Meet Mike Morris, AdultVisor Games Editor

Mike Morris is the Games editor here at AdultVisor. He is chiefly responsible for sourcing, playing and reviewing the hottest new adult gaming titles.

There aren’t many adult gaming genres that Mike hasn’t dipped his shaggy beard into — from wholesome visual novels to ‘shag-your-step-sister’ porn simulators to an enormous library of hentai smut. If or Steam did loyalty points, we reckon Mr. Morris could solve World Poverty with them.

Mike Morris AdultVisor

Mike is the second-in-command at AdultVisor. He has worked with founder Simon across multiple adult magazines, covering everything from cams and adult dating, to the local sex scenes in Asia, Europe and Australia. Mostly, though, he’s here for his dirty gaming fix.

You might wonder what the work desk of somebody who’s paid to review porn games looks like. We can tell you firsthand: it’s not a pretty sight

Mike’s hobbit hole of a workspace looks like a Chinese crypto-mining boiler room. He’s got multiple phones scattered from every available charging socket. “Gacha shite”, he insists, flicking between them, taking notes on his latest Nutaku exploits. 

Now and then, we’ll catch him shifting away uncomfortably. A pensive grin on his hairy little face, visibly flustered amidst a sea of Costa Express coffee lids. That’s when we know…

Mike… you dirty scoundrel. You’ve got a boner, haven’t you? What is it this time? Being a DIK? Second Life? 

We like to rib Mike’s efforts to stay on the straight and narrow. He vows to go about his game reviews with complete professionalism and objectivity, but we’ve seen that pensive grin enough times to know he goes back in for dirty seconds as soon as we’re not watching. 

Understandably, Mike refuses to show his real face on the AdultVisor website. We can fill in the blanks incase you’re wondering — a lumbering beanpole of a man, hair growing out of every orifice, most of it untamed. Mike is often sporting some nerdy t-shirt referencing the in-joke of an indie game that passed the rest of us by. His latest says: “I’m Huge In Japan”. 

Jesus, we won’t even ask…

Mike’s Role As Games Editor At AdultVisor

Simon, our founder, had these kind words for Mike’s role:

I like to think I took Mike under my wing, but I never actually asked him to come and work for AdultVisor. He just kinda entered the building. Like a stray cat. Before I know it, he’s riffing on porn games and asking for Steam expenses.

We’ve been working together for many years. I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to get rid of him.

Give Mike credit, though; he’s dedicated to his craft, and knows a thing or two about adult games. You might have spotted him in the wild at the latest Gamescom. He’s even been sighted as far afield as the Tokyo Game Show.

Mike is active on most major gaming forums, particularly those with a dirty aftertaste: F95Zone, LewdCorner, etc. He’s contributed to developing several popular adult visual novels, working in Ren’py as a techie/scriptwriting jack of all (smut) trades.

He has covered a disturbing number of adult gaming sub-genres, and there’s not much we can’t get a razor-edged two cents out of him on.

If you’ve got a game you want to see covered on AdultVisor, Mike is the man to contact. He welcomes review requests and games tips from new or established developers.


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