12 Best Nude Trading Sites: Popular Sexting Apps, Where To Trade Nudes Online

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Like trading nudes with horny strangers? Want to swap dirty pics online?

Whether you trade nudes in a relationship or with sexy strangers, there is an illicit thrill of sending a nude selfie and getting XXX pics back.

With new sexting apps and sites designed specifically for trading nudes, swapping dirty pics has never been easier (or safer). You just need the right tools. And some common sense.

You’ll find matchmaking services, including Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, and professional sexting services, like TalkToMe and Arousr, where you’ll pay for the arrangement. Some women make thousands of dollars per month (!) from trading nude pics online. This guide shows you how (and where) they do it.

To save you the trouble of trawling through the hundreds of sexting sites and getting nowhere, we’re divulging the top 12 sites for sexting and trading nudes. But that’s not all — we’re also going into the best apps for nude sharing and how to find usernames of people who are more than up for your sexting adventures. 

Let’s take a closer look!

What Are The Best Sites For Sexting and Nude Trades?

Best nude trading sites

The 12 best sites for sexting and nude trades are listed below:

  1. TalkToMe
  2. SweetSext.com
  3. TradeNudes.com
  4. Arousr
  5. SextPanther
  6. Extra Lunch Money
  7. OnlyFans
  8. Adult Friend Finder
  9. Ashley Madison
  10. SDC.com
  11. MyDirtyHobby
  12. Newbie Nudes

We’ve picked these sites based on several key factors that will heighten your sexting experience, including their user base metricsreputationease of use for sextingsafetycost, and privacy features.

Let’s take a closer look at why each site made the list:

1. TalkToMe


Talktome Sexting Chat options

TalkToMe is a professional sexting and phone sex service where you can pay to call or text the woman of your dreams. Boasting a cam page, too, this dirty chat site is a go-to for people looking for a range of raunchy amateur content they can send and receive via their phones.

Aside from the basic chat and call function, the site is pretty basic, lacking many of the new-fangled features seen on more modern sites. But don’t let the outdated pink-and-black site put you off; there are some seriously sexy ladies waiting for you.

From Innocent Mindy, the church girl who wants to be used, to the Curvy Brunette, who offers sexy Skype shows, to Dr. Aurora Autumn, who is up for anything, someone always wants to play with you… for the right price. This is not a site for forging free one-on-one connections. It’s a premium sexting platform for users happy to trade cash for nude pics and dirty messages.

Models set their prices, so the more well-known and in-demand they are, the more you’ll have to pay to talk to or text them. For example, Dr Aurora Autumn charges $2.80 per minute for phone calls, while Naughty Katherine charges just $0.99. The same goes for texts, web chat, and audio chat! It can become quite expensive quite quickly if you aren’t careful, but these seasoned sexting professionals know exactly how to get you off. And they aren’t shy. 😉

New customers get $10 free, which you can put towards some dirty phone chat or X-rated messaging.

2. SweetSext.com


Sweet Sexting platform

SweetSext.com, formerly known as SnapSext, is marketed as a hookup-finding site and delivers on these promises. You don’t have to meet up in real life, but that is very much on the table for willing participants. However, it’s generally a virtual hookup situation (including trading pictures, videos, and raunchy texts) with most of the action in your inbox.

The site has more than one million registered US users, double those throughout Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the rest of Europe. Unlike many sites, SweetSext has a decent gender distribution — 44% women and 66% men, which leads us to question how many of those female profiles are truly active.

Available in 24 languages, you don’t have to sext people living in your country, letting you spread your virtual sexual wings. Plus, signing up is easy, only requiring your gender, type of person you like, age, city, and email address.

Once logged in, you can check out profiles for free and use the trial period to try the other features. After that, you must pay a subscription ($34.95 for 30 days). It’s expensive but remember: this is not a professional sexting service. The women aren’t going to charge you per message received, so the incentives are completely different. It comes down to whether you can find enough ‘game’ users to justify the price tag… when you could go to a site like TalkToMe and pay a professional to trade nude pics.

While the free functions are minimal compared to other sexting sites, SweetSext offers a three-month guarantee, ensuring you get your money back if you don’t meet your matches.

Despite the initial promise, the site is outdated and confusing. There are many fake profiles; you’ll spend a long time wading through the bots to find real-life ladies wanting to sext you. Not to mention that it’s solidified itself as a straight sexting site. As soon as you enter your gender, you only have access to those of the opposite sex, which makes it a waste of time for LGBT users.

3. TradeNudes.com


Trade Nudes Online

TradeNudes.com does what it says on the tin — it lets you send nudes to somebody who craves them and vice versa. Sex-positive networking is taken to an all-new level on this site, which positions itself as “the dating site with naked pics of someone you may know.

We’ve heard that before… but do we want to bump into somebody we know? Sounds dangerous!

The site claims to use verified profiles to guarantee no fake photos and no sexting bots, but we’re not sure how extensive the ‘vetting’ is given that we were able to sign up with zero identity check. Others can surely do the same if they so please. The site has been around for over 15 years and is run by the same company responsible for SweetSext.

You can register for free and learn the ropes before upgrading to the Trade Nudes premium version, unlocking access to unlimited messaging, enhanced profiles and more. The site uses a quirky engagement tool called the ‘hotness meter.’ The higher your meter, the more searches you will appear on the site, leading to more messages and a better chance of scoring nudes.

When we first joined, we assumed the hotness meter was linked to a user rating system. Nope. It’s literally an engagement metric. The more active you are on the site, the ‘hotter’ you become, and the more likely you will get noticed. It’s a neat way of keeping users hooked, but it does mean you’ll have to ‘graft’ to get maximum rewards from the site.

It’s worth noting that even though the homepage is modern-looking, some pages are made using the same template/engine as SweetSext. These two sites are closely linked, and there’s little to separate them.

4. Arousr


Arousr sexting

Arousr, a professional sexting service, is an inclusive community that lets you explore phone sex, video sex, or sexting without judgment. The site helps you cut to the chase. Quit fapping around on ‘matchmaking’ sites that fail to deliver on their promises. On Arousr, you scroll through an enormous list of professional sexters and phone sex operators. Somebody is guaranteed to catch your eye.

The member base is filled with chatters who love women, men, nonbinary, and trans people — some even talk to couples. You don’t have to fit into any gender box to find fulfillment here. 

Keep in mind, however, that this isn’t a matchmaking service. Instead, it’s a professional service where the people you chat to are in it for the money. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to deal with bots. All chat hosts are real people ready to connect with you (and your filthiest desires). There is a helpful review system in place, and customers are pretty candid in rating the models (“Too slow to respond,” “Incredibly sexy, can’t wait to chat again!” etc.).

While the professional nature can be enough to put people off, it’s good news for those who don’t want to worry about catfishing or be flung into a raunchy conversation by surprise. Chat hosts can’t initiate calls, and Arousr has gone to great lengths to ensure your information is kept under lock and key. 

Although it’s a paid service, you can browse the site for free and even acquire 100 free credits to start your sexting adventure. After you’ve used up your free credits, the prices are as follows:

  • 300 credits = $16.95
  • 600 credits = $34.95
  • 1,000 credits = $54.95
  • 2,000 credits = $100

How does that translate to real-world satisfaction?

Most models charge around 14 credits per message ($0.70), 28 credits per minute for phone sex ($1.40), or 90 credits per minute for video chat ($4.50). It’s good value, but the sexting is slightly cheaper on TalkToMe.

Arousr is extremely popular with “professional sexters” — the women you will be talking to. There is a tight-knit community of women who trade nudes online for money, and Arousr is seen as one of the top destinations within that community. This makes it an excellent destination for horny users looking for the broadest selection of models.

5. SextPanther


SextPanther options for Exotic Mia

SextPanther, like Arousr, is a professional service where you can sext your favorite online NSFW models. They set their prices, so you’ll likely pay more if your favorites are well-known in the industry. But it’s a brilliant way to spice up your otherwise lonely fap time if you aren’t on a tight budget. 

As you peruse the easily navigable site, you’ll find some models giving away their mobile numbers for free. Don’t let this fool you; you can access their number for free, but you’ll be charged if you reply to a message they send. Remember this saying — if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Despite that, SextPanther has several functions that ensure you never get bored, including:

  • direct messages,
  • phone sex,
  • video calls, 
  • picture messages,
  • voice messages, and
  • video messages. 

You’re under no obligation to send pictures. However, if you do (with the model’s consent), you can also consider the site a nude-sharing service (although we’ll go over specific sites for that a bit later). 

Once you sign up, you buy credits and browse the site to find the model you want to chat with, saving their number(s) to your phone. Then, you don’t need to return to the site until your credits run out, making it simple to carry on the sexting fun no matter where you are.

You’ll undoubtedly appreciate the straightforward credit system — one credit equals $1. No worrying about how much you’ve spent!

Just be aware that most trending models charge around $1.50 per message and up to $9.00 per minute for phone calls. Yes, it gets expensive quickly, so it’s best for those happy to splash the cash. Or you can try seeking out the site’s newer, less established models.

6. Extra Lunch Money


Extra Lunch Money adult content

Extra Lunch Money (ELM) was founded in 2011. It is an amateur community of small-time adult content creators, some of whom are happy to trade nudes. It’s different from other sites on our list because it’s advertised as a marketplace.

Some people consider ELM the Fiverr of NSFW content since models can post promotions and services they offer, allowing you to hire them. Likewise, you can create custom jobs and hire one of the models who apply. 

It has quite an outdated user interface, but finding your way around is easy. Getting started involves little more than your email address, phone number, Twitter handle, and personal bio. Granted, we’d prefer if you didn’t have to provide your phone number, but how else will you enjoy the wonders of sexting?

The marketplace vibe of ELM means you can access a wealth of services, such as:

  • buying photos or videos, 
  • find cammers,
  • sext with models (obviously), and
  • send custom requests. 

And yes, custom requests are as custom as they sound! You can ask models for anything, provided it falls under the website’s guidelines. This includes specific clothing items, custom sexy pics, and phone sex. If it’s safe and raunchy, you can ask for it. You’ll only pay once you’ve received the service — a win-win for everybody involved. 

Like other sites, you won’t pay using cash directly. Instead, you’ll purchase credits in bundles of ten, 15, 50, 100, and 150. It’s similar to SextPanther in that $1 equals (roughly) one credit. Of course, ELM incentivizes buying larger quantities, but try not to allow the “good value” to make a hole in your bank account. 

If you’re looking for a specialist sexting site, this isn’t the place for you, but if you want access to a wide range of stunning models and their bespoke services, ELM has a massive variety of adult content for sale.

7. OnlyFans


OnlyFans sexting

OnlyFans might not be the first site you’d think about for sexting, but it’s certainly where many people go to satisfy their lust for hot amateur content. Due to the popularity of many OF models, you’ll unlikely find somebody with the time to sext as often as you want. And you have to pay them monthly whether they can sext you at the right time or not. 

Seems unfair. But remember that OnlyFans isn’t a sexting site. It’s a platform where adult content creators can send fans exclusive material that isn’t available in public. Therefore, supporting your favorite models won’t just open up sexting avenues but also allow you to view photos and videos that can’t be found anywhere else.

We’d argue that OnlyFans is the world’s hottest amateur nude trading platform. The only problem is that the trade is primarily one-way! You pay to receive access to a model’s private collection of intimate moments, shower selfies, and so on.

She’s probably going to be too busy stacking her dollars to give a shit about yours. 😉

Not all models are up for sexting, but some are. If that’s all you want to do, we’d suggest trying your luck with these top ten performers who offer sexting as part of their X-rated packages:

Some of these models are so well established that it’s hard to imagine them giving “100%” to every sexting session.

That said, tons of lesser-known models on OnlyFans will be looking for horny dudes to sext with. You need to have the time to search through the masses and find performers with the time to talk dirty — and a price point you can afford. 

8. Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder homepage

Adult Friend Finder is a matchmaking service dedicated to finding you real-life hook-ups and virtual sexual encounters. It’s one of the world’s largest casual “dating” sites, boasting over 80 million members and an average of 45,000 people online at any one time.

As expected, there are more men than women (77% versus 23%). But since it isn’t a professional site, you know everyone is searching for the same thing as you — a good time. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you don’t need to pay eye-watering rates per message to continue sexting.

This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s much harder to find a sexting partner to trade nudes with when the financial incentive is removed. On the plus side, AFF is packed full of swingers who are pretty liberal. You can build an entire library of wife pics in no time!

You need a paid subscription to get the most out of AFF ($19.95-$39.95 monthly, depending on the duration purchased). A free membership is pointless, as it doesn’t let you respond directly to messages, although you’ll receive a shit-ton of email notifications to tempt you.

With a dedicated mobile app and a nicely designed website, you can have sexting fun on the go and at home. Make no mistake: Adult Friend Finder is one of the horniest places on the internet. The site’s Adult Chat instant messenger can help you rapidly arrange an IRL hook-up or have a quick chat with a gorgeous girl (or man or couple). 

While getting bored of messaging horny strangers is hard, you can increase the heat using AFF’s Nude Cam Chat. Regardless of the time of day, you’ll find someone wanting to strip for you, provided you’re willing to return the favor.

The downside here? Fake profiles. Unfortunately, you’ll be forced to contend with bots and people who aren’t really who they say they are. If you can handle that, you’ll have a great time. But if you’d rather not deal with time wasters and shady catfishing pros, take your sexting endeavors elsewhere.

9. Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison Sexting

Ashley Madison has earned itself quite a reputation as the first popular site for extra-marital affairs. Their slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair” is purposefully provoking, but regardless of how you feel about that, it boasts many users ready and waiting to send you some filthy messages. 

Whether you use social media often or not, you’ll have no trouble navigating the site. It’s designed beautifully and feels distinctively modern despite being around since 2001.

Women can use the site’s services for free. But while men can sign up for free, they’ll need to buy credits or subscribe to interact with others. Generally speaking, people choose the credits option. The on-site currency is sold in the following three plans:

  • Basic costs $59 and gives you 100 credits. 
  • Classic is their most popular plan at $169 for 500 credits. 
  • Elite gives you 1,000 credits for $289. You also receive access to Ashley Madison Premium, which provides you with the “Priority Man” status and 24 hours of free chat. The former ensures you appear higher in the search results, giving you more chances of finding your ideal sexting partner. 

Ashley Madison is expensive, even compared with the premium sexting services on our list. And it becomes even more costly when you realize it costs five credits to send or open a message, followed by more credits depending on the length of time you chat to that person — 50 credits for an hour of live chat, then 30 credits for the second hour, and then 20 credits for another as you continue speaking. 

Some users would argue that $59 for a 3 hour dirty chat is good value, but the point we’re making is that all of these interactions can add up fast.

You’ve got to be willing to empty your wallet to talk to the ladies here. However, they’re all searching for the same illicit connection as you, which could lead to something taboo but satisfying.

Ashley Madison is a divisive site, which some adult dating users see as a ‘step too far’. Whatever your views on the ethics of promoting affairs, Ashley Madison has put those expensive rates into one of the sleekest adult platforms on our list.

10. SDC.com


SDC glory holes

SDC.com is the world’s biggest swinger lifestyle community and dating site, allowing horndogs like you to find hookups, threesomes, and virtual sexual encounters including nude swaps and sexting. The less-than-modern website may have you tearing your hair out, but it’s flooded with legitimate profiles who won’t have you questioning whether they’re catfishing you. 

Regardless of the time, there will be around 27,000 members online — a sprawling selection of swingers from all over the world! Granted, they won’t all want to talk to you, but finding someone who tickles your pickle shouldn’t take too long.

There is some bad news, though: single straight men don’t get much attention. You can be on the site for a few weeks and reach out to many women without hearing anything back. And no, that isn’t anything personal. It’s simply due to there being more men than women. Your inbox won’t be so dry if you’re a woman or in a couple. 

Speaking of the inbox, the chat function is outdated, and you can’t see who you’ve messaged unless they respond. While it’s pretty frustrating, we reason that you don’t need to see conversations that haven’t started yet. But we’re here to be picky, and it’s not a good look spamming the same user multiple times. 😉

The good news is that if you do crack the code, SDC gets pretty kinky. You can trade nudes in private chats, and there are many public discussion boards where explicit material is shared between trusted members.

It doesn’t hurt to add to the ever-growing male pool on SDC.com. However, we think you’ll have a more fulfilling experience worth the money if you’re in a relationship (or situationship) — or if you are a woman!

11. MyDirtyHobby


MyDirtyHobby fetish sex cams

MyDirtyHobby showcases a range of amateur NSFW models offering various adult services, making it akin to Arousr and TalkToMe. Even though the site is primarily a camming platform, it provides a range of sexting and dirty pic trading to ensure your time is well spent. 

With over 40,000 models to chat to, you’ll first notice that a large percentage of the women are from Germany. That’s no coincidence. MyDirtyHobby is one of the leading German cam platforms. You may even see a few famous faces from the German porn industry willing to chat with you (for a fee). Although, there are mainly lesser-known amateurs on the site.

Sign-up is easy. Enter a valid email address, gender, password, and username. Once you’ve validated your email, you can cruise between the model profiles. MyDirtyHobby has a decent messaging system where you can bookmark and chat with your favorite performers. But the real highlight of this site is its fantastic selection of amateur porn. MDH models have contributed a staggering 370,000 videos and 3.8 million pictures to the platform — enough fapping material to survive a nuclear holocaust.

So if you find a model you like, you can trade nudes and chat dirty with her and deep dive into a massive library of porn clips to watch her in action. All you need to do is click on their profile and hit the “Message” button on the right-hand side. 

MyDirtyHobby is a no-brainer if you like German chicks. It’s not the most intuitive of sites, as much of it is waywardly translated, but it’s still an excellent choice for trading nude pics with amateur porn stars.

Read our full MyDirtyHobby review

12. Newbie Nudes


Newbie Nudes, nude swaps

Newbie Nudes is one of the world’s largest amateur nude photo swapping sites. However, it has a live interaction feature similar to traditional texting services. 

Recent data shows it has 4.2 million members, 3.9 million photos, and over 100,000 amateur clips to peek at — a boatload of porn and people to sext! After signing up, you can access it all without spending a dime. However, there is a premium service that you can pay for to unlock free webcams, unlimited private messages, notifications, and other perks.

Thousands of new nudes (say that quickly five times) are posted to the site daily, and you can contact uploaders through the live chat function to strike up a saucy conversation. However, many uploads are poor quality due to the amateur nature of the clips and pictures. 

Sometimes, we wonder whether the Newbie Nudes community missed the entire smartphone movement, such as the prevalence of low-resolution pics. Still, it adds to the site’s ‘gritty’ amateur charm.

Newbie Nudes is more of an enthusiast site than an outright sexting destination, like SDC, but for exhibitionists and swingers. It’s the sort of site where you register a profile and get involved with the community, commenting on nude pics and maybe even sharing your own. With time, connections form, and members can meet in the ‘real world.’

As a nude trading site, Newbie Nudes is brilliant. For illicit sexting, it will come across as a little dry and cliquey for most of you horndogs.

Where Can You Trade Nudes Online?

Trading nudes online

The dedicated sites mentioned above aren’t the only place to trade nudes and sext. Plenty of apps and websites aren’t marketed as sexting sites but have features perfect for sending (and receiving) nudes or dirty texts.

Let’s look at a few of the most popular nude trading and sexting platforms:



Snapchat app for nude trading

Snapchat is the social app most commonly associated with sexting and trading nude pics.

It’s popularity for sexting comes from the “disappearing message” function, wherein your picture will disappear ten seconds (or a custom-set limit) after it’s opened. This provides a comfort blanket, ensuring your naked bits and pieces won’t find themselves posted all over the internet. 

However, screenshotting exists.

These days, most Snapchat users open messages with their fingers poised over the camera buttons to take a screenshot of their ‘snaps.’ This is good news if you want to keep those nudes you receive, but bad news if you don’t want your own being stored.

It’s not unheard of for people to screenshot nudes or dirty messages they’re sent and save them to their camera roll — whether for saucy or malicious reasons. Always proceed cautiously, and don’t show your face if you’re worried about your boss seeing your penis on a dark corner of the web. 

Many sites act as Snapchat sexting directories. SextingFinder, for example, lets you uncover Snapchat usernames for free nude trading. You can search users by gender, orientation, age, tag, pictures, etc.

The network effects are strong on this one. Snapchat is famous for nude pics and dirty selfies, drawing content creators and consumers to the platform in equal measures.



KIK Nudes

KIK has been around since 2010, making it one of the oldest messaging apps. And let us tell you: it’s undoubtedly one of the filthiest.

Made famous by the Kardashians, this former Blackberry-only messaging app offers anonymous sexting and has a reputation for attracting amateur exhibitionists.

Instead of sharing your mobile number or social media profile to get connected, you can connect with anyone from anywhere in the world by simply using a KIK ID. This means you don’t have to reveal who you are.

The downside is that neither does the person who is sexting you. This can result in people getting into trouble when it emerges they’ve been sending indecent messages to a minor, so always be careful when using this app and make sure you are sexing with someone who is who they say they are.

Like WhatsApp, you can join larger groups and share messages and images with more than one person. KIK lets you do this with up to 50 people at a time.

One of the best things about KIK is that it has universally become one of the go-to apps for escorts, erotic models and adult entertainers to sell their nudes. And you can find plenty of KIK IDs where users trade exclusively in naked selfies.

Just hit up Google and type in ‘nudes KIK,’ and you’ll get a ton of forums and directories where you can find user details and sexting IDs.



Telegram is a cloud-based desktop and mobile message app focused on security, simplicity, and speed. With security comes privacy, giving you heavy encryption and self-destruct messages perfect for sexting. Consider self-destruct like Snapchat’s disappearing messages. 

Additionally, you can utilize the site’s matchmaking bots, which introduce you to total strangers. They’re made by independent developers and offered in the app to grant users more features. As you’ve likely already guessed, they’re great for ensuring you connect with some “like-minded individuals” (i.e., those in a horny mood). 

One of our favorite things about Telegram is that it doesn’t restrict the size of media you send. So, taking an HD shot of your dick and sending it to your sext partner is fair game. Why the hell not, right?

There are many adult groups on Telegram that you cruise for horny hookups (not to mention, a ton of NSFW content).

Telegram for adult content

The main downside to Telegram is its distinctly ‘tech-bro’ vibe, which is less inviting to the type of chicks you’ll find on Snapchat or Whatsapp.



WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is a hugely popular messaging app that most people already have. The more people who have an app, the more people you can choose from to sext. Simple logic, right?!

Yes, but Mr. Fat Fingers should always be careful not to send dick pics to the Family chat.

The app is similar to any SMS service. You can share text messages as well as video, photo and audio files. Plus, you can create and send your own GIFs.

Finding people is also pretty easy as the app links directly to your phonebook, using their mobile number as the start point. Of course, this does mean that you need to know someone’s details before you can sext them.

Unlike standard text services, the messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted which adds an extra layer of security. Another feature which makes this a popular choice for sexting is that you can make group chats and share your naughty images with a bunch of people at once.

Another particularly useful feature for sexting is the disappearing photos and videos.

Known as View Once, sent media won’t be saved to your photo gallery app. Instead, once your sexting partner has opened it, there will be nothing other than an “opened” statement in your chat — like how you see “deleted” in WhatsApp when somebody removes their own message. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately), WhatsApp doesn’t offer the screenshot-blocking feature afforded by some apps. And unlike Snapchat, it doesn’t alert you if the receipient tries to record your nudes.


Discord porn servers

Discord offers end-to-end encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) that make it impossible for somebody to obtain your IP address. Which is basically to say: it’s a brilliant sexting tool for those of a paranoid disposition.

It’s great if you want to sext with a complete stranger on a random Discord server. There are plenty of sexting Discord servers filled with horny users waiting to send naughty texts and images. If you can’t find servers specifically related to sexting, just try the much larger porn-themed Discords instead.

Or head to DiscadiaDiscord Bots, or Sexting.vip to find smaller dedicated sexting servers. 

Word of warning: Just like Telegram, Discord is skewed towards younger demographics. In our (such worldly) experience, you don’t bump in to many ‘normal’ women in their 20s or 30s who use Discord as a primary platform for messaging. If you do, they are more likely to be gamer girls or anime lovers than bored housewives.



Skiable anonymous sexting app

Skibbel takes blissful simplicity to a whole new level. There aren’t menus or barrages of content. Instead, you head to the website, enter what you’re looking for, and connect to random strangers who fit the bill. It’s like a sexting version of an adult chat roulette site.

If you can’t find Discord servers to get your anonymous sexting on, Skibbel might be the one for you. It depends what the matchmaking gods have in store for you. For us? They had penis.

The premise is simple but the execution is…uhh, optimistic.

You’ll be connected with a horny devil in moments, giving you access to text, audio, picture, and video options. So, whether you want to send a dick pic, moan into your smartphone microphone, or type your steamy fantasies, you can do just that with a stranger who could be located literally anywhere on the face of the earth.

Sounds pretty random… is pretty random. YMMV.



Tinder sexting

Ah, Tinder… no other app on the planet sums up adult dating in the 21st Century quite like this famous tool from Match Group.

Though you probably can’t remember a world when Tinder didn’t exist, it was only launched in 2012. Some of the first couples who met through it have now sent their kids off to school…

Tinder remains the world’s most popular way to meet new people, and in our fucked up universe, that extends to sexting strangers and trading nudes.

Used in 190 countries by more than 75 million people, the app deals with more than 1.6 billion swipes each day!

If you don’t already use it then let’s have a very quick rundown on why it’s a great option for trading nudes and sexting:

  • You don’t have to fill out any extensive profile, as the information needed is picked up from your social media account.
  • It’s quick and easy to connect with people who are nearby.
  • You get presented with image after image of potential matches; just swiping right means you like the look of them and swiping left removes them from your list of choices. If the other person also swipes right on your face then you can start chatting in private.

Typically, most users who start flirting on Tinder are going to require some ‘warming up’ before they even think about a sexy exchange. How this goes down is up to you but just be aware that not everyone wants to start a conversation by looking at your cock. Best to build up a rapport before you jump in with the big (?) guns!



Skype is a vital intimacy-saving tool for those in long-distance relationships, but you can use it for casual sexting, too. Although you’ll want to be up for video sex to make the most out of Skype’s capabilities — it’s famous for its high-quality video.

Like WhatsApp, there isn’t anything stopping your partner from screen recording. Remember, only sext on Skype with someone you trust NOT to screencap and leak the crap out of you. The experience can be intimate and foster deep sexual chemistry from across the oceans. But doing it with the wrong person won’t be as fulfilling; this app isn’t one for anonymous play times.

However, this is not to say that you can’t have sexy time on Skype with a random stranger. SkyPrivate is a service that provides just that.

Sky Private Skype Nudes

It connects you with cam girls and amateur models who will take payment (by the minute) to chat dirty with you on Skype. It’s a niche market, but there are plenty of guys who enjoy it.

Where Can You Find Sexting Usernames, Numbers and Accounts?

Most of the apps in our list above require you to already know the person you wish to get down and dirty with. But if you don’t want to sext someone you know in real life, the sites below allow you to find the usernames, accounts, and numbers of hotties worldwide looking for an anonymous virtual sex partner.

You can think of them as dirty little sexting directories:



Sexting finder

SextingFinder is a website dedicated to helping you find usernames of people wanting to sext on Snapchat. You can search users, and even add your username if you’re okay with the idea of getting messaged out of the blue by random strangers.

The site makes it easy to filter searches by gender, age, orientation, tag, pictures, etc. Plus, it’s inclusive, allowing you to look for gay, lesbian, or straight users. But if you’re looking for titillating girls only, head to the Snapchat Girls page; you’ll get access to a bunch of hotties’ SC usernames. 



KikFriender helps you find Kik usernames for ladies who want to get freaky.

Like SextingFinder, it’s easy to add your username to the database. It’s encouraged! The top of the homepage has a form allowing you to post your profile. Doing so lets the ladies come to you. Just enter your Kik username, age, gender, and whether you want to send or receive sexts.

Alternatively, check out the profiles of stunning babes and add those who tickle your pickle. 



SextFun.com will be your favorite site if you like to switch between both Snapchat and Kik, as it helps you find usernames for both.

Like the two directories above, you can search for people who are down for sexting strangers. Unlike the others, however, you don’t have any filters to work with. Just type your search term in the bar and hit enter to receive a gorgeous influx of babes worldwide. 

That said, you don’t have to search at all. The homepage lists plenty of usernames for you to add based on profiles that are trending around the world. Remember though, these profiles are likely to be receiving a lot of sex messages already.



Sex chat usernames finder

BestUsernames.com has a less cluttered but more outdated interface. That doesn’t mean it’s worse, though; it’s one of the most comprehensive sites you’ll come across. You can find Telegram, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, and Skype usernames of guys and gals who can’t wait to bare all for you — as long as you reciprocate.

The homepage lists the latest submitted usernames and what the person is looking for. It’s up to you to decide whether you suit their desires.



OnlySearch.co differs from all the above, letting you discover OnlyFans profiles by inputting keywords. Type in “sexting” and hit enter; you’ll be surprised by the myriad of profiles you find.

These ladies will take a monthly fee for their communications, but they are some of the sexiest amateur content producers in the world. The nude selfies won’t disappoint. 😉

How Common Is Sexting?

According to the most recent research, as many as three in four adults admit to having sent explicit messages and images to their partners. Another study claims over 80% of adults had sexted in the last 12 months.

Yeah, but what about sexting random strangers on the Internet?

Funnily enough, that information is not so readily available.

In previous decades, the way we used to “sext” was over SMS…

Sexting phone message

But sharing saucy content the old fashioned way does come with privacy risks and a lot of limitations.

Sexting Apps vs. Old Fashioned SMS

There are two good reasons why people choose sexting apps over old-fashioned SMS messaging: security and anonymity.

  1. Using a standard texting service means your pictures are stored on your phone’s camera roll – not ideal!
  2. Sending nudes via text gives you no security or privacy and means the pics can be traced back to you.

By contrast, using apps that have been designed for sexting, or with the prerequisite in-built security, offers a lot more protection for your lewd sex messages.

And there are other benefits to using sexting apps, like the ability to edit your pics and store them securely. Some are designed with more than just nude swaps in mind and offer ways to hook up. With SMS messaging, there’s no chance of spying on somebody’s profile and adding their photos to your Wank Bank.

With sexting apps, that’s par for the course. 😉

Sexting vs. Adult Chat Sites

Just when you thought sexting was risqué, enter adult chat sites: the digital playgrounds for those seeking more than just a flirty message exchange. While sexting apps are all about the thrill of the tease (and some filthy pics as the payoff), adult chat sites are like a Wild West of sexual tension exploding in a single public chat room.

Firstly, when it comes to interaction, the top adult chat sites are a different beast altogether. It’s not just one-on-one; these platforms offer group chats, cam shows, and even virtual orgies.

Another key difference is the breadth of options. With sexting, it’s all about text, pics, and maybe the odd video if you’re feeling adventurous. Adult chat platforms, however, come with a variety of rooms where you can talk about all manner of kinks and fetishes. The conversation starts sexual and ends sexual.

The big downside of using a chat site to ‘scratch your itch’ is they generally rely on much older technology and simply don’t possess the modern features baked in to the latest sexting apps. Imagine you’re having a sexy chat with the girl of your dreams and then — bam — the chat freezes, you get kicked out of the room, and you’ve lost contact with her forever.

Welcome to life before sexting apps.

While adult chat rooms still serve a purpose for dirty text chat, or for exploring your kinks, sexting apps are much better suited for nude trading, video messages and all of the other features we’ve come to take for granted.

Sexting vs. Phone Sex Services

Ah, phone sex services – the forefathers of sexting and adult chat rooms. These were the go-to before the digital age truly took hold. They hold a vintage charm, evoking the sultry voice on the other end of the line, crafting red-hot scenes using just words and moans.

But how do popular phone sex lines compare to today’s more modern modes of titillation where it’s all about getting nude pics in your DMs?

  • Connectivity: While phone sex offers a more intimate and direct connection with your partner, with the voice bringing everything to life, there’s something to be said about the interruptions. Dropped calls, static, and background noises can sometimes get in the way of the fantasy. With sexting apps, you’ve ensured a clear message every time.
  • Anonymity: Phone sex services often offer complete anonymity, with no traces left of explicit photos or texts. However, they do log your phone number and potentially other details. Sexting apps usually require an email or further sign-up details but give users a layer of end-to-end encryption and disappearing messages.
  • Cost: While many sexting apps have free versions or only charge for premium features, traditional phone sex services come with per-minute costs that can add up quickly. If you are the kind of romancer who gets carried away in the moment, you might want to think twice!
  • Variety: With phone sex, you’re limited to the scope of your partner’s descriptive prowess. Sexting apps, on the other hand, rely on the clutch of dirty pics. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. And when you add the ability to trade videos, it’s easy to see why phone sex is rapidly falling by the wayside.
  • Flexibility: The asynchronous nature of sexting means you can reply at your convenience, taking some time to think about your reply (even though she doesn’t give a shit because she’s only there for the dollar, right? ;)). Phone sex is in the moment, spontaneous, and requires both of you to be present simultaneously.

In short: Sexting apps do pretty much everything that phone sex lines can do. The only thing they can’t do is provide the nostalgia to go with it!

Tips For Safe Sexting: Think Before Trading Nudes!

Sexting Tips Guide

And finally, let’s finish with a few words of wisdom about sexting safely.

We don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs (there are specialist sites for that) but follow these guidelines to make sure your experience of trading nude selfies doesn’t come back to bite you on the butt.

Sexting may be incredibly common these days, but that doesn’t make it sensible to dive in to with a kamikaze cock.

So, when sending photos to strangers online or via an app:

  • Never share any personal details, including your real name.
  • Never include your face.
  • Avoid showing any identifying features such as piercings, tattoos or birthmarks.
  • Ensure nothing in the background of your photos could be used to identify you, your family or where you live/work. This could be anything like holiday snaps on the wall or a bill with your address on it. Even the view from your window could be revealing.

When it comes to sending any nude photo to a stranger, you need to remember that golden rule: not everybody you meet online is who they say they are. The web is a seething mass of catfish wannabes and unsavoury scammers who will use your junk against you!

Sadly, there are a lot of incidents of people using nude selfies to extort money from people in order not to share the incriminating evidence with family, friends and colleagues (known as ‘sextortion’).

Just take a beat before sending your naked photos, and ensure you are happy with THAT image being out of your hands. If needs be, do some quick editing on your phone to obscure or blur out any details that could help identify you.

Finally, you should always ensure that the recipient of your XXX photos is consenting.

While some of the apps we’ve detailed above are designed specifically for adult use, there are others that can be used by minors or are considered to be pretty mainstream.

Sexting without consent can be considered harassment and, depending on where you live, could get you in trouble.

So, as long as you stay anonymous and ensure you have a willing partner to send them to, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start trading nudes today using one of the safe and secure options above.

That brings our mega nude trading guide to a close… for now. We’ll be back to give it a fresh lick of paint in 2024. Are there any sexting apps or sites that we’ve missed?

Feel free to drop us your recommendations!


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