10 Top Adult Game Developers: And Why Porn Games Are Still ‘Underground’

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We’ve all heard of the big-name developers responsible for your favorite games: after all, we’ve been waiting for Rockstar to drop GTA VI for the past decade and some change. As it is, game studios don’t usually make a boatload of money until they’ve actually developed a game to sell. 

Have you ever wondered who’s responsible for smash hits like Grand Bang Auto (please don’t sue us, Rockstar) and Beachside Bunnies? The adult gaming industry is fragmented by design, but that didn’t stop our team from finding top-rated developers that cater to our base instincts. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the underground nature of the adult gaming industry (and all the challenges faced by developers to deliver your guilty pleasures) before reviewing some of the top adult game studios in the business today.

First, let’s take a look at why the adult game industry is considered ‘underground’ in the first place…

The Underground Nature of Adult Game Development

Top adult game developers

Even though adult game development is entirely legal in the United States, the devs who bring your wildest fantasies to life often find themselves at odds with the general public, major payment processors, and even their own SFW projects. 

Centuries of Puritanical indoctrination have created a necessity for adult game developers to burrow themselves in the dirt. The old saying that “sex sells” still applies here, but sex often sells itself in private, buried under layers of shame.

Unfortunately, we’re not just talking about Puritan values to preach from our collective soapbox. The religious indoctrination of society is so pervasive that major banks and payment processors will refuse to work with OnlyFans creators, adult game developers, and sex-positive companies. 

Even SFW companies that dabble in the world of adult game development go so far as to create separate legal entities, business names, & modes of payment for each sector of their company. 

Having NSFW projects associated with your SFW projects gets you banned from PayPal, and can cause all kinds of banking issues.

Anonymity and discretion are the two most important elements keeping the adult game industry alive.

Developers can’t usually make a living from their NSFW exploits, which means they have to work full-time with an SFW company.

Once their 9-to-5 ends, they code blowjob and doggy animations during their 5-to-9 before getting some shuteye and doing it all over again five days a week. Adult game development often moves at a snail’s pace, and many games end up sadly abandoned, but depending on the caliber of the artists being employed on the side, the final result is still high-quality.

After a brief stroll through the wild jungles of Reddit, we saw plenty of comments that highlighted everything that’s wrong with the adult game development industry today. 

One commenter with the username “ResetRich” claimed to be a developer who wanted to work in the “adult scene.” However, he was rightfully put off by the uncertainty of finding prospective clients on anon Internet forums like f95Zone. 

Another commenter with the username “123eire” agreed that the problem was widespread. This Redditor said that banks won’t work with normal game studios if they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar (or panty drawer) of NSFW game development. 

Why Do Adult Game Devs Live Double Lives?

Anonymity protects adult developers from losing their livelihoods, sacrificing their reputation and putting themselves at risk for a civil or criminal lawsuit. Blame backwards laws, regressive views about the market for adult content, and sponsors who hear a whisper of NSFW and fly the coop. 

Aside from the presence of NCA (non-compete agreement) clauses in development contracts, being pegged as an adult game developer can open up a whole new can of worms. Especially if you end up intermingling your day job and your side hustle!

After all, you might be able to get an exemption from an AAA company to do your own thing off the clock, but you can’t shield your reputation if your name ends up on something you wouldn’t want published in the local newspaper.

Adult Game Dev

The Naughty List Newsletter, written by the idyllic Mr. Hands, harps on the importance of being anonymous when you find yourself developing adult games and traditional games at the same time. Everyone has to pay bills, and sometimes doing both can result in earning a livable wage! 

In addition to authoring a weekly newsletter that discusses filth, filth, and (you guessed it) more filth, Mr. Hands leads a double life as an AAA programmer who’s played a role in the creation of six big-budget titles. In addition to working on his seventh AAA title, he’s making an adult game. 

Mr. Hands was scared into hiding after an incident on Twitter snapped him back to the reality of Internet sleuths digging up dirt from the past. The offender mentioned Mr. Hands’ employer in a disparaging Tweet, and he soon came to understand the importance of being cautious online. Welcome to 2024!

Being Involved With Major Gamecons/Events Has Risks

Chase, another adult game developer with a lot to lose, was also mentioned by name (or maybe a pseudonym) in Issue #64 of Mr. Hands’ Naughty List Newsletter. He’s inclined to keep his side hustle separate from his day job because he’s involved with several popular game conventions. 

If the people sponsoring a major event got a whiff of what Chase did in his free time, they’d pull out and leave his company hanging. This would, arguably, get him fired and put him at severe risk of defaulting on his mortgage. 

He’s an advocate for normalizing adult game development, but not when it comes to his weekly paycheck. And who can really blame him? The adult and AAA game industries are like oil and water – they don’t mix, and using water to extinguish an oil fire is going to blow up in your face. 

Accidentally Creating A Hostile Work Environment

So I've been working on my porn game...

However, the primary issue as to why adult developers can’t let the cat out of the bag is the risk of creating a hostile work environment. Karens Coworkers might get squeamish at the sound of a developer bragging about their latest NSFW project by the coffee machine in the breakroom, or god forbid, actually working on it.

Even if one of Chase’s coworkers doesn’t run to the boss and snitch on him for having a hand in adult game development, being a developer who works on both sides of the coin still brings a lot of potential liability to the company. 

It would be just as easy for the press to destroy a company’s image based on the actions taken by their employees, who they believe should reflect a company’s morals even on the weekends. 

Should a birdie ever go tattling to a local journalist about a “hostile work environment”, big-name companies will cut you loose before they defend your 5-to-9 side job.

How Do Adult Devs/Studios Get Around Painful Restrictions? 

The answer is that they don’t unless they’re more of a conglomerate than a game studio.

Indie developers have no protection under the law, but companies like Nutaku, SadPanda & Kagura hide behind a corporate wall that allows them to work with major banks & develop porn games. 

When you have enough money, power, and influence, you can bank on taxation loopholes that are virtually inaccessible to the rest of society. This becomes especially true when you consider several adult studios. Nutaku and PornHub are owned by the same giant parent company Aylo (formerly MindGeek). 

The process by which NSFW powerhouses get around the pesky matter of being blacklisted by VISA/MasterCard is kept hush-hush: can’t let the little guy get ahead, if you know what I mean! 

Even OnlyFans was at risk of eliminating their biggest target demographic because mainstream payment processors had their proverbial balls locked in a vice. I guess they got onboard with it, because this ban was promptly reversed after the company flew a bit too close to bankruptcy.

Platforms like Nutaku operate as a marketplace for adult games – they’re not actually producing their own titles, even if it’s branded as such. Instead, they network with major companies to see if they’d be cool with Nutaku marketing a “pornographic” variation of their pre-monetized ideas.

Popular games on Nutaku

If the company says no, they move on until they find a game company that ends up saying yes. 

At this point, Nutaku agrees to market the game and host it on their web servers, but the original company needs to sign a contract that prevents Nutaku from being seen as a producer of adult games. Instead, the original company is “leasing” the game’s rights to Nutaku for a limited time. 

Adult content farms also transfer ownership of their assets to a parent company, which is used to skirt the raging hard-on that VISA/MasterCard has for banning the sale of NSFW goods and services. If you’re a singular game developer without the financial resources to funnel their side hustle through an LLC based somewhere in Puerto Rico, your options are much more limited. 

This brings us to Patreon, which is overwhelmingly becoming the go-to marketplace for NSFW game developers who don’t have time to haggle with PayPal’s customer support about frozen funds. Even though most devs are making less than $30,000 a year on the platform, it’s better than having next month’s rent locked away behind a corporate hellscape for the rest of eternity. 

How Did Patreon Become A Sweet Spot for Adult Gaming Devs?

Unlike PayPal and other payment processors, Patreon is one of the only mainstream payment options that doesn’t impose draconian content restrictions on their creators. As such, it quickly became a safe haven for adult creators and NSFW game devs who found themselves kicked onto the virtual “street” by VISA, MasterCard and even their primary financial institution (bank). 

Q-Anon, TrueAnon, and other batshit-crazy companies have also moved their operations to the platform because it’s basically the Wild West. Anything goes: depending on how you view your personal freedoms, Patreon’s lack of content restrictions can feel equally liberating or terrifying. 

Even though most developers are making peanuts on Patreon, a select number of game devs have made it big. The team behind Heat is raking in the cash with 9,832+ paid members and $84,402/month in subscriber income. The second most popular dev is making $37,124/month.

Graphtreon top adult games

The numbers continue trending downwards, but even the lowest-ranking development team on Graphtreon’s Top 50 Adult Games List is making a respectable $6,776 per month with 814+ paid members. 

With crowd-funded gaming on the rise, Patreon is the place to be for adult devs who enjoy the agency of running their own projects independent of any major adult conglomerate like Nutaku. 

Who Are The Top Adult Game Developers?

Now that you understand the inner workings of the adult entertainment industry, we have what you’ve been waiting for. Before we dive into their flagship games, let’s take a bird’s-eye-view – here are the top ten adult game developers on Patreon (ranked by paid members/group size).

Each Patreon account listed here serves as the community church basket for a particular game that’s being crowd-funded with your monthly subscription. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

1. DarkCookie

Dark Cookie

DarkCookie has 28,656+ paid members and counting, making them the most popular dev team on Patreon right now. They also have 177+ posts and charge just $1/month for a “Cookie Chip” tier subscription. You can also become a Cookie Muncher for $5 and a Cookie Monster for $10. 

Readers with a sweet tooth might consider their “Cookie Addict” subscription for $20 per month. Still, even $1/month gets you early access to game releases, a unique role on their Discord chat server, bug tracker access, and access to their library of archived projects. 

At the top end of their Patreon, Cookie Addicts will have a chance to vote on upcoming projects, enjoy exclusive access to DarkCookie’s Patreon-only feed, see their name listed on the game’s credits, and even take advantage of a chance to hang out with DarkCookie’s development team. 

Summertime Saga


Summertime Saga is a dating simulator/visual novel hybrid with unlockable locations, a detailed storyline, and immersive gameplay that keeps viewers hooked for hours on end. As of right now, this game is free to download. However, Patreon subscribers get access to the updated version. 

Follow the protagonist on a surprisingly sexy adventure as they check three primary objectives off their summer to-do-list: saving enough money for college, finding out where his Dad went to, and securing a date for the prom. Interact with 100+ characters and visit 50+ in-game locations! 

Still, unlocking their hidden quests will bring you closer to the NSFW romances that made this game oh-so-famous. There’s also an inventory, but we don’t know if you can add condoms to it.

Patrons can download Summertime Saga here, or you can download the free version.

2. Meshed VR


Meshed VR

MeshedVR is booming in popularity with 16,584+ paid members & 212 Patreon-exclusive posts. They’re no one-hit wonder, either: they’ve come out with quite a few bangers already. 

Their least expensive Teaser subscription will set you back $2/month, and being an Entertainer will cost $4/month. Finally, their upper-end Creator tier is priced at $8 per month. Bottom-level subscribers will enjoy access to “Teaser” builds of Virt-a-Mate. 

These “builds” have a few limitations imposed – you can’t save VR sex scenes, create new sex animations, or add new “atoms” (objects) to any “Teaser” build. Paying for their Entertainer-tier subscription grants you access to Entertainer builds, which allow you to save VR scenes offline.

However, an Entertainer build still prevents you from making new animations or adding objects to any given VR scene. Their “Creator” subscription offers unlimited possibilities and full access to the power of their latest models. All subscribers will have access to their Discord server, too. 


Virt-A-Mate is exactly what it sounds like: the brains at MeshedVR have come up with a steamy VR sex simulator that gives you the power to mold your dream partner. You can also command their bodies into any sex position of your choosing and add toys to spice things up even further. 

However, because it’s fairly taxing on your computer, they’ve outlined the technical requirements you’ll need to run the downloadable version of their software. Anything you purchased in the last two or three years should be sufficient, but they also have a desktop mode for older computers. 

Virt-A-Mate puts you in the driver’s seat with realistic VR models awaiting your beck and call. If you’re looking for the chance to create some sexy VR content, you can also save VR scenes to edit them later. Each customizable model has realistic skin, a believable gait, and bouncy titties.  

If you’re ready to get started, download the latest version of Virt-A-Mate.

3. DotArt



DotArt’s Patreon group has 14,397+ paid members and 638 posts for their subscribers to comb through. Their least expensive “NSFW Plus” Group starts at $4/month, while their “NSFW Star” membership will set you back $7/month. Next, their NSFW Extreme tier will cost $13.50/month. 

Finally, their pricey “NSFW Ultimate” subscription tier hits your wallet for $39.50 per month. You will have early access to game updates, the ability to vote on upcoming content, additional sex scenes, extra clothing items, Discord access, and even a squirting option for just $4 per month. 

Not a bad deal, if we do say so ourselves. However, the benefits really drop off once you hit the NSFW Extreme tier. We’d only recommend paying for the NSFW Ultimate tier if you really enjoy their work. Speaking of which, let’s check out their flagship title of the hour (Hole House) in detail. 

Hole House 

Put your latex gloves on and get to work: you’ve just been tasked with revitalizing an old, seedy brothel that recently came under new ownership. Your job is to convince working girls to join the ranks with monetary incentives, sweet lies, or any number of twisted reasons you could think of. 

If you’re successful in getting girls to “satisfy” your clientele on a regular basis, you’ll become a full-time member of the brothel and reap the benefits for yourself. As the game progresses, you will need to expand your Hole House and charm high-class call girls into doing your dirty work. 

As for the NSFW portion of this game, you can probably connect the dots. Just in case you live under a rock, the protagonist gets to use his overarching power as the girls’ boss to sleep with whoever he wants. You can also take the high road & try to seduce girls while you’re on a date. 

You can download the latest version of Hole House for free on Itch and their Patreon-only version is available for paid subscribers. It’s worth noting that their free game can be played directly in your browser.

4. DrPinkCake


Dr Pinkcake

Dr. PinkCake’s Patreon clocks in at #3 on our list with 13,837+ paid members and a staggering 1,062 subscriber-only posts. Prove your ex-wife’s new boyfriend right with a Micro DIK member badge for just $1/month or upgrade to having a “mini di(c)k” for $5/month. 

If average is just right, their “DIK” subscription is $10/month. Pack an even bigger punch with a Major DIK subscription for $15/month, wow the ladies with a Huge DIK subscription for $25 per month, and compete with Mandingo once you pay $30/month for the “Massive DIK” tier badge. 

Their Patreon goes all the way up to $150/month, which grants you DIK President II status and access to early game updates. You’ll also enjoy full game releases before everyone else! Chat on their Discord server with a special badge and download ebooks like “Being a DIK” (fantastic marketing, we must admit). As you might expect, their latest adult game is called “Being a DIK.” 

Being A DIK

Take it back to your college days with Being A DIK and party with all the bombshell sorority girls who wouldn’t give you a chance twenty years ago. Rewrite the history of your virginity with this universally-acclaimed visual novel as you guide the male protagonist through the ups and downs of being at university. 

Start with Season One and work your way through party after party until you’ve had your fill of sexual conquests at Burgmeister & Royce. Then, download Seasons Two through Eleven for more risky thrills – you’ll join Delta Iota Kappa and become the life of the party as you ply your crushes with drugs and alcohol. He’s no Bill Cosby, but he’s not opposed to a little Rohypnol. 

Download this plot-oriented coming-of-age game for $10 on Patreon.

5. Project Helius


Project Helius

The Project Helius Patreon has 13,503+ paid members and 561 posts for subscribers to look at. You can join their “Passerby” subscription tier for $4/month or be an “Onlooker” for $8/month. If you’d like a more active role in their game, become a Brawler for $12/month and get double the voting power on their monthly polls. Students will pay $16/month for quadruple the voting power.

At the top end of their Patreon, Aristocrats who pay a whopping $295/month (you’d better have deep pockets) will enjoy lifetime access to the full Operation Lovecraft universe alongside future character expansion passes. Of note, you need to pay $36 cumulatively to download the game.

Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll 

Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll isn’t the first iteration in the Operation Lovecraft universe, but it is the most advanced. You’ll enjoy realistic, 3D graphics and X-rated sex scenes as you guide a sexy female protagonist through the final frontier of space. All their devs have AAA experience. 

Anything you pledge to their Patreon is converted to their in-game currency, so you can buy new outfits and unlock different characters to get the ball rolling. Their team also solicits feedback to make Operation Lovecraft even better. Unlike most pay-to-play games, Project Helius’ flagship title is always improving with frequent updates. Participate in monthly polls using their Discord.

You’ll download Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll on Steam, but you’ll need to link your Patreon account and pledge at least $36+ in order to actually play the game once it’s on your computer.

6. TurboDriver


Wicked Whims

TurboDriver is the mastermind developer behind what’s arguably the biggest game on this list. Their team has created over 10,000+ mods for the Sims 4 game, so you can turn little Johnny’s soccer practice into a full-blown gangbang. It’s like operating in a world with no rules or decency.

In other words, it’s pretty damn fun. Best of all, it’s 100% free to download: so long as you have a working copy of Sims 4 on your computer, it’ll take you all of ten minutes to get Turbodriver’s WickedWhims mods up and running. However, you can choose to support the team on Patreon. 

Their “Welcome” tier pledge starts at $1/month, and it grants you access to the Discourse forum and Discord server for this game. Their “Development” tier pledge will set you back $4.50/month but you’ll have the option to try new mods for yourself before they’re officially added to the list. 

Finally, TurboDriver’s “Too Much Tier” Pledge will cost you $9.50/month – he even says it in the description, but this tier is completely unnecessary. There are no extra features added, but you can rest assured that you’re playing a positive role in Wickedwhims’ future as a Sims 4 add-on. 


The WickedWhims mod for Sims 4 has 10,000+ animated sex features. You can even try animating yourself in the game. It offers support for dildos, strap-ons, custom props, realistic genitalia, and visual effects that bring you deeper into the Sims universe. 

The Sims offers a lot of customizable options without additional sex mods, but WickedWhims’ free software package gives you the ability to strip naked in any situation. Getting bored at your son’s parent-teacher conference? Kick him out of the room and get your rocks off on her desk. 

You can socialize about nudity with other players, dip your toes in the waters of exhibitionism, join a polycule, get married to the woman of your dreams, or screw a roster of FWBs with no intention of dating anybody. They’ve gone so far as to include fully detailed periods and PMS.  

The most comical feature is your ability to style and maintain “dynamically” growing pubic hair. There’s a lot more that we don’t have room to say here, but we can say that we’d happily pay money for this NSFW addition to Sims 4. The fact that it’s free to use is almost mind-boggling. 

Download WickedWhims for free from the developer’s website.

It’s a little complicated to navigate everything at once, so we’d suggest checking out their “features”, “extra content” and “tutorial” pages. Finally, you can check out a few WickedWhims screenshots to see exactly what you can expect. Spoiler: it’s pretty damn hilarious. 😉

7. NLT


NLT Adult Game Developer

NLT’s Patreon group has 12,243+ paid members and 549 posts to match. You can pick from five affordable membership tiers, and their least expensive subscription will set you back $2/month. Casual Patreon supporters will have access to the third-most recent update for all their games. 

Hardcore subscribers can play games that are two versions behind the latest iteration for $4 per month, and Master/Master+ subscribers will play games that are one version behind where they should be. At the top end, “Grand Master” subscribers who pay $23/month will enjoy access to the latest versions of all their games. Notably, each subscription tier comes with a Discord invite.

If you don’t mind waiting a little while for new updates, you’re essentially buying three games for two dollars. They’ve created Treasure of Nadia, Lust Epidemic, and now their latest flagship title…

The Genesis Order 

NLT has earned something of a reputation for their detailed graphics, willingness to depict raunchy animated sex scenes, and in-depth storylines that keep players engaged even after post-nut clarity kicks in. Of note, you have to play through the storyline before getting laid. 

It’s your job to find out what happened to Madeline Rose, and you’ll participate in action-packed adventures the whole way through. NLT has poured countless hours into their pride and joy, so you’ll enjoy dozens of gaming hours before reaching the end of the story & starting from scratch. 

There’s no shortage of XXX-rated content in this three-dimensional RPG, and it’s still a work in progress. NLT is continuously updating The Genesis Order with new characters, new scenarios, and new ways to get yourself in trouble once the wife inevitably stumbles upon your web history.

You can download the free version of Lust Epidemic, Treasure of Nadia and The Genesis Order

8. Adeptus Steve


Adeptus Steve

Adeptus Steve’s Patreon has just shy of 10k paid members, and he’s updated the platform with 499 posts at the time of writing. The least expensive Tipper membership tier starts at $1/month. 

Patrons will contribute $10/month, and Members will pay $25/month for access to uncensored scenes with experimental features. Your feedback plays a role in shaping the next updates he releases. Investors who pay $50 per month will enjoy access to a private Discord channel. 

You’ll have more say in what happens, and you get to choose how Steve ends up implementing the game’s newest features. The final “Eccentric” subscription tier will set you back $100/month, and you’ll see your name listed on the credits. Once you’ve pledged a total of $500 on Patreon, you’ll also choose an animated sex pose that’s promptly added to his wild RPG’s next iteration. 

Wild Life: An Adult RPG

Follow Maya and Max through a journey in the wilderness as they battle the elements and find themselves captivated by seductive beasts. As they navigate through NSFW encounters on the desolate planet of Kerpal, they’ll grapple with morality by fornicating with human/animal hybrids.

And that’s just the story mode. You can also play in sandbox mode, where all the dangers of Kerpal fade away and leave you with nothing but 1,500+ sex animations to mess around with. Even if you don’t feel like being Maya or Max, you can watch the POV of different characters.

This immersive RPG combines elements of sci-fi and sexuality to create a thrilling and sexually charged adventure that’s also unmistakably weird and wacky. It’s not every day that you come across dog-human creatures willing to have sex with you, but there’s a first time for everything.

Download the free version, or the $10 version, or the latest $25 version.

9. Heat


Heat game dev

Jump out of the frying pan and into the flame with Heat’s latest flagship title. If you thought Wild Life pushed the boundaries of beastiality, Heat’s intimate (and anthropomorphic) VR & 2D game kicks your moral outrage into high gear with full-on sex scenes made exclusively for furry lovers

Supporters can vote in polls, give feedback, and enjoy access to Heat’s private Discord channel for just $2 per month. Patrons who shell out $10/month will receive monthly game updates that add new anthros, new instances of animal sodomy, and new locations for unfettered hedonism. 

Testers will pay $20/month for access to the game’s latest (and possibly buggiest) updates, but at least you’ll get to try it all out first. Finally, “Super Supporters” who pay $50/month will receive recognition in the game’s final credits. Depending on your purview, this might not be desirable! 

But we digress. Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff…

Anthro Heat

Anthro Heat brings your furriest fantasies to life with sandbox-style gameplay and realistic sex animations. You’ll find yourself pinned to the floor by a muscular man-wolf, making out with red haired dogs, collaring bratty dragons, and forcing disobedient subbies into doing your bidding. 

As you might imagine, this game isn’t for the faint-of-heart (or the weak-of-stomach). It’s strictly designed to accommodate those special readers who dipped their ballsack in peanut butter for the family dog to lick up. Sexy horses, wolves, unicorns, and robots also make an appearance. 

You can also choose between different locations, such as the gym, a hotel bedroom, or the gas station bathroom for those who appreciate the nastier things in life. VR users can also connect their teledildonic sex toys for an unforgettably realistic experience with the pup of their dreams. 

They have a VR option for more immersive gameplay, and their desktop version runs smoothly. 

10. Oppai-Man



Last but certainly not least, Oppai-Man’s Patreon has 7,224+ paid members and 697 posts. He rakes in about $34,620 per month working on FreshWomen and Forbidden Fantasy, so he’s not doing too badly from a financial POV! Subscribers can join the clan as starters for $1 per month. 

Fans will pay $2/month for extra voting power, character downloads, and access to the first and second episodes of FreshWomen. “Basic” subscribers will gain access to episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 of FreshWomen for $5/month. Oppai-Man’s top-end Ultimate Patreon tier will cost you $25/month. 

Still, paying their premium gets you access to early releases for new episodes of FreshWomen in addition to 4 preview images every week. Every vote you send has 400x the sway of a basic subscriber’s vote, which means your feedback is prioritized with every episode that goes public. 

Signing up for any membership tier grants you a special invite to their subscribers-only Discord server. As Oppai-Man continues working on Forbidden Fantasy, he’ll probably bundle that into his more expensive Patreon subscriptions. Still, his flagship game is undoubtedly FreshWomen


The storyline of FreshWomen follows a young male protagonist who struggles with memory loss from an accident that happened as he tried to discover the whereabouts of his father. While he gave up on his original quest (he probably forgot about it), he got a fresh start in a new college. 

It’s not a super intricate plot, but it’s detailed enough to qualify as a story-based visual novel with several in-depth episodes. The main character lost his memory, but he gains a myriad of sexual experiences with college girls, MILFs & even baristas. The guy is nothing short of a sex magnet. 

If we could enjoy half the amnesic luck he has with the ladies, we’d be lining up for a swift frying pan to the cranium. Patreon subscribers can download FreshWomen and Forbidden Fantasy on his website. He’s been creating games for 13 years, so you know every episode is leaning in on that experience.

More adult game developers are migrating to Patreon, Steam and other crowd-funded platforms every single day. If you think we missed an important adult game development team (or you just want to see your favorite game in our next article), feel free to drop us a message.

Until next time… please support those adult game devs on Patreon!

There’s an entire world of adult titles to enjoy.


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