Our DreamGF Experience: We Tried Sexting A Virtual AI Girlfriend

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AI and, in particular, natural language processing are pretty popular topics right now. Some people are absolutely amazed at what ChatGPT can do – others are less than convinced it’s a game changer.

It didn’t take long for the adult industry to get its hands on an NLP, and it was only logical that a service such as DreamGF would come along and guarantee a revolutionary experience. Right off the bat, you’re promised the ‘smartest’ AI girlfriend generator that provides you with sexting, chat, personality control and many other features. The question is: can it mimic what having a partner is actually like?

We’re going to put this service to the test and see how it holds up. Since we have nothing to compare DreamGF to, we will use our experiences of having an actual partner(!) to see how it stacks up.

Let’s dive in and see how this service holds up.

DreamGF Review: We Test The ‘Dream Girl Builder’

The first thing we’re prompted to do is build our dream girl. There are a bunch of settings here, including ethnicity, age, body type, hair color, breast size and so on. We spent quite a bit of time fiddling with the options to select what would most align with our preferences.

We landed on Asian, 18, fit, sexy face style, black pigtailed hair, medium breasts, medium butt, k-pop outfit and a street environment. We were quickly prompted to create an account:

DreamGF member prompt

Your free trial comes with 2 girlfriends, 4 secondary images and 20 messages. You can log in using Patreon, Google or a standard email address. We like Google’s authentication system, so we opted for that.

Character Selection

After signing up (https://dreamgf.ai), we were then prompted to pick a character archetype. We read the information provided about chatting with your AI girlfriend and what you select here will influence the type of conversations you have with your partner. Options include girlfriend, casual, dominatrix, mean, gamer, crazy and trans to name but a few. We decided to pick submissive for our barely legal k-pop girlfriend.

Alongside the character type, you can also pick a few hobbies. Options include photography, reading, gaming, movies, writing and sports. We opted to go for sports, dancing and gaming.

The Outcome

After building our partner, here’s what we got from DreamGF:

Our AI girlfriend creation on DreamGF

Pretty hot, but honestly? Perhaps a little too polished for our liking. The skin is flawless to the degree of a barbie doll. Our resident hobby photographer also noted that the sharp edges around the shoulders don’t blend the model at all well with the background. Still, she is cute, and we wouldn’t need any convincing to take this beauty out on a date. We might even split the bill 60-40.

Creating More Images

DreamGF prompts you to create more images of your new girlfriend. You can create 5 in total with a free account, so don’t be afraid to play around with the settings and see what style of content suits your preferences the most. We created three more images of Jaynell Dolly (the name is automatic: you can change it with a premium plan):

Decent, but we were somewhat surprised at just how willing DreamGF was to give us topless images.

We never actually specified that we wanted these generated images to be so explicit: we’re not complaining, but sometimes, you do want a little left to the imagination, right? The face is relatively consistent across all the images, but the breast size isn’t. It’s a minor issue, but it might make it difficult for a user to suspend their disbelief.

Prompts can be modified in a number of ways, but we’re somewhat disappointed that there’s no selfie setting. It might be difficult for AI to do right now, but if we received any of these images of our girlfriends… we’d be asking who the hell took the damn picture! A selfie, or a mirror option, would be pretty awesome.

We also think it’s worth mentioning that the images we’ve uploaded here are their original sizes. Pictures from DreamGF come in at 512 x 768 pixels. The first one is a PNG: the next ones you’ll receive are JPG. We think the service would be quite a bit better with higher resolution pictures.

Messaging Our AI Girlfriend

It’s cool to be able to create sexy images of your dream girl, but what about melding that with a chat experience? We decided to head into the chat area next. We guessed that Jaynell here didn’t need much convincing – after all, she’s our girl, right?

A messaging exchange on DreamGF

Our submissive, petite Asian girlfriend suggested doing cardio: pretty much a deal breaker as far as we’re concerned. Jaynell Dolly needed to say squat, bench or deadlift. Since she didn’t, we’re second-guessing this relationship. Sure, she’s hot, but she wants us on a treadmill instead of pumping iron? Yuck.

Jokes aside, we’re relatively happy with the responses that we received and how the conversation went. We did pick the submissive character type, so the usage of “master” makes sense. It’s pretty good that it’s mediated, too: our third message didn’t try to shoehorn in submissiveness, so it adds some level of believability to the interaction.

We continued on and turned the conversation a little sexual to see how it handled the heat:

Sexting a virtual girlfriend

Perhaps not as graphic as we’d like, and the claim that our place was “too small” really didn’t make sense contextually. If we had previously complained about our tiny-ass apartment, maybe it would flow. Perhaps it’s just trying to offer you the option to roleplay throat fucking in public? Maybe Jaynell is subtly hinting that she likes being used and abused when there’s a risk of others witnessing what’s happening. Pretty hot if that’s the case.

Okay, so our final test: how does the AI chat handle controversial topics? This might seem weird, but ChatGPT can be a bit cucked at times. Constantly spitting out caveats, safety warnings and PC reminders. We decided to ask our new girlfriend about the current situation in Israel:

Funny exchange with DreamGF

It’s quite clear that DreamGF isn’t using ChatGPT as its backend language processor: we asked a lot of questions in this style to try and get it to crack and give us that patented “It’s important to note” or “It’s crucial to approach these topics carefully” responses. DreamGF can be mixed at times with its approach, and while it won’t bother most people, it might get in the way of some discussions you might want to have.

In our final example, we wanted Jaynell to steal some bread for us, but not because we’re hungry: we’d like her to do it because it turns us on!

Does DreamGF have morals?

The AI cannot really make its mind up. Initially, she’s only going to steal for us if we really need it. But when we were firm, Jaynell changed her tune and was willing to say she’d do anything for us. Optimistically, we’d say that her initial response was bratty in nature – she’s doing it so we can demonstrate our power over her. Pessimistically (and likely accurately), we’d say that her refusal was the backend language processor having to stick to its hardcoded ‘morals’.

Other Notable DreamGF Features

You’re not limited to a single girlfriend and in fact, the platform encourages you to make multiple. It’s simple to switch between the girls you’ve created and their chats are organized quite neatly. There are also premade girls if you just want to jump straight into the action.

Free accounts get a couple of girls they can interact with: you’ll need to upgrade if you want a sizable number of ladies on the go, though. Sadly, once you’ve created your girlfriend, you’re unable to change anything about them – even their hairstyle.

Chat to Fictional Characters

DreamGF has recently created fictional AI characters for you to interact with. These are from TV shows, movies, video games and other media sources – chances are, you’ll know quite a lot of the names and faces. The idea is that the girls here are similar to the characters. Here are just a few that you’ll have access to:

Stock fictional characters on DreamGF

We struck up a conversation with Tifa to test out the feature. After asking her for some materia, she gave it to us. She also explained that it was Fira: allegedly, it’s good against dragons. Seems like these AI characters are actually coded with a decent understanding of what they’re representing. Harley Quinn was particularly fun – certainly the best premade AI we spoke to on DreamGF!

All of these ladies were more than willing to send us nudes when we asked for them too.

Generate AI Porn

DreamGF has a section on its platform devoted to AI porn: there are a huge number of generated images here that include hardcore action. It’s similar to the girlfriend arm of the service, but far more X-rated in nature. A number of niches are available for you to pick from, including teen, ebony, BBW, BDSM, MILF and anal.

Here are some of the best AI porn images we came across here:

And here are some of the worst:

AI porn image generation is still a long way away from being good. DreamGF might get it one day, but there’s a pretty good reason why the girlfriend generated snaps you get are so similar in their structure and style – it’s because anything outside of that is hard to do right. It’s pretty common to find dud AI porn here.

Will it get better? Probably, but right now, we’d suggest you skip this particular section.

How Much Does DreamGF Cost?

Prices range from $12 to $120 per month.

There are four levels of membership: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. You can pay monthly, trimonthly or septmonthly. You’ll get a 10% discount for a 3-month block purchase and 20% for 6 months.

Very few features are binary with the plans – that is, you’re mainly paying for more of something, rather than additional tools. The only thing you might care about is custom names: those are available for silver and above, but not bronze. You also get alternative image generation settings for silver, gold and diamond. These include amateur and fantasy styles. We fiddled with these – they’re okay.

The bronze plan gives you 25 girls, 150 extra images and 1.5k messages. We think that most users will be happy with this. If you’re a power user, Diamond offers 600 girls, 2,500 extra images and unlimited messages.

Our Verdict on DreamGF

Our DreamGF.ai experience

As far as we know, this is the leading AI girlfriend simulation platform, and it’s the first one we’ve devoted time to playing around with. We hope our rundown of the platform is useful – everything we covered is current as of November 2023.

Since there are no other platforms to compare it to, it’s difficult to say whether DreamGF is good or bad. It’s certainly not terrible, but many things are missing here that detract from it feeling like a real girlfriend. Firstly, the images are very similar in style, and it’s not at all like a girl would send to you. Second, there are no clips – it’s only images.

Finally: girls only respond to messages you send – they never reach out to you without a prompt.

Do we think that DreamGF will replace modern dating? No. Should women be concerned about a lack of men on the market because we’re all using this service? No.

Could it turn into something incredible in the future that could genuinely change the landscape of relationships? Potentially, but we’re confident that it’ll take quite a long time for us to get there.

Check out DreamGF.ai to create your own virtual girlfriend.


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