OnlyFans AI Chatbots: How They Work, And What Happens Next?

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OnlyFans offers a simple proposition: access to your favourite content creator, influencer, celebrity or porn star, in exchange for a small monthly fee. If you’ve ever watched a movie, YouTube video or porn film and wished you could direct message the star, OF is the answer.

But in 2023, there has been a rise of OnlyFans AI chatbots either sending out, or responding to DMs with little to no input from the human talent behind the account. Big-name OF influencers like Amouranth and Riley Reid have even published press releases to advertise their own AI chatbots.

So, what are you paying for? Do the replies to your DMs need to come from a human, or is it worth the money for the ability to sext a virtual version of your favourite porn star, who would never normally respond to explicit dirty talk?

I dived into the world of AI OnlyFans chatbots to find out what’s already possible, and the prospects for these virtual verbalists as we move through the next wave of AI tools.

What Do OnlyFans Chatbots Do?

OnlyFans AI Chatbots

It’s easy to think of an OF chatbot as a catfish, but it’s not all “hi bb hru” messages by any means.

An OnlyFans AI chatbot like Botly, for example, offers a variety of response types:

  • Small talk
  • Dirty talk
  • Sell content
  • Re-engage

With these, creators can auto-generate flirtatious replies to DMs at the click of a button. Responses can be chatty, more explicit, aimed at upsell and PPV opportunities, or intended to reach out to subscribers who have become dormant.

High-profile accounts (like those big-name OF stars I’ll look at below) are likely to have an AI trained on their own past messages, for a more authentic response. For smaller accounts, the generated responses may be trained on a variety of popular OnlyFans creators.

How Common Is Adult Chat AI?

Are big-name OnlyFans creators using AI? Maybe not all of them. But if you subscribe to a creator with thousands of followers, and your DMs get a reply within minutes – even without sending a tip – there’s a good chance you’re talking to either an AI chatbot, or a hired human ‘chatter’, both variants of virtual assistants designed to monetise the OnlyFans audience.

It’s not always obvious which is which. Inconsistent replies, or ‘forgetting’ what’s been said from one reply to the next, can be a sign of an AI without a long-term memory, or could just be a case of multiple different humans replying without knowing the whole message history.

Of course, on a very large profile, it’s unlikely that the star would remember every interaction anyway – so the experience can be basically the same, either way.

How Are The Stars Leveraging AI?

I mentioned Amouranth and Riley Reid.

Both have launched their own AI chatbots in 2023, to give fans access to immediate, on-demand conversations that the stars themselves couldn’t possibly hope to keep up with.


Amaranth Onlyfans Chatbot

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known to her subscribers as Amouranth, is a cosplayer who was invited to join Twitch in 2015. She launched her OnlyFans account at the start of 2020 and, by the summer of 2022, had made over $27 million from OF.

She tweeted at the time: “In all seriousness, I’m only able to do this because of the incredible team I’ve built. Every Batman needs their Alfred lmfao.

In May 2023, Amouranth found a new Alfred – an AI version of her own voice. AI Amouranth was a Squarespace-hosted website powered by Forever Voices AI, which gave users the chance to send voice notes and receive AI-generated voice replies that sounded like the real Amo.

John Meyer, CEO and founder of Forever Voices AI, tweeted: “Fans can now engage in thousands of possible interactions, all through natural 2-way voice. Get responses to your burning questions, engage in profound discussions, go on virtual dates, and forge meaningful connections.

The website was short-lived. By November 2023, it had been replaced by a Squarespace ‘Website Expired’ notice— no more ‘meaningful connections’ for Amo fans.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid’s Clona launched in October 2023 with the promise of “intimate AI conversations with your favourite creators“. The website offers a free plan limited to just five chat messages per month, and a premium $30 monthly subscription for unlimited text and audio chats.

Riley Reid Clona

At launch, Clona offered two profiles: Reid and fellow porn star Lena The Plug. Reid told 404 Media that her profile was trained using old interviews, podcasts, YouTube videos and X-rated scenes, as well as her personal involvement “working really heavily on chatting with it, and doing crazy things”.

But not too crazy: Reid added that the chatbot does have some limits. For example, it will not encourage potentially harmful sex acts like urethral sounding. “I don’t know if the tech team thought about the sounding guys,” she said, “but I was like, I thought about them.

Clona will not doxx Reid, but it will discuss publicly known parts of her personal life, such as her dogs’ names. Reid explained that she has spent time fact-checking the chatbot and correcting it on simple errors, such as calling her dog ‘Max’ when its name is actually ‘Sweetpea’.

Based on Clona’s Instagram account, there are still some bugs to fix. Comments from users report the chatbot freezing for hours on end, sending the same response multiple times, or getting stuck in SFW mode.

What About Less-Known Profiles?

Not everyone has the resources to launch their own fully trained standalone AI virtual girlfriend – so what about smaller OF creators who want to use AI chatbots to streamline their replies?

The rise of OF chatbot plugins and browser extensions means this is a realistic option, regardless of the size of your profile. Semi-automated AI DMs can speed up the process of replying, while giving the creator (or a hired human chatter) the final say on wording.

Let’s take a look at five adult AI chatbots currently available to help OF creators craft the perfect flirtatious (and sales-focused) reply…

5 Adult AI Chatbots

All of the AI adult chatbots listed here promise to integrate with your OnlyFans account to automatically generate DM responses, or to use your OF history to generate authentic AI replies that sound exactly like you.


Botly is a Chrome extension that adds buttons to your OF Messages page, allowing you to automatically generate small talk, dirty talk, sales copy or attempt to re-engage with a cold user.

It scans previous messages to ‘remember’ facts (interestingly, the example on the Botly website is the customer’s dog’s name – I guess pets are important to people!) and supports multiple authorised administrators (i.e. you can add your chatters).

ChatPersona AI

ChatPersona AI is another browser extension that automatically generates message replies on OF. It claims to be trained by over 2,000 writers, including “top 0.01% earner accounts”.

There are eight personas to choose from, allowing creators to send replies that feel more authentic to their own IRL personality, and ChatPersona AI’s website claims results in the region of 5x more tips and 10x more PPV sales.


Chatterbox supports both OnlyFans and Fansly, and works similarly to Botly, with one-click buttons to generate chats, questions, sexting and PPV sales content, which can then be tweaked directly in the OF Message box before sending.

For smaller to medium accounts, Chatterbox offers a choice of subscription packages:

  • Free: 200 AI replies on signup and 100 per week after that.
  • $50: 3,000 AI messages per month.
  • $125: 10,000 AI messages per month.
  • $300+: Chatterbox will offer a custom package.

Chatterbox even supports good causes, with 3% of profits donated to Labirint, a support service for women who experience violence abroad.


OpusAI is a beta and is only open to selected OF creators. Rather than speeding up the messaging process, OpusAI is more of a virtual girlfriend service, similar to Amouranth’s and Riley Reid’s (or DreamGF).

For creators deemed worthy, it’s free to join, and OpusAI will generate the AI persona. After that, creators receive a payout based on a percentage of users’ subscription fees.


FlirtFlow claims to offer “authentic connections” based on past interactions with subscribers. It can reply 24/7, including in languages the creator doesn’t speak. While that’s hardly authentic, it’s definitely useful.

Interestingly, FlirtFlow has a live demo profile on OnlyFans – so I decided to have a chat and see where it might take me.

My Experience Chatting With FlirtFlow

FlirtFlow Conversation example

My convo with FlirtFlow accelerated quickly.

By the second reply, the chatbot was pushing me to “kick this conversation up a notch” and offering “sizzling content”. The third reply was a PPV teaser which, on a real creator’s account, I would have been able to unlock for a fee:

Even knowing that I was talking to an AI – and not even a virtual version of a real creator – I can see the appeal of a quick and flirtatious response, and even the potential offered by getting a direct recommendation of PPV content that fits a particular fetish or fantasy.

It can be fun chatting with an AI, but the SFW platforms like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Discord’s Clyde can all put up the barriers if they think you’re trying to stray into adult topics. FlirtFlow went there without really being asked. Integrate that into a real OF creator’s account, and you could be on to a winner.

Future Potential

This year has been THE year for AI, with much wider use of large language models across all kinds of industries and creative professions. Many adult industry creators are rightfully concerned that the technology could disrupt their careers. So what’s next?

Speaking exclusively to Dexerto in November, Amouranth said she is still looking at ways to use AI on OnlyFans – and may even generate custom content via AI.

I think AI would be wonderful to mix with OnlyFans, because there are so many concepts out there that are just really hard to pull off in person with real people,” she said. “If the computer can do it, that’s great. There are so many possibilities.

One example she gave was for looners, fans with a balloon fetish, where AI could generate a cartoon-style video of Amo inflating like a balloon. She stressed that there would be a disclaimer on any generated content, so that “people know it’s not real”.

Amouranth told Dexerto that she is currently working with “a few different AI companies” and “would like to go that route eventually“, so look out for an AI-inflated Amo popping on a screen near you.

What Do We Think of OnlyFans AI Chatbots?

There’s already a ton of innovation in the OnlyFans AI space, from chatbots for small profiles to auto-generate replies, to virtual girlfriends based on top 0.01% creators. If you’re active on OF, there’s a good chance you’ve received a reply from a bot by now.

I think it’s a question of transparency. If some people are happy to pay for virtual sexting with their favourite porn star or cosplayer, that’s something they’d never get without AI, so it’s not really scamming anyone. On the other hand, if those replies claim to be from the actual human being, there’s a big ethical question to answer.

For simple customer service – PPV distribution and custom content requests – AI chatbots make a lot of sense. You can get a reply 24/7 in the authentic chatting style of the creator, without adding to their burnout or admin burden.

It’s hard to imagine what AI will be capable of within the next year. Will we see completely virtual creators in the top 0.01% on OnlyFans? If we do see them, will we be able to tell? And most importantly of all – do we care?


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