5 Best VR Cam Sites: Two Dominant Players, Many Failed Attempts

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VR cam sites first burst onto the scene in 2016, and for a few sweet months, I thought the live camming industry would never be the same again. Well… It’s been a rocky ride.

Many cam sites have tried and failed to crack the code of naked girls in virtual reality. Most have fallen by the wayside, but a couple of players remain:

The first contender, Strip Chat, was crowned ‘Most Innovative Cam Site‘ at the 2023 Live Cam Awards. This rapidly growing platform has around 60-70 VR models live at any given time, making it the largest site for VR cams in the world today.

The other key player is Sex Like Real, voted ‘Virtual Reality Site of the Year‘ at the 2023 XBiz Awards. While SLR doesn’t have as many models online, it benefits from having a ton of VR content in its library.

Let’s take a closer look at what these services are doing well (and not so well) in our full hands-on review:

What Are The Best Live VR Porn Cam Sites?

Best VR Cam Sites

I’ll start this summary by giving my honest assessment: the growth of VR porn cams has been a massive disappointment.

We’re now eight years on from the arrival of the technology, and our list of viable options is SHRINKING, not growing. If I had to guess, this anti-climax is due to a combination of cumbersome headsets, a burst hype bubble, and the prohibitive costs of streaming in VR.

Whatever the case, I believe we’re about to see a renaissance in this space. And there’s one very good reason for that: The arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Here are the VR cam sites that are best positioned to take advantage of the next boom:

1. Strip Chat


StripChat VR homepage, choose a model screen

Strip Chat is widely regarded as the most innovative cam site in the world today (it’s the top-ranked cam site in our latest rankings), so it’s no surprise that the company is spearheading the virtual reality charge.

When I first wrote this post, Strip Chat had a small handful of VR-compatible live cams (20-30 online at any given time). The selection has multiplied, and you’ll now find around 60-70 cam girls strutting their stuff at any given time.

The quality is exceptional, and these models know how to create an immersive viewing experience. I’ve sat through many VR shows on Strip Chat, and it’s hard to describe the difference between viewing these girls in 2D and strapping on a headset and watching in virtual reality.

Most shows revolve around masturbation, solo toy riding and sucking off dildos. Broadcasting in virtual reality is a different experience for the models, too, as they must be aware of the dual cameras to avoid any limbs disappearing off the screen. Thankfully, these girls appear to be highly trained. 😉

There’s something about seeing the model in a life-size resolution, mere inches away from your face, responding to your messages… getting down and dirty in real-time.

Strip Chat has a dedicated VR homepage you can access directly (see above). Switching between the live shows is easy, but the experience feels much different from channel-hopping in 2D. When the model is staring directly at the camera, it’s hard not to feel like she’s staring directly at you while she plays with her pussy. To leave the room feels like a slap in the face. Guess we’ll have to stay then…

If you opt for a private show, you can talk directly to the model, adding a new layer of realism to the HD streams. Many sites have tried to nail the formula, but Strip Chat has absolutely smashed it. This is comfortably the best site for watching VR cam girls in 2023.

While you can dip into any public shows as you see fit, look out for StripChat’s special themed broadcasts. The company regularly drafts pornstars and adult influencers to broadcast in VR for set two-hour windows. Keep an eye on their socials for the latest ‘box office’ shows.

Supported Devices:

  • Meta (Oculus) devices: Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Rift, Rift S
  • Valve Index
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC devices: Vive Pro, Vive Pro 2
  • Android mobile devices that support VR with Cardboard

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2. Sex Like Real


SexLikeReal streaming homepage

Sex Like Real is often touted as the ‘Netflix of VR Porn’ and was voted Virtual Reality Site of the Year by XBiz in 2023. You don’t get those honors without covering all your bases, and this company is doing a fantastic job of serving live VR porn.

Sex Like Real rose to fame as one of the most successful aggregators of the hottest VR porn, from the biggest studios, into one binge-friendly portal that is easy to use and navigate.

Not happy with conquering the porn market, Sex Like Real has also rolled out a dedicated VR cams portal. Now you can steam up those VR goggles watching live sex shows from any of the 250+ active cam models on the site. I found 85 girls performing live on my last visit, a significant improvement from last year when there were only 20 models online.

This growth is even more impressive when you consider that SexLikeReal had to remove a small legion of VR cam girls who were broadcasting from Russia — a PR disaster waiting to happen amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Shows are broadcast with a 180-degree viewing port, which might sound restricted compared to the 360-degree setups in select VR porn scenes. In reality, though, there’s only one place you’ll be looking: straight ahead. Who cares what posters she has on her wall behind you?!

There is some cross-over with models performing on both Sex Like Real and Strip Cams, which can make for some clunky interactions, presumably where the models are responding to chats on a different site. From my experience, the shows on Sex Like Real tend to use wider shots with fewer close-ups. You have a broader perspective that feels less intimate, like being a dirty fly-on-the-wall.

Still, there’s something super satisfying about sending a tip and seeing the model lock eye contact with the camera (i.e., you) before those eyes roll back in ecstasy from her Lovense.

The standard cam site interactions apply on SLR. You can chat for free, tip your favorites, or even head into a private chat for a distinctly personal live sex show. Unlike Strip Chat,

SLR has a dedicated app that you can download and use to navigate between the live cam feeds (or the immense collection of VR porn).

Read our full Sex Like Real review.

3. DreamCam


DreamCam models

DreamCam is a newly launched live VR porn platform closely aligned with the StripChat / xHamster model databases. The company is focused on live-streaming cam shows in 4K quality at 60fps, matching the standard of many pre-recorded VR videos.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which models are ‘exclusive’ to the platform and which ones you can find elsewhere. DreamCam also has a working relationship with Warehouse X (see below), where the famous 360-degree VR cam from the Warehouse studio is available through DreamCam’s regular listings.

The great thing about this site is that it’s super easy to use. You don’t need to register to dive into a show; visit the site in your VR browser and tune in. I found 60 models broadcasting live, most using the standard setup for a VR cam show — camera at the edge of the bed, a model with her legs spread waiting to go ‘private’.

Unlike Sex Like Real and Strip Chat, DreamCam doesn’t use live thumbnails, which detracts from the user experience. The models on the homepage are represented by a glossy portfolio cover shot. It’s fine for highlighting what the model looks like, but we’re there for instant gratification. What we want to see is what she’s up to right now. And that’s one area where Strip Chat and SLR are better.

Still, with so many major cam sites reluctant to dip their toes in the VR cam space, it’s refreshing to see a new kid on the block. DreamCam is putting on some impressive collaborations with well-known models, and I look forward to seeing how they grow the site through 2024.

4. Warehouse X


Warehouse X Live 360 degree camera

Warehouse X is a wild card on our list. It’s not really a VR cam site, and yet it boasts arguably the most sophisticated camera tech of any platform.

A mix of Big Brother meets Chaturbate, Warehouse X is an interactive reality TV show set in a 20,000 sqft purpose-built warehouse. The area is kitted out with 62 webcams that online viewers can use to track what the cast of 11 sexy housemates are up to. In the middle of this sexy arena is the flagship 360-degree virtual reality camera that puts you in the heart of the action, 24/7.

Warehouse X may be new to the scene, but the company has racked up a seriously impressive awards cabinet in 2023, with top gongs including:

  • Best Emerging Live Cam Platform (2023, AW Awards)
  • Fastest Growing Platform of the Year (2023, Live Cam Awards)
  • XXX Company of the Year (2023, Bucharest Summit)

The site appeals to a different type of viewer to Strip Chat or Sex Like Real. It falls into the voyeur cams / real life cams genre. Viewers are encouraged to get to know each housemate, interacting with them through a modern messaging system, activating their sex toys, and keeping up with a hedonistic schedule of weekly events and — of course — regular sex parties.

The central VR camera is available in Ultra-High definition. Most of the time, there’s not much happening. But tune in when the action has picked up, and you can enjoy a mouthwatering first-hand glimpse of your favorite housemates fucking and sucking. 😉

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5. XHamster Live Porn Cams


Cam girls on XHamster

XHamster has paired up with StripChat to offer a variety of live VR porn cams and a library of previous recordings that you can enjoy for a taste of exactly what this technology provides.

There’s little difference between the virtual reality cams offered on these two sites, mainly because it’s the same service under a different brand (a common practice known as white-labeling).

One thing I like about XHamster’s offering is the ability to browse some previous recordings. The site has an excellent curated mix of pre-recorded VR porn shows you can dip into for some guaranteed action. It’s like watching the highlights package.

Which Major Sites Are Offering VR Shows?

Shockingly, our list contains just one major platform: StripChat.

It begs the question: why aren’t the Chaturbates and LiveJasmins of the world exploring VR cams, too?

Well, I did some digging around, and here’s what I found.


Cam4 was one of the pioneers in the VR camming space.

The company collaborated with the first-ever VR cam girl, Ela Darling, responsible for VRTube, the world’s first adult VR webcam platform (in 2014).

Cam4 produced regular 2-hour VR cam shows for a couple of years and even still features a CAM4VR homepage:

VR Experiences on Cam4

Unfortunately, the “Watch Live Cams Now” button links through to the standard Cam4 site, and there is no way of accessing any live VR cams on the site.

We’ll see if Cam4 attempts to revive its VR section, but I give them props for being one of the first movers in the space.

See our full Cam4 Review.


CamSoda's original virtual reality experience with teledildonics

CamSoda is another famous cam platform that has experimented with VR cams.

Back in 2016, the company launched a series of teledildonic virtual reality sex shows. CamSoda featured regular virtual shows, many of which can still be seen on the site by searching by the tag “VR“.

However, all of the VR cams are currently marked offline.

While there may still be a couple of active VR girls on the site, I haven’t seen them for a while. CamSoda has also removed VR from its featured tags on the homepage, which suggests that the channel is unlikely to resurface anytime soon.

See our full CamSoda Review.


Streamate does not have any virtual reality cams. The company has not mentioned any plans to include them in the future.

No dice, here.

This means no dice for the legion of white-label sites that leverage Streamate’s database, like JerkMate, SlutRoulette, and so on.


You might think that Chaturbate, the world’s largest cam site, would have at least some VR action on the platform. But you’d be wrong.

Chaturbate has never broadcast virtual reality cams. The main reason is that the site specializes in free chat with amateur performers. Most performers lack the funding or know-how to set up an advanced virtual reality filming rig in their bedrooms. By contrast, the major players (StripChat and Sex Like Real) use specialist production studios to make life easy for the models.

Not to mention, Chaturbate receives so much traffic. The bandwidth consumed by a VR broadcast hitting their homepage would probably explode the Internet.

See our full Chaturbate Review.


LiveJasmin does not have any virtual reality cams. To my knowledge, the company has not mentioned any plans to include them.

It’s a curious omission, as LiveJasmin is one of the few cam platforms that would be well-positioned to deliver on the high-production standards required for a decent virtual show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if LiveJasmin offered this option to some of its studio performers in the future.


Slim pickings on Jerkmate

JerkMate has a token selection of six VR cams, with one online when I last visited. This surprised me as JerkMate is a white label of Streamate, which doesn’t have any listed despite sharing the same database of models.

I’m unsure if these webcams are exclusive to JerkMate, but they are an afterthought on the platform, kept away from the main menu of popular tags and genres.


None present. The company has not mentioned any plans to include them in the future.


None present. No plans to include them.

User Experience: What Is It Like To Watch In VR?

Want to see what the fuss is all about?

The most significant difference between watching a cam show on your laptop and watching it in virtual reality is the level of immersion. A beautiful cam model in virtual reality is a sensory delight.

The power of eye contact alone jolts many first-time viewers. It feels intense when a model locks eyes with you in virtual reality (even though she’s just looking at her camera). When she spreads her legs wider and accepts the vibrations from an interactive toy, it’s easy to see how some guys rack up a bill fast.

Some viewers report being so immersed in the live show that they’d jump backward when the model flicks her heels out in the camera’s direction!

The caveat is that a live sex show in virtual reality is only as good as the technology supporting the stream. Nothing will de-tent your trousers like experiencing buffer or lag in VR.

The Experience For Performers

And what about the performers?

A virtual reality sex show is much like a show for desktop or mobile viewers. The experience is not as drastically different as you might expect.

Ela Darling explained the main differences in an interview with Vice:

It’s not that wildly different from the performer’s perspective. It’s different because I have some things to keep in mind in terms of field of view of the camera. I have to find the monitor and make sure my body isn’t out of the field so my arms look like they’re amputated weirdly. It’s stereoscopics, so there are two cameras shooting at the same time so I can be filmed in 3D, so I have to position myself for both. Other than that, it’s very similar to the camming I used to do. The biggest difference is the hardware. Other than that, it’s not all that different for the performer.

Ela Darling, to Vice

The biggest problem for cam girls wanting to broadcast in virtual reality isn’t the show itself — it’s acquiring the actual equipment to handle the streams.

Both Strip Chat and Sex Like Real use high-tech studios for their performers.

The reality of VR camming is that you have to do it properly, or the results are terrible. This is why we’ve had so many failed attempts. Thankfully, there are a couple of great platforms to choose from.

Who are the hottest virtual reality cam girls you’ve seen? Any good platforms I’ve missed?

Let us know your recommendations and suggestions.


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