Sex in Las Vegas: The Best Adult Adventures in Sin City

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Las Vegas is known as Sin City — for good reason.

It’s one of the most popular adult tourist destinations in the world, a claim to fame driven by the sheer abundance of adult entertainment options in the city.

Yes, we all know about the glitzy casinos. But there’s a buzzing and vibrant Vegas sex scene, too. From some of the world’s most spectacular strip clubs, to topless pool parties, swinger events and more.

In this Sex in Las Vegas Guide, we bring you our pick of the best adult entertainment options to whittle away the midnight hours in the legendary Sin City. From the best strip clubs and topless pool parties, to swinger parties, BDSM events and our pick of the safest tips for getting laid in Vegas.

Want to have a damn good time in Sin City? You’ve come to the right place. 😉

Note: In August 2022, Red Light Vegas merged with our main Red Light Network website, which has now become AdultVisor. We’ve condensed the best of our Vegas site in to one mega guide — providing a comprehensive look at the sexiest entertainment in town. Use the table of contents below to find what you’re looking for!

The Las Vegas Sex Guide

Sex in Las Vegas guide

Nevada’s party capital is full of singles and most are here for a good time.

From bachelorette parties to the newly divorced on a mission to re-enter the world of singledom – this is one crazy party town. Yes, Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to get casual sex, but just because there are lots of opportunities doesn’t make it easy.

The truth is that Vegas is more about hedonism than straight-up sex.

It’s a place to live out your lavish fantasies – of money, sex, glamour, fame, and everything in-between!

Popular Adult Entertainment Options

Topless Pool Parties

Pool parties in Vegas are infamous for their appeal of adult fun, hedonistic pleasures and wild atmosphere.

At their finest, a Las Vegas pool party can be something to remember but not something you’ll want to tell the grandkids. Over the last decade, the pool party scene has evolved to offer a different edge with many venues now catering for topless pool parties.

This thoroughly adult and European way of enjoying a party in the Las Vegas sun is very popular.

What are ‘Toptional’ pools?

Topless (also known as clothing optional or ‘toptional’) pools are dedicated adult-only pool areas where women can loose the bikini top.

Once considered a strictly European way of sunbathing, topless pools have been popular in Las Vegas for many years and there are now dozens of places you can head to in the city to enjoy one of these venues.

what to expect at a topless pool party
The key thing to remember at a toptional pool is that being topless is optional not compulsory! Image via Bare Pool @ The Mirage Facebook.

There are plenty of reasons people prefer to go to topless pool parties and not just the one you’re thinking of.

Yes, of course, there is the obvious appeal for a lot of men (and women) or being around topless women and enjoying plenty of boob action.

However, for a lot of people it is the fact that these venues are exclusively adult environments, away from kids and families, that make them more alluring. Lastly, they are a great way to enjoy the party atmosphere in the Nevada sun without ruining your all-over tan lines.

There’s a huge variety in the kind of topless pools on offer in Las Vegas. From those that cater for a more refined crowd and offering a quiet and relaxing environment to enjoy topless sunbathing to those that are akin to the day clubs which Las Vegas is so famous for.

What to Expect at a Topless Pool Party

When you attend a topless pool in Las Vegas, it goes without saying that there are going to be tits on display. Whether you are a woman who wants to avoid strap lines with your tan or a guy who enjoys partying with half naked ladies, there are some dos and don’ts to remember.

  • Topless pool parties are exactly what they say they are. What they are not are fully nude venues nor are they sex clubs. There are swingers clubs that have pools in Las Vegas but these are not them.
  • Unlike the old days, pools are no longer for hotel guests only but if you aren’t staying on site then you will have to pay an admission fee.
  • Cameras are not allowed at a topless pool party and even selfies are strictly prohibited. Leave your phone in the locker room and just enjoy living in the moment for a change.
  • Most pool parties will have some form of VIP or premium seating such as cabanas or daybeds. These come at an additional cost to hire and may require you to have a minimum cover on food and drinks. Ask before booking one to avoid any problems.

Though many people would expect the ratio of men to women to be quite high, you can expect the numbers at most of the larger topless pool parties to be an even split.

Best Topless Pool Parties in Las Vegas

We’ve picked some of the best topless pool venues in Las Vegas where you can find a real mix of parties to enjoy. Some offer a relatively laid-back kind of vibe whilst others are something straight out of a frat movie. Whatever floats your boat, there is something for everyone.

Tao Beach & The Venetian

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

topless pool parties las vegas tao venetian
Only open for topless bathing on certain days, the Tao Beach is one of the original homes for Las Vegas’s pool party scene.

Located on the roof of the iconic Venetian casino prominently position on the glitzy strip, the Tao Beach has been popular spot for pool parties since it opened in 2005.

Styled on an Asian city house, the pool is well equipped for big parties and includes a restaurant, nightclub, lounge and beach all within a 60,000 sq. ft. space.

During pool season, the Tao Beach is open daily but it is only ‘toptional’ in the early part of week.

It is a great space and is not as busy during topless days as it is on weekends but still offers an incredible venue for a daytime pool party.

The Tao Beach is open as a topless pool Mondays to Wednesdays only and is open from 11.00am until sunset. Locals can get in for free but expect to pay a cover charge of at least $20.

Bare Pool Lounge @ The Mirage

3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

topless pool parties las vegas bare pool mirage
Parties at the Bare Pool can attract some amazing guests.

One of the first topless pools in Las Vegas to embrace the European style of bathing and is still a popular haunt for guests looking for a relaxed atmosphere.

This relatively intimate pool incorporates a total space of 14,000 sq ft within the Mirage Casino. Guests can enjoy two luxurious dipping pools or relax in one of the 6 cabanas, 8 VIP beds and 8 daybeds. It’s a friendly and popular ‘toptional’ venue but not generally a party zone although they do run many regular and special events.

The pool serves from a comprehensive cocktail, champagne and spirits menu along with food and soft drinks.

The Bare Pool is open daily between 11.00am and 5.00pm with entrance fees charged as follow:

  • Men: $20 (Sun to Thurs) and $40 (Sat & Sun)
  • Women $10
  • Hotel Guests (Free before midday)

Locals can visit the Bare Pool Lounge for free on Mondays.

Naked Pool @ Artisan Hotel Boutique

1501 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

topless pool parties las vegas naked pool artisan
Artisan’s Naked Pool is intimate and can get very busy during the pool season. Image via website.

The Artisan is a three-star hotel located of the Strip and is a small venue even compared to the behemoth complexes of The Venetian, Caesar’s Palace and The Mirage.

Accordingly, their ‘European Pool’ is just as intimate which suits many visitors better. And small does mean small here with the pool barely being able to swim a few lengths in. However, the surroundings are idyllically serene and the daybeds and cabanas are a perfect sun-trap.

Guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere whilst taking advantage of well-priced food and drink from the bar. During pool season, the hotel does pump up the atmosphere with some beats.

The Naked Pool is open daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM though entrance fees do vary so check in advance of booking.

Daydream & The M Resort

12300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Henderson, NV 89044

topless pool parties las vegas daydream the m resort
A haunt for locals, Daydream is small but perfectly formed.

Situated in Henderson, about ten miles south of the main casinos on the Strip, the M Resort’s topless pool is called Daydream

As it is well out of the glare of the tourist trappings of Las Vegas city, it is very much a toptional pool that is enjoyed by locals. However, visiting non-residents can also benefit from the facilities.

There is plenty of VIP and exclusive seating available but it is often best to book ahead as the place is very popular, particularly in peak season.

It’s worth checking out the website for details of special parties and events which can include night swims, live poolside entertainment and even outdoor movies.

The Daydream Pool Club s open Saturdays and Sundays (plus holidays) from 11.00am to 6.00pm. The cost of admission is $10 for local men (before noon) and $20 for non-locals. Local ladies can enter free before midday.

Moorea Beach Club @ Mandalay Bay

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

topless pool parties las vegas moorea mandalay bay
The Mandalay Bay’s European pool is more laid-back than wet and wild.

The Mandalay Bay has long had a reputation for its pool complex and is one of the reasons guests stay in the hotel. However, the venue recognised the need for a more adult friendly zone with the main pool area being stuffed with kids and families during peak season. The result is the Moorea Beach Club; a premium poolside experience for the over-21s.

A toptional beach with dozens of options for guests to enjoy the facilities, you can find daybeds, cabanas, villas and pavilions to book a more luxurious experience.

It’s quite a relaxed topless pool for Las Vegas and is never too far from the backdrop of the main pool complex. They do run special events including concerts, parties and live entertainment so check the website for details.

The Moorea Beach Club is open daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM with admission fees being as follows:

  • Female hotel guests: Free
  • Male hotel guests: Mainly free Monday to Thursday with cover charges at the weekend
  • Non-guests: Cover of $30-$50
Marquee Dayclub & The Cosmopolitan

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

topless pool parties las vegas marquee dayclub cosmopolitan
Wild at weekends but only topless during the weekdays.

Covering a space of 22,000 sq. ft. the Marquee Dayclub includes several areas of entertainment including two pools, several bars and a gaming area. There is also a multi-level nightclub.

It is a popular club with the younger crowd and particularly during special events and holidays when the club brings in some great live entertainment or big name DJs.

The club is open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm but is topless only from Monday to Thursday. Local women get in for free as do hotel guests, but all others can expect to pay a cover charge of $20+.

Sapphire Pool

3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 8910

topless pool parties las vegas sapphire
The Sapphire Pool Club….what more do you need to know?

This is the only pool party/club in Las Vegas that is situated in a Gentleman’s Club. Sapphire’s is a strip club that is open 24-hours a day which cashes in on the pool party season with a fantastic outside space.

Unsurprisingly, the parties are incredibly popular with bachelor (and bachelorette) parties and this is certainly a venue where you will get a full on Las Vegas pool party welcome.

It’s not exclusively a toptional venue and many women wear bikinis although there are plenty of women who make the most of the opportunity to go topless. The club is known for its events and the weekends can sometimes have surprising visitors including adult movie stars.

Facilities are exactly what you would expect from one of Las Vegas’s best strip clubs and you will find plenty of exclusive seating in the form of daybeds and cabanas, poolside bars and even a private pool with an aquarium wall for up to 16 guests. Hiring this VIP space doesn’t come cheap and you can expect to pay between $1.8k and $2.4k for a full day here but it certainly offers a premium experience.

The pool is open Fridays to Sundays between midday and 6.00pm with locals being able to enjoy the place for free. Admission for non-locals varies depending on the day and event.

Radius Rooftop Pool and Wet Lounge @ Stratosphere Hotel

2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

topless pool parties las vegas stratosphere
A mid-range toptional pool, the Radius has a DJ Booth, reasonable sized pool but great views.

Offering an inexpensive way to enjoy a topless pool party in Las Vegas, the Radius Rooftop and Wet Lounge has a good reputation for its party atmosphere. Staying open later than most pools, the topless element is optional but a good proportion of guests enjoy the European style.

Situated on the rooftop of the Stratosphere, guests can enjoy a stunning view across Las Vegas as they enjoy the facilities. Whilst it isn’t as luxurious as some nor as wild as others, the pool is very popular for its price, its music and the great location.

The Radius Rooftop Pool is open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM with hotel guests enjoying complimentary access. Non-hotel guests have to pay admission of $14.

Venus European Pool Lounge @ Caesars Palace

3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

topless pool parties las vegas venus pool caesars
Cabanas at the Venus go quick so its best to book in advance.

An opulent oasis of a pool, the Venus at Caesars is a grown up toptional venue. Covering a space of around 10,000 sq. ft there are 14 cabanas, 16 day beds, 10 couches and a whole lot of chaise lounges to enjoy the atmosphere.

They also offer poolside massages as well as food and drink from their high-end bar menu.

The Venus topless pool is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (7.00pm close on Friday and Saturday) with cover charges being payable as follows:

  • Men: $30
  • Hotel guests: Free
  • Ladies: Free
  • Locals: Free on Thursday
European Pools & Wynn & Encore

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

topless pool parties las vegas wynn and encore european
Sedate and serene, the European pools at the Wynn and Encore are a more grown-up topless experience.

Both the Wynn and Encore hotels each have exclusive adults only pools where European bathing is allowed. Though they are both excellent venues with exquisite facilities and high-standards of luxury, they aren’t really ‘party’ pools….but many guests do go topless.

The pools at Wynn and Encore are only open for hotel guests. Access is complementary with facilities being open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Vegas Bachelor Party Tours & Packages

Known as the Adult Disneyland, Las Vegas is the ultimate bachelor party destination.

You can’t go to Vegas without bumping in to some wild bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The strip is full of partying groups, and while you can certainly arrange your own night out, there are a number of agencies that will take the pain out of designing your perfect bachelor party in Sin City. Some will even venture out into the wild playground of Nevada’s legal brothelsyikes

The top company we’d recommend is Vegas Party VIP.

Vegas Bachelor Party services

Vegas Party VIP will custom design a bachelor package (or birthday and bachelorette parties). You’ll hit up the hottest nightclubs, pool parties, strip clubs, club crawls and late night Vegas attractions.

Of course, there’s plenty to do in the daytime too!

Strip Clubs

Las Vegas has some of the best strip clubs, not only in the United States but also, in the world.

The city has about thirty strip clubs ranging from those that serve liquor and the girls go topless to fully nude dancing bars. The law forbids both with the only exemption being if a strip club was licensed before 1995 and so there is still one strip club in Las Vegas where you can see fully nude dancers and enjoy a full bar.

ultimate vegas bachelor party strip club crazy horse 3
Strip clubs are one of the top attractions in Vegas for bachelor parties. Image via Crazy Horse III.

Top Vegas Strip Clubs For Larger Parties

Crazy Horse III

3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Crazy Horse has one of the strongest reputations in Las Vegas for wild nights of striptease, excellent atmosphere and stunning dancers. Unlike some of the clubs in Vegas that have a more refined and opulent luxury to them, Crazy Horse has a real mixed appeal. As well as a main stage and strip hall, there are multiple zones to enjoy the dancers as well as five VIP bars and a nightclub.

Of course, weekends are really busy but hit the Horse for a big sporting event and the place can get really rammed.

Bachelor parties are a staple on Saturday and Sunday nights but the place is big enough to accommodate several groups, even larger ones.


1848 N Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Originally opening in 1969, Palomino is not just the oldest licensed strip club in Las Vegas but due to the quirks of the licensing laws, it is the only club that can also serve hard liquor with nude dancing; so, full bar, full nude.

Despite its age, the club is modern and features a ground floor strip hall with a double pole stage and an upstairs ultra-lounge. Parties can take advantage of the VIP areas or just enjoy some of the clubs fantasy rooms.

Palomino rightly has a reputation for providing some of Las Vegas’s hottest and wildest bachelor parties.

There are plenty of package deals for large groups with a popular option being the Palomino High Roller. For a price of $2000, there is an unlimited number of guests able to take advantage of their choice of seating, seven bottles, unlimited mixers, 5 pitchers of beer and VIP transport and admission.


6007 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas is one of the most famous venues and regularly makes the headlines with celebrity guests, big acts and special events. It is a playground for parties and has a solid reputation for providing a great experience for large groups; after all, that is their mainstay of clientele.

The club features 15 private ‘Honey Suites’, 6 full bars and a great selection of champagne and wine. There is plenty of VIP seating which is raised away from the main area. Covering multiple floors, Hustler covers an impressive 25,000 sq. ft of space. There is also an adult boutique on site as well as full food service.

Adult Stores

It should come as no surprise to learn that Vegas has a huge selection of adult retail stores.

From big names like Adam & Eve, to small fetish shops with a focus on BDSM and kink accessories.

Vegas Sex Scene & Casual Dating

Okay, so there are plenty of adult services and entertainment options around Las Vegas.

But what about the best options for hooking up?

Hookup Dating in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a tough place for dating and there is plenty of evidence to back this theory up.

Many people head to the city to find Lady Luck but few come to find Mrs Right. As a city whose reputation is built on hedonism, parties and vice, and has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, there could be few less enticing reasons to head to Las Vegas for finding someone to settle down with.

However, it’s these very same reasons that also make Las Vegas an ideal place for casual encounters. A city that has a high population of regular and one-off visitors visiting solely for the reason of having a good time? A city that has a high number of divorcees? A city where vice and temptation is a way of life?

So, where do you find all these women?

When it comes to tourists, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Finding singles who live locally can be a little trickier, particularly when you factor in the stats that there are more men than women in Las Vegas, there is definitely competition.

There are pros and cons to dating in Las Vegas:

Good Side of Dating in Las Vegas

Some perks about dating in Las Vegas include:

  • The city never sleeps, and you can find people socialising and partying 24/7. This is great news for those people who have jobs in the industry, the graveyard shifters who would find it tough in other cities to meet people outside of their unsociable working hours.
  • The number of people visiting the city makes meeting new people easy.
  • The variety of places to take dates is almost endless and doesn’t have to be restricted to the glitz of the Strip. Sure, there are clubs, bars and shows but there’s also some great outdoor places to head to and enjoy the Nevada sun.
  • Most people who head here are looking for fun and there is abundance of single females hitting Las Vegas every day; bachelorette parties, divorce parties, birthday parties and even visitors for big events like concerts, sporting events and conferences.
  • There’s a huge mix of people in Las Vegas, it’s a real cultural melting pot so the variety of singles to choose from is much more varied than in other cities.

Lastly, and the best thing about the singles scene in Las Vegas, is that you can head to the same bars every week and meet new people.

The turnover of visiting tourists means that once you’ve found your favorite pick-up spot, you don’t need to avoid it even if you have had a few disastrous dates… unless, of course, you only hit locals bars.

las vegas dating scene
The vast majority of people in the city aren’t locals so singles need to match their hunting grounds to the kind of dates they want to pick up.

Bad Side of Dating in Las Vegas

On the flip side, there are some cons to dating in Las Vegas:

  • Las Vegas attracts a lot of gold diggers and if you aren’t a high roller or flash with the cash then this can turn off a certain type of woman. This could also be a pro as it quickly sorts the men from the boys.
  • When it comes to dating locals, everyone seems to know everyone else, so you can quickly get yourself the wrong (or the right) kind of reputation.
  • There can be a lack of depth to some women in Las Vegas, specifically those who visit the city for a wild weekend. Again, this could be a good thing if you are just interested in a casual encounter but not so good if you want more than just a one-night stand.
  • If you hit it off with someone in a big way there is a strong chance they are a tourist, sometimes from another country, which can hamper your chances of making a lasting relationship. Even those that live and work here can often be a transient bunch so hook ups are usually easy but dating isn’t.
  • There is a culture of instant gratification which is both a positive and a negative aspect of being single in Las Vegas. Hook ups and attacking life in a hedonistic way can be a whole lot of fun but after a while this kind of attitude can wear pretty thin.

How To Find a One Night Stand in Vegas

If we look beyond swiping all day on Tinder like an absolute maniac, there are some better ways to find a casual hookup in The City of Sin.

There are three sites we’d recommend:

  • Adult Friend Finder — The OG of casual dating hookups. The simple reality is that if you can’t get laid on AFF, you should probably give up trying. It’s the world’s largest hookup site so there’s no beating around the bush. It has a heavy presence in Vegas.
  • — is similar to AFF, and run by the same company, but instead of stacking the database with vanilla types who aren’t really sure what they want, ALT is full of ‘alternative lifestyles’. That means you’re going to find kinks, fetishists, swingers and a whole lot more. It’s where you go to find a casual hookup if your preferred casual hookup involves a good spanking and a ball gag. That kinda place.
  • Craigslist — When all else fails, the Casual Encounters section of CraigsList can be relied upon to throw up some… interesting…. options. YMMV!

Best Pick Up Bars For Hooking Up In Vegas

Want to try your luck on the strip instead?

In Vegas, it’s all about presentation.

Ladies are turned on by power play and money so splash with the cash and make sure you are ordering champagne by the bottle to attract some attention. If you can, make sure you have an entourage or at very least a wingman to boost your credentials. Don’t get too drunk and play the game hard; remember that the vibe in Vegas is far more cheeky than anywhere else so throw caution to the wind and be direct.

But not The Hangover direct.

So, where do we find ladies looking for NSA fun and Vegas hookups?

Below are some of the best pick up bars and clubs in Sin City.

Let’s start with some huge sprawling adult playgrounds.

The stuff of a pick up artist’s wettest dreams…

Vegas Nightclubs for Meeting Women

OMNIA Nightclub

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S 

A huge nightclub with an even bigger reputation, the OMINA is always bursting with ladies looking for a big night out. The venue hosts some big international DJs and always has some event running. It can get loud, it can get sweaty but the place has a feeling like anything could go down… and it often does.


3799 S Las Vegas Blvd

This mega club draws huge crowds and with no wonder when you see the entertainment list.

Home to world famous mega-DJs Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Steve Aoki, the club is one of the hottest venues in town. It can cost an arm and a leg to get in so you could always hang around the lobby of the MGM when the club starts to hot up or cool down and see if you can divert the attention of any ladies on their way in and out.

If you do end up on the inside then the five floors of dancefloors and eateries provide ample opportunities to pick up a fun loving girl.

It’s a popular venue for hen and bachelorette parties to finish off their nights so be prepared for a pack hunt if you want to hook up.

Beach Clubs

If you’ve already been to Sin City, you’ll know that beach clubs and pool parties are one of the best ways to meet women in Vegas.


Encore, 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd

Beach clubs are an excellent way to get socialising in Vegas and meet up with singles who are living the lifestyle.

If you are opting to chill out after a heavy night or simply on the cruise for as many ladies as possible then take the time to stop at Encore and scope out the talent.

Not only does the pool party vibe get sexy with bikinis on and curves out but you can also splash the cash to make sure you get ample attention. Ladies who see a guy spending rich on champagne will be on him as fast as flies on the proverbial — so go wild, and err.. bring your wallet.

Drai’s Beach Club and Night Club

The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd

This trendy nightclub with a beach club attracts huge international acts like 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and Nelly. The beach club by the pool is the perfect place for hook ups and the venue is always busy whilst guests relax before a big night out at the club.

Intimate Vegas Bars

You don’t have to battle through the crowds at pool parties and nightclubs to get lucky.

Check out these popular pick up bars for a more intimate feel.

The Bond Bar @ Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd

It doesn’t have a huge queue waiting to get in, so you can be in and out in next to no time to check out what’s on offer.

Whilst you wait, you can enjoy a drink at the bar and be entertained by the live entertainment which includes go-go dancers and scantily clad ladies suspended by ropes from the ceiling. It’s a lively spot but doesn’t get silly on volume… meaning your best lines won’t be lost.

Minus 5o Ice Bar

Mandalay Place, 3930 S Las Vegas Blv

With everything in the bar being made from ice, you can bet your last dollar that the promise of getting sweaty in bed will appeal to any lady in here. An in-trend bar appealing to adventurous souls, the Minus 5o is an experience in itself and attracts some great bachelorette parties on a tour of everything Vegas has to offer.

An underrated spot for picking up ladies in Vegas.

Las Vegas Swinger Clubs & Parties

With a population of just 600,000 people, Las Vegas is a small community but one that is both liberal minded and conservative depending on where you go. If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re more interested in the Sin side of Sin City. 😉

With tourism bringing in an extra 38 million people to the area every year, there is plenty of swinging action to be found for those seeking sex parties, orgies, gangbangs and other group adult thrills.

If you want to stay on top of the Vegas swinging scene, we’d recommend signing up to a specialist swinging network. There are two we can recommend:

Best Vegas Swinger Events

Here are some of the best swinger venues in Vegas:

Red Rooster

6405 Greyhound Ln. Las Vegas, NV

Hosting world famous swinger parties since 1982 the Red Rooster is Las Vegas’s longest running swinging club.

Located just twenty minutes outside of the city, this huge lifestyle play venue is just as popular with locals as it is with visitors to Sin City.

Red Rooster: Arguably the most famous Vegas swinger club
Red Rooster: Arguably the most famous Vegas swinger club

Open Monday to Thursday, 9pm to 2am, Friday and Saturdays 8pm to 3am but closed on Sunday the venue hosts live entertainment. 

From hosting DJs to live musical performances, Red Rooster offers a Las Vegas show experience in an environment that will appeal to a Vegas swinger (young or old). The website has details of upcoming events and you are encouraged to check these in advance to be sure of the theme or any dress codes.

DaysCouplesSingle MenSingle Women
Monday to Thursday$30$40$5
Friday & Saturday$30$50$5

The donations include a few complementary non-alcoholic drinks but the venue is BYOB.

The club was last refurbished in 2014 and now includes:

  • 2 staffed bars
  • Tournament sized pool table
  • Dance floor
  • Indoor pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Private play rooms
  • Group play rooms
  • Couples only area (upstairs)
  • Smoking area.

Located 7 miles east of the Strip the venue covers over 12,000 sq ft. 

Purrfect LV

Various locations in Las Vegas

Purrfect is a private but free members only club based in Las Vegas that organises events across the city in popular casinos and prestigious hotels. 

Their events are for couples, single females and limited single males and are mainly a socialising and networking opportunity.

Parties are held at a range of locations and the main events are often a pre-cursor to an after party held in a private suite in the casino or hotel. 

Whilst some of these can be organized, it is common for members to hold their own impromptu parties in their own private rooms afterwards with the people who they have hit it off with during the meet.

swingers party las vegas purrfect
The beauty of Purrfect’s parties is their diversity. Summer Soirees are particularly popular. Image via Facebook.

The club is an excellent way for visiting swingers to connect with other like-minded couples staying in Las Vegas and the events are very popular.

The age range of members is mostly between 20 and 40 years old with guests often being from out of town but with a base of regulars who know the city. It is this diverse mix which helps keep the club fresh and appealing.

Prices for attending the events varies depending on the location and the date but in general you can expect admission to be charged at the following rates:

  • Couples: $60 ($40 for locals)
  • Single men: $20-$100
  • Single women: Free – $20

Most events have VIP tickets available which often include a private table and a bottle. These also vary in price but can be as little as $120 or upwards of $350 for four people.

Spa Nudes Sea Mountain

5 Minutes from the Vegas Strip

One of the leading swinger clubs and swinger hotels in the USA.

The Sea Mountain One Love Temple has scooped a number of awards, including ‘Best Lifestyles Resort Club’ from Playboy, Maxim and the LA Times. It is open 24 hours, every day, and located just 5 minutes from both the Vegas strip and the nearby airport.

One Love Temple

The resort is open for couples only and is an exclusive venue where clothing is optional. Many people opt to go fully naked though just as many choose erotic lingerie to lounge in.

Stays at the retreat include five-star accommodation with king-size beds, comfortable robes and plush slippers, private bathrooms with natural mineral water showers and 24-hour access to the spa, pools and One Love Temple gardens. Guests can also select from a range of complimentary DVDs, unlimited iced teas and coffees, fruit plus breakfast and lunch selection.

All facilities are available to paying guests.

The One Love Temple offers a full complement of spa facilities including:

  • Massage treatments
  • Aromatherapy treatments
  • Warm cedar sauna
  • Natural mineral water heated pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Indoor and outdoor fire pits
  • Thai day beds
  • 100 lounge chairs
  • Outdoor heating grill
  • Live DJ
  • Gardens

Food and beverages are provided including juices, teas, snacks and unlimited soft drinks.

The venue also has a dance club which runs 24/7, called the Dharma Club. It is here where the swinging action takes place and lifestyle members can really get to know each other better.

Limousine service is available 24/7 for airport and hotel pick-ups as well as private plane and Rolls Royce service for guests with a bigger budget.

one love temple nude spa las vegas
The atmosphere at Spa Nudes is Zen but you don’t have to join in the meditation. Image via website.

Prices for retreats at the spa vary depending on the package you opt for but start at $39 per day for a single woman and $149 per couple.

You can pay extra for VIP access or opt for a single evening only.

All bookings attract an additional fee of $20 per person for a six-month membership fee to the club.

The Green Door

Commercial Center, Commercial Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

With its low level lighting and dark, cavern-like décor, the Green Door is a Vegas swingers club that opens up a world of fantasy.

The venue has an instant erotic appeal the moment you enter and continues throughout with black heavy curtains, glittering beaded curtains in the voyeurs room and the dark heavy duty fittings of the dungeon.

There are several themed rooms, an indoor jacuzzi and an orgy play area. Spread over 18,000 sq ft there is plenty of space to accommodate the large numbers that regularly attend the events:

Saturday swinging event Las Vegas

Open Sunday to Thursday 7pm to 5am and Friday to Saturday 7pm to 7am the prices do not include towels, robes, lubes, condoms or juices.

You also have to pay extra for lockers, pool tables and the vending facilities.

Out of State
Sunday to Thursday$60$20$80
Friday & Saturday$70$20$105
Weekly Pass$110$60$347
Monthly Membership$139$99$396
Annual Membership$743$495$2,475
Sunday to Thursday$50$20$75
Friday & Saturday$65$20$99
Weekly Pass$99$60$297
Monthly Membership$119$99$396
Annual Membership$743$495$2,475

If you purchase your membership online then you will receive a 10% discount on the prices quoted above.

Established in 1998 the Green Door has a loyal following and runs regular themed swinger events.

Risque Vegas Estate

Open six nights a week this privately-operated Nevada swinging club has a regular calendar of events.

The club has a whole range of facilities to entertain guests during their stay with plenty of themed spaces and private/group play areas, including:

  • Heated outside pool
  • Poolside daybed
  • Poolside sex swing
  • Pool table
  • Hot tub
  • Dance floor
  • ‘Fucking’ Harley (static Harley Davidson with built-in Sybian)
  • Glory holes
  • Orgy room
  • Custom massage table
  • Indoor spa
  • BDSM room (a popular spot for Vegas BDSM enthusiasts)
risque vegas estate swingers club las vegas
A private home with plenty of play spaces, Risque is a rambling residence for swingers to enjoy.

Mixers and snacks are provided but alcohol is BYOB. Sundays are Pot Luck days and guests are asked to bring a dish along to the parties.

A cooked breakfast is served at 2am and 3am on the Friday and Saturday night events.

Donations are invited for attendance at any party and the following guidelines for admission prices are suggested:

  • Couples: $60
  • Women: $20
  • Men: $100
Whispers Vegas

The only club in Vegas that is dedicated to couples and single females only, Whispers is a classic swingers club. Situated in a private residence to the south of the city, about ten minutes from the main Las Vegas Strip and the McCarran Airport. 

They run a regular programme of parties at the weekend including afternoon pool parties during the summer.

whispers swingers club pool
The pool is the focus for summer parties at Whispers. Image via website.

Refurbished in 2017 after the venue fell into disrepair, Whispers has a lot of history and was well-known for hosting plenty of the city’s famous hedonistic lifestyle parties during the ‘Golden Era’.

Whispers has had a bit of a facelift and now features more modern facilities and a completely revamped setting. 

Guests can enjoy:

  • Group orgy room with a peek-a-boo windows
  • Group room with sex swing
  • Dance floor with professional sound system, effect lighting and dance pole
  • Heated outside pool
  • BBQ
  • Seven play rooms including the ‘Chair Room’
  • Socialising areas
  • Round bath spa
  • Bar
whispers swingers club chair room
The popular ‘chair room’ at Whispers evokes an erotic atmosphere.
Swingers Circle

Looking to find an orgy near you?

Swingers Circle parties are held weekly.

They are held at a Major Hotel on The Vegas Strip – registered guests will receive the venue.

Parties are attended by a maximum of 12 couples and there is usually a variety of ages, experiences and backgrounds from 30 to 60 years old, seasoned lifestyle members to newcomers. There are normally at least six or seven couples at any party.

This intimate number makes evenings a little different from many house parties you may have attended and offers an opportunity to enjoy a much more intense experience.

Evenings generally follow the same routine with the first hour being more social where guests can mingle. This is followed by some sexy party games which are centred on removing clothing and starting the consensual play. Though, in keeping with usual lifestyle rules, participation in play is not required, all guests must participate in this game and be comfortable being naked in front of the group under a low-light.

Guests are reminded to bring a bottle as only soft drinks and snacks are provided free of charge.

One of the benefits of the parties is that they are held in a centrally located hotel and finish relatively early so you can continue your night out afterwards, or easily head back to your own hotel.

Reviews for parties held by Swingers Circle are mostly very good and come from a combination of regular guests as well as first-timers.

At the time of publication, admission to one of the Swingers Circle parties is ticket only with prices being as follows:

  • Couples: $85
  • Single females: $40

Prices may vary, so do check their website for the latest information.

BDSM Scene in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular spots in the world for BDSM play. From museums to sex stores, clubs and community groups to annual events, and even BDSM academies, Vegas has so much to offer its BDSM enthusiasts.

The best part is that there is something for every experience level.

BDSM and Fetish Clubs in Vegas

There are several BDSM clubs that run in the Las Vegas some specializing in the bondage side of BDSM with others catering for more general fetishes. 

The selection of groups listed below are all active and offer more than just play parties but social opportunities and education for new members.

bdsm community las vegas
The BDSM community of Las Vegas has plenty of representation with different groups, events and organisations. Image via Wikipedia.
Sin City D/s Network

An alternative social group for anyone interested in Dominance and submission, the D/s network is a useful resource for meeting other like-minded adults as well as offering:

  • Discussion forums
  • Advisory board
  • Health resources
  • Kinky Yellow Pages

There are some useful links on their website including some ‘How To’ guides along with articles and a digital library. However there are no recent munch and group listing but these can be found using the Fetlife links (see below).

Las Vegas BDSM

A public group that has been running for over 20 years, the Las Vegas BDSM site holds a weekly munch at Putter’s Lounge on South Eastern Avenue. Held each Friday night, guests are asked to maintain a low-key profile and dress casually so as not to draw attention to the group.

Though a members club, there are no fees to join and the group is simply a useful way for the community to network and socialise.

Liquid Red LV

Liquid Red is a fetish community that organises social mixers and events in the area. Parties take place once a month and vary in theme but are always well-attended.

liquid red bdsm las vegas
Events held by Liquid Red are many and varied but have a fetish theme. Image via website.

Previous parties and organised socials include:

  • Dark Arts Market
  • Steampunk Nightmare Masquerade Ball

Entrance is free and the details of the venue can be found on their website.

LUC: Leather Uniform Club

Running since 1998, the LUC of Las Vegas is a pansexual group of individuals that share an interest for leather as well as associated kinks. Though not a BDSM group specifically, there is a good following of members who enjoy bondage and SM play.

They hold several events during the month including classes, Sin Sity Sisters Oink Nights, Leather Church and Fetish & Friendship dinners.

The site has a private message board for members only and is yet another useful way to network in Las Vegas for those who share the same kinks.

Las Vegas Boys of Leather

Another leather-specific kinksters group, the Las Vegas Boys of Leather are a wide group of individuals covering a range of sexual orientations, fetishes and gender. What they all share is a love of leather and there is a good mix of people who have a crossover interest in BDSM.

BDSM Las Vegas Events

Las Vegas is often at the centre of many annual events and gatherings and there are quite a few big annual BDSM gatherings and events that are worth bookmarking in advance.

Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball

One of Las Vegas’s biggest annual events, the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball has been running for over 23 years and attracts an audience of up to 7500 people.

It is an outrageous party and is regularly cited as one of the top Halloween parties to attend in the world. Not just famous for its fetish crowds, the balls are risqué, bizarre and attract plenty of excitement from those who are just curious to attend a wild Halloween party.

fetish and fantasy ball las vegas bdsm
The Fetish & Fantasy Ball is an iconic Vegas event attracting thousands of kinksters and curious visitors.

Tickets sell out quite quickly so it is worth organising attendance well in advance but this is certainly a highlight for many on the BDSM scene in Las Vegas.

Sin in the City

Held annually (usually during the first few weeks of February), Sin in the City is a huge event that brings together fetishists of all kinds. Previous events have included:

  • International Person of Leather Contest
  • Keynote brunch
  • Large vendor space
  • Presentations and talks
  • Workshops

Topics covered range from micro bondage to military tactics, rope empowerment to processing pain. It is a comprehensive conference for anyone who is interested in the world of BDSM and offers some good networking and retail opportunities as well as play parties and even boot blacking.

Now in its seventh year, details for the next event can be found on their website including details of the host hotel and rates for accommodation.

Las Vegas Smokeout

An annual event celebrating smoking as well leather, the Smokeout attracts quite a lot of crossover interest from the BDSM community. Typical attendees include leathermen, bikers and bears and usually includes attendance from the Las Vegas Boys of Leather (see above).

It’s a good excuse for a social gathering and the events are quite varied, attracting a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

Though not aimed at the BDSM community, it is a good event to bookmark for meeting and networking.

Professional Las Vegas Dominatrix Services

Of course, there are other professionals in Las Vegas whose services you can engage including several Dominas:

Fetish Sex Shops

Most of the popular adult stores in Las Vegas sell a good range of essentials for BDSM play but there are two specialist fetish stores in the city, details of which you can find below:

The Black Room

1000 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

The Black Room is a luxury kink boutique adult store on E Sahara Ave that specialises in the latest European designs in fetish wear, notably from Germany.

As well as designer leather gear they also stock a huge range of specialty items, including:

  • Chastity and metal gear.
  • Electrical and medical toys.
  • Restraints and harnesses.
  • Furniture
  • Latex, PVC and patent leather.
  • Toys, tools and accessories.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 11.00am to 7.00pm.

Lady C Leather

3719, 4037 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Nevada’s premier fetish and leather store, Lady C Leather supplies handmade leather and hardware to the BDSM community of Las Vegas. They are centrally located in the city and are well respected both for the high quality and competitive prices of their goods as well as their knowledge of the lifestyle.

lady c leather adult store las vegas bdsm
All of the leather-wear is made on site using high quality materials. 

You can pick up a good selection of products from the store on W Sahara Ave., including:

  • Harnesses, collars and blindfolds
  • Leather lingerie
  • Paddles, floggers and whips
  • Cuffs, restraints and gags

As owners, Jeff and Shannon Pebley state on the website, there is something for everyone ‘from mild to wild’.

They are open Monday to Saturday from 11.00am to 6.00pm.

BDSM Communities, Dating and Social Groups

Beyond the official BDSM groups that are active in Las Vegas there are many smaller communities and groups that meet for munches in and around Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding area.

As well as meet and mingles, there are workshops and rope socials, munches and play parties.

This is just a small selection of active Fetlife groups in Las Vegas for BDSM lifestyle followers:

  • BDSM Educational Center
  • Las Vegas Leaf & Leather
  • Las Vegas Rope Social
  • Las Vegas Surrender
  • LUC of LV (Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas)
  • Reverse Tensionz
  • Rope Bite Las Vegas
  • Vegas Valley TNG

You can find a full calendar of upcoming BDSM meets and socials here.

In addition, the social network for kinksters, Fetlife, has a large number of community groups in Las Vegas including some very specific and niche sub-groups. 

Additional ways to meet other BDSM enthusiasts in Las Vegas for social munches as well as some dating opportunities, include:

  • Collarspace â€“ BDSM dating site; great for casual hook ups and regular meets.
  • â€“ BDSM, kink and fetish social network and dating site.
  • Chained â€“ fetish & BDSM contacts site
  • BDSM Singles Network – free to join but subscription services to access premium features.

BDSM Education

Most of the Las Vegas BDSM groups offer some form of educational workshops but there are also a couple of options for more formal programs.

Leather Quest

leather quest bdsm education las vegas

Formerly known as the Journeyman III Academy, Leather Quest is an organisation that aims to advance the skills of BDSM enthusiasts with both generalized skills as well as specialist workshops. The group provides training sessions in Utah, California and Nevada with an eight month courses available to take in Sin City.

Known as ‘The Journey Vegas’, the program covers basic skills as well as introducing inductees into the kink community and helping newcomers expand their horizons on the world of BDSM.

You can find out more about when course are being run and how to join by visiting the website.

Building Blocks

A school for ‘kinksexuals’, Building Blocks offers a dedicated support program for BDSM enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge of the lifestyle. They mainly cater for a younger audience (18-36 year olds) but they have a good range of experience with their membership.

Classes are diverse and cover the practical and emotional aspects of play as well as hosting a regular social meet up for their members.

The group also holds regular fundraisers including the Fire Night at the Erotic Museum.

Other BDSM Activities

And lastly, a little something different if you fancy an afternoon outing…

Erotic Heritage Museum

3275 Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Providing a unique view of the BDSM culture, this museum in the heart of Paradise, Las Vegas, is a 24,000 sq ft space dedicated to showcasing the history of erotica. As well as being a great day out to explore the exhibits and displays, there is also a good selection of events, workshops and performances.

It was previously listed as one of the best sex museums in the world, and is well worth a visit.

The venue is the brainchild of pornographer Harry Mohney and the Rev. Ted Mcilvenna to showcase the history of sex and sexuality and its place in our modern culture. 

A sex-positive space that celebrates diversity in race, religion, sexual orientation and kinks, the museum is a great community resource that has plenty going on throughout the year.

Vegas Trans & “Shemale” Scene

The glittering neon lights of the strip are perfect bedfellows for the Vegas tgirls scene.

It should come as no surprise that the lure of the stage lights has not been lost on the ladyboys and self-described “shemales” of Las Vegas.

However, there are plenty of conservative areas in the original Sin City, so if you’re looking for some shemale / t-girl thrills, you’ll need to know where to find them.

Useful Links:

  • — One of the top worldwide transsexual dating sites, catering to transsexuals, shemales, transvestites, crossdressers, ladyboys and their admirers.
  • — A selection of webcam T-Girls from all around the world. Choose your favorite and start chatting.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the best bars for those seeking TS fun.

TS Nightclubs & Bars

The Las Vegas Lounge

New Orleans Square, 900 E Karen Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The number one place in Las Vegas to meet trans guests is the Las Vegas Lounge on E Karen Avenue.

A TS/TG/TV friendly bar, if you are looking for a ladyboy in sin city then this is the place to come. Don’t expect drag acts and be prepared for some fine looking trannies.

There are plenty of ladyboys at differing stages of surgery (post-op, pre-op) who are receptive to the attention. The staff and regulars are openminded and the atmosphere is generally very friendly and lively.

It’s a discreet place and the shemales are tall, thin and glamorous so do attract lots of attention. There are often curious men loitering both inside and out but it is a safe place to go with good car-parking, excellent security and reasonably priced drinks.

What more could you ask for?

Goodtimes Bar & Nightclub

1775 E Tropicana Ave # 1, Las Vegas, NV 89119

By day this bar is a popular, run of the mill gay pub and offers a relaxed atmosphere that is less busy than clubs on the Strip.

By night the club comes into its own and buzzes with an active dance scene. Catering to a diverse mix of people including newcomers, the trans curious and stalwart regulars, Goodtimes is open 24 hours a day.

Friday and Sunday nights tend to be geared towards lesbians but there are always popular drag shows and live entertainment that is TS/TG friendly. As a welcoming establishment ladyboys feel safe in the environment and can be found most evenings.

Flex Cocktail Lounge

Hyde Park Shopping Center, 4371 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 8910

One of the best known gay bars in Las Vegas, Flex has been in operation for over twenty years and has a strong affinity with the TS/TG scene. With a laid-back and relaxed neighbourhood bar feel, Flex is open 24/7 and offers gaming as well as pool tables and a small dancefloor.

Tgirl friendly, Flex is a good place to come to find your next hookup.

Spotlight Lounge

975 E. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV. 89104

Open 24/7 the Spotlight Lounge has recently undergone a major refurbishment and is a great place to get a drink without any of the clubbing experience thrown in. LGBT friendly and with pool tables, video poker and shuffleboard the drinks are inexpensive and the atmosphere friendly. You won’t find a plethora of ladyboys at the Spotlight Lounge but t-girls do frequent the venue and some of them are hard to spot.

The Chandelier

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 8910

Situated in the The Cosmopolitan, The Chandelier Bar is TS friendly and is well advertised with visiting shemales as a safe place to go. A cocktail heaven, the chic and sophisticated lounge is a delight to spend time in to just people watch.

There are many ladyboys who visit here that you will have a hard time distinguishing so tread carefully if you’re not looking for one!

Trans-Friendly Hotels & Casinos

Most of the hotels and casinos tolerate T-girls very well but it is best to avoid the family orientated ‘theme’ casinos as these are generally less so and cater for tourists.

The Circus-Circus, Mandalay Bay Monte Carlo, Luxor and Excalibur all apparently have a less than tolerant atmosphere for trans guests. This may no longer be the case but there are plenty of other places to go.

Paris Las Vegas

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Part of the Caesars Group, the Paris Las Vegas is an LGBT friendly hotel which has a casino, restaurant and live entertainment on site. The venue offers same sex wedding ceremonies and celebrates the diversity of the T in LGBT.

As well as the Paris, these are the top 10 hotels and casinos in Las Vegas that have been voted for by the tranny community as being trans-friendly.

As a result, visiting t-girls are more likely to frequent the restaurants and gaming rooms of these establishments. Again, if you are looking for a straight pick up then be 100% sure before you go in for your moves…many of the ladyboys in Las Vegas are almost fool-proof!

  • The Alexis Park Hotel (non-gaming)
  • Bally’s Casino Hotel
  • Bellagio Hotel
  • Rio Casino Hotel
  • Flamingo Casino Hotel
  • Caesars Palace Casino Hotel
  • Mirage Casino Hotel
  • The Linq Casino Hotel
  • Westgate Casino Hotel
  • The D Hotel & Casino


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