the small addition of the size of the file also helps you make a decision about what you want to grab. One-click switching of stream quality is also available – rival platforms make you click a few times instead, so this is definitely superior.

One of the best features we saw here was the ability to select multiple categories at the same time. For instance, if you select ‘Asian’, you’ll be shown 10,000 scenes in total, but you can then select sub-niches such as anal, lesbian, mature, outdoor and so on: it’ll then show you uploads that involve those two selected genres together. Given the size of Bang’s collection – this is really useful.

It’s also much more intuitive than a female-targeted platform like Bellesa Plus, which foregoes some of the ‘juicier’ tagging options in the name of ethics.

Pornstars have pages that you can visit and fiddle with – categories are available here too, so if you only want to see Lesbian uploads featuring Riley Reid, you can do that. Uploads can also be sorted based on popularity, number of likes and upload date.

Useful filtering system on Bang

If we were forced to complain about anything, it would be the lack of a 4K quality indicator on the preview panes, no comment sections and having to scroll down to access the playback toolbar after you scroll up.

In fact, this last problem was quite bizarre: you can fix it by resizing the browser window, but you have to counterintuitively zoom in rather than out. There’s some empty space above the video embed that messes with the window size: this really ought to be fixed.

The Mobile Experience

The mobile version of Bang is the same as its desktop option: the reaction time is decent and nothing is missing. In fact, we quite like the side-by-side display of videos instead of one per line that other platforms adopt.

We think the thumbnails are sufficiently large enough for you to know what the scene is about, so it’s quite an efficient way of displaying media.

Mobile experience on the Bang site

The only thing we didn’t see on the preview panes was the length of the video – we think they could have included this data, even if it is rounded and just says “32m” or whatever. If that’s our biggest complaint about the mobile version of Bang, though – chances are they’re doing quite a decent job.

Billing Information

Bang has the limited trial discussed previously: because it’s insanely restrictive, we’d argue that it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose, outside of just confirming that the project is legitimate.

There is a trick, though: if you sign up with the trial, you can convert your membership to the 30-day plan and pay just $19.99 instead of the standard $29.99. You can do this instantly, too – no need to wait for your 2 days to expire. Bang also has a one-year plan that equals around $10 per month – massive savings if you’re willing to commit.

You can pay for your membership with credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, JCB and Discover) as well as PayPal. Prices are denominated and charged in USD, regardless of your country of origin. This is our preferred approach to billing.

Note that there are zero upsells, hidden features or ‘VIP’ services: you pay your monthly fee and get unlimited streaming, unlimited downloads and full 4K quality media.

How Will Bang Purchases Appear on My Statement?

When we made our trial purchase, this is what our bank reported to us: trial purchase, how our billing looked

The domain name that bills you is quite discreet: no one would immediately know it was related to an adult website purchase. However, if you Google the URL, there are quite a few Reddit threads about it and its association with mature content. We think it’s fair to say that Bang uses semi-discreet billing.

Our Verdict: Sleek Adult VOD with Excellent Originals

There are no immediate red flags here: we were disappointed at the lack of details regarding the limited 2-day trial, but since it reduces your monthly fee by $10, we’re willing to forgive them. The standout selling points here include plenty of 4K footage, high download speeds, a ton of original content, good filtering tools and 140k scenes.

Our biggest criticisms are fewer licensed A-tier studio releases (Adult Time is better in this regard), no ability to pay with cryptocurrency, zero gay content, and an older-than-average archive of DVDs.

Even if your membership to Bang only came with their big exclusive content archive, it would still be a decent deal. It compares pretty well to its peers and also wins in a few categories.

We rate Bang highly – try it out for a month and see what you think. This is one porn streaming service that has been going from strength to strength over the last couple of years. We think you’ll like it!

Head to to try the service.


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