JerkMate Review: Sure You’re Not Tired of Jerking Off Alone?

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You’ve likely seen ads for JerkMate before. “Tired of jerking off alone?” 😉

This cam site claims to help you find a jerk-off pal of any gender you desire, all with a convenient and quick interface to select the streamer of your dreams.

JerkMate has thousands of live performers online daily and plenty of famous names who put on regular shows. Want delicious amateur camgirl shows? No problem. Perhaps you’re more interested in seeing the likes of Fandy, Amouranth or Madison Morgan? They also stream here.

While JerkMate is basically a repackaged version of Streamate — with some fancy branding and a mammoth advertising budget — it does have a few exciting additions. Let’s take a closer look.

JerkMate Review: Just Another Streamate Clone?

Jerkmate Review

The first thing that stands out about JerkMate is its curious choice of landing page.

Instead of showing a pinboard of camgirl show thumbnails, you’re presented with a single, roulette-style display of one particular performer and an interface for finding the perfect ‘jerkoff partner.’

You’ll be prompted to select a show type from here and then transported to a more traditional cam stream display interface. For quite some time, JerkMate utilized this lander with many more selection criteria after you picked a cam show type, including ethnicity, hair color and so on.

The Jerkmate roulette style homepage

They appear to have done away with this… for now.

One thing worth noting about JerkMate is that it’s a white-label website based on the popular Streamate network. JerkMate is sufficiently unique in its features and layout for us to set it apart, but let’s be honest – the sites are practically identical under the hood.

If you’re familiar with Streamate and its performers, you’ll know all about JerkMate.

Key elements of JerkMate’s platform include unique streams with celebs and pornstars, fantastic filtering tools, a large talent pool and fast loading speeds. Cam quality is also noteworthy: streams here look much better than other webcam platforms we’ve featured.

Types of JerkMate Models

JerkMate doesn’t have any particular bias toward performers that we could identify.

That said, it would appear that there are slightly more ebony streamers on JerkMate than we’ve seen from other platforms. If you like darker-skinned performers, this might be your go-to hub.

Female Models

If we look at a breakdown of the female profiles on JerkMate, here’s what we find in terms of ethnicity:

Ethnicity breakdown of Jerkmate performers

Not all of these models are online, and our best guess is that the numbers reflect the models who have been online within the last 30 days.

Unsurprisingly, Latinas dominate JerkMate’s talent pool. The top country was Colombia, with around 70% of the top 50 performers coming from there. Other countries that came up more than once included Mexico, Venezuela and Spain.

You’ll also find that there are lots of Colombians in the ebony category. Around 10% of the country’s population is Afro-Colombian, with sub-Saharan roots. Other countries with ebony performers included the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. These were also the countries with the biggest cohorts of Caucasian camgirls.

Asian camgirls at JerkMate tend to come from the Philippines and India. Only 30 Asian camgirls were available at the time of our review. Interestingly, three came from Kyrgyzstan.

Male Models

Switching over to the guys at JerkMate: there were around 200 online – quite a significant number compared to rival platforms. Most of the guys here were tagged as ‘bisexual,’ but they’re likely servicing men far more than women.

As with the female category, JerkMate’s selection of men is almost all Latino, with Colombians making up the bulk of performers on the platform. You’ll also find Venezuelans, Americans and Spaniards in the mix, but the numbers here are over 80% Colombian.

There are some filtering options for gay performers, which we found handy. These include keywords such as chubby, daddy and teen. You can also select ‘straight’ if you’re a woman seeking a man who’s only interested in ladies.


There were 65 live couples: not the biggest we’ve seen, but more than acceptable.

Couple shows at JerkMate tend to be one-on-one, male-on-female, but we noticed quite a few lesbian performances, too.

There was one stream called GGMansion where more than two performers were live: this was an all-girl group show from a house that seemed dedicated to adult webcam performances. Four girls were live together when we tuned in.

Live couples cams accessed through the Jerkmate site

The prevalence of Colombians in the couples section was even greater than in the female and male categories: all of the top 25 performers were from Colombia, except for one Spanish couple.

Couples on JerkMate have penetrative sex on stream regularly, but most performances we encountered were either engaging in oral sex or just touching one another while interacting with the chat.

Transgender Models

Without trying to sound like a broken record here, Colombia is, again, the dominant source of performers in the transgender category. Spain, the UK and the US were the other countries with more than one online performer in the trans category.

JerkMate does have a specific tag and area for FtM transsexuals, but very few streamers are available, and none were online when we checked.

Over 200 live trans performers were available to pick from, but the numbers may shift depending on the time of day you visit.

Types of Live Shows on JerkMate

Regarding its show structure and operational style, JerkMate operates slightly differently from other platforms.

To put it simply: models aren’t allowed to show any below-the-waist nudity if they’re in free public chat. While other platforms are great for complete shows you don’t have to pay for – don’t expect that at JerkMate.

Free Public Chat

Since full nudity isn’t an option, free chat sections on JerkMate are designed to be a place where the performers will tease you so they can give you a taste of what you’ll see in private performances.

Despite clear rules against below-the-waist nudity, we encountered quite a few streams where camgirls were showing more than allowed. We won’t name names, but if you’re lucky, you might see a few holes here that you’re not supposed to.

Private Chat

This is the bread and butter of JerkMate and, for many, where they’ll spend most of their time. These performances are when you spend a flat amount per minute for one-on-one time with any live streamer.

The model picks performance prices, and you’re not technically exclusive – others can join the show if they wish. They can also chat with the model, so it’s pretty different from a ‘spy show’ you might find on other platforms.

Exclusive Chat

If you don’t want others to be able to join your private chat, select exclusive mode. Often, you’ll have to pay more for this, but it’s real sessions that are exclusive and that others cannot join. Some models don’t offer exclusive shows; some only offer exclusive shows.

Gold Shows

Sadly, although Streamate – the platform that JerkMate is based upon – has gold shows, JerkMate doesn’t have the functionality available on its site. We looked for camgirls on Streamate who had a gold show running, and when we watched them on JerkMate, there was no interface element or tool available so that we could join.

This was hugely disappointing, and we hope that gold shows are added to JerkMate so full functionality is provided.

Note: your login details will work for, which does have gold show functionality:

Gold Show Jerkmate example

Can I Record Live Shows on JerkMate?

We found no information regarding JerkMate’s policy on show recordings.

There is no native recording functionality or way to go back and watch previous performances. It would be logical to conclude that JerkMate has a ‘no recording’ policy.

Live Stream Quality

Objective quality is an essential metric for watching adult cam shows: how does JerkMate stack up against the competition?

On, you have no control over the quality of the stream, and it seems to default to 720p for models with that option available. However, if you go to, you do have control over the stream quality. Options include source, high, medium and low.

It’s frustratingly hard to find what these options translate into, but for a few cam streams, ‘source’ definitely outputted 1080p. In other instances, the ‘source’ was 720p instead.

Cam quality is objectively good, but it’s hard to translate that into useful information when looking at the average experience watching shows at JerkMate. We’ll settle for saying this: plenty of JerkMate shows are offered in HD formats with great bitrates.

Interactive Toys on JerkMate

JerkMate supports toy integration, but since free public shows aren’t its main selling point, the utilization of these devices is lower than we’ve seen elsewhere.

Still, a lot of streamers have interactive sex toys available, so if this is something you enjoy, JerkMate does have what you seek. We even found one streamer with multiple toys connected so you could vibrate multiple spots simultaneously.

Note that to utilize JerkMate’s live toy features, you’ll have to visit – JerkMate’s flagship website doesn’t have this as an option.

Toy activation is similar to elsewhere: contribute gold, and the toys activate. More tokens generally result in longer activation periods or more intense vibrations/pulses. All camgirls we saw used either Lovense or OhMiBod.

Celebrity Streams on JerkMate

JerkMate tends to invest a lot in recruiting well-known celebrities and adult stars to put on shows for its members. These shows have featured some really cool names – one of which is Amouranth.

In just a few days, she will be on JerkMate, giving visitors a body painting performance mixed in with some dominatrix content. JerkMate’s performers are typically ladies but have featured shows from men, such as Dan Benson.

Upcoming live shows on Jerkmate

These celebrity streams are often more feature-rich and interactive than your typical cam stream. Production quality is higher, the content is somewhat planned and so on. You can also add these shows to your calendar to receive reminders.

Some of these shows also have special deals available. For example, signing up for Fandy’s show gave you $10 in free credits if you used the promo code provided.

JerkMate’s Interactive Pornstar Videos

These aren’t quite games, but you’re prompted to make choices and decide what you want to see next.

Plenty of pornstars have featured in these, including Riley Reid, Jade Kush, Lala Ivey and Rebel Lynn. These interactives are typically solo, but occasionally, they’ll get two pornstars together for a couple’s performance.

You’ll start with 30 free credits that you can spend on various positions and activities. Scissoring, licking, toy play and so on – it’s up to you to decide how to proceed. Each scene has an interactive sidebar element to make your choices.

Porn games on Jerkmate

We were a little surprised to find that scene quality varied in terms of bitrate.

The video above was rendered in 1080p, but 16 seconds of footage clocked in at 2.17 MB. We found another video 32 seconds long but a whopping 19.86 MB. This is a significant quality inconsistency, and we’d like to see them go back and rerender lower bitrate releases.

The interactive videos offered by JerkMate are exclusive to the platform. This means that you won’t find them anywhere else online. They were created for JerkMate and JerkMate alone.

Getting Around JerkMate

For accessibility and design, there are some key differences between (JM) and (JML). Both websites use the same login details but have mixed features and design choices that make it difficult to recommend one over the other.

For instance, the interactive videos mentioned above are not on JML, but lots of cam functionality is missing from JM.

One thing worth mentioning is that previously, JM functioned differently. It would start by asking for the type of cam show you wanted, but then it would ask you more questions, such as your ethnic preference:

JerkMate's ethnicity filtering

This functionality has been removed, and instead, it takes you through to a more traditional cam landing page when you select what you want (male, female, trans or couples). It’s a confusing experience: instead, we think JM should look like JML does from the get-go. This middle-ground approach makes no sense to us.

Another difference between the platforms is that JM shows you images of models, whereas JML gives you a cam preview. We prefer cam previews, so JML comes ahead in this instance.

JerkMate’s Interface, Design and Layout

When it’s time to watch a camgirl, does a far better job than The stream layout is more traditional, with the webcam stream taking up much of the display area. Since cam quality here is high – we love this approach.

Example of a live chat show on Jerkmate

Chat sections on JM and JML are clean and straightforward: very little emoji or GIF spam.

JML has more tools and interactive elements: tip menus, games (spin the wheel) and gold show access. Overall, we recommend utilizing if you’re serious about watching cam shows regularly and potentially spending money on them.

The Mobile Experience

Here are the landing pages for both and

Mobile experiences on Jerkmate

Mobile accessibility on was far better; we’d recommend using this platform version. Loading times were acceptable but nothing special. All the bells and whistles you’ll find on the desktop website are also on the mobile release.

Watching streams vertically will allow viewers to resize the window and relocate what area of the stream is displayed – this is good if the camgirl is performing but not entirely centered.

Vertical shows have the chat below, whereas turning your mobile horizontally will remove the chat so you can focus purely on the camgirl.

Sending messages on mobile was fine, but you’ll have to run a specific browser to enable cam to cam. For iOS users, that’s Safari. Android users have to use Chrome. This isn’t exclusive to JerkMate: all adult cam platforms seem to have this requirement for enabling cam to cam when using a mobile.

Filtering on JerkMate

We want to briefly mention JerkMate’s advanced filtering options that allow you to pick multiple things at once. Typically, cam sites only allow you to filter by one option – offers numerous filtering options.

Filtering example on Jermate

In this example, we could select Latin American camgirls who were teens and offered anal as a show feature.

You can also see the various dropdowns available to filter based on several metrics and options quickly. Plenty of fetishes are here, including femdom, submissive, stockings, feet and more.

JerkMate’s Gold System & Pricing

Somewhat confusingly, JerkMate uses a hybrid system of fiat currency and gold. If you want to donate to a performer, you’ll do this in gold, but if you want to go into a private session, you’ll instead pay a per-minute fee in your local currency.

Gold on JerkMate costs $1 for a single gold, but we could not find any way to purchase bulk gold ahead of time – you’ll be charged when you buy. This is very different from how almost every rival cam site operates.

Disappointingly, JerkMate doesn’t appear to have any method for users to filter shows based on cost.

Instead, you’ll have to manually visit each stream and select the ‘private’ prompt to see how much each performer is per minute.

In terms of average per-minute cost, JerkMate is far more expensive than other websites. Performers here generally charge anywhere from $5 to $10 USD per minute.

Gold shows are a little more competitive; for us, this is where you get the best bang for your buck. Shows can be entered for as little as 5 gold, which is just $5 – for a complete performance, this is an excellent deal.

What Is JerkMate Gold Worth?

1 gold on JerkMate is equal to 1 USD.

What Does the Average JerkMate Private Show Cost?

A private show of around 10 minutes will set you back around $70, but it will depend on the per-minute fee that the model has selected. For more in-demand performers, expect to pay a little more.

Gold shows on JerkMate can cost as little as $2, depending on the minimum the camgirl has set for her show. Our analysis of 15 gold shows revealed that minimum entry costs ranged from $2 to $15. Most models charge their minimum at 5 gold, or $5.

Payment Methods

Payment methods do differ depending on your region. Users in developed Western nations such as the US, UK, Australia and Europe will generally have two options: PayPal, or a regular card.

Card support is extensive:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Maestro

Owing to JerkMate’s structure as pay-on-demand, no other methods are available at this time.

How Will JerkMate Purchases Appear on My Statement?

As per Jerkmate’s billing page:

EPOCH.COM *icftechnol will appear on your billing statement

Is There a Refund Policy?

Since all payments are made on demand, there are no refunds available.

What Could Be Improved on JerkMate?

JerkMate makes it difficult for you to do much without having an account, and when you do create an account, they’re incredibly pushy with getting your billing details.

In fact, you can’t see the cost of a private show without first linking a payment method. This is far more demanding than rival services and creates a higher entry barrier than a lot of our readers might be comfortable with.

Look: we know that a platform as large as Streamate isn’t going to scam customers or bill them for phantom shows, but it doesn’t feel right to give over billing information before you’re ready to spend.

JerkMate also has high levels of limitations for free users.

You cannot watch streams here for long without being prompted to create a profile. It’s not just an annoying popup, either. Often, you’ll be met with a message of a streamer being online and a link to watch them, but the link takes you through to a sign-up portal first.

Our Verdict on JerkMate

Competition in the webcam space is fierce. JerkMate has a lot of cam performers that you won’t find elsewhere – and that has value – but the platform, as a whole, has a few pitfalls that make it less attractive than the rivals.

Since JerkMate is a white label, it doesn’t have much control over how the platform it hosts operates. It could be a much better site if changes were made, but we ought to pitch those suggestions to Streamate instead of JerkMate.

Our standards are high, and JerkMate – or at least, JerkMateLive – is still worth a visit. It’s not our favorite pick, but it deserves some praise. Especially for its celebrity shows, high bitrate streams and advanced filtering tools.

Visit JerkMate for yourself and see how easy it is to find shows you’ll love watching.


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