48 Best Phone Sex Lines: A List of Adult Phone Numbers with Free Trials

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Looking for the hottest phone sex lines?

My list below contains 48 active phone sex numbers, including a choice of dirty late night options, as well as dedicated phone sex sites where you can view the profiles (and sexy images) of the operator before you dial.

Most of the popular adult numbers I found come with free trials. That means you can enjoy a sample — normally around 3-5 minutes — of hot chat for free. As anybody who has called these numbers will know though, it’s very easy to get hooked and stay on the line longer than that.

Spend your pennies wisely. 😉

The Best Phone Sex Numbers and Dirty Chat Lines

Phone sex numbers and sites

My mega list below contains 48 active phone sex numbers, but for those of you who are looking to cut straight to the top contenders, I’d recommend checking out these All Access numbers:

All Access Sex Chat888-481-4913 (tap to call)$1.69 per minute (no connection fee)
KINK (Any kind of fetish chat)888-392-4345 (tap to call)$2 per minute, $5 discount for first-time callers
Barely Legal Teens888-283-5150 (tap to call)$1.69 per minute (no connection fee)
Mature/MILFs888-376-4463 (tap to call)$2 per minute, $5 discount for first-time callers

Please note, unless otherwise stated, these numbers are for North America only (some US only, others both US/Canada). I’ll be adding international adult chat lines soon.

The All Access numbers are specifically for phone sex. There’s no preamble or setting up your ‘dating profile’ BS. You just connect through and start chatting.

Obviously, the type of woman (or man) you speak to will depend on the specific line you choose.

Dedicated Phone Sex Sites (Browse by Provider)

Phone sex sites

Phone sex hotlines are notorious for their random dirty encounters with faceless strangers, but what if you could put a face to the voice? Well, there are dedicated phone sex sites where you can do just that.

These platforms are great for browsing through 100s of independent adult chat providers, plus viewing the profiles (and dirty images) of your dirty-talking companion. Highly recommended as fapping fodder while those filthy whispers stoke your imagination!

The great thing here is you can see exactly who you are calling, what she’s into, and even sample her voice before you dial. I’ve got three recommendations below:



Niteflirt phone sex site

Niteflirt is probably the most famous of the major phone sex directories. It’s set up like a classified site enabling you to browse the members according to your tastes. As you can see, each provider has a profile shot… so you can put a face (and body) to that husky voice on the line.

Categories include ‘women home alone’, extra kinky, fetish and BDSM as well as those members who have a cam phone. You can also select to talk to couples, gays and lesbians as well as transgendered members. Don’t expect too much choice here, though, the site is predominantly for straight men.

Of course, the downside to using a site like NiteFlirt is that you will typically pay more per minute than you would using a generic anonymous chatline. On the plus side, if you find a gal you enjoy, you can come back and chat to her time and time again.

Talk To Me


TalkToMe Girls

Talk To Me offers sexting, phone cam action and Skype chat as well as regular phone sex. Members are listed in the online directory with their numbers, so you can browse users before you commit to contacting them.

Registering with the site will grant you $10.00 of free credit to use chatting with anyone you choose. There are some good deals to be had with the cost of services set by the individuals themselves. If you find a girl that catches your eye, I’d recommend dropping her a message before you dial.

Check out off-peak times such as holidays for the best available choice — many of these women work day-jobs and moonlight with dirty chat on the side.



SkyPrivate audio and video chat

SkyPrivate is not your conventional phone sex site, it’s a mash-up between a live cam network and a voice call service. All of the ladies on here are available for dirty chat over Skype, which is paid for by the minute.

In other words… it’s not the sort of service I’d recommend if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’. But if you’re horny with access to your desktop computer, it’s a great way to get some 1-to-1 action with both voice and video chat available.

Some of the providers on here are priced incredibly low (as little as $1 per minute), but that’s generally because they’re not based in the United States.




Arousr is another popular platform for hooking up with semi-professional ladies who are highly skilled in keeping you entertained on the line. It has a mixture of sexting, video chat and straight up phone sex.

My favorite part is the excellent profile options for browsing through their directory. Most girls have entire galleries of photos and detailed descriptions, not just a half-hidden selfie thumbnail. And the profiles are not restricted to photos, either. Some of these girls have free video content, too.

On the downside, Arousr uses a credit system which is a little cumbersome for getting started. You’ll need to deposit credits which can be used with any performer on the site. I suspect most users would prefer a straight up $ cost, but no dice. You’ll need to translate every transaction in to Arousr credits to keep track of how much you’re spending.

Also worthy of a mention are SextPanther (which integrates nicely with WhatsApp) and PhoneDarlings.

If you’re looking for services offering a more integrated approach to phone sex, sexting and nude swaps, check out our guide to popular sexting sites.

Updated List of Phone Sex Chat Lines

Phone sex chat lines

There are a ton of different adult chat line formats. I’ve broken our list into four sections:

  • Explicit sex chat lines
  • Gay and lesbian sex chat lines
  • Fetish chat lines
  • Singles and personals chat lines

Let’s start with the good NSFW shit

Explicit Sex Chat Lines

The real reason we’re here, right? Phone sex lines are a perfect way to get some dirty 1-to-1 without leaving your comfort zone or the comfort of your home.

They are usually paid for by the minute or via subscription yet most will offer a free trial so you can try out a line before you run up a bill or commit to membership.

Here’s our pick of sex chat hotlines:

All Access

All Access
  • 1-888-481-4913
  • Best chat line for: Huge variety of fetishes and fantasies covered.
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 free credit for new callers
  • Costs: $2 per minute with no connection fee.
  • Free Trial: No

All Access is a pay-as-you-go phone sex hotline that offers a simple but direct approach to dirty chat. There are no bells and whistles and all calls are handled by phone sex operatives rather than ‘genuine’ locals. However, they are professionals and good at what they do, even if they are being paid to do it. There can be some scripting but largely the calls are handled well and you get exactly what you want.

This phone sex number doesn’t have free trials, but new customers can get a $5 discount towards their first dirty call.

29 Cent Chat

29 Cent Chat
  • 1-888-380-6318
  • Best chat line for: Cheap phone sex
  • Phone Sex Deals: –
  • Costs: $0.29 per minute
  • Free Trial: No

A cheap and cheerful approach to the adult phone lines the 29 Cent Chat lines are pay-as-you-go. They are usually only manned late night and you can’t always guarantee the quality of the operator but for this low price, beggars can’t be choosers. What is there to lose?

My Party

My Party
  • 888-392-4353
  • Best chat line for: Old School Pay As You Go Phone Sex
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: –
  • Costs: $0.25 per minute

Keeping it real, the My Party phone sex chat line is a straight-up old-school service. Operatives are plainly sticking to a time-honoured traditional script but you can’t fault their professionalism and their ability to get straight to the point. If you remember the days before the internet then you will definitely appreciate this chatline. It’s also dirt cheap.

1-844 Phone Sex

1-844 Phone Sex
  • 1-844-PHONE-SEX
  • Best chat line for: Simple phone sex chat line on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 5-minute chat
  • Costs: $1.99 per minute
  • Free Trial: Yes

With straight forward and simple access directly to a real call operative, this phone sex line has no special bells and whistles; they just do what they say they are going to do and they do it well. If you want dirty phone chat with a human without any recorded messages, selecting from various menus and options then this basic phone sex line should be up your street.

RedHot Dateline

Red Hot Dateline
  • 1-888-509-2398
  • Best chat line for: Instant explicit access
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 30 minute trial for guys with women getting lifetime membership for free
  • Costs: $4.99 for 10 minutes, $19.99 for 60 minutes, $49.99 for 90 minutes

RedHot is one of the best phone sex numbers with almost instant access to hardcore and erotic fantasy chat.

There are no paid operators on this service just horny men and women looking for some dirty talk. The lines have a reputation for high quality chat that doesn’t take too long to access; you can be talking to someone live within a few minutes of placing a call.

There is an option here for hook-ups as some of the parties who chat will be looking for something more; however, be assured that RedHot is one of the kinkiest and hardcore mainstream sex lines you will find.

Affair Hub

Affair HUB
  • 1-800-898-2428
  • Best chat line for: Cuckolds, cheating spouses and the curious
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 30-minute trial
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

Affair Hub began life as a dating website for cheating spouses and partners looking for some extra entertainment. In 2015, they launched their phone sex hotline, Affair Hub Live. The lines have plenty of regulars so you can save your favorite members and you don’t need to be a registered user of the website in order to access the sex chat lines.

The appeal of this phone line is the illicit nature of the inherent cheat or anyone who wants to talk dirty to someone who is married or otherwise involved. Plenty of options to explore cuckolding as well as chatting to real life housewives and MILFs.

America’s Hottest Chatline

Americas Hottest Chatline
  • 702-932-5388
  • Best chat line for: Big surprises
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 5-minute chat
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

With a reputation of being America’s hottest chatline (we wonder where this label came from!), this chat line does get into the action quite quickly.

One of the things that sets it apart is the variety that you find with the callers; one minute you can be talking with a southern belle who sounds like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and the next she is making suggestions that might even leave even the most prolific of chatline users blushing. Prepare for the unexpected.

Chat Espanol

Chat Espanol
  • 206-876-5678
  • Best chat line for: Spanish speaking kinky chat
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 30-minute chat
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

Chat Espanol is a Spanish language only sex chat line so you will need to be 100% up on your Latina chat to access this service. There are no options for English even from the off but it does give you a more genuine experience if you are only interested in Latino lovers for your dirty talk.

Chat XXX

Chat XXX
  • 855-CHAT-XXX
  • Best chat line for: Low cost hardcore action
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 10-minute chat
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $4.99, 45 minutes for $7.99, 120 minutes for $19.99

Chat XXX is one of those sex lines where the name says it all. This hotline is all about quick and easy access to callers ready for some kinky and dirty talk. All of the girls are reported to be ‘real’ singles looking for phone action with genuine conversations rather than paid operators. Sketchy…

Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills
  • 1-877-456-2866
  • Best chat line for: Recorded fantasy listening and confessions
  • Phone Sex Deals: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
  • Costs: From $0.99 per minute (10 minute call)

Cheap Thrills are one of America’s oldest and longest running phone sex numbers and offer three different kinds of service:

  • The Fantasy Forum: Choose from one of hundreds of pre-recorded scenarios to listen in on from gay, bi, teen and lesbian fantasies, there is much to whet the appetite.
  • Party Line: Record your own greeting and join in with live one-to-one chat with other callers
  • Confessions: Either choose to make your own confession that other users can listen to or select to hear someone else’s confession.

You can change your mind whenever you are on a call and upgrade instantly to get a live operator to chat naughty with for an additional $0.99 per minute.

Talk 121

Talk 121
  • 1-855-677-0545
  • Best chat line for: Group/Party Chats
  • Chat Line Deals: 30 minute free trial
  • Costs: 15 minutes for $9.99, 60 minutes for $19.99, 90 minutes for $49.99

Offering a traditional phone sex chat line as well as party lines, Talk 121 attracts a lot of open-minded callers looking for discreet but fun conversation. You can message other users before getting into a private chat but the live phone calls are where the real action starts. The group chats are always lively and a great ice-breaker before getting more intimate with just one person. Always be safe on group chats and never share any personal information.

Cheat Chat

Cheat Chat
  • 1-800-709-3825
  • Best chat line for: Cheating partners, cuckolds and MILF lovers
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free five-minute trial
  • Costs: 83 minutes for $25, 200 minutes for $50, 475 minutes for $95

Offering two types of phone sex service, callers can be connected to a live user or record their own message for other callers.  The type of users available are most often those that are in a relationship either long-term, marriage or an open variety. Chats are discreet and private but are usually routed to local users so there is always an outside possibility of a hook up.


  • 1-800-750-7399
  • Best chat line for: Real live chat with no scripts
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Ladies get free membership, guys get the first five minutes free.
  • Costs: 200 minutes for $50

Masturline is the real deal when it comes to live local chat with the lines only manned by members and not a phone sex operator. Offering an anonymous and private connection, Masturline is accessible from anywhere within North America and Canada. This is one of the more popular phone sex chat lines we’ve found.

The system works by registering using the above number and recording your greeting including a description of who you want to connect with. This is the time you can get your filthiest desires into the open so you can save time when you connect with a flirty partner. After registering, you can browse through the greetings left by other users and find the right person for you.

Registering for the service gives you access to account management options that allows you to save your favorite users and be alerted when they are available.

Live Chat

  • 509-876-5933
  • Best chat line for: Fresh meat on a budget
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free ten-minute chat
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $4.99, 45 minutes for $7.99, 120 minutes for $19.99

A relatively new phone sex number to hit the market there are plenty of new callers online here all looking for the same thing; easy access to kinky chat.

One of the things that seems to set this phone sex hotline apart from the rest is how ‘forward’ the women seem to be, oftentimes leading the conversation in unexpected but, pleasantly, surprising ways. The rates are attractive and you can access the action pretty quickly after the intro greeting. Well worth the free trial.

Night Exchange

Night Exchange
  • 1-866-917-8328
  • Best chat line for: Late night, steamy action
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: 1 hour for free (men), free lifetime membership for women
  • Costs: 70 minutes for $31.99, 360 minutes for $55.00, 600 minutes for $85.00

Designed specifically for bored late-night fingers looking to dial-a-flirt, Night Exchange is a saucy phone sex chat line. Callers tend to want to get straight into the action and there is less small-talk on these lines than others. This could be the result of the late-night aspect or just the reputation the lines have for the raunchy.

Nevertheless, if you want to skip straight past first base and onto the good stuff then the women registered here know how to please.


  • 1-877-609-3888
  • Best chat line for: Straight to the action fun
  • Phone Sex Deals: 50% off your first purchase
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $9.99, 160 minutes for $24.50, 420 minutes for $49.50

A late-night chat line, NightLine is a back to basics, but well-put-together, adult phone line. Offering phonesex that steers into the kinky from the risqué, NightLine offers party line group chats to help get the fun started as well as intimate one-on-one private chats.

There isn’t much mucking about on this chatline and you can expect the talk to be steamy from the get-go.  Women, as ever, go free with guys getting no free trial but a discount on their first purchase. The lines are manned by real singles looking for phone hook-ups.

Phone Fantasy

Phone Fantasy
  • 800-405-2569
  • Best chat line for: Dating meets hardcore chat
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 5-minute chat
  • Costs: 83 minutes for $25, 105 minutes for $50, 215 minutes for $95

With dedicated and professional sex chat operators trained to bring out your wildest fantasies, Phone Fantasy is an erotic phone line with a good reputation. There is some level of scripting going on but, if it aint broke, why fix it? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander..

Sexy Singles

Sexy Singles call in line
  • 206-876-5671
  • Best chat line for: Raunchy chat with real singles
  • Chat Line Deals: Free five-minute trial
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

Sexy Singles is a mixed bag of callers from the shy and demure through to the downright kinky. There are a lot of people who register to use the service so there is plenty for everyone including fantasy, raunchy hardcore and even some women who are difficult to please…if that’s your thing.

Gay and Lesbian Sex Chat Lines

Girl Play

Girl Play
  • 1-888-392-4304
  • Best chat line for: Lesbians only
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 free credit for new callers
  • Costs: $1.69 per minute with no connection fee

America’s preferred sex chatline for the Sapphic ladies, Girl Play is a lesbian only line and employ some excellent professional phone sex operators to get the most out of callers. Fantasies are a given and though there is some level of scripting at play, the conversation can be guided however you wish.

Guy Spy Voice

Guy Spy Voice
  • 1-800-998-7792
  • Best chat line for: Gay and Bi-sexual chat
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 30-minute trial
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 90 minutes for $29.99

A merger with the well-known hotline, Interactive Male, Guy Spy Voice is targeted at men aged 18-49 looking to connect across the USA and Canada for phone sex.

You start by listening to other users greetings and selecting someone you want to connect with. Sending them a message you can chat if they are available or you can use the Live Connector to chat with someone who is online and ready to talk. One of the principle gay chatlines in the U.S. and Canada, Guy Spy Voice is well supported and is a great (and confidential) way to explore your sexuality from the privacy of your own home.

Guy Flirt

Guy Flirt
  • 1-888-213-3879
  • Best chat line for: Quick gay chat
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 credit for new callers
  • Costs: $1.69 per minute

Guy Flirt offers pay-as-you-go access to adult gay sex chatlines. Calls are handled by professional operatives but they don’t work to a script leaving the fantasy yours to kick off. They handle pretty much anything that is thrown at them (except for the world of straight sex) and the lines have a good reputation for being as dirty as you need without any time-wasting. No free trial available, but first time callers get a $5 discount.

Man Live

Man Live
  • 206-876-5680
  • Best chat line for: Gay and bi-curious men
  • Chat Line Deals: Free 30-minute trial
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

An all male line-up makes Man Live a great hotline to hit up for gay men or just those who are experimenting with their sexuality. Callers come from across the USA and they range from the cute and flirtatious to the low-down nasty. You can access the action quickly via Man Live and there is always a good variety of other users to choose from. What you don’t get on this hotline is any fluff, pre-amble or scripted conversations – it’s all 100% genuine.

Hardline Chat

Hardline Chat
  • 1-800-466-0088
  • Best chat line for: Hardcore gay phone sex
  • Phone Sex Deals: 50% off first purchase
  • Costs: 50 minutes for $9.99, 200 minutes for $15, 400 minutes for $25

Whether you are looking for first time interaction, hardcore sex chat or even sexual encounters, Hardline Chat gives gay or bi-curious men the opportunity to hook up. There are group party lines and fetish groups so there is something for all tastes. The chat lines are predominantly intended for regular users as well as actually hooking-up for discreet encounters so there are plenty of bells and whistles to make users more likely to return.

The System

The System LGBTQ chat
  • 509-876-5955
  • Best chat line for: LGBTQ chat
  • Deals: Seven-day free trial
  • Costs: $2.00 for seven days, $5.00 for ten days, $10.00 for 30 days

Established as an ‘anything but straight’ talk chatline, members of the LGBTQ community are encouraged to use The System. It is also a safe place for anyone to explore these aspects of their desires and fantasies and get chatting.

Evenings are a busier time and you are more likely to get a caller after 9pm. Be aware that the intro greeting sounds a little labored and well-mannered but the chat you can get will be far more explicit.

With a free trial, there is nothing to lose in trialling The System and there might be someone that floats your boat on this network.

Fetish Chat Lines

Got a kinky itch to scratch? You can use these numbers to safely explore sexual fantasies and fetishes you might otherwise be less confident to try out in real life.

This has become one of the growth areas of the phone sex industry, with various niche fantasy hotlines cropping up, or individual users selling their private phone sex sessions on third party websites.

Here’s our pick of fetish hotlines:


Kink phone sex
  • 1-888-392-4345
  • Best chat line for: Fetish sex chat
  • Phone Sex Deals: $5 credit for new callers
  • Costs: $2 per minute with no connection charge

With no fantasy too taboo for these call handlers, access is charges on a pay-as-you-go premium rate basis. Professional fetish line call handlers, these women have heard most things before and invite you to live out your wildest sexual fantasies with them.

BBW Connect

BBW Connect
  • 1-888-392-3616
  • Best for: Simple scripted chat with voluptuous women
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 free credit for new callers
  • Costs: $2 per minute with no connection fee

If you like your women with something to grab hold of then the phone sex operators on these lines have the curves for you. BBW Connect offers a simple pay-as-you-go service at $2 a minute with no connection fee. The action gets steamy straight off the bat and there is no messing around with these professionals. An old-school approach to a classic male fantasy.

TVTS Phone Fun

TV TS Phone fun
  • 1-888-227-8708
  • Best chat line for: TS dirty talk
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 credit for new callers
  • Costs: $1.69 per minute with no connection fee

If you like your ladies with a little something extra then TVTS Phone Fun is for you.

Calls are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis and are handled by trannys so if you like gender-bending then this is the fetish line for you. Obviously a niche area, TVTS Phone Fun is straight to the point and is a good go-to for exploring the world of trans hookups.

Fat Girls Live

Fat Girls Live
  • 1-888-392-3626
  • Best chat line for: BBW Phone Sex
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: $5 free credit for new callers
  • Costs: $1.69 per minute ($3.99 connection fee)

Offering simple pay-as-you-go access to chubby women talking dirty this phoneline offers a basic (at times) too scripted services. However, the rates are easy to understand and you can get into the action quickly with no messing around. If you like your women chunky with natural curves then this is the phone line for you. Keep in mind that this line has a $3.99 connection charge.

Cougar Line

Cougar Line
  • 1-888-376-4463
  • Best chat line for: Milfs and Cougars
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: Free 5-minute chat
  • Costs: $2 per minute

Offering access only to mature cougars willing to talk dirty whilst the family are busy elsewhere, Cougar Line is manned by operatives who know how to milk this fantasy for all it’s (and you are) worth. There is an element of the script about it but the line works well and is quite popular.

Moms I’d Like to F***

Moms Id Like to Fuck phone sex
  • 1-800-521-2569
  • Best chat line for: Milfs
  • Free Phone Sex Deals: –
  • Costs: $3.99 connection fee and $3.99 per minute

Getting straight down to intimate dirty talk with a MILF is this pay-as-you-go premium rate line. The women are mature professionals and can sell this fantasy to anyone. The action is direct and can be as kinky as you like with a crossover into cuckold and cougarville to boot.

Singles and Personals

Not all personals hotlines are based around sex chat.

Some of the very earliest dating matchmaking services were carried out over the phone.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was not unusual for singletons to record phone introductions that would be used by other users to strike up a connection, leading to many relationships born over the phone. These days, many of us are content to use dating websites and apps for sourcing new love interests.

You can use these lines to chat to ‘real’ women (or men), just don’t expect it to lead to phone sex. And don’t call if you’re already jerking your dick in the other hand. Won’t go down well, guys!

Chatline USA

Chatline USA
  • 1-816-533-2000
  • Best chat line for: Clean, vanilla chat
  • Deals: Five-minute free trial
  • Costs: 30 minutes for $14.99, 105 minutes for $29.99, 215 minutes for $44.99

A straight up, middle-America chatline for guys and gals who like their dirty talk, well…clean. This chat line is relatively new but is attracting a middle of the road crowd of straight white Americans. It is certainly a hotline that caters for people looking to date and not ideal for anyone looking to get their rocks off but it does cater well for its target audience.

Axxess Latino

Axxess Latino
  • 1-900-950-3434
  • Best chat line for: Spanish speaking, Latina hardcore chat
  • Deals: 30-minute free trial
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 120 minutes for $29.99

With a reported several thousand Spanish speaking women calling in daily, Axxess Latino seems to be a very popular chat line for Latina loving gents. There is a slant towards dating here that you can’t ignore but the chat is still steamy. You can be connected to local ladies with similar interests quite quickly. Opportunities for a hook-up exist.

Fono Chat

Fono Chat
  • 1-844-303-9945
  • Best chat line for: Latina lovers
  • Free Trial Deals: First 30 minutes are free.
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 90 minutes for $29.99

A line for companionship and dating as well as flirting, Fono Chat is aimed specifically at the Latina community looking for local singles. Chats are available in Spanish as well as English and you can spend some time in a dirty chat session but many of the callers on this service are looking for something more.

LavaLife Voice

LavaLife Voice
  • 1-877-800-5282
  • Best chat line for: Local fun chat
  • Deals: –
  • Costs: 65 minutes for $29.00, 270 minutes for $49.50, 440 minutes for $74.50

This less serious phone sex line attracts a lot of men and women looking for flirtatious fun rather than hardcore and kinky sex. With real users looking locally for a chance of hooking up as well as commitment free but naughty chat, the site is easy to use.

You record a greeting and get a chance to browse other users before sending a message to chat. Once you start chatting in a private and confidential way, you can choose how the conversation goes or whether there is anything worth following up on. The site is well-managed and they have a good reputation for resolving technical issues quickly.


LiveLinks phone sex
  • 1-844-868-2789
  • Best chat line for: Hooking up with local singles
  • Free Trial Deals: Free trial of up to 30 minutes for guys and lifetime free membership for women
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 90 minutes for $29.99

LiveLinks is more of a dating sex line than a merely flirtatious one but can nevertheless get quite steamy. None of the callers are paid operatives and you are guaranteed that the person you are chatting to is a real-life local looking to connect. Be aware that there can be moderators online with you so don’t break out the big guns until you are assured of being in a private chat.

Live Match

Live Match
  • 503-222-2428
  • Best chat line for: Free trial period
  • Deals: 24 hour free membership for guys, lifetime free membership for ladies
  • Costs: One week for $15, Two weeks for $25, Four weeks for $45, Eight weeks for $80

Though this site is relatively basic the fact that you can access the lines for a full 24 hours on trial is a good incentive to give it a go. Ladies are given fully free lifetime membership to try and boost the numbers and there is some evidence that the lines are manned by some good callers. Calls are supposedly handled by real-life singles in your local area.

Local Hot Chat

Local Hot Chat
  • 800-278-4688
  • Best chat line for: The Talking Tinder
  • Deals: Five-minute free trial
  • Costs: 83 minutes for $25, 200 minutes for $50, 475 minutes for $95

Self advertising as ‘the premier way to meet locals near you’, Local Hot Chat is a way for singles to encounter each other in a safe and sexy way. Connections are 100% real with no phone sex operators, the lines are open 24/7.


MetroVibe phone sex
  • 702-949-2929
  • Best chat line for: Black singles chat
  • Chat Line Deals: –
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $9.99, 160 minutes for $24.50, 420 minutes for $49.50

An alternative to the popular Vibeline, Metro Vibe has a strong reputation for connecting black singles in their local area. That said, Metro Vibe is like a Tinder chatline service, offering the chance to speak to potential hook-ups before hooking up. You record a greeting, browse other users messages and then request to chat with someone you like the look of.

Overall, you can get chatting with suitable people quite quickly but the opportunities for dirty chat are limited to pre-date flirting.

My Mobile Line

My Mobile Line
  • 949-456-8400
  • Best chat line for: Trying out a smaller service
  • Phone Sex Deals: (various)
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 100 minutes for $29.99

A small chatline, My Mobile Line doesn’t offer the big extras that some sex lines do and they seem to operate only in the larger cities. However, the quality of the calls is very good when you can get a good local match seeming to suggest that they are either attracting good users somehow or they have some talented operatives working for them.

If you are simply interested in a quick but fulfilling naughty chat then this may suit you. If you are looking for a hook-up as a result of ‘connecting’ then your chances are slim unless you are calling from a major city.

Quest Chat

Quest Chat
  • 1-877-402-1212
  • Best chat line for: Mobile app dating with saucy chat
  • Deals: –
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $9.99, 160 minutes for $24.50, 420 minutes for $49.50

Combining its flagship mobile dating app with the world of phone sex hotlines, Quest Chat is a well-known phone sex number across the USA. Like a lot of these sites which combine an element of dating, you start by recording a greeting before browsing the messages of other callers.

Once you have chosen a caller to connect with you can send them a message to instantly join a live chat. There is certainly some good profiles to choose from and the talk can get dirty but the lines are predominantly used to supplement the dating side so don’t be surprised if your online connection becomes a hook-up request.


  • 712-432-2064
  • Best chat line for: Niche chats in private call room
  • Deals: –
  • Costs: Varies

Talkee’s chat lines are extensive in their appeal with callers receiving their own personal ‘room’ in which to conduct their private chats. Once you have registered, you can invite other callers to your room and you can set the stage for the level of chat you get in to.

There are plenty of extras available with the chat including group and party chat, bulletin boards, voicemail and live personals for dating. Not the most intuitive of sites, the lines are good and offer plenty of ways to interact. For some people, this variety may be what puts you off.

The Free Chatline

The Free Chatline
  • 1-712-432-5700
  • Best for: Free chat
  • Chat Line Deals: It’s free
  • Costs: Once again, it’s free!

Connecting callers for free since 1986 this chatline uses paid advertising to make ends meet. It doesn’t always come free so check with your local phone company or cell provider first.

Once you’ve listened to the welcome ad, you can record your own greeting message before listening to those of other callers. You can choose to eavesdrop on ‘stories’ recorded for the benefit of those who are a little shy or connect to anyone available for an instant one-one-one. Simple.

The Moonlight Line

Moonlight Line
  • 1-855-677-0538
  • Best chat line for: Slow build up
  • Deals: First 10 minutes free
  • Costs: 20 minutes for $4.99, 45 minutes for $7.99, 120 minutes for $19.99

Offering callers a more erotic than exotic build up, the Moonlight Line isn’t an entirely softcore service but it will appeal to those seeking a sensuous encounter. A new hotline on the market, The Moonlight Line has a good range of callers offering naughty fantasy encounters by phone…with a dash of romance.


  • 1-844-633-5609
  • Best chat line for: Black singles
  • Chat Line Deals: Free 30-minute trial
  • Costs: 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, 90 minutes for $29.99

A dating chat line aimed at black singles the site has worked hard to build itself a good reputation. Moderators filter callers to try and keep the site as authentic as possible without any stereotyping. When you first register, you are asked to record a greeting detailing a little about who you are and what you are looking for before you browse other users’ greetings.

Once you find someone, you can connect to a live (and private) chat. You will need to record a new greeting each time you use the service which can be regarded as a pain or an invitation to try a new approach.

Got any favorite phone sex chat lines that we’ve missed?

Drop us your recommendations and let us know how you get on!


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