15+ Best Cuckold Dating Sites

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Are you a bull seeking a hotwife or a horny husband desperate to be humiliated? Looking for the hottest cuckold dating options near you?

Cuckolding is more popular than you’d think. Whether you’re the one who wants to be in the driving seat or the man who can’t keep his partner happy, there are some popular cuckold dating sites where you can find local bulls and cucks in their thousands.

And of course, plenty of hotwives too.

Our pick of the best cuckold dating sites include SDC (a swinging community with a big Hotwife community), and the tried and tested Adult Friend Finder. While AFF requires a bit more sifting through the replies, it boasts a massive audience and is one of the best cuck websites for international coverage. If you want to narrow down to the kinkiest of the bunch, you can always try their sister-site ALT.

There are smaller local communities too, which we’ll get to in this guide! You can also try popular social networks like Reddit, or if you’re truly feeling lucky… there’s always Craigslist. (Not recommended!)

Why are cuck dating sites even a thing?

Porn sites would have you believe that this kind of thing just randomly falls into your lap. But regular couples looking for sexy (but safe) meetings, want a more discreet way to find strangers.

Well, it turns out that there is a huge online market for cuckold dating and, in this feature we take a whistlestop tour around some of the best cuckold dating sites where you can unearth those opportunities.

Let’s take a look!

What Are The Best Sites for Cuckold Dating?

Best cuckold dating sites

Whilst there are plenty of cuckold only dating platforms out there, we think that these platforms offer the most solid way to find cuckolds and hotwives.

Adult Friend Finder


best cuckolding dating sites adult friend finder

Our first choice is Adult Friend Finder. Quite simply, this is one of the largest and most popular online sex communities around.

Hugely popular with swingers and for hookups, casual encounters and NSA fun, registering yourself with Adult Friend Finder will get your profile in front of millions of potential candidates.

Maybe you’re a bull looking for the perfect cuckold to help humiliate or perhaps you’re a miserable failure of a husband who can’t keep his wife satisfied.

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to participate in cuckolding, there are tons of other members on Adult Friend Finder just like you.

With more than 109 million registered members, ALL of whom are interested in hookups and more, there are few other sites around which can give you such a diverse and broad choice of matches.

Hotwives, bulls and cucks are all advertising here so you can either post your own profile and wait to be contacted or get stuck in by messaging others who share your interests locally.

Success rates for response and eventual meets are pretty high here on AFF but as one of the biggest sites it has become one of the biggest catfishing grounds as well. Just be aware that there are actually a large number of fake profiles here.

But, as long as you stay wise and play safe, you shouldn’t have problems and AFF does try hard to keep their platform genuine.

What we love about AFF is that there’s more going on here than just simple dating. 

The site is stuffed full of great information, blogs and magazine articles as well as educational material plus adult content.

You’ve also got a good range of ways to connect with others including instant messenger, live chat and even using your smartphone or tablet via their app.

Trust us, this is definitely a site you’ll get your money’s worth from.

VIP Gold membership can be yours from as little as $14.95 if you pay upfront for a full year at $180. Otherwise, monthly costs start at around $24.95.



best cuckolding dating sites alt

Whether you’ve always fantasized about cleaning up after your wife has taken a stranger or watched her ride a BBC to extreme orgasm, cuckolding can be an addictive part of your sex life.

Considered by many couples to be just one step too far, here at Alt.com you can explore your fantasies without judgement.

This is a platform designed exclusively to celebrate alternative lifestyles including many kinks and fetishes.

And whilst the site does cater predominantly to BDSM, there’s room for everyone here including cucks.

Just like Adult Friend Finder, Alt.com is a truly international platform and has great coverage right across the United States, Western Europe and even countries like France and Germany.

In total, there are more than two million members to share your fantasies with and the site is geared up for hookups and dating.

What we like about the site is that you can do plenty of flirting and research before you decide on a match and users like to swap NSFW content.

Free to join and use, there is a limit to how useful Alt.com is unless you pay for a premium membership.

Without a subscription you won’t be able to send and receive messages nor be able to access those XXX files being swapped.

Sign up for a full year to take advantage of the generous discounts and your monthly costs can be as little as $8.50.

Standard monthly membership starts at $29.95.


best cuckolding dating sites reddit

Ah, good ole’ Reddit and its mega-cache of subreddits covering every niche under the sun.

Yes, this popular social networking come news aggregation site is a forum lovers heaven and offers up tons of groups with adult interests.

We’ve picked a couple of the biggest where cucks and bulls are known to swap details for meets but there are plenty of others you can find that might cater more locally.

The main r/Cuckold group has almost 700,000 members which gives you a huge audience to bounce ideas and share your fantasies with.

And, by networking with other members, you should be able to get more information about local dating opportunities.

Another way to hone down a search in your area is to look for swingers’ groups on Reddit and then ask them the question.

Hey, the worst that could happen is you are shot down in flames, right? But the best outcome is that the group can offer you some potential hookups or, at very least, some leads to follow.

PLUS, these groups are great for swapping XXX content or even sexting if you play your cards right.

The best part?

It’s completely free to use and most of the groups we’ve listed above are all active enough to get a response within a few hours to a few days.

Swinger Groups

Our next four choice of platforms to help with cuckold dating all share the same thing; they’re swinging community sites.

Yes, swinging couples mostly want to swap partners, have threesomes or enjoy the thrill of being watched having sex in front of strangers. But cuckolding is a pretty common part of this lifestyle and there are tons of swingers who not only want to share their wife and watch but also be humiliated.

Some are sissies, others are into kinks like chastity play whilst some are bi or curious and might want a threesome.

The beauty with the swinging community is that they are already sold on the idea of polygamy and are pretty open-minded.

Whilst there are hundreds of great swinging community groups online, our choice of the best platforms are:



best cuckolding dating sites sdc

Our first choice is SDC (Seek. Discover.Connect, or Swingers’ Dating Club) and is one of the largest communities of its kind.

With more than three million members worldwide, SDC was established in 1999 and is well regarded and trusted in the community.

This makes it an ideal place to safely and securely find your next bull or cuck.

Just like Kasidie, SDC operates more like a social networking site than just a hookup portal so there are tons of great features here.

These include speed dating, chatrooms, forums, member blogs and instant messenger.

As a main hub for members of THE lifestyle, there’s tons of information on safe swinging, clubs and events plus a great section on travel opportunities for polyamorous singles/couples/thrupples etc.

The whole site feels a lot like an adult version of Facebook and members can connect with ‘Friends’ and even have their own wall they can post content and updates to.

What we like most about this site is the sense of community that you can build using the platform and it won’t take you long to build up some local contacts who share your fantasies.

Another freemium site, you can register a profile without spending a dime but to access all these great features and get unlimited messages with other users then you need to upgrade.

Current subscription costs start at around $30 per month but you can slash this figure in half if you sign up for a full year.



best cuckolding dating sites kasidie

More of a social networking site than a simple dating service, Kasidie is one of the main online resources for swingers in the USA.

With more than 1.6 million hits per month, the site also attracts visitors from Canada and Europe.

Together, they are an active bunch and there are new members signing up all the time. In fact, Kasidie estimates there to be around 1500 new profiles added to the site each week.

As well as offering ways to network with other users via forums, groups, chat rooms and instant messenger there is a whole host of useful information on here.

This includes events and party listings along with swinger club reviews and opening hours.

Single guys are welcome at most swinger clubs and there is nothing quite like arranging a meet in person. Potential bulls can always be vetted at a group event and some couples prefer to do their cuckolding in public.

It’s a friendly and welcoming site with easy-to-use features.

Available to join for free, you do need to upgrade to a premium subscription if you want to make contact with other members.

Prices start at $19.95 per month.

Swing Lifestyle

best cuckolding dating sites swing lifestyle

Our next selection of swinger groups worth checking out for cuckold dating is Swing Lifestyle.

Similar in design to Kasidie but really only covering the United States, the site is another social networking platform for liberated and open-minded couples and singles.

There really isn’t defining a single group of people who use the site so throw out those stereotypes in your head of middle-aged ‘mom and dad’ types looking for a young buck.

Instead, open your eyes to the myriad hotwives who are desperate for bulls who know what they’re doing. And those profiles of sad husbands and partners who are desperate to watch their women dominated.

And its not just the wives and partners who are listing their profiles here. There are plenty of users who are willing to step up and be that virile and powerful bit of brawn.

Young and old, black, white, Asian and Hispanic there’s a really great mix of members online.

And getting started with Swing Lifestyle is pretty straightforward. Just register yourself a free profile and then start browsing your area for suitable ‘Friends’. Or you could join up on one of the groups to start mixing with like-minded people.

And just like Kasidie, there’s other features here to keep you on the site including sexy erotic fiction, forums, event and club listings plus plenty more.

And Swing Lifestyle is also available as an app so you can hookup on the go.

A freemium site, you can browse or trial the site for free but to get the best experience of using it you’ll need a premium subscription.

Current charges for monthly membership are $19.95 but you can pick up a full year for just $69.95. However, the best value is with their lifetime subscription which comes in at just $149.95!

Fab Swingers

best cuckolding dating sites fab swingers

An international site that covers North America and Europe, this next site has a good amount of coverage in the UK (see ‘Find a Cuckold in the UK’, below).

Overall, there are around 200,000 members with around 35,000 being regularly active but more than 90% of these are based in Great Britain.

Just like Kasidie and Swing Lifestyle, there’s a lot more to the site than just matchmaking and social networking.

But they do this part very well with forums, groups and chatrooms all available to help new members get connected.

There’s even a feature called Meet Today which is aimed at giving members instant casual encounters.

As well as hookup opportunities for cuckolds, hotwives and bulls Fab Swingers is also a great hub of information for UK swinger clubs, events and parties.

The best part of this site is that it’s all free!

So, whilst it may be a lot smaller in size than the likes of Kasidie, SDC and Swing Lifestyle, it won’t cost you a penny to find out if its worth spending time with.

Best Cuckold Dating Sites

Next up we look at some of those specialist sites that are designed specifically around finding a cuckold.

Maybe you’re the masterful man willing to step up and give a married woman a hot creampie right under (or over) the nose of their partner or perhaps you’re the guy who wants to watch his hotwife get fucked properly.

Whether you’re a bull or a cuck (or even a hotwife) then these are some great sites to help you find your playmates.

We’d also recommend checking out our recent guide on How To Find A Hotwife as it often pays to advertise to both parties.

Local Cuckold


best cuckolding dating sites local cuckold

Part of a larger network of dating sites operated by Elite Marketing Solutions, Local Cuckold offers up a huge selection of singles as well as couples looking to expand their bedroom activities.

This is not a pool of profiles pinched randomly from larger networks but a specific dating site aimed exclusively at swingers, cucks, bulls and hotwifes.

And there’s a decent range of ages, ethnicities, locations and backgrounds so there should be a match for anyone’s taste. Whether you are looking for that ultimate BBC fantasy, young newlywed bride or a total nympho freak with a sissy hubby.

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward site with few bells and whistles but all the right features to get you connected quickly with a local cuck or bull.

Start with a flirt, follow up with a message and the rest is down to you.

Join for free and you can browse and flirt but to send and receive messages you’ll have to pay. Prices start at around $30 which gives you unlimited access to the site for a month.

Date A Cuckold


best cuckolding dating sites date a cuckold

Our next choice of cuck platform is another niche service aimed specifically at hotwives and their cucks seeking big bulls to satisfy their needs.

Simply connecting married women with men to have sex with in the full knowledge that their partners can watch, be humiliated and/or get involved in the action.

Just like Local Cuckold, the site is pretty basic but paid up members can different ways to contact other users including instant messenger, chat rooms, webmail and video chat.

Overall, it’s a decent enough little site for cuckqueans, cuckcakes and bulls to network and is easy enough to get started.

A network site operated by Infinite Connections, there is pretty coverage here around much of the United States and some of Canada plus a little of Western Europe.

It’s not clear exactly how many members there are but you can opt for a free trial of the site to assess how well your local area is covered.



best cuckolding dating sites couples men

Another network site but this one has access to the pooled profiles of more than 1.4 million users including cougars and hotwives, swingers, cucks, queans, sissies and bulls.

It’s also open for trans and polyamorous members and you can find quite a few CD/TV profiles across the site.

Couples-Men is known for being a great place for bi/curious cucks and can not only be a good place to get your hotwife seen to but also to get a taste of some cock for cucks.

You might have spotted a theme here and yes, this is also a pretty simple site where members start by sending flirts, follow up with a message, chat online and arrange to meet.

You can browse and send flirts for free but to access messaging you need to pay for it.

Membership ranges in price from around $20-$30 per month depending on the length of sign-up.

One of the nice things about this service is that you can download the platform on an app for your iOS or Android device.

And just like Local Cuckold and Date A Cuckold the coverage varies depending on where you are in the world. This site mainly covers the US and Canada but also the UK and some Western European countries like France and Germany.

Find a Cuckold in the UK

Cuckolding seems to be more prevalent in the UK than in other European countries and the practice attracts plenty of online traffic.

best cuckolding dating sites cucks and bulls uk

We’ve found several sites offering dating services for cuck husbands, hotwives and bulls with these four offering the most comprehensive choice of services and features.

Find a Cuckold on Mainstream Dating Sites

Of course, it isn’t just niche dating sites where you can find cuckolds and we have a couple more suggestions of places where you can find cucks, bulls and hotwives.

No Strings Attached


best cuckolding dating sites no strings attached

Our next choice is a niche dating site for married individuals seeking an affair.

And whilst many of the profiles on here are of cheating wives and husbands looking for someone discreet to fool around with, there are actually a lot of women here who are seeking a consensual way to cuckold their partners.

Attached men and women just register their profiles and the rest is down to you.

Some users explicitly state their fantasies in their bios whilst others wait until they start talking with other members before dropping the Cuck Bomb.

It’s not as guaranteed as, say, a site like Aff.com or Adult Friend Finder but can certainly throw up some interested meetings.

What we like about this approach is that sometimes the suggestion of cuckolding could be quite new for some members and you may well be getting a cuck/bull virgin. Definitely well worth a look if you fancy being involved in some fresh cuckolding action.

The only problem with No Strings Attached is that isn’t a huge site. In fact, there are only around 50,000 hits to the platform each month. Around 60% of these come from the United States or Canada.

It’s worth signing up for a free profile here to see what kind of coverage you get in your local area but, for some, it might not be worth upgrading.

If you do find that your area is well catered for then subscription costs are pretty competitive and you can pick up a membership for around $30 or as low as $10 depending on how long you sign up for.

Other Hookup Sites to Find a Cuckold

Our final selection of sites includes those platforms which are all about the casual hookup and NSA fun as well as a couple of other swinger dating services.

best cuckolding dating sites swapfinder

And whilst members on these sites aren’t necessarily looking for a cuck, bull or hotwife, you’d be surprised by how many of them are open-minded.

We’ve got first hand experience that a couple of these sites can offer up some really interesting hookups for couples.

Just like the other sites we’ve listed out, most of these are freemium models so you might be able to get a trial or free membership but if you want to contact other members then you’ll need to pay to go premium:

Apps to Help Find a Cuckold

Most of the platforms listed above are mobile ready and a few have their own dedicated apps but we thought we’d share the details of a couple of handy ones to download in your cuckold dating quest.

None are specifically designed for cuckolding but all are pretty alternative spaces which are used by open-minded couples and singles seeking interesting ways to have fun.



best cuckolding dating sites polyfinda

First up we have Polyfinda, a dating app for people who follow a polyamorous approach to relationships.

It’s an interesting app to try out from the perspective of cuckolding as polyamorous couples are well used to sharing the love around.

It’s a nice alternative to some of the more extreme cuckolding sites where humiliation and sissification are key.

Here the focus is on finding supportive third parties (or more) to extend relationship circles with.

By our calculations, this could mean that for a lucky bull you could get to cuck more than one man in a single session!?

The app is free for Android or iOS users but does require a premium subscription if you want to make contact use of the main features.



best cuckolding dating sites 3hook

3Hook is another decent little app which helps couples find a third party to play with.

As you’d expect, plenty of these relationships are crying out for a bull (or two) and there is a lot of great opportunities on here for some local cuckolding hookups.

It’s easy to get registered and you’ll be flirting with other users pretty quickly.

It just depends on where you live in the world as to whether or not they will be close enough to meet up with.

There does seem to be good coverage in the United States, parts of Canada and the UK but outside of the main cities the app can let you down a little.

It’s worth checking out what kind of matches you can expect before upgrading your subscription

Still, for some casual sex, flirting and possibly cuckolding, 3Hook is well worth a second look.

Other Apps for Finding a Cuckold/Bull

And finally, here’s a couple of other suggestions for apps which could help you in your hunt:


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