14 Best Lewd Games: Top Lewd Porn Hits, Where To Play Them

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Looking for the hottest lewd games? Want to play some adult games that are all about fan-service and sex?

NSFW games like Summertime SagaBooty Farm, and Corruption of Champions have risen to stardom in the adult gaming world for their lewd nature. But what does lewd actually mean?

It’s synonymous with fan service. In other words, the content is appealing to you, the fan, and tends to be crude, over-the-top, and sexualized. Some lewd games contain full nudity, but that isn’t the cornerstone of the genre. Instead, they’re obscene and oh-so-provocative.

There are thousands of adult lewd games available, ranging from mildly provocative titles, to explicit porn games with full nudity and sex scenes. For the purpose of this post, we’ll be focusing on the dirty X-rated options. 😉

In our guide below, we bring you 14 of the best lewd porn games in the world today. We’ll show you the best sites and platforms to uncover new lewd games, plus we’ll walk you through the basics of this addictive adult gaming genre.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff…

What Are the Best Lewd Games?

The top-rated lewd games are listed below:

  1. Summertime Saga
  2. Degrees of Lewdity
  3. Fap CEO
  4. Project QT
  5. Booty Farm
  6. King of Kinks
  7. Monster Girl Quest
  8. The Last Sovereign
  9. Harem Hotel
  10. Corruption of Champions
  11. Treasure of Nadia
  12. Koikatsu Party
  13. Taffy Tales
  14. Paradise Lust

We’ve picked these lewd titles based on user ratingsgraphics qualityactive playersgameplaytotal downloads, and reputation.

Want to know why each smash-hit is worth your time?

Let’s take a closer look at each lewd game on our list, starting with one of the most famous of them all…

1. Summertime Saga


Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is an ongoing 18+ visual novel and dating simulator developed by DarkCookie, a Patreon-funded dev. But fear not; you don’t need to be a Patron to download this smash-hit lewd game. 

Set in a suburban town, a young man is about to embark on his college experience for the first time when life throws him a huge curveball — his father unexpectedly dies. 

While he still goes to college, it’s no longer the only thing he’s focused on as he realizes there’s a boatload of mystery surrounding his dad’s demise. It appears his late father was indebted to a group of less-than-pleasant criminals. And thus, he aims to uncover the truth while ensuring he has the hottest date for the prom. 

Along the way, you’ll meet (and “interact” with) over 65 characters across 30 unique locations, enjoying more than 20 minigames as you progress. The devs are still adding content, too, so it’s bound to keep you entertained for hours. 

Summertime Saga is packed to the brim with decision, ensuring every ounce of the gameplay is customizable to your unique experiences, guaranteeing a truly fulfilling playthrough. You can consider it your alternate, digital life (yes, it’s that engaging!). 

You’ll adore the exceptional graphics, beautifully breasted ladies, and interactive storyline. And despite its visual novel/dating sim description, the open world gameplay feels like an RPG.

As fap-worthy lewd games go, Summertime Saga is the best of the best. You can download it from the official website for free, provided you have an Android or Windows device.

2. Degrees of Lewdity


Degrees of Lewdity

Degrees of Lewdity is a choice-driven, text-based open world game made by Vrelinr dedicated to lewd content (it’s very aptly named). Since the storyline relies heavily upon player choice, your experience may be very different from ours — it just depends on the decisions you make. 

That said, you always begin in the same way; inside an orphanage where you’re confronted by the headmaster who warns you must pay $100 by the end of the week if you want emancipation rights. So, eager to get started, you step outside. 

Here is where your first choice lies and the game changes on a player-by-player basis. In this instance, you must decide whether to resist the sexual advances conducted by your aggressor or submit to them.

After you’ve chosen, you’ll continue on your merry way, trying to earn money to pay the landlord and guarantee emancipation. The way you do that is entirely up to you. Are you willing to get “creative?”

The text-based nature means it lacks visuals, so don’t expect to tent your trousers with any rich, detailed graphics. Instead, it’s all up to your imagination, the written narrative, and the static avatars created for the characters.

However, many of the scenes are decidedly lacking in narrative. While the tone is efficient and keeps things moving, it rarely goes into detailed descriptions and can limit feelings of desire. That said, there is a lot of variation and quality in the sentences. 

Perhaps one of the best things about the game is the great deal of customization for the characters and the type of lewd content you engage with. If you don’t want anything to do with heterosexual sex, you can switch to homosexual only, and vice versa.

In a similar vein, Degrees of Lewdity lets you control the kinks you come across, ensuring you have nothing but a pleasurable experience. 

If you want to explore everything this text-based, open-world affair has to offer, download it from Fap-Nation onto your Android or Windows device. Just be aware that the download process is rather convoluted; we recommend using the how-to guide if you encounter any problems. You can also grab the latest build directly from developer Vrelinr’s website.

3. Fap CEO


Fap CEO Nutaku game

Fap CEO is a casual clicker dating simulator developed by BoomBox Games boasting a rich hentai style that keeps you engaged through the sexually intriguing plot line — and the busty babes. 

In this competitive world, your dream has come true and you’re well on your way to becoming the kingpin (read: kinkpin) of the camgirl sector. You’ll hire hard-working, oh-so-sexy ladies to work for your brand-new studio and toil to get the hard cash rolling in.

The aim of this lewd porn game? To bed as many girls as you can while growing your business. Seems a bit like paradise.

Gameplay is simple; you’re tasked with hiring hotties who will broadcast lewd shows to their fans while working from your office. The streams make you tons of cash, encouraging you to continue hiring more babes and growing your enterprise. And yes, it’s these same gorgeous ladies that you’ll woo into the sheets. 

The interface is easy to navigate and boasts the typical mechanics you’d expect from a casual clicker game. However, the graphics are decidedly NSFW — this is not Idle Miner Tycoon.

Perhaps the only downside is the patience needed to progress. Although it’s normal for clickers, you may become frustrated with the waiting period, especially if you’re just trying to get some wood.

Despite this, Fap CEO is fun to play, will blow you away with the graphics quality, and will undoubtably keep you entertained with all the obscenity. You can take a slice of this sexual pie by heading to Nutaku and playing for free on Windows, Android, or your browser of choice.

4. Project QT


Project QT

Project QT, developed by xDNA, is an action-adventure puzzle RPG where humans have the science-backed technology to reach outer space.

The plot tells the story of humankind studying cosmic black holes and conducting a major experiment on the North Pole’s black hole. Without anticipation, researchers uncover the truth — the black hole is the portal to a section of outer space inhabited by alien creatures. Of course, these “alien creatures” are seriously sexy monster girls who have descended to earth.

Chaos ensues, and it’s up to you to form an army (harem) of beautiful ladies (who are divided into clubs: tankers, healers, support, and damage dealers) to defend mankind.

From a fast-paced story mode to a PVP play style, Project QT appeals to many gamers. There are even weekly missions to increase the likelihood of earning rare items, which you can use to accelerate your progress. Plus, there’s a gacha system — a highly addictive mechanism (you’ve been warned)!

Even though many similar games exist, you won’t find many with a comparably excellent lewd story line and sex scenes.

To get on in on the free-to-play obscene action, head to Nutaku. It runs well on mobile and PC Browsers, alongside Android devices. 

5. Booty Farm


Booty Farm Nutaku gaming

Booty Farm is a delightfully lewd farming and dating simulator that’s surprisingly well-rounded. It’s safe to say the Tender Troupe-developed game is one of a kind. 

You assume the role of a charming young man living in the city as a playboy. You date (only the hottest) women and enjoy high-flying parties. However, your uncle has decided to leave you a country farm.

Naturally, you think you’ll sell it immediately and head on back to the bright lights. But then a far-too-tempting girl (Mindy) strolls by and everything changed. 

But Mindy is no ordinary babe. She’s a hottie that’s more than ready to be milked. She helps with farm labor and emphasizes that the other girls in town are incredibly lonely — and they just so happen to be incredibly hot, too. 

With traditional farming gameplay mechanics interspersed with visual novel elements, your goal is to grow your farm while dating and being intimate with various (over 15) attractive ladies. 

The colors and visuals work seamlessly, immersing you in the world and the heavy-chested women you are surely eager to meet. Plus, Tender Troupe has developed uncensored sex scenes for each girl you seduce, ensuring your trousers are well and truly tented. 

And the sounds? They’re great too. The girls’ voices are sweet as sugar. But when you bed them, they’ll moan loud enough to wake the whole town up. 

The only downside is this — you only get 10 free lewd photos per lady per season. After that, you have to pay 1,000 gold per picture. Although, you can earn the currency in-game, provided you’re patient enough to wait for the raunchy stuff. 

If you have some spare time, play Booty Farm on Steam or Nutaku for free. It’s compatible with most Windows devices. 

6. King of Kinks


King of Kinks

King of Kinks is a fast-paced NSFW fantasy role-playing game that effortlessly combines relaxing gameplay with strategy-based squad forming. Like in Project QT, your army will consist of devilishly sexy girls. 

You’ll build your harem with formidable (in every sense of the word) ladies to battle against the Kingdom of Clouds and reclaim your rightful throne. Going to war has never looked so inviting, thanks to the curvy cat girls, erotic elves, and many more. 

With an automatic 5v5 battle system, building your squad is the most important part. You’ll need to employ some strategy to ensure you come out on top every single time. 

The game boasts many modes — story, VP arena, challenges, and events. There’s always something new to try out and test your skills (or your ability to avoid staring at boobs during the entire game).

Our favorite part, however, is the chat dating system; it’s one of the best in the hentai game sector. Choose the right option and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the super steamy (fully animated, completely uncensored) lewd content. 

You can play King of Kinks for free on Nutaku. It works seamlessly with iOS, Android, and PC browsers. 

7. Monster Girl Quest

Monster Girl Quest

Monster Girl Quest is a visual novel-cum-RPG trilogy developed by Torotoro Resistance.

You’ll play as Luka and go on a huge lewd adventure necessitating world interaction, hiring (dangerously attractive) monster girls, and establishing intimacy with your cohorts.

Upon raising the intimacy bar, these hired hotties will reward with you increasingly spicy sex acts. Whether it’s monster sex or girl-on-guy naughtiness you’re searching for, you’ll find it here. 

But don’t be fooled; you’ll have to work hard for these lewd scenes. Plenty of other facets take precedence, such as skills, abilities, and traits. And we think that’s what makes it so fantastically addictive. There’s nothing like being rewarded with a bit of obscenity to satisfy your appetite.

If you enjoy it, check out Monster Girl Quest: Succubus’s Fantasy and Monster Girl Quest: Demon Burst to complete the trilogy. 

8. The Last Sovereign


The Last Sovereign porn game

The Last Sovereign is an 18+ fantasy role-playing game that will surpass everything you thought you knew about the lewd gaming world. With deep lore, fantastic graphics, exquisite characters, and compelling gameplay, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick it up sooner. 

From the get-go, you are flung into a world torn between purity and lust. The conflict is complex, but you’re forging a path that will change history — or maybe it won’t. 

Acting like a traditional hero will only get you killed. Instead, sex is integral to your success. In fact, it’s your weapon. 

In this game, your ideas about adult games will be challenged. There’s no need to grind for ages or lose every conflict to unlock the lewd content. Instead, you’ll build a harem of well-rounded characters who all have their own reasons for being with you both in and out of the bedroom.

With over 200 sex scenes (some are still being illustrated), more than 50 hours of gameplay, and a whopping 50+ story scenes, you won’t be bored playing this one. The graphics and writing are raunchy and engaging, ensuring you’re completely immersed from the moment you land in the world. 

You can play The Last Sovereign for free on Steam. It’s compatible on Windows devices only.

9. Harem Hotel


Harem Hotel lewd gaming hit

Harem Hotel, developed by Runey, is a deliciously lewd adult visual novel with training and dating sim elements sprinkled throughout. 

You are a non-descript guy who has inherited your grandfather’s hotel in a foreign land where everything appears fine… but is it? Probably not. 

Your task is to take the hotel from zero stars and no guests to five stars and fully booked. And on your quest to do right by your grandfather’s memory, you’ll build your harem of 18 too-hot-to-handle fantastical beings. 

From Lin, the humblest hottie elf, to Kali, the nerdy but naughty girl, to Android, the sentient robot with a tempting to stare, there’s just no telling what type of creatures will whet your appetite in this world where almost anything goes.

While new content is added all the time, there are currently dozens of gameplay hours, more than 1,030 unique events, and 32,500 HD images for you to agonize (in the best way) over. 

Gameplay is simple to understand, making it easy to progress. There are lots of stat-increasing/decreasing options, unlockable scenes, and easter eggs to enjoy. Just be warned — you may miss some of the animated unique scenes if certain stats aren’t high enough!

You can download Harem Hotel for free from Itch.io. It works well with Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux devices.

10. Corruption of Champions


Corruption of Champions II adult RPG

Corruption of Champions is an erotic text-based fantasy game made for browser playing. It’s perhaps one of the best-written lewd options in this genre, and thus, it had to have a place on our list. It’s funny, sad, ridiculous, and sexy. Developed by Fenoxo, we expected nothing less from this smut savant. 

You are the champion of a small village who must protect the residents from demons. After customizing your character, you’ll embark on this journey of battles to increase your stats. Winning means keeping an eye on your health and lust levels, while considering which usable items to inflict on your opponent. 

The good news is that a lewd scene follows any combat interaction, regardless of the outcome. Although the type of sexual act depends on whether you win or lost. If it’s the latter, you’re at the mercy of the winner!

The text-based mechanics ensure it’s easy to play, and the writing is rich, allowing you to get well and truly lost in the story. That said, be mindful of the controversial elements such as rape and extreme fantasy fetishism.

Give Corruption of Champions a go by downloading it from Fenoxo’s blog for free. It’s available on Windows devices. 

11. Treasure of Nadia


Treasure of Nadia porn RPG

Treasure of Nadia, developed by NLT (known for Lust Epidemic), was released on February 16, 2022, and has received exceptional feedback from the lewd gaming community. NLT already had a cult-esque following, but this game really expounded it. 

The adventurous visual novel game with dating sim features will see you take control of a man looking to follow in his recently deceased father’s footsteps and become a world-renowned treasure hunter. Along your Cape Vedra-based quest, you’ll meet a plethora of (12) female companions who are sure to get your heart racing. 

Despite sex not being the main storyline, NLT hasn’t left you wanting — Treasure of Nadia boasts 2,500 xxx animations so you can see everything the ladies have to offer. 

If you like MILFs, busty women, and harems, you’ll adore this story-rich, booty-calling game. You can get it for $14.64 on Steam, and it’s compatible with Windows and MacOS devices.

12. Koikatsu Party


Lewd Koikatsu Party game

Koikatsu Party is a breast-heavy anime erotica game featuring unbridled customization capacity. It’s perfect if you want to curate everything just to your liking. Consider the only anime character maker you’ll ever need.

Developed by Illusion, a studio based in Japan, it’s a 3D romance simulator wherein you craft the anime girl of your dreams. You can change everything from their height to their eyebrow angle to their facial expression. If you can see it, you can change it. 

After creating your dream waifu, go to the Events menu and hit “Have Sex.” You’ll unlock an interface allowing you to select your fap content. Again, you can change everything from the location to her preferences to her experience. If only real life were so simple, eh?

The only thing Koikatsu Party doesn’t have? A story mode. Valve (owner of Steam) prevented the studio from publishing the story section on the platform, which is a bit of a bummer, as it had rave reviews in the original version.

That said, you can still enjoy the character creation and virtual sex! It costs $47.99 on Steam and is compatible with Windows computers. 

13. Taffy Tales


Taffy Tales Lewd Adult ame

Taffy Tales is a still-in-development lewd dating simulator and visual novel by UberPie, a digital artist crafting all the goodness you’ll see in the game. According to their Patreon, they’re doing everything they can to ensure it’s an exciting game with believable, complex characters and layered gameplay. And they’re doing just that.

It follows the story of a regular guy who has developed a split personality disorder while living in Taffy Town, a place where almost everybody has a dark side.

You’ll meet dozens of characters, interconnected in mysterious ways, participate in quests with unique gameplay mechanics, and indulge in the oh-so-colorful art style.

Made in Unity, the quest system and classic VN/dating sim gameplay are only the beginnings of what Taffy Tales has to offer. UberPie is planning to implement everything from an interactive town map, 25+ characters, morning-to-night cycles, changing character stats, over 30 locations, and a nonlinear storyline.

Due to the darker elements littered throughout the story, this won’t be the best lewd game for everybody — it involves a lot of corruption and coercion. However, the cynicism makes for a wholly unique gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Taffy Tales is available to download on Itch.io for Windows, Linux, and MacOS devices. 

14. Paradise Lust


Paradise Lust lewd game

Paradise Lust is a 2D point-and-click dating game developed by Flexible Media that comprises sandbox and visual novel elements.

Set on a scenic tropic island, you’ll romance girls, serve drinks, catch fish, solve puzzles, and get laid. What more could you ask for?

This lewd sex game begins by letting you pick the main character’s name, which is common for these games. However, they don’t often allow you to name every other character in the story — Paradise Lust has broken the mold. In fact, you get to name just about everything else too: a skincare brand, flowers, etc. 

As you progress, you’ll be flawed by the soundtrack. Most games cycle through the same three or so songs, but Flexible Media went all-out by including new music. 

Despite the audio greatness, you may be confused by the quest structure. Some require you to complete other quests beforehand but fail to mention that. It’s a bit of a guessing game at times, but the writing makes up for it — it’s shockingly developed and keeps you hooked.

Likewise, the art is gorgeous. It’s crisp, clean, and stunning to look at. And when it’s time for a sex scene, its crispness is only highlighted. If this doesn’t raise your nethers, we don’t know what will!

Paradise Lust costs $14.99 on Steam and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. 

Where Can I Play Lewd Porn Games?

Our list of the 14 top lewd porn games is by no means exhaustive. While we consider them some of the finest smut games in the land, there are thousands more to discover; it’s just knowing where to look

So, to help on your lewd gaming quest, we’ve included a super handy list of the six best platforms for uncovering the hottest new lewd gaming titles (and the classics).

Here are the best sites for playing lewd porn games:



Nutaku lewd games

Nutaku is the largest platform of English hentai games on the planet, ensuring you can access a range of high-quality lewd content, like Project QT, Fap CEO, and King of Kinks

The site boasts a decent selection of paid and free PC games, but only 75 games suitable for browser-placed playing. In other words, you’ll need to download the naughtiness you wish to enjoy. You’ll find a couple of hundred fit for iOS and Android systems, though.

Despite the reputation Nutaku has built, some gamers find there’s a lot of grind required to unlock the lewd content. While this may not be a bad thing for those with patience, it’s not great if you want some quick-access fap material. 



Lewd games on Itch.io

Itch.io is the platform for indie game lovers, showcasing the best that small-time developers have to offer.

At the moment, there are 261 lewd-tagged games for you to enjoy, and that number is sure to increase as creators continue advertising their offerings.

We don’t recommend this site if you’re looking for browser-based games, though. Despite having more than Nutaku (82 > 75), it’s still less than half its lewd games. 

However, most of the Itch.io NSFW games (downloadable and browser-based) are free or donation-only. You can give the developer whatever amount you like and still access all the content! The keyword here is “most;” some games come with a non-negotiable price tag. 



Lewd games on Steam

Steam, owned by Valve Corporation, is a super popular gaming platform in the wider community. While it isn’t dedicated to not-safe-for-work titles, you will still find a whopping 455 lewd-tagged games, including Booty FarmThe Last SovereignTreasure of NadiaParadise Lust, and Koikatsu Party. Just because Steam doesn’t necessarily shout about its adult-only games, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

You can expect pretty high-quality porn games on Steam. The developers publishing on this platform tend to have bigger budgets and larger teams for creating unbelievable lewd games. 

That said, you’ll pay for this privilege. While you’ll find free-to-play games, the majority come with a (sometimes pretty hefty) cost. Plus, you will have to download them on to your device to experience the raunchy magic. 



Erogames hentai visual porn novels

EroGames specializes in hentai games, like Nutaku. From RPGs to visual novels to Android-compatible creations, EroGames has it all. You’ll certainly find something that suits your sexy preferences. 

The site is perhaps the most accessible we’ve come across. Unlike others that tend to limit compatible devices, pretty much all the available games work with Windows, iOS, Android, and MacOS. Apple fans can find all the steaminess they need here. 

If you aren’t a fan of anime or hentai, however, you’ll be disappointed. It takes it “specialism” to all-new heights, making it impossible to find lewd games that are realistic.

Although, we assume the free nature of the site’s games will ensure you get over the hentai-heavy aspect pretty quickly!



LewdNinja Downloads

Lewd.Ninja allows you to browse, play, and download thousands of the latest adult games for free. This platform has everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything — 2DCG, 3DCG, furry, virtual reality, adventure, visual novel, and beyond. Whatever you want from a lewd game, we have no doubt you’ll find it on Lewd.Ninja. 

It’s not a great site to browse through or search via keywords (like “lewd”). Unfortunately, it doesn’t treat these tags with the same importance as the likes of Steam and Itch.io, so you’ll spend ages trying to find a title you like.

Instead, we recommend using it as a database for ensuring you don’t miss out on updates and links to free lewd game downloads. 




Lewdzone is a self-proclaimed “sex game download site.” And it does exactly what it says on the tin. 

It has a huge collection of 18+ games compatible with Linux, Android, PC, and Mac devices. But it’s worth noting that most of them must be downloaded; you’ll only find a few handfuls of browser-based offerings. 

You’re bound to find something that takes your fancy, especially since there are approximately 100 games in the lewd category waiting for you on the site. 

In fact, the website is so popular among lewd gamers that it has its own official subreddit. You can join in the fun with like-minded individuals and get personal insights into the latest games in your preferred niche. 

What Makes a Great Lewd Game?

As you can see, there are hundreds of lewd games.

But you’re probably wondering by now — what makes a good one?

Not all lewd games were created equal. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that some factors dictate whether a particular game will be better than their competitors.

In our experience, character development and the quality of the graphics can really make or break any game. But regarding lewd games specifically, it’s the fan service that’s a deal-breaker

Why? Because without it, the game isn’t lewd!

On the flip side, too much grinding is a common complaint among lewd gamers; you don’t want to have to work exceptionally hard to access the provocative scenes. Not to mention that lazy dialog is a turn off (in more ways than one).

What Is the Difference Between Porn Games and Lewd Games?

Best Lewd Games

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that porn games and lewd games are the same. However, diving deeper into the genres will hopefully bring to light one fact — they are not the same.

Most adult games tend to feature realistic (or, at the very least, semi-realistic) storylines, and the featured characters have real-world-esque features/qualities. In short, they feature real-life encounters. 

Lewd games, on the other hand, are over-the-top. This can take many forms, but the primary factor is all the female characters wanting to sleep with you.

Here, the focus is on humor and smut, with most of the elements falling into the fan service category (i.e., they serve the fan). 

Do All Lewd Games Feature Nudity and Sex?

Nope. Some lewd games like HavenTomboys Need Love Too and Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense don’t contain any sex or nudity.

For some, this may not seem very “lewd,” but there are plenty of reasons why other gamers adore these games that don’t show full nudity or sex acts, including:

  • They may find it uncomfortable to watch/see.
  • They may want to enjoy crude humor without seeing anything too NSFW.
  • They might want to be more discreet about the games they’re playing. 

Alternatively, many players choose games with “Adult Only DLCs,” so they can access nudity and sex if they feel like it. Steam is a great place to find such games (Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense being one of the best). 

Planet Stronghold, non-nude lewd game

Are There Any Lewd Gacha Games?

Named after a Japanese toy vending machine, “gachapon” or “gashapon,” gacha games encourage you to spend in-game money for virtual items as you progress. These items can be anything from cards to characters and are won through a vending machine mechanism — you pull, roll, or spin after spending currency to receive your reward. 

You’ve probably paid games like this without even realizing it! But they’re popular due to the feeling they elicit; it’s akin to opening a present or revealing scratch card results. 

And yes, you can find lewd gacha games. In fact, we’ve already spoken about a couple here: Project QT and Fap CEO. However, there are plenty more where that came from. You’ll typically find them on Nutaku!

Useful Resources for Lewd Gamers

We’ve given you 14 red-hot games to get your lewd gaming journey started. But there are so many more x-rated titles to discover.

To ensure you stay up to date with the latest movers and shakers in dirty gaming, you can use the resources below. In-the-know lewd gamers are always publishing the latest (hottest) releases, patch notes, and updates to guarantee you’ll never miss your next favorite game.

Join communities filled with like-minded gamers here:

Reddit (R/LewdGames)


Reddit Lewd Games

Surprise, surprise. Reddit is great for lewd games.

With 334,000 members, the R/LewdGames subreddit is one of the go-to places for lewd-game-lovers to converse, share thoughts, and remain up to date with their favorite titles.

By joining this incredibly active community, you’ll gain access to all sorts of content, including:

  • list of new games,
  • mod requests,
  • NSFW gifs from members’ favorite games,
  • game reviews,
  • updates on certain titles,
  • walkthroughs, 
  • and general discussions about raunchy games.

It’s a must-have resource for any lewd gamer. 




Boasting over six million members, it’s perhaps the largest forum in the adult gaming community. You can do everything from making new, like-minded friends to finding your next favorite lewd game or comic to participating in discussions.

At the time of writing, (July 23, 2023), there are 158,725 threads and over ten million messages. With such a huge selection, there’s a near-on guarantee you’ll discover something that interests you (the site even has game tutorials!). 



Lewdcorner games

Showcasing a similar user interface to F95Zone, LewdCorner has 42,281 members. While it doesn’t stack up against its predecessor numbers-wise, you’ll still find a bunch of great content here, such as:

  • the latest updates for well-loved lewd titles,
  • developer games,
  • exciting new lewd game mods

It’s worth a visit to keep track of any lewd game gems that might have slipped under your radar.

That’s a wrap for our coverage of the hottest lewd games in 2023. Let us know which titles you think we’ve missed! No doubt, there will be dozens of worthy titles…

We’ll review the suggestions and consider them for our updated 2024 list. 😉


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